Markets: How Far is Down? Social’s for Suckers II

Welcome to the day denial wears off.  Don’t know if you remember last Friday’s column:  “Prepping for Lockdown 2.0 – Markets in Denial?”   With 90-minutes to the open, Dow futures were down 450 points.  Yeah, I know – we were way early on the variant impacts, but that’s how you stay alive today.

As we explained for our subscribers Saturday, we’re facing a terrible Elliott Wave problem to sort out this week. 

Here’s a picture of it updated with this morning’s future’s pricing as of 6:15 AM EDT.  If you’re not into charts, see the pattern break upper right:

Here was my “first blush look” from Saturday on what might be directly ahead:

“Because we are not into Bear sell country yet, an extension to the downside is likely next week.  From the second cup of coffee on Saturday, maybe lower Monday and then  a turn higher Tuesday or Wednesday.

But, depending on how the Fed plays it, we could just go up Monday and then we’re back to moving higher still.  Ahead of the historically normal data range for the annual market high.  Which oftentimes runs from mid August to the first third of September…”

Things haven’t wavered since the second cup of coffee Monday morning, either.

The small arrow (upper right) points to a horizontal “first support” area and down (across and right from the 3 mid chart) is the “major panic if crossed line.”

Because, under Elliott, we would normally stop above the top of a Wave 1.  If we go under this (and stay for a few days) then odds increase that the two yellow boxes are all there is…  Circus is over, fear goes ape-shit.

The Good News, Though?

If I got my (yellow boxes) wave count wrong, you mean?  

My consigliere, who’s work (from 1979) pointed to war with China somewhere around the 2024 area – based on  his encyclopedic knowledge of nested and inter-dependent cycles – which continues holding up well – leans toward market conditions remaining moderate into next year.

It’s here that even though a short-nosebleed today (and into tomorrow) could be a minor wave 1 down, a third yellow trading box – minimally the size of the left-hand yellow boxes (1 plus 2)  – could power a massive rally into fall 2022.  Just in time to put the nails in the coffin of stocks.  Which leads to depression then war.

Markets are now negotiating an  inflationary outcome (higher) or deflationary outcome (much, much lower).  The inflation scenario leaves a shorter Depression leading into the war, though.  If it’s over now, have you got a fall garden planned?

MORE likely, to my thinking, is that the decline starts right now, maybe grinding down to the second major support level.  From there, a rally (into spring  2022) comprise a larger Wave 2 bounce.  Then second half of 2022 we depart for the trip down into the pre-War abyss.   That’s the wave that kills the market, bringing the down into single-digits and the S&P under 1,000.

For now, the destruction of savings – which is the fertilizer of cyclical economics – hasn’t picked up speed.  Pension funds aren’t banko, for example.  When home prices fall to  25% of current (still massively inflated) levels, then you’re getting into Depression II in a serious way.

This (decline today) is foreplay.

Guess this is what makes investing a gamble.  It’s always about whose bet on the future comes in closest to right.

Let’s see how hard the Fed hits the “borrow, reborrow, reborrow” button and feeds it to proxies…  Bets on Turn-around Tuesday?

Social is [still] for Suckers

We’ve long held that Social Media is for Suckers.  Today we have plenty of additional evidence to support that idea.

We might begin with “‘Most Wanted’ suspect caught after asking about reward money for her arrest on police Facebook post – ABC News.  A Darwin Award candidate?  (Didn’t use a VPN, huh?)

Or, we could skip right toRevealed: leak uncovers global abuse of cyber-surveillance weapon | Surveillance | The Guardian.”  Not just social, though:  This spyware crap harvests phone numbers, text messages, photos, and more.

But, the real story with social media this month?  The admissions that the White House has been flagging “problematic posts” (things said on social, that Bidenista’s don’t agree with).  Leading to the Idiot in Chief’s specious claims such as  “Biden says social media misinformation on Covid ‘killing people’ (”

We need to be really clear on First Amendment Free Speech:  What you write on social is (politely) none of the government’s goddam business to judge or censor or comment on.  (Text of First Amendment here, for those having trouble keeping up.) President Piss-ant has NO legal authority to communicate with Social Media giants about censoring anything.

Anyone still using social media is, in our senior view, either a sucker or an anti-American stooge without a clue.  Children supporting despots.

Surgeon general: Facebook’s efforts to combat COVID misinformation is ‘not enough’.  Like the Yellow Pages:  “never stop selling” campaign, ain’t it?

