Two Job Numbers to Chew, Guidestone Marker Question?

Since our forte is economics around here, how about we begin with the two job numbers hitting the Street when the bell sounds?

The first one out was the Challenger Job Cuts report.

Job Cuts Surge Up 57% From May 2022, 59% From June 2021
U.S.-based employers announced 32,517 cuts in June, a 58.8% increase from the 20,476 cuts announced in the same month last year. It is 57% higher than the 20,712 cuts announced in May, according to a report released Thursday from global outplacement and business and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

June marks the highest monthly total since February 2021, when 34,531 cuts were announced. It is the second time this year that cuts were higher in 2022 than the corresponding month a year earlier.

ADP Numbers

The second – and arguably the whale du jour is the ADP report. Only up 128,000 jobs – much weaker than expected.

“Under a backdrop of a tight labor market and elevated inflation, monthly job gains are closer to pre-pandemic levels,” said Nela Richardson, chief economist, ADP. “The job growth rate of hiring has tempered across all industries, while small businesses remain a source of concern as they struggle to keep up with larger firms that have been booming as of late.”

Even though the Fed minutes were a bummer (Fed minutes June 2022: ‘More restrictive’ policy likely if inflation fails to come down)  and the job numbers suck, the initial reaction to the poor jobs number was a Dow +167 with an hour till the open.  (Shesh!)

On top of this? The Wednesday JOLTS report offered more sobriety:

“On the last business day of May, the number and rate of job openings decreased to 11.3 million (-427,000) and 6.9 percent, respectively. The largest decreases in job openings were in professional and business services (-325,000), durable goods manufacturing (-138,000), and nondurable goods manufacturing (-70,000).”

One more data point is unemployment filings (NSA – not seasonaly adjusted):

Depending on your political affliction affiliation today’s numbers offer deification or damnation of the presiding troop of monkeys.

Guidestones Still Guiding

The Biden-designed Depression will be along shortly as the prospects of food shortages will lead America into our “worst of times” – a period likely to eclipse even the darkest hours of World War II.

The good news is?  We may not have long to wait.

You see the story Wednesday about the blowing-up up – by unknown persons of the Georgias Guidestones is more likely a temporal marker.  Designed, methinks as a “Told you this was coming…”

Still, reading the story Georgia Guidestones demolished after bombing damages mysterious monument – WSB-TV Channel 2 – Atlanta, there was one thing that stuck out like a sore thumb.

“…The Georgia Guidestones have since been demolished due to safety concerns, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said Wednesday night….”

So the initial explosion and then – minus any due process being inferred, the GBI (or whoever their assignee was) blows up the remnants?

File under “inquiring minds want to know” because the Guidestones are – or at least were – akin to an archeological site.  Left behind by a high civilization now quickly disappearing in the rearview.

Who – and more importantly why – did the government respond in such explosive overreach?  Really – smacks of a WTC-7 “Pull it!” moment to us.

Notwithstanding these (odiferous) events, we expect the population reductions forecast to “go real-time” shortly.

Pain of Ukraine

Command and control is serious stuff.  Especially in times of war.  Because often times, the commanders (who can actually put points on the board) are ham-strung by political decisions.

With the Ukraine war threatening to become a years-long fuse into World War circa 2025, or thereabouts, we take it that every military-aged male in country will be prevailed upon to serve.  But, now – because politics are involved – we read Zelensky clashes with his military chief over plan to launch travel permits.

Travel permits are designed to ensure that all who are physically fit to serve do so.  Commanders know that at some point – as wars come down to dueling desperate parties – manpower will become an issue.  Zelensky’s opposition reveals to us that he’s still locked in a political mindset, and he has yet to “go Churchill” in his thinking and focus on winning quickly – at whatever the costs are.  One of which is mandatory draft, recalls to active duty, and brakes on foreign travel.

Useful intel and mindset revelations for Putin and other chess players to noodle as next moves appear.

Going Deeper

Some commentary from military affairs contributor warhammer is useful here:  The whole “world is in play.”

“Some students of history who peruse Ure daily wisdom might recall a U.S. official named George Kennan, who served in Moscow post-WWII.  Kennan sent what came to be known as “the long telegram” back to Washington, in which he detailed the expanding Soviet threat and how the U.S. and Europe should deal with it.  Kennan’s strategy was simply called “containment.”

Put pressure on the Russians wherever they tried to extend their control, be it Greece, Germany, the Balkans, Korea or China.  With no formidable economy or agriculture, Moscow would (according to Kennan) decay from within.  For better or for worse, Kennan’s strategy was adopted hook, line and sinker by American and its global alliance of nations.   It took over 40 years of Cold War confrontation and proxy wars for containment to succeed.

Today we hear echoes of Kennan’s stark warning from the current heads of the U.S. FBI and UK’s MI5, two powerful intelligence agencies which have eyes and ears all over the globe. China: MI5 and FBI heads warn of ‘immense’ threat.

