ShopTalk Sunday: The Sermon on the Drill

Our normal Sunday fare is foregone today in honor of the solemnity of the day, and its meaning, worldwide.

Easter Confessional:  I found a great deal on a Wen 6510T spindle sander on eBay overnight.  So, we haven’t lost sight of what really goes on in the shop…

It’s a dandy time for us Junior Makers – sent on an Earthly mission to photograph the zoo and bring some postcards home (life review process when you die) when we all return to the One down the road. More on that in a second along with a side order of woo-woo, as a bonus.

Where’s the Beef?

Our own Makings around here will be a simple Prime Rib.  6-pounds and boneless.  I might make a bottle of bubbly open, too.

Fire the oven up to 500 degrees and hold it there for a quarter-hour ramp up.  After which the seasoned prime rib (melted butter, herbes de provence, cracked pepper, and sea salt) goes in for 5-minutes per pound at 500.

Right:  At the end of the 30 minutes?  Simply turn the oven off as the roast “rests” its way to done for exactly two-hours.  Use 4 minutes per pound at the hot end of cooking for a rarer finish.

It’s likely not what a cardiologist would recommend. But we know a BoneSaw who likes a good slice of beef, like the rest of us.  Observe please: We carefully shop medical opinions on prime rib the same way government makes pandemic decisions.

Without regard to science.

Just now, we arrive at point 2:

Unity Is Coming

Our second “Making” of today is a finely crafted observation that should have ended atheism decades ago.  It’s found in than the pages of Scientific America in Fact or Fiction?: Energy Can Neither Be Created Nor Destroyed.

The key part to reflect on, being The Day and all, is this:

“The law of conservation of energy, also known as the first law of thermodynamics, states that the energy of a closed system must remain constant—it can neither increase nor decrease without interference from outside.”

We don’t know how the evidence could be more clear.

Because we are all, each, and every one of us energy-centered critters.  You have your brand of crazy, we have ours, but in the end, we’re all just energy caught in a biochemical web on this plane; snared in some moment of orgasmic joinery long ago, then planted for 9-months before “blooming” into a discrete Life.  Then the grind is on: 50-years of tax-whipping and boundaries imposed by others who don’t seem to care what we think.  That, brothers and sisters is the two-way street.

Naturally, the accomplished atheist would argue we are only chemical reactions; nothing more.  Yet absent the spark of Life (electrically) what is all that noise on the monitors?  It’s not anion discharge,  It’s electrical.  We are an electric tribe. Resistance is futile, as it were.

Where does the energy go?  The paper referenced in this article moves toward that answer.  What’s taking so long?

One reason the global free-wheeling internet must be broken apart is Truth Seeking humans are beginning to assert the obvious. We really can (absent bot swarms) mainly get along and even get the difficult questions right, nows and then.

Being energetic creatures, why can’t more people just follow Bill and Ted’s great spiritual advice?  We’re all two-legged GoPro’s on the movie set.

Troubling thing is that poseurs and pretenders to power make more money and assert excessive dominance by installing potholes on the road of Life, collecting ever-higher taxes, and requiring excess work to more quickly deplete the planet.  Work that might be usefully be directed to heart and mind expansion.

Damn shame, this.  Good day to remember our shortcomings.

Like we mutter sometimes in the shop: “Life is not a drill.”

An Easter Woo-Woo Story

As ShopTalk readers might remember, I put a website up a couple of years ago called  It’s a placeholder for additional thinking I’d like to do – and direct some community effort toward – in whatever years remain. CNC and 3D printing.  The whole “emailing of things” which will – in time – wreck the central control Globalism model.

But I’ve had a problem.  There are a few really good 3D printing sites, a ton of incredible How-To’s on Youtube, the best of which is probably Chuck’s Filament Friday. (CHEP – YouTube)

Why put time on task on my site,  unless there’s a worthy addition to the discussion and the body of knowledge?

I had been reflecting on this, while looking at the renewal bills for the Ultra-Make site, when a new load of antique magazines on DVD came in from eBay.

Back issues of old magazines – whole collections of old ones – are a treasure house for any writer.  I indulge often; buying a dozen of DVDs at a time.

Among this load was a DVD titled “American Penny Magazine.” Great concept which is only partly materialized in today’s world.  The info I’m seeking is just too damn spread out.

One of the gems was this masthead:

Content Was King After All…

Before the advent of “hit and run” (SMS) messaging, people used to take time to study content, think about what they’d read and then act on it.  Often in a reasonably paced, non-IPO frenzied way.

