The Canals of Earth (and Mars) II

Who needs Russia and Ukraine when drought is coming and famine is in the wings?  As so often happens, our political tools in office are trying to fix the barn after it’s on fire and the horses are gone.

The world needs water – because without it, kiss off crops and light the fuse of survival. Most people in America how much water they need even minimally per day (1.5 gallons for reasonable hydration, more if exercising) and how to get it locally when the power is down and services are shut down from hackers, EMP, of direction action by all those military-aged males sneaking in unopposed by the derelict president’s actions.

Time to “get real or get dead” in our thinking. While government focuses on “continuity of government” in their self-centered way, our reality is more along the lines of Continuity of Life for all citizens, not the pocket-lining few.

Oh, this is not a whine today.

Rather it’s a simple discussion of the longer-term avoidance plan if Drought turns into a city-emptying event for little bergs out west like Las Vegas, Denver, Los Angeles, and Phoenix.

But – unlike the nonsense of the Witch Trials over Trump, or the too-cozy Biden relations with Ukraine and China, there are specific, concrete, measurable, long-term actions the U.S. could be implementing right now.  These could make up the core of what we would really like to see: A retooling of America as Depression sinks in during 2023-2025.  The mother of all public works projects lies ahead.

Remember:  The Great Depression wasn’t even called that until an economics book used the term in 1934.  This informs us that we might already be IN a Depression and not even realize it – YET.

Rather than complain, we explore some major American canal building public works projects that will reform America for centuries to come.  Much like China has reinvented itself.  And in the process become a much more robust and sustainable country, overtaking the U.S.

After a few headlines and our ChartPack, of course.

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75 thoughts on “The Canals of Earth (and Mars) II”

  1. I will try to read this later. I know it’s important. Just from the first 23 words.

    I saw at a truck stop yesterday a single can of Pringles was $4.95. $4.95 for one single can of Pringle. Fucking Wow! Seems Iike a good day to quit my Pringle habit.

    6 months ago it was $1.95 at the same store. I don’t mean to bw a negative nancy and beat a dead horse and shit. But Damn! I am a realist. At that rate in 6 months a single can of Pringles will be $20.00.

    people say to me all the time, “Andy why do you work 2 jobs and side hustle all the time?? Uhhh because im paying attention the price of pringles and im 3 years away from Retirement, you dont slack off thest 100 yards of a race. You run your hardest to the finish line. Please Pray for our Nation!

    It’s like I’ve had a few fellas say, “Dude, what’s up with you and that super hot girl you were hanging out with. And I say, did you see the price of pringles??? I getting money. They should hand you a sign as a boy when your old enough to read that says, ” welcome to earth young man. Pussy is the most expensive thing you will ever spend your money in. It will also be the biggest distraction you will ever face in life. Good luck!”

    Hahahahah. No offense ladies. But I too damn old worry about getting a girlfriend when I see pringles go from $1.95 a can to $4.95 at a truck stop in less than 6 months. And I’m 3 years away from retirement. So I’m all about making a shit load of money and moving to Fiji or Guam or Idaho is somewhere that it’s alot more cheaper to live. I don’t give a shit about a pretty girl. Hahaha

    And they know it. She knows it. I told her. She known me a long time. When I’m busy making money, I don’t talk to her much. I’m not out dating or chasing girls. I’m getting money. We been off and on for 4 years. She knows that about me. She is the same way. When she don’t reply for 3 days. I know what she is up to. Making money. We have an understanding.

    See ya man. Another 12-14 hour day on that Union scale. Time and a half and double time. Whooo hooo.

    People say, well ya can’t take it with ya. And I say, well my kids will get it then and have a better chance at blowing it all on dumb shit than I will. Hahaha. Or investing it and making something out of it. Atleast I didn’t leave them with a bunch of debt. Like our government is.

    Truly I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate. It is my hope you are as well.

    Off to grab 18 gears.

    • Andy,

      Thank you for drawing attention to these weighty matters. A package of Pringles in my locale has shrunk from about 200 grams to 156 grams. A pack of chocolate chip cookies formerly 300 grams is now 258 grams. A snack pack of 10 chocolate bars total 210 grams is now comprised of 9 bars and 189 grams. The world is shrinking before our eyes.

      Let us take reprieve from the toil of the road with a timely excerpt from the 1935 soviet movie, “The New Gulliver”. Here’s DJ Ure with a bourgeois nugget trucked in from the mines:
      “My Lilliputian Girl”
      adapted from the namesake of asteroid 3669 Vertinsky.

