5-Million Cases, Job Losses, and Woo-Woo

Market Futures were down earlier when I posted this – earlier than normal – because Ure is on multiple missions around here today.  Time is of the essence.  [A saying that makes no sense beyond contract law…]

GCMD:  Global Communicable Mental Diseases

What occasions today’s early start was not being able to get back to sleep at 3 AM.  Elaine and I got into a most useful conversation about how the Internet – coupled with too many “news” channels and not enough “content” has resulted in the information society’s pivot off bi-polar disorder.

The present  fixation  around which, almost all “news stories” have a “hook” is CV-19.  Good reason?  Yes…but no…

The Fed Matters

We’ve talked about this before:  Whether something is really “worth your time” depends on how close it is to intruding into your life.  No money is bad.  More money is good. Too much, however, is hyperinflation.  At which time, money becomes worthless.

Leaving the Fed is navigating between Depression on one side of the ledger and hyperinflation on the other.

The ONE story that really matters to  all of us  is what was in the Federal Reserve’s Minutes from their April 28-29 meeting. Forget all the  hooey from J. Powell when the cameras were rolling before Fools on the Hill.

A couple of notes from the Fed minutes (with highlights by moi):

“The staff observed that uncertainty regarding the economic effects of the coronavirus outbreak was extremely elevated and that the historical behavior of the U.S. economy in response to past economic shocks provided limited guidance for making judgments about how the economy might evolve over coming quarters. In light of the significant uncertainty and downside risks associated with the evolution of the coronavirus outbreak, how much the economy would weaken, and how long it would take to recover, the staff judged that a more pessimistic projection was no less plausible than the baseline forecast. In this scenario, a second wave of the coronavirus outbreak, with another round of strict restrictions on social interactions and business operations, was assumed to begin around year-end, inducing a decrease in real GDP, a jump in the unemployment rate, and renewed downward pressure on inflation next year. Compared with the baseline, the disruption to economic activity was more severe and protracted in this scenario, with real GDP and inflation lower and the unemployment rate higher by the end of the medium-term projection.”

“Participants assessed that the second quarter would likely see overall economic activity decline at an unprecedented rate.

” Participants were further concerned that even after social-distancing requirements were eased, some business models may no longer be economically viable, which could occur, for example, if consumers voluntarily continued to avoid participating in particular forms of economic activity. In addition, participants expressed concern that the possibility of secondary outbreaks of the virus may cause businesses for some time to be reluctant to engage in new projects, rehire workers, or make new capital expenditures.

The minutes (which you can study here) paint a picture of a Fed trying to “out-print” the onset of a Second Depression.

Since our core belief is that “Everything is a Business Model” our fear and trepidation is stoked when the Fed comes right and as says “…some business models may no longer be economically viable.”

This kind of background and we rallied how much yesterday?  Crack pipe, please?  Oh…just dumping paper of the dim…well, that’s more like it.

Death by Ripples? Or, Immortals?

Airline flights being grounded are more than a concern for hotels, Uber, Lyft, Hertz, and restaurants.  These things push back up their supply chains.

Work from home is an axe-murderer of commercial real estate.  And e-tailing will finish off the struggling malls that Amazon and Wal-Mart already had on the ropes.

Out here in the Outback, we’ve long-wondered if our “living apart” from other people (first on the sailboat and then in semi-isolation on 30 acres of trees) has something to do with slowing down the aging process.

Here’s a  serious ponder for you:  How much of aging is brought about by yet-to-be-discovered  communicable diseases.  The evidence offers that CV-19 may have been around much longer than first thought.  Is there any  complete list of coronaviruses that periodically circulate?  Who’s to say that some virus in the wings isn’t what causes aging?

The Best (and worst) outcome of all the present rush into research would be finding a virus that drives a large portion of aging.

Sounds great – until you model it out:  Then the world is far too over-crowded and runs out of resources as the economy craters due to actuarial impacts.

Eventually, Social Security would have to cut-off at some age.  We find the prospect of 200-years on the dole to be acceptable… provided we’re not locked-down and can hit a casino, take a cruise, or visit what’s left of Europe by then!

Jobless Claims

First real data point that matters?

In the week ending May 16, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 2,438,000, a decrease of 249,000 from the previous week’s revised level. The previous week’s level was revised down by 294,000 from 2,981,000 to 2,687,000. The 4-week moving average was 3,042,000, a decrease of 501,000 from the previous week’s revised average. The previous week’s average was revised down by 73,500 from 3,616,500 to 3,543,000.

