Collapse of Complexity: Engineering Food Collapse?

Quick market note first:  Not much in the way of news to drive things, so the Elliott count (*by a genuine first-class idiot) at the close last night looked like this:

Aggregate Index is slightly positive, but not worth firing up Excel over.

We still think this could break either way, though I stepped in and pulled a 1.48 percent gain in a 2-hour day trade Monday.  Volatility is my pal. Made lunch money for the week.  In fact, rest of the month.

Russia is ramping up in Eastern Ukraine, but the real damage is being done by our own government’s policies.  Meantime, tracking copper – a traditional “war marker” (shell casings and all) – we noticed LME copper, zinc climb on supply woes, China stimulus hopes.  I must be the only one aware of all that Russian steel cased 7.62-39.

Engineering Food Collapse?

You should realize that Nasim Taleb may have been wrong (in Antifragile), right?  Taleb argued that there are many things that benefit from disorder.  What he missed though is the likely upper limits of complexity at which anti-fragility as a pet theory still works.

In an agrarian society, for example, the addition of a new foodstuff provides a degree of anti-fragility.  Two crops failing is less likely than one. Complexity works better avoiding famine.

At the industrial level, redundancy is key.  Keeps airplanes flying and from running into one-another.  We all run back-ups.

To us, though, Taleb didn’t place enough emphasis, on the idea that when complexity rises above an upper usability boundary, Complexity Speeds Collapse.  Back-up systems bump into one-another at unworkable levels. Non-linear collapse follows.  Like an MCHVE in economics. (A massively correlated hyper-volatility event. AKA financial meltdown.)

Following such a boundary breakdown, humans will revist the 1800’s even without the nuclear winter cover-up (being worked by the neocons driving war ahead in Ukraine). The ownership class needs their scapegoats, so Vlad the Bad and iterations of blamesmanship follow.

A Hat Tip to Ray

Reader Ray H. flagged the Biggy of Food Collapse in the overnight news flow:

“Now, devastating news from CF Industries — one of the largest fertilizer producers in the world — confirms the engineered food collapse plan is being expanded to include fertilizer shipments. According to an April 14th announcement from CF Industries, Union Pacific is halting the delivery of fertilizer shipments right in the middle of peak planting season for farmers.

Well, I’ll be darned — the story checks:

So, yes, we tracked it to the CF Industries presser which reads:

“(NYSE: CF), a leading global manufacturer of hydrogen and nitrogen products, today informed customers it serves by Union Pacific rail lines that railroad-mandated shipping reductions would result in nitrogen fertilizer shipment delays during the spring application season and that it would be unable to accept new rail sales involving Union Pacific for the foreseeable future. The Company understands that it is one of only 30 companies to face these restrictions.

CF Industries ships to customers via Union Pacific rail lines primarily from its Donaldsonville Complex in Louisiana and its Port Neal Complex in Iowa. The rail lines serve key agricultural areas such as Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, Texas and California. Products that will be affected include nitrogen fertilizers such as urea and urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) as well as diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), an emissions control product required for diesel trucks. CF Industries is the largest producer of urea, UAN and DEF in North America, and its Donaldsonville Complex is the largest single production facility for the products in North America.

“The timing of this action by Union Pacific could not come at a worse time for farmers,” said Tony Will, president and chief executive officer, CF Industries Holdings, Inc. “Not only will fertilizer be delayed by these shipping restrictions, but additional fertilizer needed to complete spring applications may be unable to reach farmers at all. By placing this arbitrary restriction on just a handful of shippers, Union Pacific is jeopardizing farmers’ harvests and increasing the cost of food for consumers.”

The Answer Void

What’s missing – because America’s media has been asleep and complicit for years in taking down America – is the WHY part.

C/F says it is railroad mandated.  Say what?  I asked UP what’s up, so to speak…

I sent a press inquiry to Union Pacific seeking an explanation of just what the hell they’ve mandated and above all WHY.

I daresay most people don’t know who owns UP, but a dime’s worth of research discovers this screen snag from a Google Search… (holder, percent, shares):

The usual suspects?  Could it be that we’re seeing someone’s financialization in play?   (This could be a tough PR week at Vanguard. Sometimes, even $8 trillion in assets isn’t enough when the pitchforks come out with the townsfolk.  Whee!)

This should be interesting – tracking back to see who’s pulling the levers at Union Pacific driving this critical change which is likely to accelerate the coming take-down of cheap, abundant, American grown agriculture.

(*Which, do we need to remind you?  Is why we have been urging readers since DECEMBER 2021 to get rolling on home-based supplemental gardening while seed stocks are still available.)

No UP response as of click-time.

Highest Probability?

Systemic collapse inbound – thanks to bad policies at every turn – from the same system that broke America’s supply chain.

This much we have pieced together from an article in Trains.  UP supposedly is starting to “meter traffic” because they claim there is (essentially) too much rolling stock.  Clogging things up in their yards and such.  UP also then reportedly rambled into tight crew conditions, training, and so forth.

While it’s too early to be sure, we’re standing by for an amorphous kluge of excusifications and dueling finger-pointing all around to cover the arriving take down of food production.

To be clear:  This has NOTHING to do with Ukraine. Despite half-cocked assertions from the Drooler in Chief.

(Back of the envelope, we’re wondering how the Diet Industry fares in such events…a side noodle, if you will…watching weight watching, as it were…)

Likely to roll out very similarly to how the PowersThatBe created – via made-up CARB regulations in SoCal  with port complicity – rules effectively banning independent truckers from moving containers and such.  Sure, as day follows night, the container port disaster on the West Coast fed into massive supply chain shortfalls. Try to order a Chevy Silverado lately?

Somewhere in this continuum, the brighter people (OK, both of us…) will figure out there’s a recurring template appearing in media.

One option is that it is human-driven.  IF that’s the case, look for financializations orchestrated by the “usual suspects” on some corporate-government scheme to optimize shearing of the sheep.

OR – alternatively and equally weighted in our outlook – is that Taleb missed the upper boundary problem in Antifragile because at some point it’s all “sand in the gear box” and adding more complexity it only makes things worse.  Ned Ludd’s revenge.

Regardless, what’s up next is the Collapse of Complexity is coming for your food.

Conspiracy or Collapse?  Will it matter? Around here Einstein’s guidance hints toward the breakdown of complexity:

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction.”

