Fed, Money, and a Sketchy Future

Fed meetings kick off today.  Around 2 PM (EDT) tomorrow we will get the word on monetary plans.  But, so far, a great deal of the Fed’s policy has been wound-up in double-speak.

While “holding rates” steady – thus giving the public perception of stability – they also told their operations desk to increase Fed buying of securities by – what was it? – $120 billion per month. Saying versus doing, Yoda.

Eventually, this kind of deck-stacking becomes obvious to the public.  I expect we are now through the $29 trillion level of public debt.  Although this figure itself is only a half-truth.

Public Debt is Much Larger

The $29-trillion federal debt, understand, does not reveal unavoidable interest expense.

This is not like owning a home – on which let’s say you owe $290-thousand – for example.  Because in that case, there is a realistic (STILL slim, though) chance that some long-lost uncle’s estate could throw an unexpected $300-thousand your way.  Then the house gets paid off, and you have a little something leftover.

Most modern real estate loans don’t charge “pre-payment penalties.”

The problem the government has is there’s no rich uncle possible.  Sam himself is the one going underwater.  In fact, from August estimates, the $1.02 trillion in borrowing through (calendar) year-end is an increase of more than $300-billion.’

Problem’s Getting Bigger

The budget scam is showing no signs of working if passed.

Given the most recent GDP figures (which should make your hair stand on end):

This isn’t found unless you bother to read the FULL BEA GDP report here – which most people don’t.

On a Q3 to Q3 basis, GDP is going up? 4.97 percent per year.

The reality of the Fed H.6 monetary base, in the same period, shows an increase of?

Well, the Fed monetary base in September of this year was 6,388.9  billion (almost $6.4 trillion).  Same time last year it was  $4,880.3 billion.  So the effective money printing is rising at 30.912 percent annually.

I’m not saying this is orthodox but if you take 30.9% money growth and back out (rounding it to 5 percent for GDP growth) this leaves us expecting an incipient inflation rate around 26%.

Sure enough, some products (and stocks) are going up faster, while others go slower.

But since the gap is big and getting bigger…eventually the economy is doomed.

Currency Collapse

Revolutions (mainly driven by monetary fraud) tend to happen when the residual purchasing power of a currency falls below 5%.

The Minneapolis Fed Inflation Calculator gleefully tells us $1 in 1913 will now buy $27.47 worth of goods.   This is reflective of the Big Economic Lie told by the financial press during the Great Depression: namely that inflation is prices going up.

A half-truth at best.  The reality is it can also be stated as the purchasing power of money going down.  In which case, you divide $27.47 into $1 and find the dollar is worth 3.64 percent of original issue buying power.  Think of “money” as being 96.36 percent debt-saturated and you’re onto it.

We also know that the U.S. Debt to GDP ratio is going to hell.  We presently owe – as a country – Treasury is hinting at $30 trillion in debt to the penny by Christmas.  Yet GDP will likely still hover under $20-trillion.  So we’re a debtors nation with 1.5 times (150%) more debt than production.

Biden’s Policy Blunders

In order to reverse course, America needs to increase the number of people really working.  In business school training, you get a very clear differentiation between “Line” positions and “Staff” positions.

Line positions are people who produce the physical goods.  Manufacturing, farmers, engineers, inventors, coders, truck drivers, longshoremen, and so forth.

Staff positions may be thought of as the “necessary but profit-eating overhead.”  Examples are Human Resources, Accounting, and so forth.

Now look at the travesty of the Biden “rescue plan.”  In 2,400 pages of bullshit, the Biden plan is mainly about “human  infrastructure.”  The BML (Big Media Lie) is investment in “human capital” will help.  Our take? Too much money is going into staff not line work and line improvement.

Forbes seems to have swallowed the liberal feint;  Even If The Money Flows, Will Workers Be Available To Rebuild U.S. Infrastructure? Biden is orchestrating the closing of that window.  Billions talked about for housing?  Not a contractor I’ve heard from has seen a dime, yet.  Lumber futures were tracking toward the $500’s againWay to go, Brandon!

It’s what politicians do, though:  Talk-up the problem and never deliver a solution.  But oh my God, do they ever pass out bills and raise taxes.

Drawing the Lines

Here are examples of “staff”   not “line” employment growth in the American economy:

  • Climate studies.  US CO2 emissions were 5.1 billion tons in 2019.  The rest of world?  Total was 33.1 billion, so the US is 15.4 percent of the problem.   Stupid Joe and the Climateers are off hell-bent to screw America while China and Russia don’t even show up to this G20-shitshow.  Kill energy independence and sell it to the wokiots.  Succah’s.
  • CRT & Gender:  Don’t even get me started – toss in gender, while we’re at it too.  Enforce equality for ALL – nothing more, nothing less.  NOT what we’re doing. Everyone is special and want wallet access before others.
  • Excess regulation, Immigration:  Again, by not enforcing the law – which is constitutionally what is required – the Biden admin’s proposed settlement to illegals of almost half a million is for “suffering” doesn’t even rise to the line/staff level.  Just go find opportunists and give ’em money.

