Forget Impeachment – Dust-off Your Pandemic Plans

Longer than normal Peoplenomics podcast tomorrow.  Today, though, it’s time to get really tactical in your prepping for Pandemic.  This isn’t medical advice.  Just what seems like common sense when 30-million 42-million people are now under travel restrictions and the number of cases of the novel corona virus is over a dozen in the US.

Virus Event Monitoring

You can watch the news channels, but for the “official storyline” see the CDC website here:

That said, there have been a lot of claims on the web of a major cover-up (example report) so when we hear “cover-up” we get a bit nervous.

To be sure, there is  some use for reports of people falling down and dying on the streets of Wuhan, and there’s value to knowing that the lockdown of China’s other cities may have come too late.  This one is out of the bag, almost certainly.

There’s a likely case of the Wuhan virus here in Texas; a student who’d been in Wuhan.  As the  NY Times reports here, we’re coming up on two dozen suspected cases under surveillance in the country, now.

Medical Aspects

Officially, it’s 2019-nCoV.  As  NPR reported:

“The World Health Organization’s Emergency Committee on the coronavirus said in a Jan. 22 news conference that nearly three-quarters of cases have been in people over age 40 and that “cases who died — many had significant underlying conditions” like cardiovascular disease and diabetes. But there are confirmed cases in otherwise healthy, young individuals..”

Thus, this virus is similar to SARS, Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome, which works like this according to CDC:

“In general, SARS begins with a high fever (temperature greater than 100.4°F [>38.0°C]). Other symptoms may include headache, an overall feeling of discomfort, and body aches. Some people also have mild respiratory symptoms at the outset. About 10 percent to 20 percent of patients have diarrhea. After 2 to 7 days, SARS patients may develop a dry cough. Most patients develop pneumonia.”

There’s are also similarities to MERS, the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome:

“Most people confirmed to have MERS-CoV infection have had severe respiratory illness with symptoms of:

    • fever
    • cough
    • shortness of breath
    • Some people also had diarrhea and nausea/vomiting.

For many people with MERS, more severe complications followed, such as pneumonia and kidney failure. About 3 or 4 out of every 10 people reported with MERS have died. Most of the people who died had a pre-existing medical condition that weakened their immune system, or an underlying medical condition that hadn’t yet been discovered. Medical conditions sometimes weaken people’s immune systems and make them more likely to get sick or have severe illness.

Pre-existing conditions among people who got MERS have included

    • diabetes
    • cancer
    • chronic lung disease
    • chronic heart disease
    • chronic kidney disease
    • Some infected people had mild symptoms (such as cold-like symptoms) or no symptoms at all.”

Transmission Aspects

We don’t need to get paranoid, but this point of this morning’s discussion is to begin to “dust-off” your worst-case plans.  This may turn into a “no biggie” but remember the SARS cases and how the ratcheting up for that worked?

With the general picture of a “super bad cold” that can kill people with compromised immune systems, we can then begin thinking about avoidance of exposure.  This distills down to avoidance of exposure on the one hand, and isolation/disinfection.

Exposure Risk:  Seems pretty obvious:  Wearing an N-95 or better an N-100 mask may reduce the risk of exposure to aerosolized particles.

Say a person coughs on a bus or airplane:  N-100 masks  seem like a good deterrent, but there are lots of other mucosal exposure sites:  Your eyes, for example.

However, the best tactic, though not available to many, is avoidance of contact with other humans.  To do this?  Long list of checkoffs to consider:

  • No handshakes, even hugs might be risky.
  • Avoid areas where people assemble (concerts, airports, sporting events,. and the like.  Even church gatherings could be transmission sites.
  • Sit by yourself when possible.
  • Avoid public restroom use.  When needed, for females what Elaine calls “the high over” and for men and women, treat everything in public as “infected.”  Especially things you’d take for granted such as the door-opening push panels.  Crap at home if you can.
  • If you stopped using those alcohol wipes on grocery carts, time to get back in  that habit.
  • Remember Elaine and I recently set up a couple of  on-line shopping accounts for groceries and such.  The beauty of these is no real human-human contact.  Stay in your car while the store personnel load into the trunk.  Reducing  direct exposure risk dramatically.


