Slowing Down Aging – Mental Tricks

Another chapter in the next book “Packing to Die:  The Suitcase between your Ears…” Today, we will look for those easy to use tools that can not only keep you “thinking young” but – special bonus here – if you ever have to do time in solitary confinement – you can actually look forward to it.

Yeah – interesting ground for a book on prepping to die – but we do look at things a bit unusually around here.

After, that is, we get through the mid week headlines, and what is that oh-so-silly stock market doing to our ChartPack, now?

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34 thoughts on “Slowing Down Aging – Mental Tricks”

  1. “There’d be no do-overs from a very bad landing.”

    What a great line. Many drivers on the highways today need this one emblazoned on their windshields.

  2. Anti Aging?

    Stop acknowledging your Birthday. I haven’t celebrated my birth day since I was 30. Moving toward frailty and becoming senile doesn’t seem like something to be all cheerful about. In my mind, I’m still 30.

    They say not to stop doing the things you did at the beginning of a loving relationship, and it will last. Well, don’t stop doing the things you did when you were young and, you’ll always be able to do it. Have fun, live and be consistent.

    Don’t stop moving. Slow down and ya plug up and that’s not good. Stay active.

    Do stupid sh*t and make people laugh. And learn to laugh at yourself. Good times and funny memories are the best!

    You can be the old person who yells at kids to get out of your yard, or you can build them a tree swing and get in line with them to take turns on it. Your choice.

    Don’t put away the music you danced to … turn it on … and dance. Best of you have a partner.

    Remember, life is a gift. Everyday. Appreciate it for all its worth. (If not, make it worth it) because things could be worse and, life can change in a heartbeat. LIVE !!

    Smile :)

    • Yessir! Think of all those old H-Wood geezers. They smoked like chimneys, drank like fish, partied all night, almost every night, and many of them lived well into their 80s, some into the 90s and 100s, and some are still on this side of the turf. They never acted their age, enjoyed life and laughing, and danced, danced, danced.

      Some old time actors and crooners (some still kicking):
      – Bob Hope, 100
      – George Burns, 100
      – Olivia de Havilland, 104
      – Kirk Douglas, 103
      – Mel Brooks (still living), 95
      – John Gielgud, 96
      – Bettie White, (still living) 99
      – Fred Astaire, 88
      – Frank Sinatra, 82
      – Joey Bishop, 89
      – Jerry Lewis, 91
      – Groucho Marx, 86
      – Eva Marie Saint, (still living) 96
      – Normal Lear, (still living) 99
      – Dick Van Dyke, (still living) 95
      – Tony Bennett, (still living) 94
      – Sidney Poitier, (still living) 94
      – Harry Belafonte, (still living) 94

      and many, many more!!

      • the more money you have the longer they will make sure you live.. LOL LOL
        If you have cancer and have money.. boy all the guns come out.. if you work at an hourly wage.. we are so sorry to tell you.. but we will do our best if you have insurance.. if you don’t have insurance then you are given the same message that a young woman I know got.. she went in to the hospital ER.. ( they have to diagnose you) and the doctors ran a few tests came back and told her.. we have good news.. it is cancer but one that is 99 percent treatable with chemo and radiation.. when do we start… as soon as you can drop off fifty thousand dollars starting costs.. ( luckily her sister was able to remortgage her home and she got the treatments) ( I worked for that hospital) with the swine flue.. ( the young single mom that I helped her children.. the same little boy that came to my rescue last year with my collapsed sewer pipe) she went in.. was a single mom and no insurance.. they just sent her home…because she wasn’t in a life threatening position..
        a woman I worked with caught what the refugee had and was in critical care.. we went and took turns taking care of her making sure she had good healthcare on our own time..
        the care you get depends on how much money you have..

      • when I was just learning how to walk again after being sick.. the neighbor lady had a severe disease.. we would watch each other.. the treatment was over a quarter mil.. ( less than ten grand in canada) and the insurance refused to pay for it.. her husband was working at a bank and couldn’t have any debts..
        One day I thought she was having a good day and didn’t check on her because she was tired.. and she decided to check out to save the struggle for her husband and kids…. I still kick my butt for not checking on her..