America’s leadership – notably absent (at virtually all levels) any semblance of genius or courage – will take the path of least resistance.

Which is why you need to move along with that garden plot or container gardening while there’s time.

The web and the grid will also bump up against Ure’s Upper Bound shortly.  We’ll all get to watch as electric car demand craters the grid (which doesn’t have the capacity) and as political controls neuter the once open idea exploration on the web.

Once free, a larger band of prisoners spouting denial would be hard to find.


You won’t have to wear a mask anymore to fly. TSA Will No Longer Enforce Mask Mandate After Florida Judge Ruling – Times of San Diego.

Still, the backers of the power-grabbing elites making up “mandates” clearly illegal, manage to work Donald Trump into the equation in a snide way with headlines like A Trump-appointed federal judge in Florida just struck down the CDC’s mask mandate on planes and trains.  Which we figure was a cheap shot and a good monetization. They don’t mention appointments if by Obama or Biden, or Clinton on the Dpack side. You know the motto here, right? Everything is a Business Model.  Control the masks control the votes.

Where a business model is in trouble (government in Illinois, for example) we see spins on demasking like Federal judge strikes down travel mask mandate, but no change yet on CTA or Metra – CBS Chicago.   Even more ridiculous are events in Votesylvania this week: Philadelphia mask mandate goes back into effect: What you should know – 6abc Philadelphia.

No idea how the dueling power grabbers and blamers in Philly will fare.  We’ll keep hiding out here in the woods, thanks.

Philly, honestly, has gone to hell since Stu Bykofsky retired from the Inquirer in July.  He continues to post commentary over on his site, and we hope to run into him again at an upcoming meeting of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists.  Elaine and I always enjoyed our chats and his motto: “Reality determines my political positions, not vice versa.”  

Short Snorts

Ever tried eating tripe?  Here’s the newsroom equivalent:

America has a censoring Easter Bunny, it seems: Easter bunny interrupts Biden as he takes selfies with kids and starts discussing Afghanistan | Daily Mail Online.  Dumb bunny #1 meet….

Book Burning is likely returning:  The culture wars’ next frontier: Public libraries (  Control the narrative and you can bleep the sheep.

Shameless climate pandering continues.  International Day for Monuments and Sites spotlights climate change.  Remember the ad rules: reach and frequency to embed in your head.  Need another frequency?  Add in Hollywood is ‘missing the drama in climate change’.  Drama? YGTBFKM.

We have to ask the obvious after reading Puzzling outbreak of liver disease in kids spreads to EU, US – The Washington Post.  Are the victims ones who are vaccinated?

Caught this on CNBC: Investors cautious on China markets amid growth concerns, delisting fears.  Hang Seng was downb 2.28% overnight.

Double standards of War:  Iraq condemns Turkey’s invasion.  While reported by RT it will get zero play (and less sympathy) in the West because Turkey is a member of NATO (since 1952) so they must be angelic, right?

Around the Ranch

No sign of climate change; still waiting.  Almost anxious to see Wall Street sink  beneath the waves…not in our lifetimes, though.  Yours either.  OK, so we’re a little light on the rain – couple inches down, but life goes on.  We’ve been through worse dry spells.

In the greenhouse addition, a dual LED grow light is perking up the tomatoes.  Looks like the big trees between the house and shop will have to be trimmed after all.  Tree crew is asking one kilobuck for that little chore.  $500 a tree sounds high to me.

Trying to figure out the best way to get money back on this project.  Looking at selling “wood turning blanks” (bark on or off) on eBay for the home woodworking crowd.

Still braced for that Left Field Event which is due in here.  Stay centered and brush after every meal.

Write when we’re all fabulously rich, and not on made-up money.  Zimbabwe and Venezuela already tested that.  Socialists can’t read.

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56 thoughts on “Collapse of Complexity: Engineering Food Collapse?”

  1. And who is a large holder of UP stock – why that would be Mr wonderful Grandad hisself Warren buffett – who does he serve??????

      • I dug as deep as I could to get to the root of the problem and ended up in the same place as the trucking problem–vaccine mandates caused large numbers of railroad workers to retire and/or quit creating a shortage of folks to run the railroad. No surprise that the RWU (union) is doing the bidding of the Brandon regime.

      • George the only thing I can see is somebody working to keep the price of corn up on the world market.

      • @David

        Not buyin’ it. Engineers make north of $100k (plus stupid-good bennies.) I doubt freight trains run with a 5 or 6 man crew any more, and I doubt the crew makes substantially less than the engineer. If’fn they can’t get drivers & door-checkers any more it’s because nobody has the desire (or ability) to pass a drug test.

        I see too many freights hauling empty (when in doubt, look at the suspension springs) and heading west to believe there’s an inability for their crews to flip-flop…

        Someone or something is doing this shit, intentionally, and with full knowledge of its likely result.

  2. “To us, though, Taleb didn’t place enough emphasis, on the idea that when complexity rises above an upper usability boundary, Complexity Speeds Collapse. Back-up systems bump into one-another at unworkable levels. Non-linear collapse follows.”

    Great article George. We have MMT that states that money that is sunken into backups is , well, idle and redundant. That money is put to better use in the stock market lending aparatchik, where, the money is used to pump stocks leading into 401K distribution day, then selling and going short in the days and weeks afterward. The skim thus lining the pockets of C suites and banksters across the planet.

    It is the reason why planes fall out of the sky, and we will be finding out shortly, the reason why nothing works and takes months to restore if at all.

    Enjoy all those fruits of those redacted power point presentations that boost the quarterly over bonus numbers via “Savings” on the spreadsheet. redacted in that the supporting slides are either below the ” supporting slides” or not even included at all. The information is ignored in either case LOL.

    • LOL and lets not forget that money sank into inventory on the shelf is now more valuable than money in the bank thanks to the coming Wiemar level of inflation this year and beyond [until the system is reset].

  3. A lot of the arborists’ fees go towards insurance and workers comp. Hanging from dynamic and static rigging while operating chain saws is a hazardous way to make a living, what with gravity storms and all.
    A gas or electric pole saw can get you 10 feet or so.

