NFIB and a Woo-Woo Adventure

The economics are always the lead around here, this being a one-man economics rag, more or less.

So, four items for this morning’s pre-flight checklist.

#1 NFIB Small Business Outlook

Big companies like Apple and Tesla get the headlines almost daily. But the nation’s small business gives a sometimes very different take on things.  Especially when there’s still some debate as to whether this fall could turn into a Biden career-ending recession.

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Sept. 12, 2023) – NFIB’s Small Business Optimism Index decreased 0.6 of a point in August to 91.3, the 20th consecutive month below the 49-year average of 98. Twenty-three percent of small business owners reported that inflation was their single most important business problem, up two points from last month. The net percent of owners raising average selling prices increased two points to a net 27% (seasonally adjusted), still at an inflationary level.

Key findings include:

  • Small business owners expecting better business conditions over the next six months deteriorated seven points from July to a net negative 37%, however, 24 percentage points better than last June’s reading of a net negative 61% but still at recession levels.
  • Forty percent of owners reported job openings that were hard to fill, down two points from July but remain historically high.
  • The net percent of owners who expect real sales to be higher decreased two points from July to a net negative 14%.

Not that an economic debacle from the Free Lunch Administration is needed.

In the latest (Obama third term) riff, Slo Joe decided to do a deal with Iran and free up $6-billion.  As detailed in The US moves to advance a prisoner swap deal with Iran and release $6 billion in frozen funds | AP News.  Which proves (again and again) that when a War Party says they “won’t deal with terrorist demands” it’s clearly a lie, re-lie, and really really a lie.

There’s a World War going on.  World War 3 – which we label the Manufacturer’s Resource Wars – is going on with Iran’s specific involvement and the stupidity of the administration giving money to Iran while headlines cross like ‘Azerbaijan has assured Iran it has no intention to attack Armenia’ – Tehran Times just boggles the thoughtful.

#2 NY Fed Consumer Note

The headline says it all: Households Less Optimistic about their Financial Situations. Another one of those “off-page factors” but very real in terms of policymaking for the Fed.

Conspicuously underplayed by the lamestream financial wreckess is the lookahead on inflation…

“Year-ahead commodity price expectations rose across the board in August, increasing by 0.4 percentage point for gas (to 4.9%), 0.1 percent point for food (to 5.3%), 0.8 percent point for the cost of medical care (to 9.2%), and 0.2 percentage point for the cost of college education (to 8.2%) and rent (to 9.2%).

Again, we reiterate our belief that when you can’t even pay the debt on money you now owe, the unpaid balance carries to the following compounding interest period.  Which is why the Fed raising rates any higher now will mean they are bidding up future inflation even higher.

Gradualism is attractive to people who don’t really know what they’re doing. But there are times, flying an airplane in heavy weather, or docking a boat in a serious crosswind or current, when failure to “put the wheel or yoke” HARD OVER is the only safe thing to do.

Thus, our view is the Fed squandered its chance to “put ‘er hard over”  (and kill inflation) and will now – thanks to gradualism, timidity, political ineptitude, and fear-factors – wreck the economy.

#3 Wave 3 Down Odds Increasing

See: It’s like Rod Stewart said.  “Every Picture tells a story, don’t it?

A lot will depend on tomorrow’s C PI and Thursdays Retail Sales report which will scale forward expectations ahead of the Fed meeting next week.

#4 WW3 is Smoldering Along

Without NATO intervention, Ukraine is at serious risk of losing their fight (they picked by abusing Russian-speaking regions) with U.S. neocon cheering and the War Party throwing your income tax at it. Zelensky’s birthplace on fire: Russians razed Krivoy Rog – Ashes covered Ternopil – Fierce attack on Kiev – 20th arsenal destroyed. Our current estimate is that when all’s done either the whole world will have significant radiation readings OR the new eastern border of Ukraine will be the Dnieper River.

