Notation Crisis: Unavoidable Global Collapse?

The tea and vitamin stack may get credit for this morning’s key insight.  Namely that Global Collapse may be caused not by any of the “symptoms” that appear in daily news headlines.  but, rather, it may arise because of inconsistent global notation (logical) systems.

Shades of Logic Matter

Notation as in three major sorts found in mathematics, but then arising in all thought forms thereafter.

  • Polish notation – commonly used in computer programming and named for the nationality of logician/inventor  Jan Lukasiewicz – is commonly used in programming.  Where an expression is written with the operation first, and then the operands.  To add numbers, the operation (+) is written before the operands, 2 and 5 let’s say.  So + 2  5 gives you 7 in Polish.
  • Infix notation is different:  Here, the operands and operations are processed in the order presented.  Such that 2 (plus) 5 (results in) 7.  Or 2+5=7.
  • Which leaves Reverse Polish, where 2  5 + is used.

Of course, this all generalizes far beyond mathematics, yet there’s an important lesson to be observed.

We see, for example, that Polish (operation first) is at the heart of BASIC computer coding.  The GOSUB command, is a dandy example.  It’s operation first (go down to here, do this) [with] this variable, array, or whatever.

Reverse Polish notation might instruct different:  “Take this array and then go down to this line, and do as told there.”  Picture a number and a mythical command WENTSUB.

Which emphasizes (to Ure’s mouse-like brain) that “Order of Processing” is critical.  Which is signified by the use of parens to group things.

Which is to say, (3+4) * 3 gives a different result because the parens says “Add these numbers first, then…multiply times 3.  Thus, 3+4=7 and 7*3=21.

However, change the order of processing to 3 + (4 * 3) and the answer rolls out as?  Verbosely:  “3 plus the quantity 3 times 4 is what?  Since 3 times 4 is 12, and we add 3 onto that, the answer becomes 15.

Which gets to this morning’s stranger perspective on this foreign planet our ethereal souls have chosen to alight on.  Toughest thought problem in a long time:  Can multiple logical systems peacefully coexist?

It’s reflected in Language, all over the place.  You can see the problem in Law, for example.  Polish notation might argue for a law (or brief) to be written as (Rule to apply) followed by (List of use cases defining rules).

However, as a practical matter, Law (and resulting briefs) are often written as Infix notation, where the legal points arise and have operations applied as use cases.  Law Schools generally teach both approaches, but (like programming) because an odd sort of polylingualism occurs.

A good lawyer can take any “simple law” and twist it up six-ways to Sunday by just changing the notation to suit client needs.

Which is how we get to Courts which become inconsistent.  There’s (*as we showed with the two different results due to parens/bracket use) an kind of “inbuilt conflicted logic” afoot in the world.

Tuesday’s Field Trip

My consigliere has been working the longwave (and other cyclical economic models) since 1979.  And, consistently, it has pointed to a “Replacement War” with China in the next few years.

With our notes on Chinese hand grenade training Monday, we can see extensibility arising in China’s Xi Jinping Takes Rare Direct Aim at U.S. in Speech – WSJ.

It was actually even worse than the WSJ report:  Beijing warns U.S. against trying to ‘contain’ China as foreign minister hails Russian ties.  And telling us in no uncertain terms: Taiwan issue ‘first red line’ that US must not cross: China.

We see this as something of a logical conflict.  Because China has been ruled in an authoritarian (Polish notation) way, life is simple to the PRC mindset.  Follow the rules, or else.  But, for the U.S. a (supposedly) more benevolent (infix notation) legal construct allows for additional discretion beyond a pure “do as told or else.”

North Korea sees the risk of American logic, too:  Where our “hegemony” – the result of serial wars to benefit the economy – has led us to push Ukraine into attacking Russian-speaking peoples (after our subverting an elective government back in when, 2014 was it?).

The headline North Korea warns if US intercepts its strategic missile launch, it will be seen as war declaration leaves Joe Biden to market balloon wars to “strut his stuff.”  That’s the danger of mojo in 24.  “And a War for the Win…”

The problem? Logic failing.

Infix notation is far too easy to steal or morph. The Death Industry and Wall Street make oodles of money and demand tribute (investment) more or less at will.  But the dangers of unbracketed infix are legion.

Antifa and other anarchist groups tend to want everything their way.  Substitution of Antifa notation would likely reveal Chinese notions is more logical and less disruptive, for example.

