Depression Like No Other

Reader Note:  We will be moving to a new server farm today.  So from noon (CDT) today until I’m done (take it any way you will) the Peoplenomics website may have a few unreachable moments… We’re not leaving.  Just rearranging the digital furniture.

Report now? A twisted tale of future studies, dream worlds, and computers that run intelligence is our topic.  Following the Friday market sell-off, next week could be interesting.

How about I tell you our topic ends up in some serious woo-woo?  Like the kind of stuff that jerks you out of bed at 1 AM to start trying to capture what just happened in a dream?

Well, that’s exactly part of what happened.  Let’s do the usual’s and then we’ll get into the really strange world of future.  After the ChartPack.  But first, we need to talk about Aging and NBCRET…

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70 thoughts on “Depression Like No Other”

      • C60 Carbon-60 Solvent free, 40 mg in 50 ml olive oil
        Price of one item:
        $ 17.00
        George, this is what I pay to Sarah Vaughter plus a little shipping. That is how I can afford 6 bottles at a time, I am just a poor boy when it come to $, it is not my biggest priority in life
        I put a link to her in my post below
        My memory or short term memory has improved since I started taking it. I no longer go from one end of the house to the other and forget what I was going to get. I now remember where I set stuff down and don’t go around like I am looking for Easter eggs. I give some credit for that to only using coconut oil for cooking oil now .see below

        “Results: After intervention with coconut oil, improvements in episodic, temporal orientation, and semantic memory were observed, and it seems that the positive effect is more evident in women with mild-moderate state, although other improvements in males and severe state were also shown.

        Conclusions: The isocaloric coconut oil enriched Mediterranean diet seems to improve cognitive functions in patients with AD, with differences according to patient sex and degree of severity of the disease, although more studies in this line are needed”

        This is only a 21 day study

      • I find it very peculiar that people who gulp handful of supplements that aren’t even checked for SAFETY by the FDA, are the same people who refuse the vaccine because it hasn’t finished the entire FDA approval process. It a good thing polio and smallpox vaccines didn’t meet with the same scepticism.

      • @ Mr. K and H

        When smallpox and polio vaccines were created, science lacked the ability to jack with a germ’s, bacteria’s, or virus’ DNA, either to create a bug or create it’s preventative vaccine…

        There’s a near-zero probability that CV-19 was not genetically lab-engineered. As more and more people come to this realization, they will become less and less likely to trust either the official information, or any vaccination, inoculation, or treatment foist by ours, or by any other government.

    • Yes to Carbon 60 it helped my arthritis in my neck but did not do anything for it my hands, after 3 months of use my anger issues subsided. This is a BIG benefit that I did not realize I had a problem with till it went away. I blame the anger issues to mercury in my fillings that were deteriorating and mercury in the old flu vaccines that I used to get. I use Sarah Vaughter Wellness C60. I have ordered from her 3 times now, 6 bottles at a time

      • @Ray
        The Chinese haven’t allowed any outside investigation of the Wuhan Virus Lab. While suspicious, it PROVES nothing. Also, virologists studying Covid couldn’t find any of the biomarkers of gene splicing. Again, inconclusive. So, unless you have some inside information, you’re near-certainty looks fairly uncertain to me. Keep in mind that beliefs can be just as deadly as ignorance, just ask those people who thought gargling bleach was a Covid cure. In general, I don’t believe disinformation coming from any group that has a vested interest in dumbing down the population to keep them easy to manipulate. And, while there are governments in the world that have earned the widespread mistrust of their citizens, Pinochet’s, Putin’s, Kim Jung Un’s, etc. ad nauseam., I don’t think the USA is there… yet. Hell, so far the insurgents who tried to overthrow the government and hang Mike’s Pants have been getting off with slaps on the wrists, not ‘disappeared’, not sent to Guantanamo or CIA black sites. If this was Russia, they would all have their pants full of polonium by now.

    • C60 PurplePower

      All the research, studies … in one clean site.

      Ken Swartz – founder, legit rocket scientist, holds multiple patents..including current in use Missile Guidance System/US and others…plus Ken is a “real swell dude”.

      Bennies are still accruing..

