Monday Exoquartiles, Propaganda Problems, Prepping

We like to organize our thinking early Monday.  You know, sort out the week of crap ahead, see where the sheep are being led, see “who’s talking their book” on markets, plan for the bumps, and prepare for the chasms.  Such orderly thinking leaves additional processor clicks to keep an eye on the exoquartiles of Life.

“The what?”

The Exoquartile Mind

Most people’s thinking is clouded not to much by “the data” but rather now they view the data.  We’ll be deeper into this in Peoplenomics Wednesday – though we promise to go light on the math – but there is a very keen point to managing your though processes to be learned here.

Let’s lay out concept of Exoquartile Thinking as a complex mathematically based metric approach to Life.  Spock would approve; so would Data.

Let’s Go Gaussian!

Mental Picture #1:  Some Gaussian Distributions: (from Wikipedia)

All part of power density functions – which we will pass on – except that fellow Extra Class Hams will immediately recognize this as how IF passbands look (with clean broad spectrum source) when understanding bandwidth.

[ In which case, think of Blue as CW., green as SSB response, while green might represent a wider AM bandwidth, leaving finally orange which approximates to antenna trimmer adjustment, for example….]

This sounds like gibberish, but every news item, stock quote, or conversation is passed through mental filters.  At differing “sharpnesses” depending on your interest in the data set.

OK, put this aside as Point 1:

IQR:  Questioning Quartiles

Understanding mental input is a distribution on whose central tendencies we are trained (or conditioned) to perceive, we can now look at the IQR – or Interquartile Range.

We create this by looking at that “hump” of data, and then planting vertical lines, like so:

(Again, I used a low-quality screen snag being a high-speed but lazy writer.  Who holds to the premise that “The mind is faster than the graphics display in the (Outer World, eh Glaucon?)

The dark blue “middles” of each are the IQR – interquartile ranges.

Most of how you experience Life is in the IQR.  Has to be – because of your mental passband tweaks, shopped by you or installed by Others, including down at the (ooooh what a feeling) subliminal range.

Right then.  Basic stuff.  The Dark Blue is where you’re comfortable.

Difficult Word Choicing

I checked a number of math references, and I could not find one suitable as as an antonym for “interquartile.”  So, I chose exoquartile over disinterquartile, although my brain police quickly intervened citing Pearson:

Well, yes, but Pearson reveals bias to labling disinterquartiles as distance, you see?  IQR is not a non-dimensioned axis.  Thus would apply to any Big Data problem (including how thought works).  Dis as the prefix, meaning
“Apart” is misstated at risk of interring a dimensioned axis by selecting the word “distance” which we’ll sort out before lunch…

Roping Your Interquartiles

We have just served for breakfast a large part of today’s thinking.  Loving your exoquartile data inputs for Life: In the area of the purple arrows, like so:

What is really cool is to be able to look both at the exoquartiles above, but also within the IQR itself.

Next Problem is Weighting

Depending on your local processing environment, you might be required to live in the IQR headspace.  Peal “peaky.”

On the other hand, where Elon Musk is gifted is that he’s most adept at jumping from his interquartile thinking (of very high order) for things like doing Tesla engineering issues on the one hand.  While at the other, dropping into exoquartile on the other (for things like doing the Joe Rogan show, for example) when something beyond “Geek” needs to come through.

Key Takeaway 1:  People who are quartile jumpers like Musk are “quartile ignorant” to their great credit.  People who are habitually locked IQR either increase the diffusion of innovations throughout society (after Rogers).

Key Takeaway 2:  Via both Skinnerian operant conditions, and by genetic predisposition, everyone has what I would describe as a Trans Interquartile Friction Coefficient. (TiqrFC).

Humans, being like fish tend to “school-up” therefore, not only in their area of specialization, but also likely clustering by TiqrFC.  The fast thinkers don’t usually hang with the super-dense.

Understanding the difficulties of empaths, for example, we see them as spending much higher brain cap utilization in the exo range.  Which the extremely narrow subject matter experts (SMEs) then to never leave the absolute peak.

It’s all a useful kind of reductionism that helps map our waking-state minds.  You can also now understand who the Gregoc approach to psychological topology mapping gives a great additional tool which, when coupled with TiqrFC), forms a mappable complex computational topology from which additional work in psychology should be along one of these first days.

IN BRIEF:  The news editor’s problem is always in trying to guess where today’s U.S. Interquartile Mob is playing. Supplying a required amount of “mid channel” data flow for comfort, yet at the same time, challenging (readers/viewers/listeners) TiqrCF content to properly sort shared life on earth.


P.S. Leave Empaths generally alone; they’re already somewhat dysfunctional from their TiqrFC being too low already.  They need either more beliefs installed (to return to more IQR central OR the need to sign up for nunnery or seminary…OR, they need to recenter existing beliefs more mid channel of the IQR.

Propaganda Problem

Peaky middle to the GPiqr (general public  interquartile range) has been promoted by the mainstream.  In stories like “Mystery as ‘dead’ captain of sunk Russian flagship Moskva filmed at ‘survivors’ parade as hundreds of sailors missing (

In this, we have ac expectation distribution (over whether the ship was sunk, or whether grand staging of propaganda is involved.  But we can’t derive a useful conclusion yet, because on the war itself, we could still find:

  • It’s a Global Government Psy Op – keeps people riled up and paying taxes.  This works if you believe all governments of the world merged a decade back and is just “playing us all” while they figure out how to build a tenable IQR to tax, rule, and dominate…,moving to single global currency, too.  Wars are financial frictions.
  • It’s Values Collision:  The EU is doing “Portugal to Vladivostok” (2104, sot Juncker) while Putin argue for a Russia from “Vladivostok to Portuga;” (2022).  This is a good fit, depending on your TiqrFC.  We know this one to be “still on the table” as part of our Manufacturer’s Resource Wars paradigm developed more than a decade back.
  • It’s a Synchronization Battle:  The U.S. and West celebrated both Easter and Passover during the past week.  But, with Russia’s Easter next weekend, could there be a Neocon’s meet Da Vinci Code kind of plot going on involving “ancient orders?”  Replay the green sands of India war, anyone?  Still, there’s the ideological “out of synch” issue.
  • It’s An Accident!  Yes, a bumbling president, bully NATO, 3economic house fire, and a sleeping flock globally and digitally?  Of course, this one remains, but it’s less likely being what Propagandist’s use most often when trying to “write broadly” and over the entire exo-inter range.  We therefore underweight this in our thinking.

We will play Competing Body Counts until this time tomorrow.

The Daily Plannert…

(Such a feeble attempt at humor linking of Superman’s newspaper and Day-Runner, I’m surprised it slipped by….)

Far too serious; too deep.  Feel free to spill some coffee on yourself – I find it braces the mind for what’s next.

Quiet Monday The stock market did not collapse over the Holiday.  Early futures were pointing to a slightly lower open.  This will set up a possible rally later.  World didn’t end, and our inclination to hold cash over the weekend was instinctually good.  You’ll have time to get your coffee burns treated.

Currency Action:  Equally important (setting our rally) expectation is that gold is up and the purchasing power of the US dollar vis Euro is declining.  Which means (with the dollars less) it will take a larger number of them to “buy the market).  Consequently, people will think “Ah Market going up!” which it’s also a function of money’s being worth less.

