PPI – UI Filings – Meandering to Down Markets

The Mexico Invasion begins anew today.  We’ll get to that down the page so as not to get topic-banned in search… ahem…

Let’s instead start the day with P.P.I. – Producer Price Index – numbers.  Because while we are still shocked at the stupidity of [controlled] media running up someone’s book in the market Wednesday, PPI is a look up the supply chain a ways to see what’s coming next.  Wait no longer!

“The Producer Price Index for final demand advanced 0.2 percent in April, seasonally adjusted, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Final demand prices fell 0.4 percent in March and were unchanged in February. On an unadjusted basis, the index for final demand moved up 2.3 percent for the 12 months ended in April.

In April, 80 percent of the rise in the index for final demand is attributable to a 0.3-percent increase in prices for final demand services. The index for final demand goods advanced 0.2 percent.:

Unlike the runaway hype around CPI, this moderation is likely a useful indicator.  Rally ho?  Well, let’s talk gearing of globalism, for a sec.

From here, it’s not a stretch to notice that BTC was down into the $27,000s again.  And since BTC is a proxy for a mashup of Chinese economic controls and inflation fears, with a hefty dose of hacker ransoms, we know what could logically follow.

See, when BTC goes down, the purchasing power of the Dollar has gone up.  Which then ripples into Forex where the stronger dollar whack gold and silver upon yon pee-pees.  Noticing this, inflation waning, commodities get cheaper and profits of American companies look more promising.

Still, momentum is a powerful thing.  We would not be surprised to see the rally make another run up for the first half-hour if at all.  Then another down, which should last several trading hours.  Ending in the Big Set Up into the weekend.

We continue to be shocked at the implied “no recession” mantra in the MainStream.  For example, this morning’s report Inflation data points to Fed pause on rate hikes.  We need to all sit back and remember introductory statistics.  The PPI today is good, but?

No, there was no IMPROVEMENT or POINTING in the CPI report.  (Jesus, please dispense some of the Almighty’s numerical acuity on these people, please.)

The Fed says “We look mostly at CPI less food and energy.”  No change on that line as we pointed out (with similar vitriol, disgust, and disbelief in what passes for “colleges” have turned out as “journalists”).

Now, it ain’t all bubbly and caviar.  Unemployment filings are up noticeably this week:

After the data, markets turned down.

Parrots-not-reporters.com is another one of those million-dollar ideas we had.  You could AI the shit out of it and leave it unattended to print cash. But at 74 and 80, we’re too busy packing in memories to leave the planet with. Before exiting to the all-expenses paid, tax-free, dead zone in a decade or two. So, here’s what up:  if you want to become fabulously wealthy as a net mogul, have at it.  You’ll never run out of juicy shit to write about.


25-years ago, we pioneered a kind of equal-dollar Aggregate of multiple financial markets.  (Because Wall Street lies, but that’s a longer discussion…)

While updated twice weekly on our premium content site (Peoplenomics.com), we’re also mindful that people in general will find the view interesting, and if nothing else, entertaining.

We were wondering aloud on the subscriber side Wednesday as to whether this would be a Wave 4 going into a final higher 5 over summer.  Before the Big Yellow Scale 1 down results in the inevitable Wave 3 down amidst war this fall.

Attention in 3Chuck land: FTSE 100 and EU markets open higher ahead of BoE rate decision.  Raise rates and like it, gd-it.

OK – What’s the market telling us? 

Hard to know with any precision – yet.

When China peacefully skydives into Taiwan, and the U.S. does nothing but minor blustering but Nuclear War Averted by Joe (reelect Joe! God, I can hear it already.).  All lines out this way as a “Wag the Dog” meets Cuban Missile Crisis.  We’ve even got the requisite Kennedy surname walk-on, which I’m sure our Winnipeg news analyst will find delightful grist in forthcoming analytics in the Comments section.

We are not the only ones eyeing the chessboard and getting Harmon-sized headaches (If you didn’t get the Queen’s Gambit ref, never play chess!).  The 1945 article here is excellent: World War III: Could America Stop China from Invading Taiwan? – 19FortyFive

Reader Asks, BTW:  What did FUTT mean?  Since the second word in FMTT is “me” in this alt.spell it means “us.”  Because of stories like the preceding we figure that a bad finale is, more or less, inevitable.

