Prepping Your Tech

Monday being a holiday, we get back to prepping for “whatever comes next.”  And with that the question of “If the world’s falling apart, what pieces of tech do you want to preserve?

Right after our morning scan of headlines, the ChartPack, and of course, Podcast 21, which is right here.

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55 thoughts on “Prepping Your Tech”

  1. George’s Book: Psychocartography: Mapping the Human Dream 

    Free on Amazon if you are a Kindle Unlimited member.

  2. “Running a few head of cattle to keep the fairways mowed and fertilized, however, comes to mind.”

    Hitting golf balls around mounds of cow poop would create a whole new set of “hazards!”

    • My blueprint, instuction and a “do it yourself experience” will teach you enhanced telepathy. In an economic example. I dont need to prove sh!t to you. If you follow the blueprint, instructions??? You will prove to yourself 3 things: #1. I can move metal with my mind. #2. I can locate anything and bring myself to them. Very handy if you loose Ure keys. Lol. #3. You will see, know and feel the power of words and thoughts. You can test erery word. How they flux everything you say and create and destroy.

      I I only ask you pay it forward per WH statement.

      You will need, 2 metal coat hangers, a plastic straw, a dollar bill and a compass for my example. because this is a economics website. Although the application of this tool IF you can master it is limitless. I took P.G.E2 experiment and enhanced it, employed it to serve me instead of a trick to say, “oh that is neat.” Lol

      Ok, take apart the metal coat hangers. Make an “L” shape. Like little metal pistols. Cut the straw and place it over the small part of the L or “handle.” example. I will resume in instuction in part 2 if this posts.

      • Note: once this primitive apparatus is mastered and internalized? You will not need it to move object, locate anything etc. I mean anything. Its limitless in application.

        Take a dollar bill, write a word on it that only you know and place it anywhere in the room. Face it magnetic north with your compas. **** note 2. You may want to turn off as much electronics as possible in the room to start. Everyone differs in degrees of a clogged telepathic filter. Electronics do warp magnetic fields.

        Once you have the dollar bill placed magnetic north. Go stand about 10-15 feet away with your metal ‘witching rods” hold them at waist level only by the plastic straw or “handles”. Facing away perpendicular from magnetic north. Hold them so you are not touching the metal. Point the long part infront of you. It will be bouncing all over at first because this is new for you. Relax. Think serenity. Once the rods are stable and not bouncing around so much. Pointing out straight infront of you. Close your eyes and picture in your mind the dollar bill and think the word you wrote on it. I guarentee the metal rods in your hand will turn and point to the location of the dollar bill. You just moved metal with your mind without physically touching it. You were holding the plastic straw. You just located something in the house with your eyes closed. Congratulations! You are telepathic.

      • Now, if you have a partner. *please note do not have anyone stand infront of the rods when you start. Everyone can influence others field energy.

        You will need a partner for the next experiment. I want you to leave the room. Have your partner place the same dollar ANYWHERE in the room facing any direction where you cant see it.

        Then I want you to stand with metal witching rods in your hand, holding them only by the plastic straw. Close your eyes and think of that dollar bill. And speak the word you wrote on it. The metal rods will move to point to the location of it. You just used telepathy to find something of yours that you didnt know where it was. Congratulations ! You moved metal with your mind and located something lost.

        I place things while in various places durring my travels magnetic north. Like a coffee cup in someones house or a rock in a parking lot. Or a book on a shelf at the store. I can close my mind and think of that object and i know exactly where it is. EVEN if its been moved. I can also hold my finger out and move a dangling carabeener from my car review mirror and move it with my finger and not even touch it. Lol. I dont practice it as much as I shoud. It is a very useful tool and leads to much much greater application. should you practice it.

        The word you choose to write on the dollar is your first magic word. It is yours alone. You created it congratulations! You are telepathic. I started working with this a few years back. I dont practice it as much as I like. I’m working on other skills.

        Have a great day.

        Clique 116!

