Fed Eases Out, Job Cuts Low but Rising

The good news from the market’s perspective could hardly be better.

The Fed meeting Wednesday with no change in rates, but they are taking a little money off the table.  While previously, they’d run at a $120-billion a month rate, the latest implementation order says in part: [with my comments in brackets…]

“Effective November 4, 2021, the Federal Open Market Committee directs the Desk to:

  • Undertake open market operations as necessary to maintain the federal funds rate in a target range of 0 to 1/4 percent.  [Don’t rock the boat.]
  • Complete the increase in System Open Market Account (SOMA) holdings of Treasury securities by $80 billion and of agency mortgage-backed securities (MBS) by $40 billion, as indicated in the monthly purchase plans released in mid-October.  [No change from the $120-billion a month, lol -g]
  • Increase the SOMA holdings of Treasury securities by $70 billion and of agency MBS by $35 billion, during the monthly purchase period beginning in mid-November. [This is still $105 billion monthly…g]
  • Increase the SOMA holdings of Treasury securities by $60 billion and of agency MBS by $30 billion, during the monthly purchase period beginning in mid-December. [So from mid Dec into 2021 we’ll run at $90-million – which  – if I’m not mistaken – is still $1.08 trillion of making up money a year…g]
  • Increase holdings of Treasury securities and agency MBS by additional amounts as needed to sustain smooth functioning of markets for these securities.  [Make up…whatever…]
  • Conduct overnight repurchase agreement operations with a minimum bid rate of 0.25 percent and with an aggregate operation limit of $500 billion; the aggregate operation limit can be temporarily increased at the discretion of the Chair.  [Read this as “If shit goes south, throw tapering overboard…”]
  • Conduct overnight reverse repurchase agreement operations at an offering rate of 0.05 percent and with a per-counterparty limit of $160 billion per day; the per-counterparty limit can be temporarily increased at the discretion of the Chair.  [The Big Boyz club is still open for bidness…-g]
  • Roll over at auction all principal payments from the Federal Reserve’s holdings of Treasury securities and reinvest all principal payments from the Federal Reserve’s holdings of agency debt and agency MBS in agency MBS. [See how they don’t give a clue as to the amounts involved here?  You need your Fed Report Decoder Ring and B-school Merit Badge for this one.  Point seems to be principle from Treasuries (all those bonds they’ve been buying) will be used to keep MBS from imploding…g]
  • Allow modest deviations from stated amounts for purchases and reinvestments, if needed for operational reasons. [Another easy out if shit blows up…essentially, do what you need to and “modesty” will be defined after the fact if necessary…]
  • Engage in dollar roll and coupon swap transactions as necessary to facilitate settlement of the Federal Reserve’s agency MBS transactions.” [Keep the craps game going…]

Welcome to Moral Hazard

Morning’s like this, I ponder the Big Questions of Life (BQoL).  Like:  “Which is more dangerous:  testosterone of money borrowed from a bankster?”

Let’s think about moral hazard for a minute.  The Central Bank is not classically supposed to regulate by setting interest rates in the general economy.  Just adjust rates.  Nowhere does it say they can effectively OWN America. But, as you can see, this is precisely what has happened.  The Federal debt goes UP and (magic!) so does the Fed balance sheet.  By jiggering all kinds of activities, the Fed runs America, plain and simple.

See, it works like this:  If you own a home – free and clear – and you sell it for some easy round number – like a million bucks.  What happened?  The effective money supply went up by a million dollars.  You – like a banker – just created “money.”

This is the Fed’s problem in a nutshell:  People are making up money at every turn and calling themselves rich.  Doesn’t matter if you’re carrying a contract on a property sale, collateralizing mortgage debt and then borrowing against those future payments…or even playing the derivatives game (betting on the bets kind of thing)…America’s addicted to money.  And at some point we don’t want to be around for when it all blows up.  Yes, crypto, too, is all made up money.

Let’s Compound $1

One dollar compounded by 10% monthly grows in Months 100 to $11,388.93.  8.33 years by simply earning 10% per month.

At month 200?  16.7 years?  One stinking dollar swells to $172,641,160.42

Month 300?  That SINGLE compounding dollar is a mind-bending pile of $2,162,819,005,114.43 dollars.

Month 400?  World will be printing like crazy – all because of $1 given to a compounding Bankster.  Who now owes you $29,804,970,270,682,300.00.  Round off:  $30 quadrillion the following month.  All done with a single dollar, 10 percent monthly over 33.41 years.  About half of an economic long wave cycle.

The Fed will have been around about 1,284 months come late December,

Job Cuts Still Low, but Up

Just out:  Job Cuts Tick up in September 2021 to 17,895, YTD Lowest on Record; Lowest Quarterly Total Since Q2 1997 | Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc. (challengergray.com)

As should be obvious, a ton of people left the workforce due to CV-19.  And since we now live in a socialist republic (here, have a mandate), people are figuring if Trump and Joe can pass out cash a few times, why not all the time?  Given the answer (however wrong) why bother working?

International Trade: Gap Crap

We warned you a week or two back that the ADVANCE data said we were going to hit a wall.  With the Trade Deficit up in the advance data 9.2% for the month.  Not the kind of thing you want to have happen, because it means we are making ever less and importing always more.

Want to see and improvement?  Keep looking.  Because this is today’s reality:

The Global Supply Chain is broken.  The reasons China didn’t go to the G20 Climate Joke was simple:  They account for the majority of the world’s coal used and the G20 is smart enough (though barely) to understand that slapping any regs on China would collapse the Globalist House of Cards.

The Productivity report from Labor is also out:  Of course, fewer workers will mean soaring productivity…at least so-went the hype…until this just dropped:

“Nonfarm business sector labor productivity decreased 5.0 percent in the third quarter of 2021, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today, as output increased 1.7 percent and hours worked increased 7.0 percent. This is the lowest rate of quarterly productivity growth since the second quarter of 1981, when the measure decreased 5.1 percent. (All quarterly percent changes in this release are seasonally adjusted annual rates.) From the third quarter of 2020 to the third quarter of 2021, nonfarm
business sector labor productivity decreased 0.5 percent. The four-quarter rate is the lowest rate since the third quarter of 2011, when the measure also declined 0.5 percent.”

None of which augers well for jobs which continue slogging along as 2017 levels despite another million or two illegal immigrants thanks to the Biden administrations law-breaking open borders policies.

So when you read happy-talk like October jobs report: America is getting back to work,  realize people may be going back to work, but they aren’t doing as much when they get there.  Sheesh.

After these real crappy economic measures, the happy talk still had the Dow even and S&P up 7.  Must not have a fentanyl shortage in NYC.

Democrats and Brick Walls

The demagogue party can (or at least should) see a brick wall ahead in 2024.  As always, though, they will argue over whether they should tap the brakes on stupidity, or just drive through the wall.