  4. G -Dog – you need to crack that whip ! Yes sirree, whip it good.. . Dont know what “whip it” means, perhaps the candy man Willie Wonka. can shed some light..ala “whipped cream”

    Step1 – launch that antenna thingy over target tree, slide a good knot up the rope U just pulled over&around top 1/3 of tree.
    Wit the rope securly fastened to top 1/3 of tree..tie the other end of the rope to Ure “beater”= dodge – farm truck bumper. Jr in the truck pulling the tree ( tension) as lumberjack G “Stilhs” the trunk. .. oh what fun and excitement.
    If in Ure really jonesing for adrenaline rush, and find andrenochrome MORALLY and NRGetically REPUGNANT like the ungovernable”..then I would go for the “homemade” fertbomb tree removal technique, while supplies of fertilizer are still available. Not much of a technique, just mix and explode. Fert bomb method of tree removal has several advantages over pickemup truck pull cutdowm, in that there is no cutting up of timber or much in the way of cleanup – all that cutting up, sawdust leaf clean up is automatically done for you.

    Whip her good..unh my bad..”Whip it Good”
    Just like Telegram of Ure stepford bribem president – Whip It Slo !(female child tied to tree) AYFKM ?!?!?!?!?!? yeah someone “high” posted it – along with barry sortoros FORIEGN STUDENT ID from columbia U..bwahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahah –

    revelations aint what I thought after all… gonna need MOAR popping corns…

    • Bringing down trees close to a structure is extremely dangerous. I have been pulling down broken trees with a tractor pretty regular. If I was pulling one over that could contact the house, I would hire it out. Best to have a climber take it down in pieces. G____- if you know someone who has rental property, ask them who to use.

  5. Wall Street sinking beneath the waves? Maybe in our lifetimes? I might be good for another 10-15 years.

    From Edgar Cayce. Portions of the now east coast of New York, or New York City itself, will in the main disappear. This will be another generation, though, here; while the southern portions of Carolina, Georgia — these will disappear. This will be much sooner.
    Reading number 1152-11, August 13, 1941
    So if Savannah sinks cash out as NYC should follow. Not financial advice of course.
    Now this from The Hutton Commentaries.
    The Ramapo Fault Zone (RFZ) strikes northeast from Peapack, New Jersey, for about 60 miles into and across the Hudson River Highlands gorge. The RFZ lies adjacent to New York City.

    Does it seem like we might be in the target area of time? Lots of things are going on pushing events along in an ever increasing rate.

    Oh well, got to check on the garden.


    • The execution of the pandemic civil rev disorder design pattern already drained out NYC and the top ten major metropolitan blue Cities. And for all those that could afford to make the move away [ergo the surge in demand for personal transportation]. I expect NYC to go the way of Snake Pliskin’s view of reality and/or discovering of permafrost on Manhattan before it achieves submersion.

    • The Tinkerer; thank you!

      From Zeta Talk: New Madrid Fault and Ramapo Fault Zone.

      All of us should pay heed to this information, at least, do that:

      Also, the month before:

      I have personally been following this site for about 5 years, however, I do not believe every single thing on it, yet, this earthquake information does quite catch my attention.

      IF it is true, ARE YOU PREPARED for the WORST case scenario?


      Remember, IF you should happen to buy extra food and do not use it, you can always donate it to someone else.

      Nothing need be wasted.

      Thanks for the well-rounded prepping advice, George; much appreciated all these years.


      More Edgar Cayce from the Hutton Commentaries:

      Quoted from:

      “Finally, we have the council given to Cayce and his group of friends following his dream of coming Earth changes, for which Cayce had asked an interpretation.”

      That the periods from the material angle as visioned are to come to pass matters not to the soul, but do thy duty TODAY! TOMORROW will care for itself.

      These changes in the Earth will come to pass, for the time and times and half times are at an end, and there begin those periods for the readjustments. For how hath He given? “The righteous shall inherit the Earth.”

      Hast thou, my brethren, a heritage in the Earth?

      294-185; June 30, 1936

      One more only to add onto the earth-changes prophecies:

      Taken from:

      “Those Earth changes not yet cited from the 1152-11 reading are given below.

      In the next few years lands will appear in the Atlantic as well as in the Pacific. And what is the coast line now of many a land will be the bed of the ocean. Even many of the battle fields of the present will be ocean, will be the seas, the bays, the lands over which the NEW order will carry on their trade as one with another.

      The waters of the lakes will empty into the Gulf, rather than the waterway over which such discussions have been recently made. It would be well if the waterway were prepared, but not for that purpose for which it is at present being considered. (My 2022 Note: Now known as The Great Lakes Saint Lawrence Seaway System:

      Then the area where the entity is now located [Virginia Beach for the reading] will be among the safety lands, as will be portions of what is now Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, and much of the southern portion of Canada and the eastern portion of Canada; while the western land – much of that is to be disturbed – in this land – as, of course, much in other lands

      Then, with the knowledge of these, — first the principles, then the material changes.

      The choice should be made by the entity itself as to location, and especially as to the active work.

      To be SURE there is work to be done by the entity, DEFINITE work.

      Join with all of those who declare that the Lord has come and that His day is again at hand.

      Ready for questions.

      (Q) Should this work start by early fall?

      (A) Start today!

      (Q) I have for many months felt that I should move away from New York City.

      (A) This is well, as indicated. There is too much unrest; there will continue to be the character of vibrations that to the body will be disturbing, and eventually those destructive forces there – though these will be in the next generation.

      (Q) Will Los Angeles be safe?

      (A) Los Angeles, San Francisco, most all of these will be among those that will be destroyed before New York even.

      (Q) Should California or Virginia Beach be considered at all, or where is the right place that God has already provided for me to live?

      (A) As indicated, these choices should be made rather in self. Virginia Beach or the area is much safer as a definite place.

      Q Is Virginia Beach to be safe?

      A. It is the center – and the only seaport and center – of the White Brotherhood.

      A final concluding point should be made with regard to the present safety of the Virginia Beach-Norfolk area. While physical safety in 1941 could be considered to be better than in some other areas at the time of reading 1151-11, safety today involves numerous factors other than those that obtained 60 years ago. Today’s increased population density and energy requirements, and diminished capabilities for local food production are significant differences. Water supply to support the area’s increased population required the City of Virginia Beach to build a 70-mile-long supply pipe from a lake in North Carolina to reservoirs west of Norfolk. As seen in the figure below, this supply line cuts across the northernmost segment of the East Coast Fault System. The vulnerability of this and other such “lifeline” engineering works (electrical and telephone lines, oil and gas lines, etc.) to movements along the ECFS cannot, unfortunately, be realistically assessed in such a speculative article as this.”