OK, you’ve limited your exposure to people – great!  But now you have a trunk full of groceries…what to do there, eh?

The basic tool of disinfection is handle all of your inbound products as though they were “hot” too.  Use a strong solution of household bleach to wipe everything down before it gets into the home.  Like out on a covered porch, and so forth.

We began making the transition to frozen veggies, when we set up the online grocery shopping, and boy, is that a great thing!  Disinfecting fresh fruits and veggies is a hell of a lot tougher than Clorox solution dunking of bags and then popping them into the freezer!  Bonus:  Since they are then microwaved for 4-6 minutes before eating, that vector is pretty well slammed shut.

The CDC has a very good write-up on how to dilute regular, unscented household bleach for disinfection over here.  This was put up on the web in the wake of many flood episodes, but while kills bugs in floodwater also likely kills novel corona virus, too.  Just to be sure, we plan to “pour a little extra” when comes time to dilute with water.

The key thing to remember up front is that if we get “cases in the wild” in the U.S. your best lines of external defense will be avoidance of contact along with sanitizing practices.  Rubber gloves, Clorox and avoidance are likely – as a group – to reduce risks a lot.

Internal Medicine: We’re paying particular attention to the reports that this outbreak can be fatal to people with pre-existing conditions.  Even if you don’t have pre-existing conditions, there are some personal health tactics that are “unlikely to harm.”  Among these:

It should go without saying that:

  • Alcohol use reduces the body’s resistance and recovery ability.
  • Vaping is still smoking and the last thing your lungs need…

I don’t mean to go on and on about this, but some common sense is useable in here. This isn’t medical advise, but we figure it can’t hurt.

The odds of you dying are extremely low.  Yet, these can be hedged with a box of 100 nitrile gloves, a jug of un scented bleach, some N-100 masks (when out of the home) and buying food-stuffs that you bake or ‘wave at home, and setting up online shopping to avoid people contact in busy places like grocery stores.

Our next house guest will be coming down in April, but that won’t “lock” until we get a better handle on the impact of these little bugs on the formerly semi-normal world.

Just in, CBS rolling with More coronavirus cases in U.S.

Impeachment Below the Fold

The arrival of the novel virus presents a unique opportunity to sort out your media sources by  intent, the way I think of things.  See the NY Post  report that “Rudy Giuliani threatens to go public with Biden corruption allegations “ for grins and giggles.  You want witnesses?  LOL.

[If your media sources have insisted on leading with the impeachment story, seems to me they are more interested in monetizing Trump-hate, than providing useful news you can use – like how to make a plan for dealing with the virus which is already in the U.S.  Hmmm…make money on Trump-hate, or fear monger on virus…]

BREXIT: Stage Right

Frequent contributor  warhammer has some insights into Post-Davos world in the year-ahead:

Globalist liberals are licking their open, oozing Brexit wounds.  Most will now likely refocus on deconstructing Trump and his doctrine of American exceptionalism.  But Trump has an ally on his Atlantic flank with the wild-haired British PM now that the Parliament formally approving the will of the people.

A more serious issue may have just popped up on the radar – that is, how might Russia, China and/or Iran attempt to exploit the widening crack in European unity?  And with the EU showing cracks, with Trump endlessly preoccupied by the vacuous impeachment trial, strategic adversaries are no doubt contemplating when and where they can make their best move.  My bet is sooner rather than later.”

Don’t you just hate it when the serfs get uppity?

Markets Up, But…

In the futures, looked like a positive day ahead.  Dow futures +74 at 80-minutes out.

However, one cloud we can see forming:  The Fed, which until this week’s report had been jamming up M1 money creation at the double-digit rate (M1, 90-day annualized), has now dropped it to a 7.7% annualized print rate.  Rut-roh Scoobie.  We may shortly be able to compare “coming off cash” to “coming off smack.”