    • “At that rate in 6 months a single can of Pringles will be $20.00.”

      You guessed ‘er, Chester.

      That’s why the most-important thing in the USSA this November isn’t the election, per se. The Dems worked every single play in that bag of dirty election tricks they’ve been filling since Tammany Hall days. The most important thing now is for there to be so many “eyes-on” and cameras out, that it can’t happen again. I don’t trust neocons as far as I can throw them, but right now, if a true Rightist isn’t available for a seat on the Hill, a neocon is ‘way preferable to two more years of the communist onslaught with which we’ve had to deal, this past 17 months. *

      * OMG, did I just type that. Has it REALLY only been 17 months (and two weeks?)


      • Yes it is. So evryone driving bug rigs should swing through winco? And winco isn’t know for nutritional products. Neither is pringles.

        Here is a fine example of spreading the message,

        It’s like my friend Jessicas lightbulb moment today! when I explained her a few things to her.

        Because! Because! Because! Because of the wonderful things he does!

        Anyway where was I, oh yeah. So she says I went to the dollar store to get some movie candy day before yesterday. Everything cost a dollar. Then I went back Because they have my favorite candy there the next day and everything was a dollar twenty five. I said why? The lady shrugged and said inflation I guess. So I shrugged and paid an extra $.25 per item. When I got out to the car It occurred to me what cost $10.00 the day before just cost me $12.50.

        So I thought I think i need a $0.25 an hour raise at work Andy.

        I said what happened is, your dollar just became worth $0.75 over night. You need a $0.50 an hour raise! She said fifty cents?!!!! I said yes Mam. Because you have to pay taxes, social security, L&I and other stuff on your wage before you get it.

        I said now imagin you go back to the dollar store to buy candy to go to another movie in 2 weeks and it’s $1.50 an item.

        She said, I will need another raise of $0.50. That is a dollar raise in two weeks to pay for the difference! Because of taxes and such. That is a big raise. A dollar an hour.

        I said well you better ask for $2.50 raise to stay ahead of things.

        Her reply and I quote, ” Oh my fucking God. We are so fucked!”

        I said, ya that is why I’m always at work. Making as much as I can. Because I’m preparing for Armageddon this winter. You guys are always saying, “Andy is no fun. He is a workaholic! He needs to get therapy because he is obviously practicing avoidance of some deep seeded childhood trauma.” When I won’t skip work on a Wednesday get a $14 Iced Mocha Latta and go to the beach with you and everyone because its a sunny day. Because I ain’t missing work unless I’m dead for fucks sake. I don’t have childhood trauma issues. I have “OMFG! We are fucked!” Issues. You guys always tease me. He is either working a shit load or out chain smoking talking to someone he calls “THE DUDE”. He never wants to do anything.

        And when you skip a $750 (12 hour work day) to go spend $14.50 on an iced coffee and go to the beach to play? I want you to remember that this winter. Because this winter when it cost $40 for a can of fucking pringles? And everyone is down town Seattle with pitch forks and torches like a scene from Frankenstein burning the city down to ash and cinder?

        I will be on the beach in Fiji somewhere having a mocha .

        She said shit! Why didn’t you tell me this before?!!! I said I did! You called me crazy and I said my Buddy George has a saying he used to say back in 2002 “I may be crazy but that doesn’t make me inaccurate!” That applies today.

        She said well there goes my plans to buy a bigger TV! I said don’t buy stupid shit right now Jess. Buy food and supplies for the winter. Everyone from Tesla, Facebook to Amazon is laying people off. even my bank closed all its branches on Saturdays. And now you can’t take out more than a $1000 out of the ATM in one day. If you take a $1000 out of the ATM it’s so locked down it won’t let you get cash back at the register because you have used the maximum withdrawal for the day.

        Be smart. She said. Well im going to tell everyone. I said good fucking luck with that. Nobody wants to hear it after covid happend. They are all in lah lah land pretending everything is back to normal. But it’s not. It’s worse.

        So ya, winco is here N___ but winco can’t solve the bigger problem. And winco won’t stop everything going up in prices more and more.

        It’s like watching that Prices Right game. Where the little dude is climbing the mountain when you guess the price wrong on an item and its more expensive than you thought. He keeps going up and up and up and eventually N____ that little dude, he falls off the mountain and then it’s game over. He just passed the price check on pringles. And he is still climbing.

        DUDE help us all.