      • Andy: I have my 2 coathangers out in front of me perpendicular to the 1 dollar bill facing magnetic North. I am holding both by the straw & not touching metal. After about 30 seconds the coathanger in my right hand heads for the dollar bill & points directly at it. The coathanger in my left hand never moves, it stays steady as a rock. I will try more tomorrow. I am exhausted from working all day.

      • My partner hid the dollar bill in plain sight while I was in the other room. I entered the room looking down so as to not spot the dollar bill, closed my eyes & both coathangers pointed to the dollar bill. Now to find the missing sissors.

      • Haven’t found the scissors yet. Problem is the grandkids could have put the scissors anywhere. They were my favorite pair.

      • You gotta work the level NC. Remember what I said about using the level meditate? Balanced, centered and still. Your left Hemisphere is right brain. It’s from the heart that the electromagnetic field is propelled outward. Everyone thinks the coil of the spine just goes from the anus to the crown and up and into outer space. However, as George pointedly said today. Your spin aka coil is an antenna. You got two pole. Where the equator is, that is where the field energy comes from. Shoot from the hip, so to speak.

        The reason most people cant read peoples thoughts *unlike myself, is they are using the brain to try read other brains. I just use the brain to understand what the heart is telling me. Lol.

        The bundle of His is made of pjourke cells. Same uns in ya noggin. I consider it the tree of life. It has a 1000 more cerebral activity than the been in the bowl. You need to bring your Hemisphere’s into balance. Subtle movements says the level.

        Name your scissors silly. Then you can find them. Eveyone goes around naming cars sheila and shaunte and boats big luck and crafty. All of it is in plane site. Lol. I ain’t never lost a thing I put a pet name on lest I wanted it to go away. Lol even then I know where its at.. just dont wanna mess with it. Lol. Your scissors name is?

        Found em.

      • NC, didnt your mom ever write your name on your britches when you started school?

        You really think your mom was worried about someone boosting you tighty whities?


        Level. Practice! Practice! Practice!

        Look at you. Moving metal with out even touching it. You are telepathic super hero. Imagine the power that lays with in you un tapped and ready to be released.

        Heck you might be able to win the super size stuff elephant at the fair this year for your sweet pea. You know how to eat an elepant? One bite at a time.

    • P.S. I can be 1400 miles from any of my children and know exactly their GPS address with out any technology. They are never lost and can not hide even if they move.

      Why? Because I named them silly. I’m their father. God is my Father. I can never be lost, or hide from the Creator. HE named me. Lol

      Have a fun with it. Enjoy your 3 day weekend.

      Remember: God is a plural. Lol this reality is a Base 3 in singularity.

      Probably wont be back for a while. I’m busy talking to God. We are having a dialog in the language of creation.

      Mr 73. I just gave you the first word in Gensis, 1:1.


      The rest are up to you to discover on your own. Que the song, “Everybodys talking” by the Batchlores.

      Facts, yo!

      Clique 116!

    • Yes, and now you know how I can hit a bottle cap at 100′ with my .45 without even using my sites.

      You want an effective prayer life? Use the blue print and instructions.

      Some words collapse feild energy or draw to you things and some words project energy and lead you to things. All things and non things.

      All chess pieces move in spiral formation. The degree of the Arch may be greater for the Knight than that of the pawn. Still, all chess pieces move in spiral formation. The mind spirals in response. What is chess a game of again??? Man vs Man. Lol

      Complexity is simplicity inverting within itself and exploding outward in spiral form using itself as a template. It is emotion that accelerates the degree of the arch. Negative draws in and positive propels outward.

      These are the building blocks of the galaxy. They are not rocket science. mathmatical principles and truth right in front of you daily. Most just dont see it because they are busy on sit -command.

      I’m so tired of saying this. Remember: A spiral can me seen as a circle, a flower, a wave, a door, a frequency and even a life.

      It is only in added dimension that it can be viewed properly.

      This fulfills my “I will be back later.” Statement.

      I may look like a big dummy and a mess. Trust me, that is intentional camouflage. lol. Intelligence is no match for intuition. intelligence is pattern recognition. intuition is pattern resanasaunce.

