Powell’s Tightrope – Markets Kissing Death?

Necklines and Slashers for Halloween breakfast.  Not normally the kind of article we’d put out on the non-subscriber site, but since we won’t be doing a subscriber column until Saturday, we need to talk.  Now.

Wednesday, the market did the expected (though we wished they’d been more foresightful) and lowered their rate a quarter point.

I studiously watched the chair’s press conference following and there was only a few passing references to why I think are the two major risks to the “world falling apart” right now.

The first is this:  The Depression Mindset is being locked in right now.  As I’ve explained before, in a recession, people continue to spend, but they do so expecting what?   Higher Prices in the future.

In a Depression, this mindset changes.  Consumers slow their spending, and when they do, it’s often with a throttle on purchases because they expect what?   Lower Prices in the future.

Although the market popped nicely yesterday, it was within only a couple of points of the previous peak in our Aggregated markets view of the world.  Based on early futures prices today, here’s how it looks ahead of the open:

The drop-off there on the right shoulder has us looking at what might turn into a failed head and shoulders formation.  There’s a dandy short course over at Financial Spreadsheet Betting, here, that’s a good summary of the “art of seeing” when trying to use charts in a predictive way.

The question – to be answered in nominal world soon enough – is whether we are seeing a “failed head and shoulders” and whether this might not result in some horrific downside action yet before the end of the year and maybe “pre turkey” as we’ve been pondering.

Problem is that there are so many indicators that are effectively masking what’s ahead. Trying to mentally “line up present with history” is so difficult as to generate migraines.

Just one example:  President Trump is making a lot of noise on the campaign circuit (and twitter) about how good the economy is.  It’s doing OK, but is there a chance for a successful “new economy?”  One that will end (normal) business cycles and move us toward president Coolidges “permanent prosperity” predicted in the 1920’s?

That all depends on your assessment of whether there really is a “new economy.”  Former fed boss Alan Greenspan addressed that in a 1998 speech, and while he admitted we may think of ourselves as technologically advanced, so have others right before things caved-in:

When the future becomes sufficiently clouded, people eschew actions and disengage from previous commitments. To be sure, the degree of risk aversion differs from person to person, but judging the way prices behave in today’s markets compared with those of a century or more ago, one is hard pressed to find significant differences. The way we evaluate assets, and the way changes in those values affect our economy, do not appear to be coming out of a set of rules that is different from the one that governed the actions of our forebears.”

Two years after Greenspan made those remarks (Sep. 1998) the implosion of the Internet Bubble was in full swing.

Fast forward to present day and we are at the end of a massive expansion that has grown out of the Housing Bubble Collapse.  And despite the horendous damage there were only a scattered “wrist slaps” by government.  Because, understand, government is complicit.

The reason has to do with the  symbiosis of interests While there is nothing in the Constitution about “providing welfare for all.” That was one of the assumptions sold in the Johnsonian “Great Society” which – to date – has failed to close our borders, end poverty, or get us all much brighter futures, for example.  There is just  too much money to be made monetizing human misbehavior.  Prisons, illegals, tax dodgers, victims…Everything is a Business Model.  We’ll leaving judgments arising from that to your own scoring.

Looks to us like America has transitioned to a nation of fools and “free lunchers” who will believe the most appealing lies.  Historically, this are unprecedented times. Social media has given root to a Global Digital Uprising.

Let me offer you, therefore, two quotes that while not useful in watercooler chit-chat, get down to the reality of where we’re going.

The first is from president Hoover.  It’s useful because the Fed is presently engaged in what we call MUM –  making up money – as Central Banks are pursing a variant of Modern Monetary Theory.  The same way at Mugabe did in Zimbabwe, but with an eye toward the dangers of hyperinflation on the one hand the the effective zero lower bound on the other.

Prosperity cannot be restored by raids upon the public Treasury.

The raids are not apparent until you look at the nonstop escalation of debt we, the  tax-chattel, are being saddled with.  What’s more, when you read about how America has a National Debt

We’re only $33-billio from rolling up to $23-TRILLION dollars of debt.  Which, if you count only wage earners (158.269-million) each of us working is “on the hook” for how much each?  $145.322.20.

Except, of course, that’s not the real number.  Which, in itself, is part of The Big Lie about American solvency.

