Pandemic Prepping

With the spread of NoCoV2019 worldwide now, I wanted to expand on our “strategic view” of coping with a pandemic.

In case you missed it, the basic blocking and tackling part of reducing your exposure risk was covered in our Friday morning column which is available here.  If you haven’t read it, take care of the exposure reduction and then pick up here.

Step 1:  Develop a Strategic Workplan

Absent a plan, the first step is to  make a plan.  In order to do  that, we need to look at the basics in life rearrange only what needs to change.

I believe we are “in a window” for another week, or so, before the risks could begin to pile-on quickly.

You workplan should include what?  Well, you need an income, so work strategies will be important.  So will Balance of Life (BoL) strategies.

Depending on how serious things become, do you have Fallback Strategies for food and more?  Then (and this will seem odd, but go with me on this!) do you have Fun Strategies?

Let’s get to work, then:

Step 2: Work Strategies:

  • What are the ways you could reduce your exposure to co-workers in the event that you don’t have the option of staying home or working remotely?
    • Re-arranged work hours
    • Avoid bathroom breaks with others
    • Don’t eat with others
    • Commute off-times  (come in early, leave early)
  • If you presently work with people (retail sales, for example), do you have masks lined up?  Hand sanitizers?  Good general health?
  • When you come home from work, do you have a personal decontamination plan?  e.g. Do you take your clothes off at the door, put them in laundry with bleach and run immediately?  Did you take your shoes off outside?  Did you blow your nose thoroughly?  Take a hot shower with soap?  We’ve been pretty good about keeping a couple of quarts of Hibiclens Antimicrobial/Antiseptic Skin Cleanser 32 Fluid Ounce Bottle for Antimicrobial Skin Cleansing around for just such events.
  • Do you absolutely keep your hands from touching your face and especially mouth and eye areas?

Step 3: Balance of Life (BoL) Strategies

OK, assuming you work 44 hours a week and commute much of the rest of the time, what are some changes that might be in order?

  • Going Out:  Shutting it down might make sense.  Sure, love the Trivia Tuesdays at the sports grill, but if there’s a pandemic, would you want to be around (filthy disease carrying) other people?
  • Retreating Online:  This will be an appealing option for many, but remember, especially if you didn’t keep a landline and a local unmetered Internet service, retreating on line could kill your budget.  So shape your web use accordingly.
  •  Bulk Up the Brain:   Try and imagine what a post “real” pandemic would be like.  Run out the math:  A 3% kill rate could translate globally to how many people “kicking it?”  Based on current global population estimates (7.63-billion) that might pencil out to something in the 300- million dead range.  What would that world look like? Other than burying people right and left, what would the financial impact globally be?  Sure puts a hole in climate change, does it not?  And if the fatality rate equals the 1918 Spanish Flu outbreak with its mortality rate…
  • Keep a Worst-Case Mindset:  The estimates are that 10-20% of those who contracted Spanish Flu died from it.  20% in today’s world?  It’d be around 1.5-BILLION dead.  You will be able to keep tabs on the outbreak just as we did during the SARS episode.  Take the number of reported dead (which was around 41 when I looked yesterday) and divide this by the number of confirmed cases.  This was 830 confirmed when I ran it Saturday, so about a 5% mortality rate.  The reason you track this is to remind yourself of the penalty for trying to “fudge” and maybe “Pop out for a quick beer.”  Death doesn’t care about motive.  It’s all about gathering souls, plain and simple.
  • Companion-Up:  If you have someone you like, consider moving up the relationship timetable so neither one of you needs to travel to the other’s home in event of local cases.  Remember, in a pandemic, every time you leave your controlled access area, you are taking a risk of incidental exposure.  And every time you come home, you run the risk of bringing bugs with you.

Step 4: Get Ahead of Events

  • Order Your Future TODAY.  As I said, IF this turned into global pandemic – which it could, though we don’t predict that, what is the risk of pre-ordering supplies for your life?  Here’s what will be landing here in the next two days:
    • Final stocks of nitrile gloves
    • Additional masks N-95
    • Additional bleach (3 gallons)
    • Additional iodine

In addition, there are plenty of Home-Bound activities that make a lot of sense when your are sheltering in:

  • Fresh vegetable seeds for the garden (a full year’s worth)
  • Additional books and reference materials.
  • A few pieces of computer software not downloadable.
  • A large shipment of supplies for the shop:
    • a couple of dozen full-9 2-by-4’s
    • some furniture-grade plywood
    • Some additional siding
    • 20-sacks of concrete

Sounds a bit “touched?”

