Prepper Drone Tactics

After a look at the breaking ADP job report... and sizing up the  McAwful night for dems in Virginia…we propose that a drone is not a bad prepping tool to have on hand.

After getting my remote pilot license, we started kicking-around what possible benefit it could be for us.  Amazingly – a lot!

All this after headlines and the charts.  Which are awaiting this afternoons tap-dancing by the Fed Boss to see how they can taper and still puff on the bubble  a little more.  Should be fun!

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60 thoughts on “Prepper Drone Tactics”

  1. To quote one of my favorite sci-fi authors:

    “A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.”

    -Robert Heinlein

    I’ve tried to get somewhere close to that.

    For drones, George you covered most of the bases when it comes to their utility. One I hadn’t thought of was hasty antenna deployment. Sure beats the hell out of tying it to the end of a crescent wrench and making your best throw!

    One word of caution when it comes to drone piloting…don’t fly drunk. It can get expensive and embarrassing. Trust me.

    • I like the idea of having a drone or two for monitoring the property and “for other purposes”. One concern I have is that it seems a lot of the control software seems slaved to a cell phone and some server elsewhere. In a SHTF situation, you’d want the only radio communication to be between your controller and the drone – not spewing data elsewhere or being dependent on cell comms and remote servers. I’m sure there are better informed folks on exactly what data goes where and what the actual dependencies are. Has anyone else thought about this?

      • I don’t know. I’ve been meaning to take one to the U.P. where there are places that’re 110 miles from cell service, just to gauge the dependencies. I’m guessing that if there is a function dependency, it’d be in the form of an RFI sent by the controller, through your cellular device, and a handshake passphrase (“software dongle”) returned to the controller through your device.

        Video and GPS transmission shouldn’t be a requirement to function, only a “bonus” intel function for the CCP (create and stuff an invisible directory on your phone — retrieve data at their leisure…) There HAS to be a reason why a cellular device, and one which meets certain software specs, is REQUIRED for the drone to function.

  2. “ultra libs”

    We’re all Ultras. When the next batch of checks are sent I’ll cash mine and not look back. And so will everyone else.

    “Detroit voters favored launching a reparations commission Tuesday….”

    When reparations come we’re all going to get the DNA test to see if we qualify. If there’s one qualifying DNA strand we’ll take the reparations. Just like everyone else.

    • You actually bring up an interesting point – ‘race’ as we know it in America is almost always ‘self-proclaimed.’ What if I want to apply for a competitive university and register as a ‘black applicant.’

      Do I need to take a ’23 and Me’ or some other DNA marker test? Well, no. I simply need to self identify. Universities or corporations would have no way of knowing who is actually ‘African’ and what percentage of the DNA says that – AND, we have no way of knowing that a person’s looks (Phenotype) matches their Genotype. You could be lilly white and have a significant portion of ‘African’ blood.

      So, what is an African American? I have an easy solution – we all claim to be African American. Why not? What’s the criteria? Well, there is none. In my view, the entire system mostly relies on white folk honestly reporting that they are white (European heritage), but truth be told, this ‘race’ stuff is just made up BS like the rest of the political/social system. I say we turn over the tables and create some new reality by self proclaiming whatever race we would like to be.

      • There is a situation something of the sort you describe unfolding presently at the University of Saskatchewan. A professor with a self-proclaimed Indigenous ancestry and head of the Aboriginal Studies department has been placed on leave without pay by the university. A professor colleague with Métis roots (of mixed settler and Aboriginal blood) had accused the suspended department head of being a fake Aboriginal. One can’t really tell by comparison of complexions. To see the pair of now warring former colleagues standing side by side in past pictures, the complainant appears to be of lighter skin than the now-suspended and alleged fake individual.

      • Um, isn’t it the “scientists” who generally agree that the entirety of Humanity came from Africa?

        The word soup they have been using for decades will be haunting things to come.

  3. ” scared the shit out me officer, thought it was a goddam Teradactyl !”

    double ought choked..”bolo” slugs kinda cool too, wadding being a big factor in performance – more so than choke tube..
    – reflective mirrors or just spark gap generate em …nosy bastards – like a nosy pepper “jalapenyobusiness”

    • The commentators of color on the more-communist-oriented TV stations called it an expression of “White supremacy.” However, they also all failed to mention that Winsome Sears won the Lt.Gov. spot — ‘Guess all them Virginnie White supremists accidentally voted for the Black gal, right? Who knows? Not watchers of CNN or MSNBC, because no “news” anchor or pundit on either of these stations had mentioned Ms. Sears, and the wires today refer to her election race as: “First Black Woman GOP…”

      Why don’t they refer to her as “First Jamaican-born…” or as “ex-Marine?”

