Prepping for Wave 2

With more than 100-million back in locked in China, why isn’t the U.S. media talking about recurrent risk?  Sure, it’s great if someone has found a potential vaccine.

But even with a “silver bullet”: at the ready, there are logistical and ethical problems all over the place.  Starting with track, adjuvants, preservatives, and more.

The problem is “we little people” won’t have much input to what goes on over on the medical or legal frontiers.

Where we do have  incredible personal power is in planning out strategies should a “Round 2” happen in America, just as it is in China.

Before we jump into the deep end, however, a bit of headline sampling, the ChartPack on markets, and some coffee.

‘Round Two’ may seem like a boxing term, but around here? More like outside the box

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47 thoughts on “Prepping for Wave 2”

  1. yeah right .. vaccine ? good try it yah fools .. no jab here .. actually could collapse everything in days when they got nothing to lie about .. dump reckons the Chinese aren’t credible or kosher.. tune in to cnbccussa youll learn about that stuff there potass

    • If the “vaccine” produces fairly immediate negative results any progress made to get everyone shot up would come to a screeching halt mainly due to mass refusals to be inoculated. Let them try it in the high sheeple population areas and see how it goes when they try to get us in the more rural areas. No one believes any of the Big Brother pronouncements any more. The Fourth Turning is upon us.

  2. Well George from everything I’m reading from the scientist and those who work in the field that the virus come’s from, it may take up to a year to come up with a vaccine.First they have to find one and then its the testing to see if it works and the side effects it could create,so that’s a long row to hoe.’

    We would have been way ahead of the game if rather then looking for a scrape goat to cover up for their failure and inability on dealing with the virus, if they had pooled all the resources from all countries to see what worked and what didn’t.One thing that sticks out is the fact that there was little to no leadership in Washington…..there’s a good article on “The Atlantic” as just why the reaction was so slow and what led to it…!!!!!!!!

      • Strange others say its globalist or which way the switch is flipped, but whatever it is it points out the failure to address it, before it became a country wide problem, and now trying to to play the blame game for their own short comings, rather then working for a unified solution to something that’s effecting the whole world.

        One was on this morning ranting raving and foaming at the mouth well we were on the ball, we were ahead of the curve but someone threw a rock in the road, its all China’s fault or maybe Russia,Iran or the good Lord himself.!!!

    • bluedogg, please attach the link to that particular article, which one of the of multitudes of The Atlantic’s ‘roasts’ (Trumpers, get out of the kitchen, if you can’t stand the heat – “I’m being persecuted pity party”) are you speaking of?

      this one?

      or Jared’s health business company?

      Or do you easily (and perhaps mistakenly) conflate pyramid schemers with bad govt?
      Trump’s family being sued for pyramid scheme – Judge defeated Trump’s request for public not to know! Scandal time coinciding with Bear Market (aka scandals and anti-trust suits break out in Bear Markets, per Prechter, example: Madoff, 2009, etc!)

      Thanks again George for your online ‘text in’ radio show. I appreciate the sharing of knowledge that you provide.

      • Lol bingo you found it right on top I don’t play the party thing I leave that to others who treat the party thing like Linus treats his comfort blanket.Its much more interesting to visit Georges site…,the MoonofAlabama,,,,Unz Review,…Strategic Culture… M. Hudson on finance… a few hedge./.Asia Times has rolled over don’t go there, well you kind of get the gist.Then we see which match up with the times of the day to decide which is logical and which isn’t, to sort the wheat from the chaff and discard all those who are in the party scam!!!!!!

  3. You know G, you forgot the THIRD RAIL in your Wave 2 planning….

    Just say “NO”.

    I haven’t paid taxes into my governments since I was 15 years old to be told I must sit at home and accept their pronouncements.

    Nobody gets a vote on these pronouncements – they are EDICTS.

    NOBODY is going to force me to accept ANY government mandated vaccine.

    I will NEVER accept a Bill Gates sponsored or engineered ANYTHING – I don’t even run MS computers…

    NOBODY is going to force me to sit at home and go broke.

    Perhaps when all your readers suddenly realize that every movement they can make is illegal under some Fed, State or local EDICT – maybe then they will realize that this is UNAMERICAN?

    You only have the freedoms you actually exercise.

    The communists in our government are doing their best to destroy the country using our own laws against us – go read the house bills that have been submitted. Look at governors trying to rope firearms and ammo into these bills, along with contact tracing surveillance.

