“Bomb List” Buying

We won’t even pretend to explain this to non-subscribers in a paragraph. But we will hint that when mushrooms appear, anything less than a ELE will be a final prepping opportunity.  And we are getting ready for the Final Clicks to fulfill that.

A lot of this has been covered elsewhere, such as in our Building Your Own Home Intelligence Platform, and such.  Plus, if you have the power, modernity is only a passing fad between famines.

So, a couple of happy-pills and you should be ready for some serious “thinking the unthinkable” today as we venture into a dandy question raised by WTHS and WmoRR this week in Monday comments.

Will “The End” be worth attending? It will likely depend on how your preps are now, what you’ve got ready for Final Clicks, and matters like those 2nd A. support tools…

But we need to begin with the bursting of the Global Confidence Bubble.  We pick up, in a sense, from where we left it with the Leading Edge of Tainter – that we covered last week.

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80 thoughts on ““Bomb List” Buying”

  1. “Will “The End” be worth attending?”
    Oh HELL yeah! This attitude of capitulation will rob the survivors of any brain trust that is left. We owe it to ourselves. Just because you’ll never see another latte doesn’t mean Life won’t be worth living. How old was Ben Franklin when he decided to throw his tri-cornered hat in with all the Revolutionaries back in his time? Would WE, THE PEOPLE be here without that ol’ irascible fart stepping up?

    “…and is a 100-miles per day bike rider …”
    Very impressive but your boy better have a trailer on that bike with a couple of extra sets of tires, lots of ammo, radio and batteries, tools at least for the bike, food and clothing (and I don’t mean the skimpy stuff the peddle-pushers wear to display their butts to oncoming traffic) given what he’ll be peddling through. For a trip half way across the continent I’d suggest a long bed pickup such as the old Dodges with that turbo 6 in them for range to carry the bike and supplies when it gives out. After that peddle to your heart’s delight. America is a lot bigger than it looks when compared to other countries on the map and given the possibility of a dearth of 7-11s and Quick Stops along the way means if it truly looks like this is about to all come about he’d better do some serious thinking of moving closer if the Rockies are his intended destination. As they say – no plan survives first contact with the enemy so triple any quantities you have on the list and see if you can peddle that.

    I’ve always wondered, though, do they make bike tires tough enough for off-road use on a continuous basis? Every tire I see on trail bikes at Academy looks identical in composition to every other tire on everything from kids’ bikes to the fat tired monster throw-backs. So far I haven’t been able to find any that are comparable to my B.F. Goodrich T/A KO2’s on my truck.

  2. La Bomba ! https://youtu.be/40msn21PzKI

    Which one G ? Ure answer influences operational planning going forward.
    If it be the DEBT Bomb detonating 1st – central banks and western banking going tits up, changes game on a operational level – opportunity like the Ranger of jellystone park fame, will only be knocking once (for a short time). Course of family history’s can be changed during times of great financial distress if planned for and acted upon accordingly (Phyz Gold/Silver/Platin/BTC’s?).

    *Nukes will be “prevented” from destroying mutha EARTH..in a torsion like “fashion” ..carbuncles indeed. A couple for show & tell..
    For now – its Cockroach stomping season..as the LIGHT starts “shining” under the rocks and in the millions of crevices, the “cockroaches” are starting to scurry for more cover..this will be most opportune time for stomping on the nasty “bugs”. Dont let them fool you – sewer bugs,water bugs, palmetto bugs – all roaches..IYKWIM.