Wouldn’t you know?  In a few short years (13 roughly) an American version of the magazine showed up.

This looked like nugget of an interesting direction for Ultra-Make, since Make Magazine is highly project-oriented, Family Handyman is too crafty for some (like apartment and condo denizens), and not homesteady enough for others.  PopSci gets the new products right, but StudyFinds is a must visit for us, as are the rising Hot-To videos on Youtube.  I want the link-rich journal and the latest application notes./

I was thinking like a Sunset Magazine or Southern Living but for people with Raspberry Pi’s and soldering skils, a bent toward power tool restoration and hotrod building.

Regular – you knowAmericans.

Now the Woo-Woo Part

So there I was, idly thinking about this when I noticed my eyes kept coming back to rest of the front page of American Penny Magazine.

Hold it!  Why is an 1845 magazine cover so interesting, bubble up the question.  There was a picture of Tiberias and mountain in the Holy Lands.

Tiberias?  Huh?  No depth of knowledge on this one. The Wiki on the place simply explains:

Tiberias is an Israeli city on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee. Established around 20 CE, it was named in honour of the second emperor of the Roman EmpireTiberius.[3] In 2019 it had a population of 44,779.”

For some reason, I just held my eyes on that mountain in the picture…a distant memory was trying to come into focus…


It all clicked in a flash.  A picture Elaine has done (paper and ink) which she had sketched while idly doing kitchen chores popped out of eidetic space.  Scanned into Ure’s Fantastic Filing System on February 23, 2016, read the timestamp.

I laid them out, one over the other, and while not exactly, there sure seemed some similarities:

Well, what do you know?

Not exactly, like I said, but enough resemblance that she had goose bumps for a couple of hours after; coming in gentle waves.

Neither one of us is sure what to make of it.  Not perfect, but what is down there in the minds of each of us?  What past knowledge might we have – suppress – and not effectively mine for learning – except by fortunate accident?

Might there be – hidden right there in our art links to our past lives, our DNA carryforwards from hundreds of generations before?

In years ahead, we appreciate that humans are off to make idols of ourselves in artificial intelligence.  Sure, bigger weapons, smaller phones, more deadly viruses seems a waste of it to us, too.

Seems to us some modest government funding for learning to mine our past lives more effectively would be a higher ROI.  Learn to call forth the Old Lessons and Lost Knowledge that we’re busily overwriting.  Perhaps more people could also see us as a race of energy beings, just hanging in these parts to show from “Life Review film” and then move on…

And thus, spake the Sermon on the Drill.

We will now press forward.

Write when you get rich,

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24 thoughts on “ShopTalk Sunday: The Sermon on the Drill”

  1. Scintillation. Winking on and off between……..well, you choose. As an interested observer I sense this dance between the ethereal and the physical. I was somewhat taken aback by the wild-eyed gun-toting comments on the last post, but then George rides in like a spiritual zephyr, perfectly poised, at the exact right moment in time to shine the energy outwards again. Grace, wisdom, balance restored.

    “We are all visitors
    to this time, this place,
    We are just passing
    through. Our purpose
    here is to observe, to
    learn, to grow,
    to love…and then
    we return home”

    Australian Aboriginal saying

    • “We are all visitors
      to this time, this place,
      We are just passing
      through. Our purpose
      here is to observe, to
      learn, to grow,
      to love…and then
      we return home”

      Australian Aboriginal saying”

      Thanks for those words of wisdom @Winter….

      “Walk a little slower, Daddy” said a little child so small.
      “I’m following in your footsteps and I don’t want to fall.

      Sometimes your steps are very fast, sometimes they’re hard to see;
      So walk a little slower Daddy, for you are leading me.

      Someday when I’m all grown up, you’re what I want to be.
      Then I will have a little child who’ll want to follow me.

      And I would want to lead just right, and know that I was true;
      So, walk a little slower, Daddy, for I must follow you.”

      we are all residents on this small planet earth.. violence and hate are not they say they are worth..
      we lead our children by who we are and what we do.. the old saying take time to stop and smell the roses.. look at the way forward and the path from which you came..

  2. Amen on your observations about the folly atheism in the the face of physics.
    To think that you understand so much of the universe that you know for a fact that there is no God is arrogance to the nth degree.
    We can know or understand very little about the universe because of its vastness and our brains’ lack of sufficient horsepower to take it all in. The experience of having one’s mind blown is just the smallest tip of the iceberg.
    This uncertainty can cause either anxiety or peace. I choose peace.
    Happy Easter.

