“Packing to Die” (Ch.1 Subscriber Preview)

The Suitcase Between Your Ears.  This is not a “warm and fuzzy” book.  BUT it will force you to come to terms.  Not only with Death – we all go there, eventually.  We’ll focus on the opportunities that surround us in Life.

As the “method” school of acting wonders, then “What’s my motivation?”  Dandy question and we will take a stab at it.

In the book, I hope you’ll discover for yourself something that changed my Life forever.  I came to terms with Death.

Sure, I’m going to die; bummer.  That being the case, though, how about we look at it strategically.  The book more than just a business geek’s way of looking at the “D-word.”  Although Death is a huge industry with many moving parts from collection plates to level 3 chest protectors.

At a high level, these business models inform us.  OMG, there are so many hands out and so many charlatans, it will make your head spin.

While we have been “through the wringer” with complex website issues for the past five days, it’s also reminded me to share something I’ve been working on for several months in background:  A practical book on dying and some useful ways to plan for The End.

Which we will dig into after a few morsels of Headline action ahead of this afternoon’s Fed meeting. And our ChartPack which tells as much about the world as it does short-term trading, at times.

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51 thoughts on ““Packing to Die” (Ch.1 Subscriber Preview)”

  1. Man mano shevitz G –

    Ure life review is nothing short of a parole board review – slave language/beliefs..
    Life review is one of the big “DeathTraps” designed to fool U into re-upping for another tour…hahhaaha diabolical,evil genius..

    These are the “inverted times” for Humanity – everything is a Lie..everything we have been told,brainwashed with – is twisted, inverted or just outright Lies.
    everything … “any idiot knows there are no such things as terrorists, they are ALL hired guns working for intelligence agencies” Still doubting, Thomases?

    Check this link/article written in 2001 – https://unlimitedhangout.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/ANDREW_S-FIXER_SHE_S-THE-DAUGHTER-OF-ROBERT-MAXWELL-AND.pdf – since “removed” from internet and The Evening Standards website, written by Nigal Rosser – keep in mind Names & Dates…you will know why this article was removed and scrubbed..Epstein/Gates/Trump/Wexner and the CIA – shocking no?

    “Meet the new Boss, Same as the old Boss”, Qtards.

  2. John 14:2 “In my Father’s house are many mansions; I am going there to prepare a place for you.”

    Also translated as, “In my Father’s house are many rooms…”

    What can this possibly mean? (Setting aside for the moment the atheist view that it’s just Bible claptrap and means nothing.)

    A great physicist of the modern era — I forgot who — speculates that the entire Universe was made as a home for Man. Not a cage: a home. The various physical constants and the structure of all things is optimized — “fine tuned” — to permit us to even exist. (Since we DO seem to exist, this might be a self-licking ice ream cone…)

    Why? Does Quantum Observation give us a clue? (Where observing a thing by a conscious entity “freezes” its many potentials into one “Real” result.)

    In one impossibly naïve idea, it means we all get a planet to run.

    Another impossibly naïve idea: We are to be co-creators of Reality. That we represent God reproducing himself.

    It’s un-knowable, of course — but it does lead to a number of charming possibilities to ponder.

    • We have been given “freedom of choice” (selecting our unique paths thru a maze of alternate universes) to manifest our own realities thru that which we ‘choose’ to see. Add that we are created in “the image and likeness” of our universal benefactor and it all starts to make strange, quirky, quantum sense.

  3. Wow, George, that was an amazing beginning to the packing for death story. You truly thought this through in many aspects. I got a kick out of you saying that having a spouse is very convenient if you die before the other, as the one left standing cleans up, as it were. Boy, did my husband leave a lot for me to do when he died. Just yesterday I heard someone say that they wanted to die before their spouse so they would not have to take care of the tangible items they owned in common.

    Another statement you made was in regard to the one left alive, that that person has the sole decision making capacity for the dispersal of the tangible items that were previously held in common. In some cases, a will or a directive may be used as the guide for such decisions. I have a legal trust drawn that states my decisions to many of my tangible items, who gets what. Also, for those items not listed, a sale can be made to private parties by the surviving spouse long before that spouse is incapable of doing so. Or, that spouse may give away certain items to persons who are family or friends or some such.

    It is very important to have a will or a trust drawn by a lawyer who specializes in that legal discipline. It is important also to state if you want traditional burial and where or cremation and where the ashes will be interned. And, I think that it is necessary to talk to family and friends about what they might want from the inventory of items you have that are not already designated. What I really do not want is an estate sale of my goods, however, that is a last resort in some cases that I have seen.


