Gears, GDP, Filers and a Side of Quake

Our Discussion of Mental Plug-Ins is more useful, but since the quake is more likely to come up in watercooler talk, here’s the quake map from the 8.2 off Alaska overnight.  Screen snag shows this is far away from Anchorage and over a ridge of mountains from Bristol Bay.

Made headlines around the world, such as in Huge quake of magnitude 8.2 on Alaska peninsula triggers tsunami alert (  But so far, haven’t heard any reports of damage or terribly worried Hawaiians.  Next?

Gearing Exercise

While waiting for the GDP and first time U.I. claimant data, been pondering the do-nothing Fed decision of Wednesday.

As I mentioned to Peoplenomics subscribers, the latest Money Supply data released shows the annual rate of jack-up is 7.3-odd percent annualized.  Which means the Fed is “running a channel” now and waiting to see how their dreams of “recovery” pay off.

Problems abound, though.  Virus for one:  Coronavirus surge worsening in California as officials consider more drastic actions | National |  And worse for the Biden regime:  large portion of the people getting Delta were already fully vax’ed. Worse though?  The Biden junta has been dumping sick people into the gen-pop as outed in South Texas Police Department Issues Public Health Announcement After COVID-Stricken Migrants Seen ‘Coughing, Sneezing’ At Whataburger – CBS Dallas.

Which is driving reports like Health Ministry experts panel recommends 3rd COVID shot for older Israelis –

Like our own dire numbers (and cancelling visitors explained two weeks ago), others are heeding the firming disaster in data. Jim Cramer Freaks Over Delta Variant: Could Be 100 Million Sick in 9 Weeks (

We don’t disagree with that.  So that’s one part of the “market gearing.”  What happens if we get (as we expect) additional lockdowns?

And, have you seen the rising tensions in places like St. Louis? St. Louis County Council votes 5-2 to rescind mask mandate, throwing rule into limbo | Politics |  All this, while the Biden plan is to require all federal employees to get the jab.   Not going over well at the Post Office as we read Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate draws postal union backlash (

And firefighter son George II reported that his semi-rural fire district was pre-loading with more instant test kits for the weeks ahead:  “Not going to catch us short…”  We’re expecting N95 mask prices to firm, too.

I was going to check-out the story Meet the Dommes Who Are Demanding Their Submissives Get Vaxxed.  But I was, er, tied up…

All told, this is only “first gear.”

Second Gear:  GDP and Rates

Here’s some  gobbledygook from the Fed to run through your “Mush-headed Parsing Plug-in” between your ears:

” Last December, the Committee indicated that it would continue to increase its holdings of Treasury securities by at least $80 billion per month and of agency mortgage-backed securities by at least $40 billion per month until substantial further progress has been made toward its maximum employment and price stability goals.”

Output from my onboard BS-parser plug-in regurgitates back:

“We’ve dumped $120-billion a month in – and we won’t stop until max employment without too much inflation shows up.”

The discussion of mental plug-in’s in a moment.

First, though, two fresh data points:

GDP and U.I. Filings

GDP is a crooked number at its core.  Because it’s based on dollars and not on units of goods and food produced.  Since money is still being made up at the $120-billion a month rate, only a fool would expect GDP to be far off that pace.

And so, brothers and sisters of the Church of the Almighty Basis Point, let me hear you put your hands together as we read:

“Real gross domestic product (GDP) increased at an annual rate of 6.5 percent in the second quarter of 2021, reflecting the continued economic recovery, reopening of establishments, and continued government response related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dandy, huh?  Why, if we had – as a nation – any clue about making 3 – 5 nm chips, we coulda been a contender.  So sorry!  Guess who owns that wheelhouse?  MediaTek to launch its new 4nm chip by the end of this year – Gizmochina.

New U.I. Filings?

Picture this:

Good report!  Though we have noticed that when the news is good, politicians take the blame.  When bad, they are all MIA…but no change there, either.

Where Does that Leave America?

Let’s think this through:  If we can’t make chips, manufacture our own household goods, what’s left?