    • think about it.. printed up how much to fix the infrastructure that no one knows where in the heck they used it at.. and no one has a clue… what was it estimated at .. four million per person per minute for a five year period to pay back the debt.. and we have fifty million estimated illegals that have crossed the borders .. that won’t pay taxes.. and get all the benefits set aside for tax payers in need..
      We are so upside down in our deficit.. that no matter if there is a war or not.. its going to explode.. you just don’t make enough.. here in the wastelands the average wage is twelve and a half for an assistant manager and fifteen for a manager.. the manager at the gas station makes thirteen dollars an hour.. groceries have gone up thirty percent ( well way more than that ) and taxes went up fifty percent.. I will have to come up with double..
      when I met my wife.. she made four dollars and seventy five cents an hour.. I made three dollars and seventy five cents.. the average worker makes below ten dollars and ten dollars an hour. back then health insurance was under five hundred a month for family coverage today it is a couple grand for one and that isn’t top of the line.. when you die everything will go to the healthcare industry and lawyers..
      I was at the wheel chair conversion center two days ago and the guy there and I got talking.. he makes under fifteen dollars an hour.. now sure you betcha there are people that make big money.. the banker and I was talking and he was telling me his wife and him was looking at houses.. LOL and she found one that she likes..and he said hunny you do realize I don’t make enough to pay the taxes on this house.. and for a regular car loan the payments on a new van or truck or car is almost a thousand a month.. the economy is going to implode it doesn’t have a choice.. we are so upside down that the only option is to dump the whole thing and go zimbabwe or Argentina.. where it takes thirty nine million dollars to pay for a one pound loaf of bread.. or in Argentina where a childs happy meal is almost ten thousand dollars.. a cup of coffee is six thousand dollars. go into starbucks and buy a coffee and a pastry.. you are going to spend ten dollars. I budget four dollars and fifty cents per meal per person and a buck and a quarter per snack three snacks a day… or sixteen and a half to seventeen dollars.. five hundred dollars per person for food
      MY belief is they will use the war to cover over the wages.. like BitCoin.. as long as people still see it as valuable .. it is.. take old Bernie.. People were making money hand over fist.. but it was just a number on a piece of paper.. he was using that money for himself..
      Don’t forget.. the Federal Reserve was courting him to see how he was so successful and was asking him for advice..
      a war is the perfect cover up.. the problem with this war is it will take most of humanity with it.. if it does come to an all out war.. and except for terrorist actions like BLM and Antifa that were basically bragged about as justifiable violence by our leaders.. the USA hasn’t seen a war situation within these borders..unless you experience it.. you don’t have a clue.. not one..

  3. “it screams to us that routing travel through China might solve the problem.”

    it screams to us that routing travel through China and/or Mexico might solve the problem.

    There, fixed it for you.

      • Speaking of genius.

        “The first ‘aerostatic’ flight (hot air balloon) in history was an experiment carried out by the Montgolfier brothers at Versailles in 1783.”

        “In 1847 a Paris gunsmith, B. Houllier, patented the first cartridge, capable of being fired by the blow of the gun’s hammer.”

        Why weren’t there hot air balloon snipers winning the West or during the American Civil War?

        • there were. Getting up and down was fraught w danger.
          Range was limiting, as were “shredding” ability. a 1/2-inch hole doesn’t do much damage to a large obs. balloon.

        • What Joe said.

          Also, the balloons were of much more value for reconnaissance than they ever could’ve been for trying to shoot the enemy. Flintlocks simply had serious limitations on range and accuracy, and then shooting downhill, unless you were a wilderness rifleman and knew how to compensate for the refraction, you’d be unlikely to hit anything, unless you were shooting into massed troops.

          By the time the combatants had cartridge rifles, they also shot bullets through rifled barrels which would make insignificantly small holes in the silk of the balloons (assuming a shooter could even hit one. Refractory distortion goes both ways and balloons would’ve been up a couple thousand feet, most of the time…)

  4. Some comms considerations–
    –while there is still time…

    Confirm: OUR (URE) HF Radio town square is 3.999 by night, and 7.299 by day. Special listening periods are at the fifteen and the forty-five minute mark each hour. “Verbal Challenge Coin” is the phrase, “Everything is a business model,” BUT draw no special spotlight on this — just casually work it into the conversation. Be subtle. Expect chaos. Persist.

    The purpose? We know us, and have much handy bastard data to share.

    For most of you, GENARAL HF WILL BE LESS IMPORTANT. Much better is to be able to monitor the local “Two-Meter” ham repeater(s) and channel(s) active in your area. A hand-held scanner or walkie-talkie will be quite enough for those resources that are close to you. Better is better — but “modest” is VERY useful and immediately locally impactful. Local hams will be talking about the area YOU live in, and will be highly specific and detailed. It’s extremely likely there is a local ham radio club, and they’ll be happy to provide the information you need. Don’t wait till the shooting starts: they may get properly suspicious once the war is on Real Loud. Do it now.

    They may actually provide too much information, and you’ll be sipping from a firehose. Hams have a tendency to gild the lily… KISS.

    Monitoring local police and fire operation has become a crazy-qult mixture of encrypted and “open,” channels. Published lists are almost always behind what really is being used. The only way to make sense of this is to find a local ham radio guy or other PRACTICAL source of REAL information.

    Many people have these cheap “Family Radios.” Handy for coordinating with neighbors. Popular use is: “Channel One, no codes.” They ALL can do that. Virtually ALL Familiy Radios will work with each other — especially if Channel One, no codes is the spec.

    Always remember:
    Evil governments control you via fear and lies. Don’t buy in unless you’re sure. Run at periscope depth.