If you want to spend your precious time writing mostly useless self-aggrandizing shit (you’re too lazy to email) and posting selfies and bizarre videos so the Billionaire Boyz Club can get richer…have fun.

Suckers is as suckers does.

Rolling Stone Rolls Wrong

Long as Ure’s laying out Reality for you, we were shocked at the latest Rolling Stone Covid story today:  Best Face Masks for Travel 2021: Comfortable Face Coverings for Plane – Rolling Stone.

Did they not read their own report from earlier this year?N95 Mask vs. KN95 Mask Difference: Where to Buy Online? Which Is Best?.  It was no contest:  N95 is the U.S. standard and KN95 is a (lesser) Chinese standard.  I mean WTF?  Since when is style and comfort ahead of function when you’re talking dead as an option?  There is no “1% dead.”

Meantime, along the front lines we find this a timely virus study to consider:  20% of Americans believe microchips are inside COVID-19 vaccines – study – in the Jerusalem Post.  T

As long as “consent” forms are required, we’re in the “Get back to us when you don’t need the lawyers along...” mode.

Oh…and those (cowardly) Texas democrats who fled the state, rather than stand up and be counted on election integrity improvements, including expanded hours to vote, will be returned to the Lone Star with some fresh Covid victims:  As of overnight Number of Texas state Democrats to test positive for COVID-19 rises to 5 (

Wait!  Didn’t Joe – Savior of Covid – keep them safe? Fighting to end filibusters in D.C. but using one in Texas?  Hooligans or hypocrites – your call.

BOTH is the correct answer.

Early – Not Wrong

Although we canceled our summer and fall visitors last week, the reality of the virus re-ramp is still not fully integrated into people’s thinking.  By the time that happens, our latest load of N95s (and Cottonelle, lol) will be in-house.

But that’s the critical lead-time  that “watching the numbers” provides.  A week before stories like “Japan girds for a surreal Olympics, and questions are plenty ( and “Olympic athlete tests positive in Tokyo days before 1st game (also from hit phones, our prepping changes were in and done last week.

Data Says…

We are not the only ones looking at the CV-19 data flow and being concerned.  A reader (who is extremely data-savvy) ran this out:

The problem (which we spotted last week) seems to be suggesting a large ramp ahead.  In  this (also student of the data) view:

“It shows a comparison between the last two weeks or so and earlier case rates, according to Johns Hopkins.

  • The curve is currently pointing up and it looks a lot like 9 months ago.
  • It shows the 9 month pattern of nested waves. Every other wave is 9 months apart.

The best framework is one that predicts. Bottom line, it’s predictable.

We’ll have a couple months of rise, probably less than the fall/winter totals, but the time frame is identical. That’s important to recognize. It means no matter the overall total cases, the authorities will have the same drawn out strategy of months of masks, months of news cycle, months of lockdown if needed. The calendar pattern, the timeline, will not change despite big or little “outbreaks”. This is never going away.”

We are always willing to revisit our recent hard decisions, but until the ramp rate reverses in a meaningful way (10% down 4-weeks) – not just levels off – we are in the “life preservation first mode” around here.

The 9-month periodicity is sure an interesting point, to notice, though…

Curiously, when I see stories like “Las Vegas café owner says he and his employees are ‘shocked’ by renewed mask mandate” I gotta think “Not enough people follow the data.”

Up in Smoke: 3/4 Million Acres+

In a table view:

Firefighter son George II was out on the 12,000 acre Red Apple fire last week with a brand new tanker unit.  Has a remote controlled bumper-mount monitor…says it was a great tool…  Drafting from a canal, too…

Doldrum Check

Not much in economic data to drive markets.  Last week’s column headlined what we expected.

A few regular bond deals this afternoon.  Tomorrow will be fairly quiet too, except for Housing Start numbers in  the morning.  On the Commodity board, the Lumber contract was down to $536 early today.  So, no change in lumber prices over the last year then.  Great news for the Home Handy-Bastard class.  Bigger projects at lower cost this fall….

Will there be a pop in Housing tomorrow hyped to fuel Turnaround Tuesday?  We could see it.

Corn, wheat, and the bean complex all up today, so no free lunch in view.  O.J. was down 4.8% overnight, though.

Wednesday is virtually “newsless” but Thursday first time unemployment filings and the CFNAI come out.  Given the biggest thing Friday is a purchasing manager number, this is a dandy week to relax, take time off from the screens and polish your beer-drinking and BBQ skills.

