Midsession Chart to Ponder

Long-time readers know (time machine work, study of red light laser therapy and anti-aging medicine aside) our main fascination on the Peoplenomics side of the house is how we could replay events of 1929: Here’s how today’s trading looks in the larger context, so far…

This is NOT to says that the market will keep going down until we get to the yellow zone.  What we will offer is the waveform of the 1929 topping process clearly has SOME similarities to where we are presently.

There are also floods and droughts, and OK, sure, a deflationary wave in commodities.

But more of this type thing on the subscriber side Wednesday (and maybe in the morning).  For now, the question is whether there will be a playable Wave 2 bounce when the Wave 1 down here runs out of downside steam?

Click the one month view of the 10-year Treasury Note over on Yahoo (here) and you’ll see inflation is OFF the table and Deflation is coming on hard.  Not that it won’t change, but it’s a major change (more than half a point) from last year at this time.

Between falling – not rising – interest rates and the denial breaking on a possible Wave 2 of Covid we advised of in the Friday column, I’m reminded of the tag line from the old A-Team TV series.

“I love it when a plan comes together.” 

As always, good luck to us all and more in the morning.

Write when you get rich,


13 thoughts on “Midsession Chart to Ponder”

  1. how yah going george .. that elliot bloke did he go out with robert prechters mum ?

  2. im more of a W.D. man myself . love the fans !!! gann fans and rotatations!!! anniversary dates 2 . he was a genius . i have studied both extensively . give me W.D.

  3. Gee, I could have predicted this downturn, oh, 9 months ago when the previous wave started.

    Buy sick, sell healthy. Every 9 months. Simple as pie.

  4. FWIW, ambulance activity in Manhattan, NY is up at least tenfold from previous Monday.

    It’s either COVID-19 or stock market ;-( related?!
    Who can tell for sure; Both ain’t good for some.

  5. George, light therapy, got my energy helmet done! Hardhat you said, well I just so happen to still have mine buried deep in the closet. 3 rows of 9 leds on each side, blue left and green on the right. Drilled holes and secured with zip ties (Ty-wraps) I saw your e-mail address on here a while back and did not save it, if you would like a photo, send me an e-mail.
    vertigo, I have been having a little since I got my lights. Mostly when I get up in the morn. I had a bad case of it back in the 80s, don’t know the cause or why it went away, but I sure don’t like it, stagger around like a drunk. I Quit drinking 8 yrs ago
    Jury is still out as far as improved energy, but have managed to get a little more done lately, seems better, we’ll see. Thanks
    the other brother Darrell

    • keep us posted obd.. go to clinical trials.gov – you may find more hair growing in darker, too… search lllt and/or photobiomodulation

      • Holy Cow, 802 studies for low level light therapy alone, it ain’t gonna get all read today, ;-)

    • I just got some more LED’s in the mail, so this project is about to move forward if Amazon will just sell me some “spare time”. It’s definitely worth the effort to find out whether or not the energizer hat works for me personally. I’ve found that too much red/orange light in the morning is relaxing, but then properly waking up can take hours. It’s like an overdose of melatonin! The colors of light when the sun is low to the horizon seem to have major effects on me. Others may or may not notice these effects.

  6. George you know everything!! You should charge more to sheep . Now George reckons it’s turnaround Tuesday . Now George and Elliot worshippers know everything. Well !! My god !! High priest prechter called the bottom in March 6 09 before it happened. Patriot bobby !! Now in the history of the Dow the worst day , stats , is Tuesday . But bobby and George are patriots $$$$

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