      • Update to this:

        NOW they ARE referring to the election of Ms. Sears as an expression of “White supremacy…”

        How, or why, I don’t know. My mind is incapable of following the twisted, convoluted logic required to equate the election of a Black Jamaican (like Kammy, BTW, only darker-pigmented and much more impoverished) and any sort of White-centric racism. (I’m waiting for Joy Behar to use the election of Biden/HARRIS as an example of White privilege amongst Democrats…)

  4. Bond math.

    You buy a $1,000 10-year bond with a 5% coupon. You get $50 a year in dividends.

    Same bond now sells at a rate yielding 2%, $20 dividends. But you still get the $50 in dividends.

    What is the new bond price that gives the 2% yield?

    At maturity you get $1,000.
    But a buyer at 2% will have paid considerably more than $1,000.

    How is the loss considered for tax purposes?

    • oing fromn memory (since it’s been decades) is the simple route to the answer is:

      Investment cost less investment sale proceeds equals gross profit or loss.

      Then (in event of loss) you subtract payments for int received.

      Buy a bond for 1,000, sell for 950. Gross loss is 50.

      But if you held 2 years for $100 of interest, you add that back to the loss which becomes a $1050 effective sale price. So taxable gain of $50 (Alternatively, back the int. paid out of your cost basis, so cost is $1,000 for the bond, less two years if int. So cost basis is 900. When sold for 950 you still have a $50 taxable gain.

      Interest not-yet paid is reflected in sales price when you close the position by selling the bond.

      But like I said, been a while – anyone want to correct me? (There’s usually a fairly long line…)

      • That is fking magical George. Lmao! I understand what you wrote. Perfectly. Makes sense to me.

        I pulled my read. Never done my own cards before. The path of money on one side the path of love on the other. Both lead to success. I’m the jack of clubs. Lol. Which is hilarious since I do all these stadiums (or clubs) with concerts and sports. Lmao

        I just found a really good movie on tubi. “Bring it on!” It’s a story about cheerleader life in the 90’s and about being popular in high school. Like you know. Like, totally Right up my alley!

        Exactly what I need to distract me from thought. She said I’m a senior. My boyfriend is the quarterback and I’m a cheerleader. Of course I will be the home coming queen.



        Later dude.

  5. GREAT PDF links!! Downloaded one item already, will burn it to a CD later this week, and intend to poke around some more later.

    What would be a NICE ADDITION to your website, could be on the “Pay” side behind the pay wall, would be several categories where you put these Long Term type of links or information so they can easily be accessed later without having to try to remember when you posted them and then scrolling through your reports (say these PDF’s, your Vitamin and Supplement info, your Light Crown info, your info on Eyes, etc. etc.) Just cut and paste in the relevant paragraphs under a heading that applies to that item and put into one of say 5 to 10 categories.

    Keep up the good work!!

    • UrbanSurvival Coin on blockchain. UrbSurvFuel coinz for utilizing the Urbs. database. The urban survival coin would be like convertible preferred stock..converting a fraction of a coin into US Fuel coin to Use on the UrbSurv network. Like 1 USFuel coin per PN post to access.
      Yeah I know – I offered this business model to el jeffe a looooong while back – he got all offended, feathers ruffled and what not…”cryptoflippos = dark souls” – which is copacetic wit BCN – fore as the GENIUS mr. Tesla used to quip – “Black is the true color of light”.

      Onwards and upwards – now have U got the Shiba In U ? Why that would be Stellar, but why bother wit sheetcoinz when you can own the one and only BITCOIN…except for G.

  6. call this fun ? you really have lost it mate . a truly pathetic obvious plant for you know . yeah those fellas . dont go all paranoid and aggressive now

  7. This goes back a couple of days to the comments posted about the San Francisco real estate market … and it’s profit making potential for those there.

    The entire Bay Area real estate market is for me interesting, being a long term studier of economic trends as they interact with real estate dynamics across regions and decades. It is NOT just about free market real estate dynamics.