      • We don’t pay bill number one until insurances are paid… and that is just for the wife.. I am afraid to see what my cost would be for insurance on the open market..

    • In remote outback . Thought would check in and see what George and crew doing . All good. This post this advice is brilliance. Cheers to all

    • Einstein said that time is relative. So I picked an age (50) and decided to age backwards from there. I’m quite young now!

  3. “…there are a number of ways to hyper-extend the life you have.”
    One of the best ways is to stay away from doctors!
    They can kill you faster than almost anything else (words from experience).

  4. If you focus on the number, then you have to live up to it.
    When people ask how old I am, I say, “I don’t know – google it”.
    However, I do celebrate birthdays – it’s part of a twice a year reset date – the other being New Year’s.
    Always enjoy your stuff.

    • I like to look at my birthday as my New Year’s Day, seems a bit more meaningful… :) The other one is just a day on the calendar.

  5. How old am I? Twenty-five (25) and holding. And I’ve been holding at this age for a really looong time. My take on it: where the mind goes, the body follows.

    Re China etc. – two articles of interest that don’t exactly give me the warm fuzzies, I don’t know if anyone’s posted them already, but here they are:, and

  6. G,
    Practice the same mental exercise as PB, I get a 1 year younger on my birthday – so I just celebrated my 49th this July20th. Obviously 1962 was an exceptional year, just extraordinary, in that that is the year The Bitcoin Nazi was born !

    Should be a national dam holiday – Bitcoin Day – where we celebrate our FREEDOM – the throwing off of the Yoke of humanoids/central banker “creatures”. Everything else – fraud – ?since when is FIAT “honest money”?

    Having practiced what I ALWAYZ preach – Buy The DIP! subtracting $30k from $40k -todays price- public school math sayz thats a 33% gain – Come to Papppa- also agree the keep moving philosophy, death will never catch up as long as you keep “moving”.

  7. Chip Wars?

    The SMALLEST size the US chip manufacturers can currently produce is a 12 nm size chip, and only a few of those can be made. Most US production capacity is for chips that are two generations BEHIND even 12 nm size chips.

    Intel is HOPING to have a 7 nm size chip plant operational in 2024, but it may slide to 2025, but that is already two generations behind the current 5 nm size ships that are coming out of Taiwan and South Korea en mass, with 3 nm size chips to start coming out of both places next year. By the time Intel’s plant comes on line in 2024/2025 a 7 nm chip will be a full 3 generations BEHIND the state of the art.

    This may sound like a lot of mumbo jumbo stuff to people who don’t follow manufacturing … but Ford’s 30,000 or so built but unable to be driven F-150 sitting at the fairgrounds in Louiville KY should be a wake up call that chips are now as critical for American manufacturing as steel, aluminum, and electricity are.

    From the article: “…TSMC and Samsung are at 5nm high-volume manufacturing, with 83% and 17% respective market shares in the last year…”. NOTE, the US doesn’t even have a 1/2 of 1% market share for those soon to be outdated 5 nm chips!! NOPE. Nothing.

    “… US share of semi manufacturing shrunk from 37% in 1990 to just 12% today…” and that is for OLD TECHNOLOGY chips, nothing new and modern in the US’s chip manufacturing line up.

    Shoot the US doesn’t even make the equipment that makes the chips anymore!!

    “IF” China would move on Taiwan look for most of US high tech manufacturing to have to shut down product shipments within a few weeks, YEP even defense contractors. While the chips that go into the actual Defense products may be US sourced, the chips that run the factories that produce those products come mostly from Taiwan and South Korea, with some actually coming from China!!

    It is a disaster in the making for the US if China moves on Taiwan. With Taiwan’s chip production no longer available to the US, even if we can continue to get some from South Korea (iffy if China imposes an Air Blockaid on South Korea), the US economy would go into a massive tail spin.

    • Thinking about that Intel plant.

      Intel plans to spend “$20 billion on two new chip plants in Arizona”.

      My understanding is chips need water. AZ can turnout to be the boondoggle place to build. The AZ water table is being depleted and the ‘roof’ is collapsing.