Tuesday’s Outlook:  Since only minor treasury action is set, we will have to await federal housing data tomorrow morning.

Wednesday:  Peoplenomics on clearer thinking of “misrepresented data.” But no math to it. A Petroleum Supplies report may light off some hairdo’s mid morning.  And the Fed’s Beige Book after lunch.

Thursday:  After such a boring week, plan on the market looking to Philly Fed data and weekly jobless filings for excitement. Lots of Treasury auctions, but you don’t bid, do you?

Friday:  At last – the weekly finish line is in view but not until after a mid-morning PMI number which is about all she wrote.  Coffee burn bandages come off.

STFF: (Short-term Future Forecast)

Not a lot of movement seen in all this…

Except that economic problems from China’s real estate malinvestment are still percolating through the system. China’s economy grows still-weak 4.8% in January-March – ABC News ( As people try to restructure a good pile of debt, some M&A disposal sales might be ahead but not yet.  Too early.

Warned of Hitler’s B-Day:  Some years back I read a few papers about how clusters of really evil events happened around Hitler’s (April 20) birthday each year.  So-warned, be mentally braced for a “pop-fly” from Left Field.

A Soft Data Peak?  We haven’t done a paper in a while on the 140-day Murder Cycle, but we’re getting close, it “feels like.”  An event very close to April 20 would fill a very small data hole, but the “hit to left field” is not likely to be a “grounder” (*small) event.  Pop fly’s are more impacting to Central Tendencies that [whoever] watches.

Be mentally-braced.  And good luck managing your TiqrFC.  I have a devil of a problem with mine, keeping as much linearity across the spectrum as useable. Wide open, filtering with my personal adaptive DSP analog betwen the ears.

P.S. This is the first day of “No More Power Tools” – trying to kick that addiction.

Write when you get rich, (Or if you’re a psychologist, critiques of the notions herein are welcome in Comments!)

File under: Hierarchical ordination of mental systems as a necessary precursor to judgment engines in A.I. based on human topological mental surfacing theory.

Folder: Cross-metric discrete measurements defining a useable range-mapping construct for advanced emotion-simulations algo design.

Envelope:  Things I should have saved for the Peoplenomics side.

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85 thoughts on “Monday Exoquartiles, Propaganda Problems, Prepping”

  1. Interquartile thought is being narrowed by exoquartile notch filters in the forums that most rely on for their world view – the woke, poli-censors and now AI algos that have basically wiped exoquartile thinking from the unwashed masses. These are high Q filters (sorry had to use that). Thank god for the likes of you and the handful of others like Elon who haven’t yet been ‘notched out’. The challenge is breaking through to the blind mice. Very loud intermodulation distortion has that triggering effect we see in scenes from Seattle and other lost cities.
    Maybe subliminal messaging encoded into soft soothing music would be effective, low level enough to pass through the bottom of the curve. I’d rather see these people brought back around than whatever the alternative is.

    • You raise a really good poiint: Which translates to something like:

      Given the high level influences of limited range thought on social media, is their purpose (and high political value) as “mass filtration” when people are unawares that half of postings are bots fighting over who will own the mid channels or the exo’s for gain…. (See Yergin and Stanislaw, The Commanding Heights

      • I’ll have to read Chebyshev. I wonder if bandpass vs. notch depicts it correctly since it’s deep state, leftist and far right (how to differentiate?) putting their fingers on the scale.

        • Cheby’s are what I think of as mostly lopsided filters. IoW, almost like an adjustable (based on switching values) passive high or low cut. Like a single Pi section, but with more even suppression less harmonic relations, though YMMV

  2. “Warned of Hitler’s B-Day: Some years back I read a few papers about how clusters of really evil events happened around Hitler’s (April 20) birthday each year.”

    I first put that out in 2007 book, The Age of Desolation, and it is related to Nostradamus Quatrain I-42.

    Nostradamus Quatrain I-42
    Les dix Kalendes d’Apuril de faict Gotique
    Resuscité encor par gens malins:
    Le feu estainct, assemblée diabolique
    Cherchant les or du d’Amant & Pselyn.

    Nostradamus Quatrain I-42
    The tenth of the Calends of April in Gothic Count
    Revived again by evil people:
    The fire extinguished, diabolical assembly
    Seeking the gold owed the lover and Pselyn.

    If you read that somewhere else, please let me know.

    • Heroes don’t exist in contemporary society, and no human is worthy of worship.

      However, someone who makes beneficial moves should be celebrated when (s)he does (especially these days, when it happens so infrequently.)

      Do NOT forget though, that Musk is an African whose foundational education was received in South Africa, then later in the Canadian outback. He is libertarian, not conservative, and in anything, probably has a better grasp of honest, even, and fair-play than the average, programmed from birth, Amerikan…

      BTW, on my 10-point number line which illustrates leftist/rightist bias, “conservatives” are at about “7” while “libertarians,” being much closer in political ideology to the citizenry of the Revolutionary period, rate an “8…”

  3. A realtor I know said that local house prices have doubled in the past year and there is competitive bidding for many houses. One house last week had a buyer give 11,000 dollars in cash over asking price to the house owner . The bid was accepted. The realtor said she has an unusual amount of buyers from California and New York looking for summer. It’s not like this is an exceptionally nice city to live in. I saw 2 unlivable houses going for $80,000 and $92,000.

    • In my area of the country, I personally had 4 listings go $400,000, $675,000, $750,000 and $950,000 over the list price. Average sale of all 4 were well over $3 million, which has become the new normal here. All four had over 10 offers per home each. The house that went $950,000 over the list sold for $3.8 million and had 17 offers. Life is good for now. But even I am wondering when it will end.

      • You need to be ready for what comes next. Everything goes on the same until it doesn’t. Been there.

      • Mark, can you give us an idea of the people that are paying these huge amounts over asking price of homes in your area? It seems that all your customers are either multi-millionaires or billionaires. Is it foreign money? Are buying with cash?

        Someone here mentioned when the pitchforks come out and I can’t help but feel they have already come out with the massive increasing crime rates in the major US cities. When the everyday man in the street can no longer afford a house or food or medicine for his family, pitchforks would probably be a good business to be in.

      • BIC,
        Good question, but the answer will astound you. All of the offers are coming from couples in their late 20’s, 30’s or early 40’s. Kids out of college here make over $200k, then get substantial RSU packages that vest over 4-5 years. When vested they are worth millions, depending on the company. FAANG companies or similar, pay the and yield the best. There are more millionaires in the Bay Area than anywhere on planet Earth. When you factor in home equity, the Bay Area has 10X more millionaires.

        And, job growth here continues to escalate, especially in Bio-tech. There are over 20 million sq ft of office buildings under construction for the bio-tech industry throughout the region here. Demand for housing combined with increased population of high wage earners is the reason why our housing prices are booming

      • “Someone here mentioned when the pitchforks come out ”

        Exactly @Bic….People have forgotten what happened in Germany during WW2… Granted it was the Jewish community but they were the Affluent community the rest were still struggling from the Weimer depression..
        Now pump a few million Illegals into the poorest highest crime area’s of the larger cities.. that live by the Quran word for word or the Torah.. on top of it.. BLM and Antifa have defunded the police protection for those area’s and law enforcement has been publicly humiliated by MSM by accursing them all of being racist and discriminative..
        all in all crime is up substantially in all major cities.. now send the poor laborers to economic hell with the escalating poverty levels….
        It was horrible before… I sure wouldn’t even consider living in that area.. I wouldn’t even consider vacationing there..
        Now on a note of good though.. the poop on the street patrol is reporting a drop by about ten percent .. they increased the poop patrols and clean up crews and it is showing a ten percent reduction from last year… but since the increase of illegals the homeless on the streets of SanFran has supposedly doubled..,rose%20from%202%2C655%20to%205%2C180.
        On Marks Defense though he wouldn’t have a clue about any of it since he isn’t exposed to that.. if you don’t live it you wouldn’t have a clue about it..