NATO is putting out fires, now.  Because with war materiel landing on Romanian soil, there’s been some movement toward dragging NATO in since Romania is a NATO member.  The message from NATO?  “Not so fast…” ‘No risk’ that NATO member Romania will be dragged into war, senior alliance official says ( Because if NATO gets involved directly then the whole of Europe is in play.

For now, it’s all about Money.  The Death Industry is a winner for countries without  a clear economic path forward. On the brink of joining NATO, Sweden seeks to boost its defense spending by 28% | AP News. We continue wondering why the U.S. portion of the war cost is disproportionate.  (crickets)

Word that Kim Jong-un arrives in Russia before expected meeting with Vladimir Putin sparked speculation by our consigliere:  “I wonder if Putin will tell the NorKs when China will move on Taiwan so they can plan a surprise move on South Korea?”  Our consigliere places odds of a China move at 50-percent this month.  And if we lose a capital ship (like a carrier) over Taiwan, then he’s modeling a two-week lag and then North Korea would have a window to move South.

Pay attention to the Russian views of District of Corruption war promotion: Vladimir Putin on charges against Donald Trump: US political system ‘rotten’. Of course, he’d say that, but is he completely wrong?

Speaking of our “crack government” McCarthy to officially back impeachment inquiry into President Biden this week: report. The game in D.C. is always to “talk a good game” and just “run the clock.”  Our consigliere’s view is even more grim than our own.

George, why are you so sure there will even BE an election in 2024? When World Wars get rolling, they take on a life of their own and anything can happen.  We haven’t had a war on American soil since 1812.  We could lose Hawaii and Alaska before ’24 is done…”

Makes me feel positively like an Optimist.

Around the Ranch: Resolution of Dreams

Let’s take a break for some woo-woo.

“Alexa, what time is it?”

It’s 12:50 AM.”

As you know, I have written a fair bit on Dreams and on Dying and how we are (likely) all “souls” that venture through the Universe having dandy adventures. With half a night still ahead, I decided to work on the “Resolution of Dreams” issue.

Which is?

We all have two lives going on.  The one experienced in the waking state and the other in the dream realms when we sleep.  To my odd way of thinking, it has been an ongoing curiosity to scientifically define the experiential differences between the two Realms (kingdoms) we inhabit.

I dozed off doing a mental comparison between the “graphics resolution” of the Waking world, versus the resolution of Sleeping worlds.  As I was doing this, I began to wander through a checklist of other “input channels.”

Sure, I can remember many dream scenes well enough to paint them.  Occasionally, there might be a taste.  But the audio tracks in dreams are more “knowing” and less “auditory.” Which means things like (chest shaking) bass notes seem to be “missing” in Dream Realm music experiences.

Now I was onto something.  Is there a chance that we are part of a progressing Universal intelligence that has lived (call it Gen 1) in Dream Realms and when we are awake, we are spending time in (and beta testing) a Gen 2 Realm?

If so – and the data might be there to support this – what was the main breakthrough at the code level which – conceptually – divided sleep from waking?

The answer seemed to be “Tactility.

Consider the Soul-Realm interface. The sense of touch at many levels seems to be muted in dreams.  But in the waking state, the gentlest of touches can be hugely impacting.  Especially when it involves someone you love (like me and Elaine, right?). But also interacting with others.  A left hook to the jaw. Hurts like hell IRL, but not in Dreams. A cat scratch hurts, but those kinds of injuries/experiences are just, well, missing something in Sleep Realms.

Is evolving into a Waking World how the soul-seeds of intelligence tunnel the Universe?  I was continuing this interesting “test-fitting” of concepts when suddenly, Elaine was shaking me…

“George, why did the TV just come on?”

uh…wha...I didn’t turn it on.  Alexa, what time is it?”

The time is 4:06 AM.”

Wandering out to the living room, 65-inches of UHD seemed meaningful, but I wasn’t sure how, exactly.

But even now, there’s no alarm set for the TV to come on – and we don’t use any of the sleep or wake functions on it. Hmm.  Why would it come on all by it self?  Remember, our closest neighbor is almost a quarter mile away..

