Post Storm: Lies, Lessons, and Loopholes

My friend Wally, whom I haven’t heard from for years, introduced me to the old saying “Screwed the Pooch and sold the Pups…” around 1999, or so.  You can follow the notion, probably.

So, our first point is that America (land of the Pooch)  is maxed on wrong-headed solutions – promoted  only because they are “easy monetization’s.”  Which is systematically “painting [Once Great] us/US  into a corner.

Led by ever-more appeasement of the leech classes – and not looking to improve their lot and instead feathering their own nests – the collected dim-wits in Washington will sign anything put before them for a price.  Usually without reading it.

This morning, a tromp through assorted “Realities.”  And it’s a hard lesson in self-delusion, denial, and Bubble Spotting.

Bubble Points

We will keep this simple.  Because a lot of people don’t share our fascination with short-term stock trading.

The Big Picture is that America has been in a growing stock (and money)  bubble since perhaps 2003, although arguably the basis may be Nixon’s unplugging the US from the Gold Standard in 1972.

When we gave up stated convertibility, it took the reins off D.C. and things like inter-agency debt (a form of govt. check kiting) could be applied to “holy concepts” like Social Security.  The “money” may still be there, but convertibility to tangible assets worth a certain amount is a wet  dream. Trust fund?  Joking, right?

In its place, America is running on Made Up Money.  This foolishness is promoted by socialist “economists” who couch their crap with explanations and excuses.  Like “Well, if Zimbabwe had only done it THIS way…” or like “What Venezuela failed to do was…”  Praises of Cuban, Fidel, and Che…  (AOC means Another Onslaught of Communism.)

How This Impacts You

One year ago this morning, our Aggregate Stock Index stood at 28,880.

This morning using the same calculation basis, the Aggregate stands at 36,242.

Put in terms the One Percent understand, the Market is UP:   25.49%

But now, let’s think about this officious number for a moment:

  • Are more Americans working such that specious gains of 25% could be rationalized?  No.
  • Has there been a breakthrough tech that is powering higher stock prices to come?  Sorry.
  • Is America returning to the fore as a World Leader with Energy Independence?  AYFKM?  With Joe the Pipeline Destroyer and best rail tanker car salesman in history?  Uh…umm…NO.
  • While O’Biden is killing energy independence did you notice where Kremlin Says U.S. Should Focus on Texas Instead of Nord Stream 2?  If U.S. can’t build pipelines, Russia and China won’t be hampered (or so stupid).  But, Mr. Railroad didn’t bankroll Putin, did he?  O’Biden is killing oil and natgas just as surely as Obama killed coal.  Power and control.  The noose tightens.
  • If warming was real we wouldn’t be in the dark and cold, now, would we?  And yet the climate change push is continuing in articles like this one.  ViseGrips, please. Fact-free and emo-driven.

What is presently powering the Bubble is Made Up Money. 

We owe far more to third parties than our entire Gross Domestic Product.  It’s at dangerous levels.  Levels that have led to bail-ins, and the like. Anyone else cogent enough to recall Cyprus?

We are spending our free processor clicks trying to judge when to move our meager savings into government bonds which ( may be one of the few capital pools that doesn’t get smashed.  Because when countries default on their own debt, that can set off other problems – like  global War.

Notwithstanding, we would not be surprised to see this outcome.  Terrible though it will be.

10-million Americans have run out their job prospects and 40-million (and more) face foreclosure.

That sound like a solid “investment” or a Ponzi Scheme?

Meanwhile: Bitcoin Idiots

Since the U.S. dollar not longer has stated convertibility, where does one put money?  For people who believe normalcy bias, cryptos have been the latest hot money game in town.  This morning BTC is $51,356.

However, we would wryly note that a BTC only works if the grid is up.  In Texas and Snowklahoma this morning, maybe not such a hot ticket.

ANYONE WHO USES CRYPTO IS A CLIMATE-WRECKER.  Politicians lack the guts (OK, and brains) to tell you this simple truth and ban it.

How many megawatts of energy do we want to piss-away into making up “secret numbers?”

Skip the mining and just go make them up!  Blockchain is just another buggy whip waiting for history.  Killing power along the way…dandy, huh?  Blockchain is a “use once” number…nothing more, nothing less, and nothing to believe in any more than tulips.

ERCOT – The Good, Bad, and Ugly

The Good:  Since my raving session about the Electric Roulette Council of Texas this week, the power (remarkably, and thank you) has come on and stayed on.

The kitchen temp this morning is 74 and the gas has not been running much.  We ran dishes last night and all laundry is done.

Still, the neighbor up-hill from us brought over a stack of paper plates.  One fine point of forced downscaling that doesn’t need the rocket stove and chunk charcoal to boil dish water.  Please make a note of it:  For week-long problems, paper plates and plastic dinnerware has its place.  Much more appreciated.

The Bad:  Talking with Oilman2 Tuesday was enlightening.  He told of how ERCOT was behind the move to force major pipeline operators to remove the natural gas-fired pipeline pumps and replace them with electrically controlled units.

The Ugly:  This is at least the second time around for ERCOT (whose employees donated more to the demagogues than repugnants by a better than 2:1 margin, if it matters).  They were in butt-covering and crisis mode in 2011, notes my consigliere when they made promises like:

“The planned projects included in this report are estimated to cost almost $8.7 billion over the
next five years and are expected to improve or add 6,693 circuit miles of transmission lines and 17,336 MVA of autotransformer capacity to the ERCOT system. These totals include that remaining unbuilt portion of the CREZ additions that are slated to be in service by 2013.”

It all sounded so good.  Except, here we are.

Apparently, the Big Money Energy Crowd (think Enron) didn’t want to spend the money required to be part of the National Grid.

“Free Market Solutions” is a common Texas rally cry.  But, people forget “You get what you pay for” and in this case, the “least cost bidders” are “open markets” are about to stick Texans with power bills of thousands of dollars.

“You know, it was ERCOT that mandated electrical control of the nat gas pipelines, right?” reminded Oilman2.

Yep.  Power Mad World

News Controls

We have warned you repeatedly that there’s not enough news to go around what with Trump gone.  At some point that monetization ends.

In it’s place?  In Australia, Facebook is barring users from sharing news on the flat-form.  This is all about making digital platforms charge for journalism.

We’re eyeing this as a possible “beginning of the end” for runaway social media which has become cancerous.


“Talent on Loan from God” – Rush Limbaugh passed away.  Not sure what will be listened-to in the American heartland on local radio, now…

Short Takes

Get a life? U.S. life expectancy plunged a full year as pandemic took hold.

Shades of the Moody Blues “Breathe Deep, the gathering gloom…” as Feds seize more than 11 million fake N95 masks.

Strategic Relocation:  Although Elaine and I looked long and hard at Arizona 20-years ago before settling on Texas, that looks to be a good call as here we go again: Democrats to unveil Biden-backed immigration overhaul bill.  O’Biden will rubber stamp anything.  We pity anyone who doesn’t see the strategic attack on White America as co-equal with the injustices done Black Americans and other PoCs (People of Colors).  And vote with their location choices accordingly. In Texas, people are still people…and not political monetization’s.  As much, anyway.

