Markets: Red Lines, IMF, Virus, and Depression II

Thursday Data Festival!!!  Which we will jump into in a moment (there’s a lot of data today).

First, we want to arrange the data plate that may leave you grabbing at the breakfast table.  To hold on for a “white knuckle experience.”  Deep breath, first…  [aauuummmm manu padme auumm]  (This is the Texas spelling…)

Irwin Allen Economics

Got the Dramamine down?

  • We are not the only ones to pick up on the chance that this is 1929 being replayed.  See, for example, Annie Lowrey’s piece in  The Atlantic:  “The Second Great Depression — At least four major factors are terrifying economists and weighing on the recovery.
  • Second point is “The Virus” where it’s a given that the globe will sail through 10-million cases before the weekend is out.  And half a million dead will have been stacked-up worldwide.  While it’s possible that some U.S. deaths were over-zealously labeled CV-19 (financial incentives to healthcare providers work wonders) it’s also a given that China outright lied about their death counts in Wuhan based on videos leaked showing alleged mobile crematoriums.
  • Third is the shocking admission from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that they are dramatically lowering their look-ahead guidance.  Worse, in a “No shit, Sherlock” moment they start sounding like our recent comments on point:  “The extent of the recent rebound in financial market sentiment appears disconnected from shifts in underlying economic prospects—as the June 2020 Global Financial Stability Report (GFSR) Update discusses—raising the possibility that financial conditions may tighten more than assumed in the baseline.”

But, whether or not the market is running a giant “con” based on the Fed’s hopefully momentary use of Marxist economics (Making Up Money, peddled as “Modern Economic Theory” of the sort that kept Robert Mugabe in power in Zimbabwe to the empty-headed “social media swilling dunces” in America, remains to be seen.

Charting the Crack-Up Rhyme

What is pretty clear in our work is that we have a stock market that is facing moral hazard at every turn, now.  Especially when overlaid atop the 1929 experience:

The horizontal black arrows compare how much time several trillion in “intervention” and “making up money” has purchased. The bill for this is still in the works.

Pay special attention to the horizontal black arrows and the horizontal red bars.

The two green areas (left circle, right oval) show where we compare modern times with old.

The short black arrow (top) is the length of time ( t ) from the initial decline bottom in 1929 to tyhe Wave II peak before descending into 10-years of financail hell.

The longer black arrow (bottom) is the obviously  extended time ( t )  which the Fed can buy via massive infusions of made-up-money plus directly buying bonds and bond ETF’s – exchange traded funds.

The top red bar is the peak both markets reached.  For the Modern Bulls to claim we’re off and running toward new all-time highs – the market needs to progress above the upper red bar.

Conversely, for Bears to “win the pennant” we need to sink convincingly  under the red bar.  For now, we’re stuck in the middle a no man’s land.  (Oops!  A “no persons land!”  Jesus, PCB (political correctness bullshit)  demands writing focus on sexual minutia over the more important big ideas, doesn’t it?  Its all designed to change our writing styles to post-Cultural Revolution-like self-censorship, but that’s just an aside…)

The Data Festival

OMG…more data than Clinton had excuses…Let’s start with  Durable Goods

International Trade, Wholesale, Retail Inventories

With inventories down, expect there to be a bigger trade deficit to come and sell-though continues to outstrip imports.

Weekly Jobless Claims

What could possibly top this morning other than the ongoing fairytale about personal income and savings rates tomorrow?

Meanwhile, Dow futures down about 250 on data driven deep disappointment (DDDD).

In Your Shorts

If being a hard-nosed neoclassicist on economics isn’t enough of a curse, there’s also the gallows humor that has tainted my lifetime.  No that gallows humor is  bad, per set.  It’s better than drinking to deaden the news reporters revulsion for how sick large portions of life remain.  It’s also marginally better than going off a half-cocked liberalista propagandist, too.  Though this is way more popular nowadays…

Buffer state politics: Belarus President Accuses Russia, Poland of Election Interference.  Hey!  Let’s lend them the Eastern District of NY so they can white-wash it, huh?  How about a two-fer – We’ll throw in Lisa, Peter, and Robert Mueller…what do you say?

Into the Liberal Blender!  In case you’re not following:  Coronavirus morphed from a medical and military issue into a  political issue.  Then a racial issue (more on that in a sec.)  And now?  Why, it’s becoming a sexual issue! COVID-surviving MD denied chance to donate plasma because he’s gay.