    • “A realtor I know said that local house prices have doubled in the past year ”

      A grandson that is a construction engineer stopped by to visit.. he was telling me about the list of high end homes he has on the calendar to build.. ( finish a home every 4 days)
      I said my god were do these people work around these parts.. his response was..they don’t they are from NYC San Fran etc. But work From home..because of the low taxes here they are selling their overpriced homes there and can buy a home here at a fraction of the cost to work from home.. while making the same wages they made there..
      That makes sense to that is why my son in law does his contracting all over the usa..

  4. “Ukraine on Fire”. Oliver Stone’s view on Ukrainian history. Apparently our assumption that the U.S. has been stirring the pot over there for many years is accurate. But no one else has been giving them any good options over time either. It’s a great place to be “from” and “getting away from”.

    • Mr. Stone is a storyteller; not an historian. Like most zealots, never let’s the facts get in the way of a good story.
      Just ask The Doors.

      • Any excuse not to watch something that might change your mind. I have yet to see you put up an article from TGP or other conservative source.

  5. Great fun article today George. Thanks. Normal distribution is not working anymore in the markets. They are rigged. One never knows when the Treasury and/or the Feds will step in again, or the man behind the curtain just changes the numbers we are fed. Speaking of Biden and Mr. Musk…
    With gasoline prices hitting record highs because the idiot in the White House doesn’t know squat about Supply & Demand and resulting Price Elasticity, would you buy an electric car because he said there are going to be 500,000 charging stations? You better put a bicycle in the trunk because it isn’t going to happen!

    All I can think of is the number of cars leaving Houston and New Orleans during those hurricanes. Stuck on the freeways not moving for miles, but when they got down the road, they could pull into gas stations, or pull out a can of gas. Charging stations aren’t there and how long would you have to wait in line if they were in an event like hurricanes, or fires, or earthquakes? Or how long would you have to wait in line for a regular charge behind everyone else if you are just driving on a freeway taking a road trip?

    Biden lies about everything. He lied years ago when he talked about what a stud he was in law school. All on film–all documented lies!! He lies about Climate Change, Viruses, Vaccinations, how inflation is caused by Russia invading Ukraine, and how to end and withdraw from a war. And the people pulling his strings and writing his scripts are money grubbing worms just like him. Only problem is that his puppet masters are using their wealth to destroy our country.

    Biden cancelling Russian oil imports is just another way Biden and crew make more money on the backs of Americans. Russian oil is going to other countries who re-sell it back to the U.S. with middlemen getting a cut…like Hunter, “Pops,” and “the Big Guy.”

    Stick those imaginary car plugs where the sun doesn’t shine Mumbling Joe, until the Solid-State Battery becomes readily available from energy companies and car manufacturers. Or wait until energy pak technology is introduced. Wait until the technology that can charge in 10 minutes rather than 6 hours is introduced. Wait until you can get 300 miles or more with traffic delays and further mileage reductions for using your a/c, heater, wipers, radio, and big screen box on the dashboard and pull off the freeway and get an instant 5-10 minute charge.

    An electric car is only good for going around town or a short trip. Good luck on a long road trip, or during a hurricane, or a blizzard and finding a place to “fill her up.” Electric vehicles are just another way to trap people close to their homes by feeding gullible people continual lies about Carbon and Climate Change to sucker them into buying them as their only means of transportation. When the grid goes down, electric cars will keep all the people in the cities or within 250 miles thereof until they are totally wiped out by lack of water, food, and disease. Just like Maj13 commented sometime back…it will be MadMax, but on steroids.

    We now get only 12% of our total energy from wind and solar! Hello green environmentalist fanatics. You don’t know anything about business! Try amortizing the cost of wind or solar farms with electric vehicles. How much electricity in the U.S. is generated by fossil fuels? 61%!! And nuclear is 19%. Hydro picks up the difference, which could soon disappear in these weather war created droughts.

    Where is that green electricity going to come from that will charge those batteries if you eliminate fossil fuels and nuclear, much less be readily available 24/7 for those millions of plugs in the 500,000 charging stations? What happens if the electric grid goes down, or the sun isn’t shining or those solar farms aren’t working because of blizzards or clouds of volcanic ash are circling the earth, or the wind isn’t blowing to power wind turbines, or they freeze up like happened in Texas in the two-week deep freeze?

    Never get marketing and sales ahead of production and service. Hard business lesson. Caveat emptor General Motors. GM stated on Super Bowls ads that they will have 30 electric vehicles by 2030. 100% electric by 2035. They will be knocking on the U.S. Treasury door again asking for bailouts. Never bet the farm on one roll of the dice.

    If you own storage tanks on your farm or ranch full of gasoline and diesel, you can at least get somewhere in an emergency.

    How many gasoline locations can you buy fuel in the U.S.? 168,000. How long does it take to fill up your car with gasoline from empty? 5-10 minutes.

    How long does it take to charge a drained battery on an electric vehicle? 12 hours at home on a Level 1 charger. A 2022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range has an 11.5-kW charger and a 75-kWh battery pack, which would take roughly 6.5 hours to fully charge using a Level 2 charger at home if you have paid to install one, or after you wait in line for hours at a charging station. If the batteries go bad, the battery pack will set you back $20g’s.

    Rapid charging comes with a caveat. Even the fastest charging time decreases significantly when the battery falls under 20% or above 80% complete. This keeps the battery from overcharging and keeps it at optimum condition. Many manufacturers gauge charging times by how long DCFCs can get your battery charge to only 80%, not 100%.

    There are still a lot of gasoline and diesel vehicles being sold for a reason. One of the simplest reasons is the ability to get where you want/when you want with a gas station at every freeway exit.

    Global Warming and Climate Change being caused by humans are a huge CON like so many false flags and lies we have been fed over the decades by our governments to lead the population down certain paths, take attention away from their crimes and political screw-ups, instigate Patriotically named legislation to strip away our Bill of Rights, or provide a reason for the warmongers subsequent war moves after the lies and false flags. Biden, Kerry, Obama, and the U.N. all know you can’t do away with carbon.

    A new U.N. report prepared by the IPCC (a Rothschild baby) proposed climate lockdowns and many other draconian measures including a maximum number of carbon credits for travel! The report is full of climate change lies!!! And it sure doesn’t limit the Billionaires Boys Club from using their yachts.

    Slo Jo, Commie Kamala, and Lyin’ John Kerry are going to lead the world to come together and save our planet (Oh Kumbaya) from Carbon and Global Warming by having everyone paying Carbon taxes for their Carbon footprints and those of our pets and livestock. THEY ARE FOOLS AND CON ARTISTS USING LYING NUMBERS FOR YET ANOTHER CON THEY ARE TRYING TO SELL. Part of their total control agenda. Carbon is part of life!! 18.5% of the Human Body is Carbon YOU IDIOTS in D.C. When Kerry et al say they want to do away with Carbon, they are really saying that they want to do away with people. That is the big agenda!

