One Week to a Holiday! Markets Ponder Vitamin D?

Normally, when you come to U.S. National Holidays, there is a modest upward bias to market action.  Whether it’s from people anticipating good times (oh, and MAYBE a beer or six), or whether it’s just that pessimism fades in bright sunlight (from Vitamin D going up?), we don’t know.

The reason, suggests a 2017 paper by Michael F. Holick, may lie in the conversion of 7-dehydrocholesterol to Vitamin D.  Which gets us only part-way to a speculative “conclusion.”

For the rest, the link between depression and Vitamin D, we would need to consume this study by Parker, Brotchie, and Graham (2017): “Vitamin D and Depression” also available on

Which might go some distance toward explaining the “good weather” market rallies.  But, how do you explain the bad weather, and cold season rallies?

For that answer, we turned to a 2015  American Journal of Addiction where a dandy article on Compulsive Buying (CB) by Muller, Mitchell and de Zwann, offered some critical insight:

The maladaptive spending behavior is associated with serious psychological, social, occupational, and financial problems. Treatment-seeking patients with CB suffer from substantial psychiatric comorbidity (eg, anxiety and depressive mood disorders, compulsive hoarding, binge eating disorder). Representative surveys revealed prevalence estimates of CB between 6% and 7% and indicate that younger people are more prone to develop CB. Moreover, European data suggest an increase of CB in the adult population over the last 20 years.

Thus, we begin to see the winter holidays as a “stimulus cluster” spurred by “Holiday spending” that might account for pre-holiday market ebullience:

  • Vitamin D levels are down, so…
  • Shopping levels go up…resulting in all sorts of chemical changes. Self-medication with credit cards?
  • Which in turn, likely modifies financial judgements. Co-morbidity:  advertising consumption.

Unfortunately, there are times when “holiday rallies” fail.  Such as the “Slaughter of the Elves” over the Christmas-New Year period 2018 into 2019.

That would be a topic of further research.  Except it’s Friday and Summer and 7-days from Play.  A long way of advising “Short columns ahead!”  We like to play, too…

“Fresh Data!  Getch’er Fresh Data Here!”

Bureau of Economic Analysis has just tossed out it’s “Personal Income and Expenditure” data.

Talk about a subject ripe with psychiatric study potential!  Let’s start with a “reasonableness check.”  See if any of this passes your “sniff test.”

  • Personal income decreased $874.2 billion (4.2 percent) in May according to estimates released today by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (tables 3 and 5). Disposable personal income (DPI) decreased $911.1 billion (4.9 percent) and personal consumption expenditures (PCE) increased $994.5 billion (8.2 percent).
  • Real DPI decreased 5.0 percent in May and Real PCE increased 8.1 percent (tables 5 and 7). The PCE price index increased 0.1 percent. Excluding food and energy, the PCE price index increased 0.1 percent.

Let’s see:  Lockdowns dig in and income goes down.  Rocket Surgery, fo sho.  (No University of Pennsylvania b-school needed.)

After the data, Dow futures were  useless  down 125-points.  But with the Fed “buying itself” in bonds,, maybe useless was right…

(Wonder why I pen the word “useless” so much?  Go read the ZeroHedge piece “Futures Jerk Around Inexplicably In “Abysmally” Illiquid Markets” and see if you can figure it out.)


No doubt, our subscribers will appreciate this morning more than most, since we’ve been in serial-rant mode about Making-Up-Money (MMT, or Marxist Monetary Theory).  The “lying pricks of finance” prescribe making up money, without delving into the “foreign goods purchasing ramifications.”  Which are HUGE, by the way.  That’s why anything made overseas will be going moonward faster than the Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos competitions, shortly.

As happens at this point in longwave economic cycles on a repeating basis: new monetizations to rope the public into come along with predictable regularity.

For example, although Sperry & Hutchinson began S&H Green Stamps in 1896, they didn’t really get rolling until the Great Depression. has a good retrospective over here.  Our point is that “deal-seeking” becomes manic at economic bottoms.

The Cointelegraph does a good job of coveringExperts Debate Bitcoin Price Volatility as $675M in BTC Options Expire.”   The International Business Times calls it $1-billion worth of options, but a lot depends on which currency you’re converting around.

Unlike Bitcoins, S&H Green Stamps had some actual value – and they didn’t require a global (energy-sucking/wasting) infrastructure to operate.  A wet tongue with a taste for mucilage and a stamp book.

