Great – Exciting News to Share!

Wow…,finally caught a break and it was Good News!  (OK, and a little bad.)

The UrbanSurvival complete recovery is coming along.  Really, really well.

Except for one tiny detail – the images associated with old reports on this site have gone MIA.

Still, it’s a huge triumph of some really great programmers.  And if you can stand the loss of yesterday’s report, then peachy!  We’re in business.

Our new server has all the old posts (and the searching is back…and the charts.)  Missing are some graphics files, but don’t give up hope on those yet, either.

Although this has be a RPITA (royal pain in the ass) and some of your highly valued contents may have been lost, there’s always a silver lining.  In this case two.

Here’s the first one:  Urban is now loading in less than half the time compared with the old site.  Check this onload timeline:

Now, this super-zippy loading time is with an AdBlocker turned on, so YMMV if you’re seeing ads.  It’ll be a second, or so, slower.

Still, screaming fast which is one of the things about the net:  It’s about…

  • Mass appeal
  • Consensus
  • Speed
  • …speed….
  • …speed….
  • …and somewhere in there is content.

The second hugely delightful present from Universe was the stress of this weekend’s events brought into clear focus what my three (and soon to be four) best books are about.

If you remember from yesterday morning:

  • Dimensions Next Door is a kind of back-engineering effort to figure out hacking of space-time.
  • Psychocartography is about where we spend one-third of our lives  (in our Dream Realms) and how that related to the Waking State world.
  • The one which has the first 20+ pages on Peoplenomics this morning (Packing to Die: The suitcase between your ears) will be up in about 4-hours.

Last but not least…I have a confession to make.

Yes, this has been one of those rare occasions when I put on a speed crown for a couple of days (Sunday and Monday).

You don’t think an old geezer coming around to 73 really works at this level normally, do you?

Peoplenomics is cooking along per normal.  Time to jolly over there and season this morning’s report.

I know that there’s some “loss of fidelity” on this recovered site (sans pix) but WTF?  Better than a sharp stick in the eye.

Write when you get rich,

10 thoughts on “Great – Exciting News to Share!”

  1. Thanks to Frankness for his note:

    You are like many of us of Generation….get er done! You rock. Now to go back and get that crown build info……..”

    We try…

  2. And to Wm of the Radio RAnch for:

    Your prodigious efforts at making this train run on time are vastly appreciated.

    Even so…

    Don’t burn up or burn out ure brayne. Extreme performance often charges a Price. Candles burn best and longest when mounted vertically, and on fire at only the top end in that position.


  3. Good morning G, was wondering if your network team changed the static I.P. address away from and if so are you planning on publishing the I.P. address for those of us who go direct? Thanks for the great site.

  4. George, I’m emailing you an attached LibreOffice document in an old Word format with yesterday’s missing page. I had it open from PN in a tab yesterday. Please don’t delete too quickly!

    Thanks for everything and Good luck.

  5. Good job George. I knew you’d get things back up. I was aware that the search sucked a long time ago, but I thought you knew and didn’t care or that you had some other reason. I’ll ping you in the future if I notice weirdnesses like that and not ‘ass u me’.

  6. George,
    Congrats on the recovery of your site! You might enjoy listening to Delbert Mcclintons “Lone Star Blues” on your favorite music site.

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