According to these two directors, the main threat today is not Russia, despite Russia’s ugly invasion of Ukraine, but China.  The PRC is more than just a military threat.  The Red Dragon extends its power and influence over technology manufacturing (and intellectual property and personal ID theft) and all things cyber, particularly banking, education, communication and all things economic.  China is inside our networks, our computers, our data.  They are winning a quiet war using very Sun Tzu tactics – winning without fighting.

So, the West must fight a 2-front war – a kinetic one with Russia and a cyber one with China.  China looks to extend its aggression into “infinity and beyond.”  As NASA chief warns against China’s moon program.”

As my consigliere has been pointing out here for several years, the highest risk of World War III is not now.  It comes in the 2024-2026 range.  That’s when China will have completed some five-year plans.  By then, Russia may already have moved on to “mopping up” the European Union.

EU is Going, Going…

OK, the pending departure of Boris Johnson is only a distraction. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s resignation: AP News.  Like the Georgiua Guidestones story (above) we look at his departure as another key temporal marker of what’s to come next.

War all over Europe.

I can’t remember who told me this years ago, but it was an economist of some note (parroted by others):  The European Union is a collection of bankrupt countries held together by a common currency.”

More in coming Peoplenomics reports.  But with president dunderhead screwing the political pooch on issues like Sanctions, we are only assured that climate is under the bus as Europe reverts to local energy.  And wet dreams of erudite would-be scholars will be tossed back into the feedlot like the bullshit they’ve been.  Coal’s comeback threatens global goals for fighting climate change  was always about competitive advantage among the soft thinking class.  China continues to bring new coal plants online.

The West continues beguiled by leftist rhetoric supported by divisive social wedgies that will soil our panties, soon enough. Communist propaganda could not have invested better “tools for fools” than bot swarming creation of false narratives on social media.

Stories this week – like Animals Being Tortured on Video in Growing Social Media Trend– and additional mass shootings by “posters” remind us how utter gullible socialist university grads have become thanks to Marxist indoctrination in classrooms.  Data-based critical thinking skills?  2nd and 3-order thinking skills?

Even now the war for 2024 is being decided as Why a wave of social media ads may signal a potential DeSantis White House run.  A small cadre of programmers in Beijing’s outskirts and in Russia is having a field day neutering this once-fine country.

Speaking of “Short Strokes”

Try these on for size:

Road to Venezuela?  Hunter’s got “juice” as Yellen must provide info on Hunter Biden’s shady foreign business deals: GOP Rep. Comer.  With no majority in the House, Hunter’s angels will keep his sorry ass covered.

Say it ain’t so!  Compliant media can’t protect Hunter Biden forever  writes the ( in an editorial.  But the data says otherwise.  Yes, they can, and they will.  Remember where you read it: We don’t have government anymore.  We have organized crime with improved marketing.

Gender silliness?  Like who gives a flying f*ck?  Now we know! U.S. airlines are adding a gender-neutral option for booking flights. Next will come virtue upgrades for eunuchs, we’re just sure of it.  (Stupidity is contagious and spread by social (media) contact!)

Some people are fighting back: ‘Nothing short of domestic terrorism’: Police officers file civil suit against 6 people associated with DSM BLM.

ATR:  Christmas in July

In America’s headlong rush to the septic field, we are occasionally flabbergasted by the few remaining really generous Americans out there.

One long-time reader (LOOB) sent us a box this week that contained a CPAP machine.  I’m doing a sleep study right now and looks like that’s where things are leading – I stop breathing in my sleep.

Two recent Peoplenomics articles explored what is (to me) a fascinating connection between Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and spiritual experience. If you wanted both papers (north of 30-pages between ’em) you’d subscribe to Peoplenomics.

The short version of my inquiry finds little gems like:

  • Sleep apnea may travel in the gene pool.  90 mentions in the Old Testament of “dream communication” with the Almighty, but only 8 in New Testament.
  • Moreover, the specific mechanism is likely the release of DMT – a powerful hallucinogen – as the body approaches death.  Yes, Oracles and “sleeping profits”  (not to mention deep meditators) seem to go there. Lack of oxygen made presage “contact.”

I’ll be using the CPAP machine experimentally as soon as my sleep study ends.  But I’ve actually got second-thoughts about it.  It might reduce my extremely enjoyable lucid dream skills I’ve written about in Psychocartography.

The generous LOOB who sent his “backup machine” seems to agree there’s evidence of a link between lucid dreams and CPAP use.  Don’t think he’d mind me mentioning this from an email”

“…I know they will have to drag mine (CPAP) from my cold grey hands LOL.. best sleep you’ll ever get.

The downside is I have way less lucid dreaming.. it use to be all the time.. now it is only once in a while.  Which I find interesting since.. I never considered the reason to be the lack of oxygen.. that post on dreaming was really good.”