Industrialize racism!  Industrialize genderism.  Industrialize politics!  Industrialize Climate, too!  

Stories like FedEx shooter not motivated by racial bias or ideology: FBI – New York Daily News ( get us wondering how much “racism” is social and how much is real – though certainly some is.

But seriously?  Whitefish Bay residents and social justice group protest library’s removal of sign addressing systemic racism (  Like a sign going to change people’s feelings?  (I need to drink more…)  Meanwhile, Trump Official Demands Answers From Biden’s Education Department On Link To Pro-CRT group,

Still, marketing is marketing:  Rising share of US adults know someone who is transgender or goes by gender-neutral pronouns, study finds.

Then there’s the admission in the WSJ story January 6 and the ‘Insurrection’ Thesis:  If Jan. 6 was in “insurrection” where are the felonious insurrection charges?  Hint:  We’re not looking for any because this, too, is more “show not go.”  That post out back and pack of “last smokes” can likely be repurposed. Sheesh.

Short Takes

Before Thursday’s “Deeper Thinking” a few snips of other WWI – world-wide idiocy:

“Been doing any traveling, lately?”  Well…here’s the speedbump: Lawmakers press State Department for answers on passport delays that have scuttled summer travel plans.  Thing is, many folks will get their passports just in time to stay home with CV Delta.

Housekeeper?  Sometimes a word choice leaves us stunned.  As in How to Not Be a Jerk to Your Housekeeper (  Tell me: did they mean spouse, right?

Not a Casita or a Bigfoot, huh?  Tom Hanks’ custom Airstream movie trailer is up for sale and ready for a road trip.  You bet.  Just as soon as we can buy a chipless 15,000 HP hyper-diesel to drag it around for under $10K.

Linda of Houston Hat Tip:  McCormick Recalls Some Seasonings Due To Salmonella Concern.  Linda sent us the note and sure enough, we had the mid-size bottle.  BUT it was a best by of 2023, not 2024.  Thanks LB!

Ure’s Mental Plug-In’s

Yes:  I can see a “dashboard” in my head. 

Been there since the 1970’s but that’s when I first got the idea of being a “code compliant human.”  Very interesting more recent thoughts on this have also arisen from writing Packing to Die: Suitcase Between Your Ears.”

Figured it was time we talked about it.

For example, in the first couple of chapters of the book, we get into the whole “purpose of Life” question and how maybe it is a simulation or video game on some other dimension.

One thing’s for sure:  We ARE in the process of breaking one of the core prohibitions in many religions.  Making false images (via computers).  Did you see where This 20-person biotech firm just beat Elon Musk’s Neuralink in getting the OK to test brain chip implants in humans with paralysis?

Obviously, we are quickly moving in the direction of needing plug-in’s for the human brain.  Pre-emptively, we covered a little bit of this in PN Wednesday.  But, it could turn into a book-length article series.

Here’s Why:

The human brain may be viewed – by generalists like us – as being a series of templates from which (at least some of us) evolved as almost “walking computers.”

In order to optimize computers, we have lots of apps and we have tons of add-ins, extensions, and plug-ins.  People (some) are the same way.

As a personal growth tool, I find myself looking at “issues” laid out in the (crooked) press as being (mainly) two-bit attempts to “steal processor time” and to set me up for a robbery, or consumer purchase, or some other idiot’s behavior, later on.

Which is why I’m revealing how to go around with a set of plug-in’s pre-installed in your thinking.

Personal Plug-In’s?

These are compact bits of thinking – sometimes referred to by philosophers and (the odd non-Marxist) educators as “core values.”  They are not.  They are programming installed by a quality up-bringing.

Let’s explore why.   One of my core plug-in’s is a “Total Equality Plug-in.”  This means I wander around Life not loading up my processor time with useless racial, gender, national origin crap.  There’s data.  Most of (whatever else) is a monetization or something the “Political Bullshit Plug-in” missed.

As a result, when some hackneyed group comes along claiming to be special (BLM, gender marketers, or whoever) the Plug-in in Ure’s brain works like an ad blocker program.  Yes, my own series of  “pop-up blockers.”