Cue the Devil

While we wait for the global Chihuly displays to be placed, we’ve been eyeing the possible showdown in the works between Vlad Bad and the Wandering Wagner leadership.  Which could go badly.  Egos, right? Wagner Leader Brazenly Calls Out Putin Amid New International Pressure |(usnews.com).

With shades at the ready, review Wagner boss Prigozhin: Ukrainian offensive has started around Bakhmut flanks | Reuters and air it out on Comments.  Wagner wins and then shares power?  No way of knowing how it will progress.

The Mexico Invasion – II

Our traitors, corporatists, and ego shills in Washington are letting Mexico win the Second Mexican American War that president Eisenhower let begin by failing to secure the border when we could.

While Negligent Joe has failed too (admittedly, we’re not surprised), bunches of towns and counties along the (what used to be a…) border have already declared States of Emergency. What impact could ending Title 42 have on border cities?

Both Elaine and I love Mexico and Mexicans.  What we don’t like is “breaking and entering and paying for it by passing out guns and drugs on America’s streets.” While the extreme Left Marxists in America scream “IF you oppose open borders, you’re a racist!” bullshit.

Use the door (border crossings) please.

Fact is, Pappy is right again: If you want to be a successful country in 20-309 years, fight a war with the U.S.” Which worked dandy for Germany and Japan.  Southeast Asia is coming on, too.  Look where your electronics are made lately.  So yeah, waterfront, and requiring a workforce of 50-billion new leftwing voters to teach SSL and ESL – yeah, we’ve screw up another global heritage region by failing to contain ourselves.  Idiocy marches on.

Snorts and Shorts

We’re sure that whatever Global Warming might appear, its au natural.  But Hot Air?  All over the place.  Today’s Hot Air Reads (HARs):

A highly edumacated retired (but not really) olive drabber I know told me a while back that what we’re all (sentient, earthlings) going through is likely the result of complexity.  I reassured him the right modeling platform would be viral infections not complexity.

Networks created Thought Virus – a human first?

As we see in the news flows every morning, people egotistically assess themselves as “complex.”  Naw, not hardly.  Ask Andy.  Point is we’ve never seen a global self-deluded civilization before.  Well, except for the previous network parms handed down through legends of the tower of Babal.

We can solve climate change by simply turning off the Internet.  At that, all environment-wrecking crypto mining stop, along with 95 percent of commerce shortly after.  Followed by mass shooting looting…yessir.  Climate change solved, energy conserved, and the Georgia Guidestones fulfilled.  Whew! Where were we?

Of course, we don’t really need catastrophism anymore.  Since we have Joe Biden: Biden unveils sweeping EPA rules to force power plants to slash nearly all emissions.  Techno dunce, anyone?

Or, Gavin Gruesome.  Because he’s “done played” California Blacks by letting a reparations narrative take root and then going stupid in mid-thought.  Gavin Newsom’s reparations dodge proves Democrats see them only as a political stunt (nypost.com) Shit fire and save matches: We were waiting to see his “Racist Free Lunch Machine” debut.”  (This may be the only place left on Earth where the difference between Equal and Equity (and pandering) is clear.  Stick around and you might learn mental acuity which our readers are exceptionally proficient in.

ATR: Catting around CNC Build

Cooler day here in East Texas, Wednesday.  Son G2 was busy with projects and with Elaine reorganizing the kitchen for the third time in 120-days, I went to work on building the CNC machine and taking pictures of the build for ShopTalk Sunday this weekend.

Just as I’m really getting into it (frame alignment matters), here comes this terrible yeowling.  Yup, the feral cats had decided to play “hard to get” around the tractor.  That’s more than “done it” for us.  We’re likely to set a live trap for Sam and give him a ride to Dr. Snippet’s place.

The ultra-low carb, high protein diet is going great.  I’ll report back on my recipe idea for a clone of those Egg Bites at Starbucks.  Planning to make a bunch in the steam oven this morning. G2’s keto firehouse soup tonight.

More showers and cooler than usual temps continue here in the underbelly of the Midwest.  Highs are still running 4-5 degrees lower than normal.  And what a year for the lawn.  Makes me want to dig out the sticks.

Write when you get rich,


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51 thoughts on “PPI – UI Filings – Meandering to Down Markets”

  1. Hi George, Ad Blocker: I use Brave and I followed the instructions to stop ad blocking. Shields are down, however I still get the popup to turn off blocking. Am I missing something?

