One Holiday from Collapse?

We all love the good times and friends that gather over the Fourth.  But, the opening ponders, with a (*violent) Fourth now behind us, are whether America is only one holiday away from collapse becoming widespread and undeniable?

The next holiday ahead is Labor Day which falls on Monday September 5, 2022.

Three numbers to jot down and post of the fridge – or wherever you jot down reminders – so we can look at them in 63-days:

  • Gasoline morning after the Fourth was $4.80.
  • The price of gold has just tested the $1,800 level. Broke lower.
  • BTC rallied to the $20,561 level but backed down to $19,648 ahead of the market opening.
  • The Peoplenomics Aggregate closed Friday before the holiday at 32,191.

The U.S. dollar early had rallied to 0.9720 (Euro) area from lows around the 0.9565 area.  Which suggests to us (because it takes fewer dollars to buy a stock if you are an internationalist/globalist, the market could easily drop one percent (or more) today based on nothing more than FOREX changes.

The Week Ahead

With the exception of Factory Orders ahead at mid-session, today and tomorrow are hangover recovery days.  Things will become frighteningly sober Thursday when the ADP job numbers, along with the Challenger Job Cuts, are released.

Since you’re paying attention, yes, this means the federal jobs report Friday.

As always, we will be skeptical of everything alleged therein.  Since the impact of the CES Birth-Death Model weighs so heavily – and the Model is statisticalese for “made up/guess” – we will compare the present level of employment with September of 2019 when more people were actually working than in the latest reporting month.

Fed Minutes come out Wednesday afternoon, but we’re thinking the job number will rule the week if war fronts don’t.

Fall: Buy Voters – Bigger War 

Alert – and loaded on caffeine as you are – you no doubt noticed that the price of gasoline has dropped 20-cents a gallon in the past week, or so.

Joe Biden quite idiotically blamed local gas stations.  But, Pop’s  hubris and lack of economic grasp plays well with communist China as we read in Biden tweets demand for gas stations to ‘bring down’ prices, gets praised by Chinese state media.

As we explained earlier, a 90-day federal gas tax holiday is another “pull-over” on the American public:  Federal spending won’t be cut.  Which means any so-called “savings” will just move over onto the horrifying federal balance sheet.

The other “pay day loan scam” – OK, election day vote scam – will be talking up student loan debt forgiveness.  Borrowers are on edge—will Biden cancel student debt or not? Here’s what’s going on.  We look for another few – obvious – voter buy-offs to be along before the November 8th Liar’s Contest.

We look for the corporate-controlled press to play this like a Stradivarius going into the fall election Kabuki.

On the Road to Caracas

Another mass shooting with more questions than answers this weekend up in Highland Park, IL.  There, six people were killed and 36-wounded.  A suspect is in hand: Robert Crimo: Everything we know about Highland Park parade suspect (  Tough guns laws up that way, too.

Whipped up by media coverage of other mass shootings, more copy-cat efforts are not unexpected.  And our “140-day mass shooting cycle” continues is grisly path.

What we’re also seeing are two important shadings on these events.  Fourth of July Crowds Flee Mass Shootings, Real and Imagined (  Along with how it was readily turned into a gun-grabber talking point as evidenced by Philadelphia shooting: Democrat mayor rips Second Amendment, says only the police should have guns.  Simplistic (and unconstitutional) attacks on America’s founding ground rules never leave us.

Climate and Drought Thoughts

A steeper warm up in the Sunspots for the current solar cycle has gotten us to inspecting the data once again. Ham radio conditions have been pretty good, at times, lately.  But, as anyone in Las Vegas will tell you, drought is a major concern nowadays.

As you can see on the right, the Sun’s output has gotten hotter a fair bit ahead of expectations.  Given that hot air holds more moisture and the cooler cycle before this one didn’t evaporate as much, drought seems to us like a pretty logical follow-on.