Short Snorts

Smarter than Biden and the State Department:  Gloria Estefan calls for international assistance for Cuba, tells US to get involved amid unrest.  Of course, it’s obvious why Biden is sitting on his thumbs:  Cuban Americans are largely conservative.  Border-jumpers?  Not so much.  Arizona sheriff blasts Biden on border crisis: ‘It is an epidemic in my state.  But at least in Maricopa, we know people can’t count, anyway….

Climate Hysteria, anyone?  The Death Toll From Flooding In Western Europe Has Crossed 180, As Rescuers Dig In.  Two reality checks, here:  One is the largest flood loss of life in history was the 1931 China floods.  No man-made warming, notice?  Second is that floods and Dust Bowls come with long wave economic depressions…

Trump Bash Daily:  This morning’s nominee:  Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani could face criminal investigation in Arizona over their attempts to overturn election.  So, no questions allowed?

Summer Reading List:  Recommended:  Mark Levin’s American Marxism.

Singles advice in a press release?  Online Dating Apps and Sites Market Outlook for 2021-2025, Report by TigersOfTinder.

Gosh…this is so much work, an appetite has arisen.

Chow for now and write when you get rich,

42 thoughts on “Markets: How Far is Down? Social’s for Suckers II”

  1. RE: War v. China – despotic regimes need war to solidify their control over the masses. The first wars are internal ones, with the primary objective being the winning of the hearts and minds of the people. Despotic regimes tend not to play nice with others, so war with ‘external threats’ soon becomes necessary in order for the ruling class to remain in power. If you overload the homeland with patriotic propaganda on evil neighbors and their superpower sponsors, the people become distracted from the hardships at home. Communist China held off kinetic war with external opponents at a time it was not prepared to fight by selectively adopting capitalist measures. But now the communist manifesto shows its true colors, needing to assimilate profitable neighboring locations (Hong Kong, S. China Sea, Taiwan) in order to keep the ‘president for life’ on his throne and the communist manifesto afloat. So external war will inevitably come, with the PRC regime first absorbing formerly democratic areas like ‘The Blob’ from the classic 50s sci-fi film. The conflict ‘could’ go global if America decides to intervene in China’s annexation process. My bet is the Biden admin will channel Neville Chamberlain, the British PM during Hitler’s unopposed expansion into the Sudetenland. Chamberlain rolled over to a despot. The despot took his cue and continued rolling. China’s Xi could well do the same, but my bet is once he grabs a good part of the S. China Sea and all of Taiwan, he’ll execute a peaceful strategic pause, put on a full court diplomatic PR campaign, and continue lulling the progressive left to sleep as the Dragon plans its next inevitable foray.

    • Agreed.

      However, with that said, after China’s direct threat to first-strike Japan &or the U.S., should we interfere with Xi’s plans, what are the odds that Japan did not initiate a secret enrichment program last weekend, and that they will not have a nuclear arsenal before February of 2022…?

    • The problem is that a US active military involvement in the fight over Taiwan virtually guarantees a full scale War between the US and China.

      If that War would remain conventional … the US loses (including a potential Chinese invastion of North America)

      China can outmanufacture us about 50 to 1 once our supply of existing weaponry is used up. As an example the NEW aircraft carrier Ford was DELIVERED to the US Navy for use in early 2017 … the US Navy is HOPING that it can go on it’s FIRST deployment in 2022. FIVE (5) years after taking delivery … FIVE YEARS!! (it WILL BE a great ship once it can finally deploy, but how long will it last in a full scale War with China? 3 days? 1 Week? 1 Month? It’s new aircraft have several hundred miles LESS combat range than the old models they replace, so they now have a combat range UNDER 600 miles – guess that rules out the Ford getting close enough to China to use those aircraft to strike mainland China)

      If the War goes into being a Biological War it is anybody’s guess what will happen other than billions will die.

      If the War goes Nuclear … well we may devestate China but China will get enough licks in such that even Boliva could come in and occupy what remains of the US.

      Because the US let it’s manufacturing base move to China the US is no longer in a position to go Toe To Toe in a LONG War with China that doesn’t go biological or nuclear. Most Americans don’t want to hear that … but that is the way the cookie crumbles today. You have to play with the cards you HAVE, NOT the cards you WANT.