Hell of a fine “Christmas in July” present.  PLUS two bottles of his homemade wine.  Grandpa’s Wine is marvelous.  But this year’s new Wine is called Emperor’s wine.  He posted the recipe a while back in the comments section and maybe he will again (prompt, nudge).

Also, out of the blue, our retired TV engineer out on the big island sent me

“…a fistful of fresh picked Hilo Hawaiian Chili Peppers.  Plant some.  Make your own Hawaiian chili pepper water.  Enjoy. They have been gently cleaned in running water, dried, and ‘roasted’ for a few minutes under a sterilizing UV germ lamp.”

I can hardly wait to get them planted.  For now, temps here are holding upper 90’s, but the end of seasonal hell is around September 15th to October 1 most years.  I want to have everything ready to set peppers and plan on making a pepper turkey for Thanksgiving.

Thanks to both for their extreme generosity!

Plan for the worst and hope for the best, is how we roll. Along with a side of “Be excellent to one-another…” esq.

Write when you get rich,

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  1. Good stuff. Well said. Good Job LOOB. Love it!

    I’m way to busy latey for much chitchat.

    This is my message right now to everyone. It should be not really a message. It should a standard that everyone lives by. Sadly, most do not. Most are like stop Andy, everything is back to normal. We made it through covid. Covid is over. Time to enjoy life.

    Good Morning! Grind, Save, Invest (especially invest into healthy relationships), Stash, get extra and Pay off everything you can. Hustle! Hustle! Hustle now! So you don’t have to later. Most importantly! Trust THE DUDE and help others. Please Pray for our Nation.

    Truly I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate! It is my hope you are as well.

    Off to grab 18 gears and get while the gettings good before there is no getting to be got. I will be enjoying life when the getting is gone. Those who do not prepare now? Well that is their right to be out there participating in the Anarchy.

    I will be having a nice cup of coffee and a long conversation with THE DUDE instead of looting and all that.

    Me thinks TrInItY has tracking and snooping software on my phone. Hi trin. Welcome to the party. I have a ton of people snooping on my phone. If you need a stool sample to find out what modern day prophets eat (because it’s not locus and wild honey) take a ticket, there is a long line over there. As if I don’t know when someone is snooping on my phone. And on my life. I predicted the last 2 presidents. And a million other things. You can’t do that without getting attention. I’m fully awake and aware. How did I know. Because when I type TrInItY? It auto correct to how you write it on GLP and I’ve never written your name that way. Ever. And I have auto correct set to learn how i type. Duh. LOL

    Hi NSA. Hi FBI and Hello others that shall not be named. Because I know they track and study me too. Lol. Way to valuable to not. Geeze little old me. I only know a little. THE DUDE knows the shit I don’t! May you find HIM now!


    Uhmmm last song Fer a while. Hmmm heard a bunch of good oness yesterday. It’s funny the whole Q a song thing is after I have a deep thought driving in my big rig, a song usually comes on the radio that pertains to it. It’s weirdest thing. That and every mornig I wake up some song is playing in my head. Ohhhhh “it wasn’t because I didn’t know enough. I just knew to much.” That was the song this morning.

    See ya George. I may be in Texas soon. Since I’m up in the mountains with a bunch of people with License plates that are all Texas license plates. It seems I already am in Texas. LOL

    Uhmmmm…….. oh yeah with the rozakk blotches. Good stuff.

    Que: ~ Crazy ~

    Gnarly Barkley

  2. Have the contents of the “time capsule” allegedly buried somewhere around the Georgia Stones been secured?

    • I think that was horrible that someone blew them up… It doesn’t matter what they said.. what they said really gave us an insight into what is planned on arriving.. probably any day now..

      • Loob – what is/was horrible is the “energetics” down deep under that spot..”darkies” “Stones’ one of them objects meant to distract Humans, once distracted..easy prey.

  3. Oh yeah. The Georgia guide tones. That is what I call them. Guide tones. Lol

    They looked alot like tomb stones. With different languages on them. Not so much like guide stones.

    Good. Yes temporal marker..

    TrInItY, pay attention to that get lucky songs first few lyrics. They are meaningful for you. LOL because your avatar and shit.


    • Like tuning forks George. Same as the twin towers. They were like giant turning forks. Lol

      Atleat to me that is what they looked like. Guide tones.

  4. Seeing things like I’ve never seen before …

    A real campaign add …

    Hearing an Auctioneer in your head while pumping gas …

    UFC’s Israel Adesonya, who could have talked about anything at a news conference for an up coming bout, wants to know, Where’s Epstein’s List ??

    I find it ironic, the following appearance in the ring, he does the Undertaker Walk to the ring …

    We are in some very strange times.

    • Probably with the reports on investigations of wrong doing .. those that commited suicide or was mugged and killed..

