Wasn’t it just a week ago that we of  the non-MSM press was being raked over the coals for pointing out that the payment of $400 million to Iran was paying for hostages?

“Oh, no, no…” said the apologists for President Useless.

Yet now, here we have the Obama administration via stooges at State admitting to lying and yes  it was ransom, and the liberal/lefties in the press are still tripping over themselves to say anything but one word:


Trust the MSM to bury this in coming hours.  It runs counter to “the narrative” – which used to be “the story” which used to have “photo ops” instead of “optics” and other relabeling bull-shite to fog public thinking.  By the way, it has worked.

Still…this pathological lawyering would get any other president impeached.

I don’t know if the American people have all be drugged (80% chance) or the liberalized school curriculum hasn’t taught them to think – more on this in this morning’s Coping section.

Every time I think about it, my blood pressure goes up.

Refreshing: Insane: State Department Blames Media For It’s Own Lies And Deception Over $400 Million Iran Deal. NSS.

Out on the Campaign Fail

Meantime, Donald Trump seems to be getting back in the game but there is a big asterisk next to him:  Where are the tax returns?

Hillary has disclosed hers….or has she? 

I’m gearing up for my liberal friends when they make an issue out of this.

I can hear it now: “  Why is Trump HIDING his tax returns…Hillary disclosed hers…”

Well, no, the way I figure it, Hillary has disclosed only part of her taxes.

I want the detailed returns on the Clinton Foundation for 2015…and who’s getting what out of that…then we can move on to other details.

Forbes noted in 2015 that the Clinton Foundation was re-filing a bunch of returns.  The Foundation discussion is here.

Why no 2015 filing yet?  Hmmm…side bet on whether that comes before or after the election?

But near as I can figure it (and post details if I have this wrong) but are the Clinton Tax returns disclosed so far  amended or un-amended returns

See:  Even a slow-witted nut in the woods (hmmm, who might that be?) can figure this one: 

Donald could disclose he paid 50% tax, for all it matters.  And 6-11 months later file an amended return.  You don’t think the other side’s lawyers haven’t figured this gambit? 

Yes, voters are so stupid when comes to taxes, it makes my head spin.  (either that or I’m hung over…)

If I were running?  I’d File a tax return.  Disclose the hell out of it.  Then, once the press gobbles it up, file an amended return next year after the election  -=- well after the fact.  And, should anyone ask the crookidate quickly answers “Oh, I already disclosed my taxes…”

No one asks about amended filings, after the office is snagged.

No one of the me-too press today asks about amended returns.  You see, that is how stoopid the press is these days.  Sycophants and losers by and large.  Incapable of original thought.  Unable to ask “How will crooked candidates screw us next?”

I’m here to help.  File, Publicize, Amend.  How hard is this to get?

Too much time on personal branding and pancake, not enough hitting the books and covering real news, you think?

This is how lawyers think – and talk.  And do.  Unto us.

Pappy used to tell the story of a couple of North Dakota lawyers who were out walking a field on a cloudy, foggy day winter’s day.

While they stood there, a balloon came down out of the clouds.

Where are we?” yelled the distressed and quite lost pilot of the balloon.

One of the men on the ground sized up their predicament and yelled back “You’re in a balloon!

The pilot, exasperated, turned to his passengers.

Those are Dakota Lawyers..”

“How do you know they’re Dakota lawyers?” asked a frightened passenger

Well, they told us the truth, but it isn’t doing us a damn bit of good.”

As thus, ends this morning’s sermon on how lawyers really work,  Amen.  Whether from the Dakotas, Chicago, or Arkysaw.  Let me hear a hallelujah!.

Now, if you all turn to the Book of Accounts, Chapter 3, Verse 21….

Oh…Hil is now trying to pawn off email-gate on Colin Powel…  what Ures truly wants to know is this:  Where is BLM on this?  Are they going to rally to Powell’s defence as Hil turns Powell into an un-armed victim?  Naw…

Back to the Futures

Market is going to open down 50.


This is options day.

Well, the commercials are going to beat-down the equity option-holder gains that come with record prices.  market will rally next week.  Maybe even toward the close today.

Date of average annual high runs about August 26th, or so.  High in 1929 was September 3rd, if memory serves.

Free Money for the Election?

Look at the latest Federal Reserve puffery of the money supply to pimp things out for the dems…check this out:

imageI feel like a Nobel-winning economist when I tell you:  With the Fed puffing M1 up nearly 10% don’t you think at least SOME of that will leak into stocks and bonds?


More to come, though, since my lazy man’s check of how loose money is happens to be BTC’s – now $572 down from the 700’s.

New BTC projections for Peoplenomics readers Saturday along with our expose on “Monetizing Your Butt.”  We do get to have some fun around here.

News What Matters

If you drove for Uber once upon a time: Judge rejects $100 million settlement between Uber and drivers.

CNBC list of travel hacks over here is good.

Zika cases on the rise in Florida.  We’re watching cruise ship pricing for changes.

Online versus ivy covered education battle: Colleges to students: If you can’t graduate on time, the fifth year is on us.

And From Our Fire-the-Judges Department:

Judges nixed DHS bids to deport illegals 100,000 times, report.

WTF – and want to bet who appointed them?