Coping: Two Serious Prepping Notes and Off the Hook

Our first serious prepping note is thanks to my darling wife.

While we were on vacation, she was driving and misjudged a turn into the carport where we were staying.  No damage to the carport, but a $1,200 ding in the old Lex.

Problem:  While the dealership in Ft. Worth could have had the job, they don’t come down and pick up, or drop off, so that’s off the table.

Had to go local.

Well, turns out Panama had a gentle impact with a deer – which ran into his care a while back and the fellow he found is town is great.

Got a good estimate – so now it is a matter of timing.

But hold the phone, this is where we get to the prepping part.

While the office dude was checking the ding ($838 is the new price, I happened to notice the “No-consensual Towing charge” notice on the wall.

“Say, Preston, how does that work, since I’m dumb as a stick?”

“Well,” he began, “Here, if a police officer calls the tow – like if your car is blocking a public street, then it is $318.20.  But if it is a tow that YOU order, then ijt might be as little as $65.”

He didn’t know if that applied in other states, but shoot-damn, if I ever need a tow, I will order it myself if the vehicle is not blocking.

Check your local laws and preplan this.

Also, carry three or four accident reports in your glove box.

Next Prepping Item – From the Inbox

Reader Roger Easton sends this:

Your articles have been helpful to me in emergency planning and preparation.  I created an application to help manage my Standard Operating Procedures and prioritize my resources. I’m launching a crowd funding campaign to commercialize my app.  I would appreciate your consideration to view my (2 minute) campaign video.

Roger Eaton

EMERGENCIES HAPPEN – Prepare the Smart Way

Your call on how to respond if at all, but makes sense and would have other applications.

Might not help in an EMP event, though…

Cheapskates Notebook

We look for lots of specials on Caribbean Cruise ships this fall.

Thank (or blame) Zika.  And the hostage payer in chief might figure into this, too.

Flip side:  Mosquito plants (citronella) flying of the shelves here in east Texas,

Off the Hook:  Title IX Monetization of Transgender Unicorns  [G-Rants]

Unicorn Fecal Debris Discourse is perhaps a better title…but my blood pressure is so high my eyes are bleeding so maybe I better explain.

While the the Obama administration sinks ever lower in its closing days, we notice that the attack dogs of the Lunatic Left have gone Rogue Fiction in order to brainwash our nextgen of little darlings.

Witness the delusional marketing of the transgender monetization efforts of the Ostapo which is discussed in a “Think Progress”  piece titled “Conservatives Are Really Scared Of This Purple ‘Gender Unicorn.”

The writing is OK…it’s the thinking that’s horrible.

No…but reasonable people fear this mindless unicorn gender marketing bullshit is it is a SYMPTOM.

Mass insanity is in full outbreak North Carolina.  Meantime the liberal left being in denial.  Sort of like they’re the Tobacco Companies when the Surgeon General’s report came out..

At the risk of barfing the cornflakes, here’s the drill in a nutshell:

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools are promoting an infantile Unicorn to “help kids” and staff  understand the grand crime of bullying transgender kids.

I can not make-up shit like this.  It’s simply too early for me to be this clever.

From the top, reality works like this:

1.  The Feds don’t run local schools.  Local ;school boards do.

2.  Transgender kids didn’t exist when I went to school (remember, I’m an old fart).  Therefore they are a new creation.

3.  Swarms of bullied t.g kids have been invented by school lawyers because twerps get beat down in all schools.

Kids are mean  and stupid.  That’s why we sentd them to school.  So when they get out, they are smart and mean.  Arkansas law firm material.

4.  History means something:  Back in the old days, everyone got bullied by everyone else.  Those who were bullied got even.

We didn’t have lawyers.  But we had fireworks, ice picks, sharp glass…etc.  We in fact got street smart at school.

It wasn’t a perfect system but it worked.  I got the shit beat out of me, someone’s tires got slashed, and that’s how we rolled.  Crime met punishment.   We didn’t need to monetize anything.

We didn’t need Title IX Ostapo swinging Fedtimidation around like a club.  We didn’t spend as much money to Washington.  so we didn’t have the frief.

You know how this works, right?  Follow real history for a minute:

We send more money to Washington. 

They take out 20-90% and hire people who make up crazy shit.  Then they send whatever is left back to us sheep in the home districts with strings attached.  Many, many, many strings.