Just seemed an odd coincidence to be dreaming about the resolution of dreams and the Gen 2 tactility beta reality and having the UHD pop on due to some invisible influence.

I was left shaking my head. “Well, I’ll be damned.”

Maybe we all will be.  Maybe waking is still the beta release. Are we going to make RC-1 (release candidate version of the code)?  Would that mean the succession of religious prophets over history have been acting in a software tutoring role?

Guess we all click out to what’s next, eventually. Can I beta RC-2 next time around? This version’s still pretty “buggy.” We aren’t ready for prime time.

Write when you get rich or you awaken on the next level up from here,

64 thoughts on “NFIB and a Woo-Woo Adventure”

  1. 6.66?

    This is all very strange, isn’t it?


    Then we have Tik-Tok videos about blues lasers not burning blue material.

    Is This Why Blue Cars, Umbrellas, Etc Didn’t Burn In The Maui Fires? The Frequency Of Blue Is 6.66…

    See color chart below (blue frequency 6.66)

    • The latest from the Gov’t is that they are blaming Russia and China for spreading ‘conspiracy theories’ about the Maui fire. Expect a knock at your door from the Slo-Joe squads now.

        • Heaps of scorn are indeed due upon the government idiots on Maui. But my personal take is: “Never attribute a complicated conspiracy theory upon incomplete observations, when plain old, simple incompetence and lack of coordination and planning will do.”
          I’ve seen it in action (and inaction!) plenty here. I don’t think they are capable of a complicated conspiracy.

        • ..gee this is a tough one, who owns all the waterfront land in Lahaina ?

          OG Hawaiian Families, have for generations.

          Who has been offering outrageous sums of money to these families in hopes of prying that land out from under their control ?

          You know the names of the billionaires “involved” with darth squab and wef.. gates/ellison/winfry..ect . think German DVD

          Maui seen as ideal location to “weather” the approaching “storms”.
 the “luminous event” on our horizon that is taking remote-viewers attention away from ongoing targeted projects, bigger than 9/11 – says hear – ruh row
          * D. Allgires group

  2. Major Woo Woo! Creepy. What was playing on the TV when you found it on? Whatever that was would be an important fact for the investigation. And why didn’t you hear it before Elaine? Because you were busy in the realm maybe? This could get interesting.
    Maybe one of the cats has a secret entry into the house ….or otherwise and more plausible is that you were able to manipulate the TV while in the dream realm.
    Would like to hear what you find out.
    Stay safe. 73

    • The screen was on the power on screen/
      No issues with remote, no bad keys
      No cats in the house
      very dark outside
      and yeah, E was half-awake and I was asleep – soundly and vividly when she “returned” me to waking…

      • Dude G,

        No idea what it is about or if it even means anything, but I can tell you this has been happening in my house for past year.
        Strangest part of the phenom is I am the heavy sleeper.
        I sleep like a rock and am never bothered by noises, earthquakes..what have you. Yes slept thru a couple on Coronado..1st thought it was some Seabees in big heavy dozers building sand berms overnight..
        My Wife on other hand is very light sleeper – a Mouse fart will wake her, yet she never hears it when the boobtube pops on in the middle of night (early AM) .
        This phenom just serves to piss me off – and I end up going back to sleep with the H/K virus running thru my mind..fckrs!

        • “but I can tell you this has been happening in my house for past year.
          Strangest part of the phenom is I am the heavy sleeper.”

          when I was younger and a smart ass… before I had my conscious.. ( wife ) I would drive around with a friend and we would carry the phone.. then see which houses had the same phone and frequency.. did that with the tv remotes to..
          Now our tv will turn on if the power flickers.. making you wonder what in the hell is going on.. with the power grid having issues.. my guess is that is what it is.. a quick flicker and its on..
          the other thing is.. did you eat a jelly doughnut.. if so.. there could be a little firch around the button..
          the other thing is the cloud.. did someone tap onto your cloud.. I was turning on and off my friends phones .. tracking where they were going turn on his phone camera and everything.. heck alexa or siri could be turning it on.. .. I had control over his lights in his home that had remote on and off.. downloaded beavis and butthead videos to his phone and even rang his door bell.. IS AI messing with you on this.. they have control of everything.. when I didn’t have use of my hands I had put a speech to type program on the computer.. and while the kids were jumping on the bed playing their giggles and talking had the computer take off in its own language.. took it off that same day..