This morning the repo deals amounted to  $ 55.3 -billion.  When the rolling-over sizes begin to significantly decline, look for the market to pull back accordingly.

Newsable and Useable

Hmmm…how many times have I told you that gender is a financialization drive?  We cite as latest evidence  “Goldman Sachs introduces its own gender quota for IPOs.”  Do bankers get political correctness disease, or just lever it?

Ready for a 5G transmitter in front of your home?  Go read 5G is supposed to be the future. But here’s what it’s like today. Community is about to be blind-sided, as we see it.  Cells every 200-300 feet???

Let’s Make a Deal” department:  “Bayer may pay $10 billion to settle Roundup cancer cases from its Monsanto deal.”  What becomes interesting is to look ahead wondering whether the link to soy causing long-term changes in the brain is linked to treated seeds…

And the integrity of elections continues under attack as Seattle area election puts mobile, online voting to its first big test in the U.S.

On that note, go have a grand weekend and don’t forget to come by Monday.  Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail.

Write when you get rich,

39 thoughts on “Forget Impeachment – Dust-off Your Pandemic Plans”

  1. Speaking of the elections…. You can watch the commercial below.

    The marketing angle of the commercial is trying to get people to vote. The lure is some elections are decided by “one vote”. Examples are given. This got me think’in.

    Since elections are being decided by one vote, we each have a chance to win and make a change. If a person has a little extra time, they can go to door to door and get the votes.

    Most postilions offer a salary – see link below.

    FREEAMERICA TV Commercial, ‘You Can Be the Tie Breaking Vote’ Featuring John Legend

    Comparison of state legislative salaries

    • After voting for 62 years have finally kicked the habit,I use to get on the kids and the grandkid’s that they needed to register and vote,then the youngest daughter said “why vote we are not going to clean up the mess you and grandfather left with your me attitude”.

      Then looking at the past elections where it was evident that the two mouthpieces who were always promising to clean up the mess with their fancy slogans of “I feel your pain to” change you can believe in” to “making America great again”to “draining the swamp” were funded by the same people the same group, and that the more I voted nothing changed ,it dawned on me that the kids were smarter than I was,so stay home don’t play the game(elections for many are like a shot for a druggie) for like a disease it will runs it course when it runs out of suckers, and there are no vaccination for it!!!.

    • Won’t know that until all the labs are done.. I would expect a week…depending on temperature
      Flu? “Flu viruses can survive on hard surfaces (like bus poles) and infect another person for 24 to 48 hours,” she says. “Cold viruses don’t survive as long—usually a few hours. But there is evidence that they can survive and be passed on for up to 24 hours.”

      • LOL you know I have carried my own toilet cleaning kit for years… 409 germ is a great killer.. under the microscope it kills faster than bleach..

        LOL for a joke.. I bought individual hand sanitizers.. then dumped it out and mixed it with KY jelly.. LOL LOL LOL then refilled the containers and put them on the nurses station for april fools joke.. the image of them rubbing their hands for minutes was hilarious.. the other day I grab one of mine off of the shelf.. then started to rub.. it didn’t take long for me to realize I had not gotten rid of them all and had kept one of the joke ones… caught in my own april fools joke from the past.. LOL

    • It’s unlikely anyone knows, or will know in the foreseeable future.

      Virus “infection life” (or whatever you want to call it) is the “half-life” of the virus in “free-air,” meaning the time it takes for half the virus bugs themselves, to cease being communicable, or die, if they’re somewhere outside a warm body (a host.) The half-life of HIV is about 17 minutes. The half-life of canine parvovirus is in excess of 30 years. Every other virus I’ve looked up over the years, seems to fall between these two…

      Now, with that said, wouldn’t it be interesting if we lived in a “James Bond World” and some nefarious bâtard badster built a “package” and installed it in the iPhone — in-effect designing every device, worldwide, to dump its payload at a specific day and time…?

