"Building a Real Time Machine" (Part 3)

Narrowing the “fishing grounds” today, we consider the Q of Time. Sounds incredible, but as I’ve accumulated the data over the past several years, there is compelling reason to pursue two very specific lines of inquiry outlined in the three earlier reports on this.

Today, we’ll begin the process of putting past time travel events into a format that will provide for easy analysis.  With that we should be able to “box-in” a small specific hunting ground.

First, however, some morning headlines and our ChartPack = plus the ADP jobs report –  as the market continues trying to figure out what to do with all the recent Fed liquidity…

Pack sandwiches and a Thermos for this one – runs north of 6,600 words, not counting charts and figures…

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20 thoughts on “"Building a Real Time Machine" (Part 3)”

  1. G – all U gotz to do is learn how to travel Inter-Dimensionaly.
    This is a form of time machine – as time acts way differently (slower&faster) in other Dimensions. Mechanical attempts at this kind of travel have proven to be extremely hazardous to the untrained human body.
    If untrained in this kind of “dying” the human brain gets “fried” with no reset possible – unlike taking a Shamanic dose of Peyote – takes a couple months to get Ure brain schiff back together.
    Imagine the poor schnook who is 1st guinea pig at CERN to try to de materialize and zip to Fermilab in Illinois – can you say “lost in space” or beyond scrambled..

    If U should seriously consider soliciting the help of the “fallen” – The Lesser Keys of Solomen” is the only Authority on the subject and should not be ignored..”danger danger will robinson”

    Too much darkness for my tastes – sick and dammed tired of all the EVIL crap in my face every day..these people R SICK – Nadless the Hutt, Schiff for Brains, BroFro Omar, Elizabeth Sham-Shosone, Palsey Pelosi just to name few – lets not mention head witch (“witch hunt”) The Hilarion and her jeffery dalmer art work loving campaign manager Johnny Poedesta.. Luciferian Scum.

    As Breitbart once said right before he was assasinated “F.U. WAR!

    – Every normal Man must be tempted at times to spit upon his hands, hoist the Black Flag, and begin slitting throats” H.L. Menkin

    u know ECD is VERY tempted & keeps a razor sharp serrated CRTK on my body at all times and anti zombie “war fighters” hatchet under front seat of pickemup truck.

    “they” really dislike cold hard steel.

    • Locally, carrying a tomahawk is not a good idea. While sharps have been largely deregulated, clubs have not been, and tomahawks are classified as an illegal club. Even stranger, knives with the finger guards are classified as illegal clubs, while the same knife with a bare handle is perfectly legal.
      I can carry a Glock under the seat in my car, and an axe and a sword in the back floorboard, but getting caught with a tomahawk in public is a ticket to a different kind of time machine, the state pen time-out machine.
      The point to this is, know your local laws.

      • I carry a tactical pen & pepper spray. I have a concealed carry permit but haven’t used it. Pistol is for home defense. Shotgun for WTSHTF. I should get an AR15 before they are banned.

  2. I heard a comment today that rings true today. “Money doesn’t take care of itself, you have to take care of it”.

    This doesn’t apply to the Federal Gov’t because they own a printing press. Which come to the conclusion, if we just keep printing money to avoid financial collapse, eventually it will catch up to us, like in April 1980 when inflation was 15%. But it has allowed us to become a bigger superpower, because we have the money. We are a ballon that will eventually pop if we don’t continue to be productive & innovative, which the Dems are working hard on eliminating.

    As such, look for a total Republican landslide in 2020 as voters begin to realize the Dems are out to screw them.

  3. G,

    Good post.

    Rumor is the Tibetan monks have levitated rocks in the recent past, post flood (1939). I didn’t find an exact month. Without knowing an exact month I did find round trip tickets to Tibet average about $1,500.

    Since you are our best hope I motion to pass the cup. We need to send you out into the field.

    I’ll pledge $50.00 for toward costs associated with you visiting Tibet for local investigation.

  4. Q as in Qanon told us FISA works both ways. Were the traitors were followed to Syria or did they use military planes and autos when they landed? here is the link I posted 2 days ago

    the other brother Darrell on October 28, 2019 at 10:29
    Did I hear it from the street?,,,, Not,I read it in a tweet


    Have a glorious day ,

  5. George, before you start your experiments, let us know how you will make yourself known if you move more than a few hours from when you start? Gives us a sign to watch for!

  6. Fog…Guess where that is the most prevalent? Yep…Is it coincidence that San Francisco is Home to fictional sci-fi movies. Star Treks Starfleet Command was in San Francisco. Most Marvel comic movies use San Francisco as their base. The movie is the message.

    On another note…from time to time I have a desire to run across the Golden Gate Bridge…it’s a physical refresh for me. I have never analyzed it until recently, but I become more productive weeks after that run. Two weekends ago, I ran across the Bridge and decided to listen to frequency music. It’s an app called BrainFM and It purportedly plays frequencies to make us more focused, relaxed, sleepy and meditative. I chose focus. My per mile times average around 9 minutes…but on this run…in the fog…with the music… were 8:05 per mile. I ran 4 miles.