On the pedal to the metal side:  Democrats insist they NEED to get Biden’s spending plans passed to ‘have something real’ to run on.  Which to us looks like “Let’s spend what we don’t have, to fund things we can’t deliver, to people who already know we’re full of shit…”  Pedal to it.

You know who the “raging Cajun” is, right?  While we’re inclined to disagree with him on….well, everything….even a broken clock gets things right now and then.  As in James Carville blames ‘stupid wokeness’ for Democratic losses.

He might want to teach a remedial demo class on poll reading.  And cite Poll: Americans Overwhelmingly Oppose Biden’s Spending Agenda.

So keep an eye on the wall – let’s avoid brakes and talk the future of America into the wall some more…


The headline UK authorizes Merck/Ridgeback Biotherapeutics’ antiviral molnupiravir to treat mild-to-moderate Covid-19 has us wondering “‘Zis like an ivermectin, kinda thing?”

Who?  What Vice President Harris will do in Paris next week.  Shop?  Eat?

Why is everyone crazy? World Protests | SpringerLink New book.  Download the summary pdf.

Computationally useful out of CBS-62 in Detroit:  The How-To: Is Your Computer Screen Really Aging You Or Is Blue-Light Skin Care A Scam? We Put Them To The Ultimate Test.  Computing is much nicer if you just turn on the night light option and knock back the blues by leaning red…  Say, maybe this is making people nuts, too:  Too much blue light?

ATR: Post Notice Hell

With our move to a new server – and changes in one of our internal content management services – our daily delivery of an email has blown-up.  And this time, the problem is…well, complicated.

All started last week when I moved from a “regular” server from our hosting provider to a super-duper “five times faster” one.  Yes, it was faster, but occasionally, something on the server side wouldn’t work right.  So I went back to slower but more reliable tools.

Then I noticed (and readers told me) “I’m not getting my daily email notice…

These were auto-generated by a service called MailChimp.com which looks at my RSS feed  (which you can too, look here).  The MailChimp system says that RSS feed isn’t valid…but while some RSS validators agree (which might make it a Yoast SEO plugin problem) others say it’s a fine site map.  Among these, Google Search Console says it’s fine, validates, and we have over 4,200 posts indexed.

Answers are not simple on this one:  MailChimp used to be a simple-to-use platform.  But now. getting a simple trouble-shooting task done, seems to involve a “customer experience map.”  (When we used to hand-code this site, it was a simple flow chart held in the coder’s head.  Now, it’s choicing for children.)

Needless to say, this is excruciating.  Yoast can say Google’s the litmus test.  MailChimp can point at the  W3C validation service.  Ye gads.

There are a number or other ways to skin this cat, but picking the best and getting it done?  Well, there’s time involved.

But that’s what’s going on…

Noodle Season

The arrival of fall is assuredly here.  For Zeus the Cat has started to come indoors at night.

With the arrival of fall, I’m back on noodles – something I tried to give up over the summer.  Exceptions were made for spaghetti and the odd Stroganoff.  Now?  Back to the old-time favorites:  Rose Brand Chinese egg noodles with oyster sauce and chicken broth is good.  A big bowl of cold somen noodles with mirin, dashi soup base, low-sodium soy sauce, and a 1/2 tablespoon of ginger juice is also excellent.

Hot weather is not generally noodle weather (except for the cold Japanese somen which pairs with yakitori chicken nicely.)

High of only 62F is ahead and then 38 tonight.  Cold front dumped rain and left. Which means a coming ShopTalk Sunday discussion will have to involve moving 3D printers into heated spaces.

Never stops, does it?  Keep waiting for those “nothing to do years” of retirement to show up.  So far, no sign of ’em.

Hell, I’m writing up plans now to retire from retirement!

Write when you get rich,


73 thoughts on “Fed Eases Out, Job Cuts Low but Rising”

  1. From LDS prepper group:

    Continuing our monitoring of whats going on in China and Taiwan, we came across this little tidbit yesterday. China ordered the country’s top state-owned energy companies to secure supplies for this winter at “all costs.” Now they’re telling households to stockpile food ahead of winter, sparking wild conspiracies among netizens about heightening tensions with Taiwan.

    • George,
      Is Saturday still D-Day for the PRC to attack Taiwan? I want to know when to buy flash goggles, 1,000 SPF sunscreen and iodine tablets.
      I wonder if the Taiwanese have made progress with the “Seas on Fire” technology that the British were working on during WW2. [insert tasteless Chinese cooking joke here]
      Thought for today: If ignorance is bliss, why aren’t people happier?

      • I wouldn’t worry about it george.. if they are just now stockpiling.. I think there will be a little bit of time.. of course china and russia have been prepping their people for years.. and Russia did just send a bunch of missiles and so is China.. so who knows.. go have a brat and a cold drink some potatoes smoked with peppers onions and cheese.. baked beans of course.. maybe some slaw..

      • “I want to know when to buy flash goggles, 1,000 SPF sunscreen and iodine tablets.”
        If you haven’t done it already, you will certainly be ‘one second too late’.

      • You don’t have to buy iodine tablets. Download that 1000 army manuals Hankster. Do quote me on this, you used to be able to get a bottle of iodine at the wall greens for $1.95. I think 3 three drops of that in an 16 oz glass of water does the same thing. You will have to of course check the amount of iodine per drop verses what is on the package per serving size for your body weight. Way cheaper that way and way easier to store one bottle verses a bunch of boxes of tabs

        Don’t forget to glaze your egg shells with Vaseline and then wrap each egg plastic and put them back in the carton. Keeps the eggs good for 6 months without being in the refer. And you can make a sub zero water proof sleeping bag if the pole shift happens and Hawaii becomes the new South pole out of lining the inside between to hefty bags with crumpled up newspaper or junk mail to keep you warm and dry.

        And as someone poignantly pointed out here on urban survival years back. If you put a hand full of popcorn kernels in your shirt pocket? It works as a really good guiger counter. Shit starts popping off. You know your going the wrong way! Skidaddle. Gives ya a snack while your running the opposite direction. ;-)

        Although there is other methods…

        Ohhhhhhhhh shit I knew there was something i was missing…..maybe why everyone is being me popcorn to my office. I just got a big tin of it and I also had one of my employees drop a whole giant Costco case of microwave popcorn off at my office. Off -ice. Hnmmmm like I have a ton of it over at my office. Tons of microwave popcorn. To a symbol of watching others fight. Lol

        Well I’m making my decision on moving. I know it doesn’t make sense. To most everyone. But as I said the cards don’t lie. They just tell you what they say. And I’m not saying my decision. Just having a talk with the owner of the place mid next week. It’s sellers market out there right now. But it that could all change on a dime. The cards don’t lie. Not even the CDC vac cards….. 5 days. THE DUDE said. Time to make some moves.

