MMT: Marxist Monetary Treachery

If stock market behavior, of late, hasn’t “hung together” for you, we have the answer!  A very short – and pithy (as in “I’m pithed”) at the academic crookery involved in selling the scam called “Modern Monetary Theory” to the witless and stupid that comprise 80% of Americans.

But, before we go into the fact-free zone of economics (where MMT thrives), let’s do the ChartPack and a few headlines to set the table.

Then we’ll lay out the MMT scam.

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59 thoughts on “MMT: Marxist Monetary Treachery”

  1. “the results clearly showed some incumbents in serious trouble and major trends shaking both parties right now.”

    I personally hope that all the incumbents are shoved out of office.. in my humble opinion.. to get a congress to start working for the people again.. they all have to be fired.. and not just this election but with all of them..
    so far Congress members feel it doesn’t matter they still will have their jobs.. fire them all.. let them know a job on the hill isn’t a life long right.. but a privilege to serve the people of their states.. our state senator was giving a talk on the hill.. before congress.. the funny thing was they made the mistake of showing the floor of congress.. he was it.. talking to an empty room..and a couple of news reporters..

    • Hey george what are the age groups for the latest surge in rona positives in los angeles county today ???? Protester age or there family’s ?

      • Due to cyber liability, I leave all credit card info in hands of a third party – paypal.
        If there’s a breach, they have the problem less so than me.

    • Hey I tried to sign up for a subscription a couple of years ago and your site wouldn’t take my card then sent you a email and no response

    • @ looking out of the box

      Getting rid of the Lobbyist first and their money they GIVE to all politicians….except Ron Paul (retired)…second…take them all off of TV…C span helps them to claim they are doing the peoples work…they are ONLY working for themselves and their POWER……….third..get rid of ALL committees…and all bills are ONE item only and debated on the floor of each house and Senate will ALL elected politicians in attendance…no one person able to stop any legislation….Clean Bills One Item at a time….just starters……..

  2. “And more reasons to stay home as “Travelers are hiding their coronavirus infections—and airlines can do little about it.”

    Absolutely they will.. IF.. the insurance industry has finally decided this is a man made virus and won’t cover the costs associated with it.. then the average wage earner will avoid going to be checked out.. because the vast majority of wage earners are not offered health insurance to the laboring class.. towards the end of my work life.. they had eliminated everyone but just the executives.. one place I worked it was offered to the full time employees the rest didn’t get the offer.. hmm since five percent were full time the rest not..
    NOW on the side of the insurance companies.. the costs would be astronomical.. since we already have a thirty percent uninsured..those costs along with the costs to those with insurance would be passed on..rates would scared everyone.. the same with the riots.. Hmm.. they will bankrupt the insurance industry.. like slot machines at a casino.. the house doesn’t make money if they all pay out at the same time..
    what do I see coming.. Stick your head in the sand and pretend it isn’t here.. then when it all crumbles we will see healthcare reform big time..
    silly question.. what was the results of Canada going large and in charge…was it successful in comparison….its tough to get news out of canada.. very few papers in the paperboy or newseum site..

    • “Kelton’s book “The Deficit Myth” ($19 even on Kindle)”

      I haven’t read that one.. dam.. I will get it on audible right away..

      • She is charming and witty. And left.
        The book doesn’t come right out and say “If you like sound money, we’re coming to scam you” but that is my assessment of MMT. Sounds great until you’re the one getting scalped.

    • “And more reasons to stay home as “Travelers are hiding their coronavirus infections—and airlines can do little about it.”

      Hawaii is working on a plan to require passengers coming to Hawaii to get a COVID test within 72 hours of boarding. Quick results given to airline, and it is the airline responsibility to ensure passengers are tested and screened before boarding. Alaska has a similar plan in place now. This would eliminate the mandatory 14 day quarantine for incoming passengers that Hawaii has now, if the passengers could show a negative test within 72 hours of departure.