    I didn’t Feel I was pacing faster…although cooler air does increase performance..which is why most road races like marathons and 10K’s start around 8am. I wonder if the combination of frequencies, fog, reflecting surfaces like the ocean below me made me skip a few minutes off my run. Occums Razor says it’s just the cooler air speeding up my metabolism…but you never know. I need to create a control and test this further.

    • You my dear reader are very very close to the TED idea – time expansion device.
      Each of us has a key frequency on which we will entrain. One of mine is 148.66 Hz. Yours will be different, but it’s a trial and error process

  7. Did the march around Jericho, 7 times create the FOG? Did it also act as a resonator to deflect the sound, reinforce it so to speak?
    Dusty area, all those people marching. Lots of dust from people ,animals, carts or wagons..

  8. I read that a Podcast is an audio file. Today it could have been used to show how different frequencies sound. Also, you could play your horn so we could hear the sounds & you could describe its affect on you.

    Downloading it would be fine since streaming is out of the budget. Most of my experience is investment video streaming podcasts or how to do it videos on You Tube. Also, I prefer to read than listen to an Audiobook.

  9. My 4 ft. fluorescent tubes are kinda big to fire up with only 100 watts, methinks. Next chance to bring the wires down I will try some smaller tubes that should be easier to ionize at lower powers. The big ones seldom fire with average power and modulation.

    I am curious about what a mercury plasma ring will do. I have a small fluorescent ring tube that I plan to wrap with an antenna wire (Maybe a Rodin Coil configuration) and excite with RF to see what happens. Some alleged ‘flying saucer’ designs include a plasma ring of mercury. Maybe I can defeat time and gravity together??

    • We have some similar experiments on tap for November. In addition to the extensive list of frequencies in the audio side, the agenda here includes use of small fluorescent tubes in the lab (shop) and wrapping a “50 ohm load) coil around them and lighting them off around 14.200. When we do this, the plan is to use a remote-measuring scan to look for the gravity effects and, in addition, use the same time instrumentation plan (e.g. two crystal oscillators, one immediately adjacent to the experiment target and another 50-100 feet distant while looking for any amplitude or phase difference.
      In addition – and intuitively this may have something to do with it, we will be using an audio oscillator as the modulation source, since that would give us varying amplitude of excitation. Naturally, we will begin with upper sideband, but a pass with LSB is also planned. That’s because the LDE seems a voice phenomenon in most reports (little CW). Using a MARS or unlocked transmitter opens things up a bit. And, I’m considering use of either my HT-37 Hallicrafters or the Gonset GSB-100 because these are phasing generated SSB rigs and may be able to pass higher audio frequencies (when pushed a bit) than the filter-type SSB generator(s).
      I would suggest one more option: That is, rather than the big diameter 1.5” 4-foot tubes, they have smaller ones (T8’s I believe they are) that may fire more readily on the antenna at voltage nodes. Again, no guesses where those might be, because you’re using an inherently unbalanced antenna (G5RV/OCFD) and that may push the nodes around. If I get some time, I’ll try to model it.
      Good luck and send a direct email if you nail an effect and we will see if we can duplicate it here.

  10. 1) As a ham, you may have noticed that an antenna operating at it’s exact natural resonance –no tuners– seems to become wildly more efficient in Real Life — screw the math and the EZNic sims– and far, far more effective, both ways, listening and transmitting. They work for e that way, anyhow; and as a consequence, I spend a lot of extra time trimming and tweaking on whatever my exact favorite or most important frequency is. Tuners suck out some power, and I believe this contributes to a dampening effect, and a loss of effectiveness. True resonance is almost magic.

    2) A long time ago — over forty years — I rigged up a GenRad audio oscillator, a high-power (over 100 watts) Crown audio power amp — the kind with a “Williamson” ultra-liner tapped output power transformer, and a pair of barium titanate resonators from an ultrasonics cleaning equipment manufacturer, which drivers were acoustically matched using solid aluminum cone-shaped horns, tapering up from about 2 inches across, to which the barium titanate crystals were epoxy-bonded, to about five inches across–the intended output business end, which was typically epoxy bonded to large tanks of degreaser fluid for ultrasonic cleaning of large metal parts such as engine block. I epoxied these to one of the Lally columns that supported my house.

    Then, I drove the column with a low audio frequency — much as the Crown could muster. The ultrasonic drivers ran at about 500 watts in an industrial cleaning-degreasing operation, so at 100 watts from the amp, they were loafing along.

    I slowly ramped up the frequency from below 2 Hz to — well, as far as I felt might be interesting. The Crown was specced out to just under 50 kHz, so said the manual.

    There were some minor acoustic resonances here and there along the way, but at about 340 Hz, the damn house went crazy. Things fell off shelves, my wife hollered — I had neglected to pre-warn her– and all sorts of dust came down in different rooms, crap on tables started to march around like those little electric “buzzy” football players in that kid’s game we all had one of, and numerous other effects manifest. I didn’t observe any clocks — hadn’t thought of it — but the effects were profound. I was scared enough to not repeat this till I learned more and had planned better, but never got back to it. Later, I thought about Edward Leedskalin I think his name was, and the Coral Castle in Florida. Maybe we were on to something…

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