However, if we don’t make it above the red forecast line for Cycle 25, then the possibility of a cooler period ahead will go back into our thinking.

For now, we’re wondering when Lake Mead intakes will start to suck air and when 2.2 million  Nevadans will “go out for drinks.”

Just this morning Barron’s ran a thoughtful Lake Mead: Largest US Reservoir Is Drying Up.  We’ve been thinking the unthinkable about relocating the American Southwest.

Might we suggest Canada?  Surely Trudolt and Buyed’em can work something out.

As always, don’t look for any proactive exploration – of OBVIOUS massive freshwater diversion projects from Canada to the U.S.  Government is in the business of pandering – not actually running like a business with broken water mains….


Here we go again:  Looking in on the back-alley losers who have a craps game going with the whole world’s future:  Ukraine war: Warning that Vladimir Putin could invade rest of Europe within a year.  Along with EU in all-out civil war over plan to ‘feed Putin’s war machine’ with BILLIONS more.

Yes, while Europe is making expedient decisions for its population – Slow and his Sanctions are not working as planned.  And this is before the Global Famine part shows up.

We are now facing an expanding war and it’s only a matter of time (this is as predictable as chess, you know) until Putin strikes a NATO country OR a NATO attack on Russian soil takes place.

Then we all put on the sunglasses and wait…

Tiptoe through the Wreckage

Between our back-up consigliere out in Century City and news tipster Linda in Houston, emails with links to these stories are keeping our fingernails short:

Here’s why Newsome is NOT presidential material:  California will become the first state to give health insurance to undocumented immigrants.  Hard time following?  OK:  Give money the state doesn’t really have to people who shouldn’t be here and stick the legal citizens for the bill while riding communist agitprop up the food chain.  Whee!

Meanwhile, in Marxist Oregon: Oregon Health Officials Delayed a Meeting Because ‘Urgency Is a White Supremacy Value’ (  Um…does that mean actually getting things done on time is also, uh, you know…racist?   (Lemme see: racist math, racist clocks…yeah – overworking it a bit ain’t you, Soros?)

Origins debate goes on: Fossils in the Cradle of Humankind site reignite debate over origins of humans.  We’re wondering if the humans have all died-off already and homo-wokeius is the DNA-damaged remnants?

Not ALL the news is bad, though: Scientists create temperature-resilient batteries for electric cars. Can it save Tesla?

On the other hand, if you vape: Vapor Taxes by State, 2022 | E-Cigarettes and Vaping Tax ( is worth a read.  (Secretly, I wonder when government will be forced to a Breathing Tax since they’ve inserted themselves in most other basic pleasures…)

ATR: Fine Fourth

Hot as the Dickens here – 100+ temps.

Made tolerable – in fact downright enjoyable – by our neighbors coming over Sunday.  They brought some watermelon and therein lies a tale.

See, about every third town in Texas as a “thing.”  Noonday, Texas, for example is known far and wide for its onions.  Now, come to find out, Grapeland, Texas (where OM2’s ranch is) is known for watermelon.  (AND OM2’s high-octane homemade wines.)

Although, about the most famous things in Palestine, Texas are the Wal-Mart distribution center and the Historical Texas State Railroad.

This being vacation time, if you’re going by on I-20 somewhere east of Dallas, might want to also add Kilgore, Texas to your travel plans: Gallery | East Texas Oil Museum ( is definitely a great example of “museumship” (if I can make up a word).  The quality of the walk-in dioramas is on the order of the Royal B.C. Museum in Victoria, B.C.  Modern History | Royal BC Museum and Archives example to look at.

More on turning your home into a “transporter” in ShopTalk Sunday.

Write when you get rich,

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50 thoughts on “One Holiday from Collapse?”

  1. I live 30 minutes or so north of Texas. I have found Texas difficult to drive through. Texas road signs are confusing. Just my opinion.