Well, not really.  You see the shop materials mean that we will have lots to keep us busy and mind off of the “outside world.”  In my position as a writer, we’ll be face-on with the hard reality almost daily.  Past experience tells me that having down time is valuable as hell.  Everyone needs to recharge.

Step 5.  The Fun Plan

Humans are naturally joyous, fun, playful types.  So if you think there’s a chance of going into some kind of a crisis, while things are incubating, don’t miss the chance salt-away fun and enjoyment.  Seriously?

  • It might be a good time to have the liquor cabinet full.
  • Don’t want to run out of birth control or personal lubricants if we’re going to spend more “together time shelting-in” do we?
  • Have about 2 or 3 new video games?
  • Interactively, how about writing a book together?  You write one page, I write the next?
  • Or, that “no-limit” chess game you’ve been planning but were always too busy to get  around to?

Pandemics Are Opportunities

I don’t wish death on anyone.  Pandemics are a routine long-term fact of human existence. As one site said of the plague in the Middle Ages: “Mortality depends on the type of plague: Bubonic plague is fatal in about 50-70% of untreated cases, but perhaps 10-15% when treated. ”  

We don’t know how this one is going to roll, but we would much prefer to sound the alarm and be  way out front of the curve on this as we have been all week, than be even a minute late.

Look at what’s coming as a damn-fine time to get your head on straight and to do some serious planning.  If you don’t, there might be consuqences of the “No Do-Overs” variety.

As we have been telling readers of our very peculiar way of thinking about things here for the past 20-years on UrbanSurvival:

Most people live life for maximum gains.  We hold that playing for minimal chance of losss is the much better strategic direction to follow.

We hope this is far over-thinking everything.  But there’s less risk from overthinking that underthinking, most times.  Besides, the herd is usually wrong.  Ask anyone in Kansas City how that works.

Write when you get rich,

37 thoughts on “Pandemic Prepping”

  1. Here is a good start to help assess your readiness:

    I’m a big believer in writing down your contingency plans, including entry triggers, well in advance of actual event occurrence. Human nature is to always put off drastic actions until often it is too late (3-Mile Island/Chernobyl/737-Max incidents) Write down your plan when you have a clear head and implement when you meet the trigger, whether or not you are ‘absolutely sure’ everything will be under control ‘real soon’. Those that cannot learn from other’s mistakes will repeat them.

    • I am not sure when TSHTF it will be as expected, so I spent the time preparing my written Estate Plan so it will be easier on my wife & kids. My wife has no clue of what we have & I need to provide guidance after I am gone in written form. In the long run everything works out anyway, so no need to really worry. The world is based on the EVEN-STEVEN THEORY.

  2. First, I wish to congratulate you for fearless public service in providing restrained practical advice to your readers on the ongoing coronavirus debacle. I would also congratulate Zerohedge for their coverage as well.

    Enough trigger events have already occurred to warrant committing funds to critical expenditures. Your initial punch lists look good pretty good, G____.

    Basic medical information about this particular strain of coronavirus is lacking. Such information as to whether the killing mechanism is cytokine storm (like it’s SARS cousin) or just plain old viral pneumonia isn’t being published by sources I would trust. While there may be botanicals that might be of use, there is no real source of information to indicate which would be useful versus deadly mistakes. Therefore, the avoidance approach you are advocating looks sound.

  3. George

    “20-sacks of concrete”

    Not recommended unless you have an absolutely dry place to store them. Been there done that. Lost about 25% due to moisture incursion. The sacks in the middle and bottom of the pile were ok but the ones exposed to air got hard because of atmospheric moisture. I had purchased the concrete in bulk to put in a fence. The sacks don’t have to be rained on to get ruined. Just laying around in an uncontrolled space is enough for the chemistry to get started.

  4. Mr. Ure
    somewhere in the past (I cannot find it) I believe you provided a list of naturopathic supplements to help influenza infection. IIRC this regimine included Turmeric, L-glutathione, potassium citrate, astragalus,resveratrol, and astaxanthin. Over the years I have found this regimen can work on other viruses as well, hit or miss… May not work for this virus but you don’t know until you are engaged in battle. Nice to have on hand just in case. Also, one may wish to consider a supply of d3, vitamin c and sambuca nigra as they all have their roles to play in various viral infections… Not sure if corona virus is primarily a northern hemisphere/winter bug – but seems to have some possible relationship. If so – D3 is an important supplement for protecting oneself from it.