    • One problem with EV’s is that even if you only drive, say, 50 miles a day, you have to lug around a heavy battery capable of 350 to 400 miles. There’s also the environmental damage and poverty associated with lithium mining.

    • Can we get an AMEN? Yup. Amen brutha.

      As a lark I recently sent photos to friends titled “no waiting” at the row of empty Tesla fast chargers on both sides of the Indiana Toll Road. This on a trip to see our son in MN last weekend. The toll plazas _used_ to reserve the front row of parking for E cars. They took down the green signs and restored ICE parking (chagrin, they were always empty too).

      I don’t have the patience to wait 30-45 minutes much less (more?) 3 hours to fill up. Nope. My SUV is needed (it snowed a couple inches here this morning) and sports twin turbos thank you very much. It’s possible an E car is in my future but … it better be self-driving because by then I won’t be. Driving.

      Here’s a startling piece on paying for what you no longer have use of / own:

      A friend has a new E-mobile which is under-performing stated full charge miles by 30-40%. It’s cold here and batteries aren’t fond of chill. They are awful when exposed to below freezing temps. I’m sure these whiz bang autos work OK in CA, or NM but in MI? Nyet.!

      I’m holding out for a hydro-mobile.
      Write when you get mpg,

      ps – another -0- gain solar day for those keeping score at home

      • Looking at the radar, I’m guessing it has snowed more than a couple inches there, by now.

        ‘Hate the Indiana Toll Road. I’ll drive the Ohio (Indiana & Ohio toll roads are both Interstates 80 & 90) when it’s the dead of winter and it’s the only EW road in Buckeyeland that the ODOT and OTA keep halfway clear, but I simply don’t care for I-90. If I can get where I’m going on I-94 or US-20 or (especially) US-30, that’s my ticket…

    • WTHS. Yes, again you make sense but what has sense got to do with it?

      It seems to me that the people that are pushing this and swallowing this have the least amount of common sense let alone technical sense. When you spend your life in the scientific field as I have, it is almost impossible to have a sensible conversation with an environmentalist. Hug a tree baby and leave me alone.

      I have asked the question over and over again here in this cold north country far away from the southerly part of the USA you live in. “How well is your EV going to start and run at minus 30 degrees? How much of that precious electricity is it going to consume getting the vehicle interior up to a survivable temperature to prevent your hands and you ass from freezing? Will you sit at a railway crossing from 30 minutes at 30 below zero with the electric heater running to prevent frost building on the windshield?”

      Do you really think we could have an intelligent conversation with Pete Buttigieg, your Secretary of Transportation on this subject??

      • BIC’s point is auspicious: Battery capacity not only declines, but the available terminal voltage underload is severely impacted. Even charging parms need to be addressed. Full charge on a hot day in Phoenix may be 13 volts, but more like 16+ down under zero F.
        And then there’s the “breaks batteries” problem when charged at a serious rate below freezing and this, in turn, leads to the battery fires issue.
        The pollution lies are bad enough, but squandering even more resources to pimp-d-lie? These overlord types are dumber than sticks.

      • “How well is your EV going to start and run at minus 30 degrees?”

        It’s not. George would know much better than I, but battery potential halves itself at around freezing, and halves itself again, [something like] every 10 degrees (Celsius) the temperature drops. Additionally, da juice doesn’t flow through da pipeline as nicely, as temps go down. While I doubt things are as radical with lithium ion batteries as they are with lead-acid, I’m sure temps are an issue, and they absolutely are WRT charging. I don’t believe you can force electricity into a Li-ion battery at below -10°C, so a winter charging station would have to have a heating device to insulate, then warm the underside of the vehicle (or completely garage it), before charging could even begin to be initiated.

      • “It seems to me that the people that are pushing this and swallowing this have the least amount of common sense let alone technical sense.”

        I push it but not as the major source.. use all forms adopt them and promote them.. where I get curious is as the need increases they push to limit..the tree always requires the roots to survive.. but the leaves help support the roots..through the generation of power ..
        I heat our home with gas wood and coal ..I believe there shouldn’t be huge solar farms..rather smaller distribution through small solar and wind.. from the power plant there’s a series of sub stations starting at the furthest point put a solar tower..encourage homeowners to install small systems..mine produces 37 kw daily..let the power company market the excess but stabilize rates for a 10 year period as an encouragement to install the system…
        Trying to limit fossil fuels is stupid in my opinion.. I am against nuclear..just because we don’t know enough..

      • “How well is your EV going to start and run at minus 30 degrees? How much of that precious electricity is it going to consume getting the vehicle interior up to a survivable temperature”

        Ours actually does pretty good at -30 and lower.. cabin temp heats up faster.. it has an electric heater and air conditioning.. mileage well that depends on who is driving.. on our prius prime I discovered that there’s a setting..I get almost 50 per charge.. but..everyone else gets thirty.. when the battery gets low the gas engine kicks on.. hit the right button you put it in a position where the motor recharges the main battery.. to about 80 percent in just a couple miles.. I would like to put a solar panel on the roof..the wife says not on her car lol..I drive the classic that I paid 200 dollars for lol..

      • The one thing though is the 12 volt battery..
        Because your driving an EV the motor doesn’t run as often because of that it kills the 12 volt battery.. when I realized that I had a battery maintainer installed..
        That cured the dead 12 volt expensive battery issue..

    • Very thoroughly stated. Besides all that and not nearly the infrastructure to support the loads we have now, the batteries need replacing after a certain period of time. Less than 10 years for most cars. IDK about anyone else, but that’s a huge deterrent to stare down the cost of new batteries which could be 20k or more. If we lose the grid for more than a few days, we can drive our combustion driven vehicles. Blessings

    • “A realtor I know said that local house prices have doubled in the past year ”

      A grandson that is a construction engineer stopped by to visit.. he was telling me about the list of high end homes he has on the calendar to build.. ( finish a home every 4 days)
      I said my god were do these people work around these parts.. his response was..they don’t they are from NYC San Fran etc. But work From home..because of the low taxes here they are selling their overpriced homes there and can buy a home here at a fraction of the cost to work from home.. while making the same wages they made there..
      That makes sense to that is why my son in law does his contracting all over the usa..

  6. This article’s lead section may be too technical for most readers to understand. Please help improve it to make it understandable to non-experts, without removing the technical details. (November 2019) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) Wikipedia today re the Chebyshev filter article.

    OMG. The condescension is appalling. Since I kind of understand it, (ha) guess it doesn’t apply and I’m not “most readers”. Pretty pictures, though. God. It’s infuriating. Loved the thought exercise on this fine Monday morning when we all woke up and got out of bed.

  7. One problem with EV’s is that even if you only drive, say, 50 miles a day, you have to lug around a heavy battery capable of 350 to 400 miles. There’s also the environmental damage and poverty associated with lithium mining.

    • No, the BIGGEST problem is you have to move (as Oilman2 reminds) 500 tons of low grade lithium to make a suefully sized car battery.
      Ever pay for a fill-up to move that much with a Ca D11 or a Komatsu D575A-3SD Dozer?
      No sir, no energy savings – not to mention refining pollution of all – but the myth of pollution-free energy is persistent among people who can’t count gallons of diesel equivalents.