    MUCH of the pricing of the real estate market in the Bay Area is driven by restrictive government policies in that area (probably about 2/3), with the balance driven by the economic dynamo of the the high tech world and how it is changing how and geographically where profits are made in the real world.

    Restrictive Government Policies:
    *Basically prohibitting the redevelopment of much of the Bay area into High Density Housing, ala like the old cities of the NE and Midwest, is a HUGE government interference in the free enterprise capital allocation dynamics. A NIMBY attitude about redevelopment that is codified into law throughout the region. This is a blatant government RESTRICTION on the Free Market so as to create a market distortion that ENRICHES those who are already property owners in the area vs. the greater population of the area.

    *A second part of this is California’s BLATANT restriction on real estate taxes from following market forces and again REWARDING those who are already property owners in the area vs. the greater population of the area.

    The poster of the post on the real estate market in the Bay area commented about a house in that area that was worth about $2.1 million dollars and because of the California Laws the owners only had to pay about $2,500/yr in real estate taxes. Does that person’s consumption of Government Services ONLY amount to $2,500/yr. HECK NO!! They are receiving a GOVERNMENT SUBSIDY EACH YEAR to the tune of Tens of THOUSANDS of Dollars that other taxpayers are having to fund. Talk about LEACHES!!! (and I am sure most of those LEACHES claim to HATE those who receive Welfare — even though they are some of the biggest Welfare Recipients out there). Government services in an urban area from fire protection, to police protection, to roads, to schools, to parks, and yes even to old people’s services ARE EXPENSIVE to provide. $2,500/year is just a small fraction of what it costs to provide that homeowner with the services they are receiving … but in their SELFISHNESS they DO NOT CARE that THEY are a HUGE LEACH on society.

    States that spread the ACTUAL economic cost FAIRLY among the property owners for the government services provided, ie: by taxing everyone the same percentage on their real estate, by NOT having a favored classes of more politically connected people getting subsidized by the rest, have not only a MUCH fairer system of taxation of local residents but that dynamic also serves to PUSH the redevelopment of ineffciently used real estate since after a while the TAX Holding Costs to NOT redevelop apiece of property that should be redeveloped becomes too high for most people to subsidize year after year (ie: single family homes on large lots that should actually be redeveloped into higher density housing – ala New York, Chicago, Washington DC, even say Kansas City or Columbus, or Raleigh).

    (In my economically doing well city solid middle class retirees are SELLING their 20 -30 year lived in homes once their kids are out of the local schools and moving to a smaller place since the yearly real estate taxes of $12,000 – $20,000/yr on a typical 2400 -2800 sf house become a real economic burden once one is on a retirement income – and we are nowhere near the real estate tax cost of say living in NJ or suburban Chicago)

    The California System of real estate taxation is definitely a system GEARED TOWARDS enriching those who bought homes long ago (to the tune of the old residents receiving subsidies in the tens of thousands per year per family) and GEARED AGAINST young people who need a place to live and raise a family.

    Zoning against redevelopment of existing properties, another California Favorite when it comes to real estate particularly in the Bay Area, AGAIN is a SCREW THE YOUNG PEOPLE and ENRICH THE OLD PEOPLE act of government power.

    California LOVES to bring in NEW well paying jobs in the high tech industry … but then it tells those workers SCREW YOU when it comes to providing the typical stuff that an urban area NEEDS to provide (housing, schools, services) if it really wants to treat those who come for those jobs fairly. (which California clearly DOES NOT). The California System is clearly geared via multiple government policies and laws to ENRICH the insiders and SCREW the outsiders …. is it any wonder that more White Middle Class type people are LEAVING California than are moving in?

    For the moment the Bay Area economy’s growth can best be compared to what Detroit went though in the time between 1910 through 1950 with the HUGE COMPOUNDING profits the auto industry made throughout that era, though with Detroit the super fast growing companies , autos and auto parts, SPREAD their employment around to other cities throughout the entire region and didn’t try to keep it all contained within the Geographic Confines of the metro Detroit area unlike what the high tech firms have tried to do with their industry up until recently. (Seattle is somewhat similar in that dynamic, though on a MUCH smaller scale)

    An interesting dynamic of regional real estate is that in a growing area real estate values eventually climb to “Absorb” much of the excess profits made by the industry that is driving that area. It doesn’t matter if it is the Bay area today … or say Kansas City during it’s growth hey day of agriculture expansion, … or Detroit -autos, … or Akron -tires, … or Pittsburg -steel, aluminum, electrical products, … or even Washington DC today -government!