The advance seasonally adjusted insured unemployment rate was 17.2 percent for the week ending May 9, an increase of 1.7 percentage points from the previous week’s revised rate. The previous week’s rate was revised down by 0.2 from 15.7 to 15.5 percent. The advance number for seasonally adjusted insured unemployment during the week ending May 9 was 25,073,000, an increase of 2,525,000 from the previous week’s revised level. The previous week’s level was revised down by 285,000 from 22,833,000 to 22,548,000. The 4-week moving average was 22,002,250, an increase of 2,313,500 from the previous week’s revised average. The previous week’s average was revised down by 71,250 from 19,760,000 to 19,688,750.

I wouldn’t get too worked up over initial claims dropping – running out of people to be first-time claimants.  Meanwhile, after the number, futures were down 102 on the Dow.

Not much going on, except a decline into Friday’s close wouldn’t be surprising.  How many people are ready to hold stocks over a three-day weekend in this kind of World?  “Not I,”
said Chicken Little.  (“Long, anyway,” continued the fowl comment. )

More guidance after the market close today when we get the next Fed confessional on how fast the printing presses have been running.

Bioweapon Hits 5-Million

As of early today, we passed 5-million cases globally as “the spread” continues.

As it does, statistical evidence of it being a bioweapon, whether released intentionally, or not is climbing.  Consider:

  • The USA represents 330-million people.  Global Pop is 7.6 billion (7,600-million).    The USA is 4.34% of Global Pop.
  • However, we have already found 1.552-million Cases out of the 5-million passed this morning.  We have 31% of Global Cases in the good ol’ USA.  Testing more here or weapon results?
  • China has 84,063 cases reported.  The U.S. has 18.46 TIMES more cases than China.
  • On a per capita basis, Your odds of getting CV in China were .006%.  Yeah, 6-10-hundreth’s of one percent.  In the USA? About 4.7%.

This last figure is debatable since China is not updating on the Johns Hopkins website.  Lies from the commies, anyone?

Still, the virus looks highly asymmetric.  And when there’s a global economic battle for supremacy and the future underway, you’d have to be an idiot not to wonder what truth the data is telling us…or hiding from us, for that matter.

Useful and Useless Dept.

China’s copying the “Patriot Act?” Beijing Legalizes Persecution Of Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy Movement With New ‘National Security’ Law.

Finger-pointing outbreak predicted in Michigan after that dam break: Investigators to examine safety issues that may have worsened Michigan flooding.

Die or Work – Russia has the same problem (money addiction) that we do, as we read how Putin Wants Russia to Get Back to Normal. New Outbreaks Show It May Be Too Early.

Leftist mind-control backfire? After nationwide backlash, a school board rescinded its vote to scratch 5 books off high school curriculums.

Truth from Fiction:  Media Bias Fact Check has a useful summary page of lies and such hereSome days it’s faster to read what the lies are than what the actual news is…

Woo-Woo:  Smoke Curls Down

This will take a minute to explain.

[DISCLAIMER:  None of this is medical advice.  Seek healthcare input from a licensed professional healthcare practitioner before doing any of these things!]

I don’t talk much about my “getting ready for the day” routine.  Not that it’s complicated, but there is one aspect of it – my light  input – that may seem a bit odd.

After my morning vitamins (10,000 IU of Vit. D, selenium, magnesium, HCTZ for BP, lithium orotate, huperzine-a, and a chewable multi with extra zinc) all washed down by 1-1/2 cups of fresh coffee) I go through three (sometimes four) light feedings.

Before you get worked up over a very low dose of lithium, do some reading and remember that soft drink 7-Up?  Originally a lithiated soda for its mood and wellness improving qualities.  Says here that:

“It was one of a number of patent medicine products popular in the late-19th and early-20th centuries. Its name was later shortened to “7 Up Lithiated Lemon Soda” before being further shortened to just “7 Up” by 1936.”

A visit to the  Tahoma Clinic articles on lithium and anti-aging is also worth some study.  Read the cites, as well.

Light Feedings?

Sure! Amped and optimized, that’s the goal of the morning routine.  Once the coffee and vitamins are at work, my “light work” goes like this.

Light Crown

This is a stripped-out skateboard helmet into which about 15-feet of 660 nm (deep red) light rope has been attached with glue.  I wrote this up in 2017 on the  Peoplenomics side and it’s in my book  Dimensions Next Door.