  5. After reading your column as well as other resources this morning, I cancelled out vacation trip to Jamaica. We were due to leave tomorrow. It is the dead of winter and cold here in Canada but spending the next 2 weeks in busy airports, hotels, resorts and confined to an airplane for several hours makes no sense under the circumstances.

    You make good sense George. We decided to eat the financial loss and hunker down.

    • My buddy Robin Landry and our wives are planning an early summer concert…but the way things look right now, we’re going through the same calculus: Take the concert and the risk? Or, eat a couple of hunsky’s worth of tix. We can afford to let the clock run on this one.
      B ut I’m already counseling son G2 who is stil driving for lift/uber up in Seattle area to mask and Clorox after each ride and set a “hard deck” above which if there’s stuff going on, blow out of uber/lift and “hi thee to the ranch…”

      • Instead of the Clorox just get you spray bottles and put the 93% alcohol in there that pretty much kills it and you don’t have the residue of chlorine and you can use the alcohol for the lights go out you can use it for cooking and 4 candles

      • “Isopropyl is far less effective than, oh, Everclear, for example.”

        and everclear if injested will just kill any bad viruses on its way down LOL….

        there are very few times I have been sloshed.. one of them was when the lab used ever clear to make a fruit punch.. I was so sloshed.. came to in the caverns below DC.. took me three days to find a way out.. LOL LOL…

  6. If you’d like to know more about the coronavirus, you could look at these links I am providing. Mike Shedlock posted them, and one is from a co-finance guy who just happens to have a PhD in pathology, Chris Martenson. I find both of these guys to be reputable sources of information.

    Personally, my home has had rotten flu luck since December, when all 4 menbers of my home got Flu type A. This past weekend, my son got Flu type B. Both of these sprouted from school infestations. I suspect my daughter had a milder form of Flu B and is over it, for the most part. If I get it, I’ll be down a week or more. Type A got me good. No, we don’t do flu shots as I don’t think they keep up with mutations. We practice pretty good defensive hygiene habits, but it still can make it’s way into your home nevertheless.

    On the comical side of this mess, did anyone know that there is a Japanese flu strain called Phuket? True! I suspect it may have started at the BoJ headquarters.

    • Chris Martenson is very reputable and his video is excellent. We should pay attention.

      Thank you for sharing SM.

  7. George I could lie and say I’m buying N95 breath masks duct tape and canned tuna, but truthfully…….

    I’m prepping by watching the following movies: Damnation Alley and The Andromeda Strain.

  8. Jon Rappoport wrote an interesting article on how it’s very likely that this is just another pandemic hoax to promote the sale of vaccines:

    Then he wrote another article tracing the path of the vaccine being developed for the coronavirus:

    Also, there are photos floating around the internet of people who supposedly have the virus dropping to the street, either dead or almost dead. However, as Jim Stone pointed out and you can verify for yourself, most of them are obvious fakes. Since it’s now winter in Wuhan, other photos of the city show snow and bare trees, but in most of these alleged coronavirus photos the trees are in bloom, which means they were shot at another time and/or in different places. Looks like Big Pharma needs more money for their golden parachute fund.

    • Forgot to add that I received this notice, although without a link to its source:


      “Forced vaccinations now can be legally stopped-no quality control for 32 years… Vaccine injury lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr.,& Del Bigtree, producer of the suppressed anti-vaccine documentary, Vaxxed and the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) are credited with this victory. They demanded the relevant government documents proving that all federally approved vaccines had been tested for quality over the past 32 years — and there were none.

      “A recent US court case revealed there has been no quality control over vaccines manufactured by big-pharma for at least 32 years. Autism rates are expected to drop dramatically now that parents can stop the poison being injected into their kids

      “This means that the US Department of Health and Human Services and all vaccine makers have been lying to the American people for over 30 years about the effectiveness and safety of vaccines;… This means that vaccine makers have been fraudulently exempt from what all other pharmaceutical drug makers have been forced to do concerning biannual recertification for quality and effectiveness — meaning that their vaccines have never been tested for quality and have had no proven safety or effectiveness for over 30 years…”

      • The easy way to locate an archived copy of any news article, IF you have it copied or can recall, VERBATIM, either the title or at least 8 words of a sentence, is to enclose the title or sentence in quotes, then search in Googl or Yippy…

        This was linked on both farcebook and reddit, but was originally published by Cairns News in North Queensland, Australia, on Nov. 19th, 2018.