      And this one is important, because it ties along the lines of ‘sequence’ of earth-change events:


      And one final article taken from the commentaries; which is timely to our Food Shortages/Supply Chain Issue Topics:


      God Bless Mr. Philip Wyman Harrison; he left part of his life work with us and it is very well researched for the times he was living in – and this information still speaks to us across the years as Edgar Cayce’s does.

      I am so grateful that George’s well knowledgeable patrons are aware of both of these Men and share their work.

  6. “Almost anxious to see Wall Street sink beneath the waves…not in our lifetimes, though. Yours either. ”
    – I beg to differ, sir. Wouldn’t a sudden outbreak of mushroom clouds pretty much crash the party ?

  7. Not to add any more fuel to the agricultural fire George but here where I live, Avian flu is wiping out many of our chicken farms. Millions of birds are being destroyed and the price of chicken and eggs is reflecting it. I understand the same is taking place in the USA.

    With wheat, hens and eggs in short supply, I am “laying” in a large stock of pasta to the stash.

    • “Regardless, what’s up next is the Collapse of Complexity is coming for your food.”
      “Avian flu is wiping out many of our chicken farms.”

      Eggs chicken doubled in a week.. I just did our normal week grocery shopping.. 37 percent more.. on top of that fuel is going back up.. jumped 40 cents a gallon.. and because of the rise in groceries.. hourly wage earner is making less.. we were informed that as of the first of May we will be making 30 percent less in income to week ago groceries were going up..but there was a drastic increase in everything across the board

    • GT, here in Chinada, has 3.5 lbs. average whole chicken on sale for $6.44c each. Are they liquidating tainted before diagnosis? This is native chooks.

    • “I understand the same is taking place in the USA.”

      Minnesota, probably eastern Dakotas and western Wisconsin. Chickens, also turkeys and livestock ducks, geese, grouse, and (dunno where they were found, but) 14 eagles have turned-up dead from avian flu. They have offed many millions of chickens in Minnesota, alone…

  8. two words: aerial lift

    two more: explosive force

    go with former unless trained in latter

    write? who writes? type when you get pixels

    ps – Paternal Grandpa was NYC Engineer. Engines don’t care how many cars they tow

  9. Major stock holders of CF Industries:
    Vanguard Group – 12.27 %
    Blackrock Inc – 9.82 %
    CF Industries stock has more then doubled in price during the past 12 months. From roughly $45 a share to over $110 at close of yesterday.

  10. Union Pacific stock price
    Last March – roughly $208 a share
    on 3/30 this year it hit $276 but has fallen steadily to $245 as of close yesterday.

  11. Together Ukraine and Russia account for 30% of world wheat supply.
    Ukraine is not planting the crops that they are supposed to be planting right now. China reported a failure of their just harvested winter wheat crop. Wheat is going to be in short supply. Entire nations will turn to corn as a replacement. Hundreds of millions in Africa will be hungry. Millions in Africa will starve.

    Ukraine supplies about 90% of world sunflower oil. Here in the states, we use mostly corn oil. Entire nations that use Ukrainian sunflower oil will seek substitutes. They will turn to corn.

    Russia exports >75% of world ammonia, urea (both feedstocks of fertilizer production) as well as manufactured fertilizer. Fertilizer prices are up 300% as a result. And they also are the worlds #1 exporter of iron ore, raw steel, and nickel – the key component of stainless steel. All of this is now under sanction. Buckle up.

    US corn is a “fertilizer intensive” crop. Without fertilizer, crop yields will drop. Many farmers are turning to less fertilizer intensive and planting soy. More drop in crop yields. This in addition to higher price inputs for fertilizer for whatever corn does get planted. Expect higher corn prices.

    Corn is in EVERYTHING. High-fructose corn syrup, corn meal, vegetable oil, chicken food, cow food, pork food. We are even putting corn into our gasoline. Your price for EVERYTHING you eat is about to go up. Many products will simply not be available at any price. And this will show up as bare shelves. And as the corn will be sold to the most profitable supply chain, the bare shelves will show up in some unexpected places.

    A food crisis is coming. You will know I’m right when you start hearing about the UN looking to purchase food for starving Africans.

    There is still time.
    Stock the pantry, stock the freezer.
    Still time to plant a garden.
    Plant a fruit tree.
    Get to know the growers at your farmers market.
    Join a co-op.
    Get to know a rancher.
    Make sure those close to you are on the same page.
    Relationships will be key.

    • And Buy Dan just fixed the corn supply by executing the regulatory destruction of Keystone and separately, Pipeline 5 from Canada to US.
      The attendant high pump prices have just been solved.
      Buy Dan has authorized up to 20% Ethanol blend in gasoline. That should fix the corn shortages and put a solid floor under the commodities price.
      And the reduced MPG performance will help spur more demand at the pump not less.
      You see a design pattern? LOL.

  12. “Systemic collapse inbound – thanks to bad policies at every turn”

    I used to think this — no longer.

    It is not “bad policies.”

    It is intentional.

    It is not possible that a ruling regime could make mistakes, errors, policy misjudgements, etc., which will muck things up as badly as they’re about to be. Therefore, the “regime” is not just the political party in power, but the political ideology in power, and the policy is deliberately planned.

    The regime’s power base is not merely political, but its form is more like a media-corporatocracy — a fascist, socialist nightmare for all [who’re] not of the ruling class. It is Democrat, but also Republican, Socialist (note capital letters), neocon, CPUSA, SWP, Green, and ‘most every other political affiliation in U.S. politics, paired with a bunch of “5th columnists” in media and greedy communists in Banking and Industry.

    Instead of arguing or debating whether this is policy or intent, or who’s doing it, I suggest we figure out how to either use this system or fit between its cracks. At this point, anything else seems a waste of brain power.

    • The thing that bothers me @Ray… is nothing from either side of the isle on the situations that are arising…it’s eerily silent.. no one saying stop the BS.. no one questioning any of it.. and everyone out on vacation

      • “If a person continues to see only giants,” wrote Anaïs Nin, “it means he is still looking at the world through the eyes of a child.”