    – 73 –

      • Find a local ham / guru.
        “Baofeng” make some inexpensive ones,
        but they don’t do digital (AX25)

        You don’t need complex or expensive ones.
        Some are hard to program. VERY hard to program.
        There are tons, used, for cheap.
        What (who) you want to monitor drives what
        features are needed. Simply, you need an advisor.

        Be “mission oriented,” not “shiny feature oriented.”

      • When I was shopping a few years back the most powerful
        GMRS Midlands were regarded as the best handhelds for those frequencies. Since then Beofang has come out with a handheld that has a removable antenna since the problem with the GMRS is that the antenna is too short. Of course teh Beofangs cost a LOT more money than the Midlands.

        (one thing I did find out about the Midlands back then was that their chargers put out the WRONG voltage for charging their own handhelds … so bought a bunch of adjustable voltage wall chargers for them – OH and the newer rechargables actually hold about TWICE the power of what they put in their radios so you may just want to junk their rechargable battery pack and go straight to your own recharable batteries)

        For CAR USE of GMRS Midland again has a great option of a car mountable unit (5 watts or 15 watts) which you can actually pair with an external LONG antenna. Actually works pretty good if you get the right antenna, I need to check which one it is but I got one and it works great.

        For CB … the handhelds get crap range, but since lots of people have old CB’s around may be worth getting (I have an old Radio Shack one with a pull out LONG antenna – great range for a handheld, and a Midland with a fixed short antenna, it is crap on range but can be replaced with a longer one). For a car unit get one with SSB. When coupled to a good external vehicle antenna you will get 12 to 20 miles depending upon your terrain if talking to another SSB CB unit which also has a good antenna.

        FRS radios … they raised the power they can transmit with so while not as powerful as a GMRS they are actually functional now. Again the fixed antenna is a BIG drawback to those, but way back Radio Shack made a car unit with everything inside the mag mount to be placed on top of the vehicle (now outlawed for new ones) and one could get a solid 4 miles out of those even with the very low power of the FRS units back then. (when RS closed them out, poor seller and legally couldn’t make anymore, I bought 8 or so at one of the Radio Shack warehouses for $8? – $5? each and for scout trips I would have give each car in the convoy one to use … worked great for that purposed – Those were the absolute BEST FRS radios made at the time … back when Radio Shack designed and made some great radios, didn’t just remarket other people’s junk)

        I’ll leave the HAM stuff to others, have a bunch of stuff but will note that Boefang has a bunch of stuff you can buy via the internet that is NOT FCC type approved but does work well and is CHEAP. Know a bunch of people who have bought it over the years and other than it is a real PITA to program (get the programming cable and software) they are very happy with them.

        I DO recommend everybody has at least one working CB and a couple of the GMRS handheld radios you can find (highest power is generally 5 watts – get the higher power ones imo unless you need something like full waterproofing). THOSE are the types of radios your neighbors who are not radio nuts will have around if they have anything at all.
        (ham stuff is great … but your non-ham neighbors, ie: most, are unlikely to have ANY” ham gear around)

        • Sorry about the typo’s above:

          Long and short:
          At least ONE CB vehicle type unit (can hardwire into any 12v battery) and a couple of GMRS handhelds.

          For longer distances of 10 -15 miles (unlicensed) think SSB CB units (but other person NEEDS to have SSB on their CB too).

          For shorter distance (1/2 to 2 miles max) think GMRS, idealy the higher powered units, or AM CB.

          Higher powered GMRS with a good antenna does do 10 to 15 miles over clear flat terrain or water to other higher powered GMRS units as long as both have a good antenna, but in a more typical situation think 3 to 4 miles for the 15 watt variety.

          There ARE GMRS repeaters … but they are usually LOCKED locally owned and maintained repeaters. For a particular area it may be worth paying to belong to an organization that has one on a local mountain/hill since it will increase your GMRS range dramatically … but since most GMRS repeaters are locked they are worthless to try to use when traveling. (since GMRS repeater uses split freq dynamics – broadcast on one freq receive on another freq – only the good car units will typically work with them and only a very very few of the handhelds will be able to)

          Boefang makes some good CHEAP (freq unlocked) stuff (most NOT FCC type accepted though) that will operate across a bunch of frequency ranges (most of which are illegal to transmit on fwiw). Some Boefangs will work on the FRS-GMRS UHF freqs while others will work on the VHF freqs including the MURS freqs (a lightly used business band) as well as the Ham 2 meter band (and maybe the low VHF Marine band depending upon the model). If you are going to buy Boefangs check out WHAT frequencies you want your radio to work on so you buy the correct one since none cover ALL of the freqs!! (and get the programming cable and software)

      • My suggestions is the Baofeng B8HP it’s easy to program a user friendly and for the money ( which is pretty cheap ) … buy enough for all family members is a goodwill idea.

