FunVestments and “Mobbies”

After Pandemic coverage and ‘peachy remarks?”Mobbies:  Hobbies that make money.”

Sure, stocks are up – bigly – but is that really fun?    Today, we look at some of the ways we have tried to make some minor “Funvestments” in life.

And, having done so, I have to say while they haven’t all been winners, the closer I get to the final column, the more perceived value there is in the funvestments compared to most everything else.

We’ll collect some collectable ideas after our usual weekend fare – pandemic and impeachment updats, the ChartPack and Podcast #6 with Chris McCleary on where we are with dreams out on the psychology frontier. 

A nice change-up from pandemics and impeachings, methinks.  Who said “You deserve a break today?”  We like that plan…a lot!

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11 thoughts on “FunVestments and “Mobbies””

  1. George, the chart says, “MONDAY WILL START FROM HERE” but there is no URE INDEX value given?

    I would get on the rank & filers.

  2. the problem with a hobby you do for fun.. and one you do for an income.. once you take it on as a job.. it becomes a job.. if you continue to do it as a fun activity.. there are no demands no complaints.. etc..
    I love to make toys.. and cabinets. and my hobby experiments… if it doesn’t turn out perfect.. or the color is off.. oh well take it or leave it.. I have had quite a few tell me you need to do this for money.. my response is.. I need something to do as a past time to keep myself busy and to keep it pleasurable…

    here is a great old tv series.. loved it..

    there is another one to.. the problem with shows like this is after the second season they run out of story line..

  3. Wuhan Flu

    It’s probably a pandemic coming to an area near you. Now 2 in Minnesota.

    BUT, the news reports always describe it as “deadly” “killer” or something like that. That’s more theater than fact.

    The 1918 Spanish Flu killed roughly 4% – 5% of the worlds population.

    The reports says the Wuhan Flu may kill 65mm. There are 7.7b people so the death rate is around 0.8%.

    The most susceptible people are the elderly with weak immune systems, lung, heart, etc problems. Since this flu focuses on the lungs if the oldster has had the two pneumonia vaccinations, their chances of success probably improve. We’ll find out.

    All bets are off if the current Wuhan Flu morphs into something worse. A possibility.

    • You are not running the numbers correctly. On Saturday when we did our measurement there were 41 deaths and 831, or so confirmed cases. That is just under 5%. In keeping with concerns.
      China is now data scrubbing so actual numbers are not known. We like to err on the side of Life…

      • I wonder just how soon they will roll out the vacine they have that is patented.. or will they instead wait to see if it mutates.. ( which I think would be a lot worse scenario)

  4. Another great podcast. I think the Collective Subconscious is an integral part of time travel to be able to travel outside our 3D Dimension. Accessing it is my biggest problem. Maybe Chris’s book will delve into that.

  5. As time goes on, I am more and more pleased with my ‘retirement’ choice of a home out in the jungle boonies of Hawaii island. Home is paid for… no mortgage. Senior homestead property tax is $200/year. Far from the pandemic crowds. Fruit tree orchard property, lots of water, rainfall. And room for ham radio antennas! Fixed income on modest pensions, but enough to buy groceries and pay the bills. …and let the rest of the world go by.

    • A man after our own inclinations! It doesn’t take a lot of money – just the “right stuff” between the ears. Happy is not an account balance, it’s an enjoyable dance with life.

  6. brokers on the corner of wall and broad .. spare us a dime brother .. qe = depression Jerome .. selling those beat up stocks with new tyres

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