In a Life-or-Death situation, here’s a useful tool:  Being able to “tap-in” to almost unlimited energy.  While, at the same time, remaining clear-headed and detached from what’s going on around you.  With this skill you can make clear-headed decisions with some immunity from calamitous events.

This is the mental dimension of prepping.  We talk about the physical all the damn time.  Water, power, food, garden, solar, plus a zillion shop tools and some of the finest classic ham radio gear out there.  First-aid kit?  Go-Bags?  Sure, sure.

But strip it all away and the most important part of prepping is?  Getting “between the ears” right.  People – media-saturated to the point of distraction – forget here on the “Waking War Front” – that life is a big movie.

And for better, or worse, YOU are the director.  What you experience is wholly the result of your “scenes” and the “actors” and backdrops you’ve selected.

“Where Are You Coming From?”

Cocktail hour.  Director’s cut.

Every afternoon, about 4 PM, my wife Elaine and I kick-back and have a cold (adult) beverage, or two. When you’re over 70 (as we are), it’s important to take time to enjoy each other.  We talk about the insane-sounding projects here.  Time travel experiments, “light crowns”, “speed crowns”. and the next hare-brained idea “infinity bands” that are now in the works.

If the weather is cool (under 83F, or so) cocktails are on the screen porch.  From there, the panorama at our feet in the lounge chairs is like a state park.  Fields, trees, deer wandering through.  Red-tail hawks picking-off the odd intruders onto their killing fields.

If it’s hotter, the afternoon “hang-out” is in the “180-Room” – named for its 210-degree view.  Don’t ask about the math, lol.  (This room is special to us; constructed out of recycled windows from our house-rehab.)

One afternoon last week (on the screen porch), Elaine asked an important question:

“Where does all your personal energy come from?  You’re the most energetic person I’ve ever met…”

My normal response would be the “shrug the shoulders” thing.  This time, however, some “truth” came out.  You might find some use for it.

A Life Review When You Die

Sure. Life is a series of problems.  BUT the Big one?  We all Die.

I’ve tried to “size it up” before in other articles.  Like  “The Suitcase Between Your Ears.” but that was on the Peoplenomics subscriber side.  Think of this note as a Father’s Day freebie.  Now, take a deep breath and follow along….

There’s been a lot of research into Death and Dying.  The most-remarkable revelations about dying – for me, anyway – came when I interviewed Dr. Raymond Moody.  Mid 1970’s.  He was on a book tour just after publishing his classic “Life After Life.”  This was real data.  It is about what people were bringing back AFTER dying. When Medicine has saved the day.  From this wellspring, the notion of Near Death Experiences or NDE’s arrived.

That set-off a 40-year storm of more research.  Because Moody’s research held that rarest of qualities cynical big city news directors seldom find:  The “ring of Truth.”

“My Life Flashed Before My Eyes!”

It’s NOT just an old saying.  There is data.  Lots of data.

In a way, I was ready.  My childhood asthma had been so bad that a few times I’d been taken to the hospital.  More than once, there was a glimpse of an inviting blue…..

In thousands upon thousands of case-studies – when people have died and have been resuscitated – there are repeating common elements.  One in particular appearing cross-culturally really stuck with me.  It’s the process of a “Life Review.”

The research mapped it out this way:  As you die, a sequence begins – often accompanied by a humming noise.  Many report a clear memory of a “tube of bluish-white light” – a tube or stairway – that they’re drawn to.  Following this, a Life Review takes place.  There’s also a “presence” – often a male figure – who may appear as a religious prophet.  Depending on a person’s religious beliefs while alive.

The life review – in seconds – “plays back” not only your whole life (from the standpoint of your experience of it) but also from the perspective of others who were affected by your interactions.  There’s no “assignment of guilt or kudos” – but it’s stands (*as “filmed”) for the harshest judge there is – (YOU) – to assess.

Criticism-self-criticism, kind of thing.