    What is going on in the Bay Area wrt Real Estate Pricing is 2/3 driven by government policies that are INTENTIONALLY ENRICHING a certain class of people (ie: those already wealthy by any standard) and 1/3 by an overconcentration in that region of the New Industry dynamic (ie: currently the HIGHEST PROFIT MAKING INDUSTRY that exists) that is sucking money out of the Old Economy.

    (don’t even get me started on the “Hollowing Out” of the economic base of fly over country that was engineered by the Wall Street crowd)

    Anybody who thinks the Free Enterprise System is at work in California wrt Bay Area real estate is either crazy or … making money off the stacked deck that the Government out there has created.

    • Very few government services are needed by productive people, yet we are forced to pay for many that we don’t even want. A fair tax would be a head tax needed to connect to society – a fixed tax for each individual. It would be honest too. There would be an incentive to be successful, rather than the current system where it pays to have a marginal income simply to avoid the extra paperwork and taxes of having a higher one.

      If I really own property, I can(and do) choose to leave it undeveloped. Only massive tax-free income or something of equal value would be an incentive to do the work of developing it. Almost no municipality creates real incentives for people to be more than mediocre. If you rise above the crowd, you become a target for many others.

      People claim to want “low-income housing”, yet woe to those who try to provide it. Tenants, bureaucrats, and media will accuse you of being a slumlord, grifter, or other negative person. Only those connected to the local PTB will do well.

      I agree that we need fewer restrictions on land use, and more restrictions on forced services by governments. Lower taxes and police paid to do their jobs rather than political diversions would help a lot. We could save a lot by building structures that are largely fireproof, but that should be an individual choice.

      • Through in government balling-up and sending payment demands to groups that call for riotous actions where property is demanded and I’d sure vote for you…

      • “People claim to want “low-income housing”, yet woe to those who try to provide it. Tenants, bureaucrats, and media will accuse you of being a slumlord,”

        I am not sure how it works there.. but here a slumlord rents out a house or an apartment at several times the money. Low income housing is in a lot of cases higher than paying rent , my daughter on low income housing pays a hundred dollars more than what someonewalking in can get it for…. the reason why low income people seek low income housing, is they can rent an apartment where if they went in without the program would be turned away .. if they go into the rental office without the program.. most of the time they are refused to rent because of obvious reasons..they are low income for one. Maybe they owe medical bill etc. Its the same with daycare assistance.
        With the program rental property and daycare are accessible without it it isn’t..
        A simple control factor..
        For food stamps dam you have to be destitute to qualify for those. And they are all constantly reminded that they are below everyone else..

    • “Anybody who thinks the Free Enterprise System is at work in California wrt Bay Area real estate is either crazy or … making money off the stacked deck that the Government out there has created.”

      Well Stephen..I lived this post..
      Just remember they don’t want to talk to anyone until they are making at least 80 he’s a week lol

  8. Hi George,

    My old man used to be set up to receive and email alert when you posted your column to urbansurvival every morning. He no longer does. Do you still support that functionality? Please advise.

  9. “Quote that made the day for me? “I have had white liberals talk— talk down to me, and as if I didn’t exist — simply because I’m a Republican.”

    Black and Republican – who’d have thought in Virginia? Maybe there is hope left?”

    150 years ago, EVERY Black Virginian was a Republican.

    Because Rightists tend to be reactionary, the Left has driven the narrative here, both social and political, damn’ near as long as the United States has existed. They are responsible for the vast majority of slavery (there were both Black and Indian slaveowners here, who owned both Black and White slaves), and for all the racial and social repercussions gone through since its abolition.

    They have caused most social strife and bad economics extant since 1913. Yet because they have also driven the narrative, and driven it into pervasiveness, a preponderance of North Americans (dunno about Mexicans but I’m absolutely including Canadians, here) have come to lay the cause and propagation of most societal ills at the feet of “Republicans” or “conservatives” (two terms between which they can not differentiate), and lately, “Whites” (whatever they are…) Ignorance is difficult to overcome when information sources are flooded with disinformation and taught by indoctrinists at every level of education.