  13. The two main purposes of government are to protect the borders and provide a framework for commerce. Our government since 2020 seems to have failed greatly and ignominiously at both! I regard energy and food as life-critical both for the sustenance of individual citizens and for the sustainability of our nation. As such, the acts of deliberately limiting energy and allowing a regulated monopoly such as a railroad to refuse to carry such critical materials as fertilizer and its components to be an absolute national security threat! I’m forced to wear a seat belt through massive policing efforts nationwide, yet there’s not a peep from DHS, the AG, CONgress, Potus(stupidus) or anyone else about this actual threat to our survival as a population and as a nation. It’s hard for me to believe that the railroad actually has to power to selectively stop these shipments, and if it does it can be actively overruled based on the national security nature of immediate transport of essential materials. I do hope that this gets resolved, though anyone with enough power to get a railroad to reverse its basic mandate(carry goods and make money) probably has to power to overwhelm all of the current remnant of law and order. I fail to see how planting a garden alone will provide food security perennially, but I suppose it’s a start.

  14. I tried to get clover to grow in pasture for nitrogen several years back, but seeds wouldn’t germinate. This year, I’ve got clover coming in.
    Vetch can be a mess to deal with, but it is nitrogen fixing, and I have a lot of it. I am letting it go. If it starts to take over a spot, I will top it with the mower.

  15. Comrades,

    Let us crack yolks towards fine omelettes. Following an early morning read of the punctual “Urbansurvival” issue, I looked at DW and France24 both leading off with the latest from Donbas. Meanwhile across the English Channel, the BBC’s prime headline was yesterday’s humpty dumpty event from the former North American colony.

    Yes, fully one after Easter, the President and First Lady – each pictured beneath a pair of seasonal decoration rabbit ears- joined together with the Vice-President and Second Gentleman to host the Easter Egg Roll at the White House. The President was quoted as saying that his only purpose was to keep the rain away an extra two minutes.

    The public Google White House schedule calendar eggxactly confirms the morning event. Clearly this required rolling the usual mid-morning presidential briefing until 1:45 in the afternoon. One imagines this offered analysts ample opportunity to examine and deliver interquartile events in a substantive manner.

    Regrettably this jester’s journey through the present mid-day repast does not permit a beginning-to-end review of the latest video in camouflage from the Ukraine by President Zelinsky. Weighing in at some 25 minutes, it is simply beyond appropriate byte size for remaining appetite. Well, it’s Tuesday. A new episode of “Servant of the People” will be airing locally.

    • Mister Jester, Sir:

      Should you have a need to quickly and accurately find out what Mr. Biden is up to at any point in time, you may find this website of use, even in Canada.

      I believe Factbase push-feeds the Google calendar. Whether that means there’s an “update lag” remains to be seen…

  16. What a wicked plan they weave while they are trying to tell us it’s all out of their control.

    George, it’s even worse than just fertilizer:

    Oh, and they blame the laying off of all those employees, AND remember, they could have kept them and used the funds given out by the government to keep them on.

    AND they have had months to hire them back, and are so so so slow on the uptake.

    I guess they have their own backup plan so are not concerned for the REST OF THE USA who are DEPENDENT on them!!!

    First they stopped the fertilizer so the crops could not grow;

    Then they stopped the grain so the animal herds could not be fed;

    Then they spread the Chicken/turkey/bird virus from farm to farm and state to state, and the people could not purchase fowl nor eggs.

    What’s next?

    The water supply?

    Then FAKE meat?

  17. Nitrogen Fixing Corn on the horizon?
    Fertilizer in short supply and want to grow corn? How about open pollinated, non gmo, non patented, truly nutritious corn that actually fixes nitrogen? It is not yet available on the open market but coming soon. This will be a game changer that the PTB will not like. Walter Goldstein, who has pioneered this work, is a biodynamic farmer in Wisconsin who doesn’t feel it is ethical to patent his work. In other words, he is doing something that is good for humanity and the earth without expectation of financial gain. What a concept.

  18. uhmmm, no comment about the trucking DEF?

    all 2010 or newer Tractors you call them Semi trucks, requires “diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), an emissions control product required for diesel trucks.” to run. If they run out of blue def??? They wont run, they overheat. it doesn’t matter how much Diesel you have in them.

    I know, I drove truck. I’ve run out of Def, the truck wont drive if you dont have DEF. In fact, you don’t ever want to run out of DEF. it is as important as diesel. Its a bitch to get that rig running again after you run out of Def.

    and well….. there is this.

    “Beginning Jan. 1, 2023, if you’re one of an estimated 76,000 owners who lives or operates in California with a pre-2010 emissions-spec engine, your ability to operate in the state will be in jeopardy.”

    Trains huh? Farmers Huh? Grocery shortages eh?

    “10.23 billion tons of freight (primary shipments only) transported by trucks in 2020, representing 72.5% of total domestic tonnage shipped.”

    $732.3 billion in gross freight revenues (primary shipments only) from trucking, representing 80.4% of the nation’s freight bill in 2020.

    Trains eh??? Warren Buffet???

    “37.9 million trucks registered and used for business purposes

    45.6 billion gallons of fuel consumed by those trucks used for business purposed in 2019”

    Correct me if I am wrong, but trains dont deliver grocerys…. truck do. and mail, and amazon mystery packages………

    –>87% of the Big Rigs left on the road these days, require Blue DEF.

    forgive me if i missunderstood the article……. but doesnt that article say to the effect, “There will be a significant reduction in DEF deliveries”.

    as i sit here about to give away my empire i built as a blessing for another… oh dont worry, i will be back stage for Paul McCartney and still moonlighting at a few shows here and there to run baracade and backstage…. but i am considering going back to grabbing gears… and i will make my decision on Friday.

    i seen enough of the entertainment industry… know…im just a small town boy from Alaska…. and….i like that more than meeting famous people.

    so I found my replacement, wrote her resume, got her all ready to deploy in my spot, hand her the keys to the kingdom… and go grab gears and think a while…. as i sit here with the connections to a podcast studio, a promoter that will put me on 11 sites, including Amazon Prime, build my webiste and market the shit out of me… and lots and lots of famous guest stars….. and some other very lucrative marketing ideas…….. that could lead to my own TV show…

    there is pleanty of momentum for that for me…. and i may see it through…. im thinking about it…

    grabbing gears…simple life, beautiful girl and cozy little ranch out in the stick with a couple of german shepards and a covered deck swing, glass of sun tea… and the song of the birds…… its not because I am afraid of embracing that sort of life…..

    i just think…. all those famouse people i met seem pretty stressed out all the time.. and its alot of work to do those shows. they dont seem authentically happy… all the fun is drug induced… and who wants that…

    seems the better.

    hmmmmmmmmm……….. DEF shortage… hmmmmmm……. and i just got offerd a ride in a brand new kenworth side dump…. really good money………

    thanks for the food…… for thought.