        Be in Idaho for Thanksgiving this year. See what I see.

      • Uhem. Don’t quote me on that iodine. There is a recipe for it in one of those army manuals. I use can’t remember if it’s 3 drops fot 8 oz of water ot 3 drops for 16 oz of water.

        Maybe get some mercy and put a drop in a hollow point bullet and cover it with wax too Hank. Makes them armor piercing. You can go to any junk yard and any mid 80’s big car if you find one. Has a tube of it under the hood. When you open the hood mercury slides down and the hood light goes on. Just a drop and a little wet candle wax to cover it. Once it drys. Presto. Armor piercing bullets.


        I know lots of little fun facts like that. Calcium carbonate for drying quick cement mixed with dot 3 brake fluid makes a big bad a boom in an Gatorade bottle with a cap on it when Shaken up and tossed too. The fun stuff you learn growing up with a bunch of roughnecks in Alaska. LOL

      • @LOOB

        “I wouldn’t worry about it george.. if they are just now stockpiling.. I think there will be a little bit of time.”

        I know you and I both posted this thingie, but understand, China’s population numbers over a billion peasants whose very sustenance is day-to-day. They can’t possibly stockpile anything. While it’s likely China’s middle class (and up) IS stockpiling, it is also likely they’re not stockpiling much, because they’ve been steadily doing it for several years. I see the message as more likely a note from the CCP to their GenPop that the time when stores will be needed is nearly at hand…

      • “I want to know when to buy flash goggles, 1,000 SPF sunscreen and iodine tablets.”

        I doubt you have to Hank.. and if you were in that close to where you would need them.. it wouldn’t help anyway except give you the glimpse of your doom..
        I believe that America’s real goal was to make certain individuals wealthier than belief.. ( seriously have you ever heard of America rushing to the assistance to a small country that didn’t have extraordinary wealth available for a select few to harvest for their portfolio ) In the search for more riches.. we outsourced all of our community pride and value.. manipulated our whole system to get the modern man and woman indebted to the social programs that they have to have to merely survive..
        China doe all our manufacturing.. our steel mills are quiet that once was bustling with energy and giving life long vitality to the cities and states that they belong to.. our other industries the same thing.. Covid Taught us to even construct a patio.. that the materials needed have to be imported and the lack of distribution the prices go out of sight.. our food our necessary replacement items.. everything.. we could be like CUBA and leard to adapt..
        If there was a burst.. since the grid is in the same lets make a buck world and control is of the only matter rather than security.. I think that the burst would be hudreds of miles above the USA.. then let nature takes its course without destroying the land.. a ground blast would destroy what we have that could be useable.. the raw resources and our garden land.. then let nature and common illnesses take their course..then after a year.. come in like they just did with CUBA.. with medicine and food clothing etc.. you instantly gain the support of the masses.. they could guard or destroy the deep under ground bunkers.. ( trust me.. they know where all the entrances are LOL) (funny story about that.. a bunch of us kids in the service seen a beautiful satalite photo of the DC area.. LOL LOLLOL.. we asked if we could print one up and hang it on the wall.. It was cool..they said absolutely not.. but if we could find one from someplace else.. we could hang it.. one of the guys in the lab wrote to the russian embasy.. asked if they had any satalite images of the DC area.. we would love to hang it on the wall …) one day shortly afterwards.. in the plant comes this huge thirty by forty print of a satalite photo of the DC area.. in color to.. and on it was a listing of crap none of us knew was there LOL photo was framed and hung but not in the entrance LOL down one of the halls ) I knew someone that went to work there a few years ago.. I did ask if the picture still hung.. nope it was taken down years ago..
        Now that is what I actually see happening.. they don’t want to destroy what makes us valuable.. like us rushing in and blasting the countries apart so a few can rape their lands .. we also rush is and rebuilt it .. just to make us look like we care.. similar to giving each of the illegal refugees a half million .. they wouldn’t do that with each citizen.. we are not the ones that they want to impress.. so jobs money food shelter all are important to get them in servitude..

      • “they don’t want to destroy what makes us valuable..”

        As an example of that.. WHY are they building manufacturing plants here…LOL.. give that a thought.. why would you buy the graineries.. the shipping ports.. the tole roads.. ranch land.. then build bottling and manufaturing plants.. in a country that doesn’t manufacture.. LOL LOL..
        similar to their construction and distribution energy plants throughout china.. they want it to be secure.. I believe.. IF.. I was the leader of a country that I was planning on occupying.. what would I want there.. they build cities and factories that sit empty now.. in china.. infrastructure for if they have to fire them up quickly.. ” Its a Win Win for them.. if things mellowed out.. they have industry making money..if there was an emp.. then take over.. they have industry here and what few that worked their prior would have a job and help restart the industry.. just be the Hero.. you would do anything for someone that saved you from a calamity..have their undying support forever.. and at this point.. any altercation would be viewed by the masses as we are the bullies picking and fighting.. we abandoned the citizens and tossed everything at the illegals.. now if what they told us is correct and they start a Jihad here.. who looks bad.. the ones that flew them in and gave them good jobs with great benefits along with free medical and dental a half million per person free college tuitions ,housing etc… and everything then flipped their nose and made the Citizens suffer.. with school debt and all the other struggles.. the people don’t like being in endless wars and conflicts.. spending trillions on making some one in another country wealthy.. we have passed the tipping point.. or close to it.. they want the support of the people.. those living in cardboard boxes and vans along the street.. those dependent on serving their kids a box of mac and cheese..

      • Just to be clear, I was REPLYING to this quote: “I want to know when to buy flash goggles, 1,000 SPF sunscreen and iodine tablets.”

        Those who know me know I am already well prepped… and far from ‘flash target’ areas. My comment was, like, if you are not already prepped, it may be too late already.

      • “China’s population numbers over a billion peasants whose very sustenance is day-to-day. They can’t possibly stockpile anything. ”

        I totally agree.. you and I both know they can’t.. we also know that they have actively been preparing the people for the last thirty or more years.. building stock piling building empty cities under ground bunkers.. and now lately.. they have been building power plants and placing them across the country for more security in the event of a shtf scenario.. this gives them the what if there is an issue they can power up .. just like the vacant cities and factories.. we pop a few off above them.. they power up a plant that isn’t affected outside the zone.. in the USA all they have to pop off is five.. and its over.. we are back to the stone age or the time of NOAH.. in a blink of an eye five hundred miles above the earths surface.. all you would see is a flash high up…. then with winter coming on.. just sit back and wait..
        All while we use the business model of .. let the fat boy make money.. screw the people they deserve to suffer model.. so we out sourced our industry.. our whole existence depends on them.. they know this..
        I think that the whole reason for that post about telling the people to prepare..I THINK IT WAS A WARNING MESSAGE TO US.. STOP MESSING WITH US AND OUR BORDER… How many times have they told us to quit messing with their borders..
        (I deleted a long rant about the stupidity of our legislators.. we all already know this.. and the ultimate insult to the American wage earner by wanting to give all the illegals a half million per person)

  2. whats this rot about today fool . wont even read the garbage and FED flag flying you go on with. and yellowdog ? take a flying leap to $#%@ ville george . wake up we all arent fools

  3. George,

    Re: “…the Fed runs the country, plain and simple.” I know that you’ve gotten this for some time, and I’m glad you share it with your readers, but William Greider’s book Secrets of the Temple – How the Federal Reserve Runs the Country published the same conclusion in 1987.