  3. OK, George, suppose your analysis is correct. You have your “lone gold coin”, tools, food, skills, etc. but what is left to store value that is also portable? Are there countries where MMT does not apply? Paper instruments that represent real assets in safe places? As a retiree living on Social Security and bond interest, what choices do you see as the bonds mature or are called?

      • George et al.: I understand different priorities. I really like Florida but between the hurricanes and people and local government with no respect at all for covid, I’m not wedded to the place. So far my only attempt to work around MMT has been putting some bond proceeds into GLD, IAU, some miners, and some off-site coins. Rental housing (but probably not here) and stocks would make some sense, but not purchased at current levels. Your readers are both smarter than the average bear (pun intended) and tend to have broader views. Ideas from anyone would be welcome. Panamanian teak plantations? Chinese yuan? I’d look at anything.

      • At the age of most of us, I’d be looking for “investments you CAN take with you.”
        Great memories of great [everything you like or are attracted to…]
        Better than investments for a lifetime are investments for an Eternity.
        Suitcase between the ears.

    • “Are there countries where MMT does not apply?”

      North Korea, Syria, and I believe, Iran. Libya was (monetarily speaking) the biggest holdout, until we successfully arranged the assassination of Muammar al-Qaddafi (another George Soros / Vichy Nuland op BTW, as were the neighboring “civil wars” in Egypt and Sudan.)

      By the bye, if anyone is interested in where OUR future lies, all they have to do is read the minutia of any of these “wars.” Soros had a hand in all, and it doesn’t take much time to figure out his script, then apply it to the social climate in the United States and Great Britain (das right, islanders, you’re on the hit list, too — like I said, y’all should’ve tunneled that bâtard after he broke the Bank of England) to see what page we’re on…

      You won’t like the answer.

    • Wow haven’t been to see you since my last post since you started forwarding me e mails but decided to send you a email today after I sent I started thinking about our quake today (so cal) and the one in mexico and your burnies !!! clicked back on and saw the lower storie with the pre earthquake burn ??

  4. “Put yourself in China’s shoes – or one of the G20 countries.
    Where would you invest? In U.S. bonds if the underlying “currency” was going to pay but have no purchasing power left?
    Is there some Bigger Game, not seen down here on the set pieces on the board?”

    HMM.. my thoughts on it..'s%20central%20bank%20buys%20excess,keep%20the%20dollar%20rate%20higher.&text=China%20puts%20its%20trillions%20of,can%20keep%20buying%20China's%20goods.

    I call it a .. PUMP AND DUMP…. the federal reserve is forced to print more.. by not going large and in charge they kept the velocity of money moving.. the velocity of numbers and its compounding … china owns us for manufacturing.. then of course.. the sword is double edged because they are dependent on our velocity of cash.. a lesson for both sides..
    But.. we have to play the game now.. the USA is crippled.. printing just to be printing.. they didn’t do a thing for the people just took care of the really important people.. want to turn a few riots into a massive internal war…
    DUMP the Bonds… the dollar implodes from its own greed..

    Hmm.. could it be a possibility.. we have no other choice but to print print print.. generate numbers..
    then wham.. I had a shock yesterday.. I picked up just a few items.. some fresh fruit and some sandwich meat.. bun’s.. the cost just shy a hundred dollars.. and I didn’t get anything at comparison to what I normally buy.. that was just a couple of meals..

    think about it..

    • My wife and I are addicted to travel: 70+ countries, 7 continents. Going cold turkey at the moment. Udemy, Great Courses, Kindle, and streaming documentaries are a poor substitute. Can’t even visit the grand kids in Sweden even if we are willing to take the risk of flying. (The county they live in has zero cases although the country as a whole is far worse than the USA.) The EU (and most of the rest of the world) is banning those American vectors at the moment. Didn’t have to be this way. I can’t believe how stupid we (collectively) are about both MMT and covid. I feel “safe at home” and can take local bike rides to avoid cabin fever — but the anger surges every time I watch the news or have to visit a store where the majority of customers are trying to kill me i.e. aren’t wearing masks.