Thing is:  We still understand what the word Border means.

Options Week Madness

Earlier, stock futures were down, again.  Before the fresh jobless data, Dow was down 88  while the S&P was down 16.  My, tech isn’t doing so hot, either.

Here’s how the weekly unemployment filings went:

Just remember, as always two things:  First, the unemployed number is horse plucky in that it only covers people who haven’t run out their benefits, year.  Second thing is my weekly rant bout the use of Seasonal Adjustments – which is why the yellow highlighted data matters most.

Here – have some housing starts with that:

Incentives In Life

I think I told you my favorite bricklaying story, some time back.

It was 1974, and the Ex and I have just purchased a brand new four bedroom, three bath, greenbelt, view, well-made home 15-minutes from Microsoft HQ.  $43,850 which today is north of $800K.

Since the basement was unfinished, I decided to bring in outside air through a brick hearth that would hold a Lopi fireplace insert.

The motivation to get the bricks laid was to put a cold beer at the far end of the hearth.  Lay brick like mad, drink the beer.  Rinse and repeat.  Sure, a slight “wobble” to the face of it, but still, got ‘er done in no time.

Which is Mentioned WHY?

Because the Ure clan has always been Big on incentives.  We are slavishly hard-working people.  But – and this goes back to being a kid  and Pappy was rowing all over Elliott Bay in Seattle chasing King salmon.  In  the tackle box was always a Hershey bar with almonds.  On several occasions – rowing in modest chop and an outgoing tide – he would pop open the tackle box and eat the Hershey bar for enough energy to row us safely back to the boat house.  This was when Haury’s Boat House was out on Alki Drive in Seattle. Demolished for “progress” in 1984.

[Dick Wagner, who I used to rent a cat boat from down on the Ship Canal decades back, has a good article in a back issue of the Center for Wooden Boats ) “The Mystique of the Boat House” over here several pages in…]

Well, to make a long story longer, the point Pappy taught was that hard work deserves Big Rewards.

So there we were…power finally came back on here in Texas…and I whipped out a loaf of frozen white bread.

After a good thawing and rise, it was some of the best bread we have ever eaten.

Thus ends this morning’s Superior Prepping Point:  When the worst is passing (OR PAST) you roll out the rewards for a job well done.

For some, this will be roast a bowl, for others and handful of gummies.  Or, here in Texas,   a home-baked premixed frozen loaf.  Swimming in honey and butter, few things are so savory.

On that note, off to the kitchen to whip up a light breakfast: chicken fried steak with pan gravy, hash browns, some of the aforementioned loaf, toasted, couple of eggs over easy, black cherry juice, and a splash more coffee.

It will be a busy day:  “The Biggest Lie in America” needs to be written on the Peoplenomics side of the house.

And Elaine needs to get up and walk about more.

BTW, as we were cracking one-liners (at 1:30 AM, lol) question came up whether any couple in America has named a female daughter Ester-Jenn….

(rim shot)

Dow futures after the numbers down 140 and S&P  down 20.. Gee, is someone else figuring this out, too?

Write when it thaws more,

83 thoughts on “Post Storm: Lies, Lessons, and Loopholes”

  1. “bitcoin idots” ??

    The largest Custodian Bank in the world, Largest Asset manager in world, largest banks in the world, Elon Musk be an idiot too..
    With a better “vision” of Ure thinking – one wonders how U managed to make it this far..
    Its a Shame really – our intentions are true, indeed virtuous – The Way of the Crypto Warrior..”changing our world day by day.
    cant rely on the bankers no way”

    Get some Peace..of Bitcoin that IS!

      • But George ..the only idiot is the one that didn’t play the game. Many of us played and made incredible amounts of money. It’s legal. It’s not as if I robbed a bank or brokered some huge heroin deal. Why is being an early adopter on a new tech based currency worse than oil speculation that also is a climate killer? If climate killer is all you got…then it’s all the more reason to embrace green technology to counterbalance the power surge that Cryptos demand. Jobs, jobs, jobs. Make the money…create the jobs.

      • I didnt play the Bitcoin bonanza. Lol Mahaps i too have a ID-10.T error too?

        I will tell ya what. I took an entire year off work. $140,000 + Union Med, Dent, Vision, Pension paid for by the company and zero out of pocket. Best Benighted in the Nation. Premera Blue Cross AAA plan. Total with benefits package around $250k.

        So good, I went to the Betty Ford not once but twice. Which cost $43,000 a month if ya pay cash. Now I went twice for 4 months each time. Best damn Vacation I have ever been on. Personal Chef, Personal Trainer, Massage, 3 hours of lectures and group therapy. Stayed in a Million Dollar Home off site with a pool and hung out with the rich and famous. Amazing food, sat at the pool alot. Total cost: $344,000. My out of pocket cost: $0.00

        I took a whole year off. I invested the time and sacrfoced $250k salary. Into 6-8 hours a day minimum, every day in subliminal reprogramming my subconscious mind. More than a few occasions I spent 12-15 hours a day. I also spent a minimum of 3-5 hours a day meditating.

        Whats the pay off for that investment? I’m not sure yet. Lol
        I did travel to 8 different states on the west side, including Alaska. I also went to Mexico and Canada. I fished on the Kenai River, I beat golf balls around a PGA Masters garage with him and a pro baseball player. I had coffee at the paper moon Cafe with one of the largest real estate wheeler and dealers in California, hung out with rock stars and A listers in Hollywood and fed the homeless in Spokane and Idaho.

        Slept with some of the most beautiful women in the world and even fell in love for a while. Started a website and did slept in the Redwood forest under thousand year old trees a night. Even went to a Hippy Commune in the Shasta Mountains and did a vision quest with real Shaman and a bunch of other worlders in a drum circle on first full moon if the summer of perfect vision 2020. While all the rest of the world locked themselves up in home in fear and “sheltered in place”.

        The entire time, I was spending vast amounts of energy and time reprogramming my subconscious mind.

        I wore a light crown to bed most nights and created my own binary beats, subliminal messages and affirmation audio recordings.

        What’s the pay off on that? I’m not sure yet. I did get a new phone number yesterday and it has 5 threes in a row in it. Lol
        Guess that is an angel number or something.

        I guess we shall see. Lol.

      • There’s a lot of learning to understand the mining environment. I’ve not done that because I’ve been busy with so much else. If you need to heat a house using electricity, you might as well mine along the way. It’s all heat in the end, so minding digital tulips is just a fancy way of heating a house.

        Yes, it’s one of many regrets that I didn’t allocate time for this years ago, but that’s life. Today, I’m not sure what the payoff is, other than perhaps amortizing the cost of fancy GPU’s. Learning the environment takes either a great deal of time, connections with trusted folks who know what they’re doing, or a leap of faith(and money) into the unknown.