      • WinCo food is pretty much the same as the other local groceries, except a lot cheaper. WinCo is the only local grocery which stocks MRE’s, bulk foods and dry canning equipment.
        Our local WinCo has enough parking for just about any size vehicle, although the spots near the door work better with personal transport.
        There’s planning ahead for the day, for the week, and then for the longer term. Time to procure food is before you are too hungry to think things through. Saving the world is laudable goal, but first you have to take care of yourself.
        I would wager most of Ure readers saw famine on the horizon many years back.
        Pringles is just one more item you need a New Year’s resolution on. Like taking up gardening

    • for your pringles habit..
      50 grams of potato flour
      10 gram of corn starch
      10 grams of rice flour
      ¼ tsp of salt
      35 grams of water
      Knead it into a dough…wrap with siran wrap let rest about a half hour.. knead again…
      Take out your pasta roller and start at the thickest setting roll it out.. fold it roll it again do this as you
      turn it down to the thinnest setting cut the dough in half so it is manageable.. then put it between two
      pieces of parchment paper sprinkled with corn starch to keep it from sticking as you roll it down..
      Set your deep fat fryer at 350 degrees.. you can shape it if you want .. by making a shape for the
      Pringles.. then fry it for four minutes.. then shape it.. then fry it again for one more minute until it is
      golden brown.. season it with salt or a flavoring of your choice…
      Potato flour.. take instant potatoes and blend them to flour consistency…
      Corn starch.. get white hominy corn blend until it is looking like cracked corn.. soak over night.. ( you can use regular corn to.. ) once it is soft to the touch.. place it in the blender and blend until smooth.. put a strainer in a bowl and drain the water off.. rinse drain again.. now rinse out the blender and pour into the bowl.. cover the liquid let it sit.. once the starch settles to the bottom.. then pour off the clear liquid.. spread out and let it dry.. blend to a powder and you now have corn starch..
      similar process to make coconut milk.. except you keep the water.. no need to go without.. young man.. enjoy..

  2. Re: Water

    Consider your average solar-powered cow. (What?) Yes, cows are largely solar-powered. The sun shines on the pasture grass, the cow eats the grass. You can feed them grain, but they will sustain on pasture grass endlessly. One cow, “x” square units of grass — don’t overload the system.

    Flies, mosquitos , and the occasional vampire bat parasitize the poor, hapless, defenseless cow, and suck her blood. As long as the suckers aren’t too numerous, and don’t vector bad diseases, this is a balanced system. In LefThink, this is a “sustainable system.”

    Globally, there’s enough water. As the guy said, “It’s just in the wrong places.” No, the water CONSUMERS are in the wrong places — but, no matter, they are there in big numbers, and while we could let them all go thirsty and unwashed, and ultimately see the population curtailed, we, as (for the moment) the only known ‘Engineering Species,” it’s up to the smart ones among us to solve the problem. (or not)

    Large scale hydro-engineering projects may be required, but open land-using canals might not be the best choice. Due to evaporation loss, the use of numerous large Tunnel Boring Machines can form in-rock pipes, going deep UNDER the pricy land, and not disrupt life above much at all.

    The main obstructions to such a project — along with selective impoundments such as James Bay — will be political and environmental hysteria.

    The classic 1936 movie of H.G.Wells, “The Shape Of Things To Come,” starring Raymond Massey, suggests what a “Tyranny Of The Engineers” (my title, not theirs) might accomplish, unfettered.

    The nifty thing about totalitarian governments, like China, is that they can do any damn thing they want, and all the silly obstructionist peasants are DEALT WITH to shut them the hell up, and get the project done. (for better or worse) (greater good for the greater number, and all that)

    In the meantime, the politicians and the hysterical enviros will continue to make money and fame on sucking the cow’s blood. They are temporary, and will one day had their short lives end and will have made enough money from their parasitism of the Body Human.

    It’s only a question of time before a Great General Collapse ends the old system, and triggers the new “Engineringly Practical” one, — even if of necessity, tyrannical.

    THEN, you’ll get all the water — or lithium, or whatever — you want.
    We’ll all have to bit a bit more “Borg-like,” first, however.

    Chances are, the process might not be much fun.

  3. They say, “Hindsight is 20/20.” We look back over the years and see where we should have turned and where we shouldn’t have. What we should have done but didn’t. It all becomes bittersweet and clear. But, here we are … just thinking about it and realizing that Frank Zappa was right, “You Are Where You Is.” with some regret.

    “Would’a – Should’a – Could’a” is of little comfort. – so you just keep moving foreword as best you can.

    That’s over the course of your life, finding the little things that changed your life.