    • “Boy, did my husband leave a lot for me to do when he died. Just yesterday”

      That is so True and a very serious thing to contemplate.. .If I pass on before my wife she is in one hell of a pickle .. No one has a clue just how tricky the budget is for us..I am pretty good at it and we live good on what we take in but.. it is a HUGE challenge to keep it that way…… I try my damdest to get my wife involved in our budget all she says is she doesn’t want to deal with it.. and no one wants to know a thing about it.. usually they tell me what they want and let me figure it out.. as HUGE of a challenge it is..and no one wants to give up anything.. every year as prices go up it takes me days to figure out the new budget.. especially since .. WAGES… don’t go up.. the little in a little out doesn’t pass the test any longer..
      Unfortunately it is that way with the vast majority of the hourly wage earners.. I don’t have a clue how the kids are doing it with children.. daycare alone is a killer.. not to mention buying the necessities needed.. That is the true indicator of what the future holds.. raise the cost on housing or food and see where it takes you.. if a family has to spend for increases and no increase in income then they have to cut spending some place else.. on the average people don’t want to give up what they have in luxury items.. having worked grocery store and retail.. during recessions.. you would see a drop in spending on groceries.. mostly because they didn’t want to cut back on the non essentials and to keep their lives the way it was… after the recessions deepen.. they eventually give up on the non essentials and go back to buying the essential items..
      the country is in a precarious situation.. we have fly away costs on building materials.. rent will go up.. not this year.. maybe next or the year after.. a drought that is going to affect the crops.. big time and rising costs of grain to feed the cattle sheep etc.. a break down in the supply chain that is still being affected today.. and rising fuel costs.. a Nickle a mile is still a Nickle a mile more and has to come from someplace.. those that have don’t see it the great and successful don’t have a clue.. one one clue.. and when it does hit won’t know how to deal with it.. That was one main reason for people leaping from fifty story buildings….
      It is so bad.. I don’t even have a clue what they could possibly do right now to flip the tide we still have a third of the households that are on the eviction list and a third that have been living on credit cards…. I think that dumping more water is what will happen… but if Russia and China just say heck we want a secured currency the USA will be in a really bad situation and you can’t dump enough water on the table to float that noodle….

    • You forgot … end of life decisions.. if you dont have an advance directive.. then IF… you have an issue that requires heroic measures..they will use them costing hundreds of thousands of dollars plus..
      After careful consideration and having seen just how things could turn out I wrote my own.. I have had it since the early eighties.. here it is..
      To whom it may concern, these are my thoughts on life extension.
      To my family, my physician ,my lawyer,my clergyman,my family and to any medical facility in whose care I happen to be in.
      Death is as much a reality as birth,growth,maturity and old age. It is the one certainty of life. If the time comes when I, (looking out of the box) can no longer take part in the decisions for my future, let this statement stand as an expression of my wishes, while I am still of sound mind.
      If the situation should arise in which there’s no reasonable expectation of my recovery from a physical or mental trauma such as a coma or heart attack fatal car crash stroke etc.. Then I request be allowed to die and not be kept Alive by artificial means for heroic Measures. I do not fear death as much as the indignities of deterioration dependence and hopeless pain. I ( Name) therefore ask that medication be mercifully administered to me to alleviate the suffering, even though this may hasten the moment of my death. This request is made after careful consideration. I hope you who care for me feel morally bound to follow its mandate. I recognize this appears to place a heavy responsibility upon you, the caregiver. But it is with the intention of receiving you of such responsibility and placing it upon myself, in accordance with my strong brleifs and convictions, that this statement is made.


      All my doctors have this in my file.. I carry one in my billfold as well as giving it to everyone.

      • Instead of receiving you I have relieving you .. sheesh auto correct
        After seeing some of the things I have…I think it’s very important.. that everyone have one..
        But then that’s a personal choice..

