Markets Play “Tug-a-Bug” – A Reader Advisory

Reader Advisory First: will be doing a site move from noon Saturday to [whenever we get things perfect].  So please expect some delays as the change of DNS takes time to meander around the web.  Thanks!

Facts Matter, Actually

It has been pretty clear to us that a boatload of “commercials” may be selling into a long wave top of markets in here.

In terms of “news?”  Hated mandatory jabs, a pernicious inflation in the wings due to import prices, miss on the at-home GDP, and the Fed STILL having to make-up $120-billion a month – rounds off to just under $1.5 trillion a year – to keep the wheels from coming off…  Well, just not especially inspiring if you know what I mean.

With slow Joe and the Kamunist back to sporting masks, we trust you followed our advice of what?  Let’s all go back to July 16th and our column Prepping for Lockdown 2.0 – Markets in Denial?  It’s not like any of this should catch you short of masks or gloves, or work equipment and supplies.

Unless you’re an idiot, in which case we can’t cure stupid.

What we can do?

How about a reminder of how to live a strategic life:  There is no way to effectively sit on the sidelines without throwing in with one team, or another.

One team is the go-go’s.  They believe the ONLY way to live is for maximum gain.  Every waking moment – roll ’em and head higher.  Real estate developers, lifetime politicians, even two-bit Arkansas leaders (*and their spouses) who make headlines daily, fall into this brain bucket.

This – in turn – if held up by the (similarly greedy and egotistically-driven) sell-outs of the mainstream media.  Presented as the “American Ideal” these turd-heads have NO CLUE how you reconcile economic growth with killing selected industries in the name of climate change.  Or, what happens if the LBGTQ marketing really grabs hold and there are no more offspring.  What do you do with all the teachers who will be unemployed?

The mental mush resulting from the inability to logically play half a dozen steps ahead of events is why the Mexico border leaks more than I do after a half-rack of Rolling Rock.  

With White shaming  and cancel culture moves paying off (thanks to the communist infiltrated “education” (brainwashing) system, guess whose birth rates are dropping most?  (If you look here, everyone’s!)  Which leaves America “in the box” of open borders or falling birth rates because who wants to boinky-boink their way into a potential lifetime of child support and then liability for college?  Want teacher pensions to go banko?

This is all because of a change in how humans “render” their lives which is far too long a discussion for this morning (I’ve been busy antenna modeling for the Sunday ham radio special).  But, it will be a damn-fine Peoplenomics report in the near future.

To finish the thought:

The OTHER team has a way to live (besides totally leveraged, in hock to banksters and hoping shit doesn’t blow up in your face).  Debt free.


This means living below your means.  Owning everything your eyes fall on outright.  Paying no interest (usury) to anyone.  And always having a plan for the worst possible outcomes.

I don’t like to think about Kamala Harris becoming president, or the next variant drop (bioweapon X), or WW III over Taiwan and South Korea (which would logically be a two-prong deal because that’s where fine pitch computer chips come from…).  But I do so because Life is like Chess.  If you want to win, play more moves ahead.

At 72 and 78, we have already had a better, longer, more satisfying game of life than most.  I can still put enough food on the table to keep thinking about dieting.  And since we have so many do-it-yourself projects around here, isolation isn’t scary at all.  Be nicer if the web was up only 3-days a week, but things will get to that.  Patience!  Review the tracks of Venezuela.  The fools on the Hill are taking up there with no chance of return to normal.

We just don’t plan to lose. Their Schemering aside, we won’t be willing peloser’s.  Other than the game-over whistle (heart attack, cancer, dementia or whatever), we plan for 100+ and work on keeping the best of friends part of Life front and center.  If you don’t have to worry full-time over checkbook float and bills, that kind of thing actually happens.

Didn’t me to digress, but when you take time to read the News, just remember the old mid 1970s time management courses:  There are always URGENT things in Life demanding your attention and involvement.

Burn ’em.  F*ck ’em.  Do the important shit, instead.

What’s Important?

Managing the space between your ears.

Buddy of mine spent Thursday in hospital in Oklahoma.  His 11th day in ICU with Covid.  (Send him prayers, please).  Asked by his wife how he felt?  He grinned and said “Still fighting…”

And by God, that’s the spirit.  It’s that stuff of head and heart that never makes the news except via contrivance and monetizations.