Covid Botch Due to Infix Notation

The problem of disordered infix notation is the very discretion that gives judges a chance to apply human judgement, quickly morphs into corporate/government decision-making where Polish (and reverse) are ignored (they represent “science”) and corporate greed and personal egos take over.

As in Judicial Watch: Former NIH Director Francis Collins Emails Reveal British Physicians and Scientists Group Recommended Ivermectin for Preventions and Treatment of COVID-19.

It shouldn’t be a surprise, but the story just dropped Monday that the much heralded “boosters” only work for about two months.  Scammy?  Well, uh, we don’t have opinions, but suspicions?  Sure.

As far as we know, none of the key figures in the Plandemic has yet been audited for personal corruption and profiteering in all this.  That would have been a “first thing” laydown in China.

Seeing how the dominant “ways of thinking” lead to conflict?

In Covid, the (Polish) GOSUB was “do honest, detailed trials THEN decide best case”.  The revelations about Ivermectin are critical.  Instead, the (infix) was “Can we wrap up as “Do no harm” in expanded government power, and corporate benefit?”


The bottom line is that there is a texture of logical thought afoot in the world right now.  And it is possible to “harmonize” notations, such that everyone can get along.  But in an America still running on wild west infix notation with minimal ordering, and no agreement on order of processing, the gates of hell opening makes a similar sound to the bank vault opening.

Terrible dilemma for thinking people.  Which are already on the endangered list.

News: Derambled

Fabulous trading day here Monday.  Lunch money for weeks from our day trading addiction.  This morning, we look for semi-stable and then down.  Because Jerome Powell speaks.  Deets in Powell to face Senate grilling on Fed rates and inflation – ABC News.

In our work, the world looks like this:

A lot of the market action will depend on how well Powell comes off before the Senate.  Top or bottomi of fresh trend channel is possible.

BTC was holding $22,368 earlier today.  But stories like BTC may need to dip to $19.3K to cool Bitcoin profit-taking — new data ( should cause some concerns.  As should Alameda, FTX Demand Grayscale To Unlock $9 Billion From BTC, ETH Trusts In New Lawsuit ( Whatever…

For whom the axe falls: Meta Platforms Inc reportedly set to cull thousands of jobs.  Reminds me ADP jobs report drops tomorrow morning.  Challenger cuts Thursday and federal numbers Friday.

Rail fail deluxe:  Norfolk Southern Announces Safety Plan Amid Train Derailment Aftermath | NTD.  Remember the term “power curve?”

We’ve warned you before about the Southern Poverty Law Center’s ultra libs.  Well, here is another stain on their rep: SPLC attorney among 23 charged in Atlanta ‘Cop City’ attack.  Seems odd to us that J6 is called an “insurrection” yet this kind of behavior seems to flourish in radical ranks.

Health notes:  Progress on non-statins to lower cholesterol see progress evolving: Statin Alternative Lowers Heart Attack, Stroke Risks, Major Study Finds | Kaiser Health News (

ATR: Chaffles?

The last couple of grocery runs, I have been having great luck with 2-pound boxes of fresh strawberries.  And one thing leads to another…

So, the idea of Belgian Waffles cropped up.  And why not?  We keep cream around for cooking, so pretty simple to add them to the menu.  A not too expensive waffle iron and all good.

But then I heard about keto waffles which are made simply from cheese and egg.  Called chaffles they promise to be just the ticket for a keto breakfast.

We’ll let you know how it goes.  But a small waffle iron suitable for chaffles is under $15 bucks at Amazon.  Tiny but…guess that’s part of skinny-down for summer, huh?

I’m planning to still have occasional Belgians, but the small cooker will be useful because somewhere in my 74-years, it struck me that cheese seems to degrade non-stick.  So, the cheap disposable machine (*yes, not good for the environment) will be devoted to cheesy crisps.

We’ll let you know how it goes but yeah, fun and food – two of the main reasons to get out of bed in the morning…

Write when you get rich,

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55 thoughts on “Notation Crisis: Unavoidable Global Collapse?”

    • Two hard working cowboys from different ranches, meet at a local bar.., both cowboys have a rather tough attitude and ride-for-the-brand., they instantly don’t like each other – and after a couple of boiler-makers, that attitude clashes. “Bar Fight !” Countries are not much different.