      • “Germany and Japan. Southeast Asia. South/Central America.”

        All evidence of post colonialism. That’s what changed.

        “The post-colonial age refers to the period since 1945, when numerous colonies and possessions of major Western countries began to gain independence, in the wake of the end of World War II.”

        Just look out the window.

      • “Continue without supporting”

        I do pay the annual subscription fee. Yesterday I logged and saw the pop-up, “Continue without supporting”.

        Is Wednesday and Saturday now ad supported and no longer fee based?

        • NO. Peoplenomics (site and content) is ONLY on a subscription basis. But no ads.
          UrbanSurvival has always had ads – just that revenue has dissipated due to ab blockers. Everyone’s fighting back.
          BTW if there was no PN I’d shitcan this whole site and stop working 60 hours plus a week on this and do something else (more trading?) for a side hustle in retirement…

        • George, I found the Brave logo to the right of my search bar, toggled ya back to receive ads from ure only.
          It is not so bad on my desk top,,, BUT on my phone the ads suck , actually I dislike reading ure site, or any site, on my phone,,,
          scroll scroll scroll scroll on & on
          I AM a desk top guy, I do Zero business on my phone, just calls and texts,

  2. As I see it the bottom line is unless ALL the Biden regime is removed from any office power they hold and that means in office or out of office, as Biden is just a stupid puppet for those pulling his strings, America as we KNEW it is doomed and so is the citizens. Will this happen? as it appears the evil ones have are so deeply embeded that I doubt it. My saving grace, I am old enough that I won’t have to see the total destruction for very long. That might be a blessing in disguise. LOL

  3. What is the rate for snipping locally down there? Will you show equality and have both the Kitty’s snipped and tied? Our mean old Sheena passed on last fall and I have to admit I kind of miss the old hag. Knew she was sick when she walked up to me in the shop and just lay down by my feet. Normally you could not get within arms reach without being attacked. I find myself thinking about her whenever I walk by the Pet Sematary.
    Stay safe. 73

  4. Yeowling ?!

    Dude, G – dead cats tell no tails, let alone emit sorrowful howls when denied something they want..like strange. https://youtu.be/vIl444djupo

    The solution that is easier and way more entertaining than making a payment on Ure Vets fishing boat payment plan, see my Turkish friends over at HatsanUSA – they can set you straight in no time.. https://hatsanairgunsusa.com/product/jet-ii/

    Endless entertainment, no vet bills, plus you always wanted to Ure own jet. Ure welcome.

    https://www.wine-searcher.com/regions-pouilly-fuisse or BTC ? Guess we already know the outcome, like Peace in Israhell – NEVER going 2 happen, never has .

    • ‘Gender Neutral’ problem: How did they solve the variance in hip diameters? Elastic waistbands?
      “Gender Dysphoria” is a mental problem… not a physical one. Every cell in the human body has either x-chromosomes or y-chromosomes. Are you gonna replace every cell with a ‘transplant’ until you feel ‘right’?

      Sad part is the kids are being groomed for this in school before they are mature enough to know the difference. MTG correctly calls it ‘pedophilia’…. sexualizing immature kids. Network reporter Leslie Stahl, looking rather grandmotherly, made the motion of her head blowing up when MTG said this. Open minded journalist? I think not.

      • “Open minded journalist? I think not.”

        Air whistling through her ears would qualify her for being open minded. She’s so open minded her brain fell out.

      • Hank,

        “This evidence report reveals how the World Health Organization and United Nations are sexualizing little children in primary education worldwide, for the purpose of normalizing pedophilia. This report consists of nothing but solid evidence, with many official documents, videos, books, archives, etc. All PDF documents may be downloaded from the references section at the end of this report”.


        • its way worse…
          before they buried all the photos and such of the pizza scandal.. there were some pretty horrible things brought up.. all ignored by the DOJ and Congress.. why who knows how many of them are involved.. and I to this day still believe that the one that brought the information to the public was an investigator that realized he didn’t have any other avenue to go..
          Look at the laptop same deal.. the only hard part is the vastness of it.. and they are still trying to keep the pedo kid from posting..
          those that were to give testimony died.. those that released their emails in prison on a suicide watch if he comes to the USA
          one hosting the fun and games on his private island.. suicide in prison..