  5. We have to consider degrees of nuclear exchange.

    In a go for broke exchange there’s nowhere to run. Where are city folk going to flee? With no power everyone will be panicking like scared rabbits running from the forest fire in Bambi. Surreal on top of surreal. In this case the financial system is gone.

    A limited exchange may mean leaders are in on a reset. In this case a new system will be offered.

    The question is will this ‘3’ down send us back to Egyptian days or the 15 minute city?

    • “ A limited exchange may mean leaders are in on a reset. In this case a new system will be offered.

      The question is will this ‘3’ down send us back to Egyptian days or the 15 minute city?”

      That’s what I’m thinking.

      And I think they’ve strategically thought out your question. I’m sure (someone) knows the answer.

      Interesting quote comes to mind,
      “Everyone has a plan, until you hit them in the face”
      ~ Mike Tyson

      We shall see

      Peace Brother

  6. Re: “Grapes of Wrath”
    feat. Toasty Aroma


    We haven’t seen this much commotion at the breakfast table since the late Queen and Paddington Bear tapped out “We Will Rock You” with the silverware over marmalade and toast at the Palace. Vintners decanting spicy notes from the vines are perhaps awaiting conditions suitable for the return of the grape to Greenland. According to John Steinbeck, “in the eyes of the people there is the failure; and in the eyes of the hungry there is a growing wrath. In the souls of the people the grapes of wrath are filling and growing heavy, growing heavy for the vintage.”

  7. Day 8 of 12.

    “Iran can make fissile material for a bomb ‘in about 12 days'”

    – February 28th

    • Re: “Palace of Treason”
      feat. spoiler alert

      Out of Work Steve,

      A plot in the fictional story had an earthquake upset the carefully balanced toil of Iranian villains. Apparently centrifuges don’t mix well with moving floors.

  8. Harmony House at http://www.GoHHF.com is having a good sale right now. I tried some of their vegetable soup and loved it so I bought the 16 quart box of dehydrated vegetables on sale. I also ordered the Gourmet soup and chili blend sampler to determine which ones I like the best. They also gave some freeze dried fruits on sale that are worth checking out. Certainly a lot lighter than can vegetables.

    • Lighter, yes, but you have to plan on extra water. Cans are self-contained and don’t even need to be cooked, though it’s better if you do so. Just make sure you have a dozen reliable can openers. There’s a place for both, IMHO. April is a most inconvenient time for doom, at least it is in my own life. At least the weather is likely to be temperate.

  9. OOS the 15 minute city is whats on the agenda. Id suspect like everything else, the promoters will want to level the competing spaces, which makes any [still working] City an attractive alternative.

    How do you notify the hoi polloi of the plan per your karmic belief system?

    Deliver the message and the plan wrapped in a cloak of crazy speak. Filter for the relevant information and discard the rest. What stands out as relevant ?
    $1M BTC, 15 minute cities and…. time travel[of information]



    got blockchain ? LOL

      • Hedera Hashgraph – this will be underpinning inter-stellar trade..will place instantaneously in 2 or more places at same time – based on cyrpto of choice. whatwhatwhat ?wait what?

        Follow along capmperz, there are over 100 Million Stars in our galaxy – The Milkyway.

        There are over one hundred thousand planets inhabited in MW by Human like entities – See Bipedal, many that look just like us, others very similar, and some not so much..but bupedal Human like..

        Disclosure – its whats for the Future of Mankind on planet Earth.

  10. George
    You have concerns that an EMP will neuter our military forces. That is understandable but you should be aware that the military planners have been aware of this since the 1962 Starfish Prime exercise in the Pacific Ocean.
    A 1.5 Mega Ton Hydrogen Bomb was detonated at 250 miles altitude over Johnson Island.
    The EMP from that blast affected electrical systems in Hawaii over 1000 miles away.
    Since then United States critical military systems like ICBM silo’s have been heavily shielded against EMP. I know this for a fact as I walked past the EMP filter array every time I entered a Titan II silo to start a work day.
    While EMP is a big and valid concern for everyone there is another natural EMP possibility that we should be aware of. That problem comes from our home star, the Sun. It has been found that other G type stars like our Sun are not as stable as once believed. There is a concern that the Sun could generate a Micro Nova event where a shell of material is blasted off of the Sun’s surface and travel outward in all directions. This blast could severely affect life on planet Earth. There are researchers who speculate that about every 6000 years or so such an event has taken place. Research into past events continues. We may be near the next such event in time.
    For more info on this topic and reports on Solar Weather go to the SuspiciousObservers YouTube channel.