      • Let me append this for the skeptical who still believe in the fairy tale of EVs

        Do we have enough lithium for electric cars?
        Under current technologies, we can roughly estimate 11.2 billion tons of lithium demand, assuming 8kg of lithium for every average electric vehicle. Thus, to electrify every motor vehicle globally, we need an extra 10.4 billion tons of lithium, about 13 times current lithium reserves.
        We can only assume Jeki Lee has a brilliant future ahead in business because he has the necessary brainpower to see through the fog of hyperbole and fake business claims.

        Necessarily, then, EVs will not be widely privately owned and operated. They will be shared under the equally false banner of “climate change” which is no more than a cover-up for extensive financialization of quickly depleting resources.

        Shh! don’t wake the sheeep…

      • correction good Sir, unlimited -yes you read that right – UN Limited NRG. They call it the kundalini energy, that resides at the base of Ure spine…inside a tini tiny deep dark cave at base of spine.
        “Imagination” is the Key to unlocking and Using/Utilizng – Connecting. Simple meditation practice to get into blank empty ..once you are feelin it – time to EXECRCISE Ure brain/mind.

        Imagine Ureself as a microscopic You=super tinitiny, now imagine you are inside Ure body standing in front of the base of Ure spine – just “think it” at first..mental images will come..eventually. Imagine Ureself walking into dark cave, imagine you see the 2 green eyes staring back at you from depths of cave Imagine you keep walking right up to Ure ” Serpent” with green eyes and forcefully shove that sucka out the cave. Once you shove her ass out Ure cave – she will uncoil, expand and start connecting you to Everything else. Or wait till Ure about 40-45 yrs age – it comes out leaky” uncoils and Electrifies Ure body . Majority of peeps without a teacher, the power is too profound and cannot handle the NRG – which leads to Decline of the “meatsuit” and you begin to Age, rather than Rejuvenate. Simple put Humans are combination of Intelligent Electromagnetic Signals – our bodies exist simply as frequency Devices .

        Got midi- chlorians?

      • “Do we have enough lithium for electric cars?
        Under current technologies, we can roughly estimate 11.2 billion tons of lithium”

        A wonderful reason to promote rhubarb farming…

  8. I will admit that it took me a few minutes to uncross my eyes and awake from the mind numbing after reading today’s musings. Interesting concepts however. But now I am having urges to go back and review bandpass filters before firing up the rig this evening if I get work done before bedtime.
    At last week’s meeting of the executive committee, we entertained an impromptu guest. Jacob, who is a member of a local Amish community, joined us since the cafe was full and he needed a place to sit. There was a discussion in progress regarding acquiring horses to work cattle since we all have increased the size of our herds and none of us anymore have much business being on foot in a corral with 30 or 40 nervous cows with babies. Jacob happily offered his thoughts, and assistance in aquiring said animals but it was decided we barely had enough room for the cattle now without adding more hay meadow, vet bills and purchase expenses for horses though it sounds like fun. I expressed that while I am certain to cut a very desireable manly figure mounted on a good cutting horse I’ll stick to my boots and Stetson. A couple of the waitresses even offered their woo hoo’s.
    It was discussed as to whether we should put up some kind of radio communication system for the committee, a couple of us are Hams and have 2-meter rigs in our trucks, so we will look into a business class system. Finally, the committee discussed and voted unanimously on the opinion the country and world is f$^&ed, so increased security at the ranches and keeping closer eyes out for each other will be priorities.
    We also picked up the tab for Jacob and his son’s coffee and cinnamon rolls.
    Stay safe, 73

    • One of these days, box trucks with meat-cutting bandsaws will be ordered by big city gangs.

      It will be a bit of Project prior to heading out to get meats for the city slickers. We have far more leisurely time to work on drop at 200 meters out here. Lil different than the snub-brain pistole’s common in the ghet.

      • Rustling and butchering is a big problem even nowadayz. Strangers and those with illicit intentions are easily spotted. Unfortunately, I think the ones we will have to be concerned with the most will be the supposed elected leadership.

      • @Jim

        “I think the ones we will have to be concerned with the most will be the supposed elected leadership.”

        If we get to MadMaxLand, there won’t be any…

    • “… on foot in a corral with 30 or 40 nervous cows with babies.”

      Yeah, gotcha there. I was wondering if you’re raising Angus or something else? Right now the heard is up by 5, making it 35 head, as I didn’t get rid of the little bulls early enough last year. (I didn’t think they were tall enough to be a problem. Evidently I was wrong.) I guess it all depends on your corrals’ design and size but, given the temperament of Angus in general and providing you spend enough time around them I’ve been separating cows from calves – almost yearlings – on foot from the beginning. Mind you the previous heard required some finesse and trickery to get the right cow or bull separated and is the total reason for going with all Angus. I’ll never have another Brahma as long as I live! Angus have had all the aggression to anything but each other bred out of them. As long as you stay out of the way of their bug tussels in confined spaces and use common sense things are as easy as they can be.

      Start with yearlings or younger and raise them from there. I began with 15 young heifers about 7 years ago and the, now, “elders” of the heard keep the others in line since the young ones take their cues from the old ones.

      But, to tell the truth, I was planning on getting rid of the cows this year until the calves started showing up. We make more off the goats than we ever will off of cattle.

  9. When “it” finally blows — and “it” will — the puppet masters and Ka-Zillionaires who like to think they run things will — as in the French Revolution, and for much the same reasons — be the first ones to be executed when The Mob is released. It will — must be — a Bitch.

    Slowly, the inevitability of logic will — must — show the Gentle Folks Who Think The World Can Run On Unicorn Farts, the error of their thinking. They live in their minds in a happy, colorful, children’s book world where Nice Illusions are true, and tigers are vegetarians.

    The grid couldn’t handle the car-load NOW, and they won’t be able to build enough charging stations fast enough by orders of magnitude.
    So, they (we) have to build a much more powerful grid, AND a Ba-Zillion charger stations effectively overnight, AND thousands of slow-down environmental lawsuits WON’T happen. (Good Luck with that…)

    Put short: No Way.

    Disorder and collapse will be complete and perfect. Recovery will take decades if not a century. That’s where TPTB are taking us — apparently unaware that they will be among the first to be killed.

    Very long term — barring the discovery of “Zero-Point Energy Modules” — the earth will be largely powered by solar-electric, “clean bio-alcohol” from purpose-grown plants, and other sources such as Deep Earth heat, and hydroelectric. BUT all that will take several decades to accomplish in an orderly and non-disruptive manner.

    It’s got to be planned and done in a rational and a “long-program development” manner.

    And — here’s the wildcard — enough political stability and public will to keep it on course, and not go off in 10,000 crazy distractions that only slow it down.

    We MIGHT have enough traditional energy resources to carry off such an Energy Bridge To The Future — IF we aren’t delayed and distracted too long by the Harpies of the insane unicorn-fart left.

    Maybe… Just maybe…

    • “the earth will be largely powered by solar-electric, “clean bio-alcohol” from purpose-grown plants”

      Great post.. a local dairy farm is using the gas produced from the cow this point they run their whole farm and vehicles with it and from sales of the gas the profits from the sale of that exceed the money they make from the milk and meat..
      It was the best thing they ever did..