      • Current understanding of the C60 “buckyball” molecule is that it functions as a cell killer -Apoptosis programmed cell death – this function is what goes wrong in body with Cancer – stops functioning. C60 acts like a scavenger in the body, of free radicals – each side of molecule (16) picks up “dirt” and holds on to it till flushed out of body.

        * Hydrogen Water H3O cleanses the faces of molecule, increasing efficiency of C60 molecule in vivo.
        Somewhere, somehow process includes improved functioning of the Apoptosis “program”. – this improved functioning of Apoptosis program in effect kills off “shortened” Telomers, body creates new ones, overall Average Lenght of Telomeres is now Lengthened ..leading to increased longevity.
        Yo Grandma, can I get an order of fries with that Shake?

    • Yup… I’m using C60 in coconut oil. Interested in the ‘longevity aspects’ of it. Research attributes the longevity to C60 being an extreme antioxidant and keeping inflammation down. I’m pretty healthy anyway and a user of intelligent supplementation for years. So I do not notice any improvements with using C60, but I continue anyway. Looking for long term benefits.

      • Ooops, grabbed the first link I saw w/o checking. The correct link That review is bogus – who are they and where’s their list of recommended products? This stuff is OK – know numerous folks using it for years and they’ve all improved assorted parts of themselves, mind, body, etc.

  1. Friend of mine back in the mid 70’s had the ability to see how things would be. As an example, he could see when a deer would be at a given location for hunting (his comment). His business was salvaging foreign car parts and he would go to an auto auction and be able to tell which cars would sell, when, how much, which were worth more as parts and those that would not sell. One day he saw himself in a bad accident on his normal way to a northern city and that it could be avoided. He chose to go the normal way and did not avoid the accident. The accident was bad enough that the ability disappeared, he says it is because the impact disconnected the two halves of his brain. He nearly went broke relearning the business without that insight.

    Out of his experience and others I’ve had you need to separate this into two parts. The first is the framework – your surroundings and what will happen without you. The second is your agency – for you, your choice is always the deciding factor. It governs short, long term and after life outcomes, the framework is there to provide choice and context.

    Being able to see ahead is not necessarily advantageous to people, it can remove agency.

    • Was your friend able to foresee stock prices also? ‘-)
      Just asking — because in my long life
      I’ve read many stories with little evidence!!
      Btw. The last bigmouth here also disappeared.

  2. Th other day a poster mentioned, “if you see signs heed them”.

    Today Raphael was cited. Raphael was the angel who warned Lot and his crew to flee. Even as the warning was coming to pass Lot’s wife didn’t believe and looked back. That’s how many people heed warnings. One.

    • Did you know these biblical folks, or hearsay?
      I’m really sooooo sick of “biblical” references.
      SORRY, if my comment offends someone.

      • I used it as a historic rhyme reference. Other than Ninja Turtles when do you hear the name Raphael?

        I didn’t mean to piss you off or anything. But I’ll proably do it again. I don’t keep track one way or the other.

      • Have you ever read the old testament? The stories are fascinating and are probably far older than the Jewish race. I am currently reading Limpkin’s The Books of Enoch which include the Ethiopic, the Slavonic , and the Hebrew versions and compares them verse by verse with the Bible and other scriptures. It is wonderful to read.

        After you read the Bible you will notice that most book and movie themes have already been written. Quotes from the Bible are frequently found in literature, especially in classic works. It is amazing how much the Bible has affected our culture.
        Think of God as an alien and it will make more sense

      • Mr C: I try to withhold judgement on other people’s witness, even when I have every logical right to reject it out of hand. Having said that, I am not afraid to call BS on manipulation posing as religion, science, or paranormal.
        No doubt some of the voices heard on this website will join the ranks of our species’ collective cultural mythology. Are any of this site’s contributors’ “biblical folks”? That is something that will be decided long after we are gone.

  3. C-60, been using it for about 5 years now…..major improvements in memory and overall health. Found it helpful in keeping my joints lubricated and less gravel like….