    I’m long done obeying EDICTS issued without voting or even canvassing of citizens.

    Time to just say “NO”, as one nutter in the woods to another.

    • I’m totally on board with you! I’m at home on the ranch most of the time because that’s where I choose to be, and where I get my work done. When I choose to, I drive where I wish to. Nothing has slowed in my life due to these stupid “lockdowns” other than difficulty in acquiring some supplies and the delay of a long distance trip. I tried driving interstate to both do business and check out state borders and found no difficulty(yet). The “news” noise is barely worth listening to and I needed to see for myself. The masks are a nuisance, but nothing more, and don’t forget goggles and/or glasses. Wave 2 will likely happen, but we have no proof that it will. Prepping does make sense though. In NM, and probably Tx also, the government is controlling hours and occupancy of businesses, not residents. If you can skate on doing a lot of business in person, you can get on with your life. The real problem is the shortages – even on Amazon.

      The linked article was interesting. Being under “lockdown” is nothing like prison! In a prison you’re surrounded by people you’d rather avoid, and having to do things you’d rather not do, and are at risk all of the time. It’s noisy and probably dirty. Living here, I can avoid seeing anyone for weeks unless I wish to, and it’s silent unless I’m using a power tool or machine.

  4. Wave II. WTF. We have not even survived the Wave I lockdown. I am not at all concerned about the ‘virus,’ but I am immensely concerned about a global depression and a civil war that will result from idiots thinking that we can just stay in a lockdown mode for months on end. At least, I have no problem knowing which side of the civil war I want to be on. If you’all want to stay in lockdown with your masks on, that’s fine. I am a free man and refuse any lockdown orders. I think I am going to have lots of support from my fellow citizens and veterans.

    • @ Stephen

      IT only takes one person with a well placed ‘shot’…to stop tyranny…as many will follow that ‘lead’..and it starts at the ‘local level’… soon we may start to see..BE Prepared…as any ex boy scout knows…Semper Fi

      • d. I believe that violence begets is never the option to take.
        But if you had fifty thousand people send everyone a simple letter to every member of congress every less than a .onth the .after would be doesnt make a difference where the lobbiest have them or how many billions they are giving them to buy their votes..
        If you ever have been to DC you would know it would shut that city down..Congress would literally come back to DC and get it done..the dead horse abortion issue..they have been using for what fifty years..solved voted out once and for all..the magic man that says every six years that he’s the one will actually have shizt or get off the pot..
        Simple non violent non scary demonstrations where the puppeteers can hire people to cause raping pillaging and building bur ing paid for by and instigated by the puppeteers. It would also create jobs.. a fifty cent stamp per member of con gress

      • DC lives in a bubble. Filled with corruption.. corruptive forces literally push their agendas and the voice of the public isn’t heard. When the devil is whispering in their ears and money is dealt around easily.. what is real becomes muffled. The letters daily would make the voice of the people ring out loudly. It would be number one news on every channel..
        Disassociated from real life..if you live a life of opulence it’s hard to fathom the trials and tribulations that everyone else deals with..
        That’s one thing that was really shown with going option 2..the velocity of cash continued while the incomes that everyone requires to keep that velocity stalled even for the puppeteers.. it’s all a business model..
        Because of it the changes that we were facing anyway are expedited. Changes massive changes are coming.. now with china locking down brings the thought that huge changes. How do you keep velocity moving..
        Want a congress that will actually do something..none violence and the reason the UN forces are roaming around the country.. no longer needed

      • @looking out of the box

        I was advocating..SELF DEFENSE……..when faced with the threat of bodily harm..aka VIOLENCE against the non violent…

  5. I don’t understand your fear of COVID19. We’ve not seen the numbers that justify the response and even the numbers are being shown to be way inflated. Even Dr Birx has said she doesn’t trust the CDC and how they tally data and said it could be off by more than 25% , which then caused Dr Faucci to come out and say the numbers could be higher by 25%. Faucci and Redfield have vested conflicts of interest in the vaccine industry, both past and current.

