Two bullet points today:  The Usual Financial News and then I seek your advice and a judgement call about an interesting Intellectual Property (IP) “coincidence” – or something more.  First, the news…

Hyperinflation Confirmed

My consigliere (who may drop by the Peoplenomics podcast tomorrow) says in his work, the Fed’s now 171% annualized inflation rate (*most recent month, not-seasonally adjusted M2 extrapolated to an annual rate) won’t set off fires of inflation.

“As long as the velocity of money is imploding, they can print to their heart’s content, ” he explained.

“But…but!!!” I protested, “Look at what they’re admitting to again this week in Table 1 of the H.6 money stocks report!”

The fact that right now we can see the money printing going nuts tells us that at some point this will all become terrible blow-back.

People will,  I think this summer, perhaps, realize that anything tied to a physical asset will be the replacement for US dollars which are being hollowed-out before our eyes.

Housing will go up, especially outer suburban – with good internet access and regular services at safe distances – will soar.

Food will go through the roof, as people figure out that protein is going into long-term shosrt supply with herd sized coming down.

And then there’s the matter of a very wet yet so far in much of the Nation’s farm belt.

None of it sound particularly fun.  Especially with oil sucking the hind-one and such.

While it’s true that Bitcoins are still holding just over $9,000, the real question  – still never rationally answered by the cryptomaniacs – is “What is the basis of BTC value?  Other than a made-up hashcode?”

Once the Second Wave of virus gets here, and communications and power get sketchy, would your really gamble your financial future on the lights staying on, hackers never succeeding, the end of mining when the last BTC is mined, or the Internet leaves due to EMP?

Silly us!  We’d rather bet on a garden, 5.5 kilowatts of solar, and plenty of the the 4G technology that matters:  Grub, guns, gold, and God.  YMMV.

What Goes With Drudge?

We’ve been wondering now – for six months, in fact – what’s going on with the highly rated Drudge Report.  One reason is reports that an investor was about to come in.  The reports were going around last December in articles like this one.

We’d sure like to know.  The reason this matters is the headlines lately on Drudge have been leaning decidedly toward the liberal camp.  The dominant headlines this morning included:


What makes it so interesting is that James Carville, Jr. – also known as the Ragin’ Cajun – was one of the key advisors putting Bill Clinton into office.  But, more to the point, he’s also done a lot of foreign election work, says Wikipedia:

And we all know what a firm foundation was laid for peace and progress in Venezuela…lol.

Inquiring minds want to know  a beer. 8-hours till Miller Time, though, doggonit.

Headlines and Trotlines

Trolling for partisans on any cause that can be monetized – that’s the new world disorder:

Woo-Woo 1:  Todays Symbols

From the left- eye:  Clockwise vortex, centering in.  We take this to mean more hurricane or tropical storm news will follow.  NOAA says an above-normal season is likely.

From the right- eye: Stick amoebas dancing and a waving “left bracket” in the left  mind’s eye field.  More on the quake swarm out west in Nevada, perhaps?

Or, does this presaging a Memorial Weekend Quake?  We note that quakes seem to behave as though named holidays are “strange attractors.” Ask me a week from Tuesday.

Also Rambling By

Russia gets back to its roots – while the US is shredding its roots.  See Putin Adds Patriotism, War History to School Curriculum for a sense of it.

Depression:  It will be global. China Warns On Slump As Virus Kills World Jobs.

And the Hong Kong market got it’s ass kicked last night.  Down 5-1/2%. Por que?  Hints in China’s new national security law threatens Hong Kong’s friendly business climate.

Woo-Woo-2:  “Afterlifing” and the New Amazon Series “Upload”

Did someone “Borrow” one of my dreams, reported in a 2018 book I wrote, and not cut me in for a “piece of the action?”

I don’t suppose you’ve ever read my book  Psychocartography: Mapping the Human Dream.

Let me gift you some insight into “How the World of George” works. I think you’ll agree, when Ure done, that strange things are afoot.

I’m going to show you how closely the new Amazon series “Upload” [2020] parallels my [2018] book.