Today, there are essentially no barriers to “Making Up Money” (as in all the cryptocons) and no barriers to Customer Loyalty Programs, Cash-Backs, Awards, and whatever half a billion programmers can dream up to virtualize.  Which gets us to the dangers of virtualizing, but some other morning.  We need to press on…

Virus Dissonance

If Trump did this, he’d be a Nazi.  But, it’s not when Biden would use executive powers to make people wear masks in public.  Oh, no.  Pass the double-standard TDS’ers.

Say, you don’t suppose being a former communist helps fight CV-19 doe you? Russia reports lowest daily new cases since April… and with Marxist everything on the rise here, is politics a co-morbidity factor?  (Someone has to ask this stuff, you know!  Especially since Coronavirus: US hits record high in daily cases.  An “ugly” I would remind naysayers who haven’t taken out cautions to heart.  What ever happened to “first do no harm” on the GOP side?  Trump may be a “builder” but he missed the medical axiom, entirely.)

Die Kurze Hose

(German:  “The Shorts.”)

Here’s CNN whining aboutA generation hit by three soul-crushing crises.”  More Generation Resilient” crap.  Like we old people didn’t have, oh, Korea, Cold War, Vietnam, Sand Box Wars, HIV/AIDs, soaring cancer rates, heart attacks out the wazoo…. Suck it up kiddies, life’s a bitch and then you die. (Then as a final Fox-Uniform, you work your ass-off for 60-years, save a couple of shekels and then get locked-in so you can’t go party on the way out.  Top that shit. Who’s to say greedy heirs aren’t colluding, huh?)    Trick is to “shoot a good movie of your life” and move on to the Next Set.

More whiners?  You bet.  How about those p o o r little banktarbs? The Fed’s ‘Harsh’ Stress Tests Hit Bank Stocks.”  You bet!  Let’s send that mean old Fed to Bully School…. FMTT, stupid is sure going around, ain’t it?  All spread by social media, if you ask me…

(Jesus!)  Don’t tell Obama (the Coal-Killer) about this:  “Investor Breathes New Life Into Major Arctic Coal Project.”  Hey…maybe they could find a board position for Slow Joe’s kid.  What do you think?  Meantime, underscores Obama et al want to hold us accountable for Gore’s climate scam but not Russia or China.  Don’t start me on that…

Not to worry, war will be along soon enough as Trump’s China hawks are taking wing.

Urban Holiday Planner

Yes, my retirement is planned.  Chock full of plans…

  • July 3: A mercifully short column.  Or not.
  • July 4: Peoplenomics with charts only
  • July 5:  We’ll see what the Inspiration Muse offers – maybe (OK, likely)  on our recent “grounding/earthing” experiments to see if that really reduces inflammation.
  • July 6: Why wouldn’t we get a “Relief Rally?”  Inflation is coming!  Print me a truck load of hunsky’s!   Unless something really bad happens over the long weekend?  (Thinking quakes, mainly, because of the second eclipse…)

This weekend, along with coming holiday, we will be safely ensconced out in here the woods.

Our major tasks planned over the 4th include calibrating 9 MM subsonic rounds for drop-at-range.  Along with continuing to design the perfect OMWS (old man work shop). Speaking of…

Shop Talk

Latest addition to the shop, is a used Craftsman 10-inch radial arm saw.  Picked it up (a steal!) for $50-bucks.

As usual, a wonderful story to be told:  Seems a fellow, about my age, and a very successful artist from here in East Texas, decided to build a shop out back of his place.  Did a first-rate job:  He’s got a good table saw, though, and didn’t see the need for the radial saw. So out it went – into the back of – and down the road – in Ure’s old pick ’em-up truck.

Ure – who despises shop-tool set-up time almost as much as deficit spending and crooked, debt-saturated, made up federal money scams – will have a dandy (second) dado-monster on which I can see the cut lines!  (and fingers)

Here’s what’s interesting:  Turns out the seller is also a writer (though he does amazing 3D art (and builds DDG (drop-dead gorgeous) clocks.  Onto Ure’s (never-shrinking, always-expanding) agenda is reading his (A. Armstrong’s his name) “Ghosts of Delacroix House” which can be found here on Amazon.

Point?  Um...if you read last Sunday’s piece (about how we’re all directors in our own Life’s Movie – here) it’s just marvelous to enjoy the people who Universe offers as “walk-on” performers in our lives.  Dandy scene!