  2. Yo G – can we just send Wuhan City a Nuke to burn that virus out – like in the movie Resident Evil? Really – we can decorate it for them with some nice Chinese Calligraphy and Dragon drawings prior to launch. Truly the human thing to do here – end any further suffering, ease the burden on healthcare workers, help staunch the flow of infected vectors into the US.

    So China not only has Cold, they got a Pandemic on their hands – what happened to “when China sneezes, the rest of the world gets a cold” ? What is the coot missing – besides brain cells?

    “you dropped a bomb on me” – the Gap Band.

  3. My wife just came up with a frightening idea about the 2020 elections. It would seem that the Dems are all in for Poor Ole Joe as their candidate. My wife suggested that “she of whom I will not speak”, will be the VP candidate. Under that scenario, Poor Ole Joe will, if elected, either resign after a short period of time due to health reasons; or he will meet with a sudden tragic accident like so many others that have gotten in her way.

    Scary thought, but a great backdoor way for the “Queen of Darkness” to achieve her goal. Politics ain’t pretty, and Poor Ole Joe ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed.

  4. I bet you’re glad you kept the country home now, George.

    Big cities are the best virus exchange known.

    To all:
    Figger this: in a true pandemic, YOU will get the virus, or the whatever.

    Question then becomes:
    1) Is it survivable at all?
    2) How is your general strength and health?
    3) How strong is your immune system?
    a) What can you do to improve that?
    b) Do it. Start now. Today.
    4) Do you have systems and materials on hand NOW to
    fight the infection? Materials will become unavailable
    very quickly after the balloon goes up.
    5) Are you prepared to be effectively separated from the
    wandering infectious zombie hoards of the doomed?
    (Over-drawn to emphasize the point.)
    6) These things burn out naturally over time. How much
    time then becomes the question.

    • Best guesses with reasonable prep:

      1. Whatever it is, it’s survivable for most folks!
      2. If you’re in poor health, make sure you’re ready to handle pneumonia(worst case), or isolated.
      3. If you’re immune compromised, take extra precautions per above. If you’re super healthy, be prepared to handle a potential cytokine storm. Unlikely, but possible. If you’re normal, just prepare and help others.
      4. It’s a good time to go shopping. Sooner is better, but don’t get too crazy. Go early morning or late at night.
      5. Lock your gate. Tell friends that you’re writing a book and want to be left alone. Then write the book if you get bored.
      6. I’m guessing that we’ll know where we stand by May(just a guess).

  5. OK, so CoronaVirus might be defeated by more Vitamin C and also lime water, the mineral not the citrus. You can get it at the Heritage Store in Virginia Beach VA. Supposedly, a more Alkaline body defeats Rhino Viruses from reproducing. Hope this helps you all, good advice George, about the public exposure items and cleanliness.

  6. Stay away from the West Coast & you will be fine, maybe. How many items in your house were made in China?

  7. I think this Impeachment is showing us the beginning of why a democracy doesn’t work in the long term. Paying off the Polititions gets out of hand. Polititions learn, why take a modest payoff when you can get it all. Look at our recent ex presidents balance sheets before & after.

  8. Hi George,
    So little on the Impeachment-removal trial, as the MOUNTAIN of FACTS of guilt avalanches forth. Even Fox had nothing. No facts at all. Just name calling. The Conservatives are becoming like OJ fans and the R senators like the OJ jury. Embarrassing, really. Best, Mike.

    • You need your hearing checked. You need remedial reading and a course or two in logic and law, too boot.
      We all need to see how much Hunter Biden was paid. Joe will be impeached instantly should he crook his way in.
      Would someone remind Mike that Hunter Biden was the bag-boy for slippery Joe, and the Obamanistas, please?
      Asking the NEW GOVT of Ukraine to look into crookery isn’t abuse of power, you dolt!
      You’ve strung out on hate. Go look at the Dow, S&P and try to land back on Earth, wouldja?
      Trumps an arrogant, get-shit-done guy, and you’re on the losing side of the facts, Mike
      There hasn’t been a demo bombshell yet that hasn’t gone off – ON THEM

  9. George,
    If I remember correctly you have commented on the way sci-fi authors some times get a glimpse of the future . The sci-fi author John Ringo has written a series Black Tide Rising which deals with a family’s struggle to survive a worldwide pandemic. The science is fairly accurate which is important to me. It is a good read. Another good read for the season and as a cautionary tale about being prepared is Jack London’s short story “To Build a Fire”. (I am sure some of the children are saying jack who).