My Line versus Staff analysis of Biden (Obama’s third term) shows effort to destroy America by not following basic and simple rules of business management:  Grow sales, grow the line. Spend on R&D – get out a best of class product.  Virtue signaling is fine pandering to voters, but it doesn’t build things.  I have seen more staff positions, especially bean-counters, wreck companies than I can count.

If you remember nothing else:  The Line(s) run a company or country.  Not Staff.

Too hard for ’em:  They’re killing the country and we’re going to be facing bail-ins at some point.  Cyprus bail-in’s require a refresher.  No insured deposit of €100,000 or less would be affected, though 47.5% of all bank deposits above €100,000 were seized.  MMT and deficit spending is a “lifetime piling up” event.

We’re in no hurry for it, but with these jokers mishandling our future?

Crypto Con

The Biden posse is still anxious to get access to all your personal banking information.  That plan hasn’t been taken off the table.

They’ve been sneaky and misleading on this (look surprised!) by setting a $10,000 level for IRS reporting.  But that’s not how much is in the account.  It’s how much transits the account per year.  If you make $5 an hour, refresh on the WSJ The $10,000 IRS Tax Dragney/

Crypto’s window of middle-class tax cheating will close shortly, we reckon.  Then shortages will be increased to make everything BUT “offishul money” unworkable.  Government will kill competing money schemes in their sleep.  Harbinger: A cryptocurrency inspired by ‘Squid Game’ crashes. The industry has questions.

Trump for his egregious personality flaws, at least understood who build the skyscrapers.  Not HR and not CRT/gender studies.  Biden, as a lifelong political grifter, has never made much in his life except a mess of things.

Know what’s really amazing?  Jeff Bezos.  A number of years back, he offered to buy a friend’s high tech company.  And most people don’t realize this, but the biggest robotics company in the world is Amazon.  That’s what happens when you focus on the line.  He builds things:  Rockets, companies….robotics… you tracking?

Buffet’s money, too:  Sure he makes money on insurance (a regulatory gift horse) but he operates a railroad.  And we suspect helped kill a pipeline to keep them tanker cars full.

Point is, the line and staff differentiation is clear.  Useful, and pertinent to our future.

Frankly, Elaine and I are getting to an age where we can “coast to the finish line.”

But Gen-X’ers Better keep their eyes on the digital woke mobs.  They’re coming for you, too.

New Junkies?

“Little sour, are you Ure?”  Well, no shit.

The news is just absurd:  Which if you don’t believe, check out:

Relations with China are beginning to sour.  Yahoo to Pull out of China Amid ‘Challenging’ Environment.  Which will be a problem for the Big Country than Can’t Think Straight (us).  If Brandon gets his way, we will have cadres of job-ready people for the no factories being planned or funded future.  Way to go!

Empty Parts Bins, too: Industry Leaders & Analysts Expect the Global Chip Shortage to Extend into 2023.  Thanks Biden, thanks Gruesome.

People who shouldn’t vote will make all the difference again today: Virginia governor’s race preview: The key counties to look for on Election Day.  We’re all in favor of limiting voting to people who file an annual tax return and paid actual taxes, no deferred income.  Oops – my extremism leaks.

Bay area win for Big Pharma: Judge Rules For Opioid Makers In $50 Billion Lawsuit Joined By Oakland, Santa Clara, County.

Scam Tech alert for Google Voice: Consumer tip: Be careful of this Google Voice scan in the Merc

Fun day shaping up, huh? B-o-r-i-n-g.

Prepper use of drones on Peoplenomics tomorrow and a lot of dope on military tech manuals…

Markets are about mixed with auto sales out as the day progresses,  ADP Jobs tomorrow.

Write when you get rich,


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  1. Have you considered changing brands of coffee for higher octane George? Unless you finally figured out the Time Travel equation I do believe the jaw boning will occur tomorrow the 3rd. at 2 p.m. not today! Cheers!

  2. the Big Media Lie, reminds me of the Big Steal, and I repeat myself
    “if a man will lie to you, he will steal from you”
    One of the thieves that got his hand in the cookie jar post his own plea for help, deflecting and pointing everywhere else, in his second half of his cry for help, is his self bragging about how great he is. Go read his words, grandma said, “let them talk long enough and they will tell on them selves” he is scared, rightfully so,,, “Help,I am in a trap” “Blame Trump”


    When the elections get repaired, most of the United States problems will fade away.

    • You cannot repair the people who vote based on what they want to hear. They don’t care about a politicos history or what our laws say or what makes common sense. Recall the NFL putting criminal names on their helmets and celebrating their lives. No, the problem is not the way we handle the elections, it is the voters demanding unicorns and candidates happy to get their vote by agreeing with them. Just attempt to mention trying to “fix” the ponzi scheme that is SSecurity, you quickly lose all support because you didn’t just say it is all good, it is a lockbox, vote for me.