  5. An early pre market opening “Special Session” of the Executive Committee was called this morning after chores. We got together and had flowers sent to Mrs. Rita at the sale barn cafe for her birthday. She is the artist/chef responsible for the dinner plate sized cinnamon rolls that should be served with a side of insulin. She came out and gave us all a big hug leaving us with flour on top of the field dust and dirt we already had on us.
    I hope she changed her apron because after she hugged Gene there was a big glob of axle grease on it.

    Stay safe. 73

  6. Dude G,

    Hilo chili peppers, LooBs Select Wines..sounds like you been cultivating Virtue – excellent, most excellent. Perchance did you happen notice/smell any sticky puna buds in the package from Hawaii? Kauai Electric and or some Maui Wowie – almost didnt make it up to Hana driving from waterfall to waterfall..-Thanksgiving /1984 – hazy recall, but do remember hanging out with a big ass purple parrot in Hana – sadly no purple space monkeys though..

    The link below takes you to a narly tale of “black magic” and voodoo..both Very real. No Fear, just information and NRG.
    Its is current times, current events..and real? There is much to be discerned from this tale – scary good read. As you delve into it, think about “phenomena” – this Is what being Opened/Awakened is all about -like Tripping Balls 24/7/365 – you never come “down” – hallucinating all day everyday.

    * Been vaxxed – get some ivermectin – been shown to destroy micro particles in vaxx like they are parasites. All vaxx derived from same source material supplied by german chemical giant Merck – all “spiked”.

    • I’ll agree on the IVM! I sent IVM to a good friend who got the J&J due to coercion. It was supposed to be one and done, but now they’re trying to get people to take the mRNA “boosters” every six months regardless. Anyway, she did take the IVM and aspirin as I’d suggested prior to the shot and had a psychedelic type trip – not from the IVM, but from the shot contents – spike proteins and whatever other foreign matter that was invading her system. Regardless, she seems to have had no other effect, but she’ll never get another shot unless it’s at the point of a gun. The more I read and study the science, the more malevolent these things appear to be. At least the J&J doesn’t use free floating stabilized mRNA! I’ve found that occasional use of IVM seems to help my body reboot itself energetically, even though I’m unvaxxed. Just my experience, not a suggestion – YMMV!

  7. My wife has (had) a bit of sleep apnea. This is some serous damn stuff, NOT to be dismissed or taken lightly because it can trigger stroke or heart attack.


    A little weight loss (if you’re a bit hefty) and a reduction of nightly consumption of Spritus Fermenti (as The Limelighters” called it) to reasonable levels will help. Boozed up, one relaxes too much and residual muscle tone fades to lower levels.

    Shedding a little Personal Mass also helps.

    Don’t screw with apnea. It can kill ya.

  8. “Kennan’s strategy was simply called “containment.”
    Put pressure on the Russians wherever they tried to extend their control, ”

    I actually believe thT would have been an easy task to..first the Ukrainians were asking putin to interfere and clean up the massive corruption and genocide of the people with so many he probably would have gone in anyway if not for the sake of the citizens but to clean up the biowarfare labs doing research there.

    For months he asked and pleaded for nato to withdraw missiles 300 miles from the Kremlin. We sent more.. we kept taunting them with war games off his borders even crossing them..
    I believe all that was needed was for us to pull back the nukes..I also believe he wanted this to be a clean war. Go in surgical strike the corruptions and gave a long time for the people to leave giving them shelter food and what amounts to a years wages there.. it got ugly when we sent more weapons..
    We are lucky that putin is in charge .. I don’t see him wanting to see this escalate any more than it has to to get the job done..
    Now.. I believe it’s a war of wills.. when we started doing the exact same thing with china. They backed their currency with gold silver grain and oil… if there was a hard liner instead of putin this could already be uglier.. read his biography.. and you to will believe that he will do what he has to to get the job done..

    • Having a hard time believing the Russia vs. Ukraine thing is a real war. Looks and feels more like a fraternity brawl with safety scissors. It might be a really elaborate play to obscure something else. What could be so valuable or so much more important? Maybe everyone is on the brink of economic collapse?

    • If people get their wish and Putin disappears (mostly likely by dying) they will quickly realize that he WAS the moderate in the crowd in Moscow. The Hard Line Zealots WILL come to power and when that happens the gloves will come off and do not doubt for one second that they will be seriously looking at how to do a nuclear decapitation First Strike on the US.

      Sometimes your really shouldN’T get what you you want since in your emotional blindness of rage you don’t realize that what you are going to get is going to be so much worse.

      (I agree … the US was pushing pushing pushing Russia to invade Ukraine so as to justify the US getting a Proxy War started there. However the US failed to look at the PERFECTLY FOESEEABLE second order consequences of the actions they had PRE-PLANNED, and pushed pushed pushed to happen, and now Europe is in an energy bind, everybody everywhere is facing MUCH higher energy costs, and probably millions of people will face serious famine. Alas … the same people who wanted to get this War started are the same ones who made all the false claims about Iraq with a resulting 400,000 to 1 millin dead civilians there. Looked SHOCKED, please.)