      With the above blue print, what I just said, and knowledge of planetary alignment schedules. Past, present and future? Or the first word of Genisis one one, “When” Consciousness can and will time travel.

      Facts, yo!

      I’m busy, creating. It is a far greater and more skill.

      Until we meet again.

      Clique 116!

      Infinitely now.


      • May all beings be lovingly fulfilled financially fulfilled and readily fulfilled, So Be It

      • Good, you heard me say hammer and I didnt even type it. I wasnt sure if I could cross the web with a thought and not know a person name but go by their handle. Telepathically transfer a single thought. “In the world of nails, everything looks like a hammer.” With someone I had never met in person.

        I have done it multiple times in person. The people I have done it with didnt know I was telepathically talking to them. They just spoke the word.

        There is some interlude between when I think a word or phrase and when they speak it. Or it occurs to them.

        I’m not God. At all. Everyone can do this. We should be communicating through telepathy. I suspect, our power and ability has been hidden from us for dubious reasons for a long long time.

        Happy memory day.

        Afa what you are saying bout the tripe? Well IF everyone who unlocks their telepathy using the blue print does what is required of them for payment for its instruction???

        ~ pay it forward ~

        By the year 2025. Cell phones will be obsolete. lol we are now at a count of 157 people have unlocked their telepathy just from my post on this ure site. It should move alot faster than the Corona. *crown.

        And exponent I all y faster rate of transference.

        If I can move little things without touching them using only my mind? Dontcha think with a little practice I could move larger objects? Lol

        Practice, practice, practice.
        With the level for 2 min a day.
        The witching rods and compass for 5 minutes a day.
        Maybe we will discuss the plumbob another when. First master the 2. Level and compas. I have 7 tools I have mastered.

        Be a good idea to construct a vault in your mind. To guard your private thoughts. Just a friendly suggestion. I have a really good one. I also studdied Houdini at great length. Lol

      • O, I would like to witness your shooting ability. perhaps make a movie on You tube with the link.

    • You see when you die and are walking among the field of souls after crossing the tunnel if light, which I have done 8 times. I’ve gone other directions too. Them angle beings are hella fast. As soon as you get out of your body you gotta drop the hammer down and haul ass if ya wanna have a look around. If you stop and talk to them???? You are done. They are very pleasant to talk to and you wont wanna have a look around. Hahahaha

      As soon you get your body it’s like duck duck goose. Hahahahahha! You tap it on the forehead and say goose then best make a lap before they catch Ure ass. I have only out run them one time. Hahahahh

      It was enough for me. they werent so pleasant when I came back. Those angel light beings all use telepathy and everyone in the sea of souls. I reckon we aught too be doing that here too.

  3. George,

    A big problem I had with some treasured books was mold. I ended up having to throw all but one book out. I verified on Amazon that digital replacements were available for purchase before I tossed them in the recycling bin.

    The moldy book is now sealed in plastic. I tried everything. Leaving it out in the sun for three days actually started working but I had to bring it in so dew would not fall on it or overnight rain, or thunder showers. Keeping it inside but on a sunlight exposed shelf was useless.

    The title of the book? Corvette Summer, a movie tie in. It starred Mark Hamill. Now why would I keep a piece of fluff like that? Because they reprint the Illyad and Baa Baa Black Sheep, Shakespeare and Travis McGee too, oh hell yes. But they don’t reprint treasured sentimental cheese, with pictures no less!

    • Get thee an ozone generator and/or strong UV Germicidal lamp… which also generates ozone from the air where it is exposed. Either bag the book with the ozone generator output for awhile, or expose it to strong germicidal UV for awhile. Your mold will die. You will still have to gently clean off the dead dust afterwards.

      I have a classic old Corvette with leather interior. In a tropical environment the inside got damp and closed up for weeks… it got moldy everywhere inside. I put the ozone generator inside for an hour or two to kill everything, then followed it up with a cleansing wet-wipe on the mold dust. (Wear a mask) Clean and fresh as a daisy inside the car now.