        Oariginal article may be found here:

  9. As a life-long allergy sufferer I learned early on how to perform a sinus rinse. It wasn’t until I learned about the OTC saline sinus rinse bottles that I also learned the befit of putting about a half ounce of unflavored Listerine, or the generic version, depending on the size of your bottle that comes with the rinse kit, into the mix.

    Every cold or other infection I get starts in my sinuses and works its way past the tonsils (yep, still have ’em and they’re still doing their job) and down to my chest. Alcohol may not kill viruses but it will keep your sinuses draining to get the infectious agents out of their incubation areas. It’ll lift the top of your head off the first time but it’s worth it. There’s always secondary bacterial infections in my experience and the only way to get to that area without antibiotics is to take your face off. It’s worse than crotch rot…

    I never have understood the biological response of the sinuses swelling shut when they’ve got something like this in them. This little maneuver has kept me out of the doc’s office for years and years. Perform the rinses until your sinuses feel half way normal then you can lay off of them and see what happens. If the feeling of infection comes back keep repeating until it doesn’t.

    I also take multivitamins with minerals almost every day and keep a good store of the different antibiotics from the people that make Fish-Mox-Fish-Flex (amoxicillin) on hand for the times things really get out of hand. Fish-Mox can be found at Tractor Supply and possibly the other antibiotics, too. That and who among us ever completely finishes their antibiotic Rx’s? There’s always left overs. Also any DRY antibiotic will last virtually forever. They cleaned out some old Civil Defense canisters from the basement of the county court house back in the 80s which were from the 60s at least. These cannisters had a lot of dry penicillin tablets and sulfa drugs in them among a lot of other medical items. I never took the sulfa drugs but took the penicillin tablets every time I had a bad sinus infection and they lasted until the 90s – and that was back when I had insurance!

  10. “Thieves Oil” will be virtually worthless against an airborne viral infection. Thieves oil worked during the black plague because the disease was spread by fleas. The aromatic oil kept the fleas off persons so they did not bite. The oil has some antibacterial properties, but I doubt it would do anything against the coronavirus.

    Same argument for colloidal silver. It works on all bacteria, but not viruses. Inhaled mist of colloidal silver would help prevent secondary bacterial infections of the lungs, but not likely effective against coronavirus.

    I have had success in stopping a day-old influenza infection with MMS… chlorine dioxide. Brutal treatment, but it works in stopping a viral infection.

    This is not medical advice, and I am not a MD doctor.

    • Hank; I beg to differ on your comment that colloidal silver is only good for bacterial infections. I have read that at least in the lab it has proven to kill over 650 known pathogens including bacteria, virus and fungal. I have used it successfully on colds. Recently my 91 year old mother was suffering from a bad cold and cough that didn’t seem to be getting better. My brother was concerned she might develop pneumonia and made a doctor appointment for her. The appointment was in 2 days. I gave her an ounce twice a day and by the time she saw the doctor the cold practically gone. I know that is anecdotal evidence and may have been coincidence but about 15 years ago with the help of a doctor she was cured of Lyme Disease using silver water among other protocols.

  11. GU often says that “everything is a business model,” and I totally agree ;-), but being older by some >20 years than anyone else posting (including GU) I want to add that one’s view on life changes as one grows older. It’s very important to be aware of that fact, unless you hit demantia, and then all bets are off. What seems important today may no longer matter in the future. Just my two cents worth of experience.

  12. Sorry guys, but I am not buying the paranoia. I once had a very smart lady tell me that during the ‘Aides Crisis’ in the 80’s, a virologist told her that Africa would one day be nearly empty. So, over 30 years later, we know that did not happen, AND Africa has had very robust population growth in recent decades. I am in my 60’s, and I definitely noticed that every few years, they tout a new pandemic that is ‘going to get us all.’ Aides, SARS, Bird Flu, HTLV-3 (the ‘old’ aides virus). The list goes on. Spoiler alert: the show will go on. If you are healthy and have a high life force and use reasonable precautions, you will be fine. If your immune system is compromised, well then, there are a million and one ways you could die anyway.