    Today, it’s the blind leading the blind. Our vision has been stolen, thus our future is as dismal as today. Comfortably stuck in this reality, accepting the fallacies and notions … being Psychologically mind fucked into emotional affairs.

    Too busy watching the picture show, to realize the theater is on fire. – Too preoccupied to notice the mistakes and damage done in just a few years. No hindsight … none at all. And definitely NO FORESIGHT !!

    Seems we’re on a train with no engineer but many conductors assuring us to remain seated, nothing to worry about.

    But in reality, there IS an Engineer and, this is not a train. It’s your life.

    What we are being forced to endure, is (in my opinion) intentional.

    • Bob,
      Your observations are pretty good.
      In the U.S. these days, nothing gets done before the target groups are aroused to the proper emotional level.
      NEVER are the target groups aroused to the proper LOGIC usage levels.
      When you are painted into a corner (even by those you might consider less developed than yourself), who use clever emotional pitches to land you there, REMEMBER that the only way out for you must be discovered and employed by using LOGIC.

      Keep in mind that even when surrounded by idiots, if they have you surrounded, your tactics suck…

  4. Whine (whing) Wednesday: as Ure likely aware, most of this drought concern isn’t local, by any stretch, though also not universal. We have flood warnings due to local rainfall swelling rivers and streams past their banks.

    Water sans power? Check, our lake is set geographically where wells were/are free flowing (broke the surface). My new submersible required dog and pony show to manage overflow (3-5 gpm if I pull the column cap). Older wells are, reliably (>60 years now) gushing 2-3 gpm into the lake, allowed to do so being Grandfathered.

    The Great Lakes to my N, W and E store voluminous fresh water beyond imagination. Now and again some whiz kid tries to hatch a plan to reroute our water to the W but … Oh Canada. The folks to our great N step in and say nyet.

    Maybe folks in arid climes shouldn’t have lawns, or gardens (sorry), or immense farms, or car washes? If California can afford all the other insanity maybe they could afford building desalinization plants? The West has water to keep humans alive but not the other things ad infinitum.

    Live within your means much? Just sayin’
    Write when you get wet,

    • All cultures have both good and bad. I am not an Indian, but I try to learn, at least occasionally, from the tribes and tribal customs. One of my first lessons, learned in the forests of Michigan and long before puberty hit, was that a casual observer should never see evidence of you, having passed by. Part of this concept is to “live with the land, not against it,” meaning the human visitor conforms to the land on which he lives, or through which he passes. If a body can’t eek out a living in the Mojave, with the resources available in the Mojave, they probably shouldn’t live in the Mojave. ‘Same goes for the land 300 miles either side of it or the land between it and SLC.

      The springs at Phoenix can support about 35,000 people. The problem is not that the people living in the basin or the oasis don’t have enough water; the problem is that there are 200x as many people living in the Valley as can be supported by the local resources. Instead of trying to live against the land @ Phoenix (or Vegas, FTM), perhaps they should live elsewhere, where their number can be supported by the local resources and they can live WITH the land…?

      • AMEN @Ray AMEN

        The other thing is.. if there was a million gallons that was consumed..that same million gallons is still didn’t just vanish.. like the same nematode jar changes form then resurrection back into the environment..the circle of life..
        I really wish that native American history and legends was taught in schools

      • Ray, you’re right again.
        The population of Phoenix’s Maricopa County as of July 2022 has risen to 4,734,450 as a stable population. (per Google)
        Hate to see the water wasted as I roam around the Valley from time to time.
        This is an area that WAS a riparian desert as was much of Arizona back in the days before the year 1200 or so. Then a huge, long drought happened until about 1600. So dry it became, that native American Indians with many settlements all the way up into Colorado just had to pack up and leave. Where they had to scatter to is still a bit of a mystery. But they never returned.
        But hey! We are real modern and some of us are clever too. Can we beat the odds this time? All 4.7 million of us? There are no more rivers to draw from and all of the water on earth is still here but still not in the right place (or is it just us?)…

    • Egor et al: Duh Homer haven’t you heard, CA has the largest desalination plant in the Western Hemisphere:'s%20Carlsbad%20Desalination%20Plant,in%20the%20Western%20Hemisphere%20%2D%20Bloomberg

      Crawl back inside your box, and come back out when you can accurately discuss facts.

      Those witch hunters haven’t asked for a pardon (in advance), as the ‘hunted’ did, hoping to get protection from their vile deeds…..

      • I suggest you take the “Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory.” The source for your disdain of the commenters on Urban Survival might be revealed, especially if its infamous question, “How long have you hated your mother,” has been replaced or followed by the question, “How long have you hated everyone.”