    I have this book in my community banking office, right next to The Creature from Jekyll Island. Gets some looks when the examiners come in, although one did laugh and say, “You and I need to talk when the exam’s over.”

    Anyway,you’re in good company. Check out Catherine Austin Fitts’ webiste – Solari.com.

    Michael (C-level community banker)

  4. I’m an engineer. This means I’m an optimist.
    People like me study plane crashes to figure out what happened, in the faith that by knowing what went wrong, steps can be taken to prevent that kind of accident in the future.

    We (if I may be presumptuous) believe that Bad Things can often be avoided through knowledge and right procedures.

    I’m an optimist politically (in the broad sense), too. In the long arc of the history of the world, once, a few hundred years ago, almost all people lived under dictatorships (often nasty kings and royalty), with near-zero social or economic upward mobility. While Dark Places still exist, and too many people are effectively still slaves to their governments, the overall trend is to extend human freedom, and encourage growth and education to all.

    Sometimes, it All just gets me down, and I feel like I’m fighting in the Alamo, or with Col Custer — and I feel overwhelmed and hung with futility; being over-run by the ill-informed or the irrational nut-cases. I’ve even hosted a few at my Thanksgiving table, and they ruin the event with dyspeptic discord and stridency. One guest even said a certain un-named politician was “not fully human,” and “needed to be killed.” She was most earnest and voluable. (She won’t be at our table this year — or perhaps ever again.) This commentator is Jewish.

    (…anybody else find that ironic?)

    …and then I remember the long-term trend, and the human’s unquenchable desire to be free — and I have hope.

    I’m in a Real Bad Mood today, but I know I’ll feel better tomorrow, when the outrigger float is back in the water.


    • I’m with you. Thanks for writing this.

      Few realize we live in a golden age. The reasons are too numerous to list. But because most only get their news from one of two teams, both bent on creating as much panic and discord as possible in order to enrich themselves, most think the world is ending soon and getting worse every day. Quite the opposite actually. I grow more hopeful every day.

      The only thing I hold in question is what you mention about the mentally ill. The hyper partisan, murderous few. It doesn’t take many of these bad apples, based on evidence we see all around us, to influence many into psychotic thinking. Something has to break. From my travels, it’s many times worse in the US. We seem to be really easy to manipulate into frothing political nonsense, absent logic. And I live here, so I’m concerned.

      What we can all do is help our fellow netizens, neighbors, and nincompoops to think better. Give them books like Loserthink, guide them when they speak of murder to see their insanity as an assigned opinion. There is no remedy in the political system, or the news. I try to remind people that they get their information from people who sell ads, and what kind of information sells the most ads? Fake news. I’ve found most people prefer to be seeped in lies that comfort them, but then I’m an optimist.

    • William –
      My family fought at San Jacinto, not the Alamo. I don’t like “Alamo” plans. I prefer San Jacinto plans to take care of business and get on with things. But just like it took Houston a while to get around to it and he put up with a huge amount of pressure to “get ‘er done”, I think our San Jacinto moments are just ahead.

    • “the overall trend is to extend human freedom, and encourage growth and education to all.”

      I was in a class once where this very subject… here is a quote from the history of education.. “An Educated and Intelligent People Cannot Be Enslaved”: The Struggle for Common Schools in Antebellum Spartanburg, South Carolina”
      anyway the Jist of it all was.. if you dumb down the citizens of any country after three generations you can then enslave them.. even today.. you will not go anywhere in the business world.. if you don’t have a coloring book page in a frame on the wall.. then for the working class the loans are so big that you will never be able to pay them off and the combination affects will put you down to the average hourly wage earners social category..
      In some countries they push and education.. china.. for one if your willing to excel and push yourself you can go as far as you want.. if not.. then you go to either a labor camp or stuck on your farm etc.. the schools in the USA are basically a connection point.. party city..
      I tell kids all the time.. go to england or sweden germany etc.. get your education.. then come back.. so far only one has taken my advice and gone to germany to take school..
      We in turn push to keep the working class dumb or dumber..
      keep them dependent.. the thing about the days of old are no different than the days today.. you have the hive technology.. keep the aristocrats educated dumb down the people to the point they believe anything you tell them make them totally dependent on you..the Dark ages of today.. in a lot of ways.. the people were healthier during the middle ages.. education is what was withheld

      here is a list of some pretty good books..


      • “An Educated and Intelligent People Cannot Be Enslaved”

        Not true.

        If an organization or entity owns the means of creating and distributing information, it has the ability to use its audience’s intellect against it.

        I’m not even going to mention RTV news, because the means of using it to pump excrement into people’s heads should be intuitively obvious to everyone who frequents this site. Instead:

        Picture a news website – one where you click on an article and it brings up a photo and 6-10 lines of text, which fades away into the background, followed by either a “continue” or a “subscribe” button.

        Despite what you just read, that website contains no text in its main browser-frame.

        The “text” you just read is “dynamically created” from a Usenet article or an RSS feed. I’m really rusty, because I haven’t coded more than a links page in over 15 years, but I could probably (eventually) create a “news” website or portal which formats itself, creates its own links to “current events articles” and displays those articles dynamically, whenever someone clicks on, or links to, a given article. Can you even imagine what a 25yo kid who’s up on all the latest tech could do?


        He or she could create a couple dozen news sites per day and feed (& populate) them off a carefully delineated Google RSS stream. Total, complete, “hands-off” news, which supports whatever agenda the author wishes. Give ’em fancy, catchy, or semi-official sounding names, link them to faux military, government, or mainstream sites you’re spoofing with another narrowly-delineated RSS feed, and voila!

        You have just created a system that’ll “inform” millions of “intelligent” people, whatever it it you wish to inform them of, with whatever ideological slant you wish to present.

        One kid, sitting in his basement in his underwear could set something like this up by himself, in a month, and populate the first several hundred (free) Google Search links within 2-3 more months.

        Now, to make it even worse, picture a TV show, conceived by a lazy programming director, which is built on scarfing website content, Facebook memes, Youtube vids, and a daily Twitter grep then throwing it up for people to watch, while having a narrative “patter” going on between 2-6 people (AFV meets MST3k), or include it in a segment on the evening “news” (which I’ve seen in several towns.)