        • My Samsung LCD turns itself on occasionally, without a power blip. If it is off and there’s a power surge, its processor will shit itself and the TV will not function until I do a hard reboot.

      • So.., there was nothing actually on the TV ? No picture/program, just the power-on screen ? Then how did Elaine know the TV was on if there was no sound ? [ I’m now confused.]

      • Still creepy.
        I have, well had, a wired driveway alarm set on the gate off the road. I set up an alert tone in the house to play the old Emergency TV series fire station alarm DTMF tone followed by a Klaxon blast. First operational test was done while I was home alone. It hadn’t activated for a couple yeas and I had forgotten about it being on the to do list for repair. In the middle of the night last May in the wee hours just past midnight the damn thing sounds off. I was already awake and reaching for the personal defense tool but Diana still felt it was necessary to slug me to make sure. Took a while to get strapped up and to drive the quad down there. The dogs looked at me like WTF? and laid back down by the back door. Thanks for the backup guys. By the time I got back from cutting some wires Diana was hiding in the bathroom. She asked through the door what it was. I told her I think it may have been wasps. Tell me when you kill them. I said OK and went back to bed.

      • I’m a firm believer in multiple dimensions co-existing alongside of each other, where our dopplegangers tangentially interact with varied pallets of divergent and convergent actors.

        Famed astronomer, computer scientist and Project Blue Book collaborator Jacques Vallee also was a firm believer that UFOs were manifestations of inter-dimensional travelers who discovered how to literally ‘fold space’ to travel across to realities next door. This fits neatly with Astrophysicist Max Tegmark’s book ‘Our Mathematical Universe,” which opines on the theorized existence of an infinite number of parallel universes begat during what we now call The Big Bang.

        Along that train of thought, when we dream, perhaps we connect with one or more of these interdimensional time-lines, some of which parallel our reality rather closely, but certain things are out of place, such as Hillary won in 2016 or Trump won reelection in 2020, or the Challenger shuttle disaster never happened, etc. etc. etc.

        So “heaven” is not ‘above us’ nor hell ‘below.’ They each exist along side of us, but in different aspects of universal space-time. It is for us to choose which we wish to identify and transcendentally communicate with. ‘They’ seem all too willing to respond to our inquiries, whichever side we mentally or subconsciously liaise with.

        • I tend to believe that this is credible. The real desire of my life would be to jump timelines to one far less solitary, and one where the worst decision(s) in my life ended differently.

          I suspect that only Andy(and The Dude) know how to do that.

    • The ET’s were scanning your house to see if you were worth taking … and decided the TV was more interesting than you and Elaine were so decided to partake in channel surfing while they could.

      The best alternative theory is that the FBI was just outside on a midnight raid and were just ready to throw in the Flash Bang grenades when the universe intervened and scared them off since they had lost the element of surprise.

      IF it is a sign that you should get a new TV forget those super small 65″ ones … go for an moderate size one instead such as 85″ 4k UHD one while they are buyable before the China/US trade ends. (large ones today are 97″-99″) That way you can watch CNN broadcast the beginnings of WW3 LIVE and LIFESIZE!! (or CBS/ABC/NBC/FOX if that is your preference)

      (disclaimer … I have had an 82″ for 2 years now and the size difference of it and a 65″ one is unbelievable, well worth it for watching movies etc. – imo of course)

      • or some smart butt was playing with lol
        fifty years ago I had a neighbor that window peeked.. so I made a remote that I could focus on his television and would play with him… he stopped window peeking lol lol..
        do you have a similar television in the bedroom or in G2’s room..
        a lot of televisions today don’t have to have line of sight..
        if you use satellite then you can have signal bleed.. ham radio use to bleed through for’s all frequency..