The National Debt is like looking at the payoff on a loan with a 100% prepayment penalty.  All interest must be paid.  So, $23-trillion dollars landing on us from space would pay off the UNDERLYING  debt and leave $33-billion for a cheeseburger at lunch.  A $208 cheeseburger, so a bottle of champagne with that.

Here’s the problem:  In the REAL WORLD there’s another $50-trillion in accumulated interest as ACCRUED INTEREST DUE not included in the National Debt calculations.  That means, we’re each on the hook for more like $387,500.  Each.

Well, enough.  A quote from Hemingway because it is such a great expectation-setter for how the future’s likely to evolve in the next few years:

The first panacea for a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency; the second is war. Both bring a temporary prosperity; both bring a permanent ruin. But both are the refuge of political and economic opportunists.

Our bottom line?  Watching the precious metals is equally important to watch the flow of funds into and out of markets.

We now return you to the harder side of reality…

Job Cut Data

Hot off the press release:

“Job cuts announced by U.S.-based employers jumped to 50,275 in October, 20.97% higher than the 41,557 announced in September, according to a report released Thursday from global outplacement and business and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

Last month’s total is 33.5% lower than the 75,644 cuts announced in the same month last year. October was the second consecutive month during which cuts were lower in 2019 than in the corresponding month one year earlier.

Employers have announced plans to cut 515,441 jobs from their payrolls, 16.6% higher than the 441,702 cuts announced through October last year. It is the highest January-October total since 2015, when 543,935 cuts were announced.

“For the most part, job cut announcements are holding steady as we enter the final quarter of the year. We’ve seen increases in certain industries, particularly those experiencing disruptions from new technologies, uncertainty from government regulation or issues with trade, or slumping from demand shifts,” said Andrew Challenger, Vice President of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

The BTC’s drifted down to the $9.120 range when eyed earlier and the Dow futures down about 80.  Personal Incomes?  You want that?  Well, OK

We also found the continued weakness in the underlying cargo data from the Association of American Railroads this week disconcerting:

“Total carloads for the week ending October 26 were 243,321 carloads, down 9.4 percent compared with the same week in 2018, while U.S. weekly intermodal volume was 269,826 containers and trailers, down 8.3 percent compared to 2018.

None of the 10 carload commodity groups posted an increase compared with the same week in 2018.  Commodity groups that posted decreases compared with the same week in 2018 included coal, down 14,797 carloads, to 73,184; grain, down 2,152 carloads, to 21,135; and metallic ores and metals, down 2,064 carloads, to 21,291.

For the first 43 weeks of 2019, U.S. railroads reported cumulative volume of 10,843,404 carloads, down 4.2 percent from the same point last year; and 11,457,177 intermodal units, down 4.4 percent from last year. Total combined U.S. traffic for the first 43 weeks of 2019 was 22,300,581 carloads and intermodal units, a decrease of 4.3 percent compared to last year.”

Our ongoing advice to anyone with half a brain left (that’s you and about 17 other readers) is to take all the emotional hot button click-bait out of your life by turning off social.  Go actually make a difference, instead…

Away from the Hype

Power is starting to come back on in PG&E’s service areas cut earlier due to high winds and dry conditions: Currently, 53,000 Total PSPS Impacted Customers Remain Without Power; Safety Inspections and Restoration Work to Continue at First Light; Weather “All Clear” Declared in Northern Portion of Kern County; 83 Damage/Hazard Incidents Identified.

Trade’s back into the headlines.  Remember some days back when I said “Don’t trust a Chinese trade deal until the ink is dried?  Because they will “suddenly renegotiate” everything?  Try not to look surprised when you read Futures drop as U.S.-China trade worries resurface.  Gee, golly, gosh…move over Carnac, huh?

We’ve had this pun sticky-noted to the screen for several years and it’s high time we use it:  “Here’s a company playing ketchup: Kraft Heinz stock jumps on earnings beat.”

Not what most think:  While the CBS story White House lawyer reportedly moved Ukraine call summary to highly classified server might make you think that was bad, we think it was smart.  Because some Deep Stater with a grudge could have done some doc-doctoring.  And with the BIC-flickers at the witch trials….