      Giant Cracks Are Gradually Fissuring the Desert in Arizona (Videos)

      Water is fundamental to the manufacture of semiconductors. Over a series of steps, semiconductors are built in layers on silicon wafers into integrated circuits (also called microchips). … A great deal of this water is Ultra Pure Water (UPW), water that is thousands of times purer than drinking water.

      – Jul 11, 2013

    • That’s not to say water is scare. The other day I mentioned the
      Dubai experiment. Video goodness and explanation in link:

      IMHO what America needs are large-scale retention ponds. Relocate the Ohio Valley folk and flood fill it up with fresh, cool rain water.

      The others are waking and we must harvest the sky water before the others do.

      Creating Super Storms… Dubai Makes It Own Fake Enhanced Rain To Beat Extreme 122F Heat! (Controlling Climate)

    • If China represents a real threat to the world(and especially us) when/if they move on Taiwan and are about to take it, the only logical move would be for us to destroy all fabs and foundries in Taiwan with prejudice!

      I don’t like that idea, but it would help maintain the balance of power.

  8. “This little secret, though, should never be overlooked because it’s why many people (with skills like sound, speech, and concert-level playback using just their minds) can tolerate almost unlimited isolation from other people.  “

    I learned in High School that I had an eidetic memory… if I practiced and used it. And THAT is exactly why I don’t mind being ‘socially isolated’ out in the country away from pandemic-spreaders. And it never ceases to amaze me how stupid people are just because they have to gather in crowds and parties.

    “When we DIE the Walkman isn’t going to work in the grave.”
    I am reminded of an old joke about the miser who was determined to take his wealth with him. In his will he directed his wife to bury all his wealth with him. So she dutifully wrote a check for the full amount and buried it with him!.

  9. I quit celebrating birthdays some time ago. Now I celebrate anniversaries. In 3 weeks I’ll celebrate the 41st anniversary of my 39th birthday.

    Still cutting, splitting and stacking firewood, just doing it a lot slower now.

  10. “In fact, as I read the report today claiming L.G.B.T.Q. Elected Officials in U.S. Number Nearly 1,000, Rising Fast – DNyuz something clicked for me.”

    Pompous neopolitical organizations turn themselves into acronyms and abbreviations (or give themselves hyphenated names.) There is a school of marketing thought which believes the bigger the hyphenated words, or the more letters an acronym or abbreviation has, the more-important the group it represents.

    –Doesn’t much matter. As best archaeologists have been able to determine, the LGBTQABCXYZ and whatever else “population” has numbered a m/l static 6% of human population (± about 0.2%) for the last 7000 years of homo-sap’s existence on this rock (Gallup did an extensive poll/report on this a few years back. They found the U.S. LGBTQ percentage to be 4.2%. I believe the scientists, and that Gallup’s numbers are light…) There are roughly 500,000 elected officials in the U.S., so if fewer than about 30,000 are some shade or other of homosexual, they are significantly under-represented. I suspect they are there, but many pols are simply still in the closet.

    BTW, there’s ~500,000 Transvestite/Transsexual/Transitioning people but 3.5mln pedophiles in the United States. Most of the pedos are unknown and all are adult by qualifying definition. As much effort as is being put into acceptance and social normalization of the Trans “voting bloc,” how much longer do y’all think it will be before the All Out Crazy (AOC) wing of the Democratic Party requires acceptance of the NAMBLA crowd? After all, the pedos already have their acronym in place…

    • Ray- 3.5 million unknown pedo’s??? That sounds like congressional funding hearing paranoia talk. It reminds me of made-up drug use and supply statistics which were used to justify the original war on ‘merica. With states throwing in the towel on locking up kids (or at least the ones who can’t afford a made-
      man lawyer-gang counsel) for aggravated reefer madness, we will need a new group to prop up the incarceration industry.