  3. My son escaped the Lahaina fire on his bike and survived but lost all. He told me he had a dream two days ago where he was in some toxic wasteland, he didn’t know where. He found a small cat and it came to him and he cuddled it. Next he found he was getting itchy all over and soon there were little mushroom like things growing all over his body under his clothes. When he attempted to peel them off they came away and left a complicated layer that he said looked like the mid-evil writing in very old books. Still itchy when he woke up. He is well read in Casteneda (The Art of Dreaming for one) and said it was probably something like one of those odd journeys. My own dreams have been whaacko themes of funny mutants… funny like laughing. He is still on Maui. I’m in Cali.
    I think it’s coming soon, whatever it is, and it won’t be easy.

    • yup ours does that to.. and the one in the back bedroom can be turned on and off and the channels changing by someone in that room

  4. re: “After Ford”
    feat: Aldous Huxley


    With the uv index climbing on the beach, one is wise to take respite from the heat under shade of reading dreamy palms. Thus it was that on the cusp of release of a biography dedicated to the world’s richest man, a catfight should erupt between his last two sirens where “X” marks the spot. Revelation by the aggrieved feline Musketweeter of her third child not to be known as “Z” shall be three’s company to elder siblings “X” and “Y” (boy and girl respectively). Thankfully, calmness was restored and one can return to the beneficence of sleep learning while leafing through the remainder of the new book.

    Was it Winston Churchill who said “when the mouse is away the cats might play”? Be Winston and click your mouse. DJ George awaits on higher plane to console with the latest pick of the litter from an ex of the proprieter of X.

    “I Wanna Be Software”

    The mass psychosis continues? “Turn on, tune in, drop out”?

    • Re: ‘you have chainmail’
      feat: “Interstellar” nights


      The tragedy that was the fatal Russian strike against frontline personnel working for a Franco-Ukrainian registered NGO a couple of days past may well recede into the sands of time. One of the coinkydoinks is that its French registration number brings up public mention of one of the French co-founders of the organization. He being a self-described freshly minted student of History and Islamic Studies apparently had 2022 meetings in Brussels with a couple of Eurocentric NGOs just weeks after the start of the special military operation. At least one attending senior NGO group could appear to date from the Marshall Plan era funded by letters other than ‘N, G, & O’.

      The website of the Ukrainian NGO which suffered the frontline event last weekend continues. Excavation of the publicly archived original pages will switch channels to an office tower conveniently situated close by to a neighborhood church memorializing the victorious 12th century First Crusade.

      Let’s rejoin the classic DJ George ready to ‘pull out all the stops’ with Hans Zimmer feat. Anna Lapwood-
      “No Time for Caution”.

  5. Read the NFIB. They don’t manage our expectations at all.

    “Forty percent of owners reported job openings that were hard to fill, down two points from July but remain historically high.”

    Which job openings were hard to fill – Doctor gigs that take 5 years our more to bring someone on line or burger flipping gigs that can have someone at speed within a week?

    By me minimum wage is $10.10/hr. The signs on FF and gas stations offer $16.25/hr. I saw a sign off I-275 for a motel room at $499.00 /week.

    $16.25 covers a thrifty persons room and board and Uber back and forth to the gig. That’s it.

    The doctor route takes a lot of school loans for room and board to get the gig.

  6. The TV – do you have a smart TV that’s connected?

    Just because we think our devices are off doesn’t mean anything. Perhaps the TV was updating or even has a camera and the watchers or strangers were checking up on you.

    About 10 years back there was a website offering IPs of unsecured cameras. Maybe the TV isn’t secure.

    On the other hand ‘you’ could be bleeding over between realms. On the edge of a breakthrough.