Red light has amazing healing properties and there are more than 7-thousand light/photobiomodualtion studies on ClinicalTrials.gov, but under LLLT (low level laser light therapy) consider reading a few like the University of Texas (Austin) research project Cognitive Enhancement Through Transcranial Laser Therapy.

We are not alone.

Thymus Recovery

This involves applying a 50-50 mix of 660 nm deep red and 850 nm infrared *which penetrates deeper to the chest for about 4-1/2 Joules worth.

Why?  Well just below the collar bone is a gland called the thymus and it’s where T-cells are made. Or, were when we were younger.  Might start your readings with the  MedicalExpress article “Can we turn back the clock on an aging thymus?”

Since the thymus becomes fatty and decreases its T-cell output with aging, anything to “heal” or “restore” (increase T-cell production) it seems like a personal experiment with little downside risk.  We know LLLLT works, heals, so WTF, right?

Visual Cortex Work

As long as I was sitting in the chair with my light source, I decided to also apply a few Joules to my temple area because that’s where the trigeminal nerve bundle is.

The area of “science” I have found most interesting is the part where science admits that when neurons fire, they release a photon.  Stupidly, I got to wondering whether “light pumping” could “recharge” the brain a bit.  Science “ain’t there, yet.”

Since I knew that there are some LLLLT combinations that are very much like being on speed (more on this in a sec.) I wanted to try simple red and infrared pumping.

Eyes Closed

Being careful to close my eyes, because although LLLLT can seemingly delay or even roll-back age-related  (dry-eye) macular degeneration [AMD] (see notes from Lumithera  on their  Lightsite I study  here), and has for Elaine, I was wanted to simply pump photons to the side of the occular nerve.

With the light in the correct position, you can see a definite bright red.  But here’s the trick:  Turns out – at least in me – that I can work on two “halves” if you will of my visual cortex.

When you see something through your eyes, there are two visual inputs to the brain.  Things like depth perception are driven by the two eyes differential inputs.

Now, what I found was, doing this “light pumping” in a darkened room, I could change my mental focus to either look at the Bright input, or the Dark input.

Takes some getting used to.

BUT, here’s the cool part:  When done correctly, there are patterns that are seen on the “dark” surface.  And the patterns change depending on time of day, general health, and so on. It also is where occasional runic images seem to appear.

Now Comes the Woo-Woo Part

I began this morning with red light sources over the left temple.

The visual field of my brain became brightly lit, at once.  After 15-seconds, or so, I became able to focus on the non-lit side of the brain and here a pattern (“dancing amoebas”) with a tilt down and to the left appeared with “dancing light sticks” between them.

Then a most curious thing occurred.  Best described as “smoke curls downward.”  Looked like this (over a fabric of dancing amoebas):

Not sure what it  means – or whether it is simply “optical noise” but it was a left-illuminated effect only.  The right temple was a different pattern entirely.

One of these days I will have to make detailed notes on how this change of awareness to the “unlit” part of the brain when one side is being light-pumped works, but this may be where stories of “runes” come from.

Imagine, sitting around an ancient fire somewhere, turning your head to the side, and really focusing on this “dark side of the brain showing “dancing amoebas” that are “outlined in light sticks” (almost like a  live fabric) and along come the odd waves from different directions and the occasional “figure” or symbol.

Today’s was “smoke curls down…”

If you see some kind of news item today that would fit this symbol, let me know.  It was curious and who knows, if there’s anything to it, or not.

Speed Crown

Red light therapy is relaxing, healing, and quite enjoyable.

When I need a jolt – like a week in hyper-speed, I go to a different light regimen and it’s a mix of blue and green light.  Green right, blue left for me.

After 20-minutes a day for a week…OMG!  Only 3-4 houtrs of sleep needed, hyper-energy levels, but hard to manage.  Almost too much after five or six days use.

I believe this is the light-pumping effect which is written of in Indian religious doctrine where the effects of Hindu color balancing of chakras is discussed. Think of these colors as “spinning up your Chakras.

(See Randall McClellan’s book “The Healing Forces of Music: History, Theory, and Practice” for more. Then understand Color Symbolism in Hinduism.

Piece of Truth are all over the place on this rock.)

Final Point

This may seem like some “mighty odd stuff” to be messing with – and sure, in a conventional “limited herd member” perspective, I’m sure it is.