        • I haven’t read any of this, but am not surprised. The reason for pushing an obscure aberration (transvestism/transsexualism) so hard is intuitively obvious. Pedos are six times as common as trannies and after a couple generations of sneaking around, want their aberration re-legalized.

          Paedophilia has always been frowned-upon, but was not criminal behavior in most parts of the world — including in the United States — until the late 1970s, nor was kiddieporn, until 1980. The pedos want their toys back, and as I’ve stressed several times, they’re virtually all of voting age, and there are (based on historical numbers and percentages) over 4 million of ’em in the U.S. today (not counting the ones who’ve invaded us over the past couple years…)

          That’s a sizeable voting bloc.

          MTG can sometimes sound a little flaky, but she’s right on target on this subject. I hope she stays on it, and that doing so does not sign her death warrant. There’s some really powerful pervs in the world, today…

    • What if the word “theater” has a different meaning in Quatrain IX-83?

      “In warfare, a theater or theatre is an area in which important military events occur or are in progress. A theater can include the entirety of the airspace, land and sea area that is or that may potentially become involved in war operations”.


      Nostradamus Quatrain IX-83
      Sun twentieth of Taurus [May 10th] a mighty earth trembling,
      The great theater [Hollywood, California] completely ruined,
      The air, sky, and land darkened and troubled,
      Then the infidel [Islamic Jihadist] invokes God and the saints.

      • JC, good call. although I do not see a direct nuke. more like the one that went off by Japan resulting in the EQ there.

        what? the EQ in Japan was a nuke that went off close, creating the EQ and tsunami?

        that is a wild conspiracy. unless you look at the data.

        did you know that all theater finds its origin in singing and dancing as a form of worship. prior to that. before Atlantis it is said that what we would consider ae elves could sing trees into forming homes for them.

        music creates movement to words. it raises words vibrational values.

        elevating value not inflating them by devaluing them.

        it is said that the ancient of days, has legions of angels around His throne doing what?

        singing and playing music.

        as the scripture says, even the hills and valleys break out in song and coming of the Lord of Hosts.


        this symbol ~ makes movement as well.

        first things first. more warm weather and sunshine, very outstanding buisness. then back to the valley. I think I will stay here a very long time. buy some dirt here once I’m done handling all that. it’s so beautiful here. just need a cute little red head to boss me around on my days off. hahahah

        until then, I will be

        que: ~ hunting, fishing, and loving every day ~


        Luke Brian.

  5. I checked into the psilocybin mushrooms.

    While there is an Ann Arbor, MI store front the mushrooms/mushroom products are sold locally by delivery only in 3.5 gram packages for $60.00 per package (Penis Envy/B+/Golden Teacher). Other price points and consumables are offered.

    The recommended beginner dosage is 2.5-3.0 grams of dried mushrooms. This dosage ensures a trip but not overdoing it. The effect can last up to 5 hours so that would mean a solid three hours of recreation time around a camp fire.

    The estimated cost for two couples at beginner dosages would be 3 packages, $180. (2.6g/ea).

    I don’t know if psilocybin reveals machine elves but seeking machine elves would probably be expert level of 4.0-5.0 grams, “personal experiences that are impossible to describe”.

    • Ure correct – gonna need a hero dose! F- the machine elves, they are there for Ure own good, ignore em, move past, and pay a “price”.

      I personally have decided on combo doses..Peyote and and Schrooms, expert dose of each combined will put you on hyperspace highway whether want to you take that drive or not. Setting is key to good vibes, as is having a “safety safe”.

      Safety safe can be any object that you can sit or lie on comfortably. They are sanctuaries from scary shit you might bump into or suddenly come upon as you walk thru house, yard..you know like that carpet in the hallway turning into a burning pool of lava right there in the middle of your house, or the neighbors cat yeowling outside while you Ure trippin ballz terrorized by sound of banshees outside Ure door.
      Trip Sitters – they do a great service and stay with you or nearby for your entire trip..well worth the expense if Ure Spouse/Significant other is anything like mine..”She Who Shall Not Be Crossed”

      Happy Trails..

      • The last place I worked I tried getting together a group and I think people thought I was crazy. But they were cheering Bruce Jenner transitioning into a woman so I just don’t know anymore.

        I’m trying to whet G’s appetite.