And it’s a mathematical issue: perhaps holding new meaning to the BSOD as The world’s fastest supercomputer is hunting for coronavirus cures.  (I’ve washed my hands of this story for the umpteenth time.. at 30 seconds per scrub.)

Real Equality?  But Not for All…

Notice who blocked the first police improvement bill in the Senate?  Yep – democrats.  They are glory-grabbling grandstanders looking to promote bankrupt Marxist doctrine.  Don’t get your hopes up when you read House to vote on police reform bill named in honor of George Floyd.  Dem’s will likely load it up with enough special carve-out crap inside a common trick) to make it unsignable.  When it gets vetoed (*because of the garbage and pet giveaways of the lefty’s) they can call it racism.  See how this works?

Government-sponsored racism in Oregon has been called-out we see.  And read how CNN positions it – laughable lefty’s in action! “People of color won’t be required to wear masks in an Oregon county.”  Seems to us like the (white-shamed) Lincoln County Oregon political class can’t differentiate between EQUALITY (equal protection  and duties for ALL) under the Law and RACISM regardless of their justifications.   Useful to remember:  Liberals can justify anything. And OU can’t question ’em or you’re a (fill in the blank).

Read this absurdity as the county ponders a roll-back its end-run around Equal Protection statues:

We are shocked and appalled at the volume of horrifically racist commentary we have received regarding this policy exception. The vitriol that county leadership, staff, and community partners, have been subjected to is unprecedented. All this only a month after George Floyd’s death.

The expressions of racism regarding the exception has created a ripple of fear throughout our communities of color. The very policy meant to protect them, is now making them a target for further discrimination and harassment.”

So whites don’t matter?  WTF people?  Equal means WHAT????

The term Libtards  are pressing Reverse Racism.  Treating face-covering differently by skin color – IS government sponsored racism “on its face.”  Were you stupid enough to think laws based on color shouldn’t exist?  OMG has you missed your shaming sessions?

We’re saddened that these Oregoons made a medical issue into racial one in the first place.  But then Mush-headed liberalism is nothing new to Oregon, is it?  Which reminds me…

Marxism’s Murdered Millions

How many people did old Joe Stalin put to death in the Soviet gun-point collectivization drive ahead of WW II?  Most historians figure Stalin killed more than Hitler.  By a LOT.  So we found it interesting that Russian Communist Unveils Stalin Statue on WWII Anniversary.  Stalin killed somewhere between 8 and 61 million people ( a big spread in the data). Hitler finished second at 6-million.  Winners write history, though, not losers.  Stalin should have swung.

Dictators like Stalin can never be trusted and if we don’t GTFU, that’s where America goes under Digital Mob Rule and Social Sedition.

While we staunchly oppose the barricaders in America, how about funding Antifa opening a Russian division and see how it works out?  Here’s the perfect statue to begin toppling… Bet they have some in Cuba and Zimbabwe that could come down, too.  Inconvenient, there is it?

LOST CAUSES:  They’re STILL selling climate change: What is the UV Index and why could it break UK records?  Moreover, who cares?  If we can’t get along, climate will be the least of our worries.

Off to ride’em lawnmower…. Oh, and my High Photon Diet has me down 10-pounds now…has it eaten my brain?  I feel like a husky-varmint on the orange rider…

Write when you get rich,

40 thoughts on “Markets: Red Lines, IMF, Virus, and Depression II”

  1. Marxism Murdered Millions – Yes. I am glad George that you mentioned Marxism because I have been trying to put into context the events of the last 6 months, and one clear perception has come into focus for me. We (the ‘West’ in general) are in a Marxist takedown!!

    When we start pulling the events of the last 6 months together, we see all the basic setup for a Marxist take down. Let us review:

    –Destruction of history (monuments destroyed)
    –Destruction of known history (monuments plus the rewriting of the role of the ‘founding fathers’ and others
    –Destruction of the family unit (LGBT and other movements)
    –Creation of extreme divisions between people
    –The coopting of useful idiots to conduct violence and destruction – BLM, Antifa
    –Compromising governments and the military to be useful idiots
    –Destruction of the current economy to breed fear and hopelessness (Covid lockdowns)

    I believe what we are seeing is pretty much text book. Yet people think this is about a virus and bad racial relationships. People need to dig much deeper to see the broad themes here. None of this stuff is unrelated. This is so Bolshevik, yet people people view the Bolsheviks as some historical relic from 1917. I assure you the ‘new and improved’ Bolshevik is here today armed with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, CNN, MSNBC and the defacto protection of many police and Governors to loot and destroy.