    Truly, I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate!

    THE DUDE smiles.

    • Andy, you’re a native Alaskan. You should know better.

      Just piss on it (or rather, IN it…)

      “BlueDEF is a nontoxic solution of 67.5 percent purified water and 32.5 percent ultra-pure automotive-grade urea.”

      If you’ve got a Berkey and an old drip coffeemaker (with filters) you can make all the Blue DEF you could possibly use. Filter the water in the Berkey, filter the urine in the coffeemaker, dump the filtered water and filtered urea in the above percentages into a jug.


      Happy motoring!

    • Hmmm what an interesting thought Andy.. the thing is.. Semi Trucks are the trains of today…
      Monkey werx had up the cargo plains transporting goods.. because of the shipping crisis.. the prices of those products will increase because of the over all cost of shipping..
      Trains on the other hand, even though they are Not being used to haul finished goods.. they do haul raw materials to what industry is still left in the USA..
      To consider this forward.. fuel prices are going up.. as with the fuel prices of the trains.. the difference is.. Trains can cut a third to two thirds of the distance off of the transportation..I believe that in the future the price increase the fuel and handling costs of transportation alone will make Trains the more economical way to transport finished industrial products to market.. Mr. Buffett can see this to.. it may be the loss leader right now.. but if we go all Demo.. I mean zimbabwe the Train will become the new normal of product distribution across the USA to keep prices down at least a little bit….

  19. WEEEELLLLLL, of COURSE this makes sense for this PRETEND administration –
    “Oil From Biden’s Emergency SPR Release Is Heading For Europe”

    And since the SPR belongs to the gub’mint I suppose they get the money, too. As the question is posed in the article “One wonders what is behind Biden’s decision to make US emergency SPR oil available across the Atlantic; one can only hope that it doesn’t mean that in the coming midterms mail in ballots will also be made available to Europeans…” In just a couple of hundred thousand barrels we’ll be back at the lowest mark on the chart from back in 2001 if I read it correctly in the article.

    The walking cadaver in chief’s handlers are doing all they can to destroy this country.

    • Biden is most certainly a problem. And the set up was good. The show came off well. Everyone is riveted and emotionally invested in all that is presently presented. Well orchestrated.

      The whole world is a stage.

      We should see our Hero arive in the next election. The setting is perfect for such a Hero.

      You know man. When you do as many shows as I have. When you have been part of the backstreet, security and all that. You see the shows in a difference light.

      Cold Play best show of 2021 that I saw. By far.

      Dua Lipa by far my favorite show of 2022 so far. She is just so freaking beautiful. I was talking to her back stage and there really isn’t at any woman I ever met as breathtaking beautiful as she is. Truly. Truly amazing individual. And the whole show from the audiences point of view was pure magic.

      However, they don’t see what happend back stage. That girl changes outfits, shoes, eye lashes, make up, hair in about 90 seconds 6 or 7 times a show. It’s remarkable thing to watch someone strip bare naked, put on another outfit, have someone else fix her hair, someone put new eye lashes on her, another person put shoes on her feet and then run back out on the stage smile and sing a few more songs. Not only that. Her dance team does it too. And to think…. she does this night after night after night after night. Never aloud to have a bad day. Bring that pure magic to thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of people. Always smiling, bringing that big energy. Never aloud to go on stage and complain or scream fuck! Because when I see that stuff back stage. I think fuck. Everything is timing and tempo. There is a dance to it. And eveyone has their spots to make the show go.

      And the audience has no idea all that goes on… behind the scenes. They just see the magic and beauty of the show. And they paid for a ticket. It’s their right to be enamored by Captivating beautiful Magic.

      I think All the shows are like that. Even the government and mainstream media and all that. I imagine that is the way it is.

      I used to be afraid of fame. I didn’t really want anything to do with it. I hid behind monikers or handles such as 0 or keyybe or TICICIT.

      Now that I have been in the entertainment business for a while. On the security and saftey side of things. And learned the algorithm of how things are in big production shows. I just don’t want it because it’s all just imgary and illusion. …..Shadows on a cave wall as Plato put it. ‘Smoke and mirrors’ as the Dog poet puts it.

      I think driving big rig is the better. Moonlight once and a while to run back stage and baracade as the Aleph of the Alphas, at shows such as Luke Combs, The Chili Peppers, Rage against the Machine, Motley Crue and…. perhaps Elton John and Roger Waters… this year. As requested.

      Because I don’t let anyone back stage without the proper credentials. I don’t care who it is or what is offered.

      One time I was out having a smoke infront of Climate Pledge Arena at the Kane Brown concert. This gorgeous young lady (mid 20’s) comes up to me and asks me to help her. I had accidentally keyed my mic on my radio and everyone on the security channel was listening. They had me on camera and were sending someone out to tell me I was keyed on my microphone and to push the damn button. Then this gorgeous young ladys twin sister walks up. And one says to me, you run back stage and baracade for the show tonight? I said yes Mam. How can I help you. She says my sister and I will do anything you want. Anything! For an hour and a half and give you a thousand dollars cash to get us back stage. I said anything? She said anything you want. We promis you. You will have a night that most men would give away everything they owned to have and only dream about. We will even pay for the hotel room at that hotel over there. And give you a thousand dollars cash. I looked at her. And said anything? She said you can put it where ever you want.

      I said well if you will do anything. She said anything. I said you see that will call over there? She said yes. I said if you will do anything. I mean anything I want? She said we will, then both reached forward with their hands and put them on my crotch and smiled.

      I took a step back and said. I want you to go over to that will call and buy yourself each a ticket. Show your ticket to the security at the door. I want you to be nice to them, go find your seats and enjoy the show. Keep your thousand dollars, dont get a hotel room. And have a good time at the show like everyone else. If you will do anything I want.