      • I am Jealous MarkR…. during my life I have dreamed about visiting a few places.. unfortunately my life was dedicated to the companies I worked for and I never made any trips anywhere..
        the kids do a little globe trotting to go diving in exotic ports..or go hunting.. but not the old man..I am sociable but not a very social travels all revolve around my reading..
        I have been attempting to get a stick from every country.. ( I make pens out of them) and a photo of the tree’s that the stick came from.. ( I tried to get a hunk of the ship in turkey that they think is Noah’s ark to but never did there is only a small portion of the wood in the USA..( seriously how many could say hey this pen is from a ship that they found in turkey that they think is noahs ark LOL) the big issue is it is hard really hard to get a stick from every country.. a lot harder than I ever thought it could possibly be..
        Save Travels my friend.. enjoy the scenery.. post pictures so that those of us that will never touch ground in a foreign country can enjoy the beauty that you see…

  5. The choice seems to be MMT or crushing taxation. “I’ll take MMT for $1000.00, Alex.”

    • But you know the depreciation of the money will have to equal the tax cost equivalent, right?
      (since a) everything is a business model and b) there is STILL no free lunch…

  6. Spot on this mourning Chief – Spot On…

    Driving that Fed train
    High on cocaine
    Jerome Powel youd better
    watch Ure speed
    Trouble ahead
    Trouble behind
    U know Inflation
    Cant be far behind

    Trouble ahead
    The Economy in Red
    Take my advice
    Youd be better off dead
    Switchmans’ sleeping in
    Fed train hundred and two
    Is on the WRONG track and
    and headed for U

    Trouble with U is
    The trouble with me
    Got two good eyes
    but we still dont see
    Come round the bend
    you know its the end
    The Fireman(G2) screams and
    The engine just GLEAMS.

    “knee high by the 4th of July” see Chuck Grasserly post from 6/22/20 regards the #14 & 28 ? – look up Q posts #14 & 28 – and remember as U distill the info that it was POSTED in 2017 !!!! “future proves past”

    “Toto, Ive a feeling were not in Kansas anymore”…

    Got Fireworkx?

  7. I was watching the latest interview with Alesdair Macleod yesterday (someone I’d give anything if YOU would interview, George) and he had a couple of interesting things to say. One is that he expects a banking crisis or significant bank failure sometime this Summer. The other was his view on Bitcoin and other cryptos. He was saying, paraphrasing, “once the US$ goes away what are you going to value BC in? Gold? There is nothing out there to place any kind of value on it. It will fail just like any other fiat currency.” Gold valued against a failed US$ will be infinite in terms of the dollar and the same will apply to any crypto as well.

  8. I have been screaming at my PC and TV when these conversations come up… “Is there a charge of inequality inside Amazon? If so, let’s hear about THAT.”

    Exactly, present the incident and data around the inequity. Lets fight that together. Just saying its endemic racism, does help us target anything and only serves to continue to separate us into different groups at odds with each other (the point of the leaders).

    I am sick of folks claiming racism but producing no real data. Sure I see lots of data presenting different outcomes, but very little data showing racism was the root cause, vs just personal or family decisions.

    Has always been the case and always will be the case of different starting points and different outcomes for people. Starting out poor and uneducated, any race, you will have a more difficult time pulling yourself up. But that is not racism. That is generally from the decisions and efforts the previous generation put into improving their situation and instilling that mindset to their offspring.

      • that contract has been breached. i, like lots of other kids, grew up with the belief that in return for education, hard work, experience and perseverance that one could get ahead. it’s the great american myth. people are getting second and third jobs. economic mobility in the US is far below that of most other industrialized nations other than the UK. no, the US is not a meritocracy.

        imagine being born a minority to a poor inner city family. i’m lucky. I was born white to a middle class family. it is still impossible to swim a lap, just treading water. the only way to win the game now is not to sit down at the table. in other countries it is much easier to be middle class.

