On Farming Humans

It all begins with rent.  From there, we see a computer software design pattern kick it.  From a single act of systemic compliance, a whole shitshow of logical consequences follows.  One on the previous, day after night.

There is a problem – existential in nature – that lurks with this “commerce model.”  Specifically, the issue is “How high can a deck of cards be stacked?”

Soon, all those Marxist backed “social movements” become as predictable as the DIM ARRAY command.

Our concern is now more elevated.  Because just as power used to be a two-dimensional world, we are now living in a multidimensional world.

No worries, it will all make sense when we build up the data model and kick it around a bit.

After the morning ChartPack, of course , and a few headlines.  While our charts focus on the odds of a bloodbath in markets ahead. Like this month…

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George Ure
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7 thoughts on “On Farming Humans”

  1. “California launches new snitch hotline”

    Very few people aren’t self serving reward rats. Unabomber’s brother turned Unabomber in.

    Soon after the J6 thingy the FBI promoted the FBI insurrection Hotline and published photos of Capitol Violence participants on a website offering rewards.

    People IRL told me they were looking at the photos. I’m not an insurrectionist but there’s the vector, the person sitting across from me.

    Imagine an Underground Railroad today. As soon as we heard a batch of evaders are in the neighborhood we’d all go to our doorbell cams to see where they went.

    If the neighbor you don’t like was hiding two freedom seeking illegals would you report them? What about seeing a van of 14 freedom seeking illegals spill into their side door? Maybe you know if you turn in that neighbor they will lose their house so for spite.

    • No, not if the neighbor is a zillionaire. There was one close by whose original foreman met my definition of a coyote. After Daddy Ag Bucks ran off the illegals & the foreman, he later admitted he couldn’t take the way he saw them letting their children get in harm’s way (on his property). Apparently, the adults just didn’t understand.

      • Pick and choose.

        I was feuding with a neighbor who eventually moved. I’d turn that person in.

        One day I was talking to a neighbor lady and she complained the people across the street put their yard trash out too early. About a month later I saw the yard trash house was tagged by the city and the people stopped putting their yard waste out early. She’s a double agent and I would turn her in.

        I’m sure people look at me the same way.

    • Re: Food for Thought
      feat. marshaling ‘ure resources


      Welcome to the Party!

      Today’s address by Mr. Z. to the people of the Ukraine requests they rapidly deploy to their keyboards in preparation for “eVidnovnennia”. This program promises to repair property war damage. Need a new window, door, or even a whole house? Get your application in! The program appears to be under the direction of USaid and UKaid’s TAPAS along with the World Bank.

      Regrettably the program cannot reimburse expenses for already repaired damage. However, do retain receipts for future anticipated Russian reparations. Thank you for patience.


  2. while I have not tried ‘farming humans’,
    I tried with chickens, once,, zero luck.
    I don’t know if I planted them to deep or to close together.

    Humans ARE herd animals, dna dumbed down in my opinion, I strongly suspect our dna has some parts shut off by some other space fairing group, harvesting our emotional energy, the unseen hand, because our shut off dna does not let US ‘see’.
    They say, “It is left over junk dna from evolution”!
    We have strong emotional energy and sexual energy, but are deaf and blindly stupid, but to a NARROW frequency band.
    Why oh why, do the royals always marry in blood lines?
    For dna or to maintain ‘permanent capital’ ?

    Human history time line is awful ‘short’, when compared to the universe,,, what the fuck, I ask. Somebody is feeding US bull shit.

    Sure are a lot of ancient stone buildings from the past, that the experts have a hard time explaining.

    Shut the hell up, stay inside ure cubicle, own nothing and you will be happy, here are some pharmaceuticals to help ya, stay in a state of slumber. Life in a feedlot, from a bovine point of view.

    There is always that theory, that a solar flare from ole Sol, could reactivate some dna. But is it real or a wishful dream.
    I AM still tired, so let me go take a nap and dream . Where the hell is my energy. Quite the struggle to get the garden planted, still have the potted tomatoes and peppers to put in, and a couple of Geraniums

  3. per your earthquake George. which I agree. there is a reason I’m a very high elevation. the entire west coast is fracturing. call it a hunch.

    well there is many reasons I’m where I’m at.

    I was on Facebook today. I know. I know lawdy! lawdy! get off Facebook.

    anyway a friend posted a video of a large boat laying on the street in down town Seattle. nobody around. no truck and trailer that lost it. just a very large boat laying in the intersection on Broadway.

    now, I don’t say everything I see. and I see alot. the day I left to come here. I was on Boeing freeway. where the over pass is that joins both runways at Boeing a brand new 777 crossed over me at the exact moment that song was playing on the radio, Big Old Jet liner. Steve Miller Band.

    the line from that song that sang on the radio at the exact moment I went under that brand new dream liner was,

    “You know that I can surely see
    That I don’t want to get caught up in any of that
    Funky shit goin’ down in the city”

    as you know, my entire life is a series of synchronicities like that.

    and today is ure dart peg for the big earth quake. according to my calculations, there is 3. not one. three. on the 11th is my dart peg day.

    and if a big giant boat laying in the middle of down town on Broadway with nobody around isn’t a sign. I don’t know what is.

    I always hope we are wrong about such things. I never want anyone to get hurt.

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