A Study in Media Contrast (Lies?)

We won’t say the Market is being manipulated, but we will note the official read of today’s CPI numbers was:

CPI for all items rises 0.4% in April; shelter, used cars and trucks, and gasoline up

Typical hype in the face of Reality by corporate-own mouthpiece media?

Inflation: Consumer prices in April rise at slowest annual rate in 2 years

Or this angle on it:

Inflation rose 4.9% in April from a year ago, less than expectations

The two numbers the Fed looks at are these: 0.4 percent up in March and now 0.4 percent up in April data.  No SIGNIFICANT change.  No improvement in inflation.

They may have to raise again.  I’ll remind you of this when the rest of world figures it out in a week or two – and panics.

Write when you get rich,


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34 thoughts on “A Study in Media Contrast (Lies?)”

  1. Dear Mr Ure

    Since when did you start playing the earnings game ?
    Placing “bets” the day before “earnings” release sans insider knowledge, is a dangerous game to play, with Ures “eggs”.
    Hell might as well stand out on back deck and just throw that MCM ( Mouse Click Money) into the prevailing storm winds.

    What youse-all need is understanding – SCARCITY.

    As Msr Emile Phaneuf III of American Institute of Economic Research quoted as saying – “Bitcoin serves as a technical solution to the political problem of a privileged class of people that live at expense of those who produce” – read that again.

    In light of the above revelation, no wonder parasitical blood sucking ticks like Ureself continue to emulate goldsachs/vampire squid in trying to suck the lifeblood out of the economy.
    Sure great – while Ure at it why not lower the speed limits again so we can lower GDP going forward, hell lets narrow the highway lanes and reduce the rest stop pullover areas..stupid “adams” will never object, “get outta that house and into my ofc.” these are the masses that believe ANYTHING The Otharitys say..anything and everything.

    ? Hunted Bribem gets indicted and slo pardons him..see any problems arising fromthis pending scenario?

    .. keep shuffling along you filthy animals..You deserve less than nothing! I gave youse the solution to Ure Enslavement, and youse spit in my face and mock.

    Read em and weep suckas – as BTC is UP today May 10th (Earth date) – so much fore fractal decay..

    Write when you meet a tale male, white hair & translucent skin., or gain understand – Scarcity .

    • It was announced months ago that there was a presidential pardon if Hunter or anyone in the family got in trouble for their past actions.. so why bother spending more money on a monkey trial.. with thousands of photos and videos and all the documentation.. even letting foreign individuals get the passwords to top secret sights.. oh my..
      it is just the regular song and dance.. a show for the people to make a hint that see we are taking care of it.. years went by and not one word.. now all of a sudden a new election is coming up and hey we are on top of this.. give me a break.. the family that keeps it all in the family.. the dual standards of law..

  2. There is a King Crimson song, Epitath.

    Confusion, will my my epitath…
    As I crawl a cracked and broken path…

    Updated version

    Inflation, will be my epitath…
    As I pay, and feel a growing wrath…

  3. Edited.

    There is a King Crimson song, Epitath.

    Confusion, will be my epitath…
    As I crawl a cracked and broken path…

    Updated version

    Inflation, will be my epitath…
    As I pay, and feel a growing wrath…

  4. Lies?
    Cue Peggy Lee – “Is That All There Is?”

    No, there’s also embezzlement and cheating.

    CENTRAL ISLIP, N.Y. (AP) — U.S. Rep. George Santos, the New York Republican infamous for fabricating key parts of his life story, has been indicted on charges that he embezzled money from his campaign, lied to Congress about his income and cheated his way into undeserved unemployment benefits, prosecutors said Wednesday.


      • And to think ONLY the Kardashians get paid big bucks for being “entertaining” with their shenanigans!!

        George Santos is the PERFECT foil to be in the US Congress … he fulfills everybody’s belief as to the character of those who populate that building on the hill … so instead of being indicted and tossed out HE SHOULD BE CELEBRATED … AND REWARDED … as truly reflecting the character of the other 534 characters who populate the floors of those two chambers.