This pop-up blocker is triggered by keywords.  Just like search ads.  When I see Black or White in a news headline, my personal plug-ins keep me from bothering with the story.  Everyone is equal.  Unfortunately, most people haven’t figured out how to live to that standard, so they are stuck in the mental Windows 3.1 stage of mental evolution.  Chronic pop-up readers and link-bait followers.

I walk around with plug-ins for sex (settings are: hetero, age appropriate).  Health (settings:  eat well but don’t get too fat, also see Dental and Eye care settings).  Equality (settings: total, apply to all races, genders, religions).

One I borrowed from my son?  The Excellence Drive plug-in.  Blocks non-excellent behavior.  Though he still hasn’t found the occasional hangover-blocker settings, so that may mean an update….

Plug-in’s Begin Young

Communists understood that.  It’s why they’ve been training us into being a “lay-down country” for 70-years.

Fortunately, I still have many plug-in’s from my youth.  One is called the “RTD plug-in.”  This is my (dad installed) mental pop-up for Rate/Time/ and Distance calculators.  Very useful when flying a light aircraft (on fumes into an unexpected headwind aloft).

Another mental pop-up is the Ure Family Concept Dictionary – which is more like an encyclopedia.  Everything from  H.P. Blavatsky to TinyML concepts pop up from that one.

As a result, with all of these mental pop-ups and TSR’s running, I get to roll through life happy, outgoing, and completely stunned that the whole field of psychology hasn’t been rewritten in order to take defective plug-in’s into more practical areas of treating psychological disorders.

Ure’s Daily Plug-in’s

There’s more to this. of course!  But I have to close for this morning:  I’m suffering from Plug-In overload.  Happens every morning 24/365 from 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM:

  • Personal Energy Plug-in:  This one just generated the “Stomach growling, feed me” pop-up.
  • Day Scalper/Time Amplifier: this one popped up the day’s schedule.
  • The Writer plug-in:  popped up a reminder to write a column for ShopTalk Sunday.  (Special Ham Radio edition!  Breakthrough antenna design Wednesday!)
  • Garbage Plug-in:  Just said “Wheel it to the street…”
  • Just as I cleared that one:  Another from the same plug-in popped up: “Rained last night, burn trash barrel today before 10 AM.”
  • The Yard Maintenance plug-in wants to know if Saturday morning weather still works this week for mowing since we had showers last night…
  • Light Crown and Speed Crown pop-ups tell me I have 30-minutes of light time due before noon…
  • Money Plug-in:  “You set for the open, Bozo?”

If this sounds like a totally insane way to live, it’s NOT.

It provides for exceptional personal operations. All you need to remember is how WordPress works (or Excel or browsers like Firefox that support third-party plug-in’s.  Then go back and be one of the genuinely “Old men of the web” who was moving wireless data round in 1982…  Select and install your own plug-in’s.

Ure is a TSR Collection…

You see, if there’s an analogy for Ure’s thinking, much can be gleaned from reading the Wiki entry on the old Borland product SideKick.  Which was one of the first TSR’s (terminate and stay resident programs) ever successfully taken to market.  Pop-ups galore!

Borland Sidekick was a personal information manager (PIM) launched by American software company Borland in 1984 under Philippe Kahn‘s leadership. It was an early and popular terminate and stay resident program (TSR) for MS-DOS which enabled computer users to activate the program using a hot key combination (by default: CtrlAlt) while working in other programs. Although a text-mode program, Sidekick’s window-based interface echoed that of the Apple Macintosh and anticipated the eventual look of Microsoft Windows 2.0. It included a personal calendar, text editor (with WordStar-like command interface), calculator, ASCII chart, address book, and phone dialer. According to the prospectus for Borland’s initial public offering of stock to the public, Sidekick sold more than 1 million copies in its first three years.”

I paid $100 recently for an old copy of SideKick which might end up on a “retro computer” setup.  After all, we did manage to get the world this far with Windows XP, old word processors, and SideKick.  Is what we have now really “progress?”