    There is a YouTuber called Southernprepper1 who does a ” boots on the ground” report once or twice a day. People all over tell him things that are happening in their area. Many people have reported that their seeds did not germinate and the few plants that grew did not develop a good root system and died. So perhaps the ants didn’t eat my seeds after all.

  2. Yo G,

    How about those G coinz we were supposed to issue here on UrbSurv ? They would have been the perfect vehicle for the 1st official Urban Survival Globalshitz Death Pool Contest..or Order of the Take Down.

    Readers/token holderz would be able to stake their coinz to a Family/Member most likely to be KnockedOff/Assassinated/Liquidated – otherwise Killed in upcoming Russian Operation (globoshitz CLEANZZ). Winners could redeem tokens for Urb Surv gear..T-shirts/Hats/Bumperstickerz/items from Urb Surv store like “Loobs Select” meade/smoked gouda/dandylion wine..

    The “snakes” heads will be cut off soonly, some have already lost their heads as you read.

    There Is No Forgiveness . There will be None .

    Globoshitzs have been caught RED F-ing handed in the kraine – with the meta biolabs, “slo bagmans” family in particular..its a family affair after all, and slo never turned down a payoff, never.

    – Russia-Pooterz has uncovered some truly horrific scheisse aimed and launched directly at Russian-Slavic blood/peoples, repeatedly.

    ….Wait 4 it..

    -Televised trials/hearings; of captured foriegn mercs – ratings should be stellar, of all the horrific aids/covert19/Crimean hemorrhagic fever experiments conducted on “injured” ukey servicemen and neighboring Russian speaking populations. Wont need to use Ure imagination much longer – Russians going to shove all that down Ure throat, and up mr&mrs globoschitz ass this oBummer of a Summer..leading up to the “fall”.

    * Never mind the hypersonics(which US does Not have). Might wanna check revelations – part in there about the the Heavens rolling up like a curtain…all about Torsion Physics/WeaponZ.

  3. “OK, election day vote scam – will be talking up student loan debt forgiveness. Borrowers are on edge—will Biden cancel student debt or not? Here’s what’s going on. We look for another few – obvious – voter buy-offs to be along before the November 8th Liar’s Contest.”

    get a federal job.. they erase that debt in exchange for x number years employment.. and you get the golden goose healthcare insurance to boot.. not even taking into consideration the retirement benefits LOL…

  4. You were right!

    July 01, 2022
    GU: Our advice this week is simple: Drop by to read our columns next week, but bring Kleenex for the tears of Bulls and Band-Aids for the greedy. We could have blood running in the streets.

  5. “War!
    Here we go again: Looking in on the back-alley losers who have a craps game going with the whole world’s future: Ukraine war: Warning that Vladimir Putin could invade rest of Europe within a year. ”


    according the monkey.. there has been an increase in troop movements and more movements on the illegal refugee relocations to.. not good.. luckily my nephew retired.. which I find interesting.. they of course won’t tell us what is going on.. but anyone that is paying attention knows.. I think that it won’t be long and there will be a draft..

    • A Future Draft is Possible in the US…

      “The opiate epidemic has plagued young men and women in America and has become a leading cause of death. Obesity is on the rise, and the price of fresh produce and healthier meals are often unattainable to low-income families. Crime is also on the rise among misguided youth, further diminishing the availability of service members.”

      “The military is desperate for recruits as every branch is struggling to attract new members. The Department of Defense (DoD) is actually hoping the new “Top Gun” movie will encourage people to join the Navy, and they plan to advertise on the Gen Z popular platform TikTok. The DoD may even remove the high school graduation requirement.”

    • Holey Scheisse LooB ! Say it aint so !

      “wont be long” WhoDaF are they going to draft ? LGBTers ?

      – those Pussy’s couldnt punch their way outta a wet paper bag, a carpet munching Butch or 2 ..sure, and ya dont have to worry about em getting taken.. as Russian fighting Men are just that – real swinging Dicks .