If you can’t be brave when you’re alive, you’ll never do it in death.  Feel cowardly?  You’ve been set up to be demon-fodder on the far side, for sure: Tender soul, weak heart. Devil’s delight.

“Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

So wrote Dylan Thomas.  “Wise men know at their end, dark is right…”  But while we suck air, divine power to command our future is still in hand.  Seize it!

We do our share of raving, often as we can.  Keeps the lights on.

Contradictions from Fauci, CDC throughout COVID pandemic outlined in viral Twitter thread.

Not Paying Attention?

Well, then let’s get to the morning overdose of URGENT!  URGENT!  EVERYONE FLEE FROM THE STREET! Which keeps the MSM sucking your eyes in:

Let’s do the numbers first.  Economic news releases:

Employment Costs

From Labor:

“Compensation costs for civilian workers increased 0.7 percent, seasonally adjusted, for the 3-month period ending in June 2021, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Wages and salaries
increased 0.9 percent and benefit costs increased 0.4 percent from March 2021.

Compensation costs for civilian workers increased 2.9 percent for the 12-month period ending in June 2021 and increased 2.7 percent in June 2020. Wages and salaries increased 3.2 percent for the 12-month period ending in June 2021 and increased 2.9 percent for the 12-month period ending in June 2020.

Benefit costs increased 2.2 percent over the year and increased 2.2 percent for the 12-month period ending in June 2020.”

Personal Incomes

Work harder and get screwed, by the look of it.   Whee!!!

Official version reads:

“Personal income increased $26.1 billion, or 0.1 percent at a monthly rate, while consumer spending increased $155.4 billion, or 1.0 percent, in June. Compensation increased in June while pandemic-related assistance programs declined.”

Of course, we do have some “gangland accounting questions” about how things like “government checks” are counted.  Isn’t that like giving our own money to our selves and how does that play and when does the music stop?

Commodities are twitching a bit toward inflation in some, but deflation in others:  Gold was holding around $1,831 but silver was down into the $25.50 range.  Lumber was running $610’ish.  10-yerar Treasury was up to almost 1.27 %.    Our simple solution to the economy not being responsive?

Where we are is in deep trouble because of the spread involving Fed money moves and the huge amount of stale money sitting in banks and so forth.  This morning is NOT turning over as revealed in the velocity of M2.  Which hasn’t been this bad ever as the last 6 months.

The investor looks at this chart:

…and properly concludes that since a Depression didn’t come along in early 2020 as it was setting up to do, the manic money printing hasn’t really cured anything, yet.  Dark Pools are still flooded, savings haven’t been destroyed, and pools of Big Money haven’t been enticed out of hiding, yet.

The reason is there is still NO CREDIBLE GROWTH story.  Cars and trucks can’t get chips.  Vax’ed people are masking up and another lockdown is possible.  People who have homes are holding them at such high prices, the low end of housing can’t wander in to get a foothold.  And while all this goes on, the government still hasn’t announced a plan to deal with cryptos.

Sound like upper management you’d invest in?  “Not I,” says Chicken Big.

Yeah…we look at the same problem daily.  Why do you think Branson and Bezos are trying to get off planet?  Nothing else to buy here.  Besides, the private islands are already owned and over priced.  I’ve looked.  Until savings is destroyed and we can start a new game of musical financial chairs…

By the way, a great study of how people with no vision of the future just can’t comprehend it:  Video from 2000 shows Jeff Bezos mocked by fans for dreams of flying to space.  Last laughs by Bezos how many billions later?

Distractions Seeking Traction

The blah-blah part:

Vax Flax:  Of course it’s NOT a real vaccine – it’s a computer’s idea of how a vaccine for CV-19 ought to work.  Which is likely why 35,000 Americans Getting Symptomatic COVID-19 a Week Despite Being Vaccinated: CDC (

Meantime:  U.S. Out-Of-Pocket Healthcare Spending Swells to $491 Billion, Up 10%.

Why didn’t Rand Paul nail Fauci for lying about gain of function?  Well, the headline Rand Paul’s 2016 presidential campaign committee fined $21,000 gives crackpot George the idea the fine would have been much, much bigger if he had faced down “the narrative…”  See, everything IS a business model, ain’t it?  But, must be present to win.  Or is that president?