On the other hand, since I already live two distinct lives (one away, one asleep where I venture in highly lucid  Dream Realms) its best taken as “just trying to find the real fence lines” of the waking state.  People who don’t go looking for (and testing) such lines are likely to have a sucky “Whatever Comes Next.”

In order to own the Future, you have to grab the Present and use it for all it’s worth.

[DISCLAIMER:  None of this is medical advice.  Seek healthcare input from a licensed professional healthcare practitioner before doing any of these things!  Well, except the grab the Present to own the Future, part, I suppose.]

Write when you wake up,


62 thoughts on “5-Million Cases, Job Losses, and Woo-Woo”

  1. yeah more jobless .. 2.4 million .. and this clue less cruel economy just ramps everything up .. the new gold bulls telling story after story .. Nasdaq trash new highs .. cruise lines .. soon airlines .. banks .. elons American funded disaster .. everything .. the homeless , sick , dead , hungry , jobless have gotta watch this and the animals on cnbcc and ussa gurus .. the greatest document ever written . the declaration of independence .. those great men would be horrified .. everyone should go to Washington and philidelphia and reflect .. this is evil

    • Of reported cases which makes little sense – it’s the mortality rate of the population nothing else matters – it’s just narrative – the deaths are still way less than 1%.

  2. Covid-19 cases in US – (Reported Deaths: 93,439 / Reported Cases: 1,552,000) x 100% = Technical Mortality: 6%.

    “Gain of Function” Enhancement = Euphemism for Biological Agent Weaponizing.

    The math is very simple.

    We don’t need war, we need full public accountability of both the perpetrators and the stooges involved in public cover-up, in the form of biological warfare crimes prosecution.

    • No, death rate is MUCH worse:
      US Deaths = 93,423
      US Recovered = 294,312
      Known outcomes = (D+R) 387,735

      Actual Mortality Rate is 93,423/387,735 or 24.09%

      China AMR is 5-1/2% but are they lying hugely?

      Well within bioweapon expectations

      • George,
        The death rate data ASSUMES that the cause of death from corona virus is being truthfully reported. This assumption is being challenged. Neither side can be proved so pay your money and take your chance.

        I recall having read somewhere that the
        materials needed for gene editing or splicing are available on the internet and that there is a well established group of people already doing this in their basements of garages. Hmmm.

      • @ george

        you really believe ANY stats put out by the government…especially the DEATHS….really now…..

  3. Your drawing. I’ve seen it before and told Cliff about it in 2009.
    Turn it sideways … looks like the base of two pillars, one on top of the other with a gap between them.
    Bottom Pillar = this life, present physical world.
    Gap = the line between life and death.
    Top Pillar = the spiritual world.

    Dancing Cells = representation of cell in the body (life) – adding life.

    When there are no cells seen and there are only pillar bases, it means physical death.

    Angels showed me that.

  4. Fascinating as always, George! Getting one’s mind around the construct of time can be as slippery as trying to corral filled with mud covered hogs. As time flows from the present (forward in our tiny corner of the multi-verse), the future literally has infinite possibilities, some of which are more likely to occur than others. The art of meditation, or prayer (same thing, essentially), is charting a path to one’s most enlightening/beneficial alternate future, becoming ‘centered.’ Imagining your desired future self. This forward imaging enables one to become that person, generally and within reason. For example, I cannot realistically hope to become a physics defying superhero, but I can work to make myself a better person who sets good examples for others around us, making a positive impact in the process. Compliment people. Donate food and clothing to just causes. Give money (if able) to worthy charities. In effect, keep a “pay it forward” philosophy. Sadly, the high tech nature of today’s world inundates our minds with chaotic messaging, to include much doom and gloom which precipitates feelings of helplessness. Many in positions of power use this negativity to mentally enslave us, keeping us reliant upon them while never ‘breaking free’ of the chaos. But we always have the power of individual choice, even if that choice is whether to live under tyranny or die fighting for freedom. One of my favorite quotes is this one by Army General Norman Schwarzkopf: “The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it.”

    • Why limit yourself. Yes, I will write up a summary assement of how to use a physical compas as a spiritual compass.