  2. “As of overnight Number of Texas state Democrats to test positive for COVID-19 rises to 5 (”

    The only thing that comes to mind are the words made famous by Forrest Gump.

  3. If there is additional issue around covid, it’s not the phony virus, but rather massive complications from the ‘Vaccines.’ Folks, if you buy this delta variant or whatever craziness they are coming up with this time, you are being played again – BIG TIME.

    Fortunately, some of the states may not play along this time – FL and TX being the top two. SOME people have awakened from the sleep they were in during the March 2020 time frame when all this crap was thrusted upon them in the form of lockdowns and maskings.

    The game worked well, and they want V.2.0 now. So, you buy the crap or use your God given intuition to see how stupid all of it is – especially the phony spread sheets of deaths and ‘cases’ based on the completely bogus PCR procedure – a lab procedure that should never be used to diagnose an illness or the presence of a virus in a population group.

    Truth or consequences?

  4. WOW! Crude down $4.15 at 9:30 CST? And the ol’ FCX stock I rode to the 40s is still falling. Hope the price of 10, 12 and 14 gage wire falls soon so I can do some more stocking up.

    • The pandemic body count is far too high for it to be a scam. I personally know too many who were stricken to discount the stats.
      The Covid vaccine is turning out to be a lot like the influenza vaccine in that it doesn’t seem to give full protection to newer revisions of the bug. As to whether the new revisions are random mutations or new releases remains to be seen.
      What are scams are lockdowns and socialist attacks on private ownership in the form of rent moratoriums. Eventually the bill will come due, and you know who will be picking up the tab.

  5. Entered a short late Friday., my numbers and “gut feeling”. My bourbon money only. [ Blanton’s, preferred.] Just got out with the Dow down 782. Looks like I nailed that one.
    Red Apple fire – watched the smoke from my house.., according to the County Sheriff – it does appear to be “man caused”. They found the ‘start point’. Empty lot, no power lines overhead., no roads nearby.
    Dr. Robert Malone, a pioneer in the field of mRNA vaccines, shared a viral Twitter thread on Friday which lays out a disturbing trend; the most-vaccinated countries in the world are experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases, while the least-vaccinated are stable, or declining. [ He gives no explanation.]
    .., and why? Is silver down 0.43 this morning. Kinda baffles me a little. To me, it’s recent trend looks deflationary – or.., it’s being manipulated?

      • Ten minutes after pushing the buy-button [ Options/CBOE ] I was questioning my logic- but my numbers said I was right., so I held on. Yeah – turned out quite nice. MORE PROPANE ! .., and freeze dried veggies [ the heat destroyed my garden this year.]

  6. War? China threatened to carpet bomb Japan with nukes. That’s got to be worse than Fukushima leaking into the ocean. It’s selfish but I do want to see it. I think the U.S. will bail on the protection plan for Japan. McConnell will not cash his Mainland in-laws with radiation. I want to see that apology too.

    I’m surprised the market is going down today. I’d expect the market will bounce into next month. Next month is the March of 2000 setup if ya ask me.

    • Carpet bombing with nukes is most likely less toxic long term than the Fukushima Diachi meltdowns! I’ll defer to the professional nukeologists if they care to respond. The reactors that were blown to bits had far more fissile material than bombs, and their cores are still active as molten blobs, albeit somewhere down below the fomer reactors. They are the gift that keeps on giving – radiation and radionuclides. There’s also ongoing subcritical fission in the used and/or damaged fuel assemblies in the large fuel pools that must be constantly cooled since they’re far too full to be properly cooled via convection. If those pools go dry, the fuel rod assemblies will catch fire and burn with yet more massive radiation release.

      Most nuclear weapons fragment almost instantaneously and maintain containment only long enough for a fast chain reaction and instantiating a thermonuclear fireball. Then they’re gone, leaving only prompt radiation and fallout. There’s no ongoing nuclear process beyond a new background for the old and new elements/isotopes produced. There’s no further sustained chain reactions, though there can be high levels of radiation for a while. Hiroshima and Nagasaki are thriving cities today, and have been inhabited since the conclusion of WW2..

      • I think you’re pretty much correct. As long as the nuclear bombing is isolated on Japan, we should be fine.