    Nothing about this virus has warranted the extreme shutdown measures taken…. Nothing…but it sure has been trounced on by the hate Trump 24-7 crowd and it sure has become a political issue with dems seeking bail outs of their way underfunded pensions. Just saying…

    • What number would get your attention? How many deaths per week above baseline? (not even counting people in ICU for weeks). NY city was averaging over 6000 more deaths per week then normal during the heart of the Covid impact. The social distancing and other measures put the exponential growth on hold so the rates stopped expanding. Now I am also not supporting mandatory lock down. The problem is so many people refuse to take precautions to protect the people they associate with. A lock down was the only workable measure to slow the growth of death and ICU rates, because people are generally hard headed and slow to change. How many protests have we seen where the participants refuse to take even basic measures to protect those around them. Being a free citizen does not give you carte blanch to endanger everyone else in public because you are to proud to follow relatively simple, mask, distance and cleanliness guidelines. I think our freedom cause would get much more public support if done with care and thought to take precautions to keep ourselves from unknowingly infecting others (asymptomatic spreaders).

    • You have to remember what was going on back in January. Just about the only person waving a red flag about the virus was Dr. Chris Martenson and Dr. John Campbel on YouTube. This was, as I said in yesterday’s post, while a substantial mountain of ashes and teeth were building up in China and they still had people flying out of Wuhan through Thailand to the rest of the World. Europe was just beginning to see its numbers mount and our president was getting conflicting information from both sides. Roll the dice. How much hay do you think the Dim-o-crats would have made if President Trump had done nothing? He took incredible amounts of flack for just closing the borders and airports. On top of all that George and many others out there were pointing to the fact our World economy was on a downward spiral so this economic disaster was headed our way anyway. Yes, it dropped kicked it over the edge but, honestly, going over the edge this way makes things more manageable, ‘knowable’ is probably a better word, than waiting for it to show up at an unknown time. Markets (the Central Banks) hate unknowables. I believe it was and is a “Plandemic” and the best we can do is help ourselves through it rather than playing blame games and being virus deniers.

    • Seriously Robert do you trust anyone that the puppeteers have access to?
      They have proven that they can make serious issues vanish in a short time..forgotten by everyone. How many times a day do you hear about creepy joe and his son and the issues concerning Ukraine oil..
      My guess if it was financially feasible azz nd gained them more control . They could make anything concerning covid19 vanish as well..

  6. George, You said, “But I also want to have back-up. BUT (yes, another butt, lol) I also don’t want to have the super-soft rolls after 6-8 months because they will begin to degrade.”

    Sometime in the near past, you made the same comment about degradation of toilet tissue. As the owner of several Costco size bags of Soft Charmin (all purchased during a lower price sale), I pulled the oldest bag from storage and used it up. The rolls were at least five years old and were as effective as a newly purchased roll. The bags were kept in the house in a storage closet off the garage. Not air conditioned or heated. These are Jumbo rolls that last much longer than a roll per day for 2-4 people. I would suspect that worse conditions might create the less comfortable results you expect.

    Personally, this is an easier topic to discuss while smiling than chatting about our political COVID 19 controversy and the lack of intelligence from many of the “experts” pontificating on every street corner. I was, however, pleasantly surprised by your Texas Governor when he compared Texas and Florida to California and New York in many ways.

    Fortunately, the Georgia State Constitution mandates the annual creation of a balanced budget for State spending.

    Regarding Subscriber Cocktail Party, the Zoom on-line meeting process has grown faster than the COVID virus this spring. Good and bad reviews, but the moderator can really create a process that allows a lot of cross talk. I enjoy reading and using the comment section where I am not confined to a day and time. Thanks for all your efforts.

  7. “It ain’t over till it’s over.” -Yogi Berra

    Work-arounds for degraded infrastructure are becoming an issue for me. Can you conduct business with dial-up level bandwidth? Can you even pull up off air TV without a high-speed internet interconnection? Do you have a radio with freshly charged batteries?

    Protein acquisition may turn out to be the big issue next winter.

    Prepping vendors are starting to take orders again, but wait times are long. Get in line now while you can still book supplies. If someone gets the opportunity to accuse you of hoarding, then your opsec needs fine tuning.

    Are grid issues next?

    • “Can you conduct business with dial-up level bandwidth?”

      Actually, yes.

      When I learned *.html, it was done in Notepad. The folks at w3c had not yet sold out to Microslop and Adobify, and considered that any webpage which was greater in size than 26k, was unnecessarily bloated. This included e-commerce sites.