  9. I try to be consistent with my incredulity. If the FBI, Department of Justice, and other three-letter agencies cannot deal with Hunter Biden and family, what makes people think we can accept their judgment on China and Russia???

    Senator Diane Feinstein and her billionaire hubby have been working for the Red Dragon most of her time in office. The three-letter agencies never got in her way.

    The lies and anti-America/Constitution agenda are as obvious as the sunrise.

    It’s time to toss the old belief systems about institutional patriotism and American Law and Order out the window.

    Only the plebs are hanging on to those myths.

    • Exactly.. well said Stu

      People around these parts of the wasteland have serious doubts about whether or not those that say they are here to be justifiable are not.. dual standards at its worst.. the other thing is not what the people believe.. but what about those in the job of protecting and covering up the BS double standards and acts… they to I am guessing are having their doubts as well.. treated rotten seeing that the ones that opposed what they wanted or knew to much all seemed to be eliminated.. this isn’t something that wouldn’t pray on their minds.. and if it then involves their families and friends.. where will their allegiance be.. Mom or someone that wants to see them in jeopardy ..
      Years ago I cleaned the purging unit from a biological.. the question I had is.. what was it they sprayed over the city.. stung like hell.. then questioned.. ok if it is something dangerous.. why would someone discharge it over their home.. the people discharging it were not from this area.. like my grandpa in ww1 they sent him to a city where his great grand parents lived in Germany.. the family story was he was eating strudel when they signed the armistice LOL..

    • G. A. Stewart
      July 7, 2022 at 09:18

      I try to be consistent with my incredulity. If the FBI, Department of Justice, and other three-letter agencies cannot deal with Hunter Biden and family, what makes people think we can accept their judgment on China and Russia???
      Senator Diane Feinstein and her billionaire hubby have been working for the Red Dragon most of her time in office. The three-letter agencies never got in her way.
      The lies and anti-America/Constitution agenda are as obvious as the sunrise.___________________________________________________________________

      Right on!
      A fish rots from it’s head right to the tail. We have been sold out by the fish heads in Washington.

    • Knowledge is power. China knows everything about you, me, anyone doing work in the virtual universe. They’ve embedded hidden mini-processors onto computer chips. Using entities such as APT41, they’ve hacked into ‘at least’ six U.S. organizations such as the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, the U.S. Treasury Department and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), part of the U.S. Department of Commerce. and other government agencies in areas of health, transportation, labor (including unemployment benefit systems), higher education, agriculture, and court networks/systems using inherent software flaws like Log4J. U.S. states have also been targeted.

      Other organizations impacted by Chinese exploits worldwide include NATO, the U.K. government, the European Parliament and Microsoft.

      This ain’t no paper dragon – it’s a cyber one, and it’ll eat Ure lunch, hijack your identity, tap your bank account and then bill you for it all later.

    • “… If the FBI, Department of Justice, and other three-letter agencies cannot deal with Hunter Biden and family, what makes people think we can accept their judgment on China and Russia???…”

      BRAVO!! … Thank you for calling them out for the total incompetents and political hacks that they ARE!!

      Another entire set of MADE UP Crap from the various alphabet agencies and now also the military, aided and abetted by the extremely compromised MSM in New York, is already filling the airwaves and publications now. The US Government with it’s Partners in Lying (the msm) spew so many lies anymore that even for something truly serious, such as China, one can’t tell what is true and what is totally made up crap.

  10. “Moreover, the specific mechanism is likely the release of DMT – a powerful hallucinogen – as the body approaches death.  Yes, Oracles and “sleeping profits”  (not to mention deep meditators) seem to go there. Lack of oxygen made presage “contact.””

    Chain smoking like the Oracles of Delphi. Hahahahah

  11. Right after i posted that smoking in the boys room by Motley Crue and came on the radio. ROTFLMFAO have to be one step ahead of the music. Hahhahahah

  12. “China is inside our networks, our computers, our data. They are winning a quiet war using very Sun Tzu tactics – winning without fighting.”

    Was it 2010 when they turned on everyones cell phone camera.. all the baby monitors and was able to alter all security systems.. and Rand paul was upset because many of our guidance chips were discovered with a very small program that would send data every so many seconds on operation..
    shortly after that.. Iran landed a TS drone.. didn’t shoot it down.. took control of it and landed it..
    while we outsourced for money for a few.. they acepted that challenge and undercut everyone.. you no longer take a television set to a television repair person.. you toss and buy new..
    the implications didn’t really hit me until I discovered I could alter the cloud of a tablet.. it was still on the cloud.. and every time I would post a guys picture.. his door bell would ring… LOL he had the police looking for this guy..