      You due have some valid points WH. I always appreciate the words you write. However, Your statement about not being able to be a “super hero” is a limitation. Anytime I see “limitation” I think challenge accepted. Lol

      These are my base points for the challenge. #1. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. #2. “Time is plastic. #3. Reality is malleable. #4. All life on planet E has a level of consciousness even plant life. It has to. Even if it’s just a cmos program of instinct. . All life has DNA. So it has a blue print of conciousness in it. If it didnt it wouldnt known to use the available resources to grow into life. IF all life has a consciousness variant degrees and if I am of higher intelligence in scale and degree? I can commucate with it and command it #4. All levels of consiouness have a unique language set. . #5. Tell me it cant be done and I will prove it can be. Because I am probably the most tenacious MF and consistently so person you will ever meet and will figured out some way I can make it work from an vantage point not considered.

      I dont believe in limitation. It doesn’t exist within math or language. Lol. Therefore it must not be true.

  5. I am relatively convinced Covid was engineered, but I just don’t see much of an upside to intentional release. Just some scientist going way to far with increased function research on live animals and accidental release. Just using achams razor logic here. It is to much for me to imagine a political or military leader intentional released this and has some plan to take advantage of a global economic collapse. This would be like releasing a nuclear weapon on your own population to gain some global benefit.

    China is certainly impacted, but being a communist leadership, they don’t have to be elected and take full advantage to lock their population away to keep infection rates down. The advantage of population control (at least for a while) under threat of death is very focusing to people to absolutely avoid becoming infected.

    In the US, there is no personal threat, and people are idiots and some have little care if they become infected and pass to others. Again just a simple difference in mindset. As long as our population does not come to grips with our new reality we will continue with high infection rates. People seem to think that being free, frees them from any responsibility to consider what impact their actions have on others. I would not yell fire in a crowded store and I won’t go out to a store without a mask to keep from unknowingly spreading an infection to others.

    • “I just don’t see much of an upside to intentional release.”

      Joe.. I dont believe that China or The USA researchers intentionally released it. My thought has always been that it rolled out on someones sleeve by accident.
      Why we build nasty things like this . From visits with people researching other things..their focus was on the positive aspects from their research. Many hadn’t even considered the negative narrative that their research could be..
      It’s usually some pretty nasty people that take things like this and decide to plan use if it for evil.. what was it that einstein said about nuclear energy . He regretted ever letting anyone know about it.
      IF….this was intentionally released it was by someone that didnt consider how bad it was and to either gain power ..or just to bring down all the positive things our president had accomplished. looking back and all the false flag events trying to get the president out. If it was put out on purpose it wouldn’t surprise me if it was suppose to be anothe false flag to get the president to blame china. Unfortunately I dont think that anyone realized just how bad it is. The old be careful what you wish for statement comes to mind

      • @joe dish

        I think that the cia released it inside of china…during the military convention with many different countries attending…IT was held in wuhan china and 2 weeks later …you know the rest..

  6. “7 Up Lithiated Lemon Soda” before being further shortened to just “7 Up” by 1936.”

    I am not much of a pop drinker.. but the pop I do drink is 7-UP.. what is funny is seven up was the pop to beat in years past.. it was the uncola.. I get very passionate over the products that the company offers.. unfortunately I get ramping at their business practices.. and their delivery.. many stores have taken it off the shelf.. or put it in an area where there is slow traffic because of these issues..
    comercial break..
    I redacted a whole rant.. their employees are way over paid and should be fired.. just like our congress.. send them home as worthless as they are.

    • I’ve actually re-discovered the fact that the flavor of Tonic Water is pretty good – with or without alcohol. Probably suites my personality.

  7. Just a quick thought on your light projects, in the Bible all great healing events are accompanied by a brilliant light and to that end what has been done with all different spectrums light laser, UV, etc. It’s all kind of out of my wheel house but it is very interesting

  8. Here is a youtube video..
    It was put up yesterday by infowars .basically It’s about congress voting on the bill to require mandatory vaccinations and them putting the vote off..then turning to two main lobbiests to get directions on for advice.


  9. George,
    As you are supplementing with selenium, I thought you’d find this of interest.

    Not all “seleniums” are the same.

    Generally, we ingest selenium from a variety of plant and animal sources in several different forms, each of which has its own unique suite of activities. The three forms of selenium most important in cancer prevention are sodium selenite, L-selenomethionine, and selenium-methyl L-selenocysteine.

    There is at least one available supplement that combines all 3 forms, but I will let you research that yourself.

    In one study, aging individuals supplementing with 200 mcg per day of selenium saw their risk of dying from all cancers slashed by 50%.

    Another, European study found a nearly 70% reduction in all cancers among those with the highest serum levels of Selenium. Shortly after that study came out, by government fiat, all forms of Selenium became prescription only drugs. No surprise there.