      • I dropped my 907 area code phone in honey bucket last night. So to speak. She promised a workd of shit and I decided it was best not to go digging around for my phone. So I will have figure our to get all my contacts back in my new phone.

        Now, I dont buy them $1200 IPhone anymore. The $75 smart phones work just as food since I’m not any social media crap.

        Just found a thumb drive in the parking lot of the truck stop i was just at. Have to go take a gander at what is in it. Who knows? Could have 2500 bitcoins in it? Or nothing. Lol

        So I activated my new phone and coincidentally my new number had five 3’s in a row and has a total of 11 thr33’s because all the other numbers are divisible by 3.

        Im not a Mason, im not big joining stuff like that. Interesting to note, 3^5 is The Perfect Master in the Masons. The number 333333 or six three’s the number code for the entire Christian Bible. Pretty trippy.

        Im sure it all just a coincidence. Lol

        See ya all around i got to fire the computer get all my passwords.

    • Coincidentally George, that last comment i made about the new phone number and the masons etc etc

      Has the comment #10,333 on Ure site. I just noticed that when I hit the submit button.


  2. Because of global warming you are in the dark now, George. Check the science. The collapse of the jet stream because of all the warmth in the arctic means that the cold air masses can drop down in the polar vortex. Global heating means climate chaos, not growing mangoes in TX.
    You are a data guy, check out the real science rather than your self referential conclusions.

      • You tell’em George. The scary thing about the global warming scam is that it is based on so called CO2 emissions. The answer according to Gretta and cloud is to close factories, coal fired plants, and build freaking wind mills and solar panels.

        This is terrible as people will end up freezing or seating to death and pay 3-4X more for energy, if in fact, energy is generated at all. It is really a disaster waiting to happen. Btw, this means ultimately no Bitcoin and no Tesla. Yes, I am waiting for the DIY Thorium reactor for my house, but I am not holding my breath or waiting for the aliens to save us.

      • Not bull shit George. Is the cold weather causing cranium frostbite? I have stopped being a disbeliever. The more you know, the more you know. The are so many information options, podcasts, and data available at our fingertips. I was just on a Clubhouse chat. Clubhouse is incredible. World renowned thought leaders collaborating amongst themselves…debating, and solving at the same time. You would do yourself a favor by downloading it and participate, then take what you learn to write about it here. It WILL change your perspective.

      • Sorry, Mark.
        In my world, there are facts. Not going to waste my remaining time in Life on “adgendized” or “twisted” “Facts” to support further monetization of a corrupt, dishonest system. Time wasting “narratives.” Propaganda.
        Same weather pattern here as in 1899 only now the junior technocrats – modeling after Technocracy of the 1930s promise a happy ending.
        How much food will you make this year? How much power. Not WHO CAN YOU PAY TO DO IT FOR YOU?

        As you will read on the PN site this weekend, the whole solution set is simple and obvious.
        The problem is that it is a genuine solution, not a further monetization.

        You never explained to us how you pay that 82.2 cents per gallon (equiv) of road and highway taxes that EV drivers don’t pay?

        Inquiring minds want to know.

        Honesty, ethics, solutions. No bandwagons please. More thinking, more reading. Fewer IPOs – chips will fall where they will.

      • “The answer according to Gretta and cloud is to close factories, coal fired plants, and build freaking wind mills and solar panels.”

        Theres nothing wrong with solar and wind.. respect and use the coal and gas and implement the solar and wind.. I’m not a fan of large scale because of the complexity of integration. Unfortunately large is all they see. A Gail rather than the flutter of a butterflies wing .
        There is global warming and its true.. but it’s not all man made it’s a cycle. It’s been before and will be again.
        I personally live coal. I burn it clean to.. I would love to wash the exhaust to reclaim but that costs more than I can invest init at this time.
        I am not a fan of nuclear power.. we don’t understand it and all the complexities enough.. and disposing the waste is dangerous and expensive.

      • “Not bull shit George. Is the cold weather causing cranium frostbite? I have stopped being a disbeliever. ”

        Your right Mark.. the issue is cities need to make the changes.. the turners and burners need to step up to the plate and start the changes.. the population of the planet is four times more than what the planet has to offer us to feed everyone.. what is is.. the earth has 1.7 hectors per person.. to supply everything.. and we use 9.6 hectors.. cities are growing at a rate that you absolutely know.. and devouring farmland by what was it fifty acres of farm land per minute.. it takes the builders to recognise this.. to be upset because of global climate change means that those at the top of the pile need to start planning and building according to the changes needed.. not just blaming everyone and not doing a thing about it.. I have been a big supporter of greenscaping for decades and it only takes one to start the trend.. garden in the city.. so far china is one of the few that see what is needed.. but then they waited until it wasn’t a choice any longer… ( well since before I could shave) but unfortunately I am one of those that is forced to follow not lead.. Instead the vast majority of those in a position to make the changes needed are only interested in a number on a sheet of paper.. and cities will continue to grow..
        complaining about climate without action is just going to move on till the next time.. eventually there will come a time when it will become mandatory to make the changes needed.. like co2 filters on lamp posts solar green scaping to cool down the cities and promote food production.. but it isn’t at that point yet.. give it another fifty years.. give or take..

      • 1-million years of data. warming and cooling is a cycle.

        or ZERO data, out of context diagram (these forms happen year round) on a German website which is already way left on climate (and hating Russia for their gas)…

        Quick. Call Occam.

    • Interesting to have just heard a presentation given in Switzerland by a German researcher, Hans Ulrich Schmutz, who has done painstaking research on climate variability over millions of years. He found that natural climate change is normal (we of course know this), and that the patterns that cause the change have been constant throughout the history of the earth….until the last 150 years. These patterns relate to the cosmic rhythms between the sun and the earth. The patterns began to change 150 years ago and have only gotten ever more out of alignment with the millions of years of patterning over the past 50 years. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Human induced climate collapse is real. What we do about it is a different question; but to deny human’s influence on the climate now is simply ridiculous.

      • Where are your “facts” to back up your statement. Don’t be duped….you must be falling for that trick where they narrow the timespan to make it appear as-is Humans are changing the Earth’s climate…..because the Earth has been at this point way before we Humans came along.

      • That is true…1000% Martin. It really makes me wonder about the intelligence of some people that can’t put that logic together. To put it simple… The earth has a contained atmosphere. Naturally, there are a.ways going to be volcano eruptions, forest fires, mammal and carbon based being exhaust with every breath we take…etc. At that level, the earth works in harmony with nature. We breathe out…plants breathe in…they balance each other.

        However, when you add human made machine and fossil fuel exhaust to the equation, plus exponential increases in human population…that circuitously require more machine exhaust, food production, animal harvesting etc…this is plus pollution and the earth must make adjustments to catch up. Sometimes it can , but circumstances may make it impossible. Our atmosphere captures the CO2 in a way a enclosed garage may capture the exhaust of a car. The scale may be off…but the result of that experience will end in death of any living carbon moire form in that enclosed room. Now imagine billions of cars…7 billion CO2 emitting people…billions more animals…fewer trees and plants to do their clean sweep of our air and what do you have?