We call (plug your ears) bullshit on the source of this, the Washington Post for implying that the decision was somehow improper.  A genuine reporter would have asked the lawyer involved why.  But I didn’t see where they did,.  We do suspect what the answer would have been:  “If you were a lawyer and got a whiff of controversy, you’d move to protect evidence, too.”  Superficial reporting?  Uh-huh.  And with syndicated sycophant’s it’s close enough to “fake news” for us.

When the Post writes “..a step that other officials have said is at odds with long-standing White House protocol...” we think that they failed as journos because they didn’t name those “other officials” – so we gotta ask: Who the implants (“officials”) are in the White House?  Current of PAST?   (Anyone call from Obama’s place? We hear “other officials” from the past hang out there…) Which is why we read the Washington Examiner as often as the WaPo, anymore.

(We are sooo screwed!)

Goblin Up Data

This is Halloween.  And, if you’re new around here, you may not be aware of our “science-based” view of the day (and night).  So click over here to read Coping, the Science Behind Halloween that I posted last year.

We include our usual Halloween safety advice:  No bobbing for French fries.  No unpackaged candy  (though I remember a certain  Candi I unwrapped once, back in my single days…).  And if someone wants to smear psycho-actives on your broom handle, call the cops.

We don’t allow trick or treaters here.  Since we don’t believe in the institutionalizing of bad science.  We also have two black cats.

Bad science is what happened to Halloween and it’s in process today with climate in the so-called “more Enlighted times.”  Right.  During the witch trials?

Frost on the pumpkins tonight in much of the country.  No candy for climate changers.  Get back to us when NYC’s underwater.  A foot of non-storm surge on Battery Place in NYC and we’ll fall right in line.  Water rise?  Ha! That’s running 50-years late, isn’t it?  Ironically, BTW, Battery Place in NYC is where Castle Clinton is…

I’ll be back in a spell…  (Poof!)  Hope that doesn’t give anyone ideas…

Write when you get rich,


46 thoughts on “Powell’s Tightrope – Markets Kissing Death?”

    • As luck would, mine is a 2235 but worth watching nevertheless. thank you!
      I will use my Rhode SMY 02 as the frequency source…it’s within a half hertz or so of wwv all the time and in cal, so the out volts are spot on. Now if I could just remember how to do dBm to uV in my head…aging’s a bitch, ain’t it?

  1. G – the ironies run deep this AM..dreamland..Carnac –

    Carnac: SJW’s

    Ed: What is the reason for all the Cali wildfires?

    Cali regulators tell utilities (PG&ESG&E<SCE) what to do. Utilities make money for Investors on Wind & Solar – not on Powerline Maint.
    The De-Carbonzation economy pushed governor gruesome &co. is not supported by Logic, and shaky on facts.
    Majority of energy intensive manufacturing has already split the scene. SJW's rules & regs have greatly reduced crude Oil production – forget Fracking.

    Spotted owl & bubba clinton killed the timber harvest compared to 1990 levels. When timber industry split – under brush built up – and runaway tree densities – stressed trees – more susceptible bark beetles/damage..

    Hells bells even California Native Americans constantly burned its forests to foster the food supplies.

    Guess what SJW Geniuses – U forgot one of the most important lessons in all of mankinds history – Untamed Nature KILLS.

    Now off to fill my carved Turnip with rendered human fat – so I can illuminate the porch for the lil trick or treaters -bwahahaha

    • Tamed Nature Kills as well…There has to be a balance. And you need to get your facts straight first. California does clear cut and has burn control…But…we are an enormous state with an excessive amount of Timber.

      About Fracking…over 3,400 wells were fracked in California since 2005…that is not as much as in Texas or Colorado, but we don’t Shy away from our valuable resources either..(California is the third largest oil producing state in the country behind #2 Alaska and #1 Texas….nearly 600,000 barrels a day…Go to the Midway Sunset oil field in Kern County…it’s the third largest oil field in the country.) This despite the fact that we have the danger of fault lines to be aware of. Oklahoma’s little earth trembles are not to be ignored…especially since they aren’t in the line of any major faults. That’s our balance though…We get it…it’s no coincidence that over 900 oils and gas companies are headquartered in California, including Chevron and ARCO. We also have some of the worlds largest environmentally friendly non-profits here making sure they don’t throw off the natural balance of our beautiful state. I think it’s a symbiotic relationship for humankind…Maybe not for profiteers…but definitely for the integrity of Mother Earth.