    • “a virologist told her that Africa would one day be nearly empty. So, over 30 years later, we know that did not happen, AND Africa has had very robust population growth in recent decades.”

      Stephen..My thought on the Aides virus is..If it was created as a biological then They lost control of it.. IF.. it was created to depopulate the country of one social class. ( I had read material with the CDC years ago that is no longer available that hinted that there was research being done that indicated that it may have been created with it by the doctor that created the vaccine for hep.. and it spread to one in three in africa in about a two year period … here is the conspiracy theory of it.. ). If it was created as a biological then it got away from the purpose originally intended for…. just like the tuskegee syphilis experiment.or small pox that was given away in infected blankets to the indians on the reservation…Every time a biological was used in the past.. it got away from them there was a vast discovery that there wasn’t any control…. the same way launching diseased bodies into castles.. those activities were to target the castle and its residents but it go away from them and spread the disease and the black plauge spread across the european nations..
      Aides.. those that it affected.. went on to different social groups.. seems there are those in other social classes that are degenerate..
      Working in Healthcare so many years..At one time back in the eighties..there was ONE aides patient that I took care of..This patient was the part tme sexual partner to a very good looking buff boy that worked on the wings with me.. I wasn’t able to really discuss the activities or what I knew but I would tell him he should settle down in his personall life..
      NOW.. he was a good looking kid..a really good looking kid.. I can tell you approximately how many young single female coworkers that he slept with without protection they all were hot for him.. my daughter seen him when she came to my work and commented on him.. ( I did tell her to not touch him he may have a disease).. I of course told them that they shouldn’t but it didn’t stop them.. do the math.. if one of those girls.. carried the HIV gene and had sex with six other single men before they got married or even if they were married since I know of a couple of the coworkers that were married and enjoyed his company…. and they each had sex with six others.. well you can see that it can and would get away real fast.. that is one I personally know about.. now what got me to cringe.. is we would stop off at a popular restaurant for breakfast.. it was how my wife and I spent personal time with each other and connected between my jobs.. one of the waiters of that restaurant.. was a patient.. I would cringe he would drop our food off and then standing behind give a little cough.. LOL the feeling of that waffling on the hair as the cough passed would make me cringe every time LOL…
      The reason they have lived so long is the research had to be expedited because of the spread.. since food and sex are the two true benefits of life.. and the fact that it spread beyond the lower classes of people the chances of the populations of the world being drastically reduced became a serious problem….

  13. You know.. I have lost a couple of friends because they were exposed to contagions at work..
    SO… If you work in the Health field. USE the shower that I know they all have.. change your clothes and put them in a plastic bag .. wash your hands.. One the doctors thought she had gout.. ended up with some disease that came in from a refugee.. a couple of years ago.. a surgical nurse.. was going to have a long weekend off.. whether or not she didn’t wash good enough or she took it home on her clothes.. she caught was the patient they were working with had.. A refugee also.. she caught what they had was in intensive care by the end of the weekend.. passed on two months later.. the same with the first one.. she survived but spent a year in intensive care and can barely walk..
    one this year.. caught the new TB bug going around.. he to was a health care worker they called him the million dollar kid because of the tests that they had to do.. of course like with most of the rare contagions that we haven’t built up immunes to they came from patients that were not from this country.. the cdc was totally involved with all of these…. one of the worst ones I seen was the wife to a surgeon that donated time to take it off of his taxes.. in africa.. the idiot didn’t change or bath and brought it home to his wife.. it was not a pretty sight..
    I have seen some pretty nasty things through the years…. in the hospitals and clinics they always have showers available for workers.. use them.. Please.. your family and your life could be at risk..the worst part is .. its usually the health care workers that take things for granted and take the greatest risks.. I am not sure if they just think they are above it because they see so much of it.. or what..or if it is….the long hours short staff and shifts that suck .. you want to get the hell out of there as soon as you can so they take short cuts.. the bigger cities it is even worse.. there they stack patients like cordwood.. CRE… is one of those.. totally being passed from healthcare workers to their patients.. you don’t know your sick until your immune system is compromised then you GET SICK…

  14. Sir,

    An interesting snippet from the BBC health correspondent is that the 2019-CoV is currently measuring between a 1.4 and 2.5 reproduction rate which exceeds the 1.0 requirement to be considered a self-sustaining virus. Ages of deceased virus victims so far have ranged between 48 and 89 years.