        The answer is…AN ADJUSTMENT….critics idiotically state that its “only” 1 or 2 degrees… what they don’t realize is that that is HUGE!!! What is the difference between H2O at 34 vs 32 degrees. Solid into liquid, liquid into solid. That’s significant. How about 210 degrees vs 212 degrees…liquid into a gas. Both differ at various altitudes. When this degree change becomes constant, the patterns change….and right now we are in the midst of a pattern change.

        This past Labor Day, I experienced the strangest weather I have ever experienced in my 63 years on earth. The cool, dry, weather we had did a 180 into several 100+ degree days topping at 115 degrees. That’s not normal by any means…it’s mother nature saying knock it off

      • Mother Nature is a fall-back to a pantheistic way of thinking – pre-science.
        While we refer to her/Ma once in a while, it’s the data that matters.
        The data screams what we will have on PN tomorrow. But weather anomalies don’t mean “gods are angry.”
        Too much “bodies into volcanos already” – though the leftover sacrificial pyramids have been remarketed…

      • Yeah, sorry, I do not believe him. Even the daily mail ran an article today which researchers showed the climate in 1000 year increments killed off 3 human species. Humans did not do that. The Earth’s cycles did that whether influenced from within or without.

        HCovid: NEANDERTHAL DNA stretch slashes risk of severe illness 22% | Daily Mail Online

        Taken from the article: “Neanderthals and Homo erectus, both cousins of modern-day humans, went extinct due to sudden, and unexpectedly intense, bouts of climate change.

        Scientists have long sought to understand the fate of our long-lost brethren, and previous studies have indicated climate change likely plays a major role.

        Computer analysis, published today, reveals the hominins failed to adapt to a rapidly changing climate.

        Researchers investigated temperature, rainfall and other data over the last five million years to get a gauge of the climate for every 1,000-year window.

        They also modelled the evolution of Homo species’ through time by plundering an extensive database of more than 2,750 fossils.

        The analysis revealed three Homo species – H. erectus, H. heidelbergensis and H. neanderthalensis – lost most of their ‘climatic niche’ just before going extinct.

        Climactic niche describes a locale where conditions are just right for the species to survive, not too hot, dry, cold or barren.

        According to the researchers, Neanderthals were wiped out around 40,000 years ago and Homo erectus went extinct 70,000 years before that.”

        Notice the use of the words CLIMATE CHANGE BUT NOT MAN-MADE CLIMATE CHANGE. Also, the the trendy, global warming and man-made global warming lingo is missing.

        I rest my case. Grow up, lefties, the lives you are going to kill will be your own descendents.

      • The delusions on this site are astonishing. You guys seem like the proverbial frogs in the slowly warming to boil pot. I will gladly post the research I mentioned when available. Unfortunately, it was literally just given a few days ago in a lecture (in German, no less), so isn’t available to share yet.
        The researcher looked at different parameters than are normally looked at (solar/earth rhythms and cycles) over eons to create the graphs of correlations between these rhythms and the natural warming/cooling periods that follow. The rhythms always were the same; until the last 150 years. Again, coincidence? Why, after millions of years of the same rhythms did they begin to change at the start of the Industrial age…? Please at least consider true and new data and don’t just spout your wishful thinking based on biased thought patterns. Then we can have a real debate. As it is, it’s like talking to a bunch of Golems.

      • “Why, after millions of years of the same rhythms did they begin to change at the start of the Industrial age…? ”

        Because only (not with the advent of the Industrial Age, but) the availability of thermometers, did people have a means of comparing data. The fallacies of the GW/GCC argument are many. I’m not going to crap on your religion to rehash them, but you can search US and find many.

        Would you really — REALLY base a rational conclusion of a 3.8-4.5bln year history, based on only the most-recent 138 years of data, and ignore or rewrite everything which came before 1883?


    • The Lake Vostok 450,000 year ice core from the Antarctic shows a 100,00 year cycle of heating and cooling. In general the CO2 rise occurs AFTER the temperature increase! Go Figure.

      The life on planet earth almost died off in past eons as the CO2 went too low. When the CO2 is higher life flourishes. You know like when T-Rex was roaming around. CO2 is not the problem it’s plant food. It’s just a convenient whipping boy to scam everybody who doesn’t look at the real data.

    • CO2 is easily remedied with NO TECH. Plant Trees!! (George has a tree farm, I note.) I never hear any arguments that the increased CO2 levels might be due to the way we have deforested the ‘lungs of the planet’… like the Amazon forests. The do-it-yourself ‘green new deai’ is… PLANT TREES. They turn CO2 into oxygen. That’s the real science.

      • That’s a long term soLution to a short term problem…yes…we need to replenish what we destroy…But…How long will it take for those seedlings to grow to the point where they are making any type of demonstrable difference that a mature, growing tree doesn’t already produce? Martin is right. The delusions on this site are astonishing.

      • DELUSIONS? HERE???

        World’s in mid transition from sane and sustainable to insane and un.

        We’re just trend-tracking.

        When you can’t attack an idea, go for the person (or website…).

        Now, about those EV owners not paying their fair share for Calif highway taxes….

  3. George
    ” force major pipeline operators to remove the natural gas-fired pipeline pumps and replace them with electrically controlled units.”

    While I’m a big supporter and user of electronic devices both industrial and domestic and I know dumb when I read it! The gas powered pumps are the Perfect engineering solution to the problem of moving natural gas thru a pipeline. Most people don’t know that offshore oil rigs use natural gas to run their electrical generating equipment when it can be separated from the petroleum stream. Somebody stands to make a lot of money from this unnecessary change. It also puts lots of people at risk of losing heat in winter when the electricity shuts down. So they switch over to electric pumps and will have to have a backup power system at each pumping station powered by what – natural gas. Dumb Dumb Dumb!

  4. Hi George,

    Glad to see you made it through the worst of it. Good article this morning but dang it your description of your breakfast has made me hungry! Off to the kitchen I go.

  5. Good article as usual this morning George. Glad you have heat and got Elaine mobile.

    We are all trying to protect what little savings we have left. Your points on government bonds and bitcoin tulip bulbs are well taken and appreciated.

    You mention your single gold coin every once in a while but I wonder if you could give your readers an update on your current thinking on PMs. There are no shortage of people recommending this way to protect assets.


  6. 12AX761462E2612BY7A6DQ58134CX10006CW4811

    There. Must be worth a bloody fortune, because there’s ONLY the one numbered KrazyKoin; so please now send me $100, and it’s yours. There will NEVER be another KrazyKoin number. I promise.

    Now, send me the money, and it’s yours. A truly unique collector’s item, and a swell speculative investment. There’s just no telling how much it could be worth someday in the future.



