Markets Muddle; Courting Stupidity

Markets – for now – are not particularly interesting to us. Future’s down 100 :45 before the open.

While we dropped below our “line in the sand” of a critical trend channel, the odds are pretty good we will have a decent entry point (for whichever direction) later on.

Part of the reason is the “Holiday Effect.”  You see, before a major holiday, people tend to get into a pretty good mood.  In fact, per the Triple A story of last week, there will be 47-million people on the road next week.  Which alone is enough to make people happy.

The people who sell gasoline will be happy.  Lots of product.  The people who make food at the Qwiky-Marts and Subways will be busy.  The Truck Stops are sure to Loves the week.  The Berkshire Hathaway shareholders will smile at Pilot sales, too.  Mickey D’s?  Flipping out…yessir, everyone will be charging away and sales should be brisk.  Come to think of it, we need more holidays!  Good for the economy…

But what about FUNDAMENTALS?

A lot of people don’t understand why the Trump administration is going after unequal trade deals.  But, especially with regard to the major players, directional tariffs is how the Globalist Billionaire’s Club (GBC) keeps on top.

We see their fortunes rise – the Rich.  Sure, some of it gets funneled back into lobbying and contributions.  This ensures the sellouts in Congress (especially the herd retiring) will make a fortune (*generally exempt from insider trading regulation) while the rest of us – if we’re lucky – get the hindmost portion…well, you know.

As we will lay out in Peoplenomics Saturday, we’re now in An American Webolution.  Social media – bots and loud-mouthed persuasion groups – are skewing America.  Aiming the country for the socialist gutter. Anarchy and bankruptcy while they plan to rule.

Especially Hillary Clinton’s selling the lie of direct democracy (popular vote) not realizing the importance of the Electoral College which kept  Digital Mob Rule of the Webolution of Social(ist) media from winning last time.  Weiners and losers, eh?

Look closely and you begin to see how this is all a circular reference – The Rich Get Richer and the Middle Class not only gets screwed, but political hacks promising free lunch for all, grandstand with babble about direct democracy.

Thing is, it never works…but hey!  Don’t let historical fact water-down the bullhorns (and bullshit) from the barricades.


Courting Disaster

Nowhere will you see a clearer face of the online socialist Webolution than the hype and insincerity surrounding the next Supreme Court appointment to be made by Donald Trump.

That billionaire mouthpiece, the Washington Post, is already splashing Webolutionist rhetoric like :”Don’t want a right-wing Supreme Court? Do everything you can to stop it.”  A second latte?  WHAT, exactly?  Vote after it’s too late? Ummm…

Not to scold another media too strongly, but remember my labeling of “bullhorn s and bullshit from the barricades” a minute ago?  This is typical Webolutionary screed.

Being an adult and deep-enough thinker (enough to visit here), you no doubt realize there’s a business process to running America.  President Appoints a Nominee.  Nominee goes to Capitol Hill for confirmation.  If yes, reports to the Supreme Court, if no, President Appoints a Nominee, again, until someone gets approved.

We’re always a little suspect of “preemptive hand-wringing” by the left.  Especially when we have no idea who Trump has in mind.  Worries about a divided Court are mindless drivel:  The Court is expected to be divided or the cases likely wouldn’t be there.

A bit of old newsman advice, too?  We see a HUGE number of “instant columnists” rolled out in the Webolutionary Press.  Let me suggest that if you want to consider Columnist opinion, you toss their name into the Member Director of the National Association of Newspaper Columnists online here. See what comes up.  Those in the directory take “columnizing” seriously and as more than opinions of agendas convenience.  Just a suggestion.

The fact of the matter is Trump is 3-for 3 at the Supreme Court recently and the Webolutionaries can count, though little else.  They don’t like how the numbers are coming up which explains all kinds of made-up crap to (continue) the Obstruction of the Constitutionally Elected Government.

The Webolutionary Government is trying actively to replace the Constitutional Government with their dangerous brand of leftist goo.  Be very aware direct democracies don’t work.  Digital Mob Rule is in play.  If you don’t understand that, you’re probably a Millennial and a victim of the left’s long-term shaping operation to dumb down America embodied in “common core” and grade-school gender bending.  Sick?  Sure, but so was Pol Pot.  Revolutions are dangerous – which we tend to forget especially when they have quick load times.

Playing the Stupid Americans

While the “liberals” are trying to whip up additional obstruction to Trump actually doing the job he was elected to do, I keep forgetting to mention how the “take-down of America” agenda (especially the Sanctuary City concept) is nothing more than a bad mirror of existing military concepts surrounding “sanctuary.”