    As an aside, Christopher Langford published a report in 2005 titled “Did the 1918-19 Influenza Pandemic Originate in China?”

    • Sir,

      South China Morning Post is reporting that the so far earliest known coronavirus patient dating back to December 1 had no contact with the alleged food market epicentre in Wuhan. Maybe someone is getting mixed up with the Mongolian pneumonic plague event of that time?

      Just under the radar, Wuhan was one of 5 Chinese cities commencing 5G rollout in the last quarter of 2019.

      • “earliest known coronavirus patient dating back to December 1 had no contact with the alleged food market epicentre in Wuhan”

        He maybe didn’t…but someone he had passed on the street had. OR… it escaped from the Bio-Research center close by and they didn’t want to draw attention to that..
        Sort of like MSM.. and the Demoralcrat party.. change the narritive.. look over here while they are doing mischeif on another plain.. Have we seen anything but DJT and his being elected at any time.. what have they snuck through under the radar.. We have seen huge criminal activity stories buried just because they pulled attention to very powerful people.. what else have they done..Remember the 5 W’s.. who,what,when, where, and why…..

      • Also.. No One has questioned… just what were Joes activities involving those issues.. why is he throwing a huge Hissey Fit. He isn’t responsible for any criminal activities his son could be involved with and if he is innocent then all claims are just a ticket to the white house through exoneration .. Why are they trying to draw attention away from those activities and onto the president.. whe know the who or some of them.. but just how deep does it go… we know the what,when, where.. But the Why isn’t known.(follow the Money is usually a good choice).
        in their own words…
        Very important things that they all said and their actions at that time…. but the puppeteers will do what they want.. forseers from history past has given their predictions on what we can expect..I personally fear about what the puppetteers will do if DJT is exonerated from his wanting to investigate the Ukraine activities since we the people seemed to put huge amounts of money to get involved in it..
        what is sad is we are so willing to send billions to other countries yet ignore the problems of its own country..

  15. I had always thought that a corona virus is what caused colds, but somehow it looks like one has been “invented” and has a patent. Recommended to be used in a vaccine for bronchitis.


    The present invention relates to an attenuated coronavirus comprising a variant replicase gene, which causes the virus to have reduced pathogenicity. The present invention also relates to the use of such a coronavirus in a vaccine to prevent and/or treat a disease.”

  16. Medical advice, never…experience and information, yes.

    L-lysine slows the telemere action of viral replication. Probiotics sacrifice their lives to interfere with germ reproduction.

    Real Vitamin C is a weapon of mass destruction, with support back up from Vit. D and Zinc for good measure. Nutritional (not brewer’s) yeast for immune boosting.

    Hexane-free castor oil drops in the eyes helps clear out infections and general crap.
    A snort of menthol snuff kills germs and flushes the sinuses, with the added benefit of nicotine helping the blood carry oxygen to the brain.

    Vicks VaporRub smeared in the ear canals and nostrils aids in the death of germs. Dilute food grade hydrogen peroxide helps clear germs and stuff out of the ears (which are the main source for contagion). Hydrogen Peroxide spray for sanitizing everything, or a drop or two on the toothbrush, pre-brushing. Toothbrushes soaked in said peroxide helps knock down germs. Cepacol, it kills germs, tastes terrible, but kills well.

    Charcoal binds with negative things to help clear the system. Then there are the godly healers of iodine and sulfur, oh, and Manuka honey from Tea Tree Oil trees region, and black cumin seed oil that heals everything but death. (Dragon’s Blood is on my list for further investigation, along with truly pure Russian Pine Oil.)

    Heat and or Full spectrum Infra Red for healing and killing (be sure to read the European uses)

    Nap time, now, yeah I forgot some things, but I meant well.

  17. I’ve seen reports of transmission through the eyes so I’m now recommending getting goggles that seal around the face and move up to N100 masks that also seal against the face.

    Beta Glucan supplements will boost your innate immunity – take them and you will rarely if ever catch a cold. Should work for this also.

    Turmeric will suppress a Cytokine Storm which appears per the bombshell article in The Lancet (actual research on this virus) and is what really drives the death rate up. There are also supplements that kill viruses directly and also those that boost your immunity and ability to fight a virus, but the latter may increase Cytokine Storm so don’t take those very far into the sickness.

    Look at UV and ozone generators if you want to kill viruses without chemicals.

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