      • Shh. We would have be able to hank KrazyKoin in no time: 8877’s, 6146b’s, 6l6’s. 807’s…
        I’m sure Hank will come up with SolidKoin 2n40071n342n002 yada yada…oh, and some NE2 and i7’s…

      • Hey, at least I’m not selling ’empty vacuum space’!
        MRF1502N2222ECG1562N1304NE567NE555LM386 SolidCoin
        I do note that with either Krazycoin or my Solidcoin and a whole bunch of electrons you can generate some RF power!

    • Quite the problem solvers all U all Haters R.

      Utility ? None

      De-Centralized ? Nope

      Scarce – Nope

      Therefore after quick hit analysis on Ure proposed Cyrpto – nice, clean , and succinct/NOT – Ure points come across rather opaquely – I didnt see a White Paper –

      = Just another Shit Coin – hello Doge Coin.

      • For the record, Mr. coot, I was an early adopter of BC in the sub-$10 range. I saw a virgin elliot wave opportunity, and I rode it for the first five waves up. Made a 50-bagger and took profits. Now.? I wouldn’t touch it!

  7. Not as fun as a boot on the face of humanity for ever and ever… this week we hear the thud of a shoe dropping over and over. Hear the knockin?

    Facebook bans a continent.
    Texas wakes up to realize they’ve been scammed.
    The voice of America dies.

    The times they are a changing. Like birth pains, coming closer and closer, these events. It’s wobbling, you can see it, feel it.

    PS: there are a ton of examples of massive arctic air events throughout history. Ever seen pictures of the mighty Columbia river frozen with model T’s parked on it? That happened more than once in a single decade, long ago.

    Someone please explain how “this” event “is” from global warming, and those past events are “not” from global warming. I’m happy to know how both modes exist simultaneously, because I want to know when the next “not” AGW related arctic air event happens, surely we can recognize the difference! I mean, people are so quick to point out this “is” AGW, so surely the same experts can point at weather and tell us what is “not” AGW, right? Or is it all made up?

  8. George,

    Well old clumsy managed to do the”Chinese splits” clearing snow this morning. Found a hidden patch of ice under the snow, right foot went sideways, muscle pulled, and decided to fall over instead of doing more damage to the only muscle I positively know I have.

    On the Thorium reactor, we should be so lucky. Less nuclear waste, shuts down instead of going critical; what’s not to like. Oh wait, I forgot that GE can’t make billions on the current type of reactor housings (if and when they are allowed).
    We should have gone down the Thorium path years ago. But who needs cheap, abundant energy without many side effects.

    Sorry to hear ERCOT went down the electrical pump path. Pipelines in our area still use the natural gas engine pumps. These lines are operated by TC Energy, which just got kicked in the teeth by O’Biden and tank car man. Which by the way, if the laid off pipeline workers, etc. are supposed to get jobs elsewhere; how about the welfare recipients. If jobs are that plentiful, should not be a problem.

    Glad your power is back on, and hopefully all will return to normal soon. I see light at the end of the tunnel. It is a pleasant 29 degrees F here today.

    • Classic business model sold to ALL – CLEAN Nuclear Power! Waste Pool Mgt.- one of the “better” scams used to remove you from Ure cash.

      Yes I was at the NO NUKES concert in DC in 79 -Peacefully Protesting.

      – nobody told us a whole windowpane orange sunshine acid was a 4 way hit.

      Two of us split the whole “window” early in the AM day of concert. Nothing happened for about 45 mins and we were cold – so we hopped in line to ride the elevator up to top of Washington Monument.
      Needless to say just as elevator was approaching the top – we were warming up – and those two hits of orange sunshine hit like a fast moving fire just as we approached the top. “No Nukes is Good Nukes!”


  9. George,
    Did you know that gold can be synthesized:

    So the cost of such synthesis is an upper limit on the price of gold. As technology advances and the expense is greatly reduced (if it hasn’t already), will “they” tell us?

    Just wondering.

    73’s and all the best to the impatient patient.

    • There’s about 500 troy pounds of gold in every cubic mile of sea water, too.

      Care to guess the extraction cost…?

  10. ” the unemployed number is horse plucky in that it only covers people who haven’t run out their benefits, year”

    Government keeps extending unemployment bennies. The last extension was the 3rd and covers between end of 12/2020 to first part of March 2021. We’re on the cusp of the 4th extension. Whenever the $1.9 stimmy is signed unemployment benneis extend from March out to September 1st.

    Our financial problems – the American people who are alive today – began in 1857. Sometime during 1857:

    “New York City establishes the first pension plan for disabled municipal police officers.”

    The coffin was nailed shut in 1818:

    “In 1818, Illinois adopted the first uniformity clause. Missouri followed in 1820, and in 1834 Tennessee replaced a provision requiring that land be taxed at a uniform amount per acre with a provision that land be taxed according to its value (ad valorem).”

    Since then we’ve had the living spending the wages of the unborn because the dead said it was OK.

    I’m not sure why people love George Washington as he was the first to shoot at budding Americans for the money. “Government needed money to operate…” Look out the window. The Whiskey Rebellion led to… Troops in D.
    C. LOL

    Unless of course March 4th is game changer day, per Qanon.

    “Trump will become the 19th president on March 4 because of a theory, also believed by the so-called sovereign citizen movement, that a law was secretly passed in 1871 that turned the U.S. into a corporation. As a result of this, all other presidents after Ulysses S. Grant are illegitimate, the theory goes.
    March 4 is the date that presidential inauguration ceremonies used to take place, before it was moved to January 20 in 1933 in order to shorten the lame-duck period.”

    “District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871
    …an Act of Congress that repealed the individual charters of the cities of Washington and Georgetown and established a new territorial government for the whole District of Columbia. Though Congress repealed the territorial government in 1874, the legislation was the first to create a single municipal government for the federal district.

    As for Sovereign Citizens: The Act served as the basis of conspiracy theories relating to the sovereign citizen movement. According to these, the Act would have made the District, and consequently the whole United States, into a corporation.”

    And here we are.

    • ” the unemployed number is horse plucky in that it only covers people who haven’t run out their benefits, year”

      OR if you could get it Steve….. very few people that are out of work qualify for unemployment insurance.. companies don’t want their company to be on the list.. so they deny unemployment.. Happens all the time.. unemployment insurance is a joke..
      “businesses pay unemployment taxes based on their track record retaining employees, so an employer that regularly lays off workers will face an increased unemployment tax rate.”

      Like the companies I worked for.. they go through a witch hunt every fall.. and get rid of higher paid employees and hire young unexperienced employees to fill the spot.. it is the way of life.. to keep their taxes from going up because of their normal annual events.. they don’t allow an employee from receiving those benefits.. it isn’t that they don’t care which they don’t.. but it is the business model for their companies and seriously everyone thinks that there is this endless chain of free money to those that are at the bottom of the list.. which there isn’t.. but they don’t live there so they don’t have a clue….

      • sort of like everyone thought those getting food stamps were using drugs.. Only to discover.. you have to have money to buy them and when they did the test.. found out there was what one or two .. LOL LOL
        they spent millions to discover that it was not true..