    Within the organic compounds, differences exist. L-selenomethionine increases cancer cell death by apoptosis, for example, only in cells with an intact “suicide” gene called p53. Selenium-methyl L-selenocysteine, on the other hand, induces apoptosis in mutated cancer cells that lack this vital control mechanism.

    But inorganic sodium selenite more effectively increases genetic expression of the main selenium-containing antioxidant enzyme glutathione peroxidase.

    The totality of this data indicates why both the organic forms of selenium (L-selenomethionine and selenium-methyl L-selenocysteine), plus inorganic sodium selenite, are required to kill off all incipient cancer cells that might be developing in your body.

    • Can you please tell me the name of the all inclusive supplement? Save me from buying the wrong thing. Thanks. Blessings

    • “all forms of Selenium became prescription only drugs”

      I drink one cup of astrogalus tea every morning before coffee…..It has a real mellow flavor..
      I brew up a pitcher of it and keep it in the fridge..

      • Astragalus, Vitamin D, Resveratrol, Vitamin C and Omega 3’s is all you need to stay healthy and build that immune system at our 60+ age.

  10. Daily silver chart looks like the beginning of a huge corrective wave, (a bearish ascending triangle?).

    “Light”. I was watching a bio-hacking video. The lecturer described certain cells feeding off photons.

    It’s possible you’re supplementing the natural light that is now being environmentally filtered from the atmospheric changes brought about by the Great Flood. Since your cells are now getting a higher quality food source, photons, they are acting accordingly. Thrive mode.

    Clearly you are on to something if your changes can be measured. You should write a research paper and hand-off the project.

  11. You mentioned commercial buildings as a concern going forward, I am on a mastermind team of engineers, attorneys, doctors, business leaders, real estate leaders and politicians. There are over 9 million sq ft of commercial buildings under construction in the Bay Area with the prospect of nobody occupying those buildings in the near future. So, we have proposed, while the finishing work is still in progress, that many of those commercial projects be repurposed into live/work/play projects. One floor could be housing, the other a workplace and the other a play, lounge, recreation facility open air/green space concept. Over three quarters of the present projects are submitting plans and permits to change the focus of their projects as a result. This does several things here in the Bay Area. It solves our housing shortage…by having a live/work/play concept that people can literally step out of bed, walk a few feet to an elevator and take the elevator to another floor in the same building to go to work, solves our traffic issues…it also cleans our air, supports local businesses that surround the buildings and turns a daytime retail work hours neighborhood into a all hours neighborhood. Lots of positives.

    Listen…there are never, ever any problems…only opportunities to solve problems to benefit overall lifestyles and well being. Hell, even death provides opportunities for Funeral homes, morticians, grave stone makers, Cemeteries and grave diggers. An empty commercial building? No problem at all.

  12. In NY State & especially NYC, will Cuomo’s mishandling of the PANDEMIC cause the Financial District including Wall Street to abandon NYC. They really don’t need to be in that city anymore. Everything is computer driven now a days because without computers Wall Street could not handle the tremendous volume which increases with each Trillion Dollar Platinum Coin. Florida which was suppose to fall like a domino as New Yorkers fled to Florida did not follow NY’s path. In fact, Florida has one of the best Coronavirus records in the Country & a Republican Govenor.. is that a clue why the Blue States are a Coronavirus mess? Answer: Yes & correct. Can You say we be SCAMMED!!!

    Did Trump set up Cuomo to fail, giving him thousand of extra hospital beds that went empty. As Cuomo loaded up the Nursing homes to make room in the hospitals that was never needed killing untold thousands in Nursing Homes, the Press never mentioned it. Democrats will kill more people than Coronavirus…to get the White House back. Last, as businesses leave NY, who is going to pay all NY’s Pension expense? Not DT.

    • Lol you will take in office whom ever they decide is going to occupy it,be it red or blue I rather doubt that Trump will get re-elected for as the man said its not the votes that matters but the ones counting them.as to your question as to who will pay the pension which is easy to answer for under N.Y.state law if the pension runs out of money then the people are on the hook to pay for it../…No Trump won’t pay, for Trump gave himself a few hundred or perhaps a billion in that huge tax break that he gave the wealthy, so never fear he will do well which was intended.!!!

  13. “The art of meditation, or prayer (same thing, essentially)…”

    Prayer = asking
    Meditation = listening
    A very subtle but incredibly important difference.
    Try turning off the minds internal dialogue and focus your attention on your heart.