    • Know enough to REALize – that the taking “of the body and blood” is a Cannibalistic “spell” for weighing down of Ure spiritz or lack there of..

      Howz a lifetime of that scheisse been working 4 ya anywayz?

      – If & when the “deadman” ever wakes up, surely is he going to make everybody feel high?..

      ” but if you know what Life is worth, You would look for Ures on Earth..

  3. I have always believed the most important word in the English language is “Hope.” The absence of it can lead individuals to a place of darkness and pain. The presence of it can lead them to do miraculous things. In my 80 years on this earth, I have witnessed and experienced both.

    Your book “ Packing to Die” had an impact on me. I read it twice. No matter where we go (or not) at the end of this life experiment, we all leave behind a video reel on the shelf. If we get to review it as you and I believe, surely there is hope of a better world beyond. If not, the hope is that the reel on the shelf helped change and improve the life of others we met along the way.

    I have never been a particularly religious man George but I believe this day in the Christian calendar is about hope. From a human being that was mocked, tortured, beaten and left to die to a spirit that returned to say “There was a purpose to my life. I beat the darkness and you can too.”

    Happy Easter

      Happy Easter ..

      Hope , Forgiveness, chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness, and humility. Practicing them is said to protect one against temptation

  4. ” Neither one of us is sure what to make of it. ” Considering present world events: Head for the hills comes to mind!

  5. “Wen 6510T spindle sander”

    you will like that.. the shaper table is nice to.. I just don’t use it that much since I got my craftsman jobsite saw.. loved that don’t use it since I went blind in one eye.. gave my tools to the grandkids whichever one needs tools its all theirs.. figured I would get more pleasure out of watching them build something for themselves than a few coins..( coins don’t mean a thing to me it is just that a hunk of metal.. but now if it was a BitCoin.. I might see it differently JK numbers on a sheet of paper are no where nearly as enjoyable as seeing a project come to life.. LOL).. has a section so you can use it as a shaper as well..

  6. When I was meditating hours every day I had a religious experience where everything is full of energy, including the air around us and the rocks at our feet, and everything is connected, so everything is truly one thing. God is everything and God is energy.

    I had a hard time with how Jesus fit in this experience. A Jesuit priest who ran a retreat center said that ” Of course Jesus is energy. He was the beginning and the end”” . Try wrapping your head around that.

    George, thanks for your post today and every day.

  7. I was just reading on Stu’s site… and remembered a really nice experiment ….
    years ago.. a man ( from Texas) drove across the USA on ten gallons of gasoline.. sat in front of congress.. telling them that long range high mileage was available..
    anyway he was arrested the car was confiscated and he was never heard of again..
    about the same time I was reading some old texaco journals on their yearly contest on high mileage ( of car made our of iron and steel) I had bought an old ford galaxy it had been a test car in it was a two gallon tank and an air stone.. I didn’t know to much about it.. but a race car driver bought the system from me .. ( in germany they used alcohol water injection.. ) so I decided.. I wonder IF…
    One bottle of water with an airstone in it.. one with gasoline.. about this same time.. the geet came out.. the guy was going to sell it but was chased out of the USA.. the last time I had talked to him he was in new zealand living.. but like the gent that had drove across the USA the air would come from the exhaust go into a bubbler in the fuel tank then through the water chamber then through a reactor of a steel pipe running through the muffler then into the carburetor.. I just had the two bottles.. and an airstone put a flashback arrestor on it and into a camp stove.. it worked a beautiful blue flame.. I figured the reason for the reactor is that is how most camp stoves are made.. a wick with an adjustable fuel line.. and the burner.. the heat from the burner vaporizes the fuel where while in a car the reactor the heat from the muffler produces a nice vapor. and you get a nice long lasting blue flame.. the old coleman camp stoves and lanterns worked on this principle.. and almost all camp stoves I have seen that have any credibility as being a good one uses a similar method.. simple easy and efficient use.. the thought of the gas vapors going through the water is to add enough water to take away the explosive reaction of gas vapors and oxygen..
    anyway I loved the piece thought I would share it.. There isn’t any energy that is free.. but it can be efficient..and everyone knows it is definately abundant and available.. just look at your trash once.. how much plastic and Styrofoam do you dump out.. shrink wrap etc.. there is an island that is bigger than texas in the pacific.. think about all that oil there.. just waiting to be harvested..
    anyway enjoy the read on stu’s site.. I know I enjoy it.. OH Happy Easter.. a great day to have egg salad sandwhiches LOL..