It also gave me a chance to articulate many thoughts about the ideal  Renaissance Maker’s Shop.  Which we’ll get into on Sunday in the “Maker’s Corner” discussion. 

Which, usefully, will come just in time for you to run out to Home Despots or Lowdes before the three-day weekend and pick up more tools than you’ll ever be able to lie your way out of with the missus….

On that confessional, rain swirls overhead again, this morning.  Before gravity fixes that, I need to “sow some wild oats” in a manner of speaking.

Well, Scotts grass seed.  Onto what may be a playable 9-holes in 2021.  I mean, that’s one way to structure a tree farm, right?

After that, a little screwing.  IoW:  finishing the assembly of the new “industrial” built-in shop vac…  Which miraculously, Harbor Freight sent two of.  Which, like a damn idiot, I called and told them to come get  the free one since I hadn’t ordered or paid for #2…Still, gee, thanks for the gesture.  ‘Mazingly, they also sent me 20-bucks worth of gift cards for my trouble and honesty.  Crime pays better, but this is a start.

I took all of this as a “sign from The Big Studio/Chief Director” that something important will eventually come from the shop…which is why things have almost magically appeared for it.  Like this saw deal… What that might be?  Who the hell knows?  Just Universe seems to be populating my life with enough tools to set up a mid-sized manufacturing company just steps away from all these servers.  Being a tool-slut, I’m sitting back watching agawk…

For now, like they say, “No rest for the wicked.”  A sign I must have been very, very  wicked once-upon a time….

Write when you get rich,

60 thoughts on “One Week to a Holiday! Markets Ponder Vitamin D?”

  1. everything rallies in ussa .. everyday every news .. famine , plague , riot , racism , debt , war, unemployment .. ussa gets richer with all the world .. nothing matters .. geckonomics , greed is good .. so all chant now

  2. “Green Stamps”

    Most value was extracted from most services and products years ago.

    Look at Ikea selling color coded boards as furniture.

  3. seriously what where the main lies today in ussa .. unemployment ? covid ? food shortage ? statue removal ? trump .. bit out of touch today taking the old trained approach , music and fitness .. any stories or lie information appreciated

  4. Covid

    There is a tremendous amount of information on the web. Most is not peer reviewed. A good amount of even that component has a definite political bias embedded.

    You mention…””An “ugly” I would remind naysayers who haven’t taken out cautions to heart. What ever happened to “first do no harm” on the GOP side? Trump may be a “builder” but he missed the medical axiom, entirely.)”

    1.) What do you recommend George, that the people of the United States do? Based on this quote can you explain what “do no harm” would entail? Appears to be directed primarily towards the GOP faction. So let’s stick to that and ignore the Bidden Dem stance.

    2.) Since this issue of Covid is complex. If you would address the economic, social and psychological and medical impacts to the US. Cost benefit I guess one would call it?

    Thank you

    • Just as we have NEST teams for Nukes and financial regulators galore (and FDIC) might I propose the Numnutz on the Hill set up a national “bio-terrorism” account, fund it, do stress tests, and pre-plan things like, oh, shutting the borders and isolating America in advance of containment break>
      Of course that’s what a fire department would do: In sections, pre-fires, planning, yeah..guess that’d be too much to ask, huh?>

      • George,
        Now you sound like me..Numnutz on the Hill? Listen, Trump only cares about [redacted on the no Trump bashing rule. My commentary was not about Trump – Please keep comments responsive to the topic. I redact reluctantly, but this site isn’t about politics. It’s about serious grown-up helping the not so grown up to look ahead. It’s up to the voters to be equally disappointed in all put-ups this fall. – thanks for understanding – G]

    • so, according to this logic, it is o.k. for doctors and nurses and other medical professionals to wear the masks 8 -10 hours a day, 4-5 days a week, but it isn’t o.k. for the average person to wear it for 30 min or an hour while shopping at the grocery store? Based on all the hoopla about not wearing masks in public places, then I suppose doctors and nurses and other medical professionals whose work has them come in contact with sick people, shouldn’t have to wear masks either? Me, personally, my line of thinking is that if the medical profession is wearing masks then I probably should as well. And for all those who don’t want to wear masks – go for it…not my loss.

      • Sadly, it is your loss. Masks are most effective when greater than 70% of the population uses them, according to Chris Martenson, PhD, on Peak Prosperity website. He is a pathologist and sticks to the best science he can find.