      • “Anything that after insurance costs more than $30,000 in total.”

        that is a one night stay at the hospital LOL.. my physical therapy.. twenty five visits was fifty seven grand out of my pocket… WHEN I had insurance LOL…
        I just had someone vent with me about how they had to dig up sixty grand for nothing at all LOL LOL.. I had to go to Minneapolis and see a specialist.. a long four hour wait. they didn’t even offer me a cup of coffee and a doughnut or cookie.. the doc came in no tests.. sat down looked in my eye and said .. I don’t have a clue see you in two months.. total time less than ten minutes… four grand plus.. LOL LOL they thought I had neuro myelitis optica.. anyway they wanted to reschedule I said Not in my life I can be on a cruise with someone asking me if I wanted a muffin for that.. or hire a couple of college cuties in bikini’s to rub my temple and say poor baby for a couple of days.. among other activities.. LOL LOL LOL
        My cost of medications is almost a grand a month and seventy percent of my wifes wages goes for health care insurance for her alone.. only because she had had a minor stroke in the eighties.. and that was the cheap policy.. well second up.. the first one only allowed you three visits to a doctor a year nothing else covered..until you paid out what was it fifty grand..
        the fix for all of that is simple.. open the borders on prescriptions and insurance coverage.. No discrimination.. a candy bar at one price should be the same for everyone no price gouging.. .. raise it if profit drops..
        there doesn’t have to be any new laws or bills either.. just enforce the ones already on the books.. discrimination laws are all over the place..

      • I’m wondering if you (or your heirs) can legally enforce the $30K limit. I’d certainly word it that way if I though it was enforceable. Another concern is with burial/cremation/other. Yes, you can prepay for some of this and get a tolerable price, but what if you’re elsewhere, such as Antarctica(I’ve actually been asked to go there with someone)? Even if you’re at the far corner of the country when you expire, the cost to remove you back to where you have a cheap cremation might exceed the cost of the prepaid “service”. To my knowledge, there’s no portable prepaid arrangement available at a reasonable price.

        These “essential services” are overregulated and overpriced, both the medical and thanatologic. We need ways to limit these burdens on the heirs. The legal system itself is suspect as well.

      • OK Mike, I gotta ask on behalf of 0.000003 billion readers:

        Was the person asking you to go a) sincere, b) female, and if yes and yes, then c) did you miss the “cold shoulder cue?” lol

      • Are we talking young heroic, middle aged heroic, or just old heroic?

        I was 3 when my first call came, and I was saved by antibiotics.

        I was 12 when my next call came, I tried to walk a rope tied between 2 trees, and fell flat on my back and saw the stars, but I started breathing again. (This was a FREE lesson.)

        I was 57 when my third call came, and Sepsis was not recognized by a Physician Assistant because she was too busy flirting with my husband and missed the symptoms (everyone should familiarize themselves with the symptoms of Sepsis). Sepsis can kill in 4 days and it is Unforgiven. That little 17 day stint in the hospital, including 10 days out of mind, 8 of which in a medically induced coma, allowed me to witness some very distinct things about LIFE and DEATH. First of all, as Edgar Cayce once said:

        “Birth in the physical is death in the spiritual. Death in the physical is birth in the spiritual.”

        11. “Mind is indeed the Builder . . . what is held in the act of mental vision becomes a reality in the material experience. We are gradually builded to that image created within our own mental being.”

        12. “You get to heaven on the arms of people you have helped.”

        Some more: https://kidadl.com/articles/edgar-cayce-quotes-from-the-spiritual-clairvoyant

        And from here: https://www.awakening-intuition.com/edgar-cayce-quotes.html

        “Death is only passing through God’s other door.”
        ? Edgar Cayce

        “It is not all of life to live, nor yet all of death to die. For life and death are one, and only those who will consider the experience as one may come to understand or comprehend what peace indeed means.”
        ? Edgar Cayce

        Keep the Pineal Gland operating and you will Never grow Old, You will always be Young.
        ? Edgar Cayce

        “There will be a shifting of the poles. There will be upheavals in the Arctic and the Antarctic that will make for the eruption of volcanos in the Torrid areas… The upper portion of Europe will be changed in the blink of an eye. The earth will be broken up in the western portion of America. The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea.”
        ? Edgar Cayce

        13. “As God’s purpose is to glorify the individual [hu]man (or soul) in the earth, so the highest purpose of an individual soul or entity is to glorify the Creative Energy or God in the earth.”

        taken from: https://psy-minds.com/quotes-edgar-cayce/

        So, the 57 year old call cost approximately $55,000 in hospital bills, another $30,000 plus in doctor visit payments, you know those specialists bill at $650 an hour, and a lot of them do not negotiate.

        But, I have already documented all of that before now in these comment sections.

        The thing is this….I had already had out of body experiences, I had already done a lot of inner work; the whole world is a masterpiece of opportunity to do ‘good works.’ The spirit absolutely travels when we are asleep, it also can travel at will, and under stress, drugs, duress.

        Our loved ones can come to us in dreams and relay messages, come to us in their moment of passing, etc. We can also communicate with loved ones via telepathy.