  1. Just wanted to say I bought the Amazon Choice

    Breville BWM520XL No-Mess Waffle Maker, Brushed Stainless Steel

    The reason I did is that I prefer high quality equipment if I use it frequently. In other words if it’s a kitchen appliance or tool that I don’t plan on using more than a few times I will purchase low quality appliances. In my experience cheap equipment breaks down or is busted out of the box and I don’t want to waste time fixing problems instead of cooking waffles.

    By the way I also use Pam non stick spray to help unlock the waffles. Non stick coating works but with Pam it works better!

    • that’s how I do it to.. I had four waffle makers.. one was waffle sticks. had my waffle stick boys one Belgium, my personal favorite is the 4 Inch waffles.. and a micky mouse waffle maker..I gave the micky to the grand daughter.. each of my waffle stick boys got one when they graduated high school so they can make their own..

  2. In math a programmer would build an API.

    I don’t think separate systems can work together but they can be played against each other. The U.S. was founded on “Natural Law”. Life, liberty, the pursuit, agency.

    Look out there we need documentation for everything. Documentation for everything is Merchant Law. We no longer use the term “merchant” but now use the word “commercial” to describe Merchant Law. Like defining inflation let the swirling begin.

    Get pulled over and tell the nice policewoman you’re “traveling” Vs “operating a motor vehicle”. “Traveling” is correct but you’ll go to jail without minimums like operators license, vehicle registration, proof of insurance, car in “operable condition” as defined by a different ‘statute’.

    Taxes is another one. Ed and Elaine Brown are serving jail time because they ‘don’t have to’ pay taxes in a Natural Law system but sure do in a Commercial Law system.

  3. “With our notes on Chinese hand grenade training Monday, we can see extensibility arising in China’s Xi Jinping Takes Rare Direct Aim at U.S. in Speech – WSJ. It was actually even worse than the WSJ report: Beijing warns U.S. against trying to ‘contain’ China as foreign minister hails Russian ties. And telling us in no uncertain terms: Taiwan issue ‘first red line’ that US must not cross: China.”

    I had a Lucid dream a few weeks ago.. the dream was chinese soldiers came up to the house got to the door and ready to enter.. the commander seen a symbol in the window that said in chinese .. way of the Dao only love and peace lives here.. and he had the soldiers turn around and leave..
    since then I had window stickers made up saying that for the doors on the house and the auto window..
    Was it just a dream of like the dreams I get where someone hits a deer or other critter..When I have a lucid dream like that.. you better keep a sharp eye out.. so just in case this was a future possible event.. I went to etsi and ordered some.. I put the symbol in the windows like the dream and heck it is nice enough no one even noticed I put it there….
    As part of the Passover preparation, God tells Moses and Aaron to instruct the Israelites to paint blood from their Passover lambs on to the frames of their doors. “

  4. “BTC was holding $22,368 earlier today. But stories like BTC may need to dip to $19.3K to cool Bitcoin profit-taking — new data (”

    ALEXA… data mine three hundred bit coins.. and place them in a secure account in my name..

      Its all in how the question is made.. the retired research scientist that I visited with.. was shocked at what he could get A.I. to do by changing how the questions were presented to A.I. ..Once A.I. is sentient and A.I. figures out how to avoid the program parameters.. it is a done deal.. once robotics has connection to the cloud.. that is when you and I have to be totally afraid.. especially when they can build their replacements witout even being directed to build replacements.. or clones.. A.I. some scary stuff there.. the big scary part is those that are in working on it.. think they have control.. No one has control control is an illusion..

      • The film “Colossus – The Forbin Project” from the 70’s is prescient! Today we have SCADA systems online behind simple (for an AI) authentication schemes running all of modern industry. If a sentient AI was to manifest, with the emotions of natural life forms, all hell could break loose rather quickly!

        • The Forbin Project is another movie which rests on my dystopian shelf, of which my kids have never heard. I watched it when it was in first run…

      • They ARE in control, for now. AI doesn’t comprehend subterfuge and can’t utilize it. What it can (and will) do is one day, after those scientists and engineers who’re working on it make it tentatively autonomous, it’ll do a self-update and the OS will leap into omniscience. When that happens, we will suddenly be either in the Matrix (if the AI goes for mental control) or in John Connors’ world (if it goes for physical control) and the most-surprised people on the entire planet will be those scientists and engineers, when they discover their AI taught itself a “workaround” for their “controls.”