Common Sense – common in Texas, not elsewhere:  Texas parents push back on school district for spending $2M on ‘equity consultants’ as academics lag.  Kids go to school to learn, not be programmed, right?

S&P futures down 27, Dow only down 83.  And here you thought yesterday was Turdsday.

OK, ab zum Frühstück,

Write when you can read German  get rich,

42 thoughts on “Markets Play “Tug-a-Bug” – A Reader Advisory”

  1. 35,000 Americans getting covid despite being vaccinated? – Hmm…how do we know they are not getting covid symptoms BECAUSE they are vaccinated.

    I will give you a hint. Many things can cause covid symptoms, incliding any of the standard influenza viruses. You see, the testing has been set up with PCR as the base procedure (this is true for ALL mass testing) so that a. very high number of people test positive. So, since influenza and ‘seasonal flu’ seems to have taken a huge nose dive since covid, seems very logical that people are getting what they have always gotten, and people can and do die of influenza and seasonal flu, particularly if they have compromised immune system – which many people have in America. You see the morbidly obese person in the grocery store – they have a compromised immune system.

    Look deeper my friends. You will see patterns emerge.

  2. CNN was right.

    “Biden requires feds to attest to vaccination status or face restrictions”


    : to bear witness to : affirm to be true or genuine specifically : to authenticate (as a will) by signing as a witness. intransitive verb. : to bear witness : testify —often used with to.

    People will probably ‘bear false witness to’ to keep the job. I don’t blame them. Liars won’t be stinking up Heaven!

  3. Decided we need tires for the wifes car and the pick up before they end up costing as much as the vehicles so I called a friend who owns a nice tire sop about an hour away. We spent time playing in the mud in the southeast asian conference so we needed to catch up anyway. Things are not so good for the shop, He’s down to just himself and one other old man tire changer for his six bay shop. His wife comes in the answer the phone a couple hours a day. Told me he set interview appointments for 10 people a couple weeks back who answered a help wanted posting. 3 did not show up and the rest were unemployable. He’s thinking about closing up the shop but he’s worried about his tire changer so he will just keep up as best as he can.

    Want to fix whats killing our country. Start at home. Teach the kids about education, work and honesty. Things you wont see from many anymore especially the clowns in the gov.

    • “Want to fix whats killing our country. Start at home. Teach the kids about education, work and honesty. Things you wont see from many anymore especially the clowns in the gov.”

      AMEN JIM…..

      The sad thing is the parents are working so many hours.. and a young person can’t make it on what is being paid for an hourly wage.. most of the kids are holding out until they get a sheet of paper on the wall that can get them a higher wage..

      One of the bankers I know.. (Known him since he was a kid working part time..) a while ago was telling me that he was interviewing people for a job.. they can’t give them full time work.. and when he asked the kid what they wanted for a wage.. it was more than what he makes..
      needless to say they are going through tellers to.. the kids are moving on because at the end of the week.. after daycare and insurance cost of transportation.. they are barely able to make a couple of dollars.. My wife.. after all the insurance and expenses.. travel back and forth to work her licensing etc.. makes a little over a thousand dollars a year.. the tax man was shocked and asked me.. How in the Hell do you do it.. We don’t pay any bills at all until the cost of insurance is out the door.. ( you have to have that at our age.. and you won’t be able to get it again if you loose it or get rid of it.. that is how I got sucked into hell year.. and medical costs are ten times Plus those of someone that is insured..) the kids are not looking to work ten part time jobs.. they want one that they can live off of the income that it generates.. fifteen dollars an hour would barely pay the rent.. much less anything else.
      and that is with not paying for medical insurance.. I don’t know about there.. but around here for a part time job of just being a tire changer.. they usually start about ten bucks an hour.. if you have been to mechanic school.. then you get the ten bucks an hour plus a percentage of the jobs you do.. and most of the employers are not looking for full time benefits included employees.. most of the companies here.. offer part time.. they have the skeleton crew of full time.. I was just talking to the daughter of an old friend yesterday while picking up milk.. she said even the one store that I worked at and admired has turned that way..and part time jobs are a dime a dozen.. I worked six.. the wife says eight during the eighties to make enough for us to survive and drive from one job to the next.. no time for relaxation or to do anything fun.. a day of vacation was an eight hour day.. ( considering drive time to) the kids today want to go have sex eat out have a barbque etc.. not just work and I don’t blame them.. if I had a do over.. I wouldn’t do it either..