    This IS the theme that ties this together. AM Rev II is here and the Bolsheviks are behind it!

    • “We (the ‘West’ in general) are in a Marxist takedown!!”

      Where the Romanov family made their mistake..was they waited to long to ask for help.. when he sought help with the starvation and poverty of the people the bolshevik’s already had a foothold and anger towards the do nothing political hierarchy. Eventually marching into villages with bayonets with impaled children on the was you follow us or face the fate the takeover was swift..
      For the longest time I believed that Anastasia made it to the USA. At a dance a young female member of the royal family asked to join and escape russia posing as a nurse with the americans that came to teach the farmers of russia how it was done in the USA..
      It wasnt until the DNA tests were analyzed that I changed my opinion
      Hiding in haystacks while soldiers were executed. An amazing journey to safety..
      Now will our leaders wait to long..the opposition is getting a foothold. Half of the labor force is dependent on one program.or another..
      Interesting times are ahead..

      • If things go full-on rev the military is my only hope that they can put such down with the help of an armed population. Certainly there are those in the military that have the Antifa bent but I honestly think that patriotism still runs high in our military even among the O-class. My concern is what will the Democrats do in the midst of it all? Call on China for assistance? Get the Zetas to harass our Southern border? it’ll be a mess for sure.

      • No Bill. The commies own the kids and the media — and the Democratic Party…

        To use the example LOOB made of the Bolshevik Revolution as an analogy: When a child shows up in front of the cameras, impaled on a bayonet, everyone in the world who can view a television or video will get sick, and p!ssed.

        It can be an already dead kid, stabbed by a member of ANTIFA who’s dressed like a soldier — doesn’t matter, the cameras will tell whatever story the field reporter wants to tell, and the editor will “fix all” so the video fits the narrative.

        We have the most-powerful military in the history of the world. Can we whup China in a toe-to-toe slugfest? I don’t know, simply because China can field an army that’s greater in size than our entire population.

        Ya know what our Military absolutely can not whup?

        Public opinion.

        It was not the Leninites who overthrew the Czar. It was a million peasants with pitchforks — Lenin’s “useful idiots” — who ushered Lenin into power. The Russian army could’ve mowed those farmers (and their Bolshevik handlers) down in a few minutes, ended the Revolution, and possibly saved 100mln lives, but didn’t, because their commanders feared public opinion more than they did, either the Bolsheviks or the Romanovs.

        If you read, you know the BLM leadership have read and studied Marx, and are hardcore Communists. Being George Soros’ minions, with Soros having conducted a bunch of “grassroots revolutions” over the past 25 years, you can betcherass they’ve also read Sun Tzu.

        You never meet the enemy where he is strong, or attempt to defeat his strength with yours — You attack where he’s weakest, when he’s weakest, in ways for which he hasn’t prepared.

        THIS is why the kiddies scare me more than the anarchists. They are young, naive, and have that greenhorn stupidity which makes them easy to con, and easy to fool. Their naivety renders them incapable of realizing that were they to successfully overthrow the U.S., after the current leadership is offed, they’d be the first ones in-line at the gallows…

  2. The stock market is used to manipulate purchasing power out of us.

    The crash will come sometime after the extra unemployment payments end or are about to end. Then government will save us with another massive spending bill that includes UBI.

    Did you guys see the one where the U.S. Postal service is out begging again. They want our money to keep floating. WE paid for our stamps. USPS mismanaged their operation.

    There was a “reparations” column. Generally speaking our families will never generate the wealth that Bezos has and he got it all off our backs through USPS.

    Trump should nationalize Amazon and give the stock to the USPS. And that’s their bailout.

    One department is invoking “founding father’s” because they want the money.
    Another department is tearing down the statues of “founding father’s” because they want the money.

    Protesters in Detroit call on president to save the U. S. Postal Service

    The U.S. Postal Service is facing a massive crisis. If there are no new funds appropriated it is expected to run out of money by September. On Tuesday, people rallied in front of the Detroit Post Office on Fort Street calling for it to be saved.