        You now have extensive coverage with near-saturation, and because geeks are both lazy and clever, you will become a source that CNN and FOX cite, within a year or two — just like “Media Matters” — all without doing work or being vetted, simply because you now “own the news…”

  5. eh . saw the change when the covid garbage started . why did you join the other guys mate ? how much they pay you to spin stories ? where did you get all the economic aggregate garbage from ? all sounds a bit RN to me . mate seriously you sure are a real beauty . urban survival alright

  6. Wait what / retirement from retirement?

    Nay nay Bretheren, for there is no rest for the weary in these times.. of The Conjunction.
    You know of the Conjunction, no?
    12K year electric arc/decending into Kali yuga, 12k year ascending electrical arc into Satya -golden age. Conjunction be the time period(undefined length) between yugas/cycles.
    Known precisely last birth date of the blue dude – Krishna(pr.Crushna) – see Prince Arjuna in The Mahabharata

    Christ birthdate not so known/solid.
    So based on Krishna birthdate the year 2024 is correct end of the current baktun in Mayan calendar..rut row.

    If and when blue dude returns as promised, will not be playing the peaceful teacher – he will be coming in hot (white horse?)..avenging warrior set to clean up our horrible mess. Yes Vimanas -Interstellar – he left us precise coordinates to his home..

    Wanna play wakeywakey for real, fight wit nogoodniks, hunt archons for sport?
    Good place to start –
    November 19th Full Moon Lunar Eclipse ! “doorways” will be opened”

    ??? big secret out of mystery schools..Full moon eclipse opportune time for achieving enlightenment..what ever that means, to you.

    Meditate, Ritualize(make up Ure own),Spiritual Practice on the full moon eclipse – lil fasting prior to is also good idea..fruit juice/tea -about it.

    *Caution/Warning – above spiritual practice (s) generates internal light(cant define,solly)
    – Archons/neg spirits No Likey more “lightness” in this realm, they Will notice, and Will attack..colds/flu symptons , sleep time…used to call these affects “bad benefits”.
    Plenty of time to prepare ..Ure space, Ure mind, Ure “Rituals” -anything will do – with correct intent – just Do.

    PS – solar storm last night -combined CME’s – pumping into Earth crust/core – Dutchsinse just posted his earthquake forecast for coming 10 days – Every quake, every location on globe – a factor of 1 increase – last weeks 4 will be a 5..so forth and so on.headz up.
    PSS No worries anymore US military – see linkhttps://www.zerohedge.com/news/2021-11-04/why-us-military-doesnt-win -go to bottom of page and pray.

    • “No worries anymore US military – see link https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2021-11-04/why-us-military-doesnt-win

      -go to bottom of page and pray.”

      Obama purged our real soldiers, and left the current weenies in charge. Of course Lippincott is correct. Everybody from battalion commander, up, needs a stiff eval, and probably 80% need to be shown the door. Hell, the next real Prez may need to offer a bunch of SSgts. commissions as brevet colonels to get things back on track…

  7. The comment that the Dems lost the Virginia election due to their Wokeness is spot on! People that are “woke” are just clueless pansies looking for an excuse to make their pathetic lives seem better. When did everyone become Mrs. Kravitz from Bewitched? Mind your own businesses people. Here is a clip that says it all. Forget the messenger. He is more centrist than you think. And he abhors woke people.


    • No, he’s not centrist. The fact you think he is leads to an interesting perception.

      Mahhher doesn’t like “woke” because if he did, he’d be the same as every other Leftist entertainer, and his ratings would tank. Bill’s schtick is he’s the “Howard Stern of late-night variety/talk shows.” The colorful vocab he can spout on HBO doesn’t make up for the fact he can’t carry an audience doing either comedy or serious talk, and so has to add controversy to his act to make it work — which he does, and it does.

      Enjoy him as an entertainer, but try to remember that’s all he is, and everything you see or hear is only what you’re supposed to…

    • Good common sense Bill Maher clip. Only concern is his lack of respect for the Wall. Many don’t realize that illegal immigration is ILLEGAL! Legal immigration is fair to all worldwide who want to come to the USA, but they are being slapped in the face by the illegals.

  8. Bill Maher as said alot that I can agree with lately,another reason to lesson to all sides.
    First USA coin minted the Fugio cent was a Benjamin Franklin Minted only in 1787 says Mind Your Business. Something we should print on are money again.

  9. Corollary No. 1 to “Everything’s a business model”:
    “It’s ALL show biz!”
    Waiting for the return of JFK Jr., Jackie and Marilyn….

  10. Bill Maher acts like he is part of the Wilkes Booth Project.


    He flips and flops around like a fish on dry ground. A trusted source?
    The libs want to lose their woke joke association that is exposing their libtardness. The Obummer gambit, failed. Woke Jokes that tried to divert from the Great Awakening.
    The Dems lost in Virginia because of the massive flood of Trump supporters going to the polls. You have to admit that Trump has a winning % with the candidates he supports.

    But a more important subject, would be, how do those, who got the vax’s keep from getting heart problems.

    And Durham is still working to clean the Russia Russia Russia mess from the last bunch of woke jokes.


    would you like me to post some Q predictions about Huma? who has been on MSNBC of late. See the Q drop 68 dated 11/3/2017. On 11/3/2021, I saw this interview
    Joy Reid and Huma Abedin interview below


    We all draw our own conclusions, but if you want to see, you got to peek out from under your covers. Monster’s Inc, be afraid, very afraid

      • YOU AIN”T Q,
        Yes, Q is a psy op and a gun is a gun, but the person in control of it makes the difference. A man I grew up with beat his wife to death with a hammer, does that make the hammer bad? I just read and watch stuff. The Covid virus is a psy op, yes, it is a real virus but the psy op part is all the mis info you have been fed about it. They have everyone masked up’ed, isolated and forcing vaccine mandates, because of a psy op of misinformation. This Q psy op has the deep state in fear, instead of the deep state holding US in fear. Do you not see all the MSM turn against Q, you have to wonder, Y
        Only the numb nuts went to Dealy Plaza looking for JFK jr stuff,(Q said jr is dead) there are mis-direction undercovers everywhere, look at the FBI informant in the Jan 6 rally encouraging Trump supporters to go INTO THE CAPITOL, psy ops everywhere. Keep your head on your shoulders but keep it on a swivel,

    • “alice in wonderland” ….is in AUS or is it Switzerland?

      – Yo Lenny anywhere near alice springs? – the bigtime “spook” base..Pine Gap. Name of current program at CERN ? Alice.
      What did Lewis say about the story ?? main character based on a real Alice = star pupil/student – great abilities.