      She looked at me and said you are the strongest man I have ever met in my life. And started laughing hysterically. I said have a good night. They started walking to will call then one turned around and said can I get your cell phone number? I said have a good night ladies.

      Then one of my security people comes out and says. Hey man! Your mic is stuck on!!! Holy shit dude! What hotel are we going too?????? And starts laughing so hard I thought he was going to piss his pants.

      And the end of the show. I got a hand shake from the big wig out there and he looked at me and said, I’d of went to the hotel dude. Hahahah

      Anyway, sorry so long. That is alot to read.

      There is Lots of lessons there. Lots of lessons. All this theater in politics and News. It’s much the same as the work i been doing. And when you are behind the scenes? You look at it alot differently.

      Have a wonderful day.

      Off to grab 18 gears.


      No matter what I choose?

      Truly I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate!

      That is forsure.

      • I will tell you another about that show. Ya see when you are on baracde. (Between the stars on stage and the guests) you look at the whole crowd and scan it for signs of trouble starting.

        The whole see of faces and people sway and sign while the client is on stage behind you performing their magic. It’s hard to see everyone and the sway of all the people is somewhat mesmerizing. There is tens of thousands of people facing you. All swaying like reeds in the wind.

        You look for rapid movement. In that sway. You train your eyes to ignore the sway and look for rapid movement. Because rapid movement usually indicates one of two things.

        #1. There is a fight.
        #2. There is a medical emergency.

        When I was up by the stage at the show. Checking on my crew and scanning the crowd. I noticed some rapid movement. So I left behind the baracade to investigate.

        Now when Dave Chapelle who is a comedian, recorded his Netflix special at Climate Pledge on New Years eve. Where everyone there is there to laugh and have a good time. There was a three on three female fight right infron of me. We remove everyone before the fight happens then sort it all out who did what out side the show. And make decisions then. The lady’s weren’t having it. Everyone is screaming that bitch won’t stop kicking my chair! I’m going to knock that bitch out! And I calmly say well there is 30,000 people here. Let’s go out to the food court area and figure this out. Which with all those emotions one of ladies mistaked that for I’m getting kicked out. Mean while a drunk bastard on the other side of the stadium had the ephifanie to strip buck ass naked and run through the crowd saying “party naked!” And I looked at the lady in front of me and said listen there is 30,000 people here. We are not stopping the show for this shit. Let’s step out and sort it out away from the stage. So the lady looks at me and says if I’m getting kicked out then the chick behind her does the scene from 300, This is Sparta! on her chair kick, she turns and the other lady hits her so hard in the face her tooth Flys out and bounces off my shirt. Then we are dragging them all out side. Along with naked guy.

        And this is at a comedy show. So you never know what your going to get at any show.

        So I go over there to investigate this rapid movement. I’m thinking it has to be a couple women fighting because I can’t see them over the other people swaying. And it’s two little girls. Ages 7 and 9 years old. They are standing on their chairs jumping up and down to see the show because all the adults are standing and swaying. So they couldn’t see Kane Brown.

        As soon as I walked over they saw me, sat right down and looked at the floor as if they were in trouble. I asked the lady next to them. Are you their mother? She said yes. I apologize. They just want to see the show and can’t see past everyone standing.

        I said grab your stuff and come with me. She looked at her two daughters sad and said im sorry we are getting kicked out.

        I said come with me now. They followed me and I took them up and put them on the Baracade with me. So they could see the show, right at the stage. Now Kane Brown is a father and has a little girl. So we took them back stage to meet him after the show.

        You should have seen the look on those two little girls face when I took them right to the stage.

        I have wondered a few times. Because it was obvious that I took those two little girls to the baracde and put them next to stage to the entire crowd at the show and the star on the stage. If those two women who offered me anything for an hour and a half and a thousand dollars to get back stage noticed and I wonder what they thought… about seeing that.

        Hmmmm THE DUDE knows what they thought. And if they noticed.

        I don’t know if I will keep doing this or go grab gears. Make that decision Friday. Grabbing gears actually pays better and is alot less work. Quieter and gives me some me time and I can have a personnel life. Right now I’m married to all these stadiums, all the clients, all those who work for me, the owner of this company. I work for all them.

        And if I drive truck again. It’d all about. Take that rock from there and put it there. Then grab that dirt and take it to there and dump it and go get more rock and bring it back over there.

        And I’m lonely because I can’t even go on a date because I’m always at work at these stadiums. When I do get off work, I just want to be alone and not have anyone talk at my face or need attention. LOL

        So driving big rig seems the better.

        Good talk. Hope all is well in Ure world. I got Kraken Pro Hockey, Mariners Baseball and Ricardo Ajorna at the Wamu theater. Those Hispanic concerts are alot of fun. Lots of female fights after the 6th round of tequila kicks in. Hahaha

        Have a wonderful week.

        • Ah, the joys of being with the Dude in the woods, watching the peaceful design of it all unfold, entwined, and bringing Life where it goes.
          Your reports, brother Andy, are like a winter’s gust – reminding us that there is still peace in the world, even if we have to make it up ourselves as we stumble through the maze.
          You don’t really need to make the gears decision, though. My sense is it will be made for you.
          Your only task is to hear with the Big Director of All sends word.
          Peace, brother. and listen quietly…

      • Oh, Andy,

        Every leader starts off as a Hero to some folk.

        O’Biden is presently professionally doing all he can to take down America, and that’s the view point from whatever stage you are looking out from, or sitting in, the cheap seats, looking on to this bunch of cadavers.

        Dead beats still beat.

  20. George, have you noticed that every problem these days is a supply chain problem?

    PS: netflix is on sale today, better get it while the fools are overreacting to the down side.

  21. Greetings George,

    I thought you mi“One candidate declares victory. The other cries foul. Protests go national. Violence, looting and active engagement with police…

    “The global economy collapses due to uncertainty over the U.S. economy (ill-conceived financial derivatives ensure that virulent U.S. contagion spreads to every nook and cranny of the global financial and economic system).”

    Such was the scenario John Robb put forth at The 5 in March of 2016.

    Mr. Robb, whom Slate called “the futurists’ futurist,” was four years premature with his prediction. Nevertheless, he was just about bang-on for 2020 (with the exception of a global pandemic, but even our public health geniuses were caught off guard by that one).