      “wait wait stop shooting you *@^?%$#! assholes! I have a speck of sand stuck in my olive drab battle thong and it is very uncomfortable, just a sec dammit”
      “Stop you vilolent bastards, these boots just make my pants look so frumpy and I just cant, I just cant handle this chaos araragggggggggghhh!” ..

      “Lets GO Rainbows & Unicorns ! just say No to War, No to Fighting, and most important No to getting Ure hands Dirty.

  6. There were preludes to the future north-south water resource wars back in the 70’s. It’s a nonstarter as the relatively small Garrison Diversion project debacle in the Dakotas which was halted by wise jurisprudence over political stupidity appeared to prove. Kemosabe George, the easy cherry pickin’ freshwater motherlodes left the airwaves with The Lone Ranger. I had no meter and a flat-rated, no-limit water bill for my house 30 years ago in Calgary which was then 100% supplied by mountain glacier meltwater. Moving up ten years later, a water meter had become a requirement upon house sales/builds.

    Further to your ear to the ground about drinks in Vegas, drinks around the campfire suggests farmers in Eastern Saskatchewan who didn’t get a wheat or canola crop in this year due to flooded fields plan to put in canola next year. There’s more money in it. (This is not investment advice.) [90% is exported to China helping feed (porcine) pigs.] What of the federal Canadian Wheat Board monopoly founded 87 years ago today to protect prairie farmers from the vagaries of markets and stabilize grain supplies? Gone to the great buffalo range in the sky during the mid-teen’s good times, friends. Its spirit lives on as a privatized grain handler. G3 is majority owned by a Saudi government investment fund seeking food security, and minority owned by a 200 year old American grain company domiciled in Bermuda.

    Speaking of G, ready to toss a penny down the wishing well with a special request? Let’s rejoin DJ Ure in studio getting ready with another happy trails on the platter of what promises to be a barnburner:
    “Hi-Yo Silver”

  7. ” Oregon Health Officials Delayed a Meeting Because ‘Urgency Is a White Supremacy Value’”

    Which totally explains Black slavery in the Colonies: Obviously, when attacked by neighboring tribes, the tribes which lacked urgency toward their plight are the ones which were then sold into slavery.

    “Um…does that mean actually getting things done on time is also, uh, you know…racist?”

    See above…

    “(Lemme see: racist math, racist clocks…yeah – overworking it a bit ain’t you, Soros?)”

    Apparently not. It’s still working, isn’t it?

  8. George, I know this comment is totally out of place R/T today’s post. I beg your indulgence.
    Several months ago you were extolling the virtues of an 8 band(?) inexpensive QRP transceiver. I wrote it down. …. somewhere? Could you refresh my memory on the name of the unit? Thanks (K0JJJ)

  9. “if you’re going by on I-20 somewhere east of Dallas, might want to also add Kilgore, Texas to your travel plans”

    If I were going to go to Kilgore, I’d do so so’s I could drop in to the college and watch a Rangerettes rehearsal — had two kids who competed UCA/UDA in high school. It would be awesome to see the original from whence all modern athletic cheerleading and amateur show-dance sprang…

  10. In times of change learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.

    ~ Eric Hoffer

  11. George, Someone said to me on the 4th of July, “you are getting a little belly on you Andy.” So I said, Listen, I’m fucking 51 years old. It’s okay for me to have a belly. I’m not out here trying to win the Special Olympics Beauty Pagent with botox and filters. All Picking on me about my belly.

    I burnt his burger to a crisp, smotherd it with cheese, put it it on a bun with a nice garnish.


    • Some one said Andy is back (up at the mines) he has to make us all lunch. I said I just did. I Made blue stew with home made dumplings. It’s up there in the sanican. It’s all ya can eat! Help yourselves! I sure missed all the fellas. Hahah have to have thick skin up here! Hahahaha

      Ya we are doing man stuff up here. 100%

      • Reminiscent of Hunter Thompson’s “The Blue Arm”… that he wrote about his trip to Hawaii where I met him while covering a marathon.