      • No, no no.
        Q is real.
        Latest is that Jackie and Marilyn are going to Jello-wrestle with Keif refereeing. My money’s on Jackie; she’s small but she’s wiry. Marilyn’s a babe but has no muscle.
        Of course, if you believe that a dead Jewish carpenter is coming back after 2000 years, a dead president’s kid returning after 22 years sounds plausible.
        In the meantime, I’m looking for pedo’s in the pizza.
        Occam needs a shave.

  11. Comrades,

    Sit back and relax as your northern neighbors work through the wrinkles in your soon-to-be New World realities.

    Do you want to dine indoors at a restaurant, watch a concert, board a train or plane in this jurisdiction? No problem Comrades, present your proof of covid vaccination card or digital equivalent QR code along with matching government-issued picture ID. Don’t have? Sorry Comrade, do not enter, please exit through the egress.

    I was out yesterday evening and chatted with an acquaintance who works in health care. She has just received her third booster shot to supplement the original 2 dose covid vaccine. The booster shot is being rolled out to the general population by age. So far, the 70 years and over demographic is eligible.

    Roll up your sleeves, Comrades, you got work to do!

  12. Hi George!!! As always, thank you so much for taking the time to do these awesome write-ups for us!! Very much appreciated!! Regarding the daily email conundrum; if we (as in your loyal followers) already know that you post daily articles, why do we need an email notice stating the obvious??? If we miss it, well, who’s fault is that??? Plus we can easily catch up the following day!! I hate to hear that you are having to waste so much “Life Time” on this particular problem, when perhaps it’s not really necessary. Of course, I have no idea what roll this may play in your statistical analysis, and other such numerical feedback factors you use to track how your information measures up in the cyber world, so the emails may be more important than I realize. Anyways…..just throwing my $.0003 worth of thought out there. Thanks again and my best to you and your lovely wife!!!!!!

    • Actually, by the time the Fed gets done with your 3-100th’s of a cent input, it will be in the billions!

      People have a hard time with emails, I guess, lol

  13. The man who wanted to eat the fish, was eaten by the fish. Serendipity.

    Man eaten by piranhas after jumping into lake to escape bees

    A bizarre turn of events has led to the death of a 30-year-old man in Brazil.

    The man was fishing with two friends on a farm in the municipality of Brasilandia de Minas on Sunday when he jumped into a lake to escape a swarm of bees, the fire department told local publication Estado De Minas.

    His frantic friends also followed him into the water.


  14. actually that bsheet vertical rise at the end should have cooked the piece of sheet on a minute rsi . but nah !!!!!!!we will go again tommorrow and make up some more bsheet stories to feed into our robots , get a life yah vegetated zombies . facist ghouls

  15. George,

    Do you pay attention to solar weather? I ask because I think solar weather has massive effects on our planet and ourselves. You are into light energy, it seems to go together.

    We just had the worst solar storm in years, and it’s ongoing today. Just a coincidence, but today is “racing by” for me. My perception of time is wildly off. It seems like just a few minutes since I sat down this morning, but it’s been hours. (we’ve also discussed how time seems to also go slower on some days).

    If you are interested, follow Suspicious Observers on youtube. They give a daily solar weather report, at 5:30 am mountain time. 5 minutes of your time and you’ll be days ahead when a bad solar storm is approaching.

    Here’s the link for today’s report. In it they mention the recent CME’s and show the effect on a global map.

    On their channel page you can find lots of videos about the coming micro-nova events that will make Carrington look like a fire cracker.

    • “light energy”

      We know “flicker rate” can cause photosensitive seizure in some people. Unfortunately their mind seems to decode the flicker as chaos and so responds chaotically.

      But it also means the person’s mind interacts with the light in such a way there is forced physical reaction.

      In these modern times people are being encouraged to update their light bulbs to smart, internet-enabled LED bulbs. Bulbs with chips.

      What are your thoughts about flicker rates being tailored in such a way that people become mesmerized? The mind becomes a node.


      Li-Fi (also written as LiFi) is a wireless communication technology which utilizes light to transmit data and position between devices. The term was first introduced by Harald Haas during a 2011 TEDGlobal talk in Edinburgh.[1]


      • Let us return to those thrilling days of yesteryear. Acid rock concerts and some disco techs commonly used strobe lights. When combined with a very loud base line left the audience in a dazed and confused state. Scientists somewhere investigated and discovered that the right strobe frequency combined with the right bass frequency would disrupt the brains alpha waves. There was discussion of using this for crowd control. This phenomenon was also used a basis for Science Fiction Theater episode. Those were the days.

      • Further to the wave of thought of An old librarian:

        The PLA allegedly are planned to be equipped with new handheld sonic technology disruptor rifles according to a report from a couple of years back out of Hong Kong. The Chinese Academy of Sciences site in English is pretty light on content. There are pages and pages of research papers in chronological order on their Chinese site. However offhand I did not see a write up on the sonic disruptor.


      • Flickering lights affect me. I avoid it. As commented by another, I have also noticed that certain bass lines makes my head feel like jello inside. Also, I avoid. I have been unable to attend any decent rock concerts in years because of both issues. Don’t underestimate the combo ability to neutralize an angry mob.

    • There’s no such thing as a “micronova.”

      Also, our sun is not a type of star which is capable of “going nova.”

      I’m guessing what he’s calling a “micronova” is what astronomers and geologists call a “massive CME” and what Maj. Dames referred to as “the killshot.” Coronal Mass Ejections aren’t necessarily accompanied by an impressive-sized EMP. Massive CMEs are. The ejecta fire can reach well past Earth, and can temporarily suck-off a part of our magnetosphere, as well as knocking our electronics for a loop.

      The Earth’s magnetic field is in constant flux. IMO Dames’ “killshot” is a massive CME which arrives at a point in time when the magnetosphere is waxing weak. The ejecta would slice through Earth’s atmosphere, roast any ground it hit, and the accompanying EMP would rip through the ground and probably knock the entire planet back into the 1700s, but would not be an ELE per se, because it would cause no long-term atmospheric distortion or cooling.

      ‘Can’t remember what it is, but searching out electrical and electronic engineering sites some years ago, I stumbled across a forum populated by both EEs and astronomers. The reading was both learnéd and highly informative. I saw some of the stuff I learned there, reinforced years later by Neil deGrasse Tyson, who went into even more detail regarding near extinction-level CMEs.

      • “So you and Ben at Suspicious 0bservers aren’t exactly bosom buddies?”

        Probably not. I’m not a purist:

        “I’m guessing what he’s calling a “micronova” is what astronomers and geologists call a “massive CME” and what Maj. Dames referred to as “the killshot.” ”

        I guess I’m trying to be a “unifier.” I don’t disagree with his theory. I do disagree with his projected damage estimate, because while solar ejecta may still be warm when it gets here, it will not barrage Earth for long enough to glassify anything. it WILL kill everything it touches, though, could alter Earth’s rotational period or axis (or both), and (literally) God only knows what effect the accompanying EMP will have.