      • “You cannot repair the people who vote based on what they want to hear. They don’t care about a politicos history or what our laws say or what makes common sense.”

        You can, with education, but it has to be done one person at a time, and you have to understand that roughly 88% of “straight-ticket” voters are incapable of remediation, and are a waste of both time and energy. The trick is to get people to ignore everything they see or hear, and look strictly at a politician’s voting record. This didn’t work with the Presidential elections of either Obama (Mr. voting “present” rather than for or against legislation) or Trump (no political record) but it will for 99.9% of all candidates.

    • “if a man will lie to you, he will steal from you”

      OMG. What do we do … that small sentence describes every single politician in the world…

  3. Hey G,

    Quickie for the community – bitchute/x-22 report- interview with Dr Zelenko.
    Names and dates the new patent August 31,2021 vaxx tracking technology 60 pages worth.
    Divulges DARPA’s deep roots/ties into BNtech and Moderna and others. ‘Oh my!”

    Also for refreshingly honest on the scene news reporting –

    https://www.neighborhoodnewsstudio.com – George Webbs location..who are/were the “actors”, perps, undercover FF agency types..
    *how many busloads of “gremlins” came from Ft Bragg for Jan 6th fbi falseflag event – (2 ) presactly.

    Nothing in DC is at it seems, nuttin.

    This is THE UPSIDE DOWN..this is why everyone and everything seems to be going Batty.
    Off the rails G -“https://youtu.be/Tg0BGr79mDE

    • ‘Operation Mind Fck’ has been going on for decades – we just happen to be in an advanced stage mostly due to the internet and social media.

      Things were just as messy during the 60’s with the Vietnam War and ‘civil rights’, except things ‘seemed’ far more tame because there was only the very slow media of print newspapers and the ‘nightly news’ on only 3 channels. This media environment was easy to handle for most people as you could skip reading the print media and listening to Walter Kronchit at night and live a relatively blissful life of media peace – today, the excape is much much harder!!

      So, we have been here before folks! Nothing new under the sun – crooks and devils have always been here as well as angels and saints. I was a young kid during the 60’s, so my life was pretty exempt from most of the crap of that era, but I acknowledge that kids are not kept innocent anymore with CRT and transgender bathrooms.

      • The difference between then and now in one of scale. Look at the difference in public and private debt. My father supported a large family and bought a house on a teachers salary. My mother stayed home and raised the kids. Try that today.

      • “Nothing new under the sun ”

        The Internet is new. In no time before now are we aware of instant planetary communication.

      • “The difference between then and now in one of scale. Look at the difference in public and private debt.”

        this came up yesterday..I took a friend to the doctors and one of the new young Nurses was talking about the income.. I said you know when I met my wife a nurse.. she made 4.76 I made 2.75.. they had given us a big raise to 3.25 and all the nurses were complaining that we were to close to a nurses wage..( seriously not that long ago ) so the administrator kept telling them just wait.. in the new year I will get all of you a raise.. well come the new year they did get a raise.. corporate said not on your life will they get any raises.. ( they actually fired the vast majority of the nurses that year.. to hire techs to work under the nurse.. the nurses went from the floor to the desk as overseers.. )
        Well the admin gave their word and come the new year.. everyone got a penny raise.. LOL LOL.. the new young nurse was flabbergasted and thought I was lying.. the older nurse working with her.. speaks up and says.. I remember those days when my wage was four dollars an hour.. LOL LOL LOL..

        The big changes came with deregulation of necessities.. insurance.. fuel, etc.. and outsourcing of industry.. industrial giants wanted more cash in their pocket.. so they sent it out to another country to be made.. the best years of my life was at 2.75 an hour.. my first house payment and it was a big one in those days.. was fifty dollars a month.:Health insurance was a benefit of all employers.. employees given and a small amount for the family… home insurance was 100.00 a year.. car insurance was 112.00 a year.. groceries for a household of 4 was 75.00 a month.. or less.. I coujld get a half a cow for under a hundred bucks.. buying a cow is still the cheapest route to go..
        Now I spend 450.00 a month per person for groceries.. ( sure you are thinking dam that is way to much.. but if you buy a cup of coffee and a danish at the coffee shop.. your paying the same amount.. we just eat at home)
        Home owners insurance.. phew.. Healthcare insurance is a killer.. now people blame Obamacare.. but seriously before obamacare you would not be able to get insurance.. since deregulation.. that is how I got my job at the one hospital.. I worked off the debt of my ex wifes surgery .. one year of full time labor in exchange for the debt.. HELL year.. I worked three full time jobs and a part time job to survive.. 140 plus hours a week.. trust me.. that was HELL YEAR.. after deregulation I went into my egg timer life.. a quick twenty minute deep rest meditation then off to the next..
        I blame deregulation and outsourcing industry.. employers that care about their workers.. to this day have less turnover better management and a happier life..
        a sweet young lady I know was just in a fire last friday.. she coded four times took them long enough to revive her.. that we still don’t know if she will survive.. is in the burn unit etc.. their home destroyed.. no insurance.. they will be facing a million dollar bill.. their whole life will be destroyed.. ( been there done that…. when my boss played the stock market during the reagan recession..I had a kid fall out of a tree.. the bill then was a half mil..Without us knowing it the boss had been using our insurance money so all we had was the card in our wallets.. NO insurance coverage the hospitals were horrible call you every five mintues insult you till you would be in tears even had a collection agent ( ole Red..I actually took care of him after he had a stroke and his wife was going through the same thing) He came to the house layed his pistol down on the table and then asked me how I planned to pay it…. that whole credit situation still haunts me to this day there is only one banker that will loan me money… ) and fuel.. gas went up thirty cents in the last couple of weeks.. Hmm.. no one is making more money.. so how does everyone think they will pay for it..