  7. Good column this morning, George. You covered a lot of territory.

    I agree with you on the non-use of social media. I admit that I’m as guilty as anybody in using it in the past. Early on, I did most of the usual idiotic bullshit that everyone does on there. I realized a while ago that it’s a waste of time and basically quit using it, but kept the accounts to promote our podcast. However, things started to change a few years ago and it became apparent to me that these businesses are being used for efforts that are not in the best interest of the users. Finally, someone literally tried to ‘cancel’ me based on something that I had ‘liked’ or some such nonsense. The effort failed, but it did bring home the fact that there are people out there that are making ‘lists’ of folks. I suspected that it’s also our would be overlords and it turns out that I’m right. Look at the collusion of government and big tech happening right now. I’m certain that this has been going on for a while, too. So, anyway, several months ago I made the decision to get rid of the accounts altogether, so I downloaded all of my data from each service and deleted…not deactivated…deleted the accounts. They are gone forever.

    I haven’t missed that crap for one second, either.

    I also quit using Google’s cloud services like Google Docs/photos, because I don’t trust them either.

    My point is that these companies only have power because people give them power. If you quit using them they’ll vanish like a fart in the wind. Anybody still using them, at this point, is complicit in aiding and abetting the enemy, IMO.

    So, if the Orcs and Trolls want to come after me for some more ‘cancelling’ they’ll have to get off of their lazy asses and work for it.

    • That’s why I kept Urban (mainly) off social and with Peoplenomics? Not a chance.

      Thing is, peace and prosperity-oriented, progressive yet equality-minded, will eventually find their way into a digital tribe (topic of PN Wednesday) where they will be comfortable and welcome.

      For now, though, social media has divided, not unified. Has wounded rather than healed America.

      And any American in their right mind should now act accordingly. You are ahead of the curve, but as a long term reader, that’s to be expected.

      • I will admit it. I have one page on social media. [ saved the data and deleted all the others.] Right now, it is the easiest way to stay in contact with my fellow Vietnam Rangers and a small group of friends from the Mensa crowd that I have stayed in-touch with over the decades. [ ., and one, rather boisterous E.W guru.] Quite an eclectic group, to be sure. Politics is frowned upon., but some of the ‘discussions’ on economics [ global ] and finance [ national ] are rather “fascinating”. I will stay, for a while longer. I doubt that an old, worn out combat vet posses much interest to those in the ‘high castle’.

  8. ” On the way to Venezaula, I fell in luv with U.
    On the way to Venezaula, I saw my dreams come true.
    I was taken by their smile, as we sailed past Cuba, by a mile.
    My heart was in for a spoil, as we gazed again at all that OIL..

  9. It wasn’t mentioned that the Dimocrats from Texas that abandoned the state vote by flying to DC. had all received the Bioweapon Injection. And all visited the V.P. So much for vaccines for Covid 19. What a con!

  10. “Gloria Estefan calls for international assistance for Cuba…
    …Cuban Americans are largely conservative. Border-jumpers? Not so much”

    Not necessarily. Odds are, everywhere the Spanish missionaries touched, the peasants (which are the overwhelming majority) are conservative Catholics. The deal is they are also illiterate and incredibly ignorant. They m a y glom onto the Democratic Party if allowed to stay in the U.S., as the Party which allowed them to stay, but if an “educational outreach” program was initiated, to let these people know with which Party their upbringing and beliefs more-closely aligned, well…

    BTW, I know the Keys are only 90mi away, but if’fn the Administration is going to be priggish, why don’t the fleeing Cubans simply hop a boat to Mexico…?

  11. “Summer Reading List: Recommended: Mark Levin’s American Marxism.”

    Ordered it yesterday.

    It will be the first book on contemporary American politics by a still-living author that I’ve purchased in nearly 20 years. I don’t like to read or hear pundits’ political opinion, because I don’t want someone else’s take on politics to color my own opinions.

    With that said, we’ll see…

    • Mark Levin is intellligent and has a lot of useful information, but his emotional and angry outbursts on the radio cause me to turn him off. He’s unbearable! I’d rather listen to a robot voice with no inflection at all.

      That said, perhaps his book has facts, analyses, and projections without the histrionics. If so, it could be worth reading.

      • Yeah, I’ve gotten that with every talker I’ve ever listened to, except Paul Harvey, Earl Nightingale, Art Bell, George Knapp, and politicos David Webb and Stacy Washington. My favorite talker is Andrew Wilkow, although I almost never listen to him unless I’m driving late at night and both George Noory and the Road Dog have boring shows — then I’ll catch pieces of the rerun of his show, and Webb’s and Levin’s, too. ‘Took me at least a month to be able to listen to Wilkow, simply because he sounds like he’s always pissed.

