Oh Yeah: “Earthquake Tireds”

What was it I said in the column this morning?  Here, let me help:

And I’m pretty-sure I had the “earthquake tireds” last night…so we shall see…In  the Valley Between Eclipses, now.

Why are we NOT surprised at:

Event type:                       Earthquake

Region:                           Oaxaca, Mexico

Geographic coordinates:           16.035N, 95.909W

Magnitude:                       7.4

Depth:                           23 km

Universal Time (UTC):             23 Jun 2020 15:29:06

Time near the Epicenter:         23 Jun 2020 10:29:06

Location with respect to nearby cities:

  • 11.9 km (7.4 mi) SSW of Santa Mar�a Zapotitl�n, Mexico
  • 38.1 km (23.6 mi) NE of Crucecita, Mexico
  • 67.7 km (42.0 mi) ENE of San Pedro Pochutla, Mexico
  • 78.1 km (48.4 mi) WSW of Salina Cruz, Mexico
  • 143.4 km (88.9 mi) SE of Oaxaca, Mexico

This is a computer-generated message and has not yet been reviewed by a seismologist. For subsequent updates, maps, and technical information, see:


If only market turns were as easy to “tune in to….”

Write when shaken,



19 thoughts on “Oh Yeah: “Earthquake Tireds””

  1. I was just going to comment about you saying you had earthquake tired’s and you weren’t far off the mark geographically. You beat me to the punch with another post.

  2. Oh but they are – U just need to block out the noise and kill the Emotions – then it will all be clear..

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  3. “Oh Yeah: “Earthquake Tireds”

    I wonder what Patrick thinks on the earthquakes.. he was right on top of them to..

    • I asked Pat.. he thinks it’s the alignment of Alignment Pluto Jupiter Earth..

  4. yep George is the shaker hound .. seen him pick em for 25 years .. if he tells yah san andreas is warming up get the hell out of there

  5. George,

    Maybe there’s something to this. I’ve never been able to correlate, even anecdotally, how I feel to earthquakes or really anything else. This week has been different. Starting Monday, I have been feeling unusually tired and just plain lousy and I’m still feeling like that today. When I got the USGS alert on my phone about the Mexico quake I immediately thought of your post about the possible ‘earthquake tireds’ this week. Correlation? Maybe…who knows?

    • Try to remember the feeling – and next time it happens, notice what follows.
      Dissect the feeling – hone in on the aspects that most “grab you.”
      Pay super attention when you sense these.
      Mental equiv to hairs on the back of your neck.

      • Will do. This now has my attention. By the way, there was another big aftershock off the Cali coast just a few minutes ago and now I’m finally starting to feel a little more ‘normal’.

      • George,

        Just sayin, not saying.

        You could consider taking some formal remote viewing training.

        Brett Stuart, Ed Dames, a couple of others…..

        In short, you kind of described your methodology that seems to work for you. But you kind of didn’t.

        You could of course purchase Ed’s DVD’s (learnrv.com) and try it yourself. Or you could attend Ed’s course (if and when another will be held. Time is short). Or you could just blow it off entirely.

        You do not have to post this, consider it a personal message.


  6. G, does length of tiredness have any meaning? I have been very tired and weak since Monday.

  7. Jeez we have daily small tremblers here on the Big Island as this mountain settles into the crust. Is that why I’m always tired? I thought it was just ‘Polynesian Paralysis’.

  8. the Quake was strong enough to take down CHOP……gotta love mother nature…and climate change on the west coast…….

  9. Speaking in the vernacular of Darwin…

    What evolutionary value would the ability to sense an imminent earthquake confer?

    Would Ogg and Ugg (cavemen) be more likely to stay near the family cave for a day or two if such things as piezoelectric deep-Earth forces could raise the hackles on the backs of their necks? (Or maybe cause them to want to stay OUT of the cave, which could collapse in on them in a quake…)

    Not all that far-fetched.

    With the “Quake Weakies,” they would survive where the bold ones with no such disquieting malady would be eliminated from the gene pool.

    Just how DO hummingbirds and monarch butterflies do their amazing migrations? They must be able to sense Something that helps them find their way.

    We (you & me) may well have “senses” we don’t know we have.

    • I think (Shortwave Bill) that the reason would be so they would sleep in advance and thus be out of ther sleep mode when the quakes happened and thus not only avoid the possible injuries from a quake but also be ready for the onslaught of lawyers and gypsie home repair people that follow… ;-)

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