  11. George,
    If the economy and government goes broke will treasury direct be worth anything?..
    There goes Social security,government pensions of all types,
    medicare,medicaid,defense budgets,military pay/benefits..
    Only safety is Land,Gold,Silver,food,guns,ammo.
    No debts all paid for and the ability to kill all the “saviors” that will spring up Everything is a business model.
    Many billionaires are investing in hideouts, land, ranches farms. Investments or hideouts from the hungry sheep?
    First Thorium nuclear plant is going to be built over in Malyasia or indonesia on big barges. power generation..
    That is important .
    Hope you and Elaine do well.Recover soon and Well.
    My Nancy has mild dementia,early, forgets stuff.
    I might have CLL,chronic lymphcytic leukemia,gift of Vietnam and Agent orange. ?? Many can live 20 years with it.
    I just want to live longer than my Nancy so I can care for her. No one else to do it Meantime keep working being a Physician Assistant.

  12. “The worst people in the world couldn’t be the worst people in the world without the faith and support of the dumbest people in the world.”

  13. george you are getting more what i thought you wernt every day . only took 25 years to come out .. yep its in the genes 100% . no product for of enviroment .. get the Jab to give you a top up

  14. The Solar Minimum wasn’t cancelled.

    An observation was made, the swoop of cold is causing destruction of America’s wheat.

    Texas Goes Dark – 45% US Wheat Damaged – Grand Solar Minimum

    Alternatively, Jesus is telegraphing starvation/high costs. Get ready.

  15. Nice link to the boathouse article… Most beautiful one I ever saw though, was this one:

    Also on the big W today: Happy birthday

    Not too much to tell with the storm up here on the Great White North Coast. Got some snow & not much happened otherwise. When I was traveling around the country a lot for work, people would say “how can you live up there? the winters are so terrible!” And I’d tell them “We don’t have earthquakes *, sinkholes*, wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes, mudslides, major floods, -30F temps, feral hogs, volcanic eruptions, avalanches, major droughts and a few other nasty things. I’m less than 100 miles from a hydro plant designed by Tesla, so that’s dependable except when the wires come down, we’ve got plenty of fresh water (and a damned good smallmouth bass & trout fishery) and it’s a damned pretty area of the country. We get some snow, we push it out of the way & get on with our lives.” If only we could get rid of the Albany Infestation as easily.

    * Exception to the rule: I’ve felt one minor (<4 Richter) earthquake over 20 years ago – but it was caused by the collapse of a salt mine, which subsequently caused a sinkhole.

  16. Friends,

    The Globe and Mail has an awesome cartoonesque depiction of Bill Gates bearing the Earth on his shoulders. One suspects Zeus might take offense to such Mr. Burns’ effrontery. Has anyone read His newly published tome, published this Tuesday past, “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster”? The magnum opus of parsimonious thickness may dent a wallet disproportionately to the shelf space it occupies. Is everybody warming like the author to increased government intervention by those unelected who know best?

    Ascertaining the msm writeups alluding to working hand-in-hand with non-profits is like a Homeric Odyssey steered by members of a flat earth society. All that lurches into view is a multi-billion dollar revenue generator like Intellectual Ventures Management, LLC staffed by directors, managers, and legislative persuaders overseen by long-time cronies of The Redmond Empire. A spinoff appears to be a rare example gone beyond the keyboard stage – developing more efficient nuclear power generation. Of course it’s in China with Chinese helpers.

    Well, looks like everything is coming up global in the Evergreen State. Congrats on your newly-minted Great Leader.

    All hail Caesar!

    • If these climateers and other self-appointed and anointed would just stop cutting down trees to re-spew their views…
      If they walked the talk they would digital-only their viewpoints.

    • It would be hard to design a less efficient method of nuclear power generation! Using the top one or two percent of transuranic fission energy to boil water and irradiating everything around, then entombing the rest forever, or nearly so. People are dumb when it comes to macro-policy.

      No disrespect to the engineers involved. Requirements are dictated and engineers provide.

  17. Blueberries for brain. Costco sells frozen organic blueberries and cherries. Add them to oatmeal, or serve in smoothies, etc. Cases show 1 month improves cognitive functions. The Love Story’s on here are amazing. You gents are Top Class.

    • they are great on ice cream to Love Story….. or a smoothie.. yum.. I buy them all the time..

  18. Preppers report:

    used dual natural gas/gas generator worked perfectly.
    Used Big Berkey water filter, especially important on a boiled water notice.
    Have natural gas stove, lucked out, in 1958 house in older neighborhood.
    Stocked up on food pre-covid per this site’s recommendations.
    Have all wheel drive 17 year old gas car, did great.
    Saved up 4 propane tanks and one gallon distilled water. Gave distilled water and 1 propane tank to friends in need.
    Stocked up on pet food for three months last week, listening to intuition.

    No paper plates in house.
    Filled tub with water.
    Afghans and boots.
    Hats, scarfs, and gloves.
    No winter coat, haven’t needed one, have to remedy that.

    Home phone went down when electric went down which means the old dependable SWBell lines (now AT&T) are no longer useful in an electrical disaster. In the 1990’s earthquake in California, I was able to get through to family there when cells would not work. My consumer cellular stayed up, but we know any number of things which can take down service.

    Hope my report helps other people plan for next time.

  19. I know that the winners of large lotto prizes generally don’t live happily ever after. And I will admit, that prospect never stopped me from throwing away a couple bucks on a ticket, (for the Texas school kids, of course). But what sort of baggage do those who make their mark with cryptos carry forward with them, G____ ? Or is that just more superstitious nonsense to be disregarded by those on the fast track to crypto Nirvana or something? I’ve seen Ure previous dream commentary along more general related lines, but I am curious as to the moral implication of cryptos in particular in the grand scheme. I get a bad feeling when I start to ponder this subject, like something is very wrong, but I just can’t put my finger on ,,,

    • Moral implications ?!?!? AYFKM ?

      Beef/Chicken/Pork – what brainless creatures ? No feelings when hearing/seeing/smelling their peers being zapped and slaughtered ?

      Way Off the ranch pardner – like into the hinter lands.

      Bitcoin is a solution (s) to some terrible problems in our world financial system – the biggest being “the baby” = Central Bank fiat

      Everybody who is anybody in Finance KNOWS the USD days are numbered.

      – THIS IS the “SAUSAGE” they are trying to hide from US, as the “rats” carry off the last of anything of worries though – pundits will tell you “everything is looking rosy” ..palmer that is.

      • No. Refer to G’____’s “Falling Market, Rising Money, Side of Woo-Woo, January 29, 2021 by George Ure”.

        I initially thought that G____’s account of his dream realm’s six foot Space Rabbit advisor lecturing on Adaptive Integrity (which bled over into waking time) to be as far off the beaten path as anything I had ever heard. But then I started reading all of these authoritative rants on cryptos from other readers, and the Space Rabbit started making more sense than any of you. I’m thinking that crypto kleptos are going to be heels in the Rabbit’s master sim. “With a plague, wars, and we’ll be sending in famine shortly.” Perhaps G____ can serve up a recipe for steaming Cryptos Manhatten on Sunday.