      If you type 100 characters into a notepad (text) application and save it, it will save as a 1k file that’s 100 bytes in size. If you type the same thing into Word, or Acrobat, it will save as a 32k file that’s over 28k in size.

      Same text, but the *.pdf will have kilobytes of control data, telling how to display that textfile.

      In the world of *.gif graphics, 4k was the recommended largest size for webpage graphics. In the world of *.jpg graphics (4-10 times smaller in filesize) 10 megapixels isn’t unheard of.

      Imbedded vids? I’ve hit webpages where the imbed was over 500Mb in size.

      In short, none of that is necessary.

      You’re actually right on, but only because none of today’s kiddies knows how to code in straight HTML without having an editor generate the lines for them…

    • “Can you conduct business with dial-up level bandwidth?”

      {I forgot}

      The real issue with conducting online business is: Will the place with which you need to do business, have a working computer, electric grid, and network? We can take care of our own stuff, we can’t take care of the other guy’s stuff or ensure it works…

    • Getting to herd immunity is generally considered 80%, before virus spread is effectively blocked. To get to 80% naturally would require ~240M people get infected, recover and to not be re-infected (not sure yet). So to get to 240M people naturally and given only a 1% death rate (very low), would have over 2.4M more US deaths then normal over whatever period it takes to get to 80%. That is not even considering those >5% (12M) that would be negatively impacted by the other nasty symptoms and don’t just die. Those are big number of fellow Americans, that we should have some plan to try to avoid losing or putting into intensive care.

      There must be a plan between lock down (we all crash from economic resource issues) and doing nothing different where we loose so many friends and family. Our “leaders” are idiots and will never be able to control this one way or the other, it will be up to us to adapt to our new reality. The old one of everyone interacting with no boundaries will be years away and perhaps never return.

    • Excellent point, and rarely mentioned! Supposedly, it’s about slowing the spread to let the “medical system” keep up. Considering that the “medical system” is effectively shut down other than real emergencies and possible “covid” diagnoses, it seems rather pointless. Pandemics happened in the past – several in my lifetime, and they just passed on by – other than possibly getting the flu. If this disease is man-made, and I truly think that’s likely, there may be more to it than we’re yet aware of. Otherwise – it’s just part of the environment that we’d better get used to. Civilization won’t always be with us.

  8. George, the pandemic is another genocide perhaps.

    Check out the US sick map on the John Hopkins site or similar data. It shows the US by county.

    Look west of the Rockies. The only dark red counties are all Indian reservations.
    Utah, WA, 4 corners area, northern Nevada, northern Montana and more.

    All the reservations are the “reddest” counties around. How are these the hotspots and not the major cities?

  9. Dear Mr. Ure,

    Nothing like the nitti-gritti on the numbers; a roll a day keeps fiber optics at bay, indeed. And folks, whatever you do, avoid being stood around gawking when Big Boy starts the chipper.

    “Capitalism is the legitimate racket of the ruling class” said one of America’s late Most Wanted.

    As pawns move forwards and backwards looking for their knights in shining armour, don’t look for the compound interest solution to be served to The King’s account. Rookie moves may play into the Covid-19 Trap. Clear the room, reset the board, dim the lights, and they’re off. Game on, best of …..

  10. I returneth from my journey to Governor Whitmer’s NAZI fairyland. All went well, except I’m going to be detoxing from three days of fast “food” for the next week or two, since there were no actual restaurants open, along my path.

  11. George, count me in on the Cocktail hour! It really sounds like a fun thing to do. Great idea!


    If true then it’s probably not a problem. The trick is having it once. I agree that the numbers don’t warrant the fear mongering.
    If you get it, you get it. Then you either recover or you don’t. No one gets out of here alive, so why worry, and don’t take it personally.
    Thanks GU for this forum! Really appreciate it and what you all do.

  13. More childhood parallels, George. OMG you give me flashbacks! I loved my Lionel train, too. Then came electronics. I didn’t have asthma, but a bad case of hay fever allergies that kept my nose blocked solid and made summer miserable for me. Then came the long Wisconsin winters. I could breathe again, but it was mostly too cold and miserable to go outside a lot… so I read books too. Every science fiction paperback available, and electronics and ham radio books. Taught myself to solder at age 10 to build a walkie-talkie ‘Knight Kit’ from Allied Radio… much to my father’s surprise. And there is nothing like listening to a tube-type shortwave radio to warm the brains in winter.

