I’m big on using  templates and thinking-models in order to short-cut a lot of mental effort. Being lazy, as I am.

Simply put, you can take a successful product and, by cloning the processes and using existing templates you can skip all kinds of wasted time.

In my “George the Consultant” life, I’m going exactly this with a client right now that’s designing and rolling out a new business.

Thing is, where do you get a template for a new business that’s never existed before?

Simple:  You go template shopping.  We’ll talk more about this is an upcoming Peoplenomics report and how it’s done, but the point is there are templates for everything. Which, in turn, gives us all kinds of “fresh thinking horsepower” to throw at the daily news flow.

Give me the right templates and use the right analogies and even Ure could rule the world.

Take this morning for example:  There are lots of stories being fanned on climate.  For example “Wallace Smith Broecker, the ‘grandfather’ of climate science, leaves a final warning for Earth.”

Also, there was an article on the Weather Underground blog that was also trying to poo-poo the folks who look at the long-term data and see a relationship between post-Ice Age slow warming and the increased number of sunspots on the one hand, and hysterical global alarmism spread by climate charlatans who modify data to “adjust outcomes.”  This WUndeground  article “The Weirdly Quiet Sun May Get Even Quieter (and BTW, Earth Is Still Warming)” nevertheless is useful input reading.  OK, and maybe partisan.

What’s apparent to an old-time, old-school generalist (ahem…) is that we are experiencing one of the core problems of hyper-complexification of life due to wanton connectivity.

To illustrate, in their rush to poo-poo solar cycles, climate panderers point to the Maunder Minimum and proclaim something like “Well, THAT was because of volcanic ash release and not the sunspots…”

Well, except that’s a grand fail due to what?  “In-specialty” thinking.  We need more generalists.

See, if you step outside of the specialty box, and go read a 2011 paper by Marilia Tavares “Influence of Solar Cycles on Earthquakes” you’ll begin to think about the larger and more-linked real-time Reality:

Sunspot declines lead to less heating, or actual crustal shrinkage, and that sets-off quakes and that speeds cooling as ash from volcanos gets global.  Climateers are selling the “single-chain” business model.  Reality is a long-chain affair, however.  Just as is pollution.

We have analogies to this problem in management science:  The problem with “experts.”  Let me illustrate: One person might want to do graphics in a company while another wants to do marketing, but neither has the whole spectrum of skills required to manage a balance sheet or overall throughput, yet.  Specialization builds expert area functionality (subject matter specialists in education) but doesn’t enable one to lead up at the organization-level.

With this in mind, what we have presently are lots of “climate specialists” who seem not to read outside their highly-focused specialty.  They are thus easily led by “logical sounding” but fact-distorting “data adjustments.”

As a result, non-experts are getting roped-in to the fray thanks to two phenomena’s:  The first is “soldier-gathering.”  This is what warring couples do (check with any experienced social worker on this) when divorce is in the air.  They go out and “soldier-gather” from among their friends as they seek support-for and justification-of their pending divorce.

In the same fashion, a few activist climateer’s went out with the objective or “convincing” as many as possible of their “rightness” although to us, any “divorce” is fertile ground for additional conflict. So is climate.

The second phenomenon is how all this propagated into the Political System.  As this morning’s title informs, the Internet is the place of Communicable Hysterias (*OK, and histrionics, too, while we’re at it).

As we recall that Politicians do NOT lead from the front.  They come as a long-delayed reaction to the onset of real problems.  Climate is just one example.  There are others.

Slavery, for example, was a major problem for America on a values-basis as soon as the Nation was founded.  Emancipation didn’t happen until 1865 because politics is slow, especially when there’s actual war over the issues.  Yet even today, political solutions to racial divides are cockeyed, slow, inept, and thoughtless as to longer-term impacts.  See it?

OK, let’s get back to climate:

In fact, usually when there’s this kind of “hard climate change” selling going on, that leads into very bad news for the climateer’s, namely that we did NOT just have the warmest February on record.  It was one of the coldest.

While at least 23-people were killed in Alabama and across the South in a tragic outbreak of thunderstorms and tornados overnight, we can rest assured that some charlatan will immediately, and hysterically, linking this to “climate change.”

Again, we advise adjusting your “Reality Filter” to remove the BS – in which case it’s a just a quiet Monday as these days go.

More useful is the NY Times piece Friday (in case you missed it) as they reveal some of “How the Weather Gets Weaponized in Climate Change Messaging.”

As a result (of soldier-gathering and political pandering) we are bored (or sickened) by the childishness of climate “news.”

Although even the DrudgeReport had to see the tip of the “charlatan iceberg” in their “Gas-guzzling car rides expose Ocasio-Cortez amid Green Deal pledge…” link this morning.

What you didn’t hear enough of was the subject in the Billings Gazette Friday “Good riddance February: 2nd coldest ever, and 3rd snowiest.”  Or, in Rapid City where it was the third coldest February ever and sixth snowiest.  Or, in Seattle where it was the coldest February in 30 years.

We get it:  It’s a bitch to sell climate change when in the “sunny southland” of California “For the first time ever, temperature in LA remains below 70 degrees for all of February.”

Sunspots are out – and you can see it in the solar cycle progression data released this morning:

When it comes to climate, think in terms of hysteria and trust your own “lying eyes.”  The data (uncorrected for political windage, at least) doesn’t lie.

And we’re not the only ones calling for the “showdown with hysteria in 2020″as the data comes in.  Genuinely scientifically-minded people have seen this coming for more than a year.

Economic News Void

Unfortunately, this week starts at a painfully sluggish rate.,  Some housing data in a couple of hours.

Other than that?  Gold was getting its ass kicked (-$10.40) Bitcoins were down in the $3,700 range.  Which means digital tulip crops survived the winter..

And the Dow futures were +95, which means bulls took the money from bears who went short over the weekend.  I wasn’t one of them.

Moron the ‘morrow...time to chase down some chickens and pigs for breakfast..