        Mark Levin’s voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me, but knowing he’s one of the 2-3 top living Constitutional scholars, and that he has personally argued dozens of cases before the USSC, convinced me to suck it up and get to a place where I could, at least, listen to him.

    • Lets compare notes Ray. I picked up a copy yesterday. They allowed 4 copies into Canada. It was on a small shelf hidden by 70 copies of Barrack Obama’s book.

      • I’m game… Dunno if I’ll read it right away. I’m currently studying to upgrade my HAM credentials (Yes, George, you win!) I could’ve sworn I knew at least a little bit about electronics devices, circuits, and functions, and radios, antennas, and test instruments, but so far the study’s been kickin’ my butt.

  12. knock knock
    whos there?
    mark forty five
    MK45 who?

    You know the Occam dude ?
    Razor needs sharpening, Chief – perhaps a leather strop strap from the tool shed…lets see now..

    .. A 3.9 earthquake in middle of Bermuda triangle – Again !

    Come on man! really – isnt anyone paying attention ?

    Sure sure – now were told its an experimental explosion .. nice , we are experimenting with 3.9 Earthquakes right off the coast of St Augustine, Flalala- those poor college girls at Flagler..

    If its deep underground, but not our military – what would we call such a place..a duab? no, not the duat – thats the big O’s place.. inquiring minds want to know what their experimentally blowing up down “there”…gonna need a bigger torpedo me thinks.

  13. “North Carolina county launches ‘doses to doors’ vaccine campaign”

    Health department workers and community outreach groups have kicked off a “doses to doors” COVID-19 vaccination campaign in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, where just 49% of residents have received at least one jab. The program, which officials say offer a convenient way for residents to get the shot without having to worry about travel, was met with mixed reaction on Twitter.

    “They don’t move that fast to help people when they know a hurricane is coming,” one Twitter user wrote.

    The program, which has a health professional on standby to administer a vaccine to eligible residents who want one, follows a community canvassing effort launched in May. Volunteers had been providing information about vaccines in previous weeks, focusing primarily on neighborhoods with low vaccine rates.


    …And so it begins — illegally, and with a jabber alongside the confidence (wo)man.

    This can not legally happen without the “60 days notification, in-writing” thing, which also lists the questions asked, and the area being canvassed, for every single area canvassed. Show me the FedGov website where this information was posted, and posted before May 24th, please…

  14. I reluctantly signed up for faceplant back during desert storm to keep in touch with a couple military family members. Didn’t like where it was trying to take me, so I dumped it within months. I don’t do any social media at all, and I am aghast at what the censorship has become.
    The second wave is blooming strong here in Hawaii, Fourth day our statewide numbers have popped up to the triple digits and are increasing… just like the incoming tourist numbers. The Hilo area is concerning with over 20 new cases in the city zip code just yesterday, and Hilo Medical Center is again nearing capacity with covid cases. Doc is giving me the scare story that “all the new cases are unvaccinated people”… while the news reports the deaths of several fully vaccinated people here. People are stupid and not taking it seriously as the state has opened up to tourists… in a crippled sort of way. Friends had a graduation party at the beach yesterday attended by dozens. I declined to attend. Everyone thinks ‘normalcy’ is returning… as the delta variant numbers here continue to climb. I stay sequestered with family elder care, and ensure everyone stays out of the house and distant.

    • Mine is under a ‘nym — against the rules now, but not when it first went live. It’s also extremely heavily locked-down. I never “like” or “share,” nor do I contribute anything, ever. On the two occasions where I was tagged in a photo, I had the tag removed. I ONLY use it to stalk my kids, or on a couple occasions communicate with them when I could get a data sat link but not cellphone or Wi-Fi comms.

  15. The Austin cowards’ CV-19 count is up to six, despite allegedly all being vaccinated.
    Despite testing negative, Cammy has a date with Walter Reed.
    A bunch of Olympic athletes, virtually all vaccinated, have been d/q’d via COVID test.
    A few of the news and sports faces are beginning to wonder why vaccinated athletes are contracting COVID.

    And since everyone missed it, here’s one of the links I posted two nights ago:

    Vaccinated people now make up almost 47% of all new Covid cases, symptom-tracking app claims amid signs Britain’s third Covid wave may have peaked already

    There must be a hundred different excuses and apologists’ grovels, for why CV-19 is infecting the jabbed amongst us…

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