    Different topic but related to recent posts has to do with time travel. If time is not absolutely linked to the other 3 dimensions is it then a possibility that moving in time could leave the traveller hanging in the vacuum of space? Just thinkin.

    Another observation this time relating to the phenomenon of the Tibetan monks moving objects with sound. In my life I have had 2 different experiences of volume/power. One is the rock concert version. Very load ringing ears heading loss late in life. The second is event and location specific. During recitals of the pipe organ in the Tabernacle in salt lake city I have experienced instances when the power and frequency of the organ elicited a harmonic resonance in my chest but no ringing in my ears. Rock base guitar amps are a vastly different experience from a 20 cycle noted on the organ. Things that make you go hmm. If anyone is ever in Salt Lake City I highly recommend the free recitals.

    Finally, I really enjoy writing.

  10. Lemons and limes, the fruits, not the mineral lime are akaline…Slaked lime can be ingested, but not the actual raw mineral.

    But alkaline diets are extremely good in fighting diseases.

    According to a 2012 review published in the Journal of Environmental Health, eating this way not only helps gut health but an array of other chronic diseases. It can lower the risk of mortality and incidence of diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, and osteoporosis. It can also help improve muscle mass, decrease your risk of hypertension and stroke, reduce inflammation and chronic pain, improve vitamin absorption and immunity, and aid in weight management.  
    “Our lungs and kidneys have a tightly controlled mechanism to regulate the pH of our blood. Diet can, however, affect the pH of your urine,” says Robert Glatter, MD. “The metabolism of foods leaves a so-called residue or ash, and those who follow the diet believe that this ash can have an effect on the acidity of your body.”

    Mushrooms, spinach, alfalfa, cucumber, broccoli, cauliflower, snow peas, and Brussels sprouts are great to eat for those on an alkaline diet. And opt for organic when possible, which is produced in a more mineral-dense soil, so it’ll offer greater benefits. Watermelon, bananas, dates, and figs also are foods to integrate as are tomatoes, avocados, cherries, apples and grapes. Oils such as olive, coconut, avocado, are beneficial as are quinoa and wild rice. If you are reducing acid-rich foods, it’s important to make sure you consume alkaline foods high in calcium (broccoli, almonds, white beans and leafy greens), essential fatty acids (flax-seeds, chia-seeds), and protein (tofu, beans, nuts).

    • Interestingly, when Chris McCleary was down, he mentioned a 1918 box of baking soda has a “prescription to fight flu” during the time of the pandemic Spanish outbreak.
      It was multiple teaspoons of baking soda, day one and doing a 50% taper over a week, or so.
      We know now that would be hell on BP and sodium levels, but high BP beats dead most mornings… so something to focus on.
      You should be able to find a picture of the label on the web.

      One source, attribed to Dr Mercola reports
      Recommended dosages from the Arm and Hammer Company for colds and influenza back in 1925 were:
      During the first day take six doses of half teaspoonful of Bicarbonate of Soda in glass of cool water, at about two hour intervals
      During the second day take four doses of half teaspoonful of Bicarbonate of Soda in glass of cool water, at the same intervals
      During the third day take two doses of half teaspoonful of Bicarbonate of Soda in glass of cool water morning and evening, and thereafter half teaspoonful in glass of cool water each morning until cold is cured.

      Details of it here:

      • Look into Alka-Seltzer Gold, not generally available on grocery shelves, I find it on Amazon.

        And don’t forget about iodine, clears the lungs, used to treat COPD and as a decongestant.