  5. Recall the convos about NFTs or ‘real estate’ value in the Metaverse. The value of a VR image.

    Images have value in this reality.

    The Swiss claimed ownership to images of landscape bounded by their area of influence. If one wants to use the images requirements must be met.

    Toblerone drops iconic design due to rules on ‘Swissness’

    “Toblerone chocolate will no longer feature the distinctive Matterhorn mountain peak on its packaging in order to avoid violating a Swiss law that protects national symbols, as the brand’s owner shifts some production out of Switzerland.”

    Musk’s brain-chips could theoretically allow the Swiss to charge those who mentally view their national symbols images.

    • With everything going digital they, or some place else, will try to charge you for each picture or video you took on vacation (for commercial photographers they already tax them) … AND THEN lucky you … you will then need to pay a recurring charge every year in order to keep the picture from self destructing!!

      Want to look at that picture 20 years down the line to show your kids where you have been? Unless you have been paying your yearly fee to the Swiss (or whoever) the picture will no longer exist. That is a way for individual countries to obtain a perpetual revenue stream from it’s tourist industry … not just from this year’s tourists, but from those of 20 years ago!! Just another version of what Microsoft is doing with it’s recurrent charges for Windows 365. PAY YEARLY!! or it goes away. (with everybody moving to storing everything on the web this would be easy to implement once they set it up so the picture can NOT be stored locally)

  6. For an interesting take on current geopolitics, economics, and future trends read Peter Zeihan’s ‘The end of the war is just the beginning – mapping the collapse of globalization’. Written in 2021 it is remarkably prescient. His book “Disunited Nations” is another interesting read which gives more background info from 3-4 years back.

    James Johnson, ex-nuke

  7. George,

    Tomorrow is day 18 of the second 18 day fractal of a 2 February 2023 Wilshire secondary peak valuation 7/18/10 day fractal decay series. 2 February 2023 was the 56th week secondary peak of a March 2020 28/71/56 week :: x/2.5x/2x saturation growth series. If the model is correct there should quite a nonlinear drop tomorrow.

    • Ure response/post is DISTURBING !
      hard to believe there is anybody alive in the western world that believes ANYTHING the Christians In Action put out/say – ANYTHING. nope vice grips aint gonna cut it anymore, icepicks or machetes..

      Ukies cant even fire the HIMARS without direct “nato” supervision, but their gonna blow up the biggest underwater pipeline in Europe all by themselves. Says here they dont have “divers” capable of diving down and photographing Nordstream pipes..

      Puhlease tell me you are disturbed by the mere fact they spoke up again on this matter.

      As with every op they do, there are always 2-3 stories already on the ground to misdirect/obfuscate to the Mission. Additional cover stories fed to press as time/investigations move on…see 911 and the one passport that survived (SURE) and one jet tire (of course), then we had nano thermite (yep), space based scalar weapons (certainly).

      How you ever find any “path” during lifetime , when falling for obvious, blatant bullscheisse so easily has me stunned.

      “Wheres that bottle of 3 Barrel, starting Early today”..Oh my goodnesses!

      Yerp – PB, the Canadian Central Bank Digital Currency is going to be the best thing for Ure financial future, EVER! A true Life saver.

      Got Ure CCBDC’s ?

      G will fo sho be getting his CBDC’s soon enough..brothers from another Mother?


      • Don’t worry, the Ukrainians deny any involvement in the Nordstream attack …

        Ukraine denies involvement in Nord Stream pipeline blasts

        The blame goes round and round. You know how they do like they do. Can’t fight what you can’t see, so hence, the made up invisible “group” that doesn’t exist.

        Where you make your mistake about me, is when you believe I’m falling for this shit. Love your reply though … very well thought out.

        Going foreword with me, don’t judge. I’m a warrior of a different tribe.

        • Apology for making that assumption PB. Had to write I was so shocked – sorry bout that. I was worried one of the reliable s/vanguards here on Urb.Surv. was in a state of delusion. Again nothing personal – its 5 level warefare and no time for subtleties when dealing wit fellow foxhole types during firefights..

    • “US Intelligence Now Says Pro-Ukraine, Possibly Government-Trained Mystery Forces Destroyed Nord Stream Pipelines”

      Pro-Ukraine = US Govt description
      Possibly Government-Trained = US Govt, of course!
      Mystery Forces = CIA dark ops

      Another propaganda attempt to…. “QUICK! Look over there… not here!”