      • California is not all bad, but timber management could be a lot better. If there’s an excess of it, then harvest it with clear cutting around the HV transmission lines. If necessary, controlled burns when weather permits especially on the rights of way. Failing that, consider other types of transmission systems or encouraging electrically autonomous homes or communities! Forcing people to rely on a grid and then cutting it off is not a reasonable option.

      • @MARKX

        and the HIGHEST gas prices in the country…..and if you consider your state has a ‘natural balance’….that may explain some of your ‘unbalanced’ ‘comments’….

  2. I am puzzled by chart patterns. As explained to me patterns are a result of human psychology and I can see the use before high tech investing came along. Today, with alogs controlling the bulk of funds, it would seem most unusual alogs follow the same patterns. It would appear to me alogs would use human tendencies to scalp small investors and patterns would be more inclined to be contrarian indicators. I appreciate any reply.

    • Jim,
      Although we think in terms of mainstream indicators and contrarian indicators, what the direction of the market proves is what were the really important factors and what factors were really less important.
      George has pointed out that there are some really bad economy indicators piling up. On the other hand, how bad can it be with all the pile of new fuel on the fire.
      Guess I’ll sit this one out — at least until indicators of one direction seem to out weigh the indicators of that other direction.

      • George, that investment mindset = losses. Why spend all those hours on charts & not just roll the dice. 2 thru 8 up, 9 thru 12 down. Then buy or sell based on the roll of the dice near each day’s close. You could track it on a chart. Actually, it sounds interesting.

      • Using the theory, the market goes up 75% of the time & down 25% of the time:

        Dice Roll
        2, 3, 4, 5 – Down
        6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 – Up

      • My first roll was a 6, which is Up. Bought SPXL at $55.24. This is a trial run. I set up an excel Spreadsheet to record results. Buying at or near the previous day close allows you to participate fully in the Friday market. Also, selling is at or near the close. The following day could be a hold based on the daily roll of the dice.

    • Jim, what your are looking at is all market noise to confuse the small investor to buy high when everything looks rosy & emotions of gains are in the air, & sell low when the news is negative & everything is supposedly falling apart. Just ignore it. Buy good quality stocks or mutual funds & hold them in strong hands, meaning you do not panic every time a crisis develops. Charts will help determine the trend of the stock market…bull or bear, assuming you understand them. You have to have a program & rules in place to determine that…If no program in place, hold & you will be fine long term. The stock market goes up 75% of the time & down 25%. Play the odds. That is how you get rich… over time; there is no short cut for the small guy.

      In our economy, we have low unemployment, consumers who are buying, a a megatrend of AI, I of T, Blockchain, robotics, & 5G in its infancy with a potential of generating $35 Trillion dollars. This signals a bull market, but not in stocks like Sears but in technology. Also, Millenials love Chipolte & Lulumon. As the say, follow where the money is going.

      If it is all too confusing, buy mutual funds.

  3. National Debt:
    Let’s think of this in the context of corporate law before you (or those statists) attach any ‘moral’ interpretation to paying the country’s bills. Imagine that you own a share of stock in some ‘corporation’. Imagine the company takes on a bunch of retarded debts and basically runs itself into the ground. Imagine the company goes belly up and then ask yourself if the bozos who wrecked the company (or their creditors) could come after you for your “fair share” of the company’s debts (beyond your single share of stock) incurred by the corporation’s management?

    Corporations are interesting ‘entities’. Chief Justice Marshall of the United States Supreme Court, in his day, proclaimed that “A corporation is an artificial being, invisible, intangible, and existing only in contemplation of the law“. One of the interesting things about a ‘corporation’ is that, as a legal entity, distinct and separate from the individuals who create and operate it, it can acquire debt and liabilities yet, if it fails, the stockholders are not ‘personally’ responsible for those liabilities. Are you with me so far?

    Now consider the fact that the “United States”, for all intents and purposes including in ‘legal terms’ is, in fact, a ‘corporation’ pursuant to Title 28, Part VI, Chapter 176, Subchapter A, which spells out that: § 3002. Definitions (15) “United States” means — (A) a Federal corporation; (B) an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States; or (C) an instrumentality of the United States. This is a fact just as it’s also a fact that the ‘Federal Reserve Bank(s)’ (or FED) isn’t a federal agency, rather, they are private ‘corporations’.