    • Ben over at his Suspicious 0bservers site expects it some time in the next decade or two. It depends on how the galactic wave propagates through our solar system. Every planet has begun to exhibit some changes due to the wave and the dust level within our solar system has increased noticeably since the wave’s arrival. Also our nearest stars have all popped off with the wave’s influence already – Alpha Centari and Betelgeuse in particular. Always remember – we’re all descendants of survivors.

  11. I live in the shadow of Fort Bragg. (Within 15 miles)
    Fort Bragg, and contiguous, is Pope Air Force Base.
    I don’t know if this pair is THE biggest military area
    in the continental U.S. but if its not, it’s in the top two
    or three. Bragg is home to several quick reaction forces,
    among these are the 82nd and the 101st Airbornes.
    Plenty super big-ass MIL cargo planes are parked at
    Pope. “Stuff” by the many tons is staged for immediate
    load and go use.

    In any big-time shit, the bad guys will doubtless nook
    Bragg & Pope early on.

    I have made the decision to not to attempt surviving
    that; but we concentrate on prepping for hurricanes
    and blizzards and such like. Things we CAN survive.

    So, know ye that if the serious nooks fly, we’ll be gone.

    We made the decision to move here deliberately, knowing
    that in any widespread civil disorder, a circle would be
    drawn on a map, making this area a special identification
    and security zone. We’re just over a hundred miles from
    the coast — sufficient to attenuate hurricanes to levels
    that can be survived. The land around us is essentially
    immune from flooding.

    It’s a trade-off I trust we’ll never have to test.

    Godspeed to us all.

    • I was stationed at Pope AFB in the 80’s. Worked on the avionics for the C130’s back in the day. Pope was a busy place then.

      I agree WotRR, Bragg will certainly be one of the places that gets lit up if we go that route.

    • I caught the tail end of Tucker’s interview on Glenn Beck’s program this morning. Will have to go to the podcast to see what all he said. Like him or not his release of the January 6th videos was the best thing he’s done up until now. Don’t know exactly why he hates Trump but there are few that Trump hasn’t rubbed the wrong way.

    • “i-hate-him-passionately”

      Photo caption from that same TGP page to which you linked:

      President Donald Trump hosted allies Tucker Carlson and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene at the LIV tourney at his Bedminster resort in New Jersey in July 2022.

      I suggest you take everything you see / hear / read with a huge grain of salt for the foreseeable future. It appears to me we are in the midst of a huge flood of information, disinformation, misinformation, and flat-out propaganda, designed to bury Tucker Carlson’s voice, and obfuscate every thing he says, or that might be said about him.

      The commies on the Hill are scared shitless that their J-6 Stasi imitation will be presented to the couch-potato class in such a manner that they perceive a glimmer of the truth. The reasons McCarthy sent all that video to Carlson is he’s the most-honest, well-known pundit in North America and has the loudest voice. Accordingly, he’s the least likely to ignore or bury the video, and the least likely to be influenced by a KGB/Stasi type of “threaten and smear” attack on him.

      BTW, if Tucker DID hate Trump, my opinion of him would rise because he would be proving he’s more interested in truth, justice, and fairness than his own personal feelings and opinions…

  12. It is all a matter of degrees., isn’t it? You simply can not plan & prep for everything. There is just no way to do that. So.., to what level do you plan for? How far down the rabbit hole will this all drop is what needs to be figured out., and there is no way to know that. What your idea of a “limited nuclear exchange” is, I am sure, very different then our governments’ numbers., or China’s., or Russia’s.
    If you are in, or even ‘near’ a large metro area., you are going to have a very bad time. I don’t believe you can store enough ammo for what you are about to face. When the trucks stop rolling, society will collapse. Guaranteed. And that means every metro city in the country will go ballistic.
    Think about all the items you use, on a daily / weekly basis that will simply disappear if the trucks stop delivering. You will find that list to be rather long., and you will also find just what you can do without. You can store enough coffee for a year – can you store enough energy to boil the water for a year ? What water?
    I spent last year eliminating and/or swapping-out any and everything that doesn’t run on just two battery types. Double A and D cell batteries. The D cell is just for my three MagLite 4 cell LED flashlights that I just can’t give up. They are very bright and a real good head-whacker, defensive weapon, if it comes to it. And I have a dedicated solar system for recharging both types – and yes, you can recharge alkaline batteries.
    I could go on-and-on.., the list is pretty long.., and so is the thought process behind it all.
    .., but, it is all a matter of degrees. How far down will it /we drop ? You have to decide that for yourself., and plan for it, [ and hopefully have the ‘time’ to plan for it ] so you can still be standing when the dust settles.
    I believe it was Ton Clancy that said: “The moment you think you’ve got it figured out, is the exact same moment when you realize you’ve got it all wrong.”