Couple of closing points here:

There is a class of humans – many of us in our 60’s and 70’s now – who were the first generation of “software compliant humans.”  My buddy Gaye Levy is another and pretty sure readers Ray, Hank, WTHS, and others around here are, too…  Which means we look at the data, check our plug-in’s (on our personal Dashboards), and move along to make shit happen for the greater good.

Second point is:  A fully self-actualizing human can and should update their personal onboard plug-in’s via education and self-study. But you can’t “farm out” the process; not to a peer group, not to media, and by-God not to monetizers or prosthelytizer’s of any stripe.

This Personal Plug-in Management Program (PPiMP) involves work.  Most useless eaters today don’t have any interest in actual hard mental work.  They sit back, get programmed by others, and in the end live (in my view) pretty shitty, uninspected, and hollow lives.

Which gets to the morning cup of coffee day planner part:  “What is it that you plan to do today (or this week) to update your own personal computer – the one with the wet-drive between the ears?”

Oh-oh…the personal plug-in for To-Do’s just gave me a second warning ding.

Even a non-programmer can look at pop-ups and add-in’s and plug-in’s and see the benefits.  A dashboard of Life.  All that’s required is a one-time firm (like irrevocable) decision to take over managing the plug-in’s between the ears.

If you find any that aren’t serving you, just disable them.  Take them off your personal dashboard.  Add To-Do items if you need to increase value.

And move on.

Write when you get rich,

43 thoughts on “Gears, GDP, Filers and a Side of Quake”

  1. George I can’t believe you would put a link to anything that idiot Jim Cramer said but hey it’s your site.

    As far as Covid goes did you see the news out of Israel regarding natural immunity?

    I believe this is how we get to herd immunity not with a mRNA experimental shot that is not tested.

    I also believe that the Delta Variant will peak very soon and head back down just like it did in India and the UK. Viruses mutate and usually get less deadly when they do. This seems to be the case with Covid.

    • Ah, wait until we get more terrible symptoms based on the toxic and deadly vaccines. It’s hard to see this deception ending anytime soon or ending in anything beyond disaster. As probably intended, there will be two camps of people, probably about 50/50 here in America. There will be the ‘unvaxxed’, most of whom like myself, realized the con of the entire covid thing, and then a group of ‘unvaxxed’ like some on this forum, who bought the con but were smart enough to realize the vaccine was toxic.

      Then there is the approx 50% of vaxxed people who will be getting very sick, but they will blame their symptoms on new ‘variants’ of the virus without realizing their severe symptoms are a product of a toxic vaccine. You see, the vaxx and it’s many side effects plays to perfect cover for the ‘variants’ theme – WHICH is then used to justify more versions of the deadly vaxx.

      It’s a terrible loop of deception and pain for America and the human race. I suppose my only answer is to put a ‘personal plug’ in to meditate, exercise, and enjoy life even if chaos swirls around me!

    • Scott,
      What’s wrong with Jim Cramer? Do you have data that proves he is an idiot? He is right most of the time…When he speaks, I often listen…and…I have well into “in the black” portfolio To prove it.

      You said you “believe” this is how we get herd immunity. Do you have data to support that as well? How do you know the Delta Variant will peak very soon? Where are the references for that comment? You also reference a blog from a sketchy source who identifies as “Constitutional nobody” …the article skirts the fact that vaccinated people put themselves in riskier situations with crowds, social situations etc, because the feel they are now totally immune to the variant…which is not totally the case. They can still get COVID, although the symptoms are usually mild. Those that have had COVID and Take more precautions. Some of those that had COVID were already immuno-suppressed and follow the rules of mask wearing and social distancing.

      And, you do know that another variant…”Alpha” in Great Britain preceded the Delta variant…and the Delta variant is 60% more contagious than Alpha and more than twice as contagious as the original coronavirus. So, again you speak out of ignorance when you say viruses mutate and usually less deadly when they do.

      In fact your entire post is nothing but BS and conjecture based on the type of crap you find on most conservative broadcasts today. What happened to conservatives these days? Seems they are trying to mislead and possibly eliminate their own. Who knows?