It changes people when they are brought back to life by modern medicine… They become unafraid of Death.  Understand more clearly the role of Love.  Their lives from then on – in about half of cases – are remarkably changed.  That’s data.

What Modern Religions Miss

The Ure’s don’t do a “church thing.”  I’d label myself “very spiritual, but not a “joiner.”

Mainly because most institutions at some level are “selling subservience” or running a “spiritual shakedown” operation.  Few get into real “problem-solving” and marrying the oldest human learnings (of religious texts) with the modern data retrieved thanks to medicine.  A lot of “prophet positioning” – and sure, we “get it.”  Not our cup of tea, though.  Not our film.

Over the years, I’ve evolved a different approach to spiritual matters – based on the data.

Your Director’s Viewpoint: Life’s a Movie!

It’s childishly simple – yet it took me many years to figure out – and then “get right.”  Let me lead you – I hope logically – down this “alternative spiritual path.”

It begins every morning in bed – when you first wake up in the morning.

Three-step process:

  1. Give thanks for another day.  You have been allowed back on “Movie Set Earth.” Where Your Job Today is to film another “episode of your Life.”  What do you want to see at the “Life Review” when you Die?  What’s the plot, featured scene of TODAY?  After all, you do want the Life Review process to reveal a great movie, right?
  2. Contemplate  Your “Director’s View”:  “Hmmm…here I am.  A whole day to ‘film.’  So what kind of episode would fit in here? I like heroic scenes in my Life Movie.  Will I face-down a learning challenge?  Joyfully solve a Relationship challenge?  Or, do we break for a documentary moment where you just watch for what “The Studio [God or Universe]” sends out from props.”  There are daily deliveries – which is cool in itself!  Or, is today a chance for fresh interaction with one of the bit players in Your Life?  Is there someone who will do a “walk-on” during this scene in Your Life who will bring a key lesson?  Maybe it’s a mash-up:  a little of this and a tablespoon of that.
  3. Check for Messages from “The Studio” or the Chief Director.  Often, there’s a hint about “next episodes” from my Dream Realm adventures in my “other Life.”  The one I visit while sleeping.  There, I learned that one of the key reasons for living the waking-state  is to become an “understudy” of the Chief Director.

In other words, we are each empowered to “film” GREAT Life Reviews.  Sadly, not everyone “gets this” so they go off wasting their “film of Life” on really crappy material.

Progression of the “soul” – which is your eternal “Director’s View” – comes from constantly working on your craft of Life Review filming.  The Studio (and Chief Director) provides unlimited resources, too!  Money, other actors, and always sufficiency for what you should be “filming.”

Since we’re all in this BFSOL (Big Film School Of Life), the Big Studio will send in events, other actors, to put us in unforeseen or unusual situations…  At which point you can choose to work in harmony with The Chief Director.  Or not.

I find what works best is “working with The Studio” – going with the flow – rather than trying to “direct my way around the send-in’s.”

Very Personal Excellence 

As you lay in bed, rolling around how you want to “film” the day ahead, a lot of changes come over you.  For me it’s simple this:  Unlimited Energy. Life is a “season” and any day is an “episode.”

There’s filming to do and since you are “detached” a bit now (once you appreciate Life is a Camera), there arises a kind of “channeling of power.”  You’re filing for The Studio.

We don’t need to “join” any political party, ideology, financial strata, or anything of the sort. We’re all “film-makers.”  I’m filming for me.  You are filming for you.

There is a very clear ownership of your upcoming Life Review.  Mine’s an adventure documentary.  The way mine “plays back” involves overcoming lots of personal challenges when young, learning multiple skills and then employing them to benefit myself and others. Staring down Death, a time or two.  Oh, and tapping unlimited power and sharing that.

Prepping “Between the Ears”

In a psychological sense, this is very “freeing.”  