      • “are not kept innocent anymore with CRT and transgender bathrooms”

        What truly irks me..is what they are teaching the kids over their sexual image .

  4. stay short . most gurus will tell you to short when its time to go long . yellowdog is cactus . no signal in sight . garbage everywhere . RN stuff

    • Hmm I wonder.. china is building a new big plant here.. going to hire a thousand plus people..
      Congress ok’d it and they are going to build it.. they own most of the shipping industries around here as well..
      I order stuff from china regularly.. Its all made there anyway.. It started out with MP3 players.. then dust masks.. ( I have allergies) can’s for making beer.. little things.. Oil expeller.. ( yup I crank out my own cooking oil as well) Cpap masks.. around here a cpap mask is ( it is cheaper now) 127.00 plus shipping I can get five of them with a couple extra hoses and a years supply of filters for that much money.. free shipping..
      Razors.. dam good razors.. you do realize that is where your razor comes from LOL LOL… they use to be made in the USA.. not anymore.. your bullet brass LOL..I worked day labor setting up the first milk jug injection machine.. that has long been torn down and destroyed.. the machine sold off as scrap metal.. and the jugs are now made in .. well you already know that..

  5. Yeah, I had not thought about the illegals tipping the vote in Virginia this early, George. Wonder how they’ll figure into that race with McAuliffe being so blatant in voicing his leftard stands. NewsMax’s lead article right now talks about the huge rallies that Youngkin is enjoying but that didn’t help Trump last year either when Bribem couldn’t fill a parking lot or just stayed in the basement. Is the fix already in?

    The first time I submitted this the page hung so hope this isn’t a duplication.

  6. No Coinage 4U! till the crackup.

    Wondering where all the coins went ? Why banks are sending out news letters encouraging customers to cash in their coins for free- no fees! Why even those dirty, nasty, germy, covered in scheisse&coke bank notes are becoming scarcer by the day – what gives? Amerizuala?

    We have had 10 years to learn about digital scarcity (“nothing there/made up #’s”) -ten frigin years to remember – nothing?

    WW3 = silent, no one is going to tell you it is on like donkey kong..”death by a million “pricks”..
    – We are victims already. To forgive is Not divine, it is Dangerous. Remember..https://youtu.be/rrtpOVTX5NA..”from the sands of the sahara, to south east asian mud, youll find a fearless frogman, with his fingers dripping blood.”wonderful creatures”

    ? Do U have the Shiba inU? No, then no Bitcoin for U!

  7. Construction is kicking-off for NEOM.

    Some new companies should come from the effort.

    $500,000,000,000 to be spent on the first phase. That makes the Evergrande $40,000,000 look small.


    Recall Trump nabbed his payday from the SPAC a week or two back. I’d expect Prince Mohammed bin Salman to use the same level of corruption to attract capitol for NEOM.

    I’ll look for flat-lined investment vehicles Prince Mohammed bin Salman is in for no apparent reason.

    • I think you mean up in PRICE… hot dog value remains same as currency loses value. I am eternally grateful for neighbors with chickens who share eggs. I trade fruit. And I just got done roasting my first Breadfruit off the tree for some starch staples. Then there was the local fisherman selling roadside as he had a ‘too big’ catch. Ahi (tuna) going for $1.50/lb! Usual local price is $20/lb.

      • Bake breadfruit ??? We fry the slices in skillet wit butter, s&p- south o the borders (2) US – Mex – Belize.
        Would you bee so kind to share Ure roasting recipe, with fellow survivalites ? No telling if & when a Disapora of US pop goes walk about – looking for food/warmth/shelter.. good to know different ways how to prep. thx

      • Roast breadfruit very low 200-220 degrees until slightly browned skin. I have also seen locals boil the whole fruit 1/2 hour or so before slicing it. Fried with butter is good also. Basically you just want to gently cook the breadfruit. Then you can do whatever… slice, dice, butter, add to other cooking recipes, etc.
        I’m growing sweet WHITE pineapples in the back yard, also.