    The ‘Federal Reserve’ handles the sale of ‘government bonds’ (T-bills) which is how the crooks in DC continue to get the currency they want to pay off their friends and carry out all the ‘important things’ they do all around the world but, as stated, the FED isn’t “Federal” at all. Again, it’s a consortium of private banking corporations created within 12 U.S.C. Sub-Sections. 341-361 as made clear in the US Court of Appeals case of Lewis v. United States, 680 F.2d 1239 (1982) wherein the court stated: “Federal reserve banks are not federal instrumentalities …, but are independent, privately owned and locally controlled corporations in light of fact that direct supervision and control of each bank is exercised by board of directors,…” The court went on to state: “Each Federal Reserve Bank is a separate corporation owned by commercial banks in its region.” Thus, the folks issuing debt/loans to the US government are private corporations which – it might be noted, for their part, are “exempt” from taxes under the aforementioned statute “c) Exemption From Taxation. Federal reserve banks, including the capital stock and surplus therein, and the income derived therefrom shall be exempt from Federal, State, and local taxation, except taxes upon real estate.” )

    So, imagine you have a mere inkling of understanding of what you’ve just read (a couple of shots of Dom Pérignon or Jack Daniels helps) and ponder the following synopsis: The “corporation” known as the “United States” borrows bags of currency from the “corporations” known as the “Federal Reserve Bank” (which it – the US – actually created) both of whom know the first corporation (“United States”) can’t pay the second corporation, the “Federal Reserve”. The Fed fabricates currency out of thin air for the first corporation (“United States”) where one second the “currency” didn’t exist yet the next second the “currency” appears on a computer screen. (sidebar – I wish that worked in my Quickbooks program but I’ve never found the ‘currency from thin air’ key.) Finally the second corporation sells the make believe promissory notes of corporation number one (“United States”) to any damn fool willing to buy them and as fraud would have it, the whole ball of wax is now melting down into (you guessed it) ‘nothing’.

    So, where Chief Justice Marshal articulated the Law regarding a corporation as being “separate from the individuals who create and operate it” and “the stockholders are not ‘personally’ responsible for those liabilities” if/when the currency/economy tanks and folks start jumping up and down about ‘America’ not paying it’s bills or that there’s some sacred and ‘moral’ reason we, as actual People, should concern ourselves about the fabrications of corporations or “artificial people” as they’re referred to, who have created ledger entries out of thin air, please remember that not only are ‘we’ NOT stockholders of either of these corporations but, even if we were, the Supreme Court has stated quite clearly that we are “not ‘personally’ responsible for those liabilities”.

    When the ponzi scheme unwinds and the “United States” can’t borrow any more money from the “Federal Reserve” because no more fools can be found to purchase the IOUs (Treasury Bonds) issued by the bankrupt corporation called the “United States” and being sold by the bankrupt corporation called the “Federal Reserve” what happens? Well, the ‘Federal Reserve Notes’ (debt instruments) in circulation and held around the world will be worthless just like Weimar Germany’s. Since this currency isn’t lawfully backed by anything (like gold, silver or assets belonging to what used to be known as our Republic) and isn’t redeemable in anything but more of the same, those holding that currency and all other government issued ‘paper debt’ (mostly huge banks/corporations) are going to have nothing to bribe the government with anymore. The stockholders (even if we were stockholders – which we’re not) are free and clear of financial responsibility, according to international and domestic corporate law. So, everyone is free to go about their business and start over with a free pass on their former debt.

      • Indeed, excellent explanation, and the folks that run our affairs out of DC can read, and understand very well what it’s all about, IMHO; That’s why they’re doing it! ;-(

        Look at Germany’s 100 year history, they’ve done it several times already, and still survived magnificently. The “elites” know what benefits their class. JB be damned.

      • Just one little detail still bothers me; the default solution was tried in a few places as an experiment (Argentina for one). A hoard of lawyers and bond-holding finance people descend, chanting “pay every single penny” and demand money at the agreed upon exchange rate or assets. They don’t go away or stay empty handed. Everything within the countries’ borders gets price tags for the upcoming yard sale.