School lawyers have made this a hallelujah issue because schools don’t like getting sued when twerp[s get their faces mashed.

Which means lawyers have been pissing away millions on making up “Who are these playground bullies?”

One day, near as I could figure, a bunch of them drank lunch, roasted several  bowls, and then dropped acid.

“Hey!  What if we make up transgender children and protect them by pretending they’re all Unicorns?”

“Shit…that sounds great.  Let’s hire a graphics firm, run out some big budget collateral and lesson plans, put it in curriculum and maybe we can all be famous in the Pimps of CommonCore Annual this year!!  We might even get a job officer as Title IX Enforcers!!!!”

“Great…hey.  Hold that thought…I got an uncle who’s a plumbing contractor…let me call him and tell him what we’ve cooked up.  Why, we can get his business up another 50%.  You want in?”

Und zo, Verily, verily, Brothers and Sisters I tell you straight up shit this morning:

There is something in the water that has caused people to lose their minds.

50 years ago, we had kids.  They fought.  They battled, they got bloody noses.  But they coped, invented printed circuits, went to the moon and generally kicked it.  We would have won Vietnam, too, but for piss poor management at the top.

Fast forward to President Useless and the Court Packer to Come:

Honor thy twerps.”

It’s not their fault they can’t figure out their own plumbing.”

“Listen to what the Unicorn teaches…”

(Are you freaking kidding me?)

No, it is NOT :”conservatives” who are “worried about the darling little unicorn.

It’s any rational person who sees bullshit in 10-foot letters.

And about Think Progress?   Big cluje:  Making up gender marketing scams to lay on  unwilling Taxpayers ain;t happ’nin out here in flyover Land.

Why isn’t the left covering the blow up of Obamacare, by the way?  Why roll with purple cartoon shit?  Where the outrage at Aetna for calling a turd a turd?  Reality check on this one:  When ins. co’s lose money they roll up or move on.  When the Feds block market efficiency, they lack the power to litigate private firms into losing money.  Duh.  Yeah, not supposed to work that way of Planet Left, but that’s Planet Real for you.

Meantime, back on Earth…

If the feminization and mass neutering and spaying of America is the best this cast of woeful losers in the Direct of Corruption can come up with, can we hold the election tomorrow, please?

I mean, if that’d be OK with the darling little Unicorn and its pussless and dickless wonders…

(Ure finds no closed season on unicorns in the Texas Game Regs…)

To Recap (as the blood pressure drops back into the safe zone):

1.  Elaine can’t remember a single transgender from here school.

2.  I can’t remember a single one from mine.

3.  Beat downs is how twerps like me got their bloody noses and figured out how the real natural order of the world works:  There are only two rules:

A. They with the best lawyers win, and stuff like that.

B.  Money matters more than gender, race, IQ, honesty, etc.  It’s a crooked planet.  Teach the real shit in school.  Might mention there are no unicorns, too…but I know…that’s a National Science Foundation Grant to come figuring out how to unwind the lies we tell ‘em young.  God, are made up business models awesome, or what?

4.  I couldn’t help but note that unicorn agitprop has “Gender Assigned at Birth:  Female, Male, Other.”

WHJAT?>????  There is ANOTHER GENDERAL in North Carolina?  OMG…call the FDA quick!

Tell me the names of 25 doctor in North Carolina who haven’t had their licenses yanked for writing “I can’t figure this one out…” in the gender space on the Birth Certificate..

One in what, 50,000 to 200,000?  (Give it up for the n in statistical c lass!)

Maybe this could start a new trend:  Be the dumbest member of the AMA…being unable to sex babies.  (Even Ure can sex chicken now, lol)(  Hey,  think the AMA would  be in for a unicorn co-sponsorship?


Who are these crazy people and what are they doing on OUR planet?

This is MAKE UP A BUSINESS MODEL as we have devolved from a country which has gone from PayBoy to PlayGirl and on now to just PlayThings.

Naw, I don’t need rehab.  I just need to smoke some of this shit everyone else seems to be getting high on.  Cuz this planet is making less sense by the day.

On Earth, that which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger and yeah, I’m the only airplane owner that I’m aware of in my High School Class.  Overcoming conflict has its merits.  Cash and toys come to mind.

but I suppose the agenda isn’t to make us stronger, then , is it?