        To be closed off to the spirit world is, indeed, one way to successfully live life, I know many people like that, and maybe you are one reading this right now, and no matter what I say, you will not believe.

        But, as you study, within, and without, the truth reveals itself to all who make the effort. Oh, yes, there are those that make no effort, yet their kundalini rises and off they go!

        George, I had a dream a few years back, that I was standing in front of a buffet, beautiful, filled with the most delicious appetizing offerings, and yet all I could do was look, I could not eat any of it.

        I woke up and realized, it was time to change my life. I was the only one creating the circumstances for me to be standing at that feast of magnificence, and yet not be able to take part.

        I like your book, and am looking forward to the chapters to come.

      • Dear “Money Well Spent” –
        Sorry I missed your post 3 days ago. I agree with your buffet analogy/dream. Most dreams are in the form of analogies and you have to know yourself well enough to get the reference.

        In regard to changing one’s life enough to partake in the buffet for some of us (moi) it would be like becoming a pacifist in the middle of the Battle of the Alamo. Not a good time to meditate. Perhaps when I get past 70 and really can’t do much of anything about circumstances.

  4. “OMG, there are so many hands out and so many charlatans, it will make your head spin.”

    OMG.. you can say that again… I get over fifty calls an hour.. I have more numbers saved then there are residents in our state.. and it is non stop.. I am at the point of just turning off the phone.. the thought .. I SPEND how much to have these jokers trying to scam money out of me.. brings up the days when we only had a pager and a roll of quarters.. someone would call leave a message and then I would run to the payphone next door and give them a call..I would save about a grand a year if I cut the phone off.. almost four grand if I shut down the cable..and they are all scheduled on going up in cost..that is about a buck seventy five an hour of take home wage….

  5. So, you are finally getting your Mental House in order or attempting it? Thinking about the physical end and preparing for it is good. It’s also good to consider the Spiritual side of life.

    Point – – 70 is not Old! Unless you believe that it is. Was talking to my son (in his 40’s) one day a few years back and he mentioned some old people. How old are they? 65 he replies. Hell, I have then beat by more than 10 years. But dad, you think young so you are not old. Mind is the builder which means that what we think and believe becomes reality. Think young and be young. Power of Positive Thinking?

    Death? Just a doorway to the Spiritual Side. The physical dies and returns to its components. The Spiritual Energy continues onward for more adventures and learning. When the Banshee arrives it is just to provide a ride to the other side, not the end of all things.

    Panic. Yes, it happens and kills more people than I want to think about. When a possible panic situation occurs you have two choices, in my experiences. One is to Run Around in Circles Screaming and Shouting. Knew some people like that. The other is To Do What Needs To Be Done. The ‘Do what needs to be done’ people are the ones I want around me when The Sh*t Hits The Fan. Then have a beer or something stronger, together.

    Dementia is an ever increasing problem so I ask friends and family do they want to be the ‘care giver’ or the ‘invalid”? I chose the care taker role so I made some dietary changes 97 weeks ago according to my spreadsheet. Results? Lost poundage and girth. Over 40 pounds and 5 inches of gut. But, the most important thing that happened was mental. While having morning coffee on the porch, my Lady says that my memory has Improved! Great! This is what I wanted to happen so I could be more of a caretaker not a burden on the family. My dietary lifestyle changes seem to work for me and I am feeling great. Changing my diet did not mean Giving Up all the goodies. I still munch on potato chips, just not as many, and have some beers or a tot of rum now and then. Last week had a cigar with a sipping rum enjoying the fireplace. Life Is Good!

    Take care and continue to look for answers while maintaining an active lifestyle. Remember, Mind Is The Builder. The life that we are living is the one that we have built.

    Good column and thanks for it. Cheers.

  6. Cygnus, is the 13th sign of the zodiac. The Swan Constellation. Many primitive people believed that when they died, their soul would ride on the Swan’s back on the journey to the Great Spirit. (To Heaven)

    With that said, I worked at an Elder Care Facility years ago. One of the residents passed away and was pronounced. 20 minutes later, it was noticed that she was breathing again and was given oxygen. The nursing aide who was attending her leaned over and asked “Why did you come back … how?” And in a whisper she replied, “The bus was full. They said I could go when she does. We’ll go together.” Meaning her room mate. And didn’t speak again, just remained is a sleep.

    Her room mate was actually doing well at the time but a week later, began to decline. We all knew the story and waited and watched. When she passed, it was just minutes later … they both expired. I guess there were seats available on the “bus” and the woman’s prophecy came true.