      • I didn’t say 3.5mln unknowns…

        The traceline of the analysis I made, to make the above post, drawing logical inferences from data predominantly available at and

        Statistically, roughly 1% of any random population has immutable paedophilic tendencies. There are about 1.1mln known pedos in the United States — ergo, (also statistically), there must be ~3.5mln in total, and 2.4mln must (so far) be flying under the radar. Except for forcible rape and deviate conduct, most States don’t recognize sex crimes committed by children, against children, as either sexual, or crimes. Therefore, my contention that virtually the entire 3.5mln must be adult (and voting age…)

  11. “Just like terrorism was blamed for the wreckage of the Internet bubble in 2001-2003. It covered up $7-trillion in losses then and we figure even larger losses over time due to CV-19”

    …Which still pisses me off, almost as much as Greenspan’s tightrope walk through the ’00-’02 time period. The tech crash happened in March of 2000. GW Bush took over in the midst of a monumental recession and were it not for 9/11 we would have had the 75-90% correction we should have had, at that time, and we’d be either dust by now, or surfing the giant pipe of a new 40-year prosperity run by now. The Establishment got to blame the Tech-Wreck on 9/11 (when it was 9/11 which postponed the inevitable) and the stupid, zero-memory-span proles both swallowed the historical revisionism, and never noticed the trillions go poof…

  12. “Shortcut the Weather: When you want to look up the weather…enter it as a Zip Code…

    As an alternative? Use airport codes. KTIW, KSEA, KEAT, and KPSN which will get me in the ballpark.”

    I always use airport codes (which is why I referred to Fort Wayne Indiana the other day as FWA {It’s Baer Field, an historically-important SAC installation, and KFWA on yer maps}). When I don’t know an airport code (which is often) I look it up. Airport weather is often a better reflection of local conditions than the heat-pooled readings from some concrete jungle.

    “Use a Foreign Language: People – says the data – often have a “senior language learning window.”

    I’m getting set-up right now, this week, to immersion-learn Chinese, then Russian, and eventually others.

    “It’s just that a digital audio player is a lot more convenient than using the brain.”

    It IS, but then, I’m currently listening to the 4th Movement of Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade (Opus 35), the Deutsche Grammophon recording of the Vienna Philharmonic, from memory. I could also listen to the Bernstein / NY Philharmonic version on Columbia or the Ormandy / Philadelphia version (also on Columbia) because I’ve heard them, and can differentiate the conductor’s style and the emphasis each puts on certain passages. I _might_ miss something during mental playback, but I can run a piece like NR-K Op.35/4 in my head, start to finish, almost as fast as I can locate & cue it up on a player or my MP3 server (which is usually offline, anyway…)

    One thing I’ve noticed as I’ve “aged” is that my psyche “aged” to where it was somewhere between an apparent age of 25 and 30, then stopped. The knowledge acquisition and assimilation, the common sense and ability to think logically and rationally, the ability to reason and process thoughts, those keep coming. The voice in the head and the inquisitive/enquiring part of the brain still sounds the same to me as it did 40 years ago, whether I’m speaking out loud or merely mentally…

  13. “the idea of losing a contact on short final”

    George, we have two eyes – even you do. Yes, flying and landing with a non-functional eye is not only possible, but many people can do it – especially those with non-fusion or relative non-fusion. Depth perception is quite possible with one eye, and depth perception in a night landing is mostly missing anyway. Flying the plane is what matters. Have you ever tried driving with just one eye? Is it difficult? IMHO, it really doesn’t matter. Of course, flying is three dimensional and that really matters, so landings with just one eye are far more challenging, yet quite do-able. Probably best practiced with a safety pilot on board.

    On a slightly different topic, your greatest enemy to living without regard to age is the DMV and all of the bureaucracy that manages your life based on your DOB! It’s nearly impossible to avoid, and even doing an initial solo skydive after age 70 is problematic since most schools(not all) require medical clearance for seniors. Even the medical system is against you, wanting to keep you on all kinds of drugs prescribed by THEM, not titrated by you and for you. Only you live in your body 24/7, and only you know how you feel in detail. IMHO, the medical system needs to drop the term “patient” and use the word “client”. It represents a much more helpful balance of power.

    I do believe that ageism is much worse than racism and sexism and is largely ignored by society since it’s such a major part of the social structure. Those that are lucky enough to remain incarnate at an advanced age will all have to deal with this aspect of discrimination. Remaining apart from society helps, but doesn’t entirely insulate one from this prejudice.

      • Fair enough! I suppose you’ll have to wait for affordable Cat 4 equipment for small planes. At least you tried, and I’ll bet Elaine could land a predictable aircraft in a pinch.

        We all appreciate Ure shared experiences!

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