  5. The biggest practical problem for the scheme to move water from Canada to the USA is simply that of moving water uphill. Look at the elevation difference between James Bay (sea level) and let’s say, Phoenix AZ (1089 feet above sea level). Imagine the cost of moving that water?

  6. “Elon Musk’s Tesla is no longer the world’s largest EV producer”

    BYD’s shares have risen 36% since January and the company was able to avoid the lockdown-spurred factory closures, Business Insider reported.
    Tesla, however, was forced to temporarily close its factory in Shanghai during a COVID-19 outbreak in the city earlier this year.

    Tesla: Owned by Elon Musk, in partnership with the CCP.
    BYD: Owned by the CCP, in partnership with Warren Buffett.

    It’s hard, playing football on a vertical playing field…

    • Tesla doesn’t but does BYD build a bare bones electric car or truck that only has required systems(heater and A/C are required too). Something without GPS, lane monitoring, phone home, “autopilot”, heated seats, heated mirrors, power seats/mirrors, collision avoidance, black boxes, intelligent headlights, and all the other nonsense that turns a $3000 car into a 90K one. Failing all that, a “new” car becomes a DIY project.

  7. “Here we are – arguably on the verge of a second Depression (if we’re not already on that big slide) and no one is really putting it out there about the need for a massive public works project.”

    Seriously Why would we ever want to repair our own country and it’s infrastructure of failing issues that’s seriously needed or actually help our tax paying citizens.. especially when we can do so much more by going to a war and securing another country’s borders and march our people off to war for some massively corrupt political regime.
    Letting illegals cross our borders with full support and assistance of our nation’s political leaders..
    None of it makes any logical sense..
    Our grid is fragile and seriously unsecured bit then that’s for control and profit for a few.. pipelines aquifers roads ..everything on the verge of failing. Our need to expand without planning for replacement of the farmland that’s being absorbed .while our leaders feed on greed, greed of power,control.

  8. “..,they may have to return to coal.” Last week Germany announced that they were reopening their coal fired power plants to offset the loss of Russian “energy supplies”.

  9. Canals? Lack of water?

    The insanity of it all.

    Everything is meant to increase populations. The Southwest U.S. has repeatedly had 100 year droughts wiping out civilizations.

    Yet, the unlimited Ponzi Scam notion meant to flood people into the region.

    However, the U.S., Arizona, Texas, Minnesota, etc are waaay overpopulated. Ure you should have said somthing.

    The maximum population is that which can be sustained in the worst of times. We’ve had the best of times for decades and mindlessly believe its the norm.

    Getting back to “normal” implies halving, or less, populations. Gaia has a plan.

    Black gold is merely another manifestation. Energy means we are doomed if serious changes –including population are not made immediately.

    Instead of the mythology of ‘canals’ say something about a 1-child family and zero in-migration.

    Better Genuflect deeply as the Alter of Technology is approached.

    • “Black gold is merely another manifestation. Energy means we are doomed if serious changes –including population are not made immediately.”

      Improvise, adapt and overcome..
      We expand and build at 55 acres of prime farmland a minute globally @dell. The prime fertile farmland did not vanish’s still there all it did is change its automobile requires 14 trees to process the co2.. and 7 per human being..we dig up and expand replacing it all with asphalt and is a constant endless we are energy..
      The only real issue is making changes will require the loss of control and profitability..
      Our grid is pushing huge amounts of power great distances just to maintain control..
      Instead we go to war destroy and rebuild..rather than focus our energies to doing things for civilizations we instead go to war..
      The first time I brought the greenscape idea into play was in high school in science class.. it was the joke of the decade.. we never do offensive maintenance only defensive..

    • In most cases, one child is far too many. And yes, I’ve been guilty of that too. One problem is that an advanced society requires many skilled and unskilled workers. We have too few of them – especially the former. Anyone over 70 can be legally discriminated against for a job – that is actually the law. The result is that we have too many people and too few essential workers. Bureaucrats are not essential and most of them don’t work.

      • the average wage earner cannot afford daycare for one child..much less more than one..

        “Anyone over 70 can be legally discriminated against for a job ”

        The year we went without an income.. we were told by job service that it was almost impossible to find a job for anyone between fifty and sixty five.. until you are on SS because those people have obligations.. so you get you have to much experience.. or not enough.. the one I liked was the one the wife got that said she didn’t change jobs enough.. she had been with the same employer for decades LOL…and.. you are not eligible for any of the good samaritan programs..
        we were screwed.. my wife gave me crap because I believed in having a little extra in the pantry from past experiences I had had.. only to discover that we needed it to live on.. now she helps a little bit.. although she is thinking that we have enough lately because there hasn’t been any shortages of anything..