      • Thanks, I’m thinking about buying an ozone generator. I have to have something more than just a beloved book to neutralize. Using it on my vehicle is a great idea. Also, I salute your excellent taste in driving machines.

  4. “you may also find someone would stand for delivery of the food in exchange for”

    Probably one of the best shows that was ever aired was the colony.. see the link below..

    I believed then as I believe now that the show was a social study as to the affects of the people that survive a global pandemic or war..
    at first everyone in the show knows that they are in a show but as the time progresses.. the reality of their situation changes and they tend to believe that the situation is real..
    other studies of prison and prison control.
    the same thing happens with our legislators.. very few enter into office with the intent of not fulfilling their obligations to the people that vote them in.. they are lulled into compliance..
    but back to the show.. after you watch it you can see the changes.. and how the simplist of items become more valuable.. there is one scene where a razor was traded.. interestingly that in real life the same things happened in Greece.. a can of soup became worth so much more to people.. old people dumpster diving for scraps.. or resorting to the lowering of your dignity..
    Philipino’s eat pagpag.. disgusting but in a place where the normal commodities are not available it becomes acceptable and necessary.. the video below is a good visualization of the practice.
    These things are all disgusting and oh so real.
    Working in the grocery store I have seen elderly buying cat and dog food to eat because they just don’t have the money.. they are forced to make a choice between eating or buying the medications that they need.. paying rent or utilities..
    the situation in venzuella is headed our way.. with the shut down of the velocity of cash it put over half of our country headed straight for this scenario.. hard thoughts.. and it has all been studied out..
    I could list social studies on this situation all day long but it is the same ..
    “CNBC’s headline “More dams will collapse as aging infrastructure can’t keep up”
    We as a country have been following some puppetteers goal of owning the world and having total control that we have spent trillions to blast the crap out of another country just so they can take what they want.. at the same time we have seriously neglected the people and the infrastructure of our own existance..
    this study gives us a D grade.. the last study I read gave us an F… and the financial output of almost four trillion to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure.. that was before the velocity of money was stalled..
    Money for nothing.. Now Covid19.. money was originally a certificate that indicated you had so much of whatever.. and that the certificate could be exchanged for that commodity less the cost of the transaction.. today it is a promise.. bitcoin is a bad gas bubble.. so what will they choose.. as we dive into the correction will we be like greece that after the original collapse they realized that a secretary was still a secretary a plumber was still a plumber..I do think that will be what happens here..
    I worked one of my hats building cabinets.. many of the workers when the deregulation first happened and insurance started to become outpriced.. the workers were allowed to buy cabinets at the cost.. they were reselling them out of their garage.. that came to a hault though when management realized that people were buying their kitchens are a drastically reduced price..
    anyway I am rambling about my take on what is to come..
    the crumbling of the dams is quite real.. it doesn’t have anything to do with climate change.. climate change will happen.. our infrastructure cannot compete with what is going on and we are commited to giving away any chance at survival so that some guy that doesn’t even live in the USA or pay taxes here can get what he wants..
    and they do it in the name of peace and justice..

    • And like I told PN subscribers today: Easier to blame “climate change” than admit that the Edenville dam was poorly enginee3red 100 years ago when much engineering was done by estimation and not so much by science… in 100 year rain events, shit happens. Not climate change though. Plain-Jane vanilla statistical variance.
      Regrettable? Sure. Climate change? Nope. If you believe that crock-a you never took a grown-up stats class. Think back to spread of the data and how std. deviations are defined…
      Would you trust something designed in 1921 to work 100 years later out in the WEATHER?

      • Boyce Hydro Power Company running the Edenville Dam lost their license by federal regulators two years ago because of safety violations but were still running the dam.
        Previous owners were also negligent.

        The company had a 14 yr. history of violations: performing unauthorized dam repairs and earth-moving and failing to file an adequate public safety plan, maintain recreation facilities or monitor water quality.

        Now 10,000 people have to suffer from this dam breaking. Fortunately no deaths.

      • And yet, RJ, we’ve got hacks claiming “climate change” rather than under engineered 100 year old engineering with poor maintenance history.
        I just need more Kool-Aid is all, I reckon…

      • You are absolutely correct George.