      • Phew..rarely do I disagree with you George.. but theres a lot more to that position.
        During my work life Theres very very few that could physically tread the daily hours of hard labor I did.Or would have done some of the disgusting jobs I have had to do.
        There are very few that would sacrifice their personal lives for their employers needs..
        What’s missing is influence from others and opportunity, and the ability to seize the opportunity when it crosses your path.
        The average laborer is usually offered a position acording to market value.
        Which is usually determined by the Maslow hierarchy of needs theory.
        A person walking in for an interview that shows a wage history of twenty dollars an hour will not be offered a position at thirty dollars an hour .. they may go 25 just so their position looks more promising.
        With the reduction of benefit packages in the.last thirty years and the fact that wages have not kept up with the Inflation rates, just place more expense on the average wage earner.
        Now just like one company i worked for.. if dad was a friend of the boss or you were a realative the chances of having a promising future was good.
        There are things a wage earner can do. Any bonuses put it in bonds or some growth fund. Zero growth bonds savings bonds etc.
        Unfortunately with one in two employees dependent on social programs for their daily survival.. our smart people at the to set the country up for change to a society based on socialism.
        My average work week was a hundred hours plus .. I have never had a vacation, a day of vacation was an eight hour work day, I missed all the important events of my children, by working day and night seven days a life was all based with my employers needs in first place. My alarm clock was an egg timer..
        In the end medical expenses took what little I had..
        I should have utilized the social programs like everyone else, instead I wanted to do it on my own. Because in the end what I thought was important had no importance at all.
        It’s not what you know but who you know..

      • I think you skipped a point here. So let me back up.
        The reason Ure (hisself) had to get his own intellectual skills was because of asthma and eczema I could not compete in “the usual” ways.
        Unable to take gym do to severe asthma attacks, I had to sit that out. The spare time was devoted to study – one which I enjuoyed and came to prosper greatly throughout life from. I was typically working 30+ hours a week while in high school, or example.
        My point is aboutr hard work. Everyone needs instead of putting on the victim hat, learn to look at Life more like Golf. I wok up this morning with this situation (the lie, in golf terms) and so my best “way to play today” would be (thus and so).
        Know how many of the namby-pambies wake up, do a cold, harsh assessment and then tee-off for another 100% round pressing in a direction of their dreams and prosperity>
        Which is why we live in the land of the cowards, home of the controlled now. Strong as mobs – at least they still have mobs, right?

      • “in other countries it is much easier to be middle class.”

        Organic gardener. I have a cute story..a refugee f ru on Africa came to work where I did.. he was granted a free education at the college.. anyway it was my job to show him the ropes.. the third day working.. where did he go.. I am looking for him .heck I was the only one working. So I go looking for him..hes at the nurses station just standing inquiring minds want to know.. I ask..what are you doing..his response was.. in africa the more you do the more you get paid.. in the USA it looks as if the less you do the more you get paid.
        I had to chuckle and said.. you have to have a piece of paper in the wall first.
        He got his education and is now a physical therapist.

      • “Everyone needs instead of putting on the victim hat, learn to look at Life more like Golf. ”

        I agree with that.. I have known people that play the victim.. a very good friend of mine always thought that the guy next door was so much better off.. heck at one point in time I thought the same thing about a gentleman.. then he came and applied for my job.. LOL I looked at his application.. he was making a dollar less than myself..the company he worked for just had a few more benefits.. those you see are in the same boat all of us are.. they are just playing the game a little different..