  10. Mirrors mirrors on a wall –
    Aluminum mirror sheets – spiraled clockwise 1 1/2 times
    “Traveler” placed inside “mirror-system”
    N. Kosyrev
    1990’s.experiments conducted live..Russian general Shoigu gotz memory blocks inserted via neural engagement.from an “encounter” wit off world types that he cant remember..without help(neural engagement” -farsight

    frozen Scheisse bee forbidden..

    Biggest take away is Exact same take away as got from hallucinogens, and all other “realm-tripping” – the healthier you are(mentally and physically) the better quality of info gathering “journeys”less
    Negative thoughts, fearful/worrisome type thinking can literally get U dead when making a “leap”/crossover”. Like trying to access “Hall of Records”..3 days minimum prep – cleansing Ure Body of toxins -talking to chu flesh eaterz – can smell you coming from across the road, and this for a “practitioner”, prolly require a lil more Internal NRG” refinement/processing going forward for the non-practicing . Neural Engagement – its Ure future on timeline A, masonic darkness, moloch and the zionazi heaviness of ariman, or

    choose=Force timeline B, onwards upwards freedom warm loving connection all things light -perhaps this is why da Buddha alwayz bee smiling.

    Latest mystery’s project look at Pooterz and Shoigu, and head of FSB. All the viewrs (4) saw almost same exact things. Putin has 1 outside influencer (non-human) working his brain, this influencer is turn subordinate to a big eyed gray, fecalsack who when queried said he does it cause he can(Service Is To Himself). Pooterz seemz to be slightly aware of “bad info/ideas” being inserted..

    hence ABC (alwayz be closing”) 1 my teacherz always said You recognize “bad information ” when you “hear it/think it” – makes easy to Ignore it..
    They looked at Vladd pre -incarnation- his previous life was as control guy in charge of collecting Information – by any means necessary. Head of the FSB had/has a mentally “boosted” reptilian driving his mental “agitation”. Earlier reports (original in series looked at Popes – same “nasty” outside influencers”

    ? Ask Ureselves – Do I want to be an ignorant “game piece”, unawares, oblivious to the preceived illusions of this current timeline, or am I waking the hell up and want NOTHING to do with demonrats-repugnicans, zionazi’s and cia deepstate- aka timeline A.

    Not too hard to Imagine..maybe, just maybe – YOU Can Do It!

  11. The ‘solution’ to the EV dogma is not hundreds of billions spent on charging stations., but instead, a billion, or two into research on energy storage. A whole new development in batteries is where the breakthrough will occur. Must occur. .., or this is all for naught.

  12. All this worry over extending useful mileage on E cars is for nought. When (not if) Agenda 2030 is fully implemented, there will be no long road trips. Travel between cities will be limited to trains, and no stops between cities. The people in the cities will live in high-rise buildings that will also house their workplace and some shopping. Any travel from your building will be by foot, bicycle or public transportation, hence no need for cars, E or otherwise.

    This is what our overlords have mapped out for us. Remember, by 2030 you will own nothing, and you will like it.

  13. I saw a person charge their car at a Tesla charging station & then be picked up by a gas powered 4×4 instead of waiting there. Around here homes & apartment building are being built en masse. Where are all these people going to charge their cars. If they all use a home charging station I am sure the power company didn’t build in the additional amperage needed to run the neighborhood with auto charging stations in homes. Household electric power fluctuations will occur. What if people go to a charging station & leave their car there overnight. The next car in line has a long wait. Will enough electricity be available at a reasonable cost when we go fully Electric? How much fossil fuel will be needed to generate the needed electricity? Our elected officials never bothered to stop & figure this out. There is no consideration by officials of the negative consequences. Like Al Gore, they just used it to make themselves millions of greenbacks.


    • “Will enough electricity be available at a reasonable cost when we go fully Electric?”

      “Enough” electricity will not be available — at ANY cost. Nor is our electrical infrastructure capable of delivering same. Not by a factor of at least 10.

      …But don’t listen to me. I’ve only been studying this stuff since 1971 so I’m sure I know lots less than AlGore and the wingnuts who worship at his altar.

  14. “I have a devil of a problem with mine, keeping as much linearity across the spectrum as useable.”

    Yeah, that’s a bigger problem with vacuum tube amps. You need one of those solid-state, broadband, no-tune AI brains. I’m sure Musk has a solution. ;-)

  15. Toyota and I agree … batteries for all cars are a pipe dream.

    Toyota has long operated under the premise that Hydrogen Fuel Cells were the way to go. As of a couple of months ago they were still saying the same thing.

    The hydrogen to power the fuel cells can be obtained in a couple of ways: one, extracs it from hydrocarbons, almost always natural gas for now; or one can make it by splitting water atom via electricity. It is called “Brown” Hydrogen by the Europeans if it is extracted from hydrocarbons and “Green” Hydrogen by them if it is made by splitting water atoms.

    For extensive implementation “Green” Hydrogen is preferred since it doesn’t tend to have impurities in it which over time can clog the fuel cells – a problem they have had a very difficult problem solving. In addition making Green Hydrogen and storing it can work well with intermitent power sources, such as solar power or wind power. When the generation is cranking away and there is excess supply over demand, say mid day on a sunny day, just convert that excess electricity to Hydrogen. Even with a 20% – 30% efficiency loss that is better than just shutting down the electricity creation devices. (and much of that will be made up on the energy generation side in the fuel cell since it is much more efficient at converting the fuel to energy than an internal combustion engine is … about 80% vs 35%-40%)

    IMO an absolutely HUGE advantage of Hydrogen Fuel Cells over batteries is the fact that the Hydrogen is MUCH easier to store than battery powered electricity is since all it needs is a pressure vessel container and no complex chemistry in the storage medium. In addition to refuel a Hydrogen vehicle it takes about 5 minutes or less, which is about the same as with a gasoline or diesel vehicle.

    As to fuel cells themselves the development continues plodding along. Toyota IS already selling fuel cell vehicles in Japan, Hyundai is leasing them in Korea and in the LA basin area. VW just announced a huge technical breakthrough with a ceramic membrane cell that uses NO Platinum … one of the biggest problems for widespread fuel cell manufacturing – just like catalytic converters up to now they have needed Platinum, but in ever decreasing amounts, which is why this new VW cell is such a breakthrough. (fwiw all the big auto companies long ago agreed to royalty free patent and technology sharing of fuel cell technology so VW’s breakthrough will quickly spread to the other companies).

    As for the fueling infrastructure … well around here more and more truck stops are installing Compressed Natural Gas fueling islands … so they are already building up an infrastructure for transporting and delivering GAS VAPOR fuels, not just liquid based fuels. (UPS here uses compressed natural gas for fueling 80%+ of it’s over the road semi’s – the ones that go terminal to terminal)

    It would be MUCH cheaper and QUICKER for society to build out a vehicle refueling system based upon our current “Gas Station” infrastructure model than to totally rebuild the electrical grid. Tanks to hold the compressed gas. Trucks to deliver the compressed gas. Pumps to dispense the compressed gas. … ala what they are already doing on a smaller scale with compressed natural gas refueling islands at truck stops.

    Of course the electrical drive train of the vehicle would be virtually identical between a fuel cell vehicle and a battery powered one … but in place of the batteries you would have a pressurized tank for the hydrogen, like they are already using in trucks for natural gas, and a membrane fuel cell system in the vehicle.