    • The only time you need to wear a mask is in public spaces or where you’re around strangers that you don’t live with or are not intimate with. Big deal. I wear a mask in stores and get my shopping done asap. I hate shopping anyway. I wear a surgical mask – not an N-95. If I needed more than that, I’d wear a full respirator rather than the mask. $20-$40 for protection from others’ diseases is cheap. Yes, masks help others if you’re infected, but they also help you to a degree. Why not? I also wear eye protection and keep my separation from others in public spaces. It’s free.

      Most of the time I’m alone and I work alone – often out in the direct sun. No reason for a mask there. The potential effects of COVID are terrifying – it’s a systemic disease and the lung effects are only the beginning. Most people get a pass on dying, but I have enough unknowns in my life. I had a bad flu in December before this whole thing became known and the sequelae from that alone took two months to fully resolve. I rarely get flu – perhaps once/10 years. I never get a flu shot – IMHO, that’s an unnecessary stress on the immune system. YMMV.

      The point is that we may eventually get natural/herd immunity from this disease, but there’s no point in becoming the guinea pig voluntarily. Pathogens tend to weaken over time and passage through hosts(not always in a linear manner), so getting the virus as late in the game as possible makes the most sense. If/when I am at great risk, I’ll use all possible prophylactic measures to help insure a good outcome. That includes vitamin C/D, zinc, and low dose HCQ/CQ, along with whatever else the research indicates might be useful. Right now, I consider C and zinc to be sufficient since I’m outdoors a lot.

      • Did you ever stop to think that the “bad flu” you had in Dec was actually the Covid? There was a lot of “something” going around in my parts during the Dec to Feb time period. One reported death. One person i talked to said the doctor told him it wasn’t flu. Everyone said it was the worst they can remember. Being one of only a handful or retailers in the area I hear a lot and must be exposed a lot. Kept up my vits and silver water, did not get sick. Have not worn a mask and stayed open all this time. Since March only 24 reported cases in a geographically large county. No deaths and only 8 hospitalized.

      • Hubby and I were sick from late December to end of January, came down with exact same symptoms at the same time. I think, looking back, that we caught it at a restaurant in Waco, Texas right after Christmas as we were traveling home. He claimed it was allergies, I am not allergic, but he said, well you’ve lived here long enough to get allergies. I didn’t think it was that, it was a sore throat, coughing hell with runny noses and exhaustion. No temp though, and we made it through without a doctor’s visit. His lasted longer than mine. We used over the counter meds like Alka Seltzer, helped us sleep. That’s it, and time.

        Now, we have consciously upped all Vit C, D, Zinc, and Selenium and no setbacks or recurrences.

      • My son and I were also sick in late December with something I couldn’t identify. It certainly wasn’t a normal flu. Hadn’t heard of the Covid at that time, but except for having no fever, my symptoms were quite similar to the symptoms later being described as indicating Covid.

  5. While it’s immensely satisfying to get those groups on the target down to the smallest pattern the one thing I worry about more than anything else is mobs. While lacking the Class III license the only option in that case is the semi-auto 12 gauge with 00 or 000 buck. If you can find a box magazine fed shotgun like Saiga you’re in business. If you’ve got a buddy with you armed with same that’s a formidable wall of .30+ caliber lead headed down range that begins to approach what the police and military can do if they’re not around. Taking “targets” out at a distance has its uses but, IMHO, only after the initial assault. That’s my thoughts on tactical plans for when TSHTF.

  6. So are the police now going to become the new ‘Covid Enforcers.’ Poor cops cannot catch a break – they are expected to protect businesses from riots AND close businesses that violate the phony ‘Covid Laws.’ Looks like there is another group of Americans that will not support the cops. Very sad state of affairs – whatever happened to ‘freedom.’

  7. AH!! S&H Greenstamps – I remember when I was but a lad, my Mom used to give me the stamps after we went shopping at the A&P. I licked and pasted until I had almost 15 books! When I turned 12 I told my parents I wanted to buy a gun with them (imagine the reaction today!). My Dad said ‘Sure, just be careful with it’. I walked about 20 blocks (in North Miami) to the nearest redemption store, laid my books on the counter and told the clerk I wanted a 12-ga shotgun. He handed me a single-shot Mossberg, which I still have, (no paperwork BTW) and I walked the 20-some blocks home down US 27 (NW 36th Street) with it on my shoulder, and nobody gave me a second look!