    I am completely at home in my own mind, no matter the external circumstances. I now spend four days a week house-sitting with the 89 year old patriarch of our ohana here, without my ham radios around. Elder care. Then I get a glorious three days to recover, repack, and play with the radios and do a few house chores at the volcano ranch. The lockdown has not changed that recent routine at all because I never go out anywhere!

  14. I am against forced vaccinations but feel that government will have a strong backdoor approach. People who get vaccinated will get a COVID card or chip or tattoo. Restaurants, sporting events, theme parks or anywhere else where crowds gather will be mandated to request COVID vaccine ID before entry. Then what?

    • All of those things are a time and money sink. And all of them are optional in life. A very good life can be had with NO sporting events, concerts, restaurants or theme parks. The initial two categories can be largely enjoyed virtually, if you enjoy them at all.

      Other than getting people productive and producing goods, the real problem with this virus is the social interaction necessary to get to intimacy! It’s the main reason that we have bars and restaurants! For those with a life partner – hopefully it’s not a problem. For the rest of us, it’s one that’s hardly even been addressed. The only real choice is for two people with an adventuresome bent and steely courage to just do it! Finding each other online and meeting in person without masks and just getting it on as people have always done. Some things are worth risking your life for.


    Total cases: 643 (2 newly reported)
    Hawai’i County: 79
    Honolulu County: 416
    Kaua’i County: 21
    Maui County: 117†
    Pending: 0
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 10
    Required Hospitalization: 82‡
    Hawaii deaths: 17
    Released from Isolation: 578§
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, May 20, 2020

    Two new cases, one in Honolulu, one here on the Big Island.

  16. “if they are outside of expectations, then another downside pressure on the market.:

    My problem George is in the numbers.. lets say unemployment says 10 percent .. yet we know that the true unemployment is twenty..
    I dont trust the numbers or the news.. even when I read a book no matter if its technical or political or fiction.. I may read a page or a chapter then I’ll read others to get an idea on whatever I had read.. rarely do I read a book from page one through to the end.. it’s the same with news or stats etc. There is so much manipulation with the numbers how do you really know that the stats aren’t pumped just a smidge to look better than the real numbers.. the old pat yourself on the back routine..

  17. Facts aside, the RSS feed monitors this morning are full of what passes for news, but which I can’t figure out how to trade profitably.

    The thought also popped into my head today, as I caught up on the last few days of my online life. If it is not directly actionable by me, it is of secondary concern. If it is not actionable but can affect me, I’d be remiss if I did NOT engage in prophylactic or mitigation efforts… so I do, and will continue to do so until the virus is beyond being (even remotely) likely to kill me.

    Markets: I’m not playing. The manipulation has become so egregious that no-one can call it from day-to-day.

    CV-19: Ain’t nobody knows what’s up. Every epidemiologist on the planet is making best guesses based on available information, which changes daily.

    There’s nothing in either of the above two topics that I can possibly do. Can they affect me? You bet’cha! WRT the former, I’ll be in cash for the foreseeable future; for the latter, I’ll exercise the safety protocols I already have in-place, until it runs its course or we have a proven vaccine.

    As I looked at the smallpox vaccination this morning, still visible on my left upper arm after 60 years, I decided it was stupid to accept the initial vaccie, but even more stupid to not accept the finished product. My first polio vaccination was a shot. The rest of the series was the finished oral elixir, and much more pleasurable.

    …Two days ago I checked out my parents’ TP stash, which was purchased between 1966 and 1976 — Still good. Summers 105, winters 30 below, no climate control, no special packaging. Not mushy, not falling apart or decomposing, not buggy, and real 5″x5″ 2-ply sheets.

    • “real 5?x5? 2-ply sheets”

      I still have a few cases of those myself LOL the luxury of a sheet of TP that you don’t have to spread out or use two fingers to use LOL LOL….
      I noticed that since this all started I was looking and seen that one brand decreased the width by just shy a quarter inch.. LOL LOL LOL.. sort of like food companies that will sell you a sixteen ounce can and give you fourteen ounces of product.. or the ones that say sixteen but after you drain the water off you have less than ten ounces of product LOL LOL..fluff up a chip bag yet give you four ounces less product.. sure the price is lower but the price per ounce increases LOL

  18. Allegedly due to covid-19, local post-secondary teaching institutions are going full-throttle-up this fall semester with entirely online lecture instruction save for occasional small-sized class labs where necessary. This isn’t shaping up to be baby boomer generation sort of affair where you sat and stared at the prof beaming through tv off of a vcr tape.