        I get so frustraited when people blame climate change.. heck if they would have just done regular maintenance.. they more than likely wouldn’t be having any issues.. a hundred years ago.. sewer pipes were made out of tarred paper LOL
        where they should be worrying is with the aquifer pipes for new york city.. LOL I seen the report on how it is about to collapse in the eighties ..

      • “Would you trust something designed in 1921 to work 100 years later out in the WEATHER?”

        Give me another 12-13 years, and I’ll give you a better answer. I’m using a 1933 designed Wind Engine Model 702 windmill to pump water for 3 homes, 2 barns, and a greenhouse. 10′ blade on a 33′ tower. Had to replace one blade that came loose, but otherwise it pumps & squeaks and keeps running – better than the Energizer Bunny.

      • GU – this ain’t complicated stuff. DoD and the fossil extractors have been prepping PP&E for at least a decade to accommodate for climate change. The big insurers, with their big headed big brain actuaries, are setting up reserves for climate change. The really smart money preps for climate change.

        DoD report from 01/2019

        Big Oil prepped for climate change while publicly denying it

        Insurers are stepping up their game

      • “I’m using a 1933 designed Wind Engine Model 702 windmill to pump water”

        RBI… That windmill with regular maintenance will out live us all.. it was made to last..
        I see them still pumping all over. Those that have had regular maintenance are still running strong..those that were neglected frozen and broken..

      • The eden-ville damn broke?? I didnt know that. Birth pangs? Hmmmmm shall we see Caine kill Able next? Or did the flaming sword get put out? And we can return to the first love?

        Ahhhhh as to Ure sun day edition summary, “stay tuned.” Hmmmmmmm. I knew I saw this yesterday, I was intrigued by a hummin bird who said, wiggle wiggle wiggle flap flap flap.

        It will be in the 115’s in the Coachella valley all day long. Way different than Soldotna Alaska. Lol

        Glad nobody got hurt at the promis land dam.

        I gotta go try out my new bed.i grabbed the neighbors trash on the way out to get a pack of lucky strike non filters and a neighbor bought a new queen beauty rest and is wife didnt like it so he hauled it out to the dumpster and left fer anyone who wanted it. Brand new. I been sleepin on air mattress. Ya, cant out give God. Trust me, I tried.

        Hmmmm interesting mile marker. One I hadnt considerd.

  5. I think your survival go-to might want a try a Raspberry Pi on for size. You can specialize them as needed rather than run them as a full-blown computer, thought they are. “…one-eyed man is king.” Same thing applies if the grid goes kaput. Your personal setup is great, albeit we will not be able to continue BAU with respect to power consumption. This is where the old tech of things like “attic fan” and “cool basement” come into play. The Pi fits the reduced consumption curve, IMO.

    Not sure we will get there all that soon, as it will take either “giant meteor” or something similar to cause things to fail rapidly. What I am wondering more on these days is a slower collapse.

    What happens as the dollar loses reserve status, and finally is rejected in international transactions? How will this fit into the internet commerce models? Most larger economies have been unloading dollars and associated financial instruments for some time already – Russia doesn’t have much at all.

    What happens when China decides they don’t want to trade with us? They make all our spare parts (electric motors, valves, fittings, plugs, etc.) so are WE in a position to dictate to them and play belligerent buddy? I’m thinking this whole ‘China bad’ thing is election optics, but a few months will tell. They could just stop shipping us HV transformers and we are in quite the big doodoo…

    This whole virus thing has me kinda glad the banksters grabbed onto it to hide the “collapse sausage”, because the alternative is war. But then again, things are not at all reset yet, so that could still occur.

    I like the idea you put out about a commodity backed crypto. I just don’t see it happening as there is still no price discovery wrt commodities due to trader games and banking houses able to play in that arena.

    New Topic…

    This is quite an informative sight, if you dig through it and past the editorializing:

    Sister site as well:

    • Yes, in all likelihood a commodity backed crypto. Looking at all the hints, leaks from the future (etc), and making a fairly easy prediction about where we are headed: The crypto that will replace the dollar will most likely be based upon calories. That will give ’em multiple ways to starve you out if you don’t get vaccinated and play according to the rules.