        Calling it a “micronova” offends me though, because a CME in no way resembles a nova. The energy burst given off by a nova is a different type of energy, and is quadrillions of times more-powerful than any possible CME. A gamma burst from an exploding star 4000 light years away, which scores a direct hit on Earth, will instantly kill everything on, in, under, and above, and may vaporize the planet, as well. Fortunately, “space” is really big, and gamma bursts from supernovas are really directional, like a laser, so our likelihood for survival from the fury of the Universe is rather high. Survival of our own stupidity as a species? Considerably less so…

  16. What the State giveth, the State can taketh.

    Maine voters passed the nation’s first “right to food” constitutional amendment on Tuesday.

    A statewide referendum asked voters if they favored an amendment to the Maine Constitution “to declare that all individuals have a natural, inherent and unalienable right to grow, raise, harvest, produce and consume the food of their own choosing for their own nourishment, sustenance, bodily health and well-being.” It was an experiment not tried before by any state.


  17. Of course the Fed runs (and owns) everything.

    According to the Grace Commission report — and that was back in the 80’s when debt was much lower — 100%, Yes, 100% of all tax revenue goes to paying interest on the debt. Every bit of spending since has been, and will be, borrowed.

    Can you spot the dilemma here?

  18. Candy bars are back. The 20 -21 gram protein bars are in the grocery stores. I like the 20 gram Think bars at 230 calories. The Clif Builder bar has higher calories and cane sugar in the ingredients list, so you have to take the low glycemic index claims with a grain of salt for some brands. Prices run about $1.50 a bar by the carton for most. I see some priced at $2.68 apiece at the grocery; I’m not biting on those. The bars cut your hunger effectively, and have a lot less calories than a super-sized bag of chips, or any of the glycemic charged snack foods. Try looking for anything with 20 grams of protein for less than $2.00 in the TV dinner section.

  19. $450k for each illegal the U.S. Govt did what to? And this after breaking our immigration laws? Fuck that idea!

  20. Whooaaaa that can’t be right. My GPS days I’m in Palm Desert. When I fill out anything in line it auto puts me in cour d’ Lane Idaho an address I have never been to and a phone number that is not mine. Is cour d’ Lane Idaho going to be the new Palm Desert? Or do I go to Palm Desert than to Idaho?

    And all that popcorn and that big bag of dinosaurs I found as a totem and a bag of door knobs as a totem. And a deck of cards and a peculiar item I won’t mention. And I’m running security for big events. Big events and popcorn and nukes and popcorn is a symbol for watching fights and drama. Big events…… that can’t be right. I just can’t pack my shit and leave town tomorrow. I mean I could. I could be on the road in a half hour. And Hank and his iodine tablets…. hmmmmmm. After I posted that I accidentally deleted every text on my phone. Not sure how I did that. Poof in an instant they were all gone. Hmmmm…. just like that.

    Then I looked at the little news app I have and it said they are looking for a missing fire chief deputy. Missing people. Twice. On my phone. Everyone on my phone and a mission deputy fire chief and pop corn and nukes and iodine and Palm Desert and cour d lane and the cards never lie. Dinosaurs. Went extinct. Hmmmmmmmm.

    Well I best get into the shower. Feeling better. Much better.

    Probably nothing. Ya. I think it’s time for me to move again. And right quick. Maybe as soon as next week. 11/11 military time date stamp. Been seeing that for a while. Make a wish……

    Sorry for the ramble. Just scrying a little. Sounding it out. On the sound. Waves. Lots of kinds of waves.


  21. So i know they watch me. The nsa all those guys. You can tell everyone who the president is on a Tavistock 10 months in advance as well as all the other predictions I have made about everything from many earthquakes to Gdp of countries to the Russian stock exchange and not get notice.

    It occurred to me, perhaps the blockade isn’t what we think. They are looking for something or someone on one of those ships. I was thinking about how the same ship that was stuck in the sues canal was in Seattle sound when I moved to the beach and we recently had a cruise ship stuck out there for a week or so. The thing about listing all the Time to everything around you is sifting through the noise to hear what is really going on. The chatter if you will. The creation grid is always taking about this and that. Stuff that doesn’t affect ya at all. And may not even be about you. But they are looking for something and I think it’s a nuke. That is why all them ships are sitting out there. I had suspected that is why the parked that ship there. The ever given with evergreen on the side if it a while back. I just thought it was a funny joke about pulling the log out of your own eye before getting the speck out of mine. With the all seeing eye being the top of the Egyptian pyramid and an evergreen being a tree and an eye sore from Egypt. LOL

    Hmmmmmm. And poof they were all gone. In an instant. “Hear the silence so loud” ~ for whome the bells toll ~ by Metallica. About Egypt and the blood of the lamb on a door way. Cross refrefrence to people calling me the holy son of God and Jesus being an event similar in nature that kept death at the doot and a bag of door knobs I just found as a totem.. and all the ptjr data around me… lining up with a new Ethiopian assistant from a place where they keep the Arch of the Covenant, me standing behind the baracade where the eagles are playing, eagles a term for Angel and everyone calling me Angel. But eagles playing a song about the first church of statan called Hotel California in San Francisco home of the the rice a roni rona treat. At a place called Climate Pledge with an eco foot print of zero. Me being zero. Zero being the symbol for the all seeing eye in both myan, Aztec and Egyptian glyphs and matrix resurrection coming out on my 10th NDE, same date at the end of the myan long count. Plays at midnight dontcha know at most theaters. And the hotel California burned to the ground from a fire and got rebuilt. Not sure the date on that off hand. ….. just lots and lots of coeslecing data juxtapositions. And pre echos or effects before the cause if your listing. And I’m always listing. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. could be nothing. Could mean a lions share win for me…. but I think I will have a bag packed tonight by the door, ready to roll. If needed. Hmmmmmm…. everyone dressed up in costumes of who they aren’t. Not me. I’m squeaky clean. Just got out of the shower. I’m safty and security. Hmmmmm

    Something is there. There is too many refrefrence and juxtapositions not to be. Hope they find what they are looking for. Alot of missing things for people have been being returned lately. Even me. And the sage advice on my cop of yogi tea says, “what belongs to you will come to you.”

    And I been thinking about those who stole from me. Weeds among the crop if you will. Not just me. But THE DUDES crop. Alot lately. Hmmm…………………

    Hope they find it. Whatever it is they held up all that shipping looking for something. They are definitely looking for something. Even Georgr Bush the father of 2 20 year wars and the author of 9/11 an inside job has been coming up lately. And everyone has been talking about him like he was a Saint. No wonder the muzsies are pissed at us. We blamed them for a false flag, entered their countries based on WMD and occupied them for 20 years of kicking down doors and shooting up the place and labeled them terrorist. If some other country did that to Christians? We be piseed as hell too. Wouldn’t want to be that guy on judgment day. No doubt about that. Worst president ever in history George Bush Jr. Way worse than Nixon.