    • Your excellent info is much appreciated, IMHO,
      though I was lucky to have been born w/o any
      of “the infirm conditions” hat come with old age.
      Just bought some Bayer Aspirin today for pain.
      Helps me!! Don’t have to use any other meds
      at >90 — thank you “DUDE”!!!
      BTW. The price of Aspirin has gone up 20-fold
      since last I bought it. Bayer may have to do it
      on account of their past BAD Monsanto deal?!

  4. “Did you know these biblical folks, or hearsay?
    I’m really sooooo sick of “biblical” references.
    SORRY, if my comment offends someone.”


    We all tend to look for rational rhymes, reasons, associations, similarities and ANYTHING that makes sense of “things” … like the markets, news, life … everything. Because, not much makes sense anymore. So, we all look for a path through it, in all kinds of places.

    I don’t know the authors personally of the books I’ve read or the characters in them, but I found sound advice, shared interests and imagination to which I was entertained. I don’t know the folks who draw up the charts or gather the info, but I check them … with a bit of caution and a measure of trust.

    No one on here has “preached” as far as I know … they are (and I am) just attempting to get a point across. Not trying to save anyone’s soul … but maybe save them from a more difficult time than necessary. And if there’s something worth pointing out, I’d like to hear it because what’s happening is global and bigger than any of us … I’m not the Smartest Man In America. My name’s Bob not Chris …. But I do believe Chris would give Out Of Work Steve his opportunity to speak and be heard.

    We all matter, and what we share is important, even if it is biblical.


    • “We all matter, and what we share is important, even if it is biblical.”

      Indeed, I was wrong on that account ;-((, and I herewith apologize. When I go through my TV channels selector I have noticed many religious broadcasts, and sometimes I even listen to their program. However, let’s leave it at that, peace!!

      • I get it.. I truly do Choices..
        That is why the boss won’t let me talk bible or any other religious material with anyone we know..I was always having to apologize..
        I would get into a debate with my opinions on what is written and I could pizza off the pope without even trying to..
        I have a nephew that teaches this stuff and he won’t talk to me about religious writings..

  5. Multiple methodologies coming up with roughly the same future outcome … it gives one pause about the concept of “seeing through rips in the fabric of time”.

    Of all three of the people you cute the one I have always had the hardest with is Zimmel …. but with that said he has always seemed to be the most accurate.

    Good column.

    • “seeing through rips in the fabric of time”.

      ????? is it seeing through the fabrics of time.. OR.. is it that when we were created the one thing that they couldn’t eliminate and could anticipate the end results…. which is why it is all one of the big laws. and probably why there were the watchers…
      what were a couple of them that we as humans can’t seem to overcome.. You shall not Kill,, You shall not covet yet to appease the wants of a few at the controlling end we go in and kill destroy and maime so that they can get the things they covet..We as the domesticated beast covet a bigger number and it doesn’t matter about those that work for you as long as they get you that bigger number…. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you..
      Its like Kitty the baby racoon I had as a kid.. cute cuddly.. sweetest thing you could find.. OR Toodles our pet cat.. ( lynx.. sister says it was a bobcat.. it did have a funky tail) they were good loyal pets.. both of them we saved from the wild.. but when they grew up.. even though they showed their loyalty to us.. their caretakers.. they were in fact still a wild racoon and a wild big cat with the wild instincts still in their genes..

  6. @choices
    As I recall he could but had no interest in that subject. can’t tell you more than that.

  7. Lol lol or maybe some of them have an idea where that missing material is..
    they did happen to mention, that they would come in posing as refugees to fight the great satan from within.. now were they kidding or were they serious.. letting illegals march over the border with welcomed arms.
    I personally think there was a reason why we had legal procedures in place for people coming in to the country..
    but then who am i.
    those in charge are way smarter that some old ding bat poor person in the middle of the wastelands of the usa..

    My views on the poison pawn trap…

    “Just like in chess – where you set up a “poison defense” China digging-in missiles has this look to thwart any Western response to its likely move on Taiwan in 2022. Secondary concern: Unlike aircraft carriers where a year (or five) can be spent “dialing in crews” and making sure everyone knows the “catapult dance” under all conditions including NBC, silos are a much more simple lock and load. Crews are likely already in training and missiles and MIRVs being prepped. Once we know they are under construction – ”

    What is it that no one is considering that has been openly happening.