The Key Book Extract

(following (C) 2018, George Ure in Psychocartography: Mapping the Human Dream)

Afterlifing: A Journey to Lieneuw

We were traveling in a vehicle. It was more like a small bus. Dark blue, it had sliding doors for both sides of the back seat and bucket seats in front.

Four of us were riding: My wife Elaine was in the right back seat, with my late mother in the left rear seat. My late father was driving in the left seat and I was in the right front.

It was a marvelous day – sunny with blue skies – and we had left Arrival City early. Not so much because we were in a hurry to leave. It was more because of the sense of looming adventure before us.

(I called it Arrival City because it was the first big city I had explored a bit in The Realms).

The “dream” as I’m sure a psychologist would call it, began like many others. It was far less a dream; more like awakening into a different Reality; a separate one from the waking daily life on Earth.

This notion of “Visiting the Realms” had become very familiar. In fact, it was the basis for my first novel, “DreamOver.” In that book, the hero is similarly faced with an emergent ability to “jump” into another person’s consciousness. That is, to go to “sleep” and while in the somnambulistic state as viewed from the waking side of consciousness, experience a fully detailed “second Life” on the dream side.

The difference between my novel, and this story, is that I wanted to capture some of the essence of how “Adventures in the Realms” seems to work.

Back in the van, remember that we were communicating with one-another telepathically. Elaine had newly-arrived in The Realms and was very uncomfortable with the place. It’s a natural reaction.

Elaine has had several very negative experiences in life and she’s a bit shy about empowering herself to “dream large” and claim her power. Circumstances in the waking-world had denied her much of that until we married.

It is understandable, not to mention unsettling, to find yourself in a combination of memories (some people are live and visiting in dreams, while other people are dead but also very-much present) interacting in a completely natural (to them) way.

It’s like if you took some of the highlights of waking-state life and some of the concepts from (twisted) religious doctrine about Afterlife and put them in a blender. Ta-dah! The Realms. And, at least in some respects, in compliance with the laws of physics.

Some of the major projects people have in “The Realms” include learning to forgive themselves for all past offenses on other planets and at other times in other lives. Ascended spirit work. Personal housekeeping. Learning, growth, sharing, and adventuring.

Particularly hard to grasp, for some, is the idea that when humans “die” from the waking-state Earthly Life, they simply follow their essence – what we call the soul – that thing that “roosts in a body” – back to our base camp. Off into one of those quantum mechanical divisions to a new world. For all of us, that first place of awareness is often an Arrival City.

As your personal Psychocartography evolves, you will begin to see that most of your dreams take place somewhere in, or around, this “Arrival City.” Scenes will come back to you from past dreams and over time things will begin to “stitch-together.”

So back to the dream in progress…

We were trying to gently share these concepts with Elaine. No, she wasn’t dead…no one really dies…and we joked about that since we were all “essence.” Essence never dies. But, despite our lightheartedness, she became quite distraught. Like I said, a lot of residual pain…

So much so, that in a matter of moments she slid the door open and stepped outside, expecting to die immediately because of stepping out of a moving passenger van doing about 30 to 40 miles an hour down a residential concrete street.

Obviously, she didn’t.

Clearly, I remembered telling my parents “I don’t think she understands yet that she’s in “The Realms” there is no death here. I better go comfort her…”

With that, I opened my door and stepped out – also onto the concrete – still doing 30-40. But, instead of any searing pain, there was merely a familiar skidding of my shoes as I slid to a halt, perfectly upright.

Quickly, I half-jogged back a block to where Elaine was sitting on the left side of the road, her knees up, and she was rocking back and forth (in a sitting fetal position) trying to wrap her head around what was going on. Back and forth…back and forth…emotions all over the place.

I reached down, picked her up, and held her as she was shaking with the fear and confusion common to new arrivals.

She was wearing a metallic gold top, white jeans, and looking stunning as always.

Not a scratch on her, not even a hair out of place.