    The message from protesters is that this isn’t just about saving the post office. It is about protecting democracy as our founding fathers called on us to do.

    The first Post Master General was Benjamin Franklin. As one of our nation’s founding father’s he said it was vital that all be able to communicate for the sake of democracy.

  3. “People of color won’t be requires to wear masks…..”

    I thought that wearing a mask was to protect someone from getting the virus from you and not to protect you from getting the virus from someone else. We wear the masks to protect others!

    So what are they telling us here?

    • Everyone wearing a mask protects both parties best. If one doesn’t were a mask the protection with the one wearing a mask is lowered significantly because the droplets disperssion area without a mask is huge. So what do I do? I always wear a mask and I avoid (like the plague) folks that do not have a mask. So what does this mean, it I have less interactions with folks of any color. Clearly none of these politicians really care about Black lives. They continue to make policy decisions that put them at more risk then others. All they care about is black votes. All way to pander to attempt to ensure they vote properly will be the policy accepted. This of course will backfire, more black citizens will be infected and more of their older generations will die. But like every other progressive policy that fails, no one will be held responsible, and there will be even more demand for government to do something.

      Use common sense. Wear your mask in public and fulfill our civic obligation to not harm others. Avoid those that clearly don’t give a crap about their fellow citizens.

      Trying to make a law about this will fail. Stupid is always out there, try to avoid it.

      • Mucus membranes – Ure mask covering ALL ?

        Common Sense goes a looong way in staying sane in these times of Chaos –

        What do U suppose the face shields are for?

        I am NOt Ure enemy – U R being LIED to.


      • Masks are a placebo. I’ve already had it. I’m spreading nothing but what’s already out there. Masks protect you if you’re particularly vulnerable but you’re walking through a sea of infectious agents that your body needs to learn how to work with and against but you’re covering only one avenue of entry to your body. If you want/need to live in a bubble don’t leave your house. The virus is real, it’s not the flu, even though it’s very much like it, but mask wearing only slows the inevitable down. Take your vitamins, maintain hygiene with common sense. The only thing that’s going to really protect you is getting it and getting over it. If you have a lot of immune deficiency problems I’m sorry but you have to do what’s right for you.

  4. First dream I can remember in a while just this morning. An alternate universe this time starring myself, as myself.

    Most of it was the same, I grew up in Texas and was doing my current job in Portland. But Portland had never suffered from urban growth boundaries, it was spread out, more like our neighbor to the north Vancouver WA. Portland had avoided the racist control, and Chinese immigrants had more influence, more like California.

    There was no virus, no unrest, business was good and I was on a week long junket with top SW architects from the company. I spent some time in what is usually an abandoned shopping mall in my dreams, with 1 in 10 shops running. This time all the shops were full, people everywhere. It felt so much different than usual.

    This was an alternate universe where the physical timelines varied more than my personal timeline. The weird thing is someone called me “Steve’s son” and my dad’s name is not Steve. Mentioned Heimler TX. There is no Heimler TX, but the first thing that google shows me is a real estate guy named … Steve Heimler.

  5. The political leaders in Oregon are not only moronic that have demonstrated the height of racisms. COVID-19 attacks the black community more than any other race.

    Oregon leaders removing the requirements for the black community to wear masks, is putting them at an even higher risk of infection. I think these leaders should be removed from office for their flagrant racism and now genocidal tendencies!

    (If this were Republicans this would be the mantra from the mob. But because these are ignorant, half-wit Dems, their inability to think out of the box and their desire to show how liberating and un-racist they are, they have literally put people of color in their area at an even higher risk of infection. You really can’t make this crap up!!!)

  6. “People of color won’t be required to wear masks in an Oregon county.”

    If people of color are not required to wear masks, does that mean that somebody is trying to increase the spread of the virus in that population?

    Mmmmmm ….I smell something fishy here

    • Oregon has deep socialist, racist and communist roots. The Klan divided Portland at one point, right down the middle, by race. Roughly same time frame, Oregon foisted Labor Day onto the nation as a national holiday. If anything, it’s a good demonstration of racism and progressivism working hand in hand for over 100 years.

      To this day Portland is the national capital of human trafficking. It’s never mentioned, ever. Ever. This place likes to have it both ways. Just watch their hands, mouths lie, hands kill.