    As long as people who know better allow the Left to drive news and politics, a majority of Americans will buy into the dreck and disinformation (or misinformation, in some cases) they spew.

    Eventually, there’ll be nobody who knows better…

    • Holy Shit Ray! This one has been buggin me for ages, well that and nonsensical LGBT bullshit. Which one is it U stunods? L= Lesbian, G= Gay, B=2 sexes-friggin morons, T=Trans no Sexes – so upside down brainless nonesense – literally personifying San Francisco and its residents.

      But Whiteness ? Bet you didnt know that ECU is a person of Color.

      Caucasians are the TRUE people of Color. Blacks get darker or lighter depending on amount Sun exposure. I on the other hand turn Blue when I am real cold/lacking O2, Red when I am sunburned, purple when I bruise, and red when I bleed. Ever see a black man bleed – you cant see the blood..why so difficult to light them in Movie scenes.
      A Slav with heavy dose northern European (Tuathde Danann) – I gotx more color than any African American/Black on the planet.

    • “I have had white liberals talk— talk down to me, and as if I didn’t exist — simply because I’m a Republican.”

      Dam I hat that when it happens..
      Sorry to make lite of that situation.. since I am sure it is frustraiting as hell.. LOL

  10. Today’s fed farce and the reaction by markets and paid gurus are an indication of how low the integrity and how high the evil in the global gulag

  11. Rest assured though as I said a couple of years ago . The next FED boss will be the last. This joke and this thing called a world economy will end real bad . As Braithwaith said when accepting his Nobel prize for economics.when economics was real . The only difference between communism and capitalism is communism admitted they were wrong

    • Since the Google translate of this is paused, here’s what the abstract claims:

      The objective of the following work has been to carry out a sampling of spectral signals of RAMAN vibration that, associated with images of optical microscopy coupled to the spectra, allows to determine the presence of graphene derivatives in samples of COVID19 vaccines marketed under four different brands. More than 110 objects visible under the optical microscope with an appearance compatible with graphene structures have been analyzed, of which a total of 28 objects have been selected for this report due to their compatibility with the presence of graphene or derivatives in the samples, taking into account the correspondence between their images and spectral signals with those obtained from a standard sample and the scientific literature. Of these 28 objects, in 8 of them the identity of the material with graphene oxide is conclusive due to the high spectral correlation with the pattern. The remaining 21 objects have a very high compatibility with graphene structures, taking into account together both their spectra and their optical image. The research remains open and is made available to the scientific community for discussion and replication and optimization.

      Almeria University in Spain is source.

      • From PubMed:
        summarizes that functionalized graphene oxide serves as a vaccine carrier and shows significant adjuvant activity in activating cellular and humoral immunity. In the future, it is expected to be introduced into vaccine research to improve the efficacy of vaccines.

        The link

        I am so confused

      • “Ask who funded the study?”

        It totally sucks, that in our modern world, we honestly have to ask this question, and often the followup: “What is the political agenda of the funding source?” before we can guess to what degree the study has veracity or validity…

        But unfortunately, we do.

      • Matilda, adjuvants help make a bad vaccine better. They allow a minimal amount of actual antigen in combination with the adjuvants to elicit a greater response. The adjuvant is actually an inflammatory agent, and the response can be less selective. IMHO, excess adjuvant with insufficient antigen leads to a low S/N ratio and far greater potential for autoimmune reactions or sensitization.

  12. Something Really Strange Is Happening At Hospitals All Over America
    If the number of COVID cases was starting to spike again, it would make sense for emergency rooms to be overflowing.

    But at this particular hospital in Michigan, we are being told that some of the main things that are being treated include “abdominal pain”, “respiratory problems”, “blood clots” and “heart conditions”…

    CV19 Injections Will Cause Massive Deaths – Dr. Elizabeth Eads

    What to do if I’m vaccinated already?

    • Greetings from the world of 5G magnetized graphene oxide zombies.

      Could almost two years of unrelenting stress from continuous shameless fear mongering have anything to do with it?

      Clif?!? Fool me once….

      I’m still pointing North.