        But of course, G_____ just made all that Space Rabbit stuff up off the top of his head one morning, and it will really be all you crypto fiends who will rule the universe with an iron hand forever and a day, because your crypto castles in the servers are just so irrefutably digitally logical to yourselves.

        A round of carrot cake to the Rabbit, G____.

        Your wealth of character was forged by your escape from poverty, LOOB.

    • “I know that the winners of large lotto prizes generally don’t live happily ever after.”

      I sure would love to give it a try though….lol lol lol

  20. Hey George, I was i had a dream today when I took a nap around 3pm PST. and you were in it. You were there next to me. In my dream I was waking up and you were standing there next to the window in a large room. You were wearing a how tie and had slide rule in your pocket and I said rubbed my eyes and i said. Where are we? You didn’t say anything. You just kept staring out the window. I said something feels weird. Everything is differnt. I dont know what to think. George did we just wake up on a different time line. You said I dont know. This is my dream not yours. I said what? How can I get in your dream. You said, I brought you here because there sure is weird shit going. Come look.

    I went over to the window and I looked out and the whole sky looked like one them globe things at that place in the mall called Spencer’s, that you touched with your hand and all these blue, purple violate colored electrical charges would touch your fingers on the glass. Little bit like a larval lamp but its like electrical stuff dancing. The whole sky and view out the window was full of them. And the Aurora Borialus was out and so bright. I said is it day time or night time. You said, hard to tell and ya pointed at the clock on the wall. I looked at the clock and it was running backwards.

    I said where are we. You said hard to tell. I think this earth. I laughed and said so let me get this straight, I go take a nap, you bring me into your dream and you don’t know where we are at. Ya said, well normally we are relm I create. I didnt create this realm. I dont know why we are here but I suspect we should probably stay innside. Then some voice came over an intercom and said, you have to go back and fix this.

    I said what?????!!! How do we fix this? You looked at me and I looked at you and you shrugged and I said this is so weird. I dont know how I even got here. You said the reason you can’t rememeber your every night. Is because you are time traveling every time you go to sleep. Doing shit and then jumping back into your body. The music you hear every morning when you wake up is like marker of your return to your body. No go back and fix this. You changed something. You have to go back and fix it.

    I said I don’t believe you dude. But I never seen ya in a dream before dude. You looked at me and said, I seen you lots of times. Then you said, think about it dude. You laid down to take a nap, woke up in a dream, in the future with me and you know your in a dream and you know you time traveled with me to the future and its pretty bad and some voice says go fix it in the past. And you are about to wake up. I said I’ve never met ya in person. You said, ya ya did. You rode your back into the back of my work truck not paying attention when you were a kid. Then I remembered I did ride my bike into the back of a work truck by accident when I was a kid and the dude came out and was really nice to me, picked me and bike up and said be careful kid. I said thanks. The guy said, you will be Allright. Your a tuff kids. That all flashed in my mind and totally forgot all about that day. Then you said when i went back to your dream world you looked at me and said,, rememeber and pointed out side. And I worke up.

    When I goggles your site today I added your name. There is an old picture of you when you were young man. The Same young mans truck I hit with my bike when I was 12 years old. Trippy.

    Pretty trippy dream. Never seen ya in a dream before. I dont remember most of my dreams. Maybe 1 or 2 a year. Maybe.

    • The fix relates to your phone, a contact, a plan to call…intent to be thwarted.

      Oh, and they’re called plasma globes. We keep several around here for time machine work.

      • Hmmmmm… well the reason I dont have a phone is I was gonna sleep with this chick I met. But I’m still in love with SHG, even though I’m not talking to her. I dont have her number anymore. I chickened out and that other chick got pissed and when she left she accidently took my phone or purposely took it. Idk. So I remotely factory data reset that 907 phone, and then had it black listed by the carrier as stolen. So nobody can access it.

        There is alot of stuff running through my mind. So much I havent been able to fall asleep at night which is not normal. Normally as soon as my head hits the pillow, I’m out like a light.

        There was thread I was on a fora about 3 years ago about “the nobody” rescuing a blonde princess in a tower being held by a cruel King. The SWH lives sorta in a tower. She doesn’t go out much except to run and im the first person to ever go in her place in 2 years besides her Mom and daughter. Because of being in two super abusive relationships. King Fear holds her captive.

        But she bailed on my awards banquet and valentines day at the last minute because she had to get her teeth cleaned. And that hurt my feelings. I been patient as a Saint for a while. My biggest super power is not being clairvoyant. Its Love. And my feelers got super hurt. Then had a vision of her sleeping with someone else in meditation.

        Funny her middle name and my ex who was in playboy who are both Italian is Valentine.

        Im really done with being captain save a hoe. One of my many nick names. Lol

        I been seeing a green Honda every where I go. Which matches the witches car I lived with in Spokane. It’s either the chick who stole my phone, which I have no idea how to find. SHG, who still has a book, 2 rifles of mine and 3 of my 4 coffee cups, the witch, who made a move on me one day and I promptly shut that shit down because she had a boyfriend who lived with us too. And I wasn’t really into her. A girl I just who’s number I can retrieve once I get my email password, which hopefully stored in the comments on a file of my computer. Or a girl I know In Alaska or this chick I just met who matches a vision board out of magazine cut outs who’s name sounds like ‘okay.’

        I know I have to go to Coachella Valley soon. I just keep getting delayed. I have a box of shit in Bond trader who works for JP Morgan’s garage. I dont know what’s in the box but my Cypress Point membership Golf shirts in there that my buddy the PGA master gave me.. who said it belonged to someone really powerful at one point. He won it off of him. Then he gave it to me.
        Along with a rosary that used to be a former Popes. That dude had one crazy story. He would blue tooth his phone to my car because he could drive from the brain cancer one minute he as on the phone with owner of the bulls and the next phone call would be from a senator from Massachusetts calling to just shoot the shit. Then Nascar Champion would call to just say hi. Then Angus Young from ACDC would call. All while we just going to get Epic Drinks of Raspberry Ice tea from circle K. He had a huge roladex. All we did was hang out and talk about God, drink black coffee and smoke cigarettes. Lol. Throw the ball for his Dog listening to old rock and roll. I never met anyone like him. I always just treated him like a normal dude. I havent talked to him in a long time. I think he passed away by now.

        So it’s one of them…. I suspect.

        That girl who looks like the one on my vision board I made. Almost identical. Wow. Just wow.

        Shit i don’t know. It was a crazy ass dream. Hmmmmmmmmmm

        I will find my password and I still have my phone from before I went to Alaska so I have most of the numbers I had before my trip to Alaska. Maybe Google backed up my contacts and I can get them that way if I can find my old password. I have a bazillion passwords and they are all hella long and complicated so I dont remember them all.