Peoplenomics this weekend:  The fun continues with a nonpolitical view of “Monetizing Your Butt.”   No fair saying the topic stinks.  The little unicorn says “Don’t prejudge dickweed.”


I have to go check the clock now.  It’s gotta be 4 PM somewhere.

Write when you get rich,

40 thoughts on “Coping: Two Serious Prepping Notes and Off the Hook”

  1. George your columns seem to be filled with too fast typing, lottsa goofy words or extra letters in them.

  2. Good call on the cruise. I went to Israel after Iran (who hadnt gone on the war offensive in 1000 years) declared they were going to obliterate that country. There were so few flyers on my transatlantic flight, that each flyer was assigned an entire row of seats to themselves. And so few on my Giza tour (in between Arab Spring uprisings) that we did the museum in a half hour, and went on an impromptu Nile cruise. It likely helped that everyone was half my age. And..despite what the “guvmint” media says, Zika hasnt been proven to cause microencephaly either. Brazillian doctors arent buying it. If I had money, I’d cruise down there too.

  3. NOW, this is interesting to ponder…

    Not just Walmart, but most bigboxers are trying to shed employees for their bonuses in a tough market. Shedding tellers and upping workload on employees or using robo-stockers are all inevitable.

    Did you know that only certain Lowes employees are even allowed to go into the parking lot in Palestine? Did you notice their slow phase-out of tellers and expansion of self-check as well?

    That’s why the lines are longer – only thing self-check works on are small purchases. When they push it to the lumber and other big and bulky items, what’s to prevent me from scanning one 2×4 and taking ten? Hmmm….another robot?

    Security guards? They were let go at the same time and for the same reason – improved profits and bonuses.

    This article throws another kink in the works – if nobody is around who gives a flip, then crime soars because their is no social price to pay! Robots don’t care, right?

    So the likely proposed technical solution is what, robot guards?

    Those intent on crime, and those who have little to lose anyway due to having it all whisked away by taxation and offshoring of decent work, they hate the robots and self-check because it is yet another job that is gone.

    My multinational bank went from a staff of 12 people in each branch to a staff of 4 in each branch, and were instructed to direct disgruntled customers to the two brand new ATM machines with expanded services.

    Crime is going to pay more than working soon, at least for the guy needing to feed and clothe his family.

  4. I saw the garden show this morning got cancled because of the heat wave.

    Aint nobody got time for that sh!t i, i got 2 high maintenance ex wives, 4 kids and a young girl friend. So im working my ass off. Lol. Choices!

  5. RE: “It’s gotta be 4 PM somewhere.” Remember Einstein: “Time is relative to the position of the observer!” If you are metaphysically at 4-O-Clock, then for you, aka the observer, it must be 4-O-Clock! But be careful, because Einstein also observed that “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.”

  6. I’d read that catnip is more effective at mosquito repelling than citronella. Since it’s hard to find here in stores, I cant test that. (Zeus- you’re welcome].

    Also, I’d read in the past of “testosterone resistance”, and wonder if glyphosate or something else in our food/water is causing a transgender effect. (Population Reduction folks are probably happy). I live in a town of 2500 and saw a FundMe page for a local kid to have a sex change operation. Gender confusion (and autism) didnt happen in the 1960’s/1970’s) in my school years- and probably not even until the last 5 years. The percentage of overweight kids seem to have greatly increased over the last 15 years.
    With the government starting getting involved, it made me wonder if it was like Nixon’s early 1960’s War On Cancer- where they KNEW that a cancer epidemic would occur 40 years hence (post contaminated polio vaccines) and were preparing.

    • Overweight kids…….

      It is the change in diet. Ask Dave Asprey of He used to weigh 300 lbs in his 20s. He exercised daily and ate a low-fat, low calorie diet — and felt lousy. Now, in his 40s he eats a high-fat, high-protein, HIGH-calorie diet and is slim — with little exercise — and feels great.

  7. I have to say that when I went to school, we didn’t know about transgenders – and if they were in our class, it was taboo to talk about.