  7. George,
    Newsflash: The Autocrats of 1930’s totalitarianism came from both sides of the political spectrum. And enough with the Cultural War minutia.
    Instead, focus on what is:
    1. The R’s are the world champs at MMT.
    Reagan tripled the national debt.
    The R’s added 2 trillion to the national debt with their dying power instead of immigration reform, (and you went to MIA cheerleader camp).
    2. Meanwhile, the R’s continue to exult incompetence in the middle of the worst pandemic of our lifetimes.
    So now the US is ranked last in the world along with Brazil.
    And the US economy will unnecessarily tank even more, and tens of thousands of more Americans will die.
    Well done Conservatives.
    When did incompetence become a virtue?
    Meanwhile, you’re all hung up about about ‘no man’s land’ vs. ‘no person’s land.’
    And oh BTW, instead of deliberately provoking Social Justice protesters into violence, for obvious political gain by the Autocrat in Chief, wouldn’t it be better to nurture and shape the movement, and bring them into the American community?
    Best, Mike.

      • This time Mike has a point. Thank goodness no mention of climate change this time. His very last sentence…
        …”wouldn’t it be better to nurture and shape the movement, and bring them into the American community?”

        What’s the old country saying…You catch more flies with honey than vinegar? If Trump would stop fighting, maybe the rest of us would too. You get what you give. He is the opposite of a nurturer. That is what we need right now. I really hate to say it, because I am not a big fan, but the reason Biden is gaining steam is that he at least has that sweet grandpa image that is heads and tails better than the crazy drunk uncle we have now.

        Image matters. You may nit like his politics, and you can say anything you want about his dealings with his son…but all of that pales in comparison to the corrupt as hell life of Trump. His nieces book will be a doozy. Why did you think they tried to block it? There will be some swarm stuff in this book. I am pretty sure a lot of it has to do with everything I have been trying to tell you guys about for years. This guy has always been a crook. His New York days are littered with some really crooked deals and criminal like behavior. But like all mob bosses, he always had an alibi…or a handout to shut it up. Stay tuned 30 days from now.

      • “he at least has that sweet grandpa image that is heads and tails better than the crazy drunk uncle we have now.”

        HUH….. OTFLMAO….

        I guess it is all in how you see it.. to me he has the Lecherous old man. . or bad grandpa image that pops in my mind…
        Holding the Ukarine hostage for two billion because his kid gets in cahoots with ole chainsaw and brag about it so ole chainsaw can get what he wants from them….

      • I have lived in Washington state all of my life, hence the name. I was born in Seattle, but now I am ashamed to admit it because of the political atmosphere there. George, unless you still live here, it’s hard to imagine that it’s the same place that you once called home, as you are probably aware. These so called leaders that we have here are a mockery of the word. We have a village idiot for a governor, a spineless coward for an attorney general, and several iterations of homosexuals for mayor of Seattle, which has unfortunately pushed the city into the crapper. The state is ran by democrats, and has been for the most part let the infrastructure has fallen apart due to a lack of maintenance. What repairs that are made are band aids that is due to a failure or near miss of something. And no, I don’t care that homosexuals are in charge of Seattle, it’s that the ones that we have had that aren’t doing the job. One was a pervert, and the current joke thinks that if people loot down town and then take over an area, that it’s a street party or the summer of love. Nothing could be further from the truth. The local media is just as bad by showing these so called protestors as wonderful, principled, and well mannered, etc. The state has become as big a joke as other states where democrats are running (ruining) the show. The whole left coast is a prime example of that. Fortunately, when you get away from the urban areas where the socialist/communist types live, and the news media lies, the political arena changes dramatically to what I would call more normal thinking. Unfortunately, as our elections show, we are outnumbered by the left leaning democrats, etc. I have been reading Georges writing since his Death By Dotcoms days, and find his writings, and the comment by most readers to be interesting and thoughtful. Some however, seem to like to stir the pot with their comments. Mike, you come to mind. And while I firmly believe that everybody is entitled to an opinion, I fail to see what yours is other than riling everybody. Oh well. These “Social Justice protestors” as you call them aren’t out there causing mayhem because they want to be “nurtured”, as you say, they are looting and burning because they are being useful idiots, and our so called msm is making them out to be something that they aren’t. Mark, the reason that I am writing this is I can’t just read your comments without responding any more. Your almost daily diatribes against Trump are boring and infantile. Is he perfect? Not by a long shot. But, he’s not a politician and that makes him better than all of his opponents on both sides of the isle. Joe Biden is the poster child of whats wrong with most of the democrats and politicians in this country. Crooked and corrupt doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of their evils. To say, despite what little we the people know, that he is heads and tails better then Trump because of his “sweet grandpa image” shows me that your not doing your homework about leaders. Loob brought up just a few of the many good points about his so called character. As a side note, since the so called pandemic, we haven’t heard anything about the homeless/drug abusers/mental health issues people that had taken over the streets and parks of our urban areas. This is another issue that the democrats in this state have ignored or made much worse by their inaction’s. Did this problem just magically go away or what? Mark, please don’t waste my time telling me how wonderful the bay area or California is in general, we see the results of that wonderfulness in the Puget Sound area (California wannabe) all of the time and it sucks. And I’m not picking on you, because you have had some real interesting comments when it’s not a political rant, keep them coming. I’m sorry that this is so long, but after all of these years of just reading comments, I had to through my two cents worth in.