  7. “George, why are you so sure there will even BE an election in 2024? When World Wars get rolling, they take on a life of their own and anything can happen. We haven’t had a war on American soil since 1812. We could lose Hawaii and Alaska before ’24 is done…”

    Well.. That would explain WHY, the 5th column operation in CONUS would be reserving all those oil resources in AK for their own future use by expanding ANWAR and canceling development leases… LOL Trump opened up ANWAR, he understood the petro dollar mechanism, the economy thrives on energy he said. nad inded at one point US GDP was aproaching 6%. Something the 5th column … ehehm I mean the econ wonks in hte beltway and the street said wasnt possible.

    There are more proven oil reserves in AK than there are in Suadi Arabia. Let that sink in.

    • Alaska is critical … NOT for the oil … but because it is the main route for air transit to Asia from the US.

      Because the earth is round, like a ball, most air routes to Northern Asia pass over or near Alaska, in fact the majority of heavy freight carrying airplanes refuel in Alaska going to or from Asia.

      Most of our military aircraft transiting to or from Northern Asia MUST refuel in Alaska in order to make the trip, no Alaska refueling stop? … well most are NOT going to be able to go to Korea or Japan. In addition if others would throw some opposition fighters up there we would lose much of our military connection to northern Asia, not just by air but also by sea.

        • LOL LOL
          Well I can tell you from the Hologram from satellites that I seen in a four foot square cube.. that the earth is not flat LOL LOL its not perfectly round either.. that is from a man that while just a boy walked around the earth and then sat down and had a cup of coffee and was amazed at what he had seen.. LOL LOL

    • Tattoo madness.

      Martin Armstrong: In Austria, the government is offering free transportation to anyone who chooses to tattoo their Climate Ticket (Klimaticket) on their skin as a walking sponsorship for the New World Order.

      It sounds like a bad radio marketing gimmick. The Klimaticket grants users access to all public and private transportation for one year at the cost of €1,095. However, those who permanently mark their body with an ode to the Klimaticket will receive free transportation, but only for one year. You’d have to be extremely desperate or stupid to agree to those terms.

      Want free Subway sandwiches for life? Get a foot-long tattoo!

  8. “Small business owners expecting better business conditions over the next six months deteriorated seven points from July to a net negative 37%,”

    the small companies are hurting.. take the local merchant..
    his rent is 7grand
    electricity 3 grand
    and products..
    there’s 8 employees the assistant manager gets 13.50 per hour.. regular employees get 12.50
    they take in about fifty grand a month..
    he’s juggling.. after expenses for set building costs he makes five hundred a day…not counting the wage costs or maintenance upkeep ..
    where my wife works he doesn’t even make building costs..
    you don’t have to be a fiduciary guy to know

  9. G:
    Your house is a high-wireless devices environment.
    “Supervisory” — check & test — signals happen all
    the time. (Device in-use, or not.)
    Sometimes bursts collide and mix. The results
    can be spurious and unpredictable. Some
    devices have crappier receivers and signal
    processors — lower quality filtering and
    error-trapping. Probably that, or something
    similar is happening.

    Go with the simple, common fault(s) first.

  10. Vivid dream two nights ago.
    I was hunkered down, leaning into the corner of a brick building in an alley way. I believe it was at false-dawn. The large city I was in had been destroyed., burned out cars, widows shattered, garbage and debris littered the streets. I could smell the smoke and ash [ can you actually ‘smell’ in a dream, or is that a hold-over – cross-link from real-life?] Had a rifle laying across my thighs as I waited. My spidy-senses told me something was wrong – just wait.
    I peeked around the corner of the building., coming up the street was a group of black men, eight or nine, all in full load-out, load vests, rifles and matching berets. I checked the alley behind me – still clear, good exit. When I looked back a group of eight, or nine Hispanic men were coming up the alley across the street from me. All were in full gear – though mismatched, rifles, shot guns and one was carrying a ‘pig’. I made a small wave-gesture and the lead man saw me – stopped his group – I motioned with my hand pointing up the street – he leaned around the corner of the building, checked the street and quickly ducked back.
    He talked to men behind him., then looked at me and nodded – I gave a small salute and started back down the alley at a light jog.., half way down the alley all hell broke loose behind me – I could hear the pig going off – distinctive sound. As I got close to end of the alley the dream faded.
    What was I doing in a large, dystopian city? Last place I would want to be. [ In a war? – That’s nothing new.] As I was jogging down the alley I noticed that the rifle I was carrying was an M21. Same rifle I carried in Vietnam. Why did I warn the Hispanic group and not the Black group ?? Why did I warn either group? Did I recognize the face of the Hispanic leader? “The Pig”. That is the name given to the M60 machine gun from the 60’s and 70’s. Every infantry squad, every gun ship, every bunker had “A Pig”.
    I woke up and could swear that I smelled smoke.