  12. Has it been 20+ years since the late Regis Philbin inquired of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” contestants if they wished to use a ‘Call-a-Friend’ lifeline? Comrades, today somewhere about the environs of The Palace of Westminster, SW1A, owned by The Queen; a phone may have rung. Msm is reporting not 1, but 2, high ranking cabinet ministers have given their resignations to Mr. Johnson thus threatening his government.

    One rebelling MP, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, is of the Oxford cloth and hails by fine Indian lines via a former East African colony. His references are impeccable. By coinkydoink, his well-appointed Indian spouse falls merely a few millions short of billionaire status as a shareholder in her father-founded Indian IT firm. Papa had personally toured the President of Russia about the Bangalore hq facilities. It provided IT services supporting Russia’s largest private bank based in Moscow headed by a Russian-Ukrainian billionaire.

    Back at Wimbledon, the Australian Krygios remained a prospector for gold. It was “pearls and polka dots” as Princess Kate, Patron of Wimbledon, made her first appearance along with the Duke in The Royal Box at this year’s competition. They watched as the unvaccinated Serbian dJokovic was tested by the Italian Sinner.

    God save the Queen!

    • F- the queen! May they (royals) rot in Soul containers forever in enternity..

      Hole unroyal family needs flushing down the global shiteree. Most disgusting & ugliest group of apes I have ever seen..

  13. “Joe Biden quite idiotically blamed local gas stations.  ”

    Lol lol lol … take from someone that’s never had to work for a living to say something like that..
    Everyone knows that a gas station doesn’t make any money off of gas sales.. it’s in store purchasing that makes their income..
    My mechanic sells fuel as a convenience for his customers.. so does the local gas fill up then buy a pizza some cold drinks.. the mechanic said he makes seven cents a gallon lol lol lol lol..
    Even if it’s fifteen or twenty cents a gallon.. along with EPA regulations and maintenance of the equipment..a busy gas station here at 20 cents only makes a couple hundred a day on its normal sales

    • I wasn’t able to scope out the utilities or building costs.. but a busy day.. they maybe took in 500.. before labor profit..deduct deduct the employees wages and there’s maybe .. ( I figured it up at minimum wage) 120 left before brick and mortar expenses.. he is not getting rich by any means whatsoever..

      • My local cstore moves about 70,000 gallons of gas and 8000 gallons of diesel per month, which nets it about $12k or $400/day — ‘sounds like a lot of money, until one considers it costs ~$1200/day ($50/hr) to keep the doors open and the lights on (‘had a kid who managed there. I got to see all the books…)

  14. The kid’s father lost his mayoral race to a Democrat encouraging gun control:

    Lone shooter stats:

    G, You’ll have to improve your math skills, mass shootings are around every 8 days, not every 140 days

    There’s 11 million U.S. jobs out there, if you still think the U.S. is coming apart at the seams, but many prefer to blog and bitch all day rather than working…..can’t those immigrants take the jobs we won’t?? LOL!

  15. OMG… Another storm with 100 plus mph winds.. shut the power off again..dam.. ripped down trees and I will have to stake my corn up…the apple tree made it though.. thought it was young enough that it would pull it up by the roots.. the tomato plants look good ..

  16. Here’s some more numbers to think about. Looked at the price of a set of B.F. Goodrich T/A KO2’s yesterday and the price has gone from $252.25 each back in June of 2020 to $318 today. Went in and took all the discounts and card sign-ups I could and got the price down to $302.10 but with all the “add this” and “deduct that” the price still came out $235.62 higher than the last set I bought two years ago. I won’t need these tires for another 6 to 9 months but Lord only knows what they’ll be costing then. I don’t think they’ll be a DE-flating asset at all … sorry. But paying for installation and road hazard now means I can come in and have them mounted and balanced for no additional charges then.