    Maybe the gvt’s bought off approval of the rampant use of chemicals in everything in our lives, has increased the number of transgender people in our world. For example, there are known studies that prove certain chemicals in plastics (especially when heated in microwaves) will increase the estrogen in our bodies. Then add to that all the other crap that is on our everyday consumption and use (household cleaners, soaps, shampoos,etc.) coupled with the chemicals in our water, air and food sources, and add things like flame-retardent fabrics that we sit and sleep on and wear- that certainly seems like this all is contributing to the genetic changes in our bodies. And what about the military that was constantly exposed to now know evil chemicals like agent orange. Could these all be the ingredients for the increase in transgender people?

    • There is also the widespread use of soy products in so much of our food, with it’s high levels of estrogen. Including soy based baby formula! The combination of all of the above amounts to nothing less than mass experimentation on an unsuspecting public.

  8. George – I’m going to be respectful as I can on paper – What are you afraid of? (seriously)

    My folks were much like you – anything not by the Catholic book having to do with sex was verboten (forbidden). As oldest I got lectures about ‘stuff’ I wasn’t even interested in – and mom had fits because I liked to ‘build things’ and ‘wanted to know why and how things were alive – people, animals, plants. I hated/hate playing dolls and housework . . . ugh!

    My poor sister wanted to be a chemist, but ended up a nurse because that was what women did . . . I was bullied as a child and teenager but didn’t bully back as I knew even then that they did it because they were insecure.

    So perhaps it’s gone too much in one way – it will settle down – and allow people who ‘like playing dolls’ or ‘build stuff’ or ‘collect rocks’ (’cause I thought they were super wonderful – being the oldest something in the world, but mom kept throwing them out) . . . let people be people whether it is what their ‘traditional’ genders are suppose to like doing.

    I know a woman whose had over 800 jumps and has worked as a ‘firewatch’, and another woman who was over in Vietnam during the war and owned/personally ran a security company.

    Again I say – What are you afraid of?

    • As I said: I fear mass insanity.
      I fear creeping pedophilia.
      I fear people marketing mass genderization to prepubescent kids.
      I fear lefties making Money and seizing power for idiot-lib parents who have lost critical thinking skills.
      I fear straight being criminalized – which is already in motion.
      And I fear for a nation that neuters its young.
      If you don’t, you haven’t studied history.

      • Agreed, Ure on the correct line of thinking. Divide by diversity and the Hegelian Dialectic has never been stronger.

      • Fear is the reason ……….

        ……….you and Elaine and I, and the baby boomers posting here, never saw anyone bending genders when we were in school. Intersex, hermaphrodite, and people with gender identity opposite their genitalia were mortally afraid of being ‘outed’. Much like ‘honor killing’ of women who don’t conform in
        some countries, I think there have been ‘honor killings’ in this country of those with non-standard ‘plumbing’. You also see far more people with disabilities these days than when I was a child. Modern medicine is part of it, however, and I have no proof, but I have lived in small towns in the Deep South, and I find it no stretch of the imagination that certain ‘mercy killings’ might be overlooked if you are properly connected.

        I found out about hermaphrodites when I was in my teens. My father told a story – years after the fact – of a young man who was working for him, who passed out in the summer heat. It turned out he/she was menstruating. I don’t know what happened to the young ‘man’ — he never came back to work.

        I am not certain of the validity of the information, but there is information on the Internet telling of the acceptance of five genders in Native Americans before the white man, and in Indonesian culture currently. So I suspect this gender ‘confusion’ is not a 21st century USA invention.

      • I understand your fears. You have elucidated them well.

        The life one chooses to live is a death choice. There are natural laws and consequences related to life that homosexuals clamor to the CDC for science to undo the affects of their choices.

        I have outlived those I knew growing up who lived in fear and hatred of the opposite sex and of their own sexuality.

        It is a ‘privilege’ to be willfully ignorant of such natural death laws, and then call someone, who tries to point out such laws, a bigot, or a sexist, or a racist or whatever else a weak mind can come up with to feed their denial.

        I have reached a point of realizing that mass insanity has reached a critical vector. I call it mental AIDS, a condition wherein critical thinking has been neutralized to a point where the masses have no idea how they are undermining their ability to survive.

        Our society has self-neutered, with a lot of help from the bull headed ‘Luciferians’ that wanted it to be this way. We have been under attack for a long, long time. What they bring upon themselves is unenviable. They thought they were gaining power when took life from the ‘meek’, instead of realizing what they were really taking it from themselves.

        Just gird your loins George, stay strong and hold on to your mind when all about you are losing theirs.