    • “You simply can not plan & prep for everything. There is just no way to do that. So.., to what level do you plan for?”

      You never prepare to survive.. but prepare in case you survive..
      you prep for a short term storm. the church says you need a years supply of food.. and water.. the federal govt. says you need to have three months per person of each.. that is the requirements and they use to check to make sure you did.. now they only have a three week supply …. You cannot prep for everything.. just prep for the short term till you can create the things that you take for granted.. grow the food you will need to survive.. and gather the wood to heat your home..
      I tell the kids.. and my friends all the same thing.. the grid goes down.. everything goes with it.. get a backup solar system or backup generator..
      just to keep the essentials running.. learn how to make fuel..
      and a heater..
      Now I have the rocket heater.. I don’t have the backup solar.. all I have is grid tied..

    • ” How far down will it /we drop ?”

      Hmm hard to tell .. but the US govt. has spent millions on studies done.. that no one in politics will read for one thing.. they only work an extremely short period of time.. are off more than they are on…. they leave that up to the first paragraph..
      but those studies basically say.. on all of them.. that we would be shoved back ten thousand years before the time of NOAH.. and that 98% of all living humans will die.. very few from the actual event.. the rest from Nature.. freeze in winter.. die of heat in summer.. take a big city.. nice they got a lot of crap everywhere. now shut off the sewage system.. how long..turn off the pumps.. no water.. no fuel.. and trust me a couple of d cell batteries is not going to do it.. look what is in your freezer.. heck I look at what is in mine.. and think my god.. this is insane.. I would have to hand it all away to anyone that could use it..
      I visited with a professor and speaker for ted talks and he asked me what I was up to a week ago.. he has already freeze dried two thousand pounds of beef.. and hundreds of pounds of potatoes.. etc.. told me I should be my butt in gear its coming from everything he has seen.. buying a place to hide out at that is a thousand or more miles away.. well that is pretty stupid.. LOL how you getting there.. to take enough provisions you would need a team of horses.. and the average is ten miles a day.. (if there aren’t any rebels out hunting for things)
      read some of the diaries.. great reading.. and yes it would put a whole new perspective on the whole idea.. that is why the church pushes for a years provisions.. because the events in those diaries are so dramatic that to survive they each had to depend on the others..

    • d’Lynn-“I spent last year eliminating and/or swapping-out any and everything that doesn’t run on just two battery types. Double A and D cell batteries.”

      My cases of AA and D arrived yesterday. Another thing D cells are good for is the old CD radiation detectors and dosimeter chargers. Back then, Civil Defense mandated that their equipment had to run on common D cell batteries. They looked ahead.

      • I have those.. the CD geiger counter is great to find loose connections on outlets.. don’t have to go anywhere close to them just wave it by the outlet if it is a really high spike discharge then tighten the screws on the outlets wire connections..

      • Hank, those field meters will not work properly when powered by Alkaline (or NiCd, NiMH, Li-ion, etc.) batteries. They REQUIRE carbon zinc batteries to function properly. Their accurate function is dependent upon both the voltage, and the specific “attack” and “decay” characteristics of the batteries which were available at the time they were made. This is why I have mentioned that “Big Lots” has Ray-O-Vac “Heavy Duty” batteries, and Harbor Freight’s “general use” (non-alkaline) batteries are rebranded Ray-O-Vac batteries.

        I’ve got a bunch of FSMs and CD-V777 kits and a radioactive standard. I spent months trying to calibrate these things and make them work, before I learned the error of my ways. BTW Energizer owns both Eveready and Ray-O-Vac and both labels’ “heavy duty” batteries are identical, carbon zinc batteries.

    • “I spent last year eliminating and/or swapping-out any and everything that doesn’t run on just two battery types. Double A and D cell batteries. The D cell is just for my three MagLite 4 cell LED flashlights that I just can’t give up.”

      This is why I don’t have 3 dozen calibers of firearms. How many sizes of bullets does a body want to buy?

      LEDs are diodes, which are semiconductors, which might go tango uniform in an EMP (not terribly likely, but certainly possible.) You might want to consider retrofitting one of those MagLites with a halogen bulb, just in case.