        what I was referring to is the unknown events that we have no control over that pops up in everyones life.. as you know.. I have read a page or two more than the average.. but I couldn’t ever afford the paper.. real life hit me upside and a few of the unknown events took me down the road I am at.. I don’t feel its anything that could have been avoided.. just an event that couldn’t be controlled..
        I also think you are right in the fact that.. there aren’t very many people that would travel or put as much time in working for their employers for.. heck the employers aren’t dedicated to their employee’s well beings anymore.. they are interested in the bottom line profit.. so seriously why should they be.. I use to have part time jobs that wanted my full attention.. I gave the if you want my full attention then offer me a full time job.. I put in for a part time greeter position at the local walmart.. I turned it down.. they wanted more hours than what I will provide.. what would it save us.. the money wouldn’t be from the wage.. but what we would save .. I to plan for the future but play the game as it lies.. ( I know about those lung issues.. I don’t have asthma but by god I have allergies that will drive me crazy)
        the two tier wage control is what really gets the people at the bottom.. if I had a piece of paper.. wages are this without it wages are that..
        would I live my life different.. I don’t think so.. because the events of my life gave me insight into different area’s that I would have never looked at.. it builds integrity and determination.. because of the events that have happened in my life.. I have learned to do many things that most people don’t know or would think about doing..
        the kids last weekend asked me what I thought.. I said now is the time for you to restock .. take it or leave it.. but if you want my opinion restock the worst is yet to come..

      • “sucking it up”

        OTFLMAO.. I love this one.. my granddaughters future husband was working for the city.. the dogs in town have this one area where they all like to leave their droppings.. I call it the mine field….watch your step.. or your in it LOL…
        well he was bitching and moaning about mowing the area.. I said.. well you better suck it up butter cup.. .. you could have had a real disgusting job of steam cleaning blood tanks that traveled across the USA southwest.. ( god I can smell it just thinking about it.. the pile of maggots.. yuk..) then I said to him.. I thought you was going to become a farmer take over the family farm.. well everyone knows that a good farmer knows his Sizt LOL LOL LOL
        so I tease him now.. needless to say he didn’t like me to much.. the highway maintenance men complain the same about truckers leaving liquid in old pop bottle and tossing them out to ferment in the ditches. LOL LOL LOL they explode like hand grenades LOL LOL LOL..
        I travel with these in the car.. best thing you can get..

        when I take the grand kids to the park.. ( the parks rest rooms are always locked..) I have a pop up privacy tent and a travel toilet.. the tent and the toilet all fit in a small pack.. then the children being potty trained can go.. line it with paper towels in a ziplock in the trash..

  9. I went into my very local federal credit union(our only Bank in 40 mile radius) before the shutdown. I thought I would educate the employee’s about how the Fed creates money.
    Pretty stupified experience. Incredulous faces, they thought
    I was from Mars, how dare I lecture them? Oh well who cares
    if your future is doomed to Devaluate before your blinded eyes! My homeschooled children received their Reaganomics and Tricky Dicks monopoly chicanery version and let’s not forget Slick Willy’s marked deck version of double dealing,from good ole Dad. Can’t say I didn’t try.

    • “Reaganomics”

      On Ronald Reagan’s side.. I truly think he believed that the industrialists during his administration were similar to the industrialists during his youth.
      My father worked for one of them..took care of those that worked for him. My mother never paid more than 200 a year for medical. He knew all of my siblings and myself.
      So I believe ronald really believed trickle down would do more than leave a wet spot on your pant leg.
      Employers that believe in those ethics rarely have to hire.. from what I have read our president is that kind of employer. He may be vain and a narcissist belligerent and bull headed but when it comes to those that he employ he’s on their side an old school employer

      • Most inequality in American business can be traced back to medical economics. Oldsters and females of child-bearing age are always targeted. Groups with lifestyles which invite chronic medical intervention take it in the end seasonally. Families with a chronic health problem are targeted. Watch and see what happens with families of Covid-19 victims.

        Obamacare was a failed attempt at leveling the playing field. Where Obamacare failed was that instead of simply providing the best basic coverage at the lowest drive-out price, Obamacare incorporated a progressive tax in its rate structure, and allowed the medical industry to profiteer on fringe medical treatments. In short, Obamacare is a progressive looting scheme, not a viable healthcare solution.
        Until the Great Diverse Entities (who replaced the Great White Fathers) in Washington fix the mess THEY made with basic healthcare insurance, there will be no semblance of equality in American business.

      • “Watch and see what happens with families of Covid-19 victims.”