    Hmmm. See ya all around. Something wicked this way comes. Not sure what or when. Sooon I suspect. Too much data around to not notice.

    • No – from people in a position to know – all these ships are checked for neutrons and such – well before anchoring off the most fct up ports around…

      • Good to know. Learn something new every day.

        And I tend to over analyze things. Most of the time I feel we are on a good path. No matter what the data suggests. Search your heart Luke. Said Yoda. 444 and 666 came up today coupled together. 666 is Chi or life. Most think negatively about it. But in Hebrew 666 is a lucky number. It means good fortune. When I see it. I think money. Coupled with 444.

        You know an observation I noticed. When you are on the Baracade at a big show. Protecting the stars on stage. Especially In a Boss position the Alpha of the Alphas. Wearing the full head gear not the little ear piece like the regular alphas. All those women make eyes at you while their boyfriends look down or away. You are the physical presence of “fuck around and Find out.” And “I will snatch your ass up and have ya out the door and on the street before you even realize what happed to you” kinda fella.

        See the deal right now is at some point. It won’t matter how much they pay ya. Stuff skyrocketing in price around here. So much the prices change daily. Oh it’s only 20 cents here and 50 cents there but 2 months later something that used to cost $4.00 3 months ago is now $9.00. Inflation is an eye opener.

        I’m pro Muslim, I’m not pro any religion. I’m Christian but a right to a understanding and of one’s choosing is a human right. Be a God, shingle on a roof top or door knobs. None of my business and I think THE DUDE can speak to anyone on their level through any any means THE DUDE so chooses.

        On the other hand. I do have great empathy for anyone Especially our troupes that were sent to die for WMDs in not just one but two 20 year wars on two fronts where no WMDs were found in countries that never did us no harm what so ever. Kicking in doors, killing men, women and children in a place we never should have been a single day let alone for 20 years. Not Bush, Not Obama, Not Trump Not even Biden put an end to any of it. It’s still going on. The media made a big deal about it. But we are still over there. Kicking in doors and rat tat tat tat on civilians. Under the flag of Freedom and Good will to all mankind. And that stinks to HIGH HEAVEN. I’m not pro any party that continues on with that bullshit. At all. And both the Republicans and Democrats of congress and the house have blood of innocent people on their hands. No doubt that. How they sleep at night? I have no idea.

        Just got to work. Be a long day. My people missed me. My regional director is like the substitute teacher. And today it’s welcome back Coter. Me being Mr Coter. Step Dad ain’t the same as Dad. And Dad is back today. But If Dad don’t start making better money? They will all be orphans. I’m not here for the pomp, prestige, romance or fun of it. Which is in abundance. Make no mistake. I’m here for the munny. If cost too much to live here compared to my goals. Well I can always find something more lucrative to do. Buy a truck and slap on a snow plow and move to Idaho. That pays $150 an hour to plow parking lots. Where the cost of living is alot lot less. And where it’s 7 to one women to men ratio.

        I can do that 12 hours a day and listen to alot less bitching and whining. Ya feel me dude? And not have to do the meet and greet dance with every famous person in town and have their backs while they get paid millions. Pretty simple math dude. I know sometings are worth more than money. But ya can’t retire on love. Uhh and Maby I’m wrong about that.

        I’m right here and right now. Where I’m supposed to be. Make a a commitment. I am. I am committed to my wallet. Lol what is in it for me. I have already done my part to transform the trash of the world into heros. Many times over. That is my calling in life. And I will continue that till the day I die. Which isn’t for a long time. But they need to Andy up the kitty. If they want to keep me around. Me thinks they will. Guys like me are rare these days. Only come around once in a life time. So, it is said by many around me. The hype they say. I don’t say that. I keep telling them. I’m just a small town boy from Alaska. I’m not really that big of deal. I’m just Andy. Stop calling me an Angel ffs. If I was an Angel. I’d be getting paid alot more. Just ask The Eagles who are getting $1748 for a single front row ticket while I stand there and let everyone at the show know without saying a word, You ain’t getting past me punk. Don’t even think about it. To protect them so they can cash in there chips.

        And without me there and my crew? There wouldn’t even be a show.

        Later George. I got to get busy. Being the Wizzard of Ahhhzzzz here in the Emerald City. Spoke, to Dorthy last night in Spokane. Think she finally left Oklahoma Zach. Misses me. Having a rough go waiting tables. So many puns. Lol

        And maybe I’m drawing to me the love I found in Idaho and the wealth of palm desert. And that is why my GPS is stuck in Palm Desert and my address is Idaho. Faith like potatoes. Me. Im just the just the Jack of Clubs lately. I spose that is better than being a zero. Lol

      • Uhem. Im not pro Muslim. Damn auto correct. I’m not pro any religion. I think that is a personnel choice. I studied them all and found many truths in all of them. But I hold Christ’s teachings by far superior. Even tho they are written in red. And red usually means deception when I look at things. They are bright gold when I look at them in a certain way. That is why I’m Christian. And I have a very strong understanding of what it truly means to be a wretch in need of Amazing Grace. I wouldn’t be here without that.

  22. Guess what’s reached the Americas:

    Millions of locusts swarm Trinidad, infesting homes, plaguing residents and devastating crops

    The people of Princes Town have been living in a horror movie for the past two weeks. The Moruga locusts (Coscineuta virens) have swarmed by the millions, munching through fruit trees and ornamental plants, and threatening to destroy acres of crops in surrounding farmlands.


  23. ABBOTT: Texas Now ‘Laying Miles Upon Miles of Razor Wire’ to Blockade Border Ahead of Yet Another ‘Caravan’

    AUSTIN, Texas (Texas Insider Report) — “Those are Texas taxpayer dollars doing the Federal Government’s job,” said Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, adding that Law Enforcement Officers now on the Texas-Mexico Border were laying down “miles of razor wire” to tighten border security amid media reports of an approaching caravan

    Abbott also said Texas is “building its own border wall,” and that work will begin on that in the next two months following the Texas Legislature’s recent appropriation of more than $3 billion of state taxes to secure its border.


  24. Millie said China is unlikely to try to move over Taiwan in the next two years

    Mark Millie, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Wednesday that China is unlikely to take any action against Taiwan in the next two years. Millie’s remarks came amid intense tensions in the region and US assurances that it would stand by Taiwan against Chinese aggression.


    Okay, so we’ve been wrong. Who could possibly doubt someone as well-informed and well-connected as Millie…?

    • Has he been like…pee tested? Because when Chinese are being told to store foods, mongolian coal is being stockpiled and the PLA-AF is skirting the ADIZ with the RoC frequently, well….seems like China’s more likely to make a run at a trifecta (India, Australia and ‘Wan) ALL in quick succession….

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