        Since cash would be deflated about a million percent in value, what are the assets that could be substituted here? Why couldn’t Italy, Greece, Brazil, Argentina, etc., stick to their guns and simply state: “You got extra interest on our debt because of the extra risk. Good-by.”

      • The other thing that keeps them from reading. Could be that if they weren’t so worried about trump and russia telling everyone they were not worth voting for . They maybe would consider glancing at it once in a while.. lol

        Maybe I just expect to much from those that should be working for us..

      • Columbozo

        Sadly those countries are still in a mess.. old people and the once wealthy dumpster diving and young women selling themselves for scraps of food..
        I think When we finally go down I think it will be significantly worse. We have outsourced what we had going for us. Successfully turning the USA into a dependent service oriented country. Rather than the proud innovators of manufacturing.

    • Rick,
      Incredible summation. I just copy and pasted this into my Saved Notes. This will come in handy for future conversations…especially in my business.

    • Fascinating, but let’s not forget that asset formerly known as “Royal Estate”, aka real estate. It’s impossible to move or hide, and whomever/whatever has the biggest guns gets to take it, control it, or tax it. Lots of personal property is hard to move too, so that adds to available assets for strongmen. A premium may well return for those assets that are small, valuable, fungible, and durable. Less certain futures for those that are simply virtual or derivative.

      It’s truly sad to see the devolution of society and I’ve yet to give up all hope, but the odds for a successful financial future seem to be decreasing over the next decade or so. If we’re lucky, we just might avoid the Road Warrior scenario.

    • This is a good, thought provoking writeup.
      It must be noted that the “Federal Reserve Act” was passed by the Congress in defiance of the In the Constitutional principle of Non-Delegation, the Congress is prohibited from delegating to others that it is assigned to do by the Constitution, (whether within or outside of the Government). Therefore the Federal Reserve is an illegal entity.
      It loans currency into circulation with interest owed even though it cost them nothing to create it. This is the true definition of usury. The Federal Reserve Note is NOT MONEY, it is DEBT. Money is a purchasing medium which has no interest attached and therefore, aside from bankruptcy, is the only device that can retire debt. The National Debt MUST continue to grow since we have no MONEY to pay it off!
      I recall a question asked by Henry Ford almost a century ago: Since the Government can issue money directly why do we need a middleman? The answer is obviously we don’t! The Government issues bonds which are bought by the Federal Reserve which puts their phoney ‘money’ into circulation and we get to pay them interest on that which cost them nothing to create!
      The Federal Reserve is a cancer that must be excised.

  4. George,

    I’ll start off this morning with a couple of hypothetical questions/scenarios. The first is in relation to the national debt and who among us actually owes that money. Is it really the American people that owes this debt or is it the crooks who subjugated and outsourced congressional oversight of the ‘purse’ and put us on this course? Second, what would REALLY happen if the U.S. actively chose to default on the debt? I don’t mean declared bankruptcy, but decided to dump the Fed and not honor our debts. Would it be the end of the world?

    My last thought for the day is about the origins of Halloween. I’m peripherally involved in the on-going research into the Younger-Dryas event that occurred at the end of the Pleistocene approximately 12,800 years ago. The evidence is strongly pointing to an impact with earth of one or more objects from space. The current thinking is that these objects are from the Taurid meteor stream whose parent is the comet Enke. The Earth passes through the Taurids every fall with a peak for the Northern Hemisphere in October. If that’s the case, then instead of one impact it was probably several with multiple air bursts over multiple years. Think annual shotgun blasts. Some of us speculate that the connection of October with evil goings-on stems from this and has been passed down for the last 13,000 years ultimately morphing into what we have today.

    So, Happy Halloween and keep an eye to sky.

    • Yeah – my friend Capt Midnight (off serving us in Asia presently) refers to the work of Victor Clube and Bill Napier whose work is in the DTC dot mil libraries somewhere… the impacts are various described as hitting parts of N Europe and the debris field raining down to the W is what caused some finger lakes along the E coast.
      Also some discussion of one of those inbound fragments was what was written and destroy Gomorrah…

      We will have the tractor fueled and ready to dig a blast ditch…as kind of blast ditch effort, as it were

    • Have U considered the Electrical Universe Theory..twisted currents (Birkland) in pairs -2/4/6/..56

      In the electrical universe – Saturn/Zeus battled Jupiter (clash of the titans/Sumo wrestling) with Jupiter zapping inter-planetary lightening at his neighbors (ancients thought it was Zeus shooting sperm).