      My (and kids’) GO-Bags have both halogen and LED Mini MagLights in their strap pockets, just in case…

      • We have only four rounds in the inventory, Ray – as you may remember:
        Boot gun rounds: .22lr
        Pistol rounds: 9mm
        Long gun rounds: 7.62
        Shotgun: 12 ga.
        Keeps like simple.
        G2 in on simpath but with long rounds for his AR

        • hmm.. how much powder do you make up at one time G… whats your favorite recipe.. In a SHTF scenario.. or one with rogue bandits.. you don’t have enough you would need more to repel.. and if you don’t make it.. you sure won’t be able to buy it..
          now I am not a big one on guns.. I don’t have much use for guns.. the thing I would have one for it hunting.. my theory is if you miss it with one shot it deserves to get away.. where I was surprised was I was watching one of the television shows on the L and C expedition.. they used the Girardoni air rifle.. ( answered the question as to where they got the powder)

          so I called around to see if anyone had the NUG in the closet.. Nope its in a museum in St. Louis.. I wanted to shoot it LOL..then I found out that people go big game hunting with them.. there is a whole culter of big game hunters using air guns.. and instead of black powder.. you use a hand pump..


  13. “Last Shipping of Orders”

    Now is probably the time to mention that the price or MREs has gone up $100 on the ‘Zon, in the past week!

    • retort can your own..
      here are the pouches..
      Now.. you can use an insta pot.. to can the pouches.. the trick is to make sure you pake them tight.. then they won’t expand to far and split the side seams..
      don’t over pack the bags.. if it says four ounces.. put four ounces in it..

      • I took your sales pitch and bought a freeze dryer last fall. With the dehydrator beside it and and a nitrogen can on the kitchen counter next to the vac-sealer, I now make my own MREs.


        • Yup isn’t it awesome I love that thing…. what I do is freeze dry then stick it in the dehydrator for a couple of hours to compensate for the humidy intake. people don’t realize that and then when they freeze dry something and it gets slightly spongy.. they don’t know that it was the moisture in the air and how fast the item freeze dried absorbed the water.. ( air well .. theres never a loss of water.. it changes its form.. ) … the issue with freeze drying is how fast it absorbs the moisture in the air. if it is humid.. dam if it doesn’t rehydrate fast which frustrated me.. … twelve and twelve is a good setting.. except if you are doing pineapple or strawberries.. then it is twelve freeze and fifteen dry or sixteen the reason is the seeds and texture…. I have an oil less pump now.. but haven’t hooked it up yet.. because of the high humidity here.. it is something else.. try skittles in it LOL LOL if you have kids or grand kids.. you will have an endless demand for more LOL LOL LOL. Pineapple never makes it to the bags or jars.. never.. fifty pounds of onions will fill a one gallon cannister.. I usually do one of peppers and onions.. and one of just peppers and one of just onions..
          for canned soups and veggies etc…. I bought surgical instrument trays.. yes one can per tray and you are good to go.. for tv dinners.. I freeze them.. then take them out of the trays..
          for ice cream.. take a half gallon and put it to one tray.. then blend it put it in a sealed half gallon vacuum sealed cannister.. ( walmart..) when you mix it back up.. use an ice cream maker.. then add water.. just the way you put it up..
          It was by far one of the best investments I have ever made.. only really use it once a year.. right at the fall when the humidity drops.. then I am going non stop..

        • Oh.. check out Betty’s harvest right group on FB if there is ever any questions.. someone there will have the answer.. or just give HR a call.. those guys are awesome..

        • https://www.amazon.com/American-Water-Solutions-Purpose-Filling/dp/B0BB3FHDZ9/ref=sr_1_3?



          best setup for me anyway.. the big funnel is awesome.. put it in the stand set the height and put the bag under it.. hit is with the vacuum sealer and an oxygen absorber.. super fast.. if you separate the stuff into the surgical tool trays.. one bag per tray.. I do have a continuous sealer.. but only use that when I am doing a huge line of bags. like doing several hundred pounds of hamburger etc…
          Nice but I only use it occasionally.. so unless your in a group and need an assembly line type sealer it is a waste of money.. but if you only get a thin seal.. then it is good to vacuum pack then get the wider seal on it.. totally personal choice..

        • “what I do is freeze dry then stick it in the dehydrator for a couple of hours to compensate for the humidy intake.”

          Thanks. I had started doing this, but wanted to ask your opinion.

          “how do you inject the nitrogen”

          Silicone surgical tubing on a barb on the tank. I almost seal the bag, then flood it with N2 and vacuum THAT out with the sealer. It is not high pressure — IMO doesn’t need to be. Nitrogen is lighter than either oxygen or air, so with the bag slightly elevated and one corner not sealed, the nitrogen will purge the air and displace it. It’s not perfect, and probably not 100% effective with most foods, but I figure it’s better than using an absorber by itself…

  14. Seems China is having deep thoughts about attitudes and how to adjust them …

    Studying Ukraine war, China’s military minds fret over US missiles, Starlink

    Reading this stuff, is like watching golf and hearing that guy whisper as he commentates.