    • food grade hydrogen peroxide a few drops in a glass of water..

      what is funny is years ago one of my hats was making cleaning chemicals and other things.. like pest repellants etc.. anyway one of the hospitals had a fungus problem in their surgery…. the cleaner for that was a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide.. I went with the boss to get it from the supplier and his comment is we are sold out.. but if you want there is this old farmer that buys barrels of it..
      we went out.. and I had to ask.. why do you need so much of it.. his response was he had cancer and was given a few weeks to live. they were doing a study on a program where he wold injest a few dropps a day in his juice.. my next question was.. so how is it working.. he said his few weeks to live was twenty years earlier.. seems that the water at lourdes france was high in natural hydrogen peroxide..
      he said he dropped a cup of it in the water tanks for his cattle.. he had the healthiest cattle I have ever seen..

      since the virus has been previously patented.. my curiosity is.. did we send it as a gift.. or were they trying to create their own and it got away from them.. if we sent it as a gift.. when will they send it back..
      the good thing is.. they created a vaccine for it and have it patented.. but will they share it with the public.. if it comes here..

      • I posted this to question Mark, to see if he meant to say that lemons and limes are alkaline.

        Lemons and limes are among the most acidic plant-products on the planet. Their ph ranges from about 2.5 to about 3.3, which puts them in the range of sulfuric, hydrochloric, and oxalic acid.

      • Ray…I can see your confusion….but…Citrus fruits like lemons, limes, oranges have citric and ascorbic acids, BUT are actually alkaline generating once they have been digested and absorbed. Therefore Tomatoes, lemons, limes, and grapefruits are alkaline rich.

      • Mark, got a reference? I’d dearly like to increase my citrus intake, but “acidic” is one of those things not on my list of dietary faves…

    • I totally live lemons and limes.. chunk em up and toss it in my water..
      You would think I’d have to be the healthiest SOB on the planet..
      So with my personal health issues I unfortunately cannot vouch for just how effective that consuming lemons and limes is..

    • @MARKZ

      why should anyone believe anything you say….since YOU repeatedly tell us 97% of scientist agree to climate change…BUT the truth be told..martin armstrong..

      In 2009, the University of Illinois sent a survey online to about 10,000 scientists with the following two questions:

      QUESTION #1

      Do you agree that global temperatures have generally risen since the pre-1800s?

      QUESTION #2
      Do you think that human activity is a significant contributing factor?

      Only 3146 responses were received of 10,000, and of that 31%, 90% said yes to the first question but 82% said yes to the second question.

      This is how the fraud was carried out by people who have used this survey. They narrowed down the responses and found that among Meteorologists who responded, only 64% said yes to the second question, so about 1/3 said NO!

      Then disregarding all the others of the 3146 responses, they focused on only 77 who described themselves as “climate experts” without any proof of their credentials and found that only 75 said yes to the second question.

      Therefore, when we divide 75/77 we get to their claim of 97% of all scientists in the world say there is a climate emergency that warrants raising taxes and seizing property.

      This was only 2.3% of those who bothered to respond and I doubt that they would agree with the solution which is COMMUNISM!

      If we take the 75 responses of 10,000 scientists surveyed, that means that 0.0075% agreed that there is climate change with some human causality. Why are they lying to the entire world? Because behind this movement is the destruction of capitalism and the resurrection of communism. And people wonder why our computer has been forecasting that the financial capital of the world is moving to Asia? Climate Change Activists are trying to recreate the Marxist experiment all over again.

      given the above YOU would make a good impeachment manager…since they never tell the truth…

      have a good day……go KC

      • Actually, Mark does not say 97% of scientists agree on global warming. That would be Mike. While I don’t agree with a lot of what Mark posts here, he is generally articulate and passionate about his views. Mike is just a broken record.

      • D,
        You show your ignorance once again. I have repeatedly said on this web site that I DO NOT believe in Climate Change. Pollution? Duh! Climate Change and it’s predecessor Global Warming? Hell no. Pay Attention d..You May learn something.

  11. At least software workers who can work at home will have a choice. On the bus ride home tonight I realized “I don’t need this”, and I don’t have to do it. The bus is a terrible place to be in all this.

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