      Astroarchaeology reports indicate the ionosphere was much lower to the earths surface back 15k years – meaning the electrical charge in the AIR was around 100 fold greater voltage.
      Thunderstorms were deadly, and thus stone structures with rounded holes for shelter during storms – again deadly Lightening.

      Also said that was one of reason for cladding on pyramids – when the charge in the air got high/strong – it literally blew the cladding off. See st elmos fire for modern examples.
      Those scars on rocky islands in far north Atlantic – not glacier scars/BS – Electrical scaring from Venus.
      The wicked-evil-deadly bolts from Venus – Earth is down gradient/wind Venus, as Mars down wind from Earth = dust storms.
      Anyway when Venus went hyper she went from the a loving beautiful Goddess – to an evil,nasty, muderous bitch.
      Ancient society thereafter looked at their women in a new eye..thus Matriarchal society (evil bitches – see kali) ended and quickly replaced by Patriarchal society ( good guys)

      Electrical Universe answers all the questions, and explains crazy unexplained phenomena/evidence ie hollow craters all over planets with raised cone in middle – its how Iapetus got a ridge around the center of moon making it look like a lil death star.

    • “what would REALLY happen if the U.S. actively chose to default on the debt? ”

      My curiosity is do we have a choice..
      I read a report last month or the month before that basically said that the Saudis were going to adopt the currency of china and Russia for trading..
      With the interest of the USA now almost to the point where its upside down..
      Do we have a choice.
      Since all of our military equipment is manufactured outside the United States could we even replace what we have .
      If the dollar tanks

      • My fear isn’t if the dollar tanks.. but when it tanks what will we have to trade for dura bbn le goods. Since we proverbally…

        Not much comes out of YALE university but this phrase expresses what the USA did to us..


        And since we have successfully destroyed our industry in the search of greed and a number on a piece of paper… what will a piece of paper with numbers on it truly be worth since the dollar isn’t even backed by peanuts..once the dollar tanks. Could we still buy something needed manufactured in another country if the dollar doesn’t have a value

    • One of the ways that religions expand is by simply incorporating the competitor’s material into their own mythology, as part of the business model. Eastern religions are notorious for this; western religions tend to camouflage the practice.

      • Easter (He is Risen) to rhyme off “Plants sprouting it’s spring) kind of thing sure comes to mind. Yule logs and the druidic mid-winter Festival? All business models and different marketing angles…

        Too many toll-takers and not enough self-work in today’s world.

  5. We cut spending because necessary expenses increased above income.. not necessarily that we expect prices to decrease

  6. George,
    -Another nice piece on economics today, although 1.9% growth coming on the heels of the Republicans’ trillions in massive deficit stimulus put onto our national debt is hardly “doing OK.” Again, a good economy is the time to pay down the national debt, not load it up even more quickly.
    -Loved the Hemingway quote regarding mismanagement bringing temporary prosperity, then inflation, then war, then permanent ruin. But again I ask, where was the debt outrage when the R’s were looting the Treasury with their $2 trillion tax cuts put on the national debt, 87% for the Rich? Talk about a bunch of welfare queens. Why is greed so short sighted?
    -Which is why I say: The Greedy, corrupt R’s loot trillions. The Goofy, bleeding-heart D’s mismanage millions. You do the math. I personally rate their ‘trickle-down’ hoax as the 3rd greatest fiasco of my lifetime, behind only Climate Change (still to manifest fully) and Bush 2’s breaking the Middle East. Best, Mike.

    • Repeat after me: All spending and revenue bills originate in the House.

      They are intent on evicting a duly elected president. Not doing the jobs they were sent to do. It’s just gotta piss you off something terrible that Obama and Nancy are as responsible for the debt are the R;s. But with TDS and other “social” disease, I understand

  7. No warming for me, unfortunately. It was 11 degrees F last night and bloody COLD! Windy too. Not ideal for mid-fall. It’s an outlier and we’ll hopefully get another Lizzie Warren Summer here for a bit.

    Happy Halloween. And no candy, I lock my gates too, just like George.