  15. well Tucker carlson got an earful.. he shared the surveillance videos of the capital on January 6th. LOL LOL LOL the democrats want it taken down right now.. such a shameful action to post such videos to the citizens of the USA. . just like the terrorist activities of blm and antifa ou won’t hear one word about them and those that were killed or beaten.. and no one going to jail there.. because that was justifiable violence..but if it is in their neighborhood.. then it is a different story….


  16. Yo Round Eyes – “ride a painted pony and let the spinning wheel spin”

    You picking up what is being laid down hear brother man? Nother line, then;

    Talkin bout Ure troubles, its a crying sin..think memory, think ribonucleic, ..

    Still no joy ? another line, no not kind cosmic chicken bunny snorts off strippers asz..

    What Goes Up (airplane pilots) must come down https://youtu.be/kK62tfoCmuQ

    Assigning a vaxed pilot to fly my commercial flight (United Airlines) is a Premeditated Attack/Assault on every single passenger strapped into my aluminum “death trap” disguised as a 737 flying frm. Belize City to Newark,NJ, or any other destination. Color me skeptical at best, pissed off – nope , madder than a hornet – getting warm!

    What the holy F?,over. https://stuartbramhall.substack.com/p/pilots-and-flight-attendants-who?publication_id=733024&post_id=107250736&isFreemail=true

    One wonders how many of our finest pilots (Navy) are ticking time BOMBS just waiting to detonate? Oh the Humanity!

    dr Foulqi will go down as far worse, far GREATER evil than the infamous dr Mengle – at least Joseph was open(kept meticulous records about what horrors he was performing) – demonic lil goblin tony -think swinging gibbets, its whats 4 Summer..

    The Summer of Revenge, coming to a theater near U.

    • You DO know there is an organization which was formed by the pilots who refused the jab, and you can request their services rather than those of the walking vaxxed, right…?

    • I’m type rated in several Boeing and Airbus planes. I took the buyout in August 2021, and no Jab4U. My last flu shot – 2003. No V passport – no fly till recently… so have done very little travel. When I do fly as a passenger, I introduce myself to the Flight Attendant crew as a retired employee… but not what I retired from. Just a potential helper if called. My hope is to never have to be a Hero… although with 25000 hours I do know how to set up the Autopilot for an Autoland approach with AutoBrakes… roll to a stop and get towed to the gate. No touch till full stop!

  17. George, feel free to decide to post this or not. Please don’t include my information other than name.

    A dream I had a few mornings ago.
    A man very much resembling my handyman (who passed a
    month or so back) was propped up in what resembled a
    hospital bed. His words were “We’ve got four months
    and 6 days.”
    That was all. And as he said them, I saw the words as
    if printed out.
    What I’ve learned is that if something so specific
    appears in a dream, one had best pay attention.

    Not only did he like to play the stock market, was
    jabbed and up to date on latest jabs and had Covid
    twice, but bragged about making $10k on Moderna vax
    So does the dream refer to a coming economic bust or
    another round of a covid-like virus?
    Or something else?
    Whatever it is, it doesn’t have the feel of anything

  18. We’ve just had one of the strangest sudden deaths around here that I’ve ever heard of. I say “sudden deaths” because I can’t honestly say that it’s a case of “Died Suddenly”. I’ve not been able to dig up any information that may link the death to either Covid or The Jab. The symptoms don’t match anything I’ve heard of that have been reported about either one of them.

    A young guy, 37, that went to school with my kids passed away this past Sunday. He’d gone into the doc-in-a-box on Friday complaining of not feeling very well but couldn’t describe his symptoms any better than that. No fever. The doctors ran tests but nothing showed up. I assume one of the tests was for Covid but don’t know for sure. They sent the guy home after giving him a steroid shot but after two days, Sunday, he was back in the doctor’s office. The doctors found that one lung was filled with fluid so they got him into an ambulance but by the time he got to the hospital across town both lungs were almost full. He was intubated and more tests were run but he coded 3 times and the last code did him in and he passed away. What was even stranger about the incident was that the blood tests showed his white blood cell count was pretty much zero.

    I’ve looked in as many places on the ‘net that I thought may make reference to this when taking Covid and/or The Jab into account but I don’t find anything that may link the two. The white blood cell count especially mystifies all of us around here. He was healthy in all other regards, no underlying degenerative or infectious conditions. Damn sure hope this isn’t the start of something new going around.

  19. Anyone following the Black Sea Grain Deal? The recent extension is up on March 18, and Russia hasn’t agreed to another one. If it expires, who will write insurance on ships carrying cargo from Ukraine? That route down to the bosporus strait could heat up quickly.

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