    One story of many. Too many to even to discredit … only a fool would try to. – They dying can see through walls … talk with deceased friends and relatives and see other things our human eyes cannot even imagine. Beautiful things and sadly, things that aren’t so pleasant. (I’ll leave it at that)

    One thing about living when you’re dying, that’s very important … Keep a positive attitude and avoid negativity as much as possible. Negativity, destroys the quality of life and emotionally brings you down, creates stress and stress kills. Kills quicker if the cards are already stacked against you.

    I’ve seen terminally ill people fall into the negative trap. And I’ve seen people on the brink of death (even stage 4 cancer) who wouldn’t allow negative people near them, purged their body with veggies, being thankful for their meds and treatment … who made amazing recoveries. Just eating healthy and avoiding anything inflammatory, physically and mentally. Not to mention, they had faith that they would be ok, either way. That kind of faith, is not of the faint of heart. That’s courage, trust and belief.

    When it’s time, it will be. Personally, I don’t wanna go out being a sour-puss. Better to get on the Swan or the Bus, as a warrior.

    Just my observation. Love, laugh and smile a lot. Have a good day, everyone.


    • Amen pathfinder… having worked healthcare all of us workingbthe floors have those stories. I have a couple that are my favorite.. one came back because I messed up the bed lol lol my ultimate favorite scared the hell out of me. That patient lived three more years…
      The other one is the exercise bike..I worked in a really quiet area.. there was an exercise bike that was put in storage until family could travel back to sort through the belongings.. about 1 am ( more active during a thunderstorm) you could hear someone on that bike peddling like hell.. lol lol..we would get new employees that would start and think theres no such thing.. we would leave them at the office while we did rounds.. we would come back and they would always say.. you won’t ever believe what happened .. Lol
      My wife’s favorite story is pancakes lol a patient had to come back for pancakes lol..
      One guy was real mentally abusive to his youngest daughter.he relentlessly blamed her for all his troubles.he died was laying there.. they were just going to zip up the bag and she was bawling her eyes out and he sat upright and said .. “nothing was ever your fault shawn…I was wrong and god wants me to set it right” laid back down and they zipped the bag..

      • Looking Out of the box;

        We could probably tell stories for days of what we’ve witnessed: a glimpse of what is, vicariously through them. And invisibly… somehow. It’s amazing. Even people with dementia and Alzheimer’s can have their “gifts” of what we refer to as psychic knowledge. Specially those who constantly gaze to the ceiling and talk. I never shrugged that off. It’s their reality and I’m a firm believer, another world (dimension) is there.


      • A skeleton walking, with a suitcase in it’s hand, leaving one room and walking through a door into the great wild blue yonder, half blue, and half night sky with stars, with it’s multi-colored aura streaming behind it. The suitcase should have wording on it:
        Love IS Service;
        Know thyself;
        To thine own self be true.

  7. Speaking of housing.

    I mentioned my next door neighbor’s place turned up on the market
    last Thursday before noon. Showings stopped at around 1:00PM Saturday. 48 hours to get a contract. I don’t speak to that neighbor so that’s all the info I have.

    Q-Anon think is back. Q-Anon people are running with Trump is going to become president in August. How stupid can these people be? At this point they insult themselves. You wonder how these abused women and men fall for it and stay time after time. The primaries are in August and Republicans need a carnival barker.

    Death – the Great Houdini did it best.

    “By 1925 Houdini had begun a popular show during which he personally offered a $10,000 reward to anyone who could produce a supernatural event that he was unable to disprove. ”

    10K was a lot of money back then. Nobody ever collected.

    Harry expired October 31, 1926. But way before The Great expired he did tell his wife if there is an illusion to Death and anyway to communicate back he’ll do so and he’ll reveal it to her. Harry was never heard from again.

    • I don’t follow Q. Never really got into that convoluted mess but there is something to consider. Given the unmitigated idiocy that has taken hold of the country with this “Pretendency” and the unquestioned desire by Xi to begin his takeover of Taiwan and everything else on his side of the globe, including Australia, one of the many big questions that our military is faced with, the part that remembers its oath to our Constitution, is would we rather deal with a civil war on our soil by bringing Trump back (given the fact the election was stolen now that Arizona is providing proof of the obvious) or deal with Xi on a weakened footing with Biden in the Oval Office and his minions running things? Today’s news has brought out Biden’s request for those that think differently from the Woke squad to be turned in by family and neighbors to the authorities, for crying out loud! https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/06/big-brother-biden-administration-wants-americans-report-radicalized-friends-family-government/. How much more Nazi-fied can you get?