Take, for example, when someone in my life does something intended to “hurt” me.  The Director’s View looks at this “actor” (or situation) as bringing their drama onto MY set.  However, since I am the director (it’s MY life review film, right?), I claim ownership and totally reserve the right to accept or reject any drama that shows up uninvited.

“No, no, no…my Life Review Documentary is not about your drama…so you hang onto that and use it in your own Life Review filming.  I don’t have a place for it in mine...”

This “ownership of the project” – and filming never stops – gives you a very special kind of “power.”

You know what’s even more amazing?  While it’s laying right there – in plain sight – many people refuse to “pick up the camera” and “own it 24/7/365.”  Instead, they allow themselves to be passives in the Great Film of Life not realizing that may be a pretty boring “Life Review” film.  But, who knows, maybe they need to do a “victim role.”  Maybe some souls are just “extras.”

Holding Unlimited Power

Your relationship (being an on-Earth Director) working with The Studio and Chief Director (Universe or God) offers two things you can claim any time you wish.

The first is unlimited power to create.  Get this one right and there may be another life, another script to film…and so forth.  There is never “solitary confinement” for a free spirit.


Oh, boy…let’s avoid the religiosity quicksand, or we will go back to the 325 A.D. Council of Nicaea and the role of Origen of Alexandria and from there get into a hugely complicated discussion of spiritual transmigration versus reincarnation.  

Remember what this little subset of religious  philosophy argument is called?

Metempsychosis is a philosophical term referring to the transmigration of the soul, especially its reincarnation after death. Generally, the term is derived from the context of ancient Greek philosophy, and has been recontextualized by modern philosophers such as Arthur Schopenhauer and Kurt Gödel; otherwise, the term “transmigration” is more appropriate…”

See why we don’t go there?

The second claim you can assert any time is absolute creative control.   It’s YOUR Film.

Waking On the Right Side of Life

On waking, one simply appreciates the enormous power of The Studio – and Chief Director.  Remembering the camera never stops during the day’s filming and to be accepting of any “walk-on’s” that show up.

As a result, by the end of the day’s filming, you’ll have “another good one in the can” for Life Review.  A successful season is made up of great episodes.

Which leaves the final steps (as you’re heading for the poddy and coffee soon after…).  You begin “roughing out the script for the day” – which then becomes a smooth workflow and transition into Day Planning.

Process: {In Your Director’s Mind:}

  • Where did the plot of my Life Review Film leave off yesterday? [Remember]
  • Today is a blank roll of film.  What kind of episode to I want? [Describe]
  • What are today’s main scenes you want to nail today?  [Jot down]
  • What’s the shooting schedule?  [Time blocks]
  • What props (tools, preparation) will each require?  [To-do list before shooting]
  • Which actors need coaching?  [Emails and details plus phone calls]
  • Where  might The Studio or Chief Director send in a “surprise walk-ons???”

This last is fun:  The Studio or Chief Director might send in a traffic accident or a winning lotto ticket.  Just depends on Studio mood (and feedback). The Chief Director runs a balanced film festival.  Everyone is filming!  It’s spectacular to grasp!

I hope you can see how incredibly easy Life is (and plugging into unlimited power helps!) with a Director’s Eye.  And especially unlimited “Studio Backing.”  Jumping out of bed and running 110% all day is the easiest thing in the world.  Can’t speak for yours, but my life is an action-adventure.

The general idea is getting in charge (and owning) your Life [Theme] Film that you film with your mind’s eye.  It totally energizes every waking second.

Remaining consciously plugged-in to the unlimited backing of The Studio and Chief Director is the key action step to “Packing the Suitcase Between Your Ears.”

Now, you have a choice:  Do a “walk-on” here (by posting a comment). OR make this a short segment in your own Episode of Today that you’re filming right now?  (It’s OK to be an “extra” in my “film.”)

All depends what you want on YOUR Life Review roll.

Just don’t forget:  You can see the “rushes” tonight as you roll off to sleep…

Write when you get rich(er),