  10. Re:Water
    We live on a planet that’s predominantly water covered.. there isn’t a shortage of water..just a lot of people with their heads in a box. Unwilling to do what needs to be done because it may affect their levelof control and profitability.
    Reminds me of a valentine’s floral arrangement.. seriously how many bud vases does a woman I like to take household product or knick nack and convert them into a floral arrangement.. like the toilet brush was a nice shell design.. in the brush bowl was a floral foam block.. on top of it a small two dove taking flight.. greenery and flower composition there under it was a all fountain pump.. around it greenery and baby’s breath with the led light strip all designed to make a gentle waterfall.. now it was gorgeous.. and even though the brush scone has long since been retired from use.. every time it was looked at you would the transformation to a flower..
    All throughout history in areas of desertification the ancients used cistern systems and airwell designs to keep them full..
    There’s plenty of water.. the real problem is with our in the box view on how to proceed. The only issue I see as the way to how to maintain control.. just look who controls the water rights..

    To greenscape a city or to build the cisterns and airwells ( ever wonder how a spider gets its water or why plant grow thorns ) securring our world would break some of that control that’s set aside for just a few..
    One look at NK and how they had to learn to survive..ancient homes that’s been studied discovered that they had cisterns under the floor..and house design to channel the water collection to the cistern.
    The hanging gardens ..

    • What is funny.. is similar to the failed television show 30 days that took highly successful individuals and placed them in an area where they had to survive as a common wage earner..only one made they challenge..
      Or my smart boss that was brilliant at selling but had never picked up a tool..
      Our futures are being planned by individuals that need the common wage earners talents to survive..
      It is really in their best interests to keep them active and productive, safe healthy..

      • If your a salesman.. you need to have someone to sell to.. if your a boss and a plant.. if the plant isn’t working.. you don’t have a plant.. many of the oligarchs grew up with money.. many don’t have any skills at all.. except how to cure a wicked slice that is.. a mechanic is a genius as a mechanic a fry cook the same thing.. everyone has a talent and lives in their environment .. like the can man.. after hearing some of the stories of living in a dumpster.. I doubt seriously if I could do that.. Unfortunately those planning our futures are not considering these small factors.. I may have read a book or two on surgery.. I don’t have the skill level to do surgery.. that takes time.. and patience ..

    • Dude – been harping on Cisterns for like ever here on Urb Surv. Always falls on deaf/death ears. We doubled the size of our cistern prior to signing off on building plans, when we built our Belizean hideaway/bugout/vaca home, down the coast of Placencia.
      What this itchy east coast good citizen needs is a home grown cure for Posion Oak/Ivy HELP !

      – I dont even scratch this scheisse, and it just bubbles up where ever it feels like getting hot. I must have scratched the back of my hands I look like a shitty painter – back of hands covered in calamine lotion..reminds me of the Penguin who brought his car into shop for A/C repair, drops off car and heads across the street from repair shop and goes into Dairy Queen for large nilla cone. The Penguin returned to shop with cone in hand and nilla ice cream All over his face – the Technician working on A/C glances over at the ice cream covered Penguin and says “Looks like you blew a Seal” .. rimshot!

      No not on the Johnson yet, bound to happen as it takes TWO hands to handle the WHOPPER! neighneighwhineywhiney Help

      • Poison ivy relief- good ol’ listening will temporarily stop it all as well as help clean up the oil the is spreading the poison.
        Don’t know what plants are available but in the northwest juices and poultices from skunk cabbage or black walnut shells, or jewelweed(impatiens capensis) are effective at stopping it. Prunella vulgaris (Self heal) is also helpful both as tea, wash and poultice . At any rate May you heal quickly!

      • Cisterns are often illegal due to codes, or they require expensive plans and permits. Of course, you can just quietly dig your own.

        The entire political system is designed to prevent self-reliance. This month I consumed exactly 400 gallons total. That’s probably a bare minimum for a western standard of living, but it can be done. Meanwhile, it’s been monsoon raining! Catchment on every house and safe storage would bankrupt most city water systems, or they’d just have to put a mandatory monthly charge for a required connection.

      • I hear ya @Placencia Palooka…. I know I sound like a broken record.. luckily though I had some engineering kids that came by a few years ago with a professor looking at extra summer credit.. I harped about air wells.. next thing I see is they got a grant to build one.. which makes me feel good.. It isn’t even a new idea either.. the same thing with the grid.. none of it will ever change though.. it is what it is..