  8. Robert Kiyosaki and several other “big name” financial gurus predicted a monster market crash in October 2021. As we break new record highs here on November 2, I am reminded of a cartoon I saw many years ago with the caption.

    “The World Will End Tomorrow – unless postponed by rain.”

    I guess these guys just keep resetting the date!

    • Sometimes you have to look out for number one Echibon! This is where I’m at too. Hmmmmm… I give and give for all my life. Time for numero uno, to receive. We shall see. I’m taking tomorrow off. Just to think about things. Pump the breaks so to speak.

      You ever think about how much momentum driving truck 6 and 7 days a week for year gives ya for dynamic movement. I mean think about that much momentum and inertia.. ready to deploy. Along with traveling in a car for 2 years. All stored up and ready to propell you into the future. It is the past that propells the future. And I spent the last 9 years in motion day in and day out. Hmmm.

      Later dudes and gals.

      I’m going go rest and think tomorrow.

      • No. I don’t know who Brandon is. Lol. I plugged in my TV last night for the first time in 11 months and watched a movie. Well most of one. Body of lies. With the decaprio kid. Pretty good movie. I just fall asleep when I watch most TV stuff and movies. I’d rather read a book. I was going to look him up because I seen some stuff about “go brandon” and I don’t know what or who he is. Lol

  9. “the Biden “rescue plan.” In 2,400 pages of bullshit, the Biden plan is mainly about “human infrastructure.”

    Being th totally serious.. WHO in washington would take the time to read that horse pucky …. much less write it.. I don’t think biden did.. it would cut into nap time..federal employees work only one of every three working days and congress is only present 2 and a third days a month.. which they are more than willing to tell ya that’s the reason why they can’t read the Bill’s.. so who wrote it and who will benefit from it.. it’s all a business model..

  10. George Carlin was a genius, he saw the people trading freedom for security from germs back in 2011, just a 6 min video, WHO doesn’t love good ole George


    are you afraid of the UN-vaccinated? do you blame them for you having to hide from the public at large? you really have to ask your selves, “was this shit really planned against US?”
    ,, get rid of your paint by number mentality, think and draw for yourselves.
    IF you LET the main stream news media, think and draw conclusions for you, ya already got the vax, and 2nds and are in line for 3rds. Am I wrong?
    BLAME Trump, if he had not came along to politics, this boil of the deep state would not have came to a head so fast. He applied HEAT and the pimple came to a head, to the surface for US to POP. Before it was just a sore touchy spot on our nose, sore and swollen. We covered it up and pretended it was not there. The deep state/criminals hate being brought out in the open,, the festering germs they are.
    It all would have happened anyway, Trump just forced them to speed up their plan before they were ready. The vax keep us from complete lockdown. They wanted US locked down for 5 yrs while testing the vax, They would have US still in lock down like Australia, but they don’t want to admit the vax is faux, so we are not lock down like germany’s jews
    Trump turned their faux vax against them, look how many Trump supporters refuse the vax,, but it brought the sheep out of lockdown, they are free range as long as they still mask up. But efforts to make it vax or fired is still in play against US but it is limited, not USA wide. moves and counter moves, MOVIE Time.
    de-wormed horses are covid free, as I laugh my ass off, cheap and effective, exactly what the CORPORATION HATEs, they hate US, they really hate US.
    It was made for HUMANS, they also have Bayer aspirin for horses, but at larger doses than a human needs. So don’t eat horse aspirin, unless you break it down to human size dose, it keeps blood clots from forming, thats what my doctor told me, baby aspirin daily
    Just imagine , locked down for 5 yrs, the US Constitution would be TOAST. New World Order full speed ahead.
    Do you see how much less freedom BIC and Len have in their countries and Europe? compared to US. I wonder about Russia as far as Covid treatments and vax and masks and lock downs, I do not know, Darrell just has a habit of Questioning a lot.

    “Quit askin Questions kid, just do what I tell ya!”, “I’ll do the thinkin”

    • There’s another guy on BitChute that looks like Clif named Max Igan who’s recently “escaped” from Australia’s grasp and is now residing in Mexico. The tales and videos he’s included in his channel’s videos are unbelievable not just for what the Australian government is doing to its citizens but the fact that the people put UP with this continuous smakdown and outright brutalizing of the population by their LEOs. New Hampshire had a mass arrest at a public meeting their governor was presiding over that seemed bad enough over here but if things get this bad in America there will be shots fired in due time. I would sincerely hope that we wouldn’t/won’t be so “civilized” as to succumb to such abuse.