        LIES so outlandish that they made believers of hundreds of thousands in his district!! How is that different from that which 155 million American Voters have experienced over the last few years from the other 534?

        I say put up a statue of George Santos in front (actually back side) of the Capitol so as to CELEBRATE his creativity which went above and beyond that which most, actually ALL, of the lesser beings in that building could muster!!

        Those others tried mightily … but they have yet to rise to his level of outlandish lies!! Mere lesser beings in the shadow of a true Entertainment Genius!!

      • AMEN… the dual standards of law.. Protect politicians.. no matter what their crime is.. cover over their crimes..

      • Even if they were, something like this would happen, to wag every “news” network’s tail so they could bury the latest revelations regarding the BideNostra, and the fact Trump took Kaitlan Collins, the intellectual idiot CNN used to interview him, apart — probably boosting his favorable rating among independents in the process. Anything All Out Crazy doesn’t like is probably something that’s good for the USA, and she absolutely lost her shit over the CNN Trump interview. I can hardly wait to see the overnights on the interview. ‘Bet it’s the highest-rated show on CNN this year…

      • Or the networks news agencies to even mention it.. millions of dollars in illegal gains, documents and photos and videos of one the most deviant lifestyles I have ever heard of.. all they say is how good and proper…. a crime spree that spans years.. its almost as reported as the two hundred something of those that died under questionable causes that was going to give testimony or the billions of dollars donated to a help these poor souls fund that never went to them.. the news media is swayed.. we still hear non stop about january sixth but not one word of the terrorist activities of BLM and Antifa.. the destroyed billions of dollars worth..

  5. There is a high profile murder case trial taking place in a town near me. A young woman was stabbed to death by her boyfriend. He stabbed her 47 times. He took the stand this morning in his own defence.

    Defence Attorney: Did you stab your girlfriend?
    Defendant: Yes

    Defence Attorney: Did you kill her?
    Defendant: Yes

    Defence Attorney: Did you mean to?
    Defendant: No

    • Of course, this is the same kind of Canadian who voted for TreauDope! I can just hear it “I thought it was a fake knife and fake blood or something:”

    • More like ‘intent’.

      He did NOT intend on killing her.

      Ask Comey and Hillary and the big eyed hate filled ‘other’ fbi agent who rewrote the report o give it to Comey so he could get OVERTHEHILL off on the nicety that she did NOT INTEND on breaking the law.

      So, this murderer did NOT INTEND on killing his GF, and that’s all you need to know to go scott free, ask OVERTHEHILLARY.


    • those kind of stories make me so sad.. if he didn’t want to be with her.. why not just leave..

  6. Re: “A Study in Media Contrast”
    feat. 2 × – = + ?


    How were this morning’s pravda specials at the local msm greasy spoons? Simultaneously both republican and democrat storyline fodders were fed into the sausage grinders of publication heaving their content into waiting troughs for the famished flock.

    On the one hand, “CNN” was wall-to-wall coverage with elephant-sized woes of a newly indicted congressman. Over at the “New York Daily Post”, multiple tales were pinned to an extended family of donkey affiliated mystique. Currency accepted in lieu of party favors or unwrapped gifts!

    What’s a good shindig without DJ George melting some wax on platters. Here he is serving up a generous slice of “Cake” from their “Prolonging the Magic” album.
    “You Turn the Screws”.


    • I don’t believe so.. the reporters on the site are threat analysts..

  7. “Do remember while studying, the Fed looks almost exclusively at the All-Items Less Food and Energy line.”

    Do remember while reading, that since New York outlawed natural gas appliances, ten more States have followed their lead.

  8. “A couple of subscribers have asked me to react to the Trump loss in court this week in an “evidence lite” civil case against him in New York.”

    Not really.