    • I dare you…today, lol. SWAT’d be all over the place. :”Crazy Child with a gun!!!” OMG cnn everywhere…silly shit this “regressing life of today…”

    • A few years ago, a State Trooper stopped and read Me the riot act for carrying a shotgun down to my mailbox. I occasionally see a rattlesnake or wild dogs on my long driveway. The Trooper got really mad when I would not agree with his Gestapo reasoning. He finally realized I had broken no law and he left shaking his head.I detest stupid cops.

    • Great story! Those S&H stamps and what they enabled you to purchase is a very handy item nearby these days.

  8. George,
    -Why with conservatives is it always choosing PR over product? Always this ‘gotcha’ cultural war stuff?
    -The issue is not whether someone will ‘see’ Trump as a NAZI.
    -Rather, the issue is about competence. It is about putting on your big boy pants and taking the correct action in the middle of a global pandemic. And not making the situation worse, (to the point of the US being just another third world country).
    -In short, it’s about putting out a good product, not a good PR campaign.
    -Andrew Cuomo gets that. Biden gets that. Trump doesn’t get that.
    -Because modern Conservatives have become the party of PR, not of product.
    Hence their consistent inability to actually run the railroad. Best, Mike.

    • Like the “demoncrats railroad” that made-up the Russia collusion story?> Back in your hole, troll.
      Biden is another “yet-to-be-convicted put-up” – like most in office today.
      PR? Marxist spew, you mean?> PR has some basis in fact. You do know Perkins Coie et all will be in court, right? PR time?
      Let’s all watch to see if the crooked Clinton actions (and you know who the VP was right? Come on…think hard…) can be manipulated/postponed by the lefties in the courts long enough for the election to pass by… tick tock

      • George, [responding in context in brackets to it will make sense to readers – g]
        Not so fast Kemosabe. Russia collusion was not a hoax.

        [Yes, it was. What part of the made-up dossier did you believe? Where is the prosecution? Why are Perkins Coie et al being sued? No, there was no collusion other than what Russia does all the time – just like we launch the alphabet guys at Russian interests…come on Mark! – g]

        John Bolton has some info on that. He also has some insight on Biden…There’s no there there.

        [Bolton is as neo-con who opportunistically changes his claims as often as his underwear. Classical neocon, fer crying out loud. Get your head back in objective land…=g]

        Even Trump Lackey Barr, has thrown up his hands on This so called Biden issue.

        [1. He’s the attorney general – using terms like “lackey” reveals too high a level of emotional attachment – tisk tisk 2. Barr was blocked at every turn by pay to players-g]

        Trump has always been afraid of Biden and was determined to find some dirt.

        There was some dust that even your average postman may have, but no criminal dirt. That’s why the Trump campaign hasn’t pursued that.

        [Are you following the parade of John Durham grand jury appearances? I expect that will all come out before the election…then what will you say? And again, your data bias shows: Burisma and the effective pay-off to Biden is not “postman dust.” Again, stick to the data…]

        Instead…They have resorted to Biden’s mental health…which BTW, is perfectly ok…
        [Biden can’t handle numbers – citing magnitude off cv-19 cases. Sorry, no do-overs or hiding that. Mark (my words) Biden will dog every debate (or, look for a stunt double) because Trump will eat him alive. Easy mark… – g]

        I have heard Biden speak online many times just to see for myself and he is pretty damn articulate and more than coherent.

        [Ask any woman who has done the the same – many will use words like creepy and too touchy… -save it for the ballot box! – g]

        Does he stutter at times…yes, he has battled stuttering issues his entire life.
        [It prepared him for a lifetime of double-speak, didn’t it?> – g]

        As a child, I had the same issues and worked my ass off to overcome it. Now I speak regularly and often. However, when I am flustered I may slip into finding that usually steady streaming of words…However, instead of stuttering the words, I stay silent and pretend to contemplate, ,take a deep breath and find that zen moment of an orators eloquence. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MENTAL ACUITY.
        [And I have NEVER questioned your mental acuity. Biden’s? Different question – one I will answer at the ballot box.-=g]

        And of all People, Trump, the man with a 6th grade vocabulary, is NOW making fun now of a guy that battles a stuttering problem. Because that’s all they can come up with. Shameful.
        [I’m not a fan of Trumps “{style” or lack thereof. But MY POST was not about Trumps style and you must remain responsive to the post or comments get redacted or I insert direct comments as I am doing this morning sp readers can follow-along, point by point.
        As I noted in my MP to you: People go to politico and other sites for politics. Urban is about applied economics…as far as the p0oliticians, they are all st0oggest of Big Money…so please keep to actionable advice. Politics stinks!-g]

        I am not a huge Biden fan, but at least he has the respect of a whole lot of GOP Senators. That alone can help bridge the divide we have right now. We need a Congress that will collaborate with each other. Biden can make that happen. Unless there is another GOP candidate that emerges between now and November…(please let that happen,) …I have no choice but to vote for Biden.