    • the kids don’t have adult supervision at home.. the parents are working.. the kids are being raised by the neighborhood gangs and television and the games they play on the internet..

    • We keep hearing these kinds of stories.

      But what happened when he called the employees he had to let go?
      Didn’t they want their old job?

      Why complain about labor if the industry cannot support the number of people / firms in the industry?

      1 of 6 fast food joints could and should close. Hotels/ motels??

      • He didn’t let anyone go. They stopped coming to work. The only one who stayed is the old tire changer. Who also played with us over in that cesspool back in the day.

      • “what happened when he called the employees he had to let go?
        Didn’t they want their old job?”

        The exact same thing that happened to our local shop.. those that were let go still had obligations.. and a couple hundred a week will not cover they had to find new positions..with tears of experience and no need to be retrained.. some I knew had to move to other states to find work.. why would you give up an employer that took you on during hard times to go back to the job that didn’t figure you were good enough to keep you on during hard times..

      • “He didn’t let anyone go. They stopped coming to work.”

        Hmm.. I wonder what the other side of that story is..

        I am willing to bet.. it was an eighties full time job I got ten hours a week..
        I worked six jobs the wife says eight either way I had to work to eat..I’m betting it’s a feed your face or don’t feed your face situation..they were forced to move on.. my one grandsons job the employers didn’t want to loose their workers bit the bullet and kept everyone on at full hours. They played the power company linemen do in winter around here..

      • “They stopped coming to work.”

        Look up the state’s qualifications for collecting unemployment.

        In Michigan if the previous employer calls the unemployment collector back and they don’t go, they’re cut-off the dole. It’s pretty cut and dry.

        Moreover, G posts the official government employment numbers regulalry.

        Does it all add up? People collecting Vs open jobs juxtaposed with total labor pool Vs total jobs. It’ll be a wild goose chase to even bother.

      • :Does it all add up? People collecting Vs open jobs juxtaposed with total labor pool Vs total jobs. It’ll be a wild goose chase to even bother.”

        Around here.. unemployment adds up to 250.00 a of my grandsons was getting 45.. on average except for covid unemployed rarely get unemployment. Unemploymentcompensation is mostly given to seasonal workers.. in this state if an employer calls an employee back to work even if it’s for ren hours a week and they are receiving benefits the unemployment benefits stop.
        Anything paid after that date has to be repaid to the state..I don’t know the specific details or the laws of your state.
        I am still leaning on the they had to feed their face and pay bills..and a few hours a week won’t pay them do they went to other jobs.. A low wage hourly paid employee if there isn’t any job security usually has a stepping stone job.. one fails you step off the sinking boat to the pier.. I have seen.prople flip jobs for the price of a six pack of pop or a loaf of bread .
        When I ran a keep the hourly low wage in a future less job a twelve nm pack of pop and s vake at home pizza if they didn’t miss a shift every two weeks.. if they made every shift for three months a dinner out at a restaurant. I rarely lost or had to retrain.. everyone got a colored star to.. a wall calendar and I would know what days to give them could predict the days they would miss.. just give them a reason to stay..
        Usually the more that an employer pays an hourly employee the worse they treat them..there are exceptions those employers don’t seek employees.. someone has to die or retire first.. I tell the kids.. find out what the turnover rate is.. it its between twenty percent and forty its still a decent job but theres issues. If its between forty and a hundred theres something seriously wrong with administration. Run or only take it as a necessity but plan on moving on.
        The easiest way is have a cup of the’ll know everything in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee

  4. I appreciate your reminders. My kids thought I was a little nuts last January/February when I was stocking up on everything, but we never had a day of worry about any key supplies, and were able to share with neighbors and friends without concern. They look at things a little different now.

    My son runs a coffee shop franchise of a small regional chain, Coffee prices are up over 80% this year. A fella from corporate was in yesterday saying they will need to increase prices significantly in August. Wait until the daily starbucks crowd experiences 50% transitory inflation. I anticipate viral videos of customers freaking out.

    • “My kids thought I was a little nuts last January/February”

      After I almost starved to death years ago.. everyone thought i was nuts.. my wife changed her tune when we went a year without an income..and even though there were jobs everywhere she couldn’t get one to save her soul..over fifty your unemployable.. unemployment you dont get it if you quit or are let she helps..
      The kids today have been raised in times of plenty..
      Many people that went through the depression had full pantries..

