Runaway insanity is afoot on this planet.  If there are higher beings, let’s consider what they’re being entertained with on “The Earth Channel” right now.  Since, we all know that “life as we know it HERE” is merely one of thousands of “Reality Shows” in the intergalactic ethereal Realms…

If it wasn’t so, Star Trek wouldn’t have resonated.

China’s Relock

While 108-million people in northeast China are being forced into another hard-core lockdown, we can’t help but notice the following in ‘Merica:

(Pipe me again…)  This is without a doubt the most “out of touch” thing I’ve seen attributed to Dimon.  Because he knows more people “need work” but he glosses off underlying problem of WHY there aren’t more jobs:

We’re swimming to excess production and we don’t have much resource left.  I am terribly disappointed when someone rolls out empty-headed bullshit like this…I mean, seriously, what the f*ck?

(Real lowdown:  I told you this was a slow news week.  During such times idiot-level stories and PR news releases are easily pandered to frightened editors who don’t know what enterprising reporting is all about.)

America’s Underlying Problem

We don’t “call out” either political idiots – or the uber-rich corporate deities when they spew utter nonsense.  Like that Dimon story.

It’s like standing up in a building that’s just caught fire and proclaiming – loudly as you can – “THERE’S A FIRE.  We Must Act!!!”

Well, no shit, cowboy.  Flames are licking at the audience…you think?

How about tabling a freaking answer?

We have a global labor pool of (toss out babies and one-foot-in-the-gravers) of what 5-billion people?

Hmmm…(don’t all answer at once, here):  What can 5-billion people DO?  (Eat, breath, consume…)

Without a butt-load of specifics, “calls for this” and “calls for that” is just more of the polarizing debate.

Table a G.D. answer that makes sense or sit the f*ck down.  (Do you get as sick of this disingenuous bullshit I do?  Can’t anyone be refreshingly DIRECT?)

Here’s another example to make Ure day…

Missing Values Disease

Since we’re watching the “Earth Channel” from the standpoint of higher beings, let’s see who else is going off the deep-end, shall we?  Oh Look!!!

Here’s a story claiming one-time lib lawyer “Alan Dershowitz: State has right to ‘plunge a needle into your arm’.”  OH???

Once upon a time, Dershowitz was predictably liberal.  Then he flipped into the Trump camp.  But now, he’s flipped again, seems to me, by crawling in with the lefties who want to vaccinate and track.  Great new industrial play.  Just like the Security State made up millions of not-really productive jobs.  It’s being run again!  (Might want to point this out to Dimon…)

DERSH IS TOTALLY WRONG.  (Does government have a right to torture, give enemas to people?  I mean where is the INSANITY line here?  Forced gender change and castrations?  What?  If you’re a lib – and decided the powers – there’s no limit on what government can grab.)

Here’s the SIMPLE part Dersh seems to have forgotten about “the Law.”  It’s an underlying predicate (in once) freedom-loving America, that powers not specifically granted to the government ARE RESERVED TO THE PEOPLE.

Government doesn’t have the right to inject just because it’s a great stock flier.

If people want to die?  Don’t want their risks assessed and imposed by others, by God that’s kinda what FREEDOM is all about, ain’t it?

You are either totally free, or people like Dersch would be your slave masters…claiming benificence and jamming in the needle.  Security State turns Bio State and everyone’s a sock puppet to the Party Apparachik.

Freedom is like pregnancy.  Binary.  You IS or your ISN’T.

In Defense of Freedom

This isn’t such a hard concept, is it?  Well, yes, seems if you become high enough profile in “law land”  there may be a high risk of contracting M.V.D.  – missing values disease.

If it’s not IN the Constitution, government stays out.  But this all goes back to when the USA became a corporation in 1871…but we don’t have all day to teach you how the train wreck began.  If you understand 1871 and 1913 that’s a good start, however.

(Jesus…we’re so screwed, aren’t we?)

It’s like walking into the primate house at the zoo and making fun of the monkeys.  Then realizing they live in harmony with nature, don’t have taxes, get laid as often as we do, and don’t go in hock to Banksters and seldom sacrifice their young to war. Who should be locked up???  Them?

What’s New in the Disease War

The stock market euphoria Monday was mostly based on hype about Moderna‘s hype about a vaccine.  Can someone please wait till it’s more than “promising” and gets through trials?

The underlying (emphasis on the lying part) is that a large portion of people won’t take the injection if it is in any way “trackable.”  (Mark of the Beast issue.)

Then there’s the fact of multiple strains of the disease.  If it doesn’t work on ALL strains of CV then it will be no better than the semi-randomly successful annual “fool  flu shots.”  At least with our pneumonia shots, we have a working list of what it works on and what it doesn’t…

Mainly, medicine is a monetization to keep 5-billion people playing nicely while government runs recess.  Report from Iron Mountain 101.

Gimme Some Data, Bubba!

Half an hour into the market today, two things will happen.

E-Retailing figures will come out.  (They will be up…duh.)

And Jerome “Happy” Powell will say something in his speaking engagement which the market hypsters will grab and headline (mostly out of context) and then market momentum will take over.

Which way?  Who cares?

Market was up 911 on the Dow Monday, so a fallback of a third would be pretty normal.  It’s the what happens next that scares me.

I keep coming back to “What is DJT on this anti-malarial pill for?”    Fortunately I’m just paranoid.

The Tasks That Matter

More prepping task list notes on Peoplenomics tomorrow.  And an update of the market charts.

Since there’s damn little data – and people are running around making buffoons of themselves – I won’t waste any more of your valuable time.

Garden, Prep, check for handouts from the gov’t…seems like the critical stuff to handle.

The rest is all poppycock designed to glue you to the Cyclops.  If you don’t understand that deeply enough to wean yourself off Junk News, this ain’t Ure kinda web site.  ISYN.

I’m going to see if our loggers got here and supervise some tree clearing (maybe) – before and after pictures is on my list… but I have countless lists so no promises…

Write when you get rich,