        It’s legit.


    • that also goes with my buddy seeing a very large boat laying on Broadway. strange place for a boat to be.

      a street but also a the name of place of theater. good fit. thanks JC. I appreciate you.

      aa I said before. you don’t need me around anymore filling in the gaps. if you really consider what everyone is saying? the answers there.

      ~ music gives life to words. ~

  6. I have not experienced any fatigue, or physical doldrums over the past few day.., but I have had several very long and very odd lucid dreams. I am still writing down my last one.
    – Anyone else here experienced an up-tick in the dream world ?

      • The last two lucid dreams had a lot of violence – which is not all that new for me., but the level of violence along with the locale and situation was completely new, unexpected and surprising.
        – It is, as if I have stepped over some phantom line into a whole new and different view., very different reality. Neither dream location/circumstances are any place you’d want to be., it is not something you would choose to see., or be a part of., but there I was…………,
        – It has been a rather unsettling couple of nights.

  7. George,

    The composite Wilshire is following a 13 March 23 10/23/23 days :: xy/2-2.5xy/2-2.5xy fractal growth and decay series preceded by a 13 October 16/38/30/22 day fractal series :: x/2-2.5x(x’ =15 days)/2x’/1.5x’ . These sequential series conclude a 23 March 2020 low 28/71/70 week series.


    The final 23 days starts 26 April 2023 and is composed of a 5/10/10 day series:: x/2xy/2xy. Friday and next following Monday are days 9 and 10 of the second fractal subunit of this series and should be down valuation days.

    The asset debt macroeconomic system is self-assembling and operating independently of the day-to-day current default/debt-ceiling-limit issue … with an expected low on Friday 26 May 2023. But the political blame game will be interesting/entertaining to follow.

  8. Re: Tossed Salad
    feat. greek vinaigrette


    Wow. Yesterday’s Republican Ways & Means Committee update on the First Son investigation apparently ended up on the most media editors’ floors? One will have to make do with the publicly published remarks of the President at a Wednesday evening fundraising party.

    Transportation to New York was provided courtesy of Air Force One for a community college confab. Then it was off to the Wall Street Landing Zone heliport. First stop was a reprise of a 2020 event (which raised $2 million?) at the home of a former billionaire ceo of Blackrock. Next up was a visit to the residence of an at least twice-as-wealthy head of a private Anglo-Greek holding company conglomerate. The published presidential remarks were from this second event.

    The President launched with a “slightly negatively” received Catholic joke. It involved the recently retired Greek Orthodox Vicar-General of the Archdiocese of America who was in attendance. The transcript records a partial response of Father re-directing any mirthful responses to “…see…my altar boy here.” By coincidence, Father is a director on the board of the Beau Biden Foundation. The “New York Daily Post” offers up the coinkydoink that Father’s son was a guest of the now First Son but then in 2015 Second Son at Washington’s “private ‘Garden Room’ of Café Milano” along with important people.


  9. Oh my yes on the dreams, even at nap time. they have even wakened me and I am a sound sleeper.

  10. Whadda ya mean, Blacklist?

    nerp – reason Victor Bout locked up so loong..Silence him regards ukies nuke black market and its role in 9/11. dundundun

    SS-24 -soviet missiles – US ordered and arranged for them all to be sent to Pakistan. Ukies held onto some motors and couple whole missiles.
    ..one of these “cooked off” in Khershon the other night( link posted other day) due Russian attack and brought about full coverup.

    It gets better..they sold some to Iran in the 90’s..whoops.

    Nazification was done to protect black market. Imran Kahn was blocking the Packies participation in these black market transactions that enrich key political figures.

    Loooooong history of top US officials involved in black market nuke trade, including one DOE head and one non proliferation oversight head. surprised?

    – All these weapons pouring into ukraine to tune of bbbbbBILLION$, and spilling out the back door onto black market.

    -Some things never seem to change, how unnatural is that ?

  11. So after feeling super tired Monday and part of Tuesday, we had 2 earthquakes in AZ on Wednesday. About 2 hours north of me. Interesting……….

  12. Interestingly, there was a 5.4 quake near Tokyo early this morning and a 5.4 quake in northern CA this afternoon.

  13. good dart Mr Ure. well done.

    the reason I don’t predict the future much anymore or tell it as much as I used to is one reason.

    to inspire others, don’t show them your super powers. show them theirs.

    in this case ures. with the right date on the big EQ.