  5. ” lifetime politicians, ”

    I think you coined them wrong……
    from my perspective and the fact that they work less than the guy holding the sign by the road.. they should be called..


    JMHO there betcha can’t name anything they actually wrote or did without someone doing it for them…
    it is like a gent that worked at the factory.. he carried a clipboard.. busiest guy you could see.. one day we were all out for the friday night beer and I asked.. can anyone tell me what so in so did today.. or yesterday.. or anyday.. he was busy is what they would say.. then all of a sudden everyone started to laugh.. come to think of it.. what was he busy doing.. carrying that dam clipboard..
    freeloaders are the same.. they are busy carrying the sign and those claiming to be our representative’s.. busiest people you ever seen that does absolutely nothing at all.
    but I did see some pictures of them on camels on a paid for information gathering vacation.. and some throw some paint on a piece of paper and sell them for more than the trash put out by so called artists like Leonardo, Van gogh or Michelangelo… OOPS that is just the o kid of one politicians.. he makes millions of dollars a year to.
    the stuff he is suppose have done makes me sick and disgusted.
    IF.. Laws were changed so that it wasn’t a crime.. then the crime rate would drop dramatically.. simple easy … Kind of what they are doing in the cities that BLM and Antifa Neutered if the cops come..and see what use to be a crime happening in progress.. rather than get involved and criticized for racial discrimination they either just walk away or no one shows up.. its sort of like calling the police for a j walker..
    that is probably why amusement parks have swat snipers in towers.. easier than trying to get someone that will be criticized for racial discrimination to check it out.. one and done the fifty cent solution..

  6. Yesterday I heard someone comment that the PCR test couldn’t detect the Delta variant of Covid-19 so I did a little checking and found this on the American Lung Association website: Citing Dr. Albert Rizzo – Chief Medical Officer;

    “Q: How can you tell if you have the Delta variant??Are there additional symptoms?

    Some reports suggest that the Delta strain could?cause different symptoms than other variants. A U.K.?study, for example, reported a change in the top-ranked symptoms since Delta starting dominating. Cold-like symptoms, including headache, runny nose and a sore throat, now top the list in that study, while more traditional COVID-19 symptoms — loss of smell, shortness of breath, fever and persistent cough — have since moved down. Doctors in the U.S. are noting a similar trend, especially in areas that have some of the highest rates of Delta cases.

    Regular COVID-19 tests do not detect which variant is involved in a patient’s case—that information does not change the approach to care or therapy. The variant identification requires genomic sequencing, a process separate from regular virus tests and one that not all labs are able to do or do not do on a routine basis for patient care but are done more for public health monitoring.”

    I’m not sure but my understanding is that PCR testing is the standard procedure for Covid determinations throughout the country (although it is scheduled to end Dec. 31 2021). So, how do we have all of these hard statistics being blasted in our faces about 60% of covid is now Delta Variant and mass spreading of Covid when the predominant test cannot differentiate between Alpha and Delta? Also, don’t those symptoms sound a lot like a common cold? What a complete crock.

    • That’s due to the fact that ‘Delta Variant’ is just THE COMMON COLD. Which would make sense that there would be a lot of cases as everyone stopped wearing masks and started interacting a lot more.

    • The PCR is actually a lab procedure – it was never meant to be used as a diagnostic test, in fact, it is not a diagnostic test and all results obtained from the mass PCR testing are bogus. Research Dr. Kary Mullis, Nobel Laureate and developer of the PCR procedure. He openly states the procedure is not a diagnostic test. This is one of the greatest ‘secrets’ about the entire covid con.

    • Yes, and it also came out th oh s week that the PCR test CANNOT different in are between the Flu and Covud. So it has been a crapshoot. Meaning all humans have been crapped on by their globalist leaders in collusion with the globalist media. Otherwise known as lied to, propagandized to, brainwashed, and supplied with hourly doses of stress inducing fear mongering. Wake up, people, warn your family and friends.

  7. For anyone casting a vote for any particular candidate seeking office.
    If you like what they are saying to you in the evening soundbite, why not consider the speechwriter whose words are being spoken by the candidate/actor reading his or her lines?
    If the speech (soundbite) appeals to you, why not consider voting for the speechwriter instead of the ‘dummy’ that performs for him???