After a few minutes, her sobbing stopped, and the confusion seemed to clear. She looked at me with doe-like eyes. We didn’t need to speak because her question was already in my head – such is communication between “connected” people in “The Realms.”

“Yes, my darling, we are in “The Realms.” I have written of it during my time on Earth. I have no idea exactly where this place is, relative to Earth, but it doesn’t matter. We’re here. Living the Dream…”

Near as I’ve got it figured, there are trillions of “souls” in the Universe. When you think about it, the notion of there just being one spark of intelligence in the Universe – and it choosing to hang out on Earth – is about the stupidest dogma anyone could come up with.”

Again, I sensed her next questions.

“I’m not sure how it’s all organized, but my sense is that we are in “The Realms” as spiritual essence. Our “core beings” – souls – are grouped according to their heritage. In some Realms, people are “ruled-over” by entities who demand tribute, adoration, praise. On inspection these are nothing more than expressions of the Egoic part of humans running wild. You get what you agree to here.

Another set of Realms is for those who cannot yet forgive themselves. Like you, for example. You came to the end of “waking Life” as you went to sleep on Earth and you were still beating yourself up diligently for events that were unavoidable and not caused by you. So those unresolved things come along as “work to be done” here.

You could have ended up in one of the Hell-like Realms except for one thing: You had been told the Most Terrible Secret there is: That we get to choose our fate. Deep inside, of course, you knew that. It’s what prevented you from taking your own life when you were deeply distressed, perhaps, long before we met. At some level you sensed that the life on Earth was little more than an adventure. Which is why at the time of dying, or in a vivid dream visit, people eventually sort themselves to Arrival City: Recognition sets in and they begin to “get it.” We’re scheduled to have thousands more adventures…”

Elaine was processing this…and as she did so, my (dead but very much alive in The Realms) parents returned with the van. It had taken them a while to get turned around and return to where we were holding one another at the side of the road. I understood from them both they wanted us to have time together, so Elaine could adjust to this new place.

Another question arose from Elaine: The passage of time in “The Realms” is nothing like it was on Earth. It’s far more flexible and very controllable. If we were not ready for my parents to arrive, they would arrive when it was OK with us. In their slice of “The Realms” it would seem like time passing “normally” but for us, because we were having a deep, soul-level discussion in a vivid dream, the time for us had expanded a great deal. A few minutes into a couple of hours, kind of thing.

“Do you want to come with us?”

My parents were inviting, and it was very comforting to be with them in The Realms as we’d spent a great deal of time here “playing-back” our adventures in the Earth-life. My dad’s peak experiences were fishing and the heroics of being a firefighter. Mom was happy, too…We passed time considering our actions and what we could learn from next.

An important point, to this. When a person lives an Earth-Life, it’s very much like a field trip and just as you’d pick up samples of this and that on an outing, you get to bring your “samples” to “The Realms” for further study. Recalled actions, decisions, and emotional-fallout warranted intense study. Mental pictures of the finest sites in your life? Those are the templates that construct the place.

“No thanks…you go on ahead. Elaine’s new to this place and I want to show her around, a bit.”

“OK, we’ll catch up with you two later…” With that, the van moved silently up the residential street.

“It’s a strange place, Elaine. It takes some getting used to. Let’s have some adventure and I’ll show you…”

It didn’t so much as require the snapping of my fingers: We were just suddenly in our own vehicle and headed east from the city toward the mountains from Arrival City.

“What…what was that? Where are we going?”

It was a fair question for her to ask.

“There’s a new place being developed: It’s called Lie Neuw – and it’s pronounced “Lee New.

Almost instantly we arrived on a hillside with a vantage point over curiously built community. It was alpine – almost Teutonic – in construction. But, all the buildings were brand new and made of a brownish-red brick-like material.

Entering one of them, we saw that each of the dozens of apartment buildings were up to 10-stories high. There was a central access core so that anyone could come into the buildings and ride up the elevator to a chosen floor.

When you got off the elevator, there was a nice sitting area, reminiscent of a hotel’s lobby.