  21. Oh yeah I just remembered what ya said in the dream we were both in thar someone else created. When were talking about time travel. You said, your spiritual DNA allows you to enter anyone’s body past or future. I said spiritual DNA. You said its sorta like Astral travel, your aura. I said how come I dont remember my dreams. You said because the memory stays with the person you enter. I said ok possessing peoples bodies? That is kinda weird. You said there are a few others like you. If you guys weren’t doing this work? The world would ended a thousand times already. The music you hear when you come back is the homing beacon to enter back into your body. Sorta like a key to get back in and nobody know the music but you. So nobody else can take over your body while your consiouness is time traveling. Your aura creates a mini worm hole to a destination you desire then when you pass through the worm hold you enter the first person you see there. And instead of them taking a left at the light. You take over their body and they take a right. Where they would have got into a car accident of they took a left. Then that small change sets a chain reaction of events like a butterfly effect that ripples through realty. They retain the memory of you making them taking a right instead of a left so the person you entered doesn’t even know you were there. Then into another wormhole and you are in a battle be The Roman Legions and Egyptians. Doing it again and again all night while your body is sleeping. That is why you don’t remember your dreams. I said that is so weird. You said not any more weird than going to take a nap and waking instantly with me in the future in a dream and know your awake in a dream that you didn’t create and neither did I. Someone else created this relm. I just brought you here because I needed you to help me figure this out.

    I said how many of these time traveling dreamers are there. You said 9 others that I know of. Is said this is so weird. You said. You guys are like a systems check for the material universe. You go here and there as the Univese does a Defrag on itself. You move the files. So to speak. Does that make sense. I said I think so.

    Then we had the last part of the conversation. Really truppy dream. I dont hardly ever remember my dreams. And I only took a 30 minute nap.

    • You almost hve it.

      When people are not alive – no in spirit, not in their High Place, they have “leftover” unused personal processor clicks.

      Think of unawaken, un-god connected people like unused computer horsepower. Forms a substrate for global mass consciousness. At any time, there are only so many who realize their are coCreators – who bring about God’s will on Earth. The rest?

      You’re not old enough to remember the old Charles River Data Systems, but the “Scratchpad” computer with a Motorola 68000 in it was analagous. We were running a customized version of Unix (UNOS) on it to do speaker-independent voice back in 1985-1987. thing is, the unused processor clicks on the 68000 could be bundled up for other tasks.,

      Humans come in flavors like that. Sort of like the Global Mass Consciousness is like Borland’s old TSR (terminate and stay resident) program SideKick.

      We are – busily and unconsciously – creating oursevles in our Maker’s image.

      And in doing so, there are two things to observe:

      The word “core” has becme HUGE. Core focus, core strength, Octa-Core, and so on.

      The other is some of us see plasma as a key to future, but in what regards, can’t yet be use.

      Plasma core? (old TV? lol).

      There are humans who only have a small “keep-alive module running” It’s like their screensaver of Life is fed by idiots (media, phone-apes) who know how to dirty up their personal desktop. Hide the ESC buttons. The local reps ‘d God? Kill the screensaver and go deep diving. Listening to cues from the Coach, of course.

      • Well it wss weird. One thing about them plasma TV’s they sure put out alot of heat. Plasma globes. Yeah, I haven’t seen one or heard of one years. To see the world in a state of a giant plasma globe and the Aurora Borialus so bright that ya can’t tell if its day or night. While standing in a building with the clock running backwards, awake in a dream with you in a relm neither of us created? Talking about time travel and portal jumping into people? And I was only a sleep maybe 20 minutes in my bed.

        Pretty Twilight zone trippy. No doubt about that. Hmmmmmmmmmm…

        Im gonna to add some contacts to my new phone number and let them know I have new digets.
        Hit the gym. Sometimes when im working out and in that “zone” the answer just comes to me.

        Try to write today. I dont i love these damn itallian women and they love me. My last wife was itallian. The playboy chick is full blooded Italian, the stripper i almost married was full blooded itallian and SHG is full blooded Italian. It’s a common theme with me. Lol

        And the girl that looks like the one I made on my old vision board. She is full blooded itallian. And I need to go see her and other girl today that both work at coffee stands. A friend who is fully blooded itallian.

        Im German as F. Lol

      • No, no, no. all that WATER pollution would be bad for Musk! Just wait u8ntil the 100th aniv issue of the Stanley Steamer comes along – blows off a lot of ice AND electrics in some ways lol

      • Ya, I met that chick that jacked my phone at a gas station. She was all over me and wanted to throw down. I just couldn’t do it. I am still love with SHG. Ugh. Im mad at her tho. I mean missing valentines day and day to recieve high honors at thing for me because ya have to get your teeth cleaned at the last min after ya said you were excited for a month to go. Im praying every day to have that resentment removed. Ugh

        She is all about the secret clone base the Vrill run. That is a weird conspiracy to subscribe to. Im out there too. Sleestacks? No kidding. Land of the Lost with Will. Seems pretty far fetched. I aint afraid of snakes, rats or spiders or bees. No of them bother me.

        Eveyone has some kinda conspiracy they subscribe too. Lol even if they think they don’t.

        Maybe….. its the tinder pepper chick. Maybe I forgot I even had tinder. I was going to delete it and I had 300 damn messenges on it and the last one was a pepper chick who said Covid is population control and told grab my bug out bag and come hide out in her safe room where she had 6 years worth of food stored and lots of board games down in her basement with a Vault door o the room and enough emergency power keep the lights on for 6 year and still charge her vibrators Then proceeded to tell me she liked to be a submissive was looking for me her whole life and wanted me to pull her hair on the regular.. She gave me her number this all probably tmi, I texted her and she omg im so glad ya texted me. She was pretty hot too. All in camo shorts, camo Trucker hat and a green tank top. Pretty crazy offer since I have never met her before. Lmao

        Then the gas station chick jacked my phone.

        I know dude. My life is soooo weird. Ha ha ha ha ha. God is probably playing some joke on me right now.

        Im going to the gym now. Lol fire up my computer later and get back to rolling on all that. See if this girl that same name as your wife is working. Had a vision of her too. But she is so religious, she wants to wait till marriage. And im like what is point of getting married anymore. Lol

        I dont know who it is. If im supposed to fix it? God will have to tell me

      • Well shit, she has all my passwords. The shg. Damn it. Its in a book I left there. I found her email and send email and say im sorry and shit …….. ahhhhh f!

        Im a fckn retard sometimes. Arrrgghh im gonna patch shit up. So I can my 2 rifles, coffee cups and shit. She probably don’t wanna talk to me. Im kinda an arrogant asshole. Sometimes. Well, alot.

        Can’t we just have anything normal anymore????? Easy peasy. Fck!

        She looks like that chick i dream of Geni. I just wanna be normal.

  22. With the Great Rush an SK, I have for some time enjoyed listening to Andrew Wilkow. Of course, you need Sirius/XM channel 125 to do that but I think it’s worth it. Same time slot 12:00 to 15:00 EST.

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