        [My view is I will vote for the most competent of the choices when we see who’s left standing. But, far more than you, Mark, I am disappointed deeply and personally that Biden and Trump are the “best this country has to offer.” But, back to point, Urban is about how we all forge our way through a hard economy to come. The average Urban reader is 50+ and already has a good grounding in reality and doesn’t need (or want) lectures on how to judge competition between crooks – g]

      • Reader note: Mark was not happy at my redacting. I was not happy with too much politics. Your comments as a reader are welcome: Should Urban focus (as we do) on the economics or drift more into politics? Ure call…

      • Partisan political gang propaganda is so boring. Constant political rancor is annoying and offensive. And most of all, unmedicated personal OCD obsessions wear thin very quickly.

      • Unless a website is specifically about politics, it’s always best to keep political commentary to a bare minimum, engaging in it only when it directly relates to the topic at hand. And in this case, the discussion should be about political actions taken, not about the personal foibles of the politicians involved. To borrow “n’s” great descriptor, “unmedicated personal OCD obsessions” are out of line, particularly when the unmedicated one has openly stated that his goal is to change the minds of your readers, who are perfectly capable of changing their own minds as they see fit. He should vent his obsessions on his own blog, not on yours.

      • To my previous comment I’ll add that TDS is truly a mental disease, induced by excessive media brainwashing. So just as no sane blogger allows the unhinged rantings of religious crackpots and mentally unbalanced people of any ilk to despoil their comment sections, likewise the rantings of TDS’ers should not be tolerated.

      • Of course, Mark does rant on and on. He is very desperate. He fears the coming demise of the deep/dark/state. He is aligned with them. His post remind me of this scene in a terminator movie

        as he rages on against the night/end

        Why did 5 past president pose for this photo w/ Lady Gaga, this is weird, she is a satanist

        George , how do you separate politics from economics, they govern/control it

      • Some politics of specificity is fun. Since this is an Econ site, only a small amount should be tolerated, because it becomes boorish, quickly. Generic politics — fine, as long as it does not lead to flame wars.

        A wise man once cautioned me to never discuss politics or religion in public, because someone will invariably overhear and take offense. (He also cautioned me that more lies were told regarding sexcapades and gas mileage than all other topics, combined. I have yet to be able to prove this, but also haven’t been able to disprove it…)

      • @Marx

        you said you were a conservative.

        NO conservative in their right mind could EVER vote for Biden……..imo

  9. Dude George,

    Got a bad feeling something (s) wicked this way comes..

    Got to teach the Children – so they can teach their younger siblings and their Parents HOW..

    GROW Ure own..FOOD.

    Aquaponics/Hyrdopponics/Dirt. Will need to know how to grow food in Winter (Aqua/Hydro) and the big 3 nutrients needed to grow with(how/what/why/when).

    Growing Medicinal plants might not be a bad idea going forward. Planing for the WORST this FALL – it is called the “FALL” for reasons..not just Leaves fall..

    This ride as U have been warning peeps is about to get VERY bumpity.

    Living off a Pension? – U should start planing/provisioning now for the INEVITABLE..

    Financials are moar complex now than ever, much more so than in 2008 – think COUNTER PARTY RISK as we roll thru a oBummer of a Summer.


    WTF !? is happening in SEATTLE ? Is that what Ure family was all about growing up in the area? Hell I dont recall that central district area (what does cAndy call it) ever being that baaaaad, but capitol hill area??

    3 generations of Kids being “educated”/indoctrinated by the biggest POS generation ever to be crapped upon a Society. Kids are not Learning SHOP, HOME EC, Art/Music, Math & Science – what the hell are they teaching them in our Public Schools??

    Its No wonder we have Caucasian 30 something year olds out on the streets DEMANDING they be GIVEN what they Want and tearing down statues of OUR AMERICAN HERO’s.