To each side, away from the elevators, there were locked double-wide doors that lead to the individual quarters. Normally, these were locked. But, as luck would have it, we had arrived just as housekeeping was going through preparing units for tenants. We were to be the tenants of this unit.

Housekeeping had left a unit open, and one cleaner was still at work, so we decided to take a quick walk-through.

From the central corridor, the first entrance to an apartment was on the left. We entered this, and it was one of the most luxurious bathrooms imaginable. Everything was glittering white marble and the fixtures were of gold.

There were some odd pieces of furniture and even a massage table. What came though as a “sense” of it was that this was a combination of bathroom, sauna, and sex room. Where all the physicality’s of Life could be experimented with, improved upon, and enjoyed.

At the far end of the room was a door to the living space. This was truly remarkable, as well. As we entered, there were two huge flat screen-like devices taking up two walls. But they weren’t televisions – not as we know them. A person from housekeeping spoke from somewhere behind us: “Those are your soul projectors. Using them, you can share new adventures in other parts of The Realms…”

I also got the message: This was Our new home. And this was how we could “play” adventures back.

Beyond this was a fabulous kitchen. It had a six burner Wolff gas stove, a microwave, and dishes. But along the far wall was a room-width display case with every food imaginable ready for cooking or consumption.

“Of course, you don’t have to cook…things will self-prepare if you want them to…” our guide behind us chimed in.

“We’ll come back…”

With that, we were back in our car and after traveling for a few minutes, we had arrived as a piece of property I was going to develop as our rural weekend retreat.

The land was a large rectangle; perhaps 15-acres in size. In the middle of it was a depression…almost like a canyon that dropped a hundred feet, or so.

On the far side of that, the land rose quickly to a ridge that ran across the far end of the property. We could sense that on the far side of this, the land dropped off quickly to a large body of water, maybe three miles across. On the far side of this were mountains. Traversing the waters was every kind of ship you could dream: Sailing vessels -old square riggers – merchant ships, luxury yachts, and a few that defy description in waking hours.

“What’s that?”

Elaine was wondering about a narrow-gauge rail car and a set of tracks that went down toward the depression in the middle of the property and back up the side of the far hill; much like a switchback.

“I had this rail car and the tracks left over from one of my adventures in “The Realms” before you got here. So, I set them here. One of the problems with this land is that we’re not allowed to build our home up on the top of the ridge where the view is great – yet I’ve never figured out why…

— end copyright extract from my book Psychocartography. —

Now, Go Rent “Upload” from Amazon

The series is not exactly like my account in the book, although there are many similar points.

  • Both the book (2018) and the series (2020) deal with dead people in an “Afterlife” realm.
  • Distinctly, the entrance to the screen of action is via death in both.
  • The starting point is being in a vehicle.  In the series, the hero dies in a self-driving car accident.  In my dream, the scene just opened there – in the van.
  • I go into Dream Realms.  The Series goes into a “digital afterlife.”  Both provide for “magical events” to take place.
  • Both my book and the series set characters in “condo-like’ quarters.
  • There’s a good-looking female.  One in my book (Elaine), two in the series.
  • The book talks about the instant/unlimited perfect food.  There’s focus in Upload episode 1 on instant perfect food, as well.
  • But the most remarkable parallel is to that sketch from the hill overlooking “Lieneuw” because “Lake View” – the digital realm used in the Series – has an almost identical perspective from up above and looking down on the afterlife building where (in the 2018 book) Elaine and I live.  And where the hero in the 2020 series lives…

There are, of course, many points of difference – there would have to be in order to build a whole series from an idea and outline of events.

Yet, “Arrival City” sure fits with the Series premise, and so does the “being dead” part in the book.

If I were a greedy prick, I’d go looking for an IP attorney.  But, as always, we will be guided by what the world’s most reasonable website audience suggests.  On the other hand, if you know one….

How would you play it?  Too coincidental?  Or,  “Shit happens, George”?

Regardless, I have a much better, more science-based novel in the works…I could make someone a hell of a 2-for-1 deal.  Off the hook on this one, and a clean deal on #2.

Write when you get rich,