  11. Meanwhile in kneeler land, the Q says “None of us will live forever”. Don’t take the vax, then!

    I agree with reader Bill that, in the recent Clif High episode,
    https://www.bitchute.com/video/ug4bsGLgSqBL/ (“WOO UP”)
    it appears that a close relative of Clif may have succumbed to the pressure to take the clotshot.

    I don’t know if anyone has covered the effect of North/South Winters being 6 months apart. A die-off is expected in Winter time, when Vit D levels are low, combined with a destroyed
    immune system. If the die-off occurs this way, those entering winter for the first time may end up raising the alarm for the other half of the world.

    Having said that, I know of several people that have been double-jabbed in May/June this year (astrazenica) but still seem to be doing ok.

    In a previous post I mentioned some possible ways to combat the vaccine. Obviously it is far better to never take the shot, but I suspect many people have close relatives and family who have stupidly taken it.

    So rather than giving up on them, I feel duty-bound to at least attempt a ‘cure’. What I have mentioned so far is:

    – Zeolite Clinoptilolite Powder 20 µm – 1/2 teaspoon
    – 10,000iu to 15,000iu of D3
    – 4g Vit C (up to 20g/day if possible!)
    – 50mg Zinc
    – DMSO 10ml of 60% solution
    – Pine needle tea.

    To this add:
    – Lysine 6g (fights arterial disease – Pauling Therapy)
    – N-Acetyl Cysteine 600mg + a selenium supplement (for glutathione production)
    – Chaga tea (boost immunity)
    – Astragalus extract (Repair DNA)
    – Quercetin

    But most importantly this one:
    It is a protocol by a slightly maverick-looking Russian guy.
    You take about 60mg of powdered melatonin, wait 15 minutes, then take 1/2 to 1g of niacin.
    Normally, this amount of Niacin or nicotinic acid (NOT Niacinamide!!) on its own will
    give you an almighty skin flush/itch. But the melatonin is used up to drive the niacin
    into the cells where it acts to rapdily reduce inflammation.
    I have tried it on myself and the effect is real.

    All of the above adheres to the principle of ‘do no harm’.

    For what its worth, Dmitry doesn’t recommend ivermectin, but since this is a proven safe drug (unlike the clotshot), I don’t see it would cause harm.

    I hope the above will help others.

    • Clif has been grousing for a while about family members that have taken The Jab but in the case of his last video I think it’s gone beyond that to the actual loss or impending loss of one or more of the family judging by his cracking voice.

  12. G,how do we leave bizzaro world.humans are free.com.
    Putin:wokeness is reversed discrimination and a crime
    Against humanity

  13. George,
    A few days of vivid dreaming and this morning I woke fresh from a time travel adventure.

    I was with two friends, and we were in a house that was abandoned, but someone’s stuff was still in it. Still completely livable, but messy. It was a ranch, mid century styling, furniture and all. Mauve appliances.

    We were focused on a patch of fresh drywall in the dining room, adjacent to the living room. One of my partners drew some lines on it, and jammed a paper clip into it, and started turning the end of the paperclip like a wind up handle. We joined hands and hunched around the wall patch, staring at it.

    The light in the windows started flashing, like days were passing. “It’s working!” I shouted.

    “Concentrate! Feel that? That’s it!”

    I could feel the same energy coursing through my body, like a plasma, as I described to you recently when my dream was learning to use telekinesis on apples in a classroom. Flinging them. That same energy flowed through me and my partners and eventually the flickering stopped.

    The room was the same. Same furniture, but different. Things were cleaner, there were different messes, like boxes with newspapers stacked to a messy pile, the windows were clean.

    “It’s 1985, the owner is about to be home we better get the hell out of here.”

    Just as we moved to the door and opened it, the man was walking in. Surprised we flung the door open and shuffled past him onto the front yard. He had a pork pie hat, a short sleeved white office shirt, slacks and a tie. I started with my fast talking.

    “Sorry man, we went in here by accident our friend is trying to remember where his grandparents live, it’s in this neighborhood. Sorry, sorry.” Hands up and backing away.

    The sky was the bluest blue, and crystal clear. It was a sunny afternoon in 1985 and the cars and people proved it. We seemed younger, but still adult, maybe 19 years old. It ended as we decided to go somewhere, but our achievement, this destination, was this date. The vehicle was the house.

    • This is a rather remarkable dream on a number of counts.
      First: In our time travel experiments Dec. 1, the house is indeed the “vehicle” since the approach is light and acoustical.
      Second: There is a small hole in our livingroom ceiling due to a short-term roof leak. Not a hole, but a small crack and the crack is swollen-looking.
      Third: House is something of a mess – construction.
      Fourth: Rooms are not mauve, but “fire on the mountain red.” Which, under the right lighting conditions (outside daylight, inside lights off, the color goes off to medium purple/mauvish.

      About the only thing that would freak me out more? Green overstuffed furniture in living room or a torchiere lamp just off from under the hole to crank.

      Honestly, since we don’t look our ages – and we could make a killing investing, 1985 wouldn’t be a bad pick, though 1970- would rock, too…

      Hell of a dream!