    • “herd immunity not with a mRNA experimental shot that is not tested.”

      Let’s entertain COVID-19 as being a real, real threat to the Struggle (of Humanity).

      A reasonable person would say the current COVID “vaccines” clearly failed and are possibly doing the exact opposite of what we were led to believe they would do. A responsible person would stop the vaccines…. Yet, authority still endorses, encourages and soon to mandate vaccines as global citizens are being queued for a third round.

      I’m going out on the limb and will say the people are being somehow modified with an injection every three to six months.

      Maybe reptilians/shapeshifters are real and harvesting the people.

  2. George,
    You’re in Acronym City this AM.
    I was taught that a Cathode Ray Tube was a CRT, a Resistance Temperature Detector was an RTD, like a Traveling Wave Amplifier Tube was a TW*T (four letters, maybe it was reduced to three to meet the standard, was that the real reason?).
    Any “Earthquake Tireds” last nite?
    Have a nice day…

    • Worst floods in 1000 years in China – 8.2 quake in Alaska one of the 10 worst – the HAARP weather wars have started….

      • Dave… I actually preferred it the other way.. traveling wave amplifier tube the shop.. some guy busy at work yells out quick grab me a couple of …..

  3. Delta: big nothing.

    More contagious, but less deadly.

    UK cases have peaked. Deaths barely registered a blip.

    You, of all people, should see through the Delta scare to the business model. They simply are not selling enough shots.

    Thus the push to stick the kids and require the vax as a condition of employment. Next up: the recommended boosters and variant designed “updates.” Sell sell sell.

  4. “Coronavirus surge” “Biden junta”

    Almost as if it’s an inside “jab”. Meanwhile, Team-Vax grows. The other day CNN told us that Thursday, today, Biden would be announcing mandated jabs for all fed workers. Let’s see if the mandate comes to pass.

    “Let’s think this through: If we can’t make chips, manufacture our own household goods, what’s left?”

    We’re a gutted fish stink’in up the beach. At this point you (the Chinese) start filling the empty containers with peat. Ship all American peat bogs back the homeland.

  5. We had the family meeting where we got everyone together and listened to Cliff talk.

    Wife and I hit pause and interjected some commentary explanation from time to time for a fuller understanding and brief discussion around the room. Not something ya wanna rush through, ya know?

    Knowledge is powerful and knowing beforehand can dispel the fear when SHTF. Instead, you expect it and aren’t surprised by it. Removes the shock factor.

    We saw what appeared to be (probably) vaccine induced behavior while on vacation, which lined up with what Cliff mentioned. Little scary. – Daughter brought up the fact that some teachers are vaccinated and that sometimes the classrooms become tense and teachers get stress, even before vaccinations…. But it could get worse now that many teachers are ARMED and the students don’t know which teachers are. She’s afraid of a vaccinated armed teacher having a dangerous meltdown. With that, the decision to continue home-schooling was resoundingly agreed to.

    Wife attended the school board meeting a few days ago, just to listen and maybe enroll the kids back in … 6 out of 7 on the board say if masks are mandated, they will follow through with it … but vaccinated children will NOT be required to wear masks, nor will they be quarantined. Unvaccinated children who (show signs) of covid WILL be quarantined. And CRT will be taught. – only the 7th. on the board spoke up saying masks should be at a parent’s discretion, not the school and said he felt CRT was racist of itself. All the parents agreed with that dude.

    The Superintendent said he and his daughter ARE vaccinated, because she’s on the volley ball team and she deserves to play. “Because that’s the kind of parent I am” he announced proudly. – I guess Volley Ball is Life, for some people. And if he throws his kid into a potentially dangerous experiment just for that reason, we don’t want him near our kids … because that’s the kind of parents we are.

    So … that’s life out here in Hicks’ ville. Damn!!

    Have a great day everybody.