  14. Yesterday, I’ve spend much of my time perusing all previous comments that I had access to; I have to admit that some were most brilliant, thank you for contributing! I feel that I cannot contribute much at my age except to say: It’s O.K. To be white!

    We live with a Siberian female cat with claws and hormones still intact, like nature intended it to be. I am amazed how this female knows how to distributes her love, and allegiance 50/50 among my son and I, since she is in love with my son, but also recognizes that I am the person responsible for her lifestyle, or so called sustenance.

    Basically, we’re just animals of a different kind – but some of us are
    more attuned to what is most important in life. So, take care of yourselves, and don’t worry too much about the inevitable. In 50 years from now, everything will be different.

    • In 50 years from now everything will be the same. The only thing that changes is that nothing changes. Maybe DISCO will come back, but Humans pathetic existence or potential greatness will still be debated. Maybe people will actually think it is OK to be white ( get real NC).

  15. What if the smoke was rising energy flowing from the ground (earthing, if you’re standing barefooted) and through it’s passage through the light amalgamated field was a fine tuning effect resulting in pillars of directed energy. The downward flow of smoke could represent the trigger of ure
    consciousness as the inception of the process.
    Flowing between you and the earth it is indeed a closed circuit, but your thoughts emanate a “tesla” tower of power.

  16. Addendum…so by my conjecturing, Ure mind is the smoke of creation. Ure Spoken Word (star dust) could be a Genesis moment? Eh?
    Are we then light sourcing? Could We then become a source of light? Could this be the transmission of the secret of mental telepathy?
    Or are we on a long, strange ,trip of the conscious paradigm?Or are we just stuck in a programming loop looking for a way out? Into what? Pure love,joy and happiness?
    Dude, ure’re just getting us started.
    Beginning to sound like a universal predictive awareness of intention movement.

  17. George
    Was wondering each chakras has an associated color.
    Have you tried placing matching color light over each at same time?

    Also seems like frequency would be important as in strobe light?

    • I’ve also been following the weakening magnetic field. For various reasons, I think it will continue to weaken, so it might be possible that the magnetic-based systems in airplanes could also fail at some time. I don’t know how much of a plane’s mechanical system involves magnetics, but would this mean they could fall from the sky? I presume an EMP would also cause this, so to stretch this line even further, might the present forced grounding of most planes due to the quarantine include an element of prescience? And on whose part? In fact, the worldwide SIP model seems grossly overdone, so is there a group whose prescience planned this for reasons yet to be revealed, other than the obvious Big Pharma greed and NWO psycho plots? What might be about to happen that would make it safer for the plebs and/or the elites to bring so much activity to a halt? Am I paranoid much?

      • “Am I paranoid much?”

        More like “contemplative of uncomfortable possibilities…”

        RV is an actual thing. The CIA used it for years, until something better (the existence and function of which are considerably above my paygrade) came along.

        In thinking about the good Major and his most unsettling remote view, I have to wonder what the effect of a Carrington event would be, on an Earth with a highly-diminished magnetic field. Could his “killshot” not be just a gigantic CME (as it appears in most illustrations) but an EMP (or EM-charged CME) which would reflect off the atmosphere on Earth’s backside, and thrust the entire planet back into the 18th Century…?

        The naive and stupid don’t realize what will happen to Homo Sap, our lifestyle, and all our toys, if our time budget for subsistence food acquisition goes from less than 20 minutes per day, to over 12 hours per day.

  18. Activists and the media claim Hungary is being driven “back towards the dark ages” after the country voted to define gender based on biological sex.


    Weird… Hungary’s Parliament legally defined gender as innies and outies, or more-specifically, whether a person was born with a “Y” chromosome, and Mr. Soros doesn’t approve.

    One of Marx precepts is: “We’re strongly anti-gun, until we have all the guns.” The implication is a thread which is woven throughout his Manifesto. Soros is a fascist, not a communist, but where fascism is a corporatist/communist, socialist hybrid, Soros has never shied from using communist arguments or operating procedures to achieve fascist goals.

    I have never bothered to tell the gender-unknown/unliked/unwanted kiddies that after they help usher in a communist revolution in the United States, they’ll be the first ones in line at the showers, because their opinions and political actions are destabilizing, and will not be tolerated in “paradise.” They’re all much smarter and more-intelligent than I, and couldn’t possibly be hornswoggled into becoming nothing more than “useful idiots…”

    I knew Soros had m/l bought Human Rights Watch. I did not know he’d acquired boardroom-level influence over Amnesty International.