        Boy do I agree N______ I was taken to the cleaners a long time ago.. during the days when employees were offered as benefits health insurance partially covered by their employers as a benefit.. I had insurance.. the kid decided to go tree climbing.. fell almost forty feet.. what almost killed him also saved his life.. he was impaled on a branch on his way down sticking a branch through his torso going through the space between his lung and heart.. a surgeon had to be flown in with his surgical team to treat him.. he was in serious shape and the bills were in the area of a half mil.. what was funny is my boss was playing the stock market .. and was taking the money that the employees were paying in for it and investing it in stocks and commodities.. we didn’t have any insurance..
        It totally destroyed me .. even today it holds me hostage.. I use to have a bill that they would send out.. and on one of the bills it says if your check is in the mail please disregard this notice LOL LOL.. yup half mil with a three dollar an hour income LOL LOL LOL…the boss lost everything playing the stock market.. his whole lively hood.. at the end the Pay checks weren’t worth anything either.. I pulled strings to get supplies for him.. the check that he paid for it with.. bounced.. I lost a friend over it.. Not a good time..
        if you have kids.. they catch everything in school.. its the viruses best spot to spread..

      • “Obamacare was a failed attempt at leveling the playing field.”

        I attempted to read that bill N____ it was a joke..I think the only thing it was written to do is to help a few larger companies blast off into the stratosphere.. sink the smaller companies..
        after deregulation that gave the companies the right to control your health and well being..
        what needed to be done is let the laws stand as they were.. except..
        Make it illegal to discriminate against anyone from buying a health plan.. you want to buy policy A then you can..
        make it illegal to price gouge.. why should consumer A pay one price and consumer B another price and consumer C can’t get it at any price..
        Open the borders.. Heck pharmaceuticals are hundreds and thousands of percent cheaper outside the usa.. one medication I was on.. was 1250.00 in the USA at the local pharmacy.. I could get the same medication with a doctors consult etc added for under two hundred a month and if I wanted generic.. heck that was under a hundred dollars.. most of the fee’s were the major costs.. from Canada.. the daughter had to get a script.. the cost was three hundred for a five day supply of this antibiotic.. the pharmacy in canada gave it to us and the cost of the consult and shipping was all they charged.. now you cannot get those medications from canada because congress closed a few loopholes that allowed you to get them.. they use to have a pharmacy in our area that you would take your perscriptions into they in turn would fax it to canada.. they had to close..
        so OPEN the borders.. each area has companies that can offer plans etc.. yet what is available in sector one is not available in sector two.. so a plan offered in texas should be available in New York..
        there are some really good insurance companies overseas open the borders.. our medications and everything else is imported give lloyds of London a chance..
        that is all that had to be done.. for indigent there is and always has been medical services that the community pay for.. instead they cornered the market and force everyone to pay outlandish policy prices.. ( we pay just shy eighteen grand a year for one person with a 7500.00 deductible and we cannot go outside out community. all because she had issues almost thirty five years ago) I am terrified at what they would charge for me.. I have the serious crap going on.. but before obamacare.. she couldn’t get a policy at all.. anywhere.. if you have pimples you can’t get a policy back then.. unless a company put a waiver for any of the diseases associated with that condition..

  10. “Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543), was the first astronomer to formulate the theory that the Earth was one of several planets revolving around the Sun. Before that declaration, it was believed that the Earth – not the Sun – was the center of the universe. This defining epiphany, now referred to as The Copernican Shift or Copernican Revolution, began the Scientific Revolution and radically impacted beliefs in science, astronomy, and even religion.”

    One of the first “big boy” books I ever read was the “Flammarion Book of Astronomy,” followed shortly thereafter by Copernicus’ and Galileo’s astro-treatises. Nick was NOT EVEN CLOSE to the first astronomer to formulate the Sun-centric theory of our solar system. He was merely the first to formulate it during the reign of the Holy Roman Church, and be allowed to live.

    As for Flammarion, dude had very interesting opinions regarding planetary colonization, space travel, and the Afterlife:

    • But surely, you can fault an iconic female economistic center of bernies Universe with missing Flammarion? Why the thought…it might open the doors to what else she (and colleagues)_ trash_ namely the value in real life exchange of currency and how that relates to goods prices and inflation… see it, now?