  6. G-Dude

    The weather is here, wish you were beautiful !
    nyuck yuck yuck.
    Drought has broke in central america/Belize – as huge boom-booms rolled thru last night.
    Rain flies(winged termites) started hatching/swarming bout 1.5 hrs into 1st rain bands.
    I had just lit my first cuban gar (hoyo del monterrey), sipping on some 3 Barrel rum, a nice warm buzz from a lil taste of some ganj.Man its good to be back in the tropics..not any hotter/stickier than Pennslytucky in

    Getting here was no big problem, have to wear mouth diaper onboard airplane, but Nobody said squata bout mask not covering my beautiful nose. Just showed copy of Negative test Result, had photoshoped vax card in reserve (planB).
    It is a personal choice whether YOU allow Ureself to be TYRANNIZED by briandead automatons – 11k dead from jabroni ? as I watch Govt official types waling around with the blue paper cloth masks – never bothered to READ the box in which the maskes came in !? says right on there “these masks dont do dyck!”

    Real estate note – 1st time back to our house in a over a year and the beachlots are all gone/SOLD/under contract. Covid lockdowns -work from home Taught working professionals (40yr-50yr olds) they could work from anywhere – I thought my home/neighborhood back in Pennsyltucky was hot (#1 rated STEM School in State), but this scene is pretty toasty all considered.

    ? If you owned beachfront property on the central american caribbean coast and pallet full of plastic covered 1 kilo packages washed ashore on Ure beach – what do U do ? Call the popo ? and turn it in – gaining NOTHING in the transaction, or contact local retired LE/Military to come PU and cut U slice of the “salvage” operation ? What would U do, keep for Ure selve and recreate the movie scene from Scarface/Tony Montanna “say Hello to my little friend”
    A new theme room for Che Ure – just put on Ure “sailin shoes” before entering…yeah that cocain tree looks mighty fine from here..

  7. Have to get those darts checked. Panama? Hits in Alasaka. Huh.

    Ya know George, speaking of darts. I was playing darts with the Bunny my ex a couple days ago and she was kicking my ass. So I took off my shirt. She miss the board completely and said that was cheating. I won. I never talked no shit. I didnt lie. I just said it was hot in here and took off my shirt. It was Hot. Haha.

    Sorry about the wrong locality. Things such as Earthquakes are tricky in Advance. I’m back to working hard. I tried all that other nonsense. It was fun. I been working physically hard since I was a 12. Ya know 2 hours in the gym ain’t shit compared to running 3 flights of stairs for 14 hours with a half hour brake with 50 lb boxes and 500 lb furniture. Lol. It’s humble but honest work. People keep telling me. The man! You are a beast! And I keep telling them. I don’t know about that. I’m just a sinner saved by grace. Really. The Creator. That DUDE is amazing. I’m just andy.

    I will be sure to take off my shirt when predicting earthquake localities gpi g forward. You ever been tackled by a former playboy centerfold while heading for the door after winning at darts? It’s a wonderful thing. I would like something a little less rock and roll and a little more country to be honest.
    A little more down to earth. Less super model ish. So if ya talk to the Powers that be? Let them know. If your going to try to seduce me to the dark side. Stop using my ex girlfriends. I want something new and older than 29. FFS! I’m 50. Be 51 in 3 weeks. Although I don’t look a day over 35.

    Flash crash happen in the markets happen yet?

    Woke up to Bob Marley 3 little birds song playing in my head in a place of perfect serenity. So, I don’t feel much inclined to surf the news. Someone told me about the EQ.

    I don’t know what’s the deal with Colorado but holy cow. 327 references in less than 3 weeks. Jeesh. Okay okay. Okay got it. Colorado! What about it DUDE? Nag!