    • Bear in-mind, not counting the aliens & “refugees” we’re flying in at the rate of a couple thousand a day, we’ve absorbed nearly 2mln illegal aliens since Joe drooled on the Bible. When any of these people get a splinter or a sniffle, they have to go to the local ER to get their free healthcare. That’s also why, when I had a two day stay last year, my insurance was billed for $4700/day for the room.

      Po’ folk and illegal aliens don’t have personal physicians and they don’t go to the local immediate care clinic…

      • I hear ya… took a friend in for a biopsy.. they wanted him to spend the night under professional observation..
        then changed their mind… they still wanted him to be observed for the day.. but they wanted him to go to a nearby motel to stay then if he fell over get him there quick..
        we got to the hospital to do the biopsy.. and I asked what was the deal.. see the federal govt is funny.. if it was a biopsy from lets say a kidney.. then he would stay.. if it is the lungs and liver then they won’t pay for it under Medicare.. so liver biopsy or lung biopsy.. just drop em off at the corner.. LOL
        insurances have all the reasons why they don’t have to pay in the policies LOL
        just like my daughter that was thrown to the floor so some refugees could get into line a head of her.. they lectured her on why she should accept their way of life and understand their situation and customs..
        Now they are just going to give them all roughly a half million.. cushy govt jobs and no taxes free medical and dental food and daycare.. etc..
        I am not sure what is wrong with this plan but to me .. it just doesn’t seem workable or right….

      • “Po’ folk and illegal aliens don’t have personal physicians and they don’t go to the local immediate care clinic…”

        If they do have a personal physician..if they don’t have an active health insurance or the cash to pay that day..they are refused access to the clinic and directed to go to the ER.. at the ER they are diagnosed but not treated if it’s a non life threatening illness.. I’ve personally known way to many that that has happened to.. that’s how I got my job at one hospital.. I worked a year in exchange for the surgical was ten times the cost in comparison to a church member that had the exact same surgery same day same doctor just a couple hours difference. And my ex went to the free clinic.. his was everything including the doctors tests etc..

  13. Rake this for what its worth…
    I got this email..

    Continuing our monitoring of whats going on in China and Taiwan, we came across this little tidbit yesterday. China ordered the country’s top state-owned energy companies to secure supplies for this winter at “all costs.” Now they’re telling households to stockpile food ahead of winter, sparking wild conspiracies among netizens about heightening tensions with Taiwan.”

    It doesn’t help that we are pushing their borders..they also know we are totally dependent on them for absolutely everything we need to keep our lifestyle to stay the way it is. They also know that we don’t do a thing bv to secure our grid or our utilities.. we do things for control and profit.

  14. lol.. I was a little jump the bunny over bottling that grape wine from a local vine…oops.. wife was sitting down kapow the cork blew out lol. It had turned to champagne lol. Oops.. so I had to un-bottle it and degas it stabilize it.. this time I’ll li et it sit and settle lol..make sure the yeast is dead..tastes great though..I will have to check to see what that little extra fermentation did for strength.. it was at 12 percent..

  15. Comrades,

    As COP26 rises like a noxious cloud of methane into the history books, the BBC has published a jolly report, Towards Net Zero” on how the Chinese are “helping” the decarb cause. Since the beginning of 2021, Chinese banks, already lenders of last remaining resort to global coal projects, have stopped lending to new foreign coal projects. The report notes that China currently consumes half of the world’s coal production. The existing 1100mW coal-fired domestic China power capacity is being upped by another 90mW of domestic projects underway and 160mW with domestic projects on the drawing boards.

    Who cares if President Xi is driving the capitalist third world foreign development train off the proverbial bridge? He is helping to save the globe from climate peril. Before we know it, he will be receiving a Nobel peace prize!

    I’m checking the web for Canadian Scott Young’s experiences concerning how to learn Mandarin in three months.

    • Please share what you find! I tried valiantly for ten years to learn Mandarin with university level courses and lots of hard work. I studied the culture and worked at the language, though memorizing any character with more than four strokes was nearly impossible. Some of us are just not that visual.

      I’d love to be able to become fluent in Chinese – even without reading skills in less than a year while staying here in the USA.

      • “I tried valiantly for ten years to learn Mandarin with university level courses and lots of hard work”

        Theres a beautiful woman working at a restaurant.. I’m considering asking her to give me private lessons on mandarin lol.. then I’d feel guilty..shes not only sweet but gorgeous to boot.. fresh off the boat.

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