    Discount Tire had 20 on hand at my location according to their website inventory report. Probably part of that big boost in inventory that has been reported due to production coming back online.

  17. George,
    This may not be a perfect world but…
    We HAVE a Constitution with it’s Bill of Rights as the highest law of the land. In the dictionary, in it’s description of the Constitution, it ended with this: …”against which no other law shall stand.”
    Now, almost every member of the congress and administration have sworn an oath to support, defend and uphold the constitution yet most of them dodge or lie to avoid this responsibility. If one votes to keep them there, though they are in opposition to the Constitution they swore to uphold, then that person has become ‘them.’
    Midterms are coming. Read up on what the candidate’s biography says and what their record indicates.
    How have they been existing until now?
    It’s pretty tight at the pig trough but none of them should get away with acting in a manner not in accordance with the Constitution-both personally and as a member of government, at least for now, while it is still in effect. In a perfect world…

  18. Just when you thought Disney couldn’t get any worse…

    I have obtained exclusive video from inside Disney that outlines its campaign to embed left-wing sexual politics into its children’s programming and entertainment facilities… announced ambitious new initiatives—seeking to change everything from gender pronouns at the company’s theme parks to the sexual orientation of background characters in the company’s films.

    She said her team was implementing a “not-at-all-secret gay agenda” and regularly “adding queerness” to children’s programming. Another speaker, production coordinator Allen Martsch, said his team has created a “tracker” to ensure that they are creating enough “canonical trans characters, canonical asexual characters, [and] canonical bisexual characters.” Corporate president Karey Burke said she supported having “many, many, many LGBTQIA characters in our stories” and reaffirmed the company’s pledge to make at least 50 percent of its on-screen characters sexual and racial minorities.

  19. Police sweep Google searches to find suspects. The tactic is facing its first legal challenge.

    A teen charged with setting a fire that killed five members of a Senegalese immigrant family in Denver, Colorado, has become the first person to challenge police use of Google search histories to find someone who might have committed a crime, according to his lawyers.
    The pushback against this surveillance tool, known as a reverse keyword search, is being closely watched by privacy and abortion rights advocates

    I think this has much more serious potential consequences than that it could be used to bust women seeking legal abortions in neighboring States (which would not be against the law, so I don’t know why NBC even mentions it…)

  20. The Truth About Pervs

    In perhaps the biggest setback yet suffered by the transgenderist juggernaut, the International Swimming Federation has sunk the dreams of Olympic gold of Will “Lia” Thomas, the also-ran male swimmer who declared himself a woman and won an NCAA championship.

    The tens of thousands of cases of rapid-onset gender dysphoria that have swept American adolescent girls since the Jenner whoop-de-do are a novel mental disease never before seen. It’s the most blatant and alarming example of cultural contagion I can recall in my lifetime. Our institutions have responded by packing moody girls onto the express train to being poisoned with puberty blockers, mutilated by “gender-affirming” surgery, and permanently sterilized.

    While our society now has an appropriate horror of the sterilizations performed under old-time eugenics laws, elites are now complacently encouraging sterilization in response to a brand-new mental illness that didn’t exist even a decade ago.

  21. The truth about why Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act may lead to his resignation

    LifeSiteNews reported on June 29 that Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have made the rare decision to waive cabinet confidentiality and “release the evidence it used to justify invoking the Emergencies Act to crush the Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa earlier this year.”

    I believe this recent revelation will ultimately lead to Trudeau’s resignation.

    According to a press release from the Public Order Emergency Commission, the government will finally release the real reason behind the application of the war-time Emergencies Act in February.

    The commission that told the feds to cough up the information is an ad hoc department that was created by Trudeau to deal with the mess he created.

  22. Yep the conclusion. As long as there is a sheethole called America gold will never go up . May a billion trillion curses descend on you serpents

  23. good thing to know gas stations with hydraulic pumps not electronic in case of power outage have a cheap water tester on hand

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