      There are rumors out there saying that Trump’s administration never actually ended but he ordered Barr and the courts to not allow or pursue the audit and litigation of the election in the end in order to allow things to calm down and pursue rectification later. That doesn’t really follow given his words on January 6th but with this “Pretendency” administration continuously exposing itself as bereft of any redeeming qualities while leading us straight into Hell something is going to HAVE to be done by someone, some group with the power to do so, before we go any farther down this path.

      As far as Trump’s current public activity goes all he’d doing is using it to promote the politicians and candidates that are, at least claiming to be, as conservative as him. His “brand” is proving to have considerable power, still, across our nation like no former president has ever known – including Obama. People of all colors and viewpoints, not just Whites, are/have gotten the message and know that something’s not right and some big things are coming down the pike.

    • ” I don’t speak to that neighbor”, how sad. No wonder you are always so negative in your posts, so you blame Q. Q followers never went away, we have more patience than the leftards. Trump won the election by a landslide. It was stolen. The Sting is in progress and the thieves are left holding the bag, we want the stolen property returned!!! You could read Gateway Pundit and keep up with the news, cause the the wholly owned deepstate lamestream media won’t tell you the truth without slippin in a lie, like a fisherman with bait and a hook. There are a lot of corrupt government actors that are flat out SCARED SHITLESS




      Smile,, we are all going to die anyway,, wish your neighbor well and be well

  8. Wow. You didn’t disappoint G. As a 79 year old “long liver,” I found myself nodding my head and doing the oh….ya routine as I read. I have gone to the edge on several occasions including once confronted by a 400 lb Silverback in DR Congo and once with with an overloaded stake truck coming sideways at my vehicle on a dirt road.

    I lost my fear of death a long time ago and only fear the process of dying. You might offer some more suggestions for someone that gets terminal cancer or another incurable disease. How does one rationalize the final days of suffering?

    Look forward to the rest of the book and thank you.

      • One more thing. The really important thing in life is to be part of a community that you have chosen to be part of because that community can make you better. The problem with being a narcissist is that you can have everything in the world but no one to share it with. You really do die alone.

        I lost 2 of my closest friends over the past few months. More and more, I have considered the group on this site, who I may never meet, as part of my community. I treasure that.

    • “How does one rationalize the final days of suffering?”

      Working such a long time in the healthcare field. I can say I have seen a few make their final journey..
      I believe from what I’ve witnessed that Karma and faith plays a big role in what I have observed.
      Those at peace and with faith made the journey easier.. they left the same way they lived and treated others..
      One of the saddest was the big business owner.. their life only revolved around money.. they treated their employees like they were the dirt on their shoes.. the last years of their life was Hell on earth. Alot of serious suffering and absolutely no one cared enough to visit or say a kind word.. a lonely miserable passing.. I went to the funeral like I have done for everyone I have taken care of…
      It was me.. no one came.. I was the only signature on the guest list.. I believe you should take a good look at you personal life, treat those around you as would have them treat you..
      Do you live to condemn, agressive selfish greedy..or do compliments come freely, help those at need and give from the heart..give someone that truly needs it a hand up.. not a hand out..a kind word or compliment..
      But then that’s my belief..everyone has to assess their own life. How they live and how they go.

  9. Good Morning George,

    I truly and deeply enjoyed the first chapter of your book, Packing to Die. You were quite broad spectrum in your thinking and approach. I have seen you take this approach in so much of your work.

    May I suggest you make a “Post-It-Note” and later down the time track, write a book called “Gleanings from a Reporters Life”. Which would be a guide to newbie reporters and news-hounds alike as to how a reporter researches and gains investigative reporter like skills. It might be helpful to include the kind of mind and life skills you developed to become the awesome writer/reporter you are. Fortunately, you have the knowledge to write such a book. And you have the insights given to you by others in life. These are stories and experiences to be shared and of high value.

    This is June 16th, 2021. Since your comments section from yesterday are in the “round-file” may I again offer this, just for your record and your readers.

    Today may I quote:

    Compounding our difficulty there’s little agreement on what happens to consciousness and Mind when we die.

    Let’s put that on our “shopping list.” I’ve probably pissed-away 5,000 to 10,000 hours of study trying to answer some of these questions in this book. Here’s to saving you time rounding up ideas.

    In response to this and all of your lost time, may I share a wonderful resource.