    • LOL. The police can have the guy in the picture, I’ll take what’s left!

      I never trust software switches – I’ve written enough code. My webcams have tape over them all the time. I also have a translucent tape over the front camera on my cellphone, and an opaque tape over the rear camera. Modern cellphones detect light from the front camera and if they don’t get it, they go dark and are unusable. The translucent tape lets light in without allowing a usable image.

      • “My webcams have tape over them all the time. I also have a translucent tape over the front camera on my cellphone, and an opaque tape over the rear camera.”


      • That was a real photo to… the guy was a fan of hers. The woman is the Swedish actress, singer, and glamour model Natacha Peyre. they had the photo taken.. and someone sent it viral..

  13. “ATR: Christmas in July”

    You are very welcome George I hope you get as much benefit out of it as I did…..You will notice a difference right away.. when I got my sleep study done.. the oxygen guy was waiting for us.. he said didn’t they tell you.. you were the worst they had ever seen.. and that my oxygen went down low enough that I could actually die in my sleep and not even know it..
    the first night with it on.. my eyes fused shut LOL.. I slept so hard.. after a week of it.. you try to sleep without it.. and you will feel like your drowning in your own fluids.. best thing I ever got.. I don’t use the humidifier.. or the ramping .. I like it straight on and dry.. except for january.. even then I don’t use it on hot.. I never used liquid oxygen setup on it since I know that liquid oxygen will deteriorate the gaskets and seals.. .. similar to the shuttle seal failing I was always afraid of that the same with ozone to clear the air like we used on airplanes in for cleaning overnight.. use it heavy then leave the room for a few minutes to let it diffuse… if you use a UV sterilizer then it is ok…. so I kept all the crap away from it or the seals…… and my heartrate and pulse bp etc.. all were affected to the positive to..

  14. Here is my two cents on CPAPs.
    I am on my 4th, from a real stone age version to today’s remote monitoring version, much smaller and much quieter
    Also this week had the Urolift procedure done to stop one other sleep interruption. ( seems to be working as advertised, very minimal pain or discomfort and better flowrate.)
    Before CPAP I hardly ever dreamed at all.
    I just never got down to the REM level.
    Once I got one I experienced what The Major pointed out, fit is everything.
    I also have nearly year round sinus drainage and allergies.
    Once those were fixed, and the mask or nasal buds were fit tested, thesleep commenced and did the dreams. Very vivid dreams such as you described. I am hoping the reduction in bathroom trips will increase sleep length and depth, and improve dreams.

  15. There is enough peppers there to plant, make a few quarts of pepper water, a ‘pepper turkey’ (recipe?), and still have lots leftover. You can remove the stems and freeze them until ready to use. My freezer is has a gallon bag full of them… always available here and everyone uses them in cooking local food. I’m not a real fan of real hot stuff, but Hawaiian chilis are just enough of a kick to notch up the local food delicacies.
    These came from Papa’s ‘tree’ out near the chicken coops… well fertilized. This pepper tree has a trunk the size of my forearm and is 6 ft tall and round… and constantly full.

  16. Yo Bigs,

    Please, do tell how on gods green earth did you Fix year round sinus drainage and allergies ?? Have had one sinus surgery in late 90’s – breaking a viscous sinus infection cycle I was in. Used to be a fantastic Antihistamine called Celdane that was awesome – they pulled it from market for some BS reasons – it actually worked great – which is my conspiracy theory as to why they pulled it..fckrs! hoping you dont say Mucinex was the fix drainage and allergies.

    Frigging Planet driving me NUTZ , to distraction. Been waking up at 3:33 AM again dammit..cant stop the spirits when they need you, I guess..


      Eliminate your allergies forever. I have posted it here several times, but George never promotes it. Guess he feels more authoritative than the millions who have received this treatment over the last 40 years. If you are on prescription meds for allergies, you can be cleared completely, forever, for the cost of one years meds.

      My youngest cleared of extreme eczema, my oldest went of Ritalin forever, after treatment.

      Even works on animals, so it’s not a trick or a placebo effect. Works so well that my skeptical nurse wife became a practitioner, and sees 30 plus people a month with astounding results.

      For example, if a person is treated for chemo chemicals before treatment starts, they NEVER lose their hair.

    • Mullein capsules, tinctures, or tea may work for you. Mullein is used for sinus, lung, and many other problems. I make a mullein tincture from either hand-picked or store-bought mullein and use it every night to prevent post-nasal drip. I gave some to a neighbor for a sinus problem and she thought it was great! When I went to a new, holistically-oriented doctor, she immediately suggested mullein for almost any problem. She takes it whenever she feels anything coming on.

  17. regarding apnea and dreams: if you go to the doc, one of the first questions they will ask is “are you dreaming?” Because if you are not able to descend into REM sleep due to the apnea, you will not dream. Not dreaming is a symptom of apnea.