    A couple of years ago I was going to dinner at a restaurant across the water from Marina Del Rey in LA and a guy was getting into a fuel cell Hyundai so I went over to talk to him. He couldn’t say enough good things about it (they only leased them at time, not available for purchase though that may be different today). He said FABULOUS pick up, obviously no engine noise much like a Tesla I would imagine, and he was getting great range between refills. He thought his fuel cost per mile was about the same as with gasoline IF he was driving a Prius (and this was a much bigger car than a Prius), but also mentioned that because there were only a few stations to go to there was no real competition in the fuel selling business so he thought th e prices were high. When I asked him if when his lease was up if he would get another one … and he said ABSOLUTELY! In replying about range he did mention that for longer trips outside of Southern CA there were still no refueling stations so he treated the car as an LA area only car with maybe a rare side trip to San Diego. (I guess from what he said there are a couple of refueling stations as one goes south along the expressway and maybe one in San Diego)

    IMO the ONLY way battery powered vehicles make sense is a limited range battery, say 30-50 miles range, but combined with a regular engine /hybrid drive train for longer trips. Hyundai has a couple of models out like that now … the new Chrysler Pacifica can also be ordered that way … and that was the premise behind the no longer in production Ford C-Max Energi and Chevrolet Volt.

    The cost to build out the grid AND to build new generation capacityh is going to SHOCK people if we actually go that way … prepare now for your electric charge per kwh to at least double, maybe triple. (which means it will cost a LOT more per mile to drive an electric than a gasoline vehicle … right now they say a Tesla is in a break even with California gasoline prices of $6/gal at a rate of about $.30/kwh)

    I keep waiting for the Fuel Cell powered personal vehicles, but outside of LA they are NOT available anywhere in the US (only Toyota and Hundai are selling leasing them, and then only in the LA area) … and even in LA the refueling stations are few and far between so if you run out of fuel it has to be towed since there is NO gas can you can use to refill it.

    • The drawdown of hydrogen fuels is its rate of burn is called an explosion In case of fire like the Battery cars is once they catch fire it is best not to be in the area as the Bomb will go off. in a underground fire in a hi rise it might have the force to destroy the building

    • Not a solution…

      The hydrogen cell has advantages over a conventional battery, in that while cold will diminish its stored pressure, the gas which reaches the injectors will have its full energy potential intact, and gas stored in a pressure cylinder is likely to retain its complete volume until used (even a Li-ion battery will “shelf-discharge” over time.) However, it takes exactly as much energy to put hydrogen in a cell, as the potential of the energy contained within that stored hydrogen.

      What makes coal and oil (and natural gas) such desirable fuels is it takes less energy to obtain a given quantity of them than their energy potential.

      • “However, it takes exactly as much energy to put hydrogen in a cell,”

        Hmm.. yes and no on that one. depending on how you do it brute force or lull the cell apart….
        From a paper I read years ago the NAZI party during ww2 Had GM or was it Ford make a cell that was quite uinique.. it was a three part cell.. although the cell itself was basically a hoffman cell so that hydrogen could be stabilized it also used gasoline and alcohol water.. Race cars today still use the alcohol water injection .. the Stanley Myers came up with the lulling aspect to it.. but from using frequency pulsed it would react similar to a battery or capacitor and store the energy as it had its output… the hydrogen was mixed in the alcohol water mist injected and the bubbler action of the gasoline.. and water.. pretty cool unit and wow.. Germany didn’t have access to readily available fuel..
        Herman Anderson of Tennessee was I think the only one that used his water car the majority of his life.. he drove it everywhere would give you a general overview of how it worked but wouldn’t ever let you know exactly how he did it.. his what sixteen or seventeen hundred patents all were given to the US govt.. which are used on advanced vehicles today.. also honda and GM Ford etc all have similar units all on patent file..
        the trick where everyone makes the mistakes is they are trying to brute forcee to split the atom rather than to lull it apart.. like DC power and AC power.. AC power is lulled into action by frequency.. DC is brute force..
        I had a friend that was from Boston Dynamics.. that worked on it.. he thought he would share what he knew and make uints.. he had visitors that encouraged him to not do it …. if you want to make one for yourself go ahead but don’t make one or think you are going to sell them..similar to the hummingbird motor.. he to was discouraged to not share what he knew..

      • LOOB:

        Just remember, it is impossible to get more kinetic energy (power or work) out of any substance than the potential energy contained within. If this were not the case, we’d all be self-powering everything with perpetual motion machines.

        p.s. The water is used to cool the combustion chambers, to increase the efficiency of the burn and maximize the energy potential of the potential energy of the fuel. Alcohol, if used, is employed to ensure the water “burns” rather than setting in the cylinders and rusting the rings, and it is a “predetonation” treatment to eliminate engine knock by cheaply raising the apparent octane of the fuel. The maximum possible efficiency with a common ICE engine is 25%, because each piston is only working on one of the four strokes — typical maximums are between 19%-21%. Diesels will get close to 24%. 2-cycle ICE engines and steam engines have the potential to be 50% efficient, although none have exceeded 30% that I know of. The only engines which could theoretically approach 100% efficiency are turbines and electric motors, and neither is close…

      • Things may have changed since 2009 when this video was posted but a backyard particle accelerator is all that’s needed for producing all the hydride material to store hydrogen. Whatever you may think about Bob Lazar he built his proof of concept vehicle, more than one apparently, and gets about as much driving range out of them on hydrogen as he would on a full tank of gas. The biggest problem is the hydride (lithium-6 or Duetrium) can’t be purchased at any price due to it being a component of nuclear bombs. BUT, at least in 2009, you could produce it yourself to store your hydrogen and if Bob could do it I’d bet there’s enough brain power on this site to do it, too.
        Heck, by now there may even be more efficient and easier ways of storing hydrogen.

      • “Just remember, it is impossible to get more kinetic energy (power or work) out of any substance than the potential energy contained within.”

        Yes and no…
        That was what was so great about the way it was designed..
        Take a rail gun and 6 D batteries.. or the taser and 2 double A batteries..
        The hydrogen they were using was probably but mixed with the oxygen and gasoline vapors along with the alcohol water mixture..
        Just like the Bloom box fuel cell.. it sure didn’t take long for them to take that out of the average home owners reach.. a box the size of a deck of cards..


        the bloom box above.. taken off of the market in less than a week after it was released for purchase.. I did read once that it was bought and runs google..

        the humingbird motor was build and was going to be released in the USA.. what I was told by the company was that they had done a few demonstrations for congress just like the gent in 78 thatdrove from texas to DC on ten gallons of gasoline and was televised on all MSM network stations.. they chased him out of the USA and he went to Austrailia.. they chased him out of there to.. the last time I heard he was in New Zealand..
        I was looking for the George Bush and Barack Obama tour of a ribbon cell manufacturer that was using grape juice and titanium dioxide and graphite to make solar cells for less than one cent a watt.. the issue there was Congress once again sent them packing to China.. and even though china makes tinted windows that are solar panels.. and can be installed in any house along with paint.. it isn’t available in the USA.. even to this day.. solar installs are discouraged and in some places not even allowed..
        where we should be using all forms of energy.. ( except nuclear until we get smarter about it ) and dispersed rather than shoved in the same basket..
        I once viewed an automobile that used a magnet motor and in the demonstration video drove the alps..
        the gent above was discouraged right after this video was released.. the issue is it isn’t possible.. even in the old Texaco contest letters they have the technology to do it.. the stuff is patented and has been proven to work.. the issue is it isn’t allowed to be released.. and with good reason..
        Imagine a world where you can pee in a jug and drive your car.. or scoop up snow and convert it.. it would shut the country down.. that is why coal is discouraged to even though they know how to clean and reclaim the energy from the exhaust.. it is forty bucks a ton.. and a ton to heat a home for a winter..
        most of them utilize a hybrid construction.. a starter motor etc.. using dual energy souces to form one..
        Tesla talked about solar distribution towers.. as soon as he demonstrated it.. he was shut down because oil was becoming the main source..
        now consider the satellites and all the microwave energy moving around the earth at any one second.. there is more than enough energy to supply all.. the issue is the market value of free energy.. in the end it is all in the business model..
        free energy would shut the world down.. we need that as a sales model to power the economy..