      • You realize I wackypedia’d “Copernican Shift” because I’d never heard the term before, right?

        The noteworthiness of Copernicus’ Sol-centric celestial view wasn’t that he made it, but that the PTB allowed him to live, albeit in relative shame, after he made it.

        Taken in context, it sounds to me like the lady is relying on propaganda techniques to make her point, rather than either empirical or scientific-method based evidence.

    • “One of the first “big boy” books I ever read was the “Flammarion Book of Astronomy,”

      Dam… I havent read that one either..
      Another one added to the to read list…

      • LOOB, look him up through that wackypedia link I posted — Great 19th Century Astronomer, birthed the French Astronominonical(sic) Society, has had POIs on both the Moon and Mars named after him, as well as various heavenly bodies. He was an early proponent of the theory of life on Mars, a Christian who believed in both reincarnation and the sanctity of the human soul, OOB or “free soul” transiting of time & space — Just a bunch of stuff that fed 20th Century science fiction, and some of which is becoming fact.

        Just be careful, that damn’ book was nearly as big as I…

  11. One common element of MMT supporters is their seemingly incredible belief that “they can make it different.”

    We see this with ALL social, economic, and political theories. The obvious reason Marxism hasn’t worked yet is “Marx was wrong” (about HIS theories), and the current crop of commies, being much smarter than those who came before, will, of course, make it work, once they assume power.

    Our Founding Fathers came up with the most-perfect sociopolitical, economic model ever created by Mankind. Man, being a creature that’s consumed by its own egotism, didn’t wait long before they began to jack with the system, and rarely (or never) built an exit strategy for when a seemingly great idea turned out to be, in actuality and after execution, a really bad idea.

    • Setting the ENTIRE world on fire would be different, Ray. Is there anything in the leftist street action this season that doesn’t appear to support that end goal?

      • Not really.

        I haven’t yet found enough evidence to formulate an opinion about whether this is happening now because Soros is not gonna live much longer and wants to see He11 on Earth before he dies, or because Trump is tearing down the playhouse so quickly they fear he’ll erase all of the bastardizations they’ve made to society over the past 120 years.

        As of right now, those are my two dominant theories…

    • @ Ray
      The exit plan was tried by the Southern States….it failed…UNFORTUNATELY…and here we are today…..with a central government trying to enslave a free people within a POLICE STATE….might the exit plan this time …work…time will tell…….

      • Not what I mean…

        The single biggest problem with our governmental function is: A Legislature passes a Law, and that Law is “forever.” Whether it is Congress, or Albany, or Trenton, or Frankfort, or Sacramento, the fools pass many more “bad laws” than they do, “good laws,” THEN when a Law is discovered to be bad, they pile on amendments, supplementaries, regulations, and so on, to try to make it better, rather than pitching the crap legislation and writing something good.

        The second biggest problem is sometime in antiquity, some damnfool called legislators “lawmakers” and the term stuck. Ever since, legislators seem to feel compelled to “make new laws” every chance they get. They do so based on emotion rather than need, and author garbage legislation that’s generalized to the point it can’t be enforced, intentionally obfuscated to allow a Congresscreature to disavow any accusation directed toward them at campaign-time, and poorly-written, with no thought toward either reality or the Law of Unintended Consequences.

        I sent George an E-Mail many years ago, detailing how to fix most of the stuff in our society that’s broken — especially D.C. The following is an excerpt (from memory) of that E-Mail:

        My solution for this entire flaming pile is to:

        1) Require EVERY bill to be not-longer in length than the Constitution,

        2) Be posted in-full on every news portal, for a minimum of 30 days, for public consumption and comment, and

        3) A SUNSET CLAUSE which would erase every piece of legislation, 10 years after it is signed into Law.

        Then a requirement that every existing piece of legislation on the books, be revisited by Congress, and re-voted upon, and that the sunset clause would then apply to THEM, as well.