    That is all.

  18. Ben over at S0 asked the same question I did yesterday about the Georgia Guidestones – why did the video not show anyone approaching and putting the explosives on them? Then he went a bit further and asked something that I’d seen but not put into words questioning it and that is – why did the spot light brighten just before the explosion? I couldn’t really tell if the brightening occurred just before the explosion or as a result of the shock wave from the explosion hitting the pole and moving the lights back so they showed brighter in the camera’s lens. Ben seems to think this might possibly be a lightning strike but I don’t see any bright bolt of electricity in any of the pictures of the videos. Surely these stones must have had numerous strikes over the years but for a lightening bolt that didn’t appear bright enough on camera to do that kind of damage … dunno.

  19. Yo Jorge, my sister in law sent me a link to a well written article on the future of the vaxxed. Paints a rather bleak picture:
    As for the Georgia guidestones, I think the destruction of this monument was a big FU to the powers that were. I believe this to be pivotal moment in the beginning of their end. Appears the wins for the good guys are on an accelerated trajectory with no end in sight. Keep the faith my friends, the DUDE is in control.

  20. When bad things do not happen to bad people, civilization ends.

    Name one person who is doing all this sh*t to the country who has suffered real consequences! And I am not talking about voted out of office, or a country club prison and then a book deal.

    Thus you see what we have in the USA Today.

    There are two agendas at play in the “great game.”
    1) reduce the world population as quickly as possible using multiple methods.
    2) cause the entire human race to become disillusioned by NATIONAL GOVERNMENT! We have all witnessed national governments making horrendous decisions in the past several years.

    This disillusionment will cause exasperated people to see a globalist government as the cleanest dirty shirt in the basket. “Well, the national government hasn’t been able to fix anything, we might as well give this a try!”

    Whenever you read about suboptimal events (sub agendas) in the news, if you cannot see how it fits in with this grand agenda, then rest assured their propaganda is working, and your survival is very low on their agenda, which has been succeeding amazingly well for the past 30 years. You might consider another news source.

    There are hundreds of sub agendas at play, and those promoting these are awarded with increased fame and wealth.

  21. somebody schiffed their pants,, to not allow evidence from the military into any court of law. What is he afraid of?

    Q did say “military is the only way” :) we WILL see
    Q also said “if deals were not struck, that 70% of the government would be in jail.
    Q also asked “how do you get evidence into court?” rhetorical

    Little Adam Schiff is scared and I AM doing my happy dance,,
    PANIC in DC

  22. 2 gallons of concentrated Red Grape Juice
    4 cloves
    2 star anise
    1/4 cup of juniper berries
    1 inch of cinnamon stick
    2cardimon pods
    2 lbs of forbidden black rice
    1/4 cup of chai tea
    1 lb. of lotus tea

    start out by putting two gallons of water in a pan boil the rice.. until done.. strain the rice off keep the water.. (you can eat the rice then if you want in a stir fry.. )
    add the juice.. and take a reading. of the juice to see.. make sure the specific gravity is at 1.090 then add the spices till its mulled along with the lotus tea..
    and the chai tea.. pour it in the carboy.. with the tea still in it.. along with one cup of orange juice ( citric acid) taste it to make sure it is palatable.. with a wine thief.. take two chinese yeast cakes and toss in it.. then add six ounces of roasted bamboo.. I used roasted oak.. to age it.. fill it to seven gallons then close it up and put a vapor lock on top and let it do its job..
    after fermentation siphon out the wine into another carboy.. do this three times.. then taste back sweeten to taste and bottle.. the alcohol content should be between seven and ten percent..

  23. Why is the IRS Armed to the Teeth?

    To strict constitutionalists or anyone with a vague semblance of reality, the purpose of the 2nd amendment is clear and concise. In just 27 words, it imbues the citizenry with the immutable right to bear arms. Just years removed from the throes of tyranny, the members of the Constitutional Convention knew how important it was for citizens to protect themselves from the inherent potential that governance may ultimately lead to oppression.

    • Ray
      July 7, 2022 at 22:11 Why is the IRS Armed to the Teeth?

      The pumpkin heads of Washington still think Banks Are Too Big(in importance) To Fail. The banks will eat the lesser of them just as in the 80’s again. No one will have enough $ to keep their homes out of hock so when they walk, government will have an excess property AUCTION. Since we have been shipping pallets of money to China for umpteen years they will likely be the high bidders on what WAS previously destined to be mostly ours. The people with their hands up the backside of Pumpkin Head in chief really do have the total destruction of the U.S. Government. They are doing this bad idea because they CAN. In their twisted minds, the vulnerability of this Capitalistic nation, left unguarded, is actually an invitation to take it from us. They have their Pumpkin Head marionette so they can remain concealed in the background and do their dirt and treachery.
      Will you be one of the lucky ones to keep a home and meet your new Chinese neighbors?