    • 1985? It’s the next season of “Stranger Things”!

      Never thought I’d feel nostalgic for that time period!

      • It was crystal clear. I’ve never seen a sky so blue, the details were so vivid. I can still picture the metal frames on the windows. The vivid feelings too, I could feel the air, the rush of what we just did, the sidewalk underfoot. The sun.

        Time travel using a vessel like a house makes more sense to me anyway. It’s one way to guarantee you won’t end up embedded in a tree or sidewalk. If you wanted to skip further and further back in time, just find some old building that existed in your target date. You’ll always find an old building, right back to the pyramids.

  14. Very Late in Posting and Here’s the Scenario-
    Have no fear-
    When Repub watchers start objecting to some ballots, they will be thrown out of the room and cardboard will prevent any vision into the room.
    About midnight, while Youngkin is till very ahead, it’ll be announced that counting is done for night- go home. Then the ballots will be pulled out of their caches to be counted and recounted. If this is not enough, a couple of trailers full of preprinted ballots will be sent in from NY so there is a sudden shift toward McAwful. When the count is still close, there will still be 2 weeks or so to “cure” the 330K or so mail-in and absentee votes. And anybody who objects to the process will be declared “domestic terrorists” held in solitary
    for 6 months or so. There, wasn’t that easy ????
    To paraphrase “Papa Joe”: ‘it’s who counts that counts’

      • …Remains to be seen. VA is accepting mail-in ballots that’ve been postmarked by midnight, 11/02, until midnight, Friday night. This leaves two questions:

        1) Has Trump quashed the ability to grease the polls with crooked ballots?

        2) Can DPVA sneak a hundred thousand ballots into the counts?

        Based on past performance elsewhere, I’m not sure I’d say neither is possible, but I would say that both, together, are unlikely.

        Still — wait & see, until the count is certified.

  15. “On a Q3 to Q3 basis, GDP is going up? 4.97 percent per year.”

    Now, is that 4.97% based on hard goods, or on USD? ISTM if it is dollar-based, one would have to compute actual inflation first, then apply the percentage increase in GDP (which would have to outpace inflation), or it would indicate that GDP had shrunk YoY…

    • Dude I paid fourteen freaking dollars for a bottle of Visine after I left the ER the other night. And $18 for a bottle of NiQuil. It’s getting to the point around here that no matter how much you make? The cost of living is going up daily that it doesn’t matter. I’m still thinking of bailing and going to Idaho. I will make my decision tomorrow. They are going to offer me a substantial raise to keep me Here. But I’m probably going to turn it down and move anyway. Cards says it’s better to move and one thing about the cards. They don’t lie or have feelings. They just show ya what they say.

      It will show 5 years from now over there. But 5 years is a long time to stash some money.

      A buddy and I were talking last night. Figure we can both save up a bunch of money in 5 years and then bounce to the Philippines or Thailand and open up a couple lady boy dance clubs. Call the club. Dejadudu with a plug line that reads. “100 pretty ladies and one big suprise for you round eye”

      One of my witch friends liked the idea so much she wants in too.


      I saw gas prices at a few places the other day over $5 a gallon. First time I have ever seen that.

      On another note. My GPS on my phone is saying I’m in Palm Desert, CA. I haven’t been there in a long time. And never with this service and not with this phone. I have had every freaking brand of phone and evey service you available in the last 2 years. Tmoble, sprint, Verizon, etc etc. Motorola phones, I phones, Samsung, Microsoft and LG phones. I like Samsung the best. Easiest to do stuff on. Service it just depends on where you are at.

      But my mailing address when I fill out stuff auto puts me in Idaho and when I do my GPS on maps it says I’m in Palm Desert California. Weird. And im not at either of those places. I’m in the Emerald City. Hmmmm… thinking about moving. While sick and paying a shit load to live in this town.

      You know it’s bad when the Seattle City Police Department is giving out $25,000 hiring bonuses to recruit new Cops. Spokane advertising on New York Times Square with a $15,000 hiring bonus looking for 40 new Cops in town. Because if ya don’t get the jab. You don’t get the job. Jab for jobs. I use to know this fella that used to say. Job is an acronym. J.O.B. Just Over Broke.

      Well, if I roll out. My empire I built will probably crumble over here. But I’m not the -indispensable man- I don’t think like that no matter how much hype they tell me. It just matter of moment and placement. See what I see. And the witch that did my cards. Well she has her own motives too. I think I will pull my own two path spread after a smoke.

      Since I found a deck of cards for a totem. I-ching said good things. And lots of chatter about the angels are working hard on your behalf. Hmmmm. I tell them all the time. MunnE need MunEY hunney! not just totems. Speak engrish and I told THE DUDE, what now? I know ya know what’s up. Give me a cluepon. Im kinda dumb sometimes. Hhahahaa

      Then ponder it. Hnmmm

      Good stuff Ray. Youre one of my faves to read.