    Could they have been under construction all along with us knowing it…

    for how many years have we been letting our forces be used as one of the pawns by a very few in power from outside the usa that’s calling the moves to cause havoc around the world by just a few individuals so that they can gain the things they covet.
    We have our many old world countries have we used so that raw resources and control could be given to a very few
    in the past few years what have those scorned been doing..
    asking for help against invading forces..
    I think theres possibility that the research and construction has been on going on all along.
    they do manufacture everything.

    How many countries have signed agreements asking for china and russias protection in recent years from invading forces sent to steal and destroy their countries..
    On top of that We asked them and are dependent on them to manufacture our way of life. We sent our jobs there destroyed the pride of a job well done by the laborers..then dumbed down our educational systems turning them into party resorts..
    Made higher education unreachable by the average citizen..

    I personally see us being set up for a poison pawn defense..we leave the homeland vulnerable chasing ghosts.
    Of course that’s just how I see it potentially being done from what I’ve read..

    • @Looking out of the box
      Your INSIGHT and my “economic footprint” could have made the earth save for many more billions.
      However, the DUDE chose NOT TO DO SO ;-).

      Not surprised you feel like:
      “Looking out of the box.”

      • I know… I sometimes wonder what the Dude has planned for us..
        I personally never could understand why people are so vicious towards each other.. And for what?

      • Sadly Choices.. My life was one economic hardship after another most of it medically related.. When I was young I would get frustrated always thinking I had more to offer, but without a sheet of paper to open the road going any distance was not written in the books.
        At one job if you could save the company ten grand or more per year you’d get lunch with the boss at the country club.. I went every month always curious why it wasn’t noticed..
        I Worked day and night to provide for the family an average work week was a hundred plus hours a vacation day was an 8-10 hour day.. But what’s really funny is I never felt like I was missing out until I got sick.. Then I realized what I had given up I had thought I would have time.. For that vacation or the many things that I had put on hold. In the journey the one persons needs that I forgot was my own. It was my Choice to give no complaints from me.. But for the kids scurrying after the number.. Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses.. Take time to tell those around you how much they mean to you.

  8. I have a random thought.. I was just checking my aed batteries.. and low and behold I need some replacements.. the batteries themselves are good.. when I called the recycle company.. they said the reason they say they need to be replaced.. is because of a count down chip.. the same with why we had to replace our television.. and I started to think.. there is a great deal of concern over the chip manufacturers in Taiwan etc.. what do we do..
    a few years ago there was some people that were hacking into security systems.. I myself was able to edit cloud and my friends telephones and home computer because of the way it works.. then thinking about several years ago.. all the camera’s in the usa were turned on.. and It got me thinking.. what about elon musks hive technology.. where all the tesla’s communicate with each other..
    and the fact that the USA found a flaw in guidance chips for our defense systems.. NOW WHAT IF… Our foreign chip manufacturers simply had a kill switch programed on all of our high tech machinery using a hive technology.. a code in one of the smart chips just like the aed batteries.. that when activated just simply turnes everything off.. I get why they put it in televisions and telephones etc.. the same reason why microsoft changes operating systems every few years.. to keep sales up.. and of course how would you know for sure..
    So what If.. all of a sudden everything shut off at one time..Not to sure but think it would be instant hell.. even our furnace has a smart chip control board..

  9. I know some folk don’t like Yahoo.

    After mandate comes law. Law needs monitoring.

    You’re going to be asked to prove your vaccination status. Here’s how to do it.

    Congratulations, you’ve been vaccinated against the coronavirus. Now you have to prove it, and your smartphone can help.

    “Let’s say you are planning to visit Hawaii – you’ll need to be vaccinated or show a negative coronavirus test if you want to avoid quarantine. You’ll need proof to work in the federal government, at tech firms such as Google, Facebook and Uber, and a growing list of other companies. And in New York and San Francisco, you’ll need it to go inside a bar, get a seat at some restaurants, or take in a show on Broadway.

    So, how do you do that without carrying your white card from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention everywhere you go?”

    • “You’re going to be asked to prove your vaccination status.”

      they gave us a card to put in our wallet..