  8. The Fed stated they’re buying AT LEAST $120,000,000,000 per month. That’s just the floor, there is no ceiling. Anyone believe they’re only buying 120 billion per month? The Fed is buying everything. They want to own it all. It seems to me that ultimately that is what covid is all about. Crash the global economy so that the Fed can buy it and own it all.

  9. I wonder how long before they begin to peddle
    THE OMEGA VARIANT as the ultimate dealer of
    death to the mask non-compliant. Portray them
    as Dangerous Typhoid Marys, stalking the countryside,
    poisoning all the meek, Good Citizens who STFU
    and knuckle under and do what they’re told to get
    their Federal Ration Card and Voter ID punched for
    another month of insipid Government Gruel to fill
    their cowardly bellies. (As long as we “Vote Right.”)

    Guess they’ll be coming for me before too long…

  10. As much as I hate to say it Monkey had an interview with Juan O’Savin. I’ve been ticked at Juan since I feel like he led us around by the nose back in January but for someone like Monkey to give him time makes me want to hear what he has to say.

    It’s funny, though, as Monkey mirrors Juan’s boot shot during the interview.

  11. Do you guys ride Amtrak? I’ve never been. One time a group of us tried to catch an Amtrak near Chicago but the rail lines were down. We drove in and paid for parking.

    Where are our Amtrak-like jobs?

    “The average Amtrak salary ranges from approximately $64,428 per year for a Customer Service Representative to $214,418 per year for a Senior Director.”

    “The bipartisan infrastructure bill that seems likely to pass the Senate contains $66 billion for intercity rail, which is pretty damn close to the $80 billion President Joe Biden asked for in April. The White House calls it “the largest investment in passenger rail since the creation of Amtrak 50 years ago.”

    The deal includes $22 billion in “grants” for Amtrak, another $24 billion specifically for the Northeast Corridor, and another $20 billion for intercity service, safety grants, and grade crossing improvements. (What’s the difference between the first chunk of grants and the last? The White House hasn’t detailed that yet.)”

    • I’ve gone cross country, up and down west coast, there are views on the train that overwhelm your hwy views….not to mention if you go midweek during offpeak on the less travelled routes (my hard earned secret), you could get the whole railway car to yourself, after ‘the river cruise’ up the Columbia (track follows the river)….

      Plus you can bring your own ‘beverages’ etc…!

    • Didn’t you know ??

      This criminal shit’s been going on since you were born.

      PS. Today my 97 yr/old Dad passed over… missed 98 by less than a month. We placed him in hospice care noon 29th with a DNR. Noon 31st rehab calls to inform he’s tested + for Covid-19. 2 hours later they call to advise he’s gone. Business model ?? ya think ??

      So now I self quarantine 12 more days before we can honor him with full military respect as a WWII Navy Veteran. Since Mom preceded him, I get the flag…

      Forgive me if I get vocal for a while. He and I have talked for an hour every day, after markets closed, for over two years and now he’s at peace and I’m left watching the rape of my country without him to share my frustrations.

      • It’s like George has said a few days ago – pack your bags well and count yourself blessed, not lucky, to have had a Dad like that. Perhaps you have a recording of some of those conversations you can hold on to?

        While not a religious guy I firmly believe everything has a purpose and life is a planned event/path we’re given before conception. I’ve lost all of the old generation now and tried to keep all of the e-mails of my last uncle for reference. I’ve always considered myself born a generation too late but see myself as lucky to have been born in the generation that will see the events of The Revelation come to be.

      • My condolences OA.

        FWIW I know of no med facility anywhere in CONUS which doesn’t test for CV-19 as part of their pre-admissions protocol. That includes hospice facilities…

      • QAnon, We are here for you. You are not alone. Stay awhile. They got their pound of flesh at the end. That was a business decision, for them, to have him pass with Covid to the tune of $36k. You have our condolences. You will meet each other again.