    It is becoming more-important daily, to research to learn the political bias of any group or source…

    • HE’S safe.. Nothing will ever happen….
      Just watch….the alphabets will bury that news and nothing will ever come of it.. they are notoriously good at protecting those that should should be in trouble but are connected to the right people in power.. there will be a little shimmy then a shuffle then a hey lookie over there and it is gone…

  19. “Nothing Like This Has Happened Before”: China To Invest $1 Trillion In New Plan To Overtake US In Tech

    “…will see China invest an estimated $1.4 trillion over six years to 2025, “calling on urban governments and private tech giants like Huawei Technologies to lay fifth generation wireless networks, install cameras and sensors, and develop AI software that will underpin autonomous driving to automated factories and mass surveillance.”


    So, question: China’s going to dump $300bln a year on this initiative. That is more money than the GDP of most of the world’s “1st World Nations.” Why are they considered a “3rd World developing nation,” and exempt from the human rights and environmental regulations the rest of us follow?

    • “China To Invest $1 Trillion In New Plan To Overtake US In Tech”

      I thought they already had.. they are smarter than we are.. they push an education to absolutely everyone and they manufacture everything we have…. products that come out of china are more advanced and more reliable than any product produced in the USA..

      • “they are smarter than we are”

        There, I’d disagree. They are more-intelligent than we, “intelligence” being a measured quantity. The vast majority are not “smarter” (which is the ability to apply intelligence), and pretty much to a one, Mongoloids lack an ability to innovate from scratch, and the ability to comprehend a necessity for quality.

        I saw this with the Japanese in the 1960s and ’70s, the Taiwanese in the ’70s and ’80s, and the Koreans in the ’80s and ’90s (else I wouldn’t be making such a blanket statement.) Asian peoples are feudal societies. They can, and do, take somebody else’s idea and make it better, within a given set of parameters. What they lack is the ability to create, and an appreciation for attention to material quality.

    • It’s NOT the money — it’s them folks over there who still know how to work compared to us, IMHO. Of course, a “few” work here also ;-).


    Total cases: 647 (4 newly reported)
    Hawai’i County: 82
    Honolulu County: 416
    Kaua’i County: 21
    Maui County: 118†
    Pending: 0
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 10
    Required Hospitalization: 83‡
    Hawaii deaths: 17
    Released from Isolation: 579§
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, May 21, 2020

    One new case on Maui, three new cases here on the Big Island of Hawaii County. Talk I hear is recent cases on the Big Island are traveller-related. Latest being a returning family member who got sick and infected the whole family… hence three new cases today.

    Governor is slowly easing restrictions. Beaches are now open IF YOU PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCE. County parks here open… state and national parks remain closed. Plans to ease the inter island travel quarantine in a few days. More low risk businesses opening. The ‘Covid Czar’ here is Lt. Governor Josh Green, M.D. He notes that the State has adequate medical reserve capacity at this point. Only 19% of ventilators in use, and hospital and ICU beds occupied is below 50%. If they see a worrisome surge coming back, the lockdowns will be put back in place.

  21. Trump backs Aust push for COVID-19 probe

    The US president retweeted an AAP Newswire/SBS story on Monday detailing how 116 countries are supporting the probe.

    “We are with them!” the president wrote above a link to the story.

    The African Group’s 54 member states will co-sponsor the motion, joining 62 other countries including New Zealand, the European Union’s 27 members, Russia, Indonesia, India, Japan, Britain and Canada.

    Okay, the story showed up on Zerohedge, but this is the one from which Tyler got his… Written by Peter Mitchell, AAP (Australian Associated Press) published at AAP on 5/20, and based on the earlier story written by Matt Coughlan (AAP) on 5/18.


    Coughlan’s story:

    China hits back at Aust over virus inquiry


    Some people think source-tracing is difficult — it’s not…

  22. Yeah I’m a bit blunt. But some of the contributions a novel are really well thought and reflect on our existence. Well done

  23. Wake up old dude. You’re late. Lol. I got the worm! I waiting for the birds to start their morning ritual and conversations to asses today’s melody. Lol

    Perhaps I will give everyone a new tool today. no, not the word for essence of anything. More along the lines of the “level”.

    Hmmmmmm perhaps we can discuss the compas today.

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