    Happy 4th – wonder what kinda celebration they will be having over at the clintonista compound this 4th?

    – in celebration of her continued freedom….FMTT!

    “cause youd be in prison” .. LIAR LIAR – Ure pants R on FIRE!

  10. This looks familiar:

    We are moving closer to the Balkanization scenario daily. I still haven’t heard any analysis of where the money supporting street-level radicalization is coming from; last election season it came from the DOJ. This season, who knows? My worst fear that it is corporate donations to fringe political fronts are financing the Balkanization. Corporations who are rolling in cash don’t pay close attention to what their wingnut staff members are involving them in. Maybe with revenues down, the Corporations will close their political donation pocketbooks. The same goes for unemployed morons who send checks to radical fronts.

    If Trump declares BLM a terrorist group, will everyone who sent them a check be criminally liable for the donations?

    Not everyone cares for Selco’s stuff. Make up Ure own mind:

    • n____, it occurred to me a few days ago, as statues of abolitionists and emancipators began to come down, that this is the BIG ONE.

      The others were drills and explorations designed to gauge the responses of both the American People and the Government. This is the actual PLAY to bring the U.S. down.

      Soros’ wielding of both the Marxist groups and the fascist groups have been practice runs, until now, but this feels different. I think he ordered the push because we’d all been locked-down for long enough to make the kiddies jump at any excuse to blow off some steam. His 5th column has them very well programmed, and with darn little prodding now, the violence and anarchistic acts will become self-sustaining.

      • The PTB (remember them?) have shipped the youngster’s futures off to the Far East in exchange for bribes from leftists. Those violent, angry young men and women you see on the tube are totally screwed, and they know it. What they don’t know is the leftists who sympathize with them will ship them off to the camps the minute they seize power.

        Everyone I know who is either middle class or within sight of that goal is under attack. I have no idea whether the assets I have spent a lifetime building will still be mine by the end of 2020. The wingnuts and the corporate bullies are out of control, and at some level, I understand the kid’s anger, but I don’t support the leftist and anarchist violence and historical rewrites. The purpose of the historical rewrites is a cover for organized looting of mine and your assets.

        This year started out well, but it does not appear to be continuing on that path much longer.

      • “I have no idea whether the assets I have spent a lifetime building will still be mine by the end of 2020”

        They will… but 2025 is another question entirely. One thing the kiddies don’t understand is we are the first, and one of the few (if not the only) places where common people can OWN property. They have no idea how important that concept is, nor what it would mean to them, and to everyone else, if it went away.

        The reason it was not codified in our founding documents was the Founders wanted slavery to eventually go away, and were afraid if we pursued “Life, Liberty, and Property” (the way it was originally written, BTW) they would institutionalize slavery forever.

        The kiddies would absolutely lose their sh!t if they ever learned the first non-indigenous slave-owner in the New World was a Black man.

        Inconvenient facts like that are why it is important for the Marxist (bowel) movement to tear down statues and eradicate our known history…

      • “Which, chimes in Ure, they are doing a splendid job of…”

        …And have been, since the 1960s, which is why I only buy OLD history books.

  11. Vitamin D deficiency is linked to higher mortality rates from covid19. Maybe why black and ethnic minorities have been affected more as dark skin limits vitamin D production compared to white.

  12. Oh yes, I do remember the pages and pages of S&H Green Stamps – did I say pages and pages. Each stamp must have been worth about a millionth of a penny’s worth of trade-in value.

    Congratulations on your new shop purchase! Truthfully, although I have most, if not all, of your shop equipment in my shop, I believe your total cost of equipment must be be about a tenth of my total purchase costs through the 70’s and 80’s. Worth every penny. Just one regret – no one in the family to leave it all to.

    Regarding Ure old shaper commentary, a while back, it didn’t show or mention the “hold down” apparatus that came with my sears shaper in the early 1980’s. Here is a linked picture for “hold downs” (not mine).

    See in the drawer the L-shaped rods with curved metal strips. The rods go into available holes that are suitably placed to hold your work down on the table as it slides past the cutter. Should be easy to jury-rig.

    I also use one of those new-fangled plastic magnet (Magswitch – 8110328 Table Feather Board – Amazon) on my old solid Sears table saw and router solid table tops but have yet to try it on a shaper project. Expensive but saves me a lot of time for safe set ups

    Please keep sharing your workshop pleasures!

