Power in the Greater Depression (Ch. 8)

Advanced Chargers,  Inverters, and Grid-Tie

In today’s chapter, we’ll turn you into a prepper who “knows their stuff” about power inverters (that make AC from DC sources) as well as be inducted into the nearly occult world of computer controlled solar chargers using something called MPPT.

By the time we’re done, you’ll be ready to begin making seriously- competent alternative energy decisions. 

Even if you’re not putting in a big solar installation, this is mighty-fine knowledge to have in your “filing cabinet between the ears.”

First, a few headlines and then some charts of an increasingly preposterously-priced market.

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8 thoughts on “Power in the Greater Depression (Ch. 8)”

  1. George are you writing a book on PV arrays on your PN site? If so will it cover how to protect the PV system using transient voltage suppressors?

    I never joined PN because I suck at using the Schwab streetsmart edge software and would not be able to take advantage of your business insights.
    Mark “Red Dog”

    • Yes = we will be covering that in the “wiring up” part. Next is system design and budget. Then wiring it up…

      Whole series if really good, though. (so subscribers tell me) and oddly, about 50-70 percent of the content (depending on my mood) is NOT about stocks…

      • Yes. There are two pages of master index articles. A few won’t load because of server issues (which happen over long periods of time) but I’d say 80-90 percent of historical is there

    • Mark: By subscribing to PN’s you get access to the rest of the story going on in George’s mind for $40 a year. Well worth it.

  2. Subscribe? Yes, go for it. It’s quite fairly priced, and it’s the first thing I read every morning. (No, he’s not paying me to say that — but I AM open to any offers!)

    I don’t understand a lot of the more esoteric technical financial analysis and charting, but I grok enough to get the message and the intel value qualitatively. It’s still well worth it.

    I’ve learned a lot hanging around here.


  3. I’ve been subscribing forever, and I don’t regret it! I understand the electronics things well, but am challenged by some of the other things. It’s in all our best interests to be as adaptable as possible, and sharing knowledge is a really good thing. I’m fine with parting with $40 per year to stay current and hear new insights.

    Regarding solar and other alternatives and grid tie: I’m a fan of the grid independent system. Yes, a safe transfer switch can be used to flip onto the house wiring, or you can make sure that there’s absolutely no cross-wiring between the systems. Where I live, I pay more for base charges(very annoying) than I do for electricity, so solar is little more than a backup. I don’t want to pay a licensed electrician and permit fees/inspections just to grid tie. The numbers don’t work for my lifestyle.

    I’m concerned that most people don’t understand that the pole transformers work both ways, and backfeeding your 110/220V into the line can produce 7 to 14 KILOVOLTS energizing of a severed feeder! This can and will kill a lineman or others, and if you’re responsible it can be a murder charge – manslaughter at best. Those who are careless and/or don’t really understand electricity in depth are most likely to do these things.

    With a truly grid independent system or a properly installed and used transfer switch, this won’t happen.

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