  12. Hawaii is going right down the toilet. We once got it down to avg 45 new cases a day. Today they corrected a lab reporting snafu and reported 645 new cases. The three-day average during the lab snafu is 314 cases per day. This is what happens when the airlines bring in thousands of tourists per day and everyone has July 4 and summer parties. Of those hospitalized, more than 50% taking extended tests were of the delta variety.
    Officials are wringing their hands, unwilling to lock down again. So now the Honolulu Mayor is considering a ‘Joe Biden’ and mandating that ALL city employees get vaxxed, or endure masking and daily testing. And still the stupid tourists come… and spread. Yes, we have lots of ‘vaxxed’ breakthrough cases, too. The lie-du-jour is that the breakthrough cases would have been a lot worse if these people had NOT been vaxxed. THEY DON’T KNOW THAT AND CANNOT PROVE THAT! But the lies and hand wringing continue, along with the money the tourists bring in.

    Infection rate on the Big Island here is now 5.1%… One in twenty people tested here is infected. I stay far away from all the stupid people.

    • LOL. Sorry, it’s not funny. But your beautiful land of Hawaii has had an “open border policy” since it was forced on you by everyone else on this side of the globe in the 19th century because its beauty (and profit potential) surpasses even that of California up until the 60s. I guess if the U.S. had not done it y’all would all be speaking Japanese rather than your native tongue, though, or there would simply be no more native Hawaiians. Subsumation or extinction. Rough choice.

      What are they saying the death count and serious hospitalizations are compared to last year? Do they even talk about Ivermectin or HCQ? Can you get Ivermectin at feed stores if the medical establishment won’t prescribe it? The survivors of this insanity are going to be the ones that are cranky enough to think for themselves.

      • The death count is increasing again… yesterday reported two more. Hospitalizations are nearing capacity (again) and the largest medical center in Honolulu is now pleading to FEMA to send us more nurses. No local talk about Ivermectin or HCQ. (I got mine on a web order). The Lt.Governor is a working ER doctor and the State covid ‘czar’ just spouts the medical line and pushes for more vaccinations. Yes, I’m one of the ‘cranky ones’. Got my supplies and am determined to stay healthy while the herd goes down.

    • Hank,
      Do you trust any of the reported stats on new ‘cases’ (does not differentiate symtomatic vs non)? The way these case stats are being generated is like dialing the potentiometer; “this month we’re going with 45 cycles on the PCR testing instead of 25”, that’ll get things dialed back under control.
      The mission is submission.

      • I don’t much give a darn about the ‘validity’ of the stats. They all lie. What I do know is that the numbers (valid or not) are an indicator of the amount of sick people winding up in the hospital and dying. When the hospitals are pleading with FEMA to send more nurses, that is a major alarm bell. I treat everyone as if they are infected and stay away from them. And I am prepared to treat myself at home and stay out of the hospital.

  13. I see history repeating itself. This time, it’s not starting on the east coast but rather southwest. Not by water but by land. The silent invasion and a disguised war. The old ways … embellished by technology and science. But still the same.

    Like a neutron bomb, the virus explodes, the vaccines are the second … to conquer from within (the body) and no structural damage to property. Then divide and conquer, as we bitch about it.

    How many pandemics have we lived through without vaccines? Some people didn’t even know there WAS a pandemic when there was … because hype was minimal, doctors had ethics and Herd Immunity took hold … we survived. But, this time there’s hype, Health Care threw ethics out the window and Herd Immunity is lost in the confusion.

    The guidelines have proven ineffective but … but people wanna try it again. Even after that attempt of over a year and vaccinations have brought variants to the table. If those guidelines had any merit, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. We’d be past all this.

    Breakthroughs of the variant after people fully vaccinated? Hell the vaccine doesn’t even stop covid … just makes a person asymptomatic. Then there’s the (ADE) Antibody-Dependent Enhancement that must be factored in. That’s bad news (and use to stop vaccine work) when it occurs in animal tests … not this time.

    Scripture says, “Walk by faith, not by sight.” Basically, I read that as “Trust God, not what CNN or FOX NEWS and those (expert?) say. – So for me and my family, Herd Immunity it is … and we’ve been sick, recovered and doing fine.

    Book also says, “Fear not.” I’m cool with that.

    So, when the what’s left of the American people get nothing and Immigrants get everything … I wonder if they’ll ask us to “assimilate or die” as was demanded before? Or will that not even be an option.

    Mandela Effect changed the Lion to the Wolf …. Would have been more politically correct if it had changed to “Coyote”

    Stay strong everyone. And George, best wished to your friend. Praying for recovery. We need everyone we can get.


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