  9. An astrologer friend told me to finalize and fill any gaps in my prep supplies this week. He sees a nine month period beginning on the 28th and lasting till next May that has all the earmarks of mass chaos. Don’t things often get worse before they get better, if they do? I have prepped but am not in good enough health to say I am ready. Here’s hoping my friend’s prediction is wrong.

  10. A thought or two.

    First, the best mosquito control is malathion. Fog your yard with it and soon no mosquitoes. Harmless to animals and plants.

    Second, perhaps it’s time to go to law school. Why leave all the pickings for others?

    • With malathion, you wind up with pesticide-resistant cockroaches, etc. – they get it even if you spray for mosquitos or for something else. Vegetable oil (just enough to kill the ‘wigglers’ in the water, a drop or two) in any standing water is very effective, and it is harmless to animals. Veg oil spray also kills wasps, spiders, etc. Malathion tends to soak through one’s skin if ungloved, and makes one feel quite intoxicated – ‘first-hand’ experience!

  11. Whaaattt? Ya mean George Soros sets Clintonista John Podesta up in an organization which produces a happy unicorn, and you see red…?

      • A man taking his seat in a movie theater notices what looks like a unicorn sitting next to him. “Are you a unicorn?” asked the surprised man. “Yes, replied the unicorn” Puzzled, the man then queried: “What the heck are you doing at the movies?” The unicorn replied, “Well, I really liked the book.”

  12. “A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it. Fifteen hundred years ago everybody knew the Earth was the center of the universe. Five hundred years ago, everybody knew the Earth was flat, and fifteen minutes ago, you knew that people were alone on this planet. Imagine what you’ll know tomorrow.” Tommy Lee Jones to Will Smith Men in Black.

    We used to call it an “Attitude Adjustment” or just a “Tune-Up” when someone stepped too far outside our strict societal norms. I gave as good as I got, and fared well for my smart mouth and fast 100yd times.

    I was concerned that the thieves and liars were going to ruin the country. Then I decided to ease up and not be so concerned about what other people do or say or vote for.

    I figure if this is going to be the end of polite society, then I’ll just buy a Corvette Grand Sport and chase the Diaper Dragging Porsches through the turns and be happy with my decisions.

    436hp, 0-60mph in 3.9 sec and 1.05g on the skidpad with the ZR1 wheels, brakes and Michelin Super Sport 19-20″ 285/345 tires. Hilldebeast can kiss my hydrocarbon burning ass.

    Oh, and tell Bates that I graduated Pineland (P3) in 1984, (Uwharrie Nat’l Forest) and the powers that be moved Bronze Bruce across Post.

  13. A “bully” is a person who uses physical violence (or its imminent threat) to extort money, goods, or services from others.

    Over the past 7-10 years however, there has been a strong push to redefine “bullying” to include taunting, teasing, non-physical threats, and any social commentary regarding anyone else’s appearance or actions [which might be construed as negative], and program this expanded definition into our society. {For examples of this, turn on the TV during prime-time and tune to any broadcast channel; for the Cliff’s Notes version, tune Disney or ABCFamily (or whatever they’re calling it this month.) Watch the PSAs interspersed between the many commercials and draw your own conclusions.}

    Under this expanded definition of “bullying,” everybody is bullied every day, and is therefore a “victim of bullying.” In the eyes of the socialists, this gives government a whole new string by which to selectively dole out favor to “victims.”

    Within a generation Americans will have such thin skins they’ll bleed every time anyone looks at them…

  14. AMA–governmenticated, amateur pols and hacks. i quit as soon as i left Illinois (’91) and no longer needed membership to get malpractice insurance there.

  15. George;
    Look at the studies done at Johns Hopkins Hospital and Med school in 1950 to 1980’s on transgenders and sex change operations. they stopped ALL of them in Late 1980’s due to poor results. Those who had surgery were more unhappy and had a higher suicide rate after surgery. Now they do counseling and Psychotherapy with much better results. Children with gender confusion 98% resolve their confusion by the time they finish High school. Giving hormones or proposing surgery for them is MALPRACTICE. Genetics is the thing. if your genes say Male, you are Male , is female you are female. After surgery just increases confusion and ups suicide rate. Humans cannot yet change our genetics. Not yet. Maybe in 500 or 1000 years. Maybe sooner Multiple studies out of John Hopkins who were early 1950’s in gender bending stuff. Also Sweden, swiss. Most have stopped. Harms more than it helps. but people make choices and for enough Money someone will supply their need or desire or stupid choices.. So it goes..