  8. Easter Sunday. I removed primitive foam window walls (temp) and ordered pleated shades for my wife. This is a 3 season room we’re trying to occupy 4 seasons and … it snowed yesterday :0/

    Anyway, buy something your wife wanted and … I’m golden Jerry.

    Spiral ham, sweet taters, slightly-devilish eggs. And stout.

    Happy Bunny Day all, write when you get woo-woo.
    Egor ~~ /) ~

  9. “Because we are all, each, and every one of us energy-centered critters. You have your brand of crazy, we have ours, but in the end, we’re all just energy caught in a biochemical web on this plane; snared in some moment of orgasmic joinery long ago…”

    On this day of religious observance… a few thoughts on the subject are in order.

    We each have a right of belief about The Almighty and we are respectful of each other as we wish respect for our own views.

    Organized religion concerns itself with what we as humans ‘believe’. This is putting an oversized importance on the very tiny window of human understanding and religion’s pursuit of acceptance of a certain narrative which they count as some kind of victory of importance in the grand scheme of things. ‘Snaring souls for God’. As if this were some kind of big Universal hunting trip in the pursuit of big game. And as if God — who possesses Knowledge without limit – doesn’t already know how all the potential timelines turn out for every human being.

    This is the source of many of humankind’s problems – seeing everything in the Universe solely through the very tiny window of a limited form of human mentality and turning everything into something resembling or as an extension of a (limited) human being. The entire notion of true Source Deity is that such a Power is beyond (full) human understanding. This Power is better thought of not so much in human terms as a ‘being’ at all but in terms of what quantum physics teaches EVERYTHING is at its most fundamental level: ENERGY and INFORMATION. So Our Source Power… and all that results from that Power… is at its heart Energy and Information. That may be the closest understanding we ever come to in accurately describing what we call God.

    God as Energy and Information simply exists. Just like gravity does. Gravity does not care if you ‘believe’ in it or not. Gravity is what it is and exists independently from what anyone else thinks about it. Gravity does not care to bag souls for itself and have religions erected around it.

    Many mystics have come to realize that all that exists is simply within the Divine Mind. There is no objective world out there. There is no real separation between God and humans… or God and rivers… or God and rocks… on and on. What one might call a difference of separation is in the DEGREE and AMOUNT of energy and information Our Source and any one of God’s ‘fractals’ (all else that exists) possesses.

    We are all living within and as a part of the Divine Mind, or Divine Dream. The only limits are the ones we put upon ourselves when we forget who and what we really are in an act of existential amnesia. And even that amnesia serves some Divine Purpose within the Divine Dream we all exist in.

    When we ‘pursue’ God… we are also pursuing ourselves. When we come to some kind of breakthrough understanding or feeling about God… we do likewise about ourselves. We as humans are one of the fractals of God.

    And we can live with joy being and living as “our own brand of crazy”.
    As it was Intended. As long as our own brand of crazy does not interfere with the rights of others to live out their own brand…

  10. Martin Armstrong sheds light and clears the facts on USA watchdog. Can’t help but think this world is all a bit fake now. That boat was 40 year old wreck . The bad pope from South America backing Ukraine? 2 much horsesheet

  11. I am seeing a lot more homeless who appear to be young, healthy, and absolutely destitute pushing shopping carts in town. I have no idea what caused the recent spike in homeless numbers.
    I witnessed about five carloads of cops taking down a small homeless encampment yesterday. The spot picked to camp was on an overgrown vacant lot on the back side of a solid concrete block fence surrounding a commercial facility. The campers were pushing an overloaded shopping cart, and had a large, tall, brightly colored new tent. The location was excellent, and had the homeless folk been a little smarter, they would have had a first rate hobo camp.
    Their mistakes were 1) too close to a heavily patrolled road 2) they left a shopping cart next to the road in full view 3) Their tent was huge. Had they gone about a 100′ further back, used a smaller tent, and not used a stolen shopping cart, they would have had a franchise in short walking distance to places with free stuff and minimum wage jobs. A garden or game cart, coupled with a camo or earth tone tent and some netting would have worked. They also made their access perpendicular to the road along the back of the concrete block fence, in full view. Machetes are now legal to tote in public, so clearing a circuitous path through the thicket would have taken a couple of hours, max. They probably could have gotten all that plus a couple of cheap coolers for the cost of that big tent.
    Made a note of the spot. You never know.