  8. Have You Heard or Did You Know….

    Income Tax is not required to be paid….IT IS a FRAUD on the American people…there is NO requirement in US Tax Code requiring an Individual to pay Tax,,,,court case in Tenn.

    Tennessee Man Wins “Willful Failure to File” Case
    IRS Strategy Upset
    Reprinted from “Alert” (Circa 1992-1993) POB 9411, Boise, Idaho 83707
    Another Research Foundation Member Found “Not Guilty” on All Counts in Well-Publicized Jury Trial
    by Lamarr Hardy
    “Hallelujah!” was Lloyd L. Long’s first comment, after being acquitted, recently, of all “Willful Failure to File” tax charges lodged against him by the Internal Revenue Service for the years 1989 and 1990. H

    [Redacted due to excessive length, use of copyright material, n ot responsive to a post of mine, and it’s a dated 1993 case. However, readers can google Lloyd Long for more details if desired. – G]


    • As noted, this was redacted for length and use of copyright material beyond prudent dair use.

      While we philosophically agree with some of Long’s arguments (google the case and settle in from some long reading sessions) Elaine and I employ a knowledgeable tax attorney (my consigliere) and yes, we pay five-figures a year in income tax.

      We are both in our 70’s and while a tax protester may occasionally win a case, picking a dispute with government can be an all-consuming effort. Therefore, in our judgement, we’d rather be having a relaxed, low blood pressure retirement, and not get a crick in our necks from “looking over our shoulders.” Don’t piss off the dragon unless you have the arms and will to win. Time and money are more important to us than picking disputes that can be avoided. No, don’t bother with the “getting on the trains to the camps” discussion. This is my riverboat and my wheelhouse and those are rocks and rapids. UrbanSurvival is about managing your destiny, not picking statistically “unwinnables.”

      When making comments here, please keep to the topic at hand. The post this was responsive to is not about taxing authority of The United States – which is a corporation, by the way.

      Thanks all in advance…

    • “Income Tax is not required to be paid”

      Be careful. Ed and Elaine Brown tried all those tricks. Check it out:

      “The Browns filed numerous pre-trial motions, contending (among other things) that the United States is owned by Paine Webber and that “the most powerful court in America is not the United States Supreme Court, but the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.”[59] According to the Concord Monitor, the Browns filed “about 30 motions, expressing views that their case is governed by commercial law, that they are not the people named in the indictment, that the federal government has no authority and that they can resolve all charges with ‘promissory notes’ for billions of dollars.”[17] The Browns also claimed: “The U.S. has not had a Treasury since 1921”; “The United States does not have any employees because there is no longer a United States”; “There are no judicial courts in America and there has not been since 1789”; “There have not been any Judges in America since 1789”; “The Revolutionary War was a fraud”; “America is a British colony”; “Britain is owned by the Vatican”; and “A 1040 form [Form 1040, U.S. Individual Income Tax Return] is for tribute paid to Britain”.[60] Elaine Brown’s court-appointed lawyer requested that her competency be evaluated.[59] On June 2, 2009, the court ruled that Edward and Elaine Brown were competent to stand trial.[17]”


      Both in the hoosegow.

    • “there is NO requirement in US Tax Code requiring an Individual to pay Tax”

      Personally D…. I won’t mess with the IRS… I would rather pay a little extra to insure I am ok than to take any uneccessary risks…

      Only Rich people can take chances like that.. and the tax code gives them ample ways to avoid paying anything.. I know very wealthy people that pay less percentage wise and some money wise pay way less than I do as a catfish making their lunch money as an income.. I am a flat tax advocate.. anyone making money in the usa pays the same percentage after national poverty level.. ( you can’t go by san fran and some other areas where poverty level is a quarter million a year) but the national poverty level.. take away all deductions and area associations.. like some companies move outside the borders of the USA to avoid taxes.. or move and invest and save in countries where their assets can’t be touched..


      I did know someone that got irritable with an agent when he was called in and told them they could just “SUCK WALLEY” he came back sheet white and I can guarantee you he is more like myself now LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL he was visibly shaken to the core.. even banks won’t mess with the irs.. they come and want money from your account.. they just give it to them no questions asked.. it doesn’t even matter if you don’t have any funds in there to give them.

      Now if your feeling froggy and want to jump on not paying taxes.. go for it spike.. but remember the taxcollector has always been the most dreaded person throughout history..



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