    Trump did not lose.

    He was charged with rape in a civil proceeding, where 50.1% of the evidence was required for a verdict in favor of the plaintiff. The court could not present sufficient evidence to a New York (strongly anti-Trump biased) jury to hit that 50.1% mark.

    The Jury “defaulted” to “sexual abuse” and “defamation.” Trump has appealed, and both the case, and Carroll’s $5mln award, will be vacated in fairly short order.

    Eventually, even the really stupid and really prejudiced people will figure out the various handfulls of cow chips that’re being thrown at Trump are what the rest of us have already realized: That they’re merely attempts to frame an innocent man…

  9. “In other words, not serious enough to prevent him from holding office. But, certainly raising questions. And after one question is raised, there’s a whole ton of pile-on yet to go. Now, packaged with Daniels,. McDougal, and a bunch of other potential names, and you’ll have an intensely “personal” campaign.”

    The problem with all of these is Trump will not back down. He WILL go to court with any of these cases, and WILL eventually win.

    The real problem Trump will have is they will take away from the time he can spend on the campaign trail.

  10. “Angry Joe Tracker: Biden gets heated with reporter after asked about debt ceiling: ‘You didn’t listen’.”

    Something I’ve wondered: Will a member of the Pool be ostracized or forever ignored, or booted out of the club entirely, if, when KJP or Biden himself tells an obvious and bald-faced lie, the Pool reporter flat calls them a liar?

  11. “World’s gone to the dogs – so as long as we’re talking about bitches, then: Buddy Holly the ‘PBGV’ Wins Westmister Best in Show in Historic First.”

    To be fair, Buddy is a dog, not a bitch, and he looks like Benji — a seriously mixed-breed mutt. (Why yes, I DID used to show dogs, and was a member of the AKC and the National Miniature Dachshund Club, but when I wasn’t showing, I also worked dog shows as a judge’s assistant. Thank you for asking…)

  12. “TV detective Columbo got there first.”

    Columbo was originally an “NBC Mystery Movie. This was a bunch of shows which were spun-off from the NBC-Universal series “The Name of the Game” which originally starred Gene Barry, Tony Franciosa, Robert Stack, and Introduced Susan St. James (with whom I was madly in love for many years…) I’ve been waiting for years, for the release of this series, not the least for the horse-riding detective and the bumbling Hercule Poirot knock-off, who got their start in TNotG episodes…

    • I loved the show Columbo and can relate to your feelings of Susan St.James..
      I never seen the name if the game..

      • TNotG was Spielberg’s first long-term gig. There was an episode called “Los Angeles, 2017” which, like Soylent Green, became required viewing in the high schools in the 1970s. Dave Grusin scored the show, and its theme song, written in 7/4 time (with three 3/4 measures inserted near the end of the verse as a bridge), was the first piece of music I ever transcribed and scored for marching band.

  13. BTW George, every time I see “#Chuck King” on your website, my brain sees “Chun-King” the old packaged-for-home Chinese food brand.

    For the kiddies: Long before “Ramen noodles” (freeze-dried fried rice) existed, you usedta could buy m/l authentic Chinese (mostly Mandarin) dishes on your grocery store shelf. The brand names were Chun-King and La-Choy, and they sold everything from orange chicken to chow mein. There’d be two cans, a ~32oz (veggies &or noodles) and a ~16oz (meat and gravy), taped together. They’re still around, but no longer common. La Choy dinners were my introduction to Chinese food, back when I was a pre-pubescent lad.

    • I had to move to Hawaii to find out just how good Chinese cooking really is. When my folks visited I took them out for real Chinese food. Mom’s first complaint was that the rice was sticky…. not fluffy individual grains like ‘Uncle Bens’. As I picked up my chopsticks (they had forks) I told Mom, “How else are you going to eat rice with chopsticks?”…. as I picked up a glob with my ‘hashi’ sticks and ate it. Mom had to concede the point.

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