  24. Biden administration to sue Arizona over law requiring proof of citizenship to vote

    The Biden administration is planning to sue Arizona over a new state law that requires proof of citizenship to vote for president.

    Kristen Clarke, the assistant attorney general of the civil rights division of the Department of Justice, said she has authorized going to court over what she contends is a violation of the 1964 Voting Rights Act. The only thing that would stop that, Clarke said in a letter to Attorney General Mark Brnovich, is if the state is willing to settle the issue, presumably by an agreement not to enforce the law.

  25. I’ve followed Ure guidance for probably a couple of decades now. I will be 77 next month and my brain doesn’t work like it used to, not as sharp, but probably still functioning well enough. I have concluded that I do not have a photographic memory. I’m not good at reciting facts, numbers, event timelines, any of the physical stuff, but I have an intuitive mind that has seen what is coming for all of us for decades. I marvel at George’s mind, your ability to seemingly remember everything you have ever experienced, inside this reality, and inside other realities.

    I marvel at your discipline and intent to live your life productively, and to share your knowledge with others. I marvel at your grasp of pretty much everything that is happening, and your ability to have found a life long mate and happiness and your own little oasis of watching this experiment in human evolution as it unfolds.

    I personally do believe that we are heading towards a culmination of a global plan towards a world government, a planned famine and reduction of human life on the planet, a world which won’t appeal to any free-minded human, and this is the final battle. It’s all out there in plain sight for any free thinking person.

    Just wanted to say, thanks to you and your readers and their comments, so many that you have taught to be free thinkers. No matter what happens, and the big questions still remain, I appreciate everything you have done, day in and day out, for this Urban Survival community.

    • I am honored to try and help.
      See the article that will be linked in the “Around the Ranch” section this morning.
      I think you’ll very much enjoy it!

      • Thank You, again, Mr. Ure.. Lois really articulated my feelings about US, and U2.. Your gifts (type 100+ wpm??? yikes,, makes my beat up fingers ache more), content variety, and doing it every day,, are beyond phenomenal..

        I think it’s close to 18 years now, I’ve enjoyed Your content,, and Your decision (2010 maybe) to include comments,, really attracted some arcane experts,, which put it over the top.. I subscribe when I can afford it (been real tite for the last few years),, but the free stuff is really worth it (ha ha)..

        I pray for Your and E’s health and well being,, Keep it up (no not that) Joe,, in a tiny city in Kansas

        • Joe thank you so much. It’s a two way stret for me. I get up every day wondering “What does Joe in Kansas really need to know about the world spinning out of control today? And what can we all do to help Joe get more bang for the time spent in this Life?
          I am honored to write a few wrongs with society…

  26. God bless Klaus schwab and gold shorters . God bless America for superiority and change to run the world . God bless the USD $ and jimmy Cramer and Wall Street and Goldman sarks and jp moron and citiezombie . You all git your jabbin now . Even you 73 you got plenty sheddin in yah. Boy . Wave that flag praise old glory

    • Yo Len,
      Chill man, Chill.

      Gold & Silver are on the launch pad – commercials are Buying/Long, 1-2%ers/Family Ofc’s are starting to acquire phyz. Oracle of Omaha is back in Silver..up to 2% of BRK total Valuation last time, expect same this time around with help of BKofMurhica.

      The BIG difference this time around is the Commercials will NOT Sell into price rally, their SOP for past >30years.

      Check the Silver Basis – phyz is getting scarce out there..tickticktick

  27. Yo Jorge, My sister in law sent me a good article on the future of the Vaxxed. See:
    Paints a bleak picture for the future. As for the Georgia Guidestones, I believe the destruction of this structure was a big FU to the powers that were. Appears to be the beginning of their end. Keep the faith my friends, the DUDE is in charge.

  28. I don’t think an independent person took down those guide to hell stones. I think it was an inside job. The camera system was very good and it has been functioning 24/7/365 for decades, and they do have video of it all but only released a slightly blurry still picture of the car, and no other video except a small clip of the bombing itself. Which reminds me of the less than 3 second clip of the Pentagon on 911, which appears to show a missile hitting the building, not a passenger jet. Remember, Rumsfield had a freudian moment and told the world a missile hit the Pentagon, but I digress.

    As pointed out, no investigation, no attempt to gather data, even from the site, nor put out an advisory to catch the military grade able bodied bombing professionals who pulled this off. Where is the white supremacist terrorist warning for this bombing on American soil???

    Then later that morning dismantling of the remaining structure happened very rapidly, for government work, which just goes to show, when it comes to assainations, murders, suicides, and all over just plain getting rid of targeted people, they move fast.

    No one is even coming out crying about their million dollar structure coming down!

    Conclusion: Inside Job.

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