  11. Hey G, come out to Western Washington and see the depression played out in real time, real color. From South Puget Sound north to B’ham, cities are stacked with ‘war wagon’ RV’s (reference to Madd Maxx) along the side streets and tents of of the homeless. Makes the hobos from the ‘Grapes of Wrath’ days seem rather quant! At least they rode the rails and always kept moving.

    What’s troubling is that this entire state, from top to bottom, is run by progressives; you know those all caring, virtue signaling individuals that want to run your life. And still the problem persists, even after hundreds of millions have been thrown at the problem. Nobody cares to ask where the money goes, yet there is never enough.

    Yes, the depression is here, the recognition just hasn’t happened yet.

    • I have a lady friend who just relocated from W-Wa to the Shenandoah region. ‘Took her to brunch a few days ago and just listened. She’s a lifelong Democrat and a self-confessed Liberal. She bought her house 7 years ago for a quarter-mil and quick-sale dumped it a couple months back for a tick over $900k. Among many other things, she told me: “The ‘Liberals’ out here aren’t ‘Liberal’ any more, they’re total anarchist whack-jobs — and very, very dangerous (Note: She grew up in a near-ghetto, two blocks from a biker-gang HQ and where gunshots frequently lulled kids to sleep at night. If she thinks it’s “dangerous,” I’d bet it is really something…) There are homeless tents everywhere, and sections of Seattle where warlords rule.”

      Y’all can have that shitshow. I’ll take my chances in ESL, Memphis, Chicago, and Detroit…

  12. The Romans developed a complex network of canals with their water aqueducts two millennia ago. Even then the emperors came up against land claims and financing issues. An early work going with the flow appears to be book 8 of the 10 book series “De Architectura” by Vetruvius around 20-30 bc.

    The northern hemisphere Americas perhaps will end up emulating the post-democratic EU model for getting things done. Standing above the elected EU legislative body is the dozen-or-so appointed member European Commission. It dictates what legislation the elected group can consider to become law. I don’t suggest this as a “good” thing but again as in times Roman – “when in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

    As the sundial approaches time for the prandium meal, let us settle into our respective tiers at Coliseum for the beggars’ banquet laid before free peoples under guise of brussel spouts. Here’s DJ Ure shaking it up with warnings to the free world with
    “Sympathy for the Devil” by The Rolling Stones.

  13. Networking with local cattlemen, projections are that a second hay cut will be thin, if at all. Herds are being thinned. Stock ponds are losing levels quickly in this heat. Water storage sounds good, but is cost prohibitive for small producers.

    • I keep the cows on the South end of the ranch where the water wells are still healthy enough to take care of them and the goats but still hauling water almost daily from there to the North end that is about a mile from the big well that feeds the residential area on the other side of the fence to the North. That one well used to keep that tank full with no problems but it’s only a trickle now. If I keep turning the solar panels to follow the Sun I get a “Low Well” signal from the sensor down in the well and have to wait until the following morning for the water level to replenish itself. In the year-old Google Earth image of that development I see at least 3 above ground pools and there’s probably more at this point out here on the edge of the Chihuahua desert. People are stupid.

      • ” In the year-old Google Earth image of that development I see at least 3 above ground pools and there’s probably more at this point out here on the edge of the Chihuahua desert.”

        Pools? What pools? Those are open-topped cisterns. All they need is the rain gutters rearranged to add water to them when the well dries up. It would be better if they were topped with something to reduce evaporation and algae growth, but they’ll certainly work in a pinch.

      • Too far away from the houses and, while we’ve had some good rains a while back, you’re not going to find any of THEM swimming in the stock tanks like we did as kids with all the muck at the bottom and water bugs tickling your toes. This means they have to dump them every now and then. At the very least I hope they have a garden to use the water on.

  14. I thought this might be of interest to the group. Hearing/seeing reports that the Georgia Guidestones have been at least partially destroyed. Resident as nearby heard huge boom and early pictures confirm that it has been damaged at a minimum. If I were going to take a stand against the “man”, I don’t think this would be the way I’d choose. Just sayin’.

    • Given all the historical statuary that has been moved out of sight over the past couple of years I’d say it’s just a little bit of tit-for-tat. And, according to Clif and others this probably marks the beginning of a really rough time for our country leading up to and through the elections.

  15. Ya know I went over to Clifs site and watched one of his videos. You know it’s bad when Clif and I are on the same page.