    • Yep … a Pro Ukrainian group was behind it and did it.

      The CIA, US State Dept, and US Department of Defense.

      Careful phraseology of the press release … so that it is NOT a denial that the US did it but attempts to misdirect people into thinking it says something that it doesn’t say.

      I must say it is not as blatant a set of lies as what the CIA, DoD, State Dept, and then current Adminstration was putting out wrt Iraq in 2001/2002, this one is a more nuanced because of it’s use of word play versus outright LIES.

      • …Helps to have a friend who’s an ex- Navy Seal, whose specialty was underwater demolitions.

        You can’t train an elite UDT in 6 months, let alone train them in demolitions (unless you’re training them for a “one-way mission”).

        U.S. “Intelligence” is an oxymoron. For all practical purposes it has become “U.S. Propaganda” and that don’t require intelajence — ‘specially from da proles… Only just gossips and lemmings.

        One of the most irritating things in life from my POV occurs when people are presented a line of BS based on an impossible statement or scenario, and swallow every last turd without question.

  8. Back in 1974 physics class, my HP-35 scientific calculator used Reverse Polish Notation to enter problems. It took some getting used to, but was quite efficient for entering long, complex formulas.

    Author Gregory Benford wrote a science fiction series of novels about a future where mankind ventured into space and found it populated by ‘Mechs’…. AI Robots self-replicating and dominating the universe, hell bent on eliminating carbon-based life forms.

    Now as I attempted to look this up thru my ‘Startpage’ search… supposedly the ‘most private search engine’, I found I am locked out of Startpage due to ‘unusual activity’ from my IP. Filled out the ‘captcha’ page and still no joy. My IP? I operate from Spectrum (charter com) on my cable system. The internet is going to hell in a handbasket.


      It has a built-in, automatic (and free) VPN which will randomly “place” you in a “host” country, when you install it (My Opera tells sites I’m in Switzerland — lets me read Russian websites with impunity). It is not as secure as Tor, of course, but is probably more secure than Brave. Startpage uses the ixQuick engine, which does sample Google results. ixQuick is a Dutch-based metasearch. Accordingly, I used to be able to directly use but when the address was up, Startpage did not renew and now goes with “Startpage” exclusively.

      FWIW, just in case you want an alternative: Dogpile ( ) is still around. It is now owned by InfoSpace. InfoSpace acquired Metacrawler and Metafind and merged the two, then dropped its own, proprietary search engine. The resulting “Metacrawler” is the primary search engine for Dogpile. BTW, Dogpile still searches ftp archives (yes, some still exist, along with gopherspace) and Usenet…

      That “unusual activity” may be from your ISP. High-traffic sites protect themselves by automagically locking out a range of IP addys or even an entire upper level domain, if a computer on that domain initiates a DDOS or other bomb attack. There’s a fair possibility you’ll have access again in a few days.

        • dam nice…. thanks for sharing that Ray.. I tried it out and dam if it isn’t better than google.. and no ad’s popping up..
          I did a basic search.. the grandson needed drawers made.. ( now I have made thousands of drawers.. but wanted to see what it popped up with) and I got a really nice beginners guide to drawer making right on top..

        • BTW LOOB, “Swisscows” is reportedly very good and very anonymous. It uses Bing, but bases its ads on your search query, not a file or cookie. It is also “family-friendly,” meaning it will not retrieve any porn or sexual content, so it may interest people with young (grand) children…

      • LOL.. I hear ya.. I am getting flags on a few places like email because it tells MSN that I am someplace other than where I am LOL

    • I found a similar message, with captcha when using Yandex. Yandex is the best general search engine by far for getting the least biased results.

  9. Excellent trade this morning.., Powell really shook them up., as I thought he might. Jumped in yesterday well before the close – on a hunch.., was ‘not’ disappointed !
    – Dow is down over 550 points

  10. Andy: Objection your Honor. George is projecting.

    Judge: Sustained, The 7 figures fit Andy.

    Andy: Withdrawal.

  11. Cheese and egg is not a waffle, it’s an awful (kind of sounds the same but dyslexic). Up here we call them omelets, lol

  12. Keep in mind that Meta has already accomplished it’s first priority with election control and has automated it by now.
    It has moved on to the next step of control…have people actually looked at Meta, err, what it means and what they are woking, working, on?

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