      • Will this be the trigger for a huge backlash that will be the beginning of major civil disruption in our country? There are a lot of Refuseniks out there and I’m one along with a lot of “Regretniks” and more to come as the effects of the jab make themselves known.

      • Vaccination records are privileged medical records. Retail establishments which demand proof of a vaccination to obtain service appear to be extorting access to confidential medical records. Extortion is against the LAW.

      • Shit! That’s frickin Brilliant! Violation of HIPAA regs! Bingo!

        The HIPAA Privacy Rule establishes national standards to protect individuals’ medical records and other personal health information and applies to health plans, health care clearinghouses, and those health care providers that conduct certain health care transactions electronically. The Rule requires appropriate safeguards to protect the privacy of personal health information, and sets limits and conditions on the uses and disclosures that may be made of such information without patient authorization. The Rule also gives patients rights over their health information, including rights to examine and obtain a copy of their health records, and to request corrections.

        So no, under HIPAA (which hasn’t been suspended, they can go pronk ’emselves.

      • N ow it gets murky. the only thing you can do is (near as I can figure) is DECLINE TO ANSWER any questions.

        Under HIPAA there is a way for a health department to get your medical records without your consent already:

        \General Public Health Activities. The Privacy Rule permits covered entities to disclose protected health information, without authorization, to public health authorities who are legally authorized to receive such reports for the purpose of preventing or controlling disease, injury, or disability. This would include, for example, the reporting of a disease or injury; reporting vital events, such as births or deaths; and conducting public health surveillance, investigations, or interventions. See 45 CFR 164.512(b)(1)(i). Also, covered entities may, at the direction of a public health authority, disclose protected health information to a foreign government agency that is acting in collaboration with a public health authority. See 45 CFR 164.512(b)(1)(i). Covered entities who are also a public health authority may use, as well as disclose, protected health information for these public health purposes. See 45 CFR 164.512(b)(2).

        A “public health authority” is an agency or authority of the United States government, a State, a territory, a political subdivision of a State or territory, or Indian tribe that is responsible for public health matters as part of its official mandate, as well as a person or entity acting under a grant of authority from, or under a contract with, a public health agency. See 45 CFR 164.501. Examples of a public health authority include State and local health departments, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Generally, covered entities are required reasonably to limit the protected health information disclosed for public health purposes to the minimum amount necessary to accomplish the public health purpose. However, covered entities are not required to make a minimum necessary determination for public health disclosures that are made pursuant to an individual’s authorization, or for disclosures that are required by other law. See 45 CFR 164.502(b).

        For disclosures to a public health authority, covered entities may reasonably rely on a minimum necessary determination made by the public health authority in requesting the protected health information. See 45 CFR 164.514(d)(3)(iii)(A). For routine and recurring public health disclosures, covered entities may develop standard protocols, as part of their minimum necessary policies and procedures, that address the types and amount of protected health information that may be disclosed for such purposes. See 45 CFR 164.514(d)(3)(i).

        Other Public Health Activities. The Privacy Rule recognizes the important role that persons or entities other than public health authorities play in certain essential public health activities. Accordingly, the Rule permits covered entities to disclose protected health information, without authorization, to such persons or entities for the public health activities discussed below.

        Persons at risk of contracting or spreading a disease. A covered entity may disclose protected health information to a person who is at risk of contracting or spreading a disease or condition if other law authorizes the covered entity to notify such individuals as necessary to carry out public health interventions or investigations. For example, a covered health care provider may disclose protected health information as needed to notify a person that (s)he has been exposed to a communicable disease if the covered entity is legally authorized to do so to prevent or control the spread of the disease. See 45 CFR 164.512(b)(1)(iv).

        On the other hand, I am not aware of any LAW (remember, presidential executive orders are only “orders” impacting the executive branch of government) requiring any disclosures to anyone.

        Surely we have some lawyer readers – can anyone be compelled or barred based on what is private health information?

    • Yeah, no…

      Not gonna live in a “Ihre Papiere bitte?” world. If I wanted to go to Hawaii I’d put a spinnaker on a bathtub and make sure I kept my backside toward D.C.

  10. “The question, unanswered for now, is whether there is a “happily ever-after workout.” Or, are we just pushing back financial collapse and making it worse when it arrives due to compound interest on avoidance costs?”