    • PTSD?
      I worked with a friend who warned us not to ‘trigger’ him. He was an Air Force loadmaster who was charged with loading bodies on planes from ‘Nam to ship back home.

  11. G,

    what chu got on Prescience ? Someone..Steevo? made a comment a week or so ago regards seeing the BCN in Lichtenstein soonly. Got to say You have some very talented/connected community members on board hear at Urban Survival.
    When I read that comment it made me laugh, but was also kinda of embarrassing. In my world – money/wealth should be low keyed, hard to see, way I was raised, the way I raised my kids.
    So here I am today holding 4 tickets to see T-Swizzle in Zurich -July 2024. A week later the Montreux Jazz Festival kicks off – woot woot ! and I cant hardly wait 4 that.
    Wife and Son are “swiftees”..

    Anyway got a couple days to get from Zurich to Montreux, and better half nixed side trip to see Eagles Mere in Barvaria via Salzburg..BTDT so better half no wanna go back to Salzburg.. : ( even with promise of drinking Barvarian BEERS in one of the most picturesque Beer Gardens in all of Europe(Berchtesgaden), which led us to Lichtenstein.
    So that will be an accurate prediction, if He gets his ass to Switzerland next Summer. Ill be the guy in khaki pants (MK), purple alligator shirt, Salt shades..”smoking” on the water.

    Gotz to crank this one !

    * Salzburg, AUS was city I got into it with Mephistopheles (from Faust) in that exact same restaurant where Faust met him (why I went there for dinner). Quite the scene, but then again when BCN’s whole family travels together its somehow always a “scene” . Story is now a family legend, even made a Christmas Card from picture taken of Us around table inside main dining area….after rather public blow up & confrontation.

  12. The Chinese military sent nearly two dozen warplanes on a sortie near Taiwan’s territory Tuesday morning. The Defense Ministry reported that 22 Chinese warplanes and 20 warships entered the Taiwan Strait and that 13 of the aircraft crossed the median line, which has historically served as a demarcation line for military activity.
    What could possibly go wrong? Hoping that Taiwan will fire the first salvo ?

  13. I just don’t see China doing this by force. The world wide “Domino Effect” will be incredible. And if any of the other world powers retaliates against China, on Chinese soil., all hell is going to be launched. China can not afford to do that.,
    “The Day The Earth Stood Still.” Is when that first button is pushed. Does Xi really want to be obliterated?

  14. Maybe they were testing the EBS? Evidently, ‘they’ have the ability to disrupt your television to bring you an important ‘message’. They were just synchronizing your television.

  15. China’s new aircraft carrier group sailed past Taiwan this morning heading out into the western Pacific.
    – Strategy, or tactics ? Interesting chess move.

  16. Add a surge protector and a stack of clamp on ferrites to Ure TV power cord and antenna feed. Try 1 ea mix 31, 2 ea mix 61, and one of those high number HF ferrites for a 4-ferrite stack.
    If you have a whole bunch of ethernet connected home junk, and you don’t have a proactive firewall server, then you are inviting digital gremlins in.

    • It’s less work to just put the damn thing on an old style mechanical timer to shut off the power at night! I enjoy electronics, but don’t have time to maintain complexity that I don’t need. Is there any advantage to keeping a TV plugged in at night?