    I’m looking at one of these online ads reaching out to me today splashing USA Ivy League degree pedigree this that and the other. It’s all online instruction. No prices mentioned although it’s definitely a pay affair, so I don’t know if the days are past now for free of charge MOOGs. Anyhow in the fine print at the bottom is the ad purveyer. I look them up and my goodness they have marketed plug and play software to a range of universities for both accredited and non-accredited programs. I don’t know what the percentage cut is. But wait, there’s more! Now the software company markets to potential students for enrolment. Post-secondary has gone MLM, woot, woot!!! Someone must be buying because this marketer has moved up from a suburban strip mall into its own office tower in Baltimore. Gym with professional instruction, impromptu disco on company time, and upscale lounge areas that don’t feature u-pay vending machines. Call for a Brinks truck, the ceo has been hauling in $16 million a year for salary! Stretched for tuition? Now that Nascar has been offering cyber races, maybe it’s time to consider plugging in the console and putting in some game practice. I don’t know if there are scholarships for a university cyber football team or suchlike, but where there’s a demand…..?

    • “going full-throttle-up this fall semester with entirely online lecture instruction”

      Most of the Ivy League schools have had this.. what will be different is you can take the Live interaction with the teachers or the canned lectures.. MIT I think was the first in the USA to offer their whole package online.. they even have the course materials available.. saving anyone wishing to go get a class thousands of dollars in materials..
      they offer all the classes for FREE to.. the only issue is.. IF you want that colored piece of paper to hang on the wall and get credits for the classes.. YOU HAVE TO PAY.. unfortunately..
      In India they have a couple of really good schools that would put some of our best schools to shame.. and so does england..
      In some of the smaller countries they to offer good schooling all online..
      My sister home taught her schools in Alaska where they had all the classes available and would send out the books.. for the classes she wasn’t qualified to teach them she would send them to the college to knock out both their high school and college credits.. labs had to be done on campus and if you wanted to go sports they to had to be on campus..
      I am not to sure.. but my thoughts are that the state can save money on Teachers that way offering the teachers more money to teach more students and then they would compensate the mothers that taught the classes at home a small token for taking the time to make sure the children kept up with their curriculum..
      we discussed it.. and some of the pluses.. is.. the kids don’t have to compete over dressing.. ( school uniforms comes to mind) Kids would be quite corrosive to others if someone doesn’t fit into their fad’s.. their aren’t any clicks.. not bullying.. the kids are free to learn.. the downside is.. MOM or DAD has to stay home.. studies.. no strict schedule.. if you have a doctors appointment you can take the class afterwards.. go to the park or a museum etc..
      you don’t get social interaction either.. unless you sign up for music or a sport or class activity..
      But .. IT isn’t new.. the military has offered this for decades.. as well.. just go down to the education office and sign up.. they even supply the laptops..cost per credit is minor and when you get out you can go to graduate school at the inflated prices. Except for Yale and Harvard .. although you can get into the Harvard library.. I am roaming around reading all the time.. they want you to pay.. Yale you rarely hear anything profound come out of yale.. Now I am not saying they don’t do any profound studies etc.. ( except one that I was really impressed by at one time) they are very close guarded with their library and studies.. ( you can get any study you want from hundreds of other colleges all around the world) Big countries that are competitive with the USA are more open with their educational materials and research.. but then they push education to everyone.. I won’t say which countries they are because that would make a huge political debate that Isn’t really what I am trying to get into.. just saying this isn’t something new..
      Go to MIT.. they Rock.. your gonna enjoy the classes and make some pretty good friends.. the same with CalTech..oh my I just about started a list of my favorite study spots LOL..

  19. I saw an ad for fall enrollment for the University of Notre Dame last night. It prompted me to think:

    I passed through 8-9 college campuses between Monday morning and Wednesday morning. They all have construction projects going but some are building really bigassed buildings — ‘Gotta cost $50-70mln if’fn they’re dorms, or perhaps 3x that if they are class space.

    The “think” I had was: We’re going to have a massive shift to distance learning, so how’re these esteemed institutions going to pay for their huge buildings, and what are they going to do with them, once the construction crews finish up…?

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