    The IAC “International Academy of Consciousness”. They have spent thirty years exploring consciousness and our existence both in the physical and in the dimensions we move to in our dream state and when our physical body dies.

    There is a saying, by whom I do not recall, but it goes like this. “I die each day”. That makes perfect sense if we visit the “other-side-of-life” when we sleep.

    Last month, I determined I was going to change my life. Keep in mind I am 80 and will be 81 in October. A little late to be making such a decision? Not at all. I plan to live to at least 100 years before walking through the “Golden Door of Life” shedding this old worn out vehicle my ego clings to so strongly. I did this before the first of the two eclipses. Turns out this was in perfect harmony with the eclipses and my life path.

    Since I enrolled in the IAC ‘Consciousness Development Program’ I’ve found the tools to explore and understand a huge range of ideas I did not have the answers to. And I am beginning to learn to control my personal energy so that I can control my inner space, both daily in the physical and when I rest and leave the body and enter other dimensions. This, of course so I am able to be comfortable Out-Of-The-Body and being fully aware of who I am, where I am at and so forth. What I am learning preps me two ways. It prepares me to understand what I will experience and to be confident and in control of myself while out of the body.

    This is important because it sets up the basis to have the tools of under-standing to explore and integrate knowledge and skills I learned in different life times. Something you have mentioned, many many many times.

    There is such a huge flow of knowledge available to us to explore on the other side of life that we can bring into our present awareness, and like you and Elaine, I want to tap my own past life knowledge records to make this life richer.

    Some years ago here in Tucson we had a gentleman named Luis Minero speak to the local IANDS the International Association for Near-Death Studies. Link: https://iands.org/

    He authored a book.
    “Demystifying the out-of-body Experience” A Practical Manual for Exploration and Personal Evolution.

    I bought that book after the meeting. I found it of high value, because I could ponder the continued insights I gained as I read. Of course he is a teacher at the IAC.

    When I singed up for the IAC Consciousness Development Course I wanted to really get to know and experience it firsthand and learn if they really knew what they claimed to know.

    George, so many things you want to know can be learned in a very safe way in the IAC’s CDP. It has the tools you and Elaine have talked about. You feel totally safe and informed. The instruction provides you with the information and tools you need on this side of life and the other side of life.

    For me, this is the best thing since “sliced bread”.

    George, here is the link to the IAC and the CDP: https://www.iacworld.org/

    Hope your find this the next adventure for you and Elaine. :-))

  10. You might find some interesting stuff on the Foundation For Mind Being Research site and youtube channel. All types of items of interest including a fair amount on past and after life stuff. Based in California; founded by scientists exploring consciousness. It’s a pretty amazing group of folks – members include Russell Targ. The Chair is a pretty amazing guy I know and do research with. https://fmbr.org/ The videos are free and can be found here. https://www.youtube.com/c/FMBRTV/videos Lots of food for thought.

  11. You might find some items of interest on FMBR’s youtube channel. Foundation of Mind Being Research is a group formed in 1980 by some high end scientists in Sillycon Valley to better understand consciousness. FMBR.org. All their videos are free on their youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/FMBRTV/videos They’ve had some pretty amazing speakers over the years and often cover past- and after-life topics. Russell Targ has been a long time member and often speaks of his remote viewing work. Disclaimer – I was on the board for several years and continue to do woo woo research with the Chair, an amazing soul in his own right. Enjoy. And one doesn’t need to join unless you want to support their work; it’s pretty much all volunteers. Their membership fee just covers or tries to cover their overhead. They’ve been putting all their speakers on the youtube channel, so have at it.

  12. G, your mentioning of record high temps left out the Mega Drought, affecting farmers and residents, Lake Mead at lowest level since the Depression:


    Lowest level since 1937, driest 22 years in centuries:

    Utah Gov wants prayer for rain,

    I say pray more people become vegetarians, 1 lb of beef takes 1800 gallons of water to produce:

    • I’ve shied away from too much drought is a key part of the 1930’s replay in this Second Depression. Mainly because I feared my ‘dry’ sense of humor wouldn’t be appreciated…

  13. Perhaps I am already dead . . . in an alternate universe. In ‘this’ life I’ve walked away from three major auto accidents (one at age 5, one at 19 and one at 23) and a half-dozen extremely hairy experiences in the venerable B-52. I’ve also been kicked in the head and hospitalized during a riot in H.S., suffered three concussions playing football and fell twice off of a ladder (the latest at age 60) without suffering a scratch. Any one of those incidents could have (and some should have) ended it all, but without my having anything to do with the outcome, my timeline in this reality continued. I have no clue why or for what purpose. Some might cite guardian angels, others luck. But this reality continues for me, while my parents, older brother and older sister have all passed. It makes no sense to me at ‘this time.’ Hopefully one day it all will. So, in a strange sense I am prepared to die, since I already have, just in someone else’s universe. But I am not yet ‘packed’ for the journey.