      • Think through the complexity angle with timers. We went through an early bout of timers 20-years ago out here. Every time we had a power failure, there were a half hour of timer resetting. Complexity will bite you in the ass every time.

        • Perhaps. I was thinking of ONE timer, not a house full of them. Timers have their place, especially when you don’t trust a device to not be part of IOT. I use timers, among other things where they are helpful. Yes, they get out of sync, but they’re quick and easy in a pinch. FTR, I avoid unnecessary complexity always! The CAN bus in “modern” cars is an abomination.

        • Ah, but you can now purchase timers which do electronically, what they did mechanically 20 years ago. Some of these new ones offer battery backup…

          My Samsung “smart TV” draws 180w when it is off…

          My computer runs out of the power center I ran my “betatesting and troubleshooting” computer out of, 27 years ago. Why? because it has a row of switches, and a master switch. When I shut my computer down, I shut it down — THEN hit the master (kill) switch, making my computer, monitors, audio, auxiliaries, and USB chargers draw zero watts at zero volts. THIS part of the house does not DO spontaneous boots-to-live…

        • “Gosh Ray! I will have to see what the draw on our multile UHDs is when they are “off””

          A highly-recommended procedure. Don’t forget the sat receiver…

  17. This is a topic not yet covered in Urban, though Bill did comment yesterday. The governess of NM, a rather privileged Mrs. Grisham, decided to unconstitutionally mandate that you must not carry a firearm openly or concealed in Bernalillo county, which includes Albuqerque. The populace is furious, including many Democrats! The sheriff of BernCo and the mayor and chief of police of ABQ have refused to enforce this edict. It’s in effect for another 28 days, even though open carry is legal for anyone here who’s allowed to carry a firearm. CCL holders are also “forbidden” to carry unless they’re licensed security or LEO. Many people have been carrying openly in defiance of this thing. According to a recent law, anyone can sue the government and its agents for deliberate violation of this constitutional right up to two million dollars! That’s probably why the state police won’t try too hard even though they’ve been directed to. There’s a business opportunity here if you can actually get a cop in BernCo to arrest you for this, and nothing else. As far as I know, out of state people can participate too.

    It appears that Her Highness is doubling down rather than backing down. She’s not eligible for re-election due to term limits, so perhaps she’s pandering to the Bidenistas for some spot on the national scene. She obviously doesn’t care about state residents, since she admitted that the criminals won’t stop carrying.

    The most amazing thing is that this law was passed in 2021 and signed by MLG herself!

    • I haven’t carried in years, because frankly, when my hobby takes me to NY or NJ, I would be committing a felony by simply possessing a firearm, even if it were disassembled and pieces stored in different parts of my vehicle.

      On Wednesday I was home, and I carried in public (open carry is legal here, as it is in most States) as a personal show of solidarity with New Mexicans.

      F*ck MLG.

      Salutations to the Federal Court that told her to piss up a rope, a few hours ago…

  18. “There are also interesting machines like mini-excavators available on Ali-Baba. I’m not sure how strong they are.”

    I bought one a couple of months ago that was imported by the AgroTk US office in Chicago. You might be able to import one yourself, but I didn’t want to fight the shipping, customs, etc. battle with attendant charges. It is built well with some less than spectacular parts. The track motors have seal problems, as the company apparently knows, because they include new seals in the tool box that comes with the excavator. The physical structure of the machine is surprisingly stout. The 13.5 hp Briggs gasoline engine seems adequate for the job, as it will stand the excavator on its nose when you hit a big root with the bucket. In average soil, it’s a great digger. In East Texas clay (red concrete) it has trouble getting a good bite.

  19. “Our current estimate is that when all’s done either the whole world will have significant radiation readings OR the new eastern border of Ukraine will be the Dnieper River.”

    The Eastern border of Ukraine will probably border Romania. As I said several months ago, when we declared Ukraine would be fast-tracked into the EU and NATO once the kerfuffle with Russia was in the rear-view, we signed Ukraine’s death warrant, as an independent State, and left Russia no alternative, but to conquer the entire nation…

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