      • I am honored to have such a long-time 20+year reader. Thank you and you’re welcome to “fire at will” in the comments area.
        One can’t think deeply on things for 20-years and not have a great deal of common sense.
        thank you

      • “that sweet grandpa image”

        Did you notice how all of the money laundering claims and investigations of old CJ and his kid vanished .. it was about as prominent as a texas chili fart in the wind.. there and gone buried by the forces that are suppose to be looking out for our safety and well being…As with most issues that deal with the upper crust of our leaders and men of power.. we will never know for sure. I think like most laws if it had been anyone with less status and influence the outcome would have been way different. What surprises me is you don’t even have to have any education at all to see it all stinks.
        The only thing this administration has to do now is make th ed noodle float for six more months. Let them buy the outcome that we all know is going to happen.

    • Do you really believe the democratic governors have handled this any better? I agree Trump is an awful leader. He is someone you send out to argue a point when they don’t care about their reputation, but a leader of a country, who can rally us to work together he is not. I recall early in the infection spread, people for the D admin in New York advised people not to cancel festivals and concerts, one of the key reasons NY was hit so hard. All the current D leaders allowing their cities to be burned and their history erased? I think the only time in recent memory where less Federal money was spent vs income was during a Clinton administration, when Newt ran the house and refused to grow spending. I honestly don’t think the Feds can do much in a pandemic unless the president asks for and gets war powers. The president does not and should not have that much power over the states and citizens. His problem was and seems to continue to be a complete focus on the stock market value and everything else be damned. No one of either party could create a simple message of self protection. The economy would have tanked under anyone, either from closures as occurred, or people dying, or people self isolating, the result would have been the same. You recall when Trump blocked travel from China, his political opponents immediately screamed racism against people of Chinese decent, ridiculous, but that is where we are as a people violently split in our visions for the future. If one side thinks something should be done the other side believes it is evil and has no merit. There can be no discussions.

      I cannot recall any president be so vilified from day 1 where people today actually believe Trumps actively wants to harm minorities when there is no evidence in his history that he some hate in his heart. A disagreement with how to help communities, or even if Feds should help, is not evidence of a racist intent.

      • Why is the comparison with Democrat Governors? Republican Governors are not faring well either. Look at Texas…back to SIP again. Florida soon to follow as COVID cases shoot through the roof. These are two of the largest stars in the country…

        New York‘S numbers are waaaay down due to good case management. … To be fair, California’s numbers are up with a Democrat Gov. But a lot of that is from Increased travel and trade with the rest of the world. It’s hard to shut down the worlds 5th largest economy. It’s a tough balance. The nation needs us to perform. We represent nearly 30% of the nations GDP

    • Antifa and BLM are not social justice protesters and they cannot be brought into the American community. Their leaders are self-proclaimed MARXISTS who don’t give a whit about black lives or social justice. What they claim to be agitating for has nothing to do with their true goals.What we’re seeing is the beginning of a well-financed, full-blown Bolshevik revolution that’s been planned for decades. Their list of steps in taking down the U.S. includes all the crazy things that have been going on, such as dumbing down the people through bad education, gender confusion, racial division, propagandized media, rewriting history, toppling statues, suppression of religion, et. al. And as in Bolshevik Revolution I in Russia, it was anticipated years ago by Bill Ayers (Obama’s mentor) that 25% of our population would be re-education camp failures and would have to be killed. We’re about to become the USSA unless there’s a counter-revolution.