  16. Well, until recently in our current phase of history, gays, transgenders, disabled and mentally retarded, were pretty much kept in the closet and out of the public eye. I’m not sure if there are “more of them” or they are just sick and tired of living in a closet. We do have bigger things to worry about — although I do agree with George on the “business modeling” of it all. It’s just a really strange f**ked up world, largely because of the reality we are fed day in and day out, and the ultimate success of “divide and conquer”. But the LBGT movement is not worth getting high blood pressure over. I’m a heterosexual woman with a pride rainbow symbol on my house so the traveling bible thumpers who walk up my wooded drive will think I’m an atheist dyke, and turn back — if my 120 lb big black dog doesn’t scare them off first. Those folks annoy me the most. BTW, I’ve certainly heard of religious nuts going on shooting sprees, but gays or trangenders? Not so much. *wink*

  17. once again, l truly question that you; a) live in Texas , b) are a human being c)have any clues about much of anything…really? You didn’t know that you can have your OWN car towed for less than a tow ordered due to an accident /legal infraction?????.. Citronella plants have been gone from stores in Texas for 2 months, as they are seasonal ???..Malathion has been banned for OVER 20 years!!!!!?? (One of ure ” readers” suggested it as a mosquito repellent???) Do you really take cheap, goofy cruises?? you invent your “replies”,??? (Noticed a big jump in the numbers in recent months) ….misinformation disseminated by the ignorant…dare u to print this, dufus

    • Actually, honey, never having been in a serious accident before and never having to need a tow, nor blocking an intersection, etc., I also did not know that if a policeman calls the tow truck, it not only costs more, but that tow truck driver just might take your car to the city pound and then the $’s really start adding up UNTIL IT HAPPENED TO ME!!! I was hit in an intersection, a truck ran a red light and totalled my car and dam near killed me, but I got out of my car and when the police came I was asked which tow truck service I used or would like to call…well, since I never used one, I did not know one, so the police man offered to call the one they worked with…hahahaha bribery…and that reeeeel nice tow truck fella showed up and asked me where I wanted my totalled car towed to, I said the BMW dealership, he said, that dealership (the only one in town) does not do collision repairs (at the time, I did not realize it was totalled)….so he discouraged me from towing it to the only place I thought it should go to, so NO, I did NOT think to have it towed to my driveway, as it was smashed up pretty good and undriveable, so I agreed when he suggested it get towed to an impound lot….hahahaha, on me, once more…until insurance worked it out….did I say, hahahahaahah on me? Yeah, a $175 tow (this was 11 years ago) and $200 a day at the impound lot!!!! They had it held hostage for almost 3 weeks!!! So, yeah, I called my insurance agency to complain and they had no solution as they are NOT allowed to recommend tow truck agencies, some slinky politician got that put into a law, so insurance agencies can’t collude with tow truck drivers, I am joking really, I mean can’t have insurance companies helping out their customers by WARNING them away from RIP OFF ARTISTS!!!! Oh yeah, the police, and the tow truck driver and the impound lot are all owned by THE CITY!!!! So, yeah, honey, people CAN get into their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and onwards, accident free and thus BLISSFULLY IGNORANT that you can have your OWN car towed for less!!!!

  18. Don’t need to know how to “sex” chickens if one raises sex links.

    Hey ! ! ! !

    I wonder if the geneticists can figure out how to do that for people?
    With chickens one crosses different breeds that produce chicks that are colored according to their gender. Maybe we could do that with people.

    Well, I thought I could come up with some humorous, corresponding human genetic crosses. Something like a black American Amish with a gay, white, Scandinavian Catholic or some such vaguery, might be funny if it wasn’t so sad. Seriously though, the funny is about all used up on this subject.

    So, before we loose the planet to idiots, give the genetic scientists some money … see what they come up with… Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Everything’s a business model … yada, yada, yada.

  19. George, I had to ask my daughter this one; we were watching a show that mentioned
    “transgender woman”, and I realized I didn’t know if the transgender referred to what the person was, or what the person became. Daughter told me the label describes the outcome, not the origin. (She goes to UNC Greensboro so she knows this stuff!)

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