    The only thing is he thinks August and I think end of October. But pretty the same shit. Especially the food riots.

    The thing he didn’t mention that I see and didn’t mention on my time travel thread post is

    Massive uptick in Organized Crime. We look to the PCC model in Brazil poverty sections to sprout up everywhere. The PCC started inside prisons because of inhumane it was there. And then they spread out in the communities to help with inhumane conditions there. Organizated Crime came to the rescue because the Politicians were debating too much and not taking action and solving issues. They were giving the bullshit and people realized. Ya can’t eat bullshit. Organized Crime solved the violence problems and alot of the food issues. So people sided with them.

    That is the future if nothing changes.

    See yaan. I got money to make.

  16. New fourth Reich high in USSAmark . Zighal zighal zighal !! Yibada yibidee 73 dribble

    • Get it right dumbkopff, a little respect, Sieg Heil is proper.

      Space nazi’s will be strumtruppering Ure Aussie smart ass – as Ure just a hop skip and jump from Diego Garcia and Nue Swabieland..

      not too hard to find once U been injected with vaxx – Ure “veil” soo thin as to be breached with a pin…just need you to get really angry..opening ever so slightly the way to 2nd…ya know where da winged gargoyles and whatnot hangout. Just like the Matrix movie – gonna “Dial” Ure disrespectful ass up. Strictly Business with those guys .

      -just kidding?

  17. It must have been high fives all around in the trading pits today as the Jolly Roger was raised up high; thar be whales ‘a wailin’ washing up in the tides of fortune!! Yes, today a guardian against global warming boarded Air Force 1, beast in hold, for a 1hour 45minute visit to Cleveland from Washington. Mr. Biden delivered remarks according to the public White House schedule. Those ones about the Special Financial Assistance Plan of the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act stemming from passage a year ago in your Congress. Today’s big announcement appears to be that the ARP “interim rule” is being superceded as designed by the “final rule”. I’m stepping a little outside Jester paygrade, but it sure seems to read as though eligible pension funds can break through the max of 5% in investment grade stocks and go to 33% publicly traded stocks effective August 8th?

    Failing pension funds please line up at the designated PBGC cash window by March, 2023. $6.8 billion of $94 billion spent already; only 29 benefit years remain!! Remember the mantra when the wheel spins: Big Money, Vanna, Big Money! Of course, don’t forget Ranger Smith’s sage advice: Feed the Bull, but don’t poke the Bear. This is not investment advice. Excuse me while I go find my mountain climbing gear.

    Over to the studio and here’s DJ Ure with toons for the times:
    “Rescue Me”
    One Republic

  18. Revolution In The Netherlands? Farmers Plan July 4th Protests, Supported By Huge Crowds

    Dutch farmers are expanding their protests against the government’s climate agenda. Dutch lawmakers were voting on proposals that would likely lead to many farmers being forced to stop farming. The ruling coalition called for cutting emissions of pollutants by 50% by 2030, this would target the livestock of farmers.

    Dutch Protesters Pour Manure On Government Offices Over Industry-Killing Regulations

    Dutch farmers who have been protesting for weeks over the government’s radical plan to cut nitrogen emissions by 50% – 95% by 2030 have taken things to the next level – pouring manure on government offices in response to the plan which would cause widespread chaos – including the death of 1/3 of Dutch farms.

    Well, shit…

  19. DIE for GAE or else… Ukraine BANS military-age men from traveling and moves to conscript WOMEN…

    Ukrainian General Staff bans military age men from traveling outside their hometown without permission of local military commissariat.

    There’s been rumors in Poland about allegedly leaked Ukr documents asking our (wretched) government to conduct mass sweeps of military age Ukrainians in Poland.

  20. Why Does China Own So Much of Ukraine?

    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is causing global hunger and galloping food prices, and future supply-chain disruptions will bring more such misery. Many countries are realizing that they should grow more food, but they’ve sold much of their best land to China, which uses it to feed its own population. A few years ago, China bought nearly one-tenth of Ukraine’s arable farmland. Countries should start screening those seeking to buy their farmland, as they already do with prospective purchasers of sensitive technology.

  21. So good 73 is healthy . Hearts fixed . All good . Tanti belli cosi 73 . Maka da guru talk USA USA USA . No forget to short da gold . Maka da great Reich with the green mark !!!

    • Right on. What colour is the Aussie Dollar? The colour of my one shiny coin is golden. At least that’s a silver lining for my other coin. How’s about a little cheerleading for the UK Sterling? Maybe UKUSA UKUSA

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