      • “What we’re seeing is the beginning of a well-financed, full-blown Bolshevik revolution that’s been planned for decades.”

        Thank you, for having your eyes open.

    • Mike you’re a liberal to the bone. Only a liberal could spin the facts like you just did. Pelosi and Schumer would be proud of you.

  8. Something that has been around, but should be remembered.

    “Live BOLDLY even if you are surrounded by cowards and critics.”
    Khrushchev’s Message 61 years ago:

    THIS WAS HIS ENTIRE QUOTE: A sobering reminder. Almost exactly sixty years ago since Russia’s Khrushchev delivered hisDo you remember September 29, 1959? THIS WASHIS

    “Your children’s children will live under communism, You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright; but we will keep feeding you small doses of
    socialism until you will finally wake up and find you already have Communism. We will not have to fight you; We will so weaken your economy, until you will fall like
    overripe fruit into our hands.” “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”

    Remember, socialism leads to Communism. So,how do you create a Socialistic State?

    There are 8 levels of control; read the following recipe:

    1) Healthcare – Control healthcare and you control the people.

    2) Poverty – Increase the poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them.

    3) Debt – Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this willproduce more poverty.

    4) Gun Control – Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government That way you are able to create a police state.

    5) Welfare – Take control of every aspect (food, housing, income) of their lives because that will make them fully dependent on the government.

    6) Education – Take control of what people read and listen to and take control of what children learn in school.

    7) Religion – Remove the belief in God from the Government and schools because the people need to believe in ONLY the governmentknowing what is best for the people.

    8) Class Warfare – Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. Eliminate the middle class This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to tax the wealthy with
    the support of the poor

  9. Speaking of ‘Irwin Allen Economics’… did you see the report where the base of the Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze river has slid out 30 feet in the floods they are having? The mighty Yangtze looks about ready to give China the ‘Royal Flush’. First target downstream is Wuhan. Nature cleanses… IF (when?) the dam breaks, it will be a global economic disaster, not just China. And of course the CCP remains mum on this subject.

  10. I believe “Ooooommm” carries a lot more juice than Aum.
    ref. David R Hawkins MD, PhD “The Eye of the I”, appendices B, C, D

  11. SO.. . . A fairly serious question…
    We seen toilet paper explode to new dizzying heights…
    Beef is looking as if it’s the next one..

    IF…. we go through the 1929 scenario do you a anticipate prices of goods to follow those of Zimbabwe or Argentina…?

    A cup of coffee there was the price of two.months wages.. a one pound loaf of bread in Zimbabwe around ten million.

    We already know that without China and their industrial complex we are royally screwed.. it will take the USA several years to retool and train..

    • “do you a anticipate prices of goods to follow those of Zimbabwe or Argentina…?”

      Based on the direction we’re going — yes.

      I would much rather see a deflationary depression than an inflationary depression, because in the latter, the kid with the most toys actually does win, and the rest of us push wheelbarrows full of worthless scrip, to buy a loaf of bread. In ’34, my Dad made $13/wk, but petrol was 12.4¢ per gallon and a matinee ticket or loaf of bread was a nickel, so his paltry salary equaled 260 loaves of bread per week — about $650 after tax in today’s money. Definitely not enough bread for a suite at the Waldorf, but with house rent at $12/mo, enough to survive and start a family.

      ‘Member what I posted in 2016 — that Trump said, ONLY ONCE, that we have a crisis and the only ways out would be either hyperinflation or repudiation. The political advantages lie with hyperinflation, because it enables the government to pay pensioners and Social Insecurity recipients every dollar their retirement programs guarantee them — worthless bucks, but this technically fulfills program obligations, and if the gummint can fudge inflation numbers as they did under Obama, they can win the Ponzi game by denying pensioners COL adjustments until they die off. Hyperinflating the currency also lessens, slightly, the odds that China will get so PO’d they nuke us…

  12. ““People of color won’t be required to wear masks…”

    I put it to you that ‘kinda pinkish’ is a color.

    “How many people did old Joe Stalin put to death in the Soviet gun-point collectivization…?”

    The greatest cause of death in the 20th century, not counting the “piddling small change” numbers of combat in actual wars, was peoples own governments.

    See ‘Genocide’ on Wikipedia & do the math.

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