      • What was it called again.. the Facebook crypto.. that was planning on using treasury bonds.. ( which by golly aren’t covered by anything at all..another promise that it’s a good one see its backed by real treasury bonds..)
        Now even though it’s a fart in the electronic world it would be backed by a paper that’s backed by a promise that its good.. but giving the illusion that it is being backed..still nothing from nothing using nothing except a paper that is backed by nothing..
        Around here we call that a snow job..
        But realisticly i could see that one as being the unit replacing the dollar.. you can use that now anyplace..because it can be used as a Visa card..

  6. PODCAST: No sound from 2:30 to 9:50. I believe that was your Consiglier in Ohio interview.


    Total cases: 643 (1 newly reported)
    Hawai’i County: 81
    Honolulu County: 414
    Kaua’i County: 20
    Maui County: 118†
    Pending: 0
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 10
    Required Hospitalization: 84‡
    Hawaii deaths: 17
    Released from Isolation: 589§
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, May 23, 2020

    One new case on Maui.

  8. Preserving High-Tech things is all well and good, especially if you can power and support them in an unsupported world of long-term “plugs out.” The more complex and delicate the systems, the sooner they’ll fail unrepairably.

    Preserving (and developing) basic shop skills is also vital. Be able to make and fix things. Carpentry, electrical, metalwork, welding, soldering, diagnosis — machine shop and technical skills.

    As for comms, have a good AM radio and plenty batteries. Ham radio HF will be another good source of distant intel collection, and a 2-meter ham radio will give you a very good idea of who is still around closer to you, and what they’re up to. You don’t need a license — you just need to be able to listen in, and gather information and status observations.

    When things get Really Very Bad, FCC enforcement will cease. Listen to CB radio now if you still think FCC still drives around in panel vans with loop antennas on the roofs, sniffing for and arresting radio miscreants.

    A scanner is nice. If your P.D. and F.D. have gone digital, trunked, and encrypted you’ll be out of luck until their systems begin to fail — and they will, eventually — and they’ll “come out” back into the clear voice traffic world. Their too-delicate systems will eventually become unrepairable, and they’ll be forced to go back to clear voice traffic using older, simpler radios. Some smart departments have kept and stored old radios as the fancy-dan new digital ones have come along. They will need the obsolete ones some day if it gets Really Bad. (..and it will.)

    I keep a Family Radio going 24-7 in scan mode here. It’s amazing what you’ll hear from the idiots who think they’re “private.” There are a LOT of Family Radio Service little handy-talkies out there. Hunters, hikers, surveyors, workman, and criminals all use them, right along with the moron children who just enjoy making funny noises and jamming each other.

    Patience, Knowledge, and Intelligence can conquer much danger and idiocy.

    …and be decently armed — but never, ever, talk about that subject.

    • “They will need the obsolete ones some day if it gets Really Bad. (..and it will.)”

      Ya mean like the R-390A, which we dragged out of mothballs for Desert Storm and the Gulf War (and keep one of, aboard every nuclear sub…)?

      • “now THERE is some old schoolery. ”

        George, you’re braver than I. I have lusted after the R-390A /URR for years, but the thing is so incredibly complexicated I’ve never been able to suck it up and make the jump.

        ‘Was surprised to discover we still keep ’em on nuclear-powered ships because between their totally stoopid noise floor, and being apparently impervious to “nuclear radiation interference” (izzat some kind of special RFI?), they are still, after 70 years, our COMMS failsafe…

      • There is a common problem to all HF receiver design – namely why build a radio that can receiver 10 or more db down into the noise?
        Forget the 390- a grand radio. Even the mid=range Collins 75-s3B will grab something useful at -146 dbm. For to the www/ site and look at Rob Sherwood’s data on noise floors.
        The ONE thing you can do with the 390 and the s3 series is use very low level receiver antennas and that’s where the magic lies.

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