        If the Legislators want to be Lawmakers, this would give them the opportunity to do so for many years to come, whilst seriously limiting the amount of damage they could do…

      • Amen! 5-year sunset laws for everything – and then legislative groups must hold hearing and reapprove.;l

        Hallelujah!@ Gives ’em something useful to do and the default is more freedom!

      • We shouldn’t wish to abandon the best sociopolitical, economic system ever created by Man, for if we do, whatever comes next is certain to be less, in every metric. 160 years ago the South was wrong, for peeling off from the Union, but the Union was wrong for trying to force the South to adopt a socioeconomic model it was incapable of making, work, at that point in time.

        Two wrongs don’t make a right — they make a war…

        I fear our central government far less than I fear the kiddies in the streets. The government may, or may not be acting in our best interest, but it knows what it is doing. I have no issue with shooting someone who’s trying to kill me, but as I explained to a “Bubba” a few hours ago: When a good guy gets violent, he goes to jail; when a bad guy gets violent, he gets lauded, and his violent act, ignored.

        Unless we descend into pure anarchy (in which case, all bets are off), what’s coming is another WOPR moment: “The only way to win is to not play…”

  12. Judging by a quick scan of its contents, the second book seems to miss the point that both non-profit AND for-profit schools have failed to leverage new technology.

    It is impossible to leverage, or even initialize new technology, in a population that so-lacks basic skills and fundamental knowledge that it cannot grasp any part of a technology that’s not compartmentally sliced and “dumbed-down” to the point no one in any compartment can grasp the function or functionality of tech which exists in any other compartment (If’fn you don’t understand what I mean, go visit a fast food joint and glance at the “cash register…”)

  13. “This is all part of a Marxist economic attack on America. Remember, the lefties attacked through the Courts where they made a good bit of progress the last time we went through “revolutionary season (1968). Which, oh – by the way – was one Kondratieff long wave cycle ago: 52-years. See how things fit?”

    THIS is the full-blown attack! John Q Beergut can’t grasp that anyone would dare attack the USofA, let alone, that some anonymous organization would execute a simultaneous, many-pronged attack on our society, economic system, and political systems. As I said a few days back, the next thing will be to begin to rename buildings and streets — the idea being to erase everything that’s historical in nature, so a new history can be fabricated and we, the lemmings, forced to accept it as real. This is also why the attack on “White Jesus.” The Marxists have to kill off Churches, which they’ll do by discrediting Christianity, then outlawing all religion. FWIW, Jesus Christ, and every other Middle Easterner and European, trace their tribal ancestry to the Caucasus region. The ME and MED inhabitants may have more-active melanin than descendants of Druidic and Germanic tribes, but they’re also, genetically Caucasian…

    • “John Q Beergut can’t grasp that anyone would dare attack the USofA,”

      Lol lol lol.. ( being snide here.. a really poor attempt at humor) that’s pure muscle my boy.. a powerful muscle that enables them to sit for long periods of time without tiring…
      The ability to spot a coaches mistake that cost their favorite team a game that should have been won..the agility to me more agile and fast like bruce Lee and undefeated.. good looking and a wiz at dancing more romantic than don Juan..
      Obviously they can’t defeat us..heck we are american men. Born with the vast ability to understand product assembling.. have you ever noticed the ten languages the English..finally pictures for the american men..

  14. “Heterodoxy holds a different view of the so-called ‘economic problem’ of scarce resources and unlimited wants. Wants are largely socially created, and there is nothing natural about humans having ‘unlimited’ wants. While it is true that modern advertising operates to continually expand our desires, this can be countered through education.”

    Look G, they’re just going to finally succeed at creating the “New Soviet Man!” This time is totally different, for real!

  15. Comrades,

    It’s a rather sad testament to the States of the world that “Forbes’ ” recent 200 global wealthiest people has each of the top three richest Chinese valued at $40+ billion apiece. Maybe not Walton money yet, but give it another 5 year plan or two, and who knows, right? Feel free to file this under pravda for the proletariat.

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