  8. Phew heres a good one…
    The kids got back from vacation.. to one of the cities who’s police department has been neutered by BLM and Antifa and their crime rates have been on the rise because of it.. ….
    they were a nervous wreck.. so glad to be back to sanity.. anyway they went to one of our nation’s wally world’s and the big story was because of the increasing violent crimes the park has had to build and man… SNIPER TOWERS with SWAT marksmen in Towers all around and outside the park to protect the customers from being mugged and or killed…
    LOL of course it didn’t help that I was Razzing them about their choice of vacation spots before hand.. then on top of it, it didn’t help that the city they were at had a lot of gangland and heavy crime every where they went along with the inn having armed security there as well LOL LOL LOL LOL makes me want to go vacationing. I don’t know what I would do if I went into a store and seen someone had taken a dump on the floor LOL LOL….
    without law enforcement in the highest crime areas.. here is two great lets take a vacation to high crime area movies LOL LOL

  9. G. when i was a boy in the 60;s I read a army manual on antenna design., in it was under ground arrays, some spiral . hidden from prying eyes.. any thoughts on them. Thanks

    • All antennas are a compromised – the lower and more prox to ground the worse, in general.
      Take a look at the Sunday antenna article – will be interesting read if you like geekly stuff.

      • I have tried many ‘receive only’ antennas like loops and the E-field patch sensor antennas… all subject to static and noise. The very BEST receive loop antenna (no amplifier needed) is the “Loop On Ground”. About 15ft square with a ferrite transformer to the coax feed. The loop lays on the ground, maybe buried in the grass, and had no static noise and was the most sensitive of the three types of antennas I tried. Not usable for transmit, but it is hands down the best receive only antenna in the ham radio arsenal.

  10. Dang it George I just realized in my initial post I wrote “your site”. I can’t believe I missed a chance to say Ure site.

    I give myself one demerit.

  11. “Last December, the Committee indicated that it would continue to increase its holdings of Treasury securities by at least $80 billion per month and of agency mortgage-backed securities by at least $40 billion per month”

    So, ISTM this is a left-handed way for the American Banking Industry (um, that’d be the people who actually own the FED) to acquire a mortgage interest in virtually every mortgaged property in the U.S. and its territories…

  12. “But seriously? Whitefish Bay residents and social justice group protest library’s removal of sign addressing systemic racism (”

    So, what’s a communist-affiliated group from Wisconsin doing, raising hell over by Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan…? AFAIK the only “systemic racism” anywhere near Whitefish Bay is by Mother Nature, who periodically drops temps to -40 and throws snow parties of 3-6 feet, several times a year. This totally discriminates against the racial groups known as “snowflakes” and “spoiled brats…”

  13. Anyone interested in buying machines, might care to check on line for what auctions have available. There’s quite a list with just about everything from metal fabrication machines to HVAC equipment and more. Gee, wonder why auctions are so busy with such items …. Hmmmm ?

  14. Yeah, the Tsunami WATCH kept us up for an hour and a half awaiting ‘more date’ from the buoys. We knew the arrival time IF there was a wave, but the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center here kept us hanging until three hours before arrival time… which is the state-requested deadline for shoreline evacuations. WATCH was cancelled… no wave… this time we got lucky.

    You triggered the flashback pop-up here. Borland’s SIDEKICK was one of the best, most used “APPS” of my early computer days… before bloatware became dominant.

    • So you didn’t take the long board down to Hilo, I take it?

      You – among the many ham radio practioners around here – will LOVE the Evolution 3 antenna coming on ShopTalk Sunday.

      Just to tantalize you: A “normal” dipole (68 feet, 60 feet up, flatop, 3.6 MHz) has gain about 4.65 dBRef (over dBi reset to dBd using 2.15 db factor). The Evolution 3 screams along with 9.33 dB. I will email article to you in a moment (and Wm /RR) for comment in advance.

    • It doesn’t suprise me at all and seriously it is pretty easy … Right now they can only tell you where ten percent of the illegals that have been allowed to enter the country are to after they were sent to other areas.. somehow just forgot to let anyone know where they settled down at….

  15. George thanks for the tip of the hat today. You were right on about this Texan when you said……”Which means we look at the data, check our plug-in’s (on our personal Dashboards), and move along to make shit happen for the greater good.” Excellent articles and very observant.

    Wish I could share some of the things I have experienced over the years, it would blow you away. Like Maj13 said, (paraphrasing) ‘this reality is not what you think it is.’ Articles like today and Packing to Die are great. You were in the Tao today…must have been good Scotch last night or new brand of coffee. Cheers.

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