  14. Dear George –
    Your writings have always been exciting and energizing! If I ever want inspiration all I have to do is read one of your articles. I think, however, you were born a Porsche Carrera in a sea of VW Bugs. Not that those old beloved joy–riders can’t get up and move when properly outfitted as I’ve longed to do since I was a teenager. Drive one for a while and dreams of Tim Allen’s philosophy – “More Power” – quickly fill your mind. But what makes you worthwhile is that you SHARE it with us!

    I’m not sure when it happened but a large number of your regular and new readers sometime over the past couple of years have either entered into the 70+ age group or were already there when they joined. I don’t recall you talking about your age this much until the past year or so – and I pray that’s not an ominous thing! But my crossing over the 6-0 mark definitely made the subject elbow its way forward in quick fashion and demand attention.
    We’ve each talked about our personal philosophies here and given our thoughts about what comes after the body quits on us. The deep, dark sea of information we are living in over the past 25 to 30 years has inspired us to take in points of view, philosophies and personal experiences that our parents would have only come into contact with by guess and by golly in their lives and only, very rarely, ever shared it. We’re all hugely blessed to be living now even if we perceive mostly chaos around us. The chaos was always there but now our eyes have been opened.

    I think it’s safe to say that even the most dedicated Church-goers in our group, thanks to the Internet, have been introduced to information that makes the usual rhetoric that comes from our Churches’ pulpits very suspect even though they conceal it very well. It’s one of the reasons I left the Church – nothing more mature or enlightened entered the discussions from the earliest Sunday School classes to a good funeral sermon. One question that occurred to me early on was “What about all those people from Lower Sloblovia to Bear Creek (who are part of the 7/10ths) that went before us and never heard “The Word”? Where does “salvation” come into play with them?” The “Business Model” must be protected at all costs! I think most of us will agree that what awaits our consciousness once we escape our bodies is nothing like what we were taught to believe – and to the vast majority of us will be a surprisingly pleasant experience. Whatever changes to scripture that resulted from the Council of Nicaea was a monumental travesty.

    I admire your adventurous bent that has taken you places in life! When you were considering this life before entry you probably had some excellent guides and, no doubt, a lot of experience behind you to design a life in this space and time. What a time to be on this plane on our planet! We are, indeed, sent here to learn and we’re all on different paths to that enlightenment. Thank you for being such a bright light on that path, George.

    • (Aw, garsh, shucks Mickey…) ` Goofy

      There’s really a reason for me being on this bent – we have millions of “kids” (under 50) who were products of
      “non-completing homes.” So they missed the foundational part of America core values preservation: the sitting around the dinner table where ANYTHING was open to discussion.

      Even in China people do more communal/family dining. Lacking the push-button drive-through brainwashing they even save a spot at the dinner table for the “favorite Uncle” (code for the govt.).

      It was once that way here – at the dinner table I can’t count the number of discussions about Uncle Sam.

      Now, seems, the future is directly behind us…and those of us with live memories need to put them out for the young nones.

      • Even growing up in a traditional family, dinner table conversations were anything but open. In fact they were terrifying, when a misspoken word could get you banned from the remainder of the meal. I’d say Ure family dinners were a joyful exception to the rule.

        That said, it takes two parents to create a family dinner, along with some kind of food. If either parent chooses not to participate, it’s incomplete and forms a poor model for future generations. Even if one must be working or otherwise occupied, the model of two parents working as a team is what matters in imprinting their kids with a known and functional paradigm.

  15. I’m not sure if this book in progress is your most important book, though it certainly seems to be so far! I’m very impressed with it and eagerly awaiting further chapters.

    I’d suggest that what you carry in your heart is as important as that between your ears, and both can be carried into the beyond. The heart seems to have a mind of its own(literally), as does the gut. All is part of who you are and it all matters.

  16. I’ve interviewed a number of combat veterans WW2,Korean and some Vietnam about what they went through and how they survived and most have said something along the following lines, “You can go through hell and misery but when your numbers up that’s it!”
    I think that pretty much covers the end of us all. I agree that the only things you’re taking with you is life experience and would suggest as a graphic for your book cover a body with a valise instead of a head.
    Thanks for all your good work!

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