    For years, Mr. Robb — a former Air Force officer and tech entrepreneur — wrote at the Global Guerrillas blog about asymmetric conflicts and fourth-generation warfare, including how they might be waged on U.S. soil. (Now, like so many of our favorite underground writers, Global Guerillas exists on Substack.)

    Mr. Robb is also the author of a book called Brave New War, published in 2007, which includes the provocative premise that wars — hot and cold — are now fought via “network swarming.”

    In his book, Robb says this phenomenon is an offshoot of the War on Terror. As he describes it: “Autonomous groups of zealots, patriots and criminals alike” who “have access to many of the same tools we do — from satellite phones to engineering degrees — and they use them every bit as effectively.” (Emphasis ours.)

    “But their single-most important asset is their organizational structure, an open-source community network.”

    More recently, during an interview at The Wiggin Sessions with our founding editor Addison Wiggin, Mr. Robb riffed on this theme: “I’ve been tracking these movements, these networks, up through the Iraq War, then to the Arab Spring. We saw these… open-source dynamic protest movements in Egypt, in Tunisia.”

    Closer to home, Robb includes “network swarming” movements Occupy Wall Street and tea party Republicanism.

    “Then we saw it move to politics with Trump in 2016,” Robb notes. “He ran an insurgency using the same kind of mechanisms that I was analyzing.”

    Except in Trump’s case, of course, “swarming” cut both ways, ultimately culminating with “the leader of the free world” — presumably the most powerful man in the world — being deplatformed on major social media outlets.

    “We have this network dictating and bounding our politics,” Mr. Robb comments, “telling us through censorship and other means, what we [can] talk about. If you have topics that they consider counterfactual or not specifically approved, those can disappear. [Which] points to something I’ve been worried about for a long while.

    “We have… almost a new disruptive event every year now,” Robb says. “It’s causing huge changes across the world, the global economy, society, politics.” Mr. Robb calls it a state of “perma-crisis” in that “we created this complex global system and it is throwing off crisis after crisis.”

    And the latest crisis-must-act-now is a heavyweight…

    “What we saw when Russia invaded Ukraine… wasn’t a traditional response between global superpowers,” says Robb.

    “What typically would happen is that if Russia invaded Ukraine, then the U.S. would mobilize resources… to help Ukraine defend itself and also do targeted sanctions… to push them toward resolution.

    “What we saw instead was this network response where millions of people across the board… inside corporations… in different branches of government, across different governments, all taking action simultaneously to initially defend Ukraine. Then they started focusing on Russia…

    “Even though we haven’t actually intervened militarily in Ukraine, by disconnecting [Russia]… we’ve turned it into a long war for survival.

    “It’s amazing,” Mr. Robb says, “that Russian disconnection [took only] about a week and a half.”

    The upshot? “We’ve brought this up to the edge of a nuclear engagement.

    “Something about the Russians that most people don’t know is that [they] don’t have a clear dividing line on when to use nuclear weapons,” says Robb. “They see it as a natural escalation of conventional conflict, that if they’re losing… they would use tactical nukes.”

    He adds: “If Russia feels sufficiently threatened, if it needs to find a way to break up the blockade, this disconnection, we may see nuclear weapons used in Ukraine.” In the meantime, “Beset by the crisis, what we’re seeing is that a lot of countries — China and Russia, in particular — are using the network.

    “In the West, we’re seeing the network being given carte blanche by [governments] to stabilize the system,” Robb says.

    “Our traditional form of government is being hollowed out,” he says, and spinning out of control with fewer decision-making powers to solve each new “perma-crisis.” The way he sees it: “The government is basically letting corporations do this for them.” We’ll include corporate and social media in his assessment… And throw in the deep state, while we’re at it.

    The function of this part of the network is “the capability of setting moral… standards of right and wrong across the board. We’re talking about far-reaching views that… are being forced on us,” Robb says. Most recently, he notes Google’s subtle free-speech intrusion…



    The peril to your life, liberty and livelihood shouldn’t be underestimated…

    In a world where “terms and conditions” agreements are weightier than the U.S. Constitution, “if you disagree or you try to push back,” Robb says, “you’re… censored and disconnected.

    “Being disconnected in this environment where everything’s online is like becoming a non-person, [it’s] like an ultimate punishment,” Mr. Robb observes. “It’s like an open-air prison.”

    So how to counteract the network’s autonomous groups of zealots, patriots and criminals alike? “Support any efforts to bound the network like digital rights of access, digital rights of speech, digital data ownership,” he says.

    At his core, Mr. Robb says he’s an eternal optimist, believing the ship can be righted — not that the Western world will resemble what it once was.

    “I’m trying to make sense in a way that allows people to make good decisions.” It might take many years, but he hopes to see a return of “nuanced” thinking and the ability to dissent without resorting to hard-line tribalism. “I see dissent not only as a pressure valve,” Mr. Robb concludes, “it’s an essential element of society.”

    [Watch the complete interview, as our founding editor Addison Wiggin has a freewheeling discussion with John Robb, author of Brave New War. To gain a deeper understanding of the hidden forces at play, this episode of The Wiggin Sessions is for you.]ght find this interesting from one of my newsletters.

    • You lost me at: We saw these… open-source dynamic protest movements in Egypt, in Tunisia.”

      Yeah, otherwise known as color revolutions sponsored by the biggest terrorism outfit in the world; the neocons combined with Israel, but I repeat myself, in the United States Government.

      Just read 1984, Animal Farm, and Brave New World; and the solution IS to disconnect, and quit supporting all these blowhards (and company’s) that create a crises and create the solution. It’s like the vaccine, so many people just stood up for their shot, just like the same limberuppers are standing up for Ukraine, and letting the Pied Piper Zelensky lead them right down the war drain game.

      In case you missed it, since WE (Obama/Nuland) took down the democratically elected leader of Ukraine, we haven’t stopped arming Ukraine, the only thing is we are not massively fighting with American citizens in that war, (yet) but our current world reserve currency is right in the thick of it.

      Technology is designed to entrap not to bring Freedom. We are facing and watching the technological advancements not being used for good. NOT even the polio vaccine, not these covid vaccines, not the tracking tech, found most everywhere, all things working together for nefarious purposes and guiding those sheep to run across the cliff like the wolves they are.

      End game: death before your time.

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