    JC is correct.

    I’m heading south soon.

    until we meet again.

  14. p.s. the only thing I needed to know about where my vote is going in 2024? drill baby drill

  15. not heading south in a bad way. I’m heading north after a bit. I just need to handle some outstanding buisness in Arizona and Cali.

    then the big move.

    DUDE says go. I go.

    hopefully these last years of dialog has inspired others to look at the world in a different light and recognize what creation is speaking to you all the time. understanding its language. it speaks to every human at the level of understanding they are capable of comprehending.

    for me. my biggest block in learning it was accepting it as = true. and having confidence in my interpretation.

  16. I am still trying to come to grips with the concept that a happy retirement requires a 60 hour work week. My objective is to hold it down to maybe 32 to 40 hours, which is where I am at now. I am telecommuting, which reduces operating expenses enormously, and eliminates the physical commute time overhead. That may be a key to extending the working years. The telecommute has me back in more of a consulting role, rather than trying to herd young bullies and ignoramuses directly, all of whom try to use intimidation and clique tactics (workplace ganging) to compensate for lack of experience, knowledge and judgement. Company executives encourage such behavior, because, that is their kind of people.

    ZeroHedge now requires that you pay for it’s best articles and they charge too much. Dilbert is out there. Ure site is more the (mostly) polite reader forum than the Others, and is one of the few I pay for the premium access. I hope more of your gratis readers chip in for a Peoplenomics membership, and you drop the anti-ad blocker campaign, or perhaps modify a bit for the benefit of the PN members.

  17. Hmmm.. so did they really expect them to hand it over.. I sure didn’t.. https://nypost.com/2023/05/10/fbi-refuses-to-give-congress-informant-file-alleging-biden-took-bribes/
    Consider the past the hundreds of photos and videos of other past members of the elite their websites and everything they flaunted in the publics face over their activities…. that made it all available to anyone and everyone flaunting their evil and deviant lifestyles.. those that released information were locked up.. or died.. those that were going to testify somehow ended up being mugged or commited suicide..
    I even believe that congress that hates to read the crap they vote into law signed a law saying that they don’t ever have to give them anything .. and basically strips the power of congress.. so what is a few hundred million of dollars that won’t be worth a happy meal soon.. or the deviant lifestyle they are all accustomed to..

  18. “… most of us go through Life with a storyline and plot holding our course for us.”

    Most of us go through Life with a storyline and plot fed to us by OTHERS. It’s when we realize that only you are driving the bus and you hold the power do you find your way out of the infamous Dark Cave. (And the Damned Dark Staters HATE that).

    “Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the relationship between Humans and Physics.”

    Humans are as Quantum as the nearly totally-empty atoms that comprise the movie screen of Life that we foolishly might believe is Reality. But one can spend their entire life hoping that Their Movie is Reality but a movie is always just a movie… even when you refuse to ever stand up and walk out of that theater.

    “I’ve begun to wonder of late whether exerting control greater than 50 percent constitutes a ‘winning Life’ when the LRE (*life review experience, commonly reported by near-death experiencers) in The End, shows up. We all get to find out. Judge for yourself.”

    We have a lot more than 50 percent control. Maybe not 100… but a lot closer to 100 than 50. Why? The Outside (World) is the Inside World (in our heads). In fact, quantum physics has proven that there is NO ‘Outside World’ at all. It all happens inside the dark corners of our brain… at the direction of our soul and spirit. We create the movie in our heads and – once again — can foolishly think that Our Movie is Reality.

    “When you go to sleep, you can’t prove that the waking world you woke up in the next day is the same that you dozed off from the night before.”

    The world you experience is not that same ONE SECOND after you experience it. Everything in the sub-atomic world is flashing in-and-out of existence constantly.

    “For our Amusement: We can make useful plans by simply taking a look at the Reality Park we’re sharing.”

    That is all our supposed Outside World is good for. Amusement. It ain’t real, just like that movie thing again.

    But when we Get To The Other Side we have a good laugh at how wrong we were by treating our current existence as so damn serious. ‘It’s just a Movie…’

    But… some Movies are more enjoyable than others. And you get to be your own Critic… after already being your own Actor, Writer, and Director. And you get to hand out the awards… or not.

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