      • Florida and Texas have been advertising to have all those unjabbed cops and medical workers (and ex-MIL for Texas), move to their States. DeSantis and Abbott seem to appreciate the idea of somebody else spending the bucks to build highly-trained specialty workers for them, and their States will have a no-jab policy, at least as long as Republicans are in charge…

  16. “Trump for his egregious personality flaws, at least understood who build the skyscrapers. Not HR and not CRT/gender studies. ”

    Trump can operate a D9 and a Komat’su, man an air-hammer or rivet-gun, and drive a 12yd dump truck with a 9-speed manual transmission, because he had to learn the crew’s jobs before daddy would let him run the crew.

  17. Good morning man. I’m sick. Probably just run down. They said I got pneumonia. Lol. Funny when I went to the VA , I asked for a covid test for work. The ER doctor says wow. It says in your medical record natural immunity to covid 19. You can’t get it. Lucky you! I said well I staff security for everything in town. I need a covid test result. He says I spose you didn’t get vaccinated. I laughed and said why would I? If I’m naturally immune. They said it is my DNA. Something about it being father advanced. He said, I saw that. I work in the ER all the time and I have only seen that one other time. I said too bad you don’t have a card for that as well as a vaccine card. Because you have to have one of those to do anything in king county. He said well it’s pretty rare.

    So they prescribed me a bunch of stuff and an inhaler. Put it all in a bag. And when I got out to the car and I looked in the bag of goodies they gave me along with my negative covid test results paper I noticed there was a Vax card in there with it signed with the doses and my name written on it. I just laughed. I never got the vaccine before and that is how I got my last card. Someone in the Er saw my record and heard me about not having a natural immunity card and needing a vaccine card to do anything in king county. And put a legitimate Vax card, with doses and dates listed in my bag with my name on it so I won’t be questioned. Now I have 2 vax cards. Lol.

    Funny how God is like that.

    I’m taking 2 days off to rest and think about things and see if I may have missed anything that I should have payed more attention too.

    One thing about that pic I sent ya dude with the pile of totems. It had a bunch of dinosaurs in it. ELE? Or Mookie Wilson. Who said, “if I get down I think about dinosaurs. I believe in them. If I believe in them, then they belive on me. If dinosaurs belive in me then I can belive in me too. Then I go out and hit a home run. ”

    Ya ya ya quit smoking. If died from that at age 118? Then I’d consider it. But when the nurse says Holy shit when I take off my shirt because I’m built like Atlas at age 51. I’m pretty sure I am going to be ok. Even tho my beard skipped silver and went straight to white. Haha.

    Got a super nice letter from Lumen Field last night saying thank you! We can do what we do without you!
    Amazing Grace. Pretty dang good stuff. People think it’s me. It’s just amazing Grace. That is all. Lol

    Time to rest….

    Alright old dude. Talk to ya soon

  18. Did you know that on the first and goal levy app its $38.00 an hour to wash dishes over at Lumen Field on game day? $38 freaking dollars an hour to wash dishes. Shit, I’m might sign up for that too. I got friends doing it. The sent me screen shots. Now your an independent contractor and have to pay your own taxes. But $38 an hour to wash dishes??!!!! The F?!!!

    I usur landed the contract for the food services at Climate Pledge Arena. But line the Alchemy wizard said to me. Maybe you were meant to build that thing to be someone else’s blessing. Huh. Never thought about it like that. He said one things for sure. IF ya decide to move to Idaho. You bring the same guy who built all that with you. Same guy who got everyone to work for you here comes with you there. Same guy who closed all those big contracts as got everyone a raise. (I just got the security down at the Tacoma Dome venue a $2 an hour raise too. Since I took that over as well.) You. And THE DUDE is in Idaho too. I’m sure of it. Who wouldn’t want to hire you to do the same for their business. The world is scrambling for good men who do what you do. There is a million companies who would love to have a guy like you. I said yah. I’m just Andy. I’m good at some stuff. Not so good at marriage and other things. Haha. I mean my office was $17 in the red with 5 people before I started there. And it hit $111,990 in the black my second month there and that was by myself. I hired more people than any other branch in the state. More than several branches combined. Just because people like working for me.

    But that doesn’t mean I’m indispensable or anything like that. Pride got the devil kicked out of heaven. Speaking of the Devil. Be at the Eagles on the Baracade Friday in a black shirt. Oh and I tipped the scale at 215. Guess I’m not as skinny as I thought I was. Lol.

    Best rest up before I meet The Eagles. ~so often times it happens that we live our lives in chains and never knew we had the keys. ~

    A favorite line from…. the song all ready gone.

    You know the saying around here geroge? Governor Inslee is the biggest seller of real estate in Idaho and Montana in a century. Hands down.

    Cue ~ Already Gone. ~

    The Eagles.

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