    You know where my bet lies…

    • “The question, unanswered for now, is whether there is a “happily ever-after workout.”

      Good point Ray….. when Jimmy wanted to even up the taxes and get the USA on a pay as you go .. I think he was right on… we would have had the hard years.. we still did as the hourly wage earners.. but it would have worked out.. instead Congress threw all the middle class and poor under the bus with their millionaire relief act and with the Reagan trickle down and raping of the funds set aside for the hourly wage.. has just pushed the noodle across the table by dumping more water on it.. and with creative accounting we have, I think we have just been living on the credit card..
      Just like all those people that Congress has been pushing back the date of eviction.. the date is still set. they didn’t stick around to fix it.. recess was more important….The interest and penalties are still growing and as for those that were living on credit cards .. those fees are still growing there as well….Without a reference from a previous landlord with an eviction.. who will let you stay in their place or with a car if it is repossessed.. can you go back to a dealer and buy a new car.. I have been in the death spiral it sucks and takes a great deal to pull out of it.. instead we are just diving deeper in my opinion.. I had an employer that threw all of his employees under the bus.. was gambling with the money set aside for insurance.. then had a kid fall and impale himself on a branch.. the bill back when it was a lot of money almost a half million.. it was horrific.. I couldn’t buy a roll of toilet paper with any credit at all.. it destroyed me.. I was lucky and do have one banker that understood.. He will be retiring soon.. unfortunately.. so what will happen when the USA and the federal reserve looses their world status.. will we be another Zimbabwe ..

  11. ” Undiagnosed die-off, songbird – USA: (IN) widespread ”

    IIRC I mentioned this some weeks back, when the sick birdies began to show up in Pennsylvania.

    This is a much more comprehensive writeup. Dunno how kickass the Indiana DNR is, but Purdue is a giant in both the Ag-college and veterinary arenas, and folks at Ol’ Stinky, er, I mean PU, are probably more-attuned to things like this than any other school between UPENN and the Wabash River…

  12. “If we make the assumption that the number of people alive today will be dropping as much as 15-20%. this would create the largest Depression the world has ever seen.

    So, I don’t doubt that the 1.24 billion people die off is a possibility.”

    So, does this mean the Deagle population projections are back on the table…?

    • There’s your answer to surviving the coming depression, Ray. Build cemeteries. The Death industry will prosper and the market for innovative solutions will be a major growth industry.

      • That made me smile, as I heard Rodney Dangerfield’s voice from “Caddyshack” saying: “I tell ya, golf courses and cemeteries are the biggest wastes of prime real estate…”

        If I had a piece of land suitable for a graveyard, I’d probably plant it in fruit trees and veggies, instead.

      • Get the residents to chip in as fertilizer? My mom’s ashes here are in an urn with a nice view of the front yard. She liked this one tree in particular… gotta be a law against it, I’m sure.

      • We take care of a cemetery so fruit trees would be great if we can keep the irrigation system running. Big job there.

        Yessir, you want to be next to the fruits or the nuts? We do have a few rows of beans starting up soon if you’re more inclined to the veggies.

      • “There’s already enough vegetables in the world. I point to Facebook and Twitter as my closing argument.”

        frustrating isn’t it…. the real frustration is in the question asked. WHY… its all Math.. they are chasing a ghost number that in reality doesn’t mean a dam thing.. even if it gives one a sense of security.. they don’t leave with it..

  13. This one is making the rounds.

    Australia will Use Military to Enforce Sydney Covid Lockdown – Troops will Knock on Doors to Make Sure Residents are at Home

    Australia is sending troops to help local police enforce the new Covid lockdown in Sydney.

    Australia’s largest city went into a hard lockdown – again – last Saturday amid rising Covid cases.

    Sydney ordered a shutdown of all construction sites and non-essential retail.

    Nearly 1 million residents are banned from leaving their neighborhood for work because a man in his 80s died from/with Covid.

    • Fascinating. What are the troops supposed to do when nobody answers? Break down the door? If they find someone dead, sleeping or missing, will the secure the residence?

      The entire thing seems to be a rather stupid exercise, other than as a threat.

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