    • This is the dirty little secret.

      Across the many thousands of cities in our nation. Hundreds of thousands of drug experimenters turned drug addicts. They flock together and hang together, once hooked, they (most) devolve into a street addicted/addled community. Lost jobs, lost relationships, the street is their home.

      This is a VICTIM MENTALITY.

      The OLD Great Depression HOBO is no comparison.

      These people are now down on their luck because of CHOICE; oh no, don’t start yelling at me that addiction is addiction. It’s kind of like pregnancy; there is NO CONCEPTION WITHOUT ERECTION.

      DO NOT roll the dice and take an illegal highly addicted drug. (Oh yes, we know about the legal opiates, you can say no to them, too.)

      So, they try a drug and a certain percentage become immediately addicted, many follow at some point or another by continuing to experiment.

      Oh, yes, some are self medicating, But…BUT, God only knows how Marijuana is a self medicating medicine, WHEN it can CAUSE schizophrenia in the person who then SELF medicates with Marijuana!!

      Nice loop there.

      So, now, in OUR TOWN, there are thousands of these jobless (can’t or won’t work) citizens eeking out a drug fueled camaraderie existence (yes besties for life). Some die, some live on drugged out and drugged up; both sexes (last I checked, innies and outies) selling their bodies when all else fails, for drugs.

      Fetanyl coming in from China in massive waves, a kinda PAYBACK for the opium dens of old.

      IT’S ALSO A BUSINESS MODEL that our own government reaps the profits from; the misery of the multitudes.

      Massive other drugs coming across the border cause…wait for it…WFI: Americans just have a SUCH AN APPETITE FOR DRUGS!!!

      What we have is an appetite for illegals and refugees and making sure they are taken care of completely once their little feet hit our shores.

      Those DRUGGIES they can just rot right where they are at.

      They are stirring the pot of humanity and they are being ignored UNLESS it can cause the citizens MORE PAIN.


      Can you think of the BILLIONS Of dollars our governments spend to take care of those newcomers, and the money that IS NOT SPENT on the citizens?

      Instead in OUR LITTLE TOWN, the mayor wants to increase all property taxes (and the city’s annual budget) as fast as he can through appraisals so that he can BILL the taxpayer to pay for EVERYTHING but mental programs, drug rehab programs, work programs for these addled citizens.


      And now you know the REST OF THE STORY; these people, MOST OF THEM, don’t work. And all across the land it is being relayed from street corner to street corner: AMERICANS DON’T WORK.

      We don’t count the DRUG INDUSTRY, many millions are working for that industry right now!

      Bring in the multitudes from other countries so they, too, can work!!!

      Before I end my treatise.



      Matthew 6:33

      “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

      Matthew 7:7

      “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:”

  12. All hell is about to break loose the interbank lending has failed again . This time it’s terminal .

  13. Thank you for “The Penny Magazine” easter egg. It seems there is an anecdote associated with the father of “The Penny Magazine” publisher. Mr. Knight Sr. had George III browsing in his Windsor bookshop after the French Revolution. He was mortified to observe the king paging through “The Rights of Man” by Thomas Paine. Apparently Mr. Paine was subsequently charged with seditious libel.

    The initial circulation of “The Penny Magazine” was so high that its weekly production stretched the know-how and technology of the day. It seems in the second year of issue Mr. Knight published 4 extra monthly supplements ranging from paper making to book binding of the then cutting edge processes – sort of like a 2D Ultra Make site.

    Anyhow here’s a link from Internet Archive for “The Penny Magazine” run in case someone wants to woodcut a copy to disc.

    • I hope the non-radio folks here don’t jump on those deals without realizing those are just transmitters, not transceivers. Folks also need to realize that most HF ham gear is not plug-n-play. It requires a power supply to run off of 120v, and most will require an antenna tuner. Most of all, it requires specialized knowledge in the use of the equipment if they hope to get the signal beyond the antenna. That’s why I urge anyone planning to buy HF radio for survival purposes join a local ham club and learn how things work before jumping off the deep end.

      • Sage advise, although when I posted that I was thinking about our boatanchor restoration junkie and not the newbs. I haven’t checked the HF radios on eBay for some time, but thought it strange that there were 10 HT-37s for sale — numbers I used to only see for S-38s and S-120s…

  14. I figured it was aimed at George. In the sage advice department, my dad used to say, “If you can smell the sage, it’s too much.” referring to making dressing for Turkey Day. Same could apply to advice.

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