We Can All Relax Now – Server Move is Done

Took only 4 1/2 hours. 

Peoplenomics is on a new server, but till the DNS changes settle down, maybe 48 hours, there could be some net-induced janky.

Moved all the subscriber data, was a SQL-slinger, the data move was flawless with another hat tip to my pal Gaye  for having a faster (and less prone to disconnect) web connection!

Off to have a well-deserved glass of vino…  Buddy up in OK is now 13 days in hospital with CV but hanging in there.

Huge treatise of UrbanSuvival tomorrow on antennas, but for a “weekend/day off?”  Yeah…kicked it.

Kicked it hard.

3 thoughts on “We Can All Relax Now – Server Move is Done”

  1. Admiral of the Fleet,

    May thy tots overflow! Yours be no “Grapes of Wrath” sorry tale but rather an Eric the Red New World adventure whose arrows point to Kalkovnsvegur Street under shadow of the Bank of Iceland.

    Aye,there she be, SS Peoplenomics, anchored beside the Russian Phishing Fleet which styles one surmises as a bitcoin wolf in sheep’s clothing recalling Graf Spee on the River Plate, allegedly domiciled on the ancién pedestrian mall formerly known as October 25th Street leading to The Kremlin.

    Certainly whether plagued by Fagin’s Artful Dodger descendants, or opious(sic) purveyors of a spikey virus, let us muster with much clarity that predecessor to the eventual naval F bomb first made famous by the long bowmen at Agincourt: “Pluck Yew!” St. Crispin might surely agree.

  2. When I go the the home page Comments shows one for today’s report (8/2).

    But when I click into the report/comments there are 5 comments.

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