  13. Hi, George,
    I do not think anyone has mentioned this, but the giant dust cloud, courtesy of Africa, will be entering the US in two or three days. The cloud is expected to enter the Gulf of Mexico and go as far as mid Texas, going over your place, and covering the southern states and the southern Midwest.

    • Nancy, I think most Texans will abide some dust, since it seems to dissipate hurricane formation!

  14. Presidential candidate Biden escaped the basement for an hour or so yesterday and announced that there have been 120 million COVID 19 deaths in the USA. Much worse than I thought.

    I noticed Obama has jumped in recently to be one of Joe’s puppeteers. He is going to need a lot of help if he wins the presidency. I have visions of a political “Weekend at “Bernies.”

  15. So Ure purchase in view of inflation and the time value of money(albeit not a term applicable in any sense nowadays) is a screaming deal. Fist pumps are applicable. You just paid @$17.00 in 80’s money for pretty much for an American quality made piece of long gone manufacturing prowess. Likewise, a dying breed of artisans and craftsmen are honored by your purchase in a very spiritual sense. You don’t even need an owners manual, but our progeny will.
    Sometimes I feel like I’ve been to church after contributing and reading Ure site.

  16. I recommend that the everyone check out their phones, whether iOS or Android. On an iPhone go to settings, then privacy, then health, and see that all phones has a COVID-19 tracking application installed.

    Additionally, the world economic forum has stated the plan for the end of the year. Which the royal family, Microsoft, and MasterCard, and other leaders around the world are promoting. I would call attention to the 33 year old guest speaker, Victoria Alonsoperez, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Chipsafer, Uruguay, and a Young Global Leader. I would call attention to what is chipsafe? As I expect we will hear more about this as the CIA\mainstream media promotes the great reset. Get ready for your chip.

    Oh and another reminder for all our believers in the fake two party system narrative, Trump was a guest speaker with the IMF in Jan at the world economic forum. With his ally, I mean “enemy”, Nancy Pelosi.

    Keep in mind that the banks have failed the stress tests recently and the green deal will be the new law of the WORLD!

  17. Green Stamps, now there’s a memory from the past! Pushing 70 and I still have slice marks on my tongue from licking a zillion of those damn things for my mother and grandmother. Memory’s are Pictures we take with our Heart! That’s one of the good ones!

  18. Those saws are beasts.

    I replaced the bed with ¾” fake Formica-faced shelving (double-thick, bonded into a 1 ½” board with Gorilla Glue) and in trimming, acquired both 1½” rip & crosscut fences. The works are bulletproof but like the period drill presses, the column rusts, so I cleaned mine and blued it (gives you justification for buying a bluing kit.)

    My wheel kit had gotten trashed, so I replaced the casters with carriage bolts, which allow me to precisely level the saw (makes it a b!tch to move, too, but who wants to move a nearly 200 pound saw, very often…!?)

    The saw rips nearly (but not quite) as well as a table saw; it crosscuts nearly (but not quite) as well as a sliding chop saw. It does one thing no other saw can do though and that’s cut a board from the topside. It makes a rabbet or a mortise tongue better than any saw, or any router not specifically set up to cut rabbets and it will hold an amazingly-wide dado cutter. The moulding attachment won’t cut trim quite as intricately as a tabled router or shaper, but it’ll cut it much faster, and there are still a ton of cutters available for the moulding head.

    Have fun…

  19. Recall last week a knife attack on innocents near London resulting in fatalities was deemed an act of a terrorist. The tragic knife attack event just unfolded in central Glasgow has seen the government conclude the event is not terrorist related. The incident at a hotel housing refugees and asylum seekers allegedly was precipitated by a man from Sudan who was dissatisfied with the hotel food, apparently going over the edge with sharps in hand. Police claim that they responded within two minutes. The assailant is now deceased.

    The Scottish First Minister described the goings-on as “truly dreadful”, and for some reason advised that the police are not looking for a second suspect. The British PM also joined in that he was “deeply saddened” by the attack. Earlier in the day an anti-racism protest had been held in the adjacent Glasgow square.

    Interestly last week several hundred far-right supporters had shown up at the square to protect a Great War memorial from desecration. Police had cordoned off a section for counter-protestors, but none materialized.

  20. The way I learned it from my grandmother was “No rest for the weary”, but as I got older (and less tender of years) it became “No rest for the wicked”. It took several decades for the rest of the quote to surface. “No rest for the wicked, and the good don’t need any.”

    Just sayin’

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