        If one wants to explore the principles and design something for themselves go for it.. the issue is you cannot market or share the information that you discover.. you can even go and download the patents and go from there.. its already out there and already available.. like the old car I believe in sixty five that was getting I belive 687 mpg.. the High School division, the winning mileage of the 2008 competition was 1,716 miles per US gallon .. None of it is new.. just not marketed.. someday maybe.. but today to make the conversions would shut down the economy.. so I agree with the oil companies on discouraging its general release to the public.. ..

    • I find the idea of hydrogen cars interesting, though of course they are subject to lack of infrastructure and lack of committed focus to their nationwide/worldwide rollout. The key to hydrogen is the fuel cell and electric drive. Hydrogen ICE engines make no practical sense as I see it.

      If I were to buy(or build) an EV or hydrogen fuel celled vehicle, it would be the dumbest and most “hackable” one available. The first thing I’d do is build a range extender trailer and put a tow hitch on the car. Rather than a tow, a trailer could just be hooked up to get home safely or just stay hooked up for long trips. Sure, there’s a cost, but it takes an enthusiast vehicle and turns it into a practical one. It would be quite do-able unless some regulator or bureaucracy got in the way. Every EV has a main battery and a practical hydrogen-electric one would really need one too(or a massive super-capacitor) for smoothing and reserve if nothing else. An efficient diesel or stratified charge constant speed gasoline genset on a trailer would work well for long trips.

      • ” I were to buy(or build) an EV or hydrogen fuel celled”

        The gent I knew was really close..the problem he had was he was still in the mind frame of using brute force to crack takes to much power to do it that way.. and he wanted to sell it.. when he started that idea he had a couple of not friendly gentlemen stop by destroyed his lab and took all his research.. letting him know if he continued they would stop back by.. he never touched it again..
        Everything is energy.. conversion of it into usable form is the real issue..
        Then like nuclear disposal of the exhausted waste after the conversion..

    • You described my 2012 Plug-In Prius. Still gets 8.3 miles on a charge, then it’s the ICE and EV from regenerative braking. Don’t even notice the cost of power station juice and I always plug it in when pulling in the garage. On a recent 200 mile trip I averaged 60 mpg. In conducting my regular consumer missions I rarely engage the ICE, usually it only kicks on when getting up to speed entering the freeway.

      • must have a lead foot.. 57 mph is optimal.. IF I got mileage like that I would have it in the shop lol..

  16. The great Martin Armstrong is really pissed off . Be strong everyone . Buy gold short hard . United we cannot be broken . One pencil you can snap , try snapping 100 together , impossible! The force is with us

  17. I found Musk’s Twitter offer at $54.20 per share a bit humorous (“420” being toke up time), but hadn’t thought about Hitler’s birthday 4/20. Then throw in April Fool’s Day (“The world’s richest person said he’ll pay $54.20 per share in cash, 38% above the price on April 1, the last trading day before Musk went public with his stake.” and it all makes one wonder?

    • Don’t wonder — The numerical “coincidences” are not. They are intentional, and are “nerd jokes…”


    Independent journalist Patrick Lancaster posted a video Monday providing over an hour’s worth of footage showing the horrific conditions the citizens of Mariupol, Ukraine are currently living under.

    Some locals detailed horrifying stories of Ukrainian troops murdering innocent civilians while claiming the Russians have left them alone.

    Ukraine plans ‘monstrous’ provocation – Moscow

    The Russian Defense Ministry said on Monday that Kiev, with Western backing, is planning to shell churches, during Orthodox Easter celebrations in southern and eastern Ukraine, and then pin the blame on Moscow.

  19. New Mexico is paying college tuition for illegal immigrants with COVID relief funds

    New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has signed the New Mexico Opportunity Scholarship Act into law, which provides scholarships covering tuition and fees at the state’s public higher education institutions. The law extends to illegal immigrants, The New York Times reports, in addition to prison inmates and students from “tribal nations” that extend beyond state borders. …the program will cost $75,000,000 for the 2023 fiscal year, with “$63 million com[ing] from pandemic relief funds.”

  20. CTCL Announces $80 Million Program to Run Elections

    The nonprofit Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) now promises it will refrain from funding midterm elections in the fall. However, CTCL also announced on Monday its “nonpartisan collaborative” to “help local election departments improve operations, develop a set of shared standards and values, and obtain access to best-in-class resources to run successful elections.”

    CTCL benefitted from approximately $350 million in donations from the Chan-Zuckerberg Foundation

    …Because Zeke didn’t engage in enough illegal activities to get himself locked-up in 2020.

  21. EMERGENCY ALERT: On the heels of rail carriers canceling grain shipments, CF Industries warns that FERTILIZER rail shipments are now being halted during spring planting

    …ten days ago I warned that rail carriers were declaring “force majeure” and halting shipments of grain to dairy herds and other cow herds across America. I also warned that this was an engineered collapse of the food supply, where rail carriers were essentially being ordered to drop certain loads…

    Now, devastating news from CF Industries — one of the largest fertilizer producers in the world — confirms the engineered food collapse plan is being expanded to include fertilizer shipments. According to an April 14th announcement from CF Industries, Union Pacific is halting the delivery of fertilizer shipments right in the middle of peak planting season for farmers.

    Well, I’ll be darned — the story checks:

  22. You know George. Elon could he the anti Christ. The anti christ will appear as a good guy and many will be deceived.

    I’m sure the anti christ will be very likable to most of the world.

    Nobody likes Bill gates. Lol or Biden or Obama.

    Seems to me, everyone likes him. Even me.

    And what I learned as a casino inspector is. In God we trust. Everyone else is suspect.

    I’m mindful of that.

    • Yes …moar than 1

      multiple diabolical “schitz” will be and have been seen. obongo was “selected” many yearz ago to “fullfill”, help bring about (KM) planned (“denuding/culling) of Caucasian persuasion..see Georgia guidestones Who TF do U think they CHOSE to follow – “the chosen ones” bwahahahahahahahahahah

      Its all seems so pathetically sick to these “eyeS” – so gots stay Positive, not get dragged Down as all this will soon pass..

      Wanna get a looksee – imagine Ure “Awareness(eyes closed/mind “relaxed”..working R to L think thru every body part fingers, wrist, lower arm forth and so on. Once completed body awareness – imagine sending Ure awareness to Ure target. Caution here – once you go looking at NRG bodies – whatever is there besides target Will see/notice Ure NRG – No problem/fear just think you are sending beams of Lovelight – whatever that would look like to You. werx like a charm everytime

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