Might I suggested the (Lt. Col Robert) Monarch paper from the Army War College site ?  The paper’s abstract reveals how “sanctuary” is key to successful insurgencies:

“Physical sanctuary is one of the bedrocks of a successful insurgency. Denial of these safe havens is critical to a successful counterinsurgency campaign and the eventual defeat of the insurgents by the host state. The United States must create a policy or strategy to combat insurgency through elimination or minimization of safe havens. I will examine three methodologies that have proven successful in the past to deny sanctuaries and then show how each may or may not be a pertinent strategy to defeat or eliminate safe havens while combating insurgencies in Operations ENDURING and IRAQI FREEDOM.”


What you won’t read in the webolutionary media is this is exactly why Sanctuary Cities are so key to overrunning America and stealing our autonomy with the goal of making us a Globalist-subjugated country.

Even a complete idiot has to honestly admit (they won’t though) that yes, there really is an insurgency against America in play. Their denial is part of being Webolutionaries.  Obama, as you can see, was a Webolutionary leader who’s now revered in almost Mao-like deification. Obama’s rise to power followed the arrival of social(ist) media (such as FB’s public launch in 2006).

Oh, and did I mention?  We’re losing to the insurgencies.

More details for Peoplenomics subscribers tomorrow.  Point is, there’s no “right” and  no “left” in American politics.  Except as field camo so the peeps don’t see the real battle clearly:  There’s an insurgency on the web (and among its sycophants) to displace and replace the Constitutional government.

As long as THAT lie remains hidden, the Insurgencies continue and believe me, they have an agenda.  A Digital Long March.  Ure Commandante has spoken.  Dismissed.

The Manure Fork, Please?

Wring them hands!  “‘We’re Supremely Screwed.’ Stephen Colbert Is Pretty Upset About Justice Anthony Kennedy’s Retirement.”  Wring ’em!

New litmus test? Dems demand elimination of ICE amid immigration furor.”

With Justice Kennedy Gone, It’s Trump’s Court Now.”  Time fails to grok it’s still America’s High Court, not Trump’s…but you see, this is how spin works in the Webolution.

Reading my favorite barricade cheer leading paper, the NY Times this morning, it’s clear that process is not well-understood.  Their editorial?  “With Kennedy Gone, Justice Must Be Won at the Ballot Box” is a rousing call to (democrat/webolutionary) voters.

Just a few problems with their thinking.  1) Trump could have this all done BEFORE the election if we had a republican party anymore (which we don’t – just mainly lost children of little grasp).  2) No matter what, the already democrat presence among the Fools on the Hill is likely to be unchanged.  Is there a republican from NY in Congress? (Zeldin, King, Donovan, Faso, Stephanik, Tenny, Reed, Katko, and Collins, lol – no wonder the Times is trying to get the vote out!)  16 dems and 9 r’s.

And of course CNN would report “Anthony Kennedy’s departure is deeply worrying.”  Uh…to whom?

The Webolution continues on and it loves white-shaming, too:  Make it look like a multi-issue insurgency.  Find people and make ’em bad. The shame-game. “Hope Solo calls US soccer a ‘rich white-kid sport’.”  Divide, conquer.  It’s how insurgencies work. Don’t let-on that you know, but we really are all just people regardless of factory options.  That’s baad to voice..  You don’t want to be baad do you?.

Meantime, the EU Awakens:

EU leaders seek ways to halt migrants amid political turmoil.”

Maybe the EU is smarter than us?  Look how their un-elected super-government has fox-uniformed things?

OMG, I need breakfast.

Moron the ‘morrow…

26 thoughts on “Markets Muddle; Courting Stupidity”

  1. Great post George! You nailed it by making the connection between ‘Sanctuary’ cities and an active insurgency. The US and the EU are both under active insurgencies and few people see the big picture. We definitely need ‘dot connectors’ like your site to sharpen the perspective on the picture. I admit, even my mind was slow to pick-up the idea that the US is under an active insurgency. Most people of my generation view an ‘insurgency’ in terms of the images of the Vietnam War (Huey gunships blowing up a village), but as we see, this insurgency is a stealth ‘digital’ insurgency conducted without gunships, AK-47s, and RPGs. of course, we cannot rule out that the ultimate goal is to have a violent revolution with the internet simply used to stir the pot to get things moving. Now, that’s scary.

    • “US is under an active insurgency”

      I’ve been thinking “The West” really lost World War 2. We were told the west won but…

      The West is up to their eyes in debt owed to the Communist countries.
      The West gave control of most manufacturing to the Communists.
      China and Russia aren’t experiencing an active “insurgency” while the West is being flooded with Illegals.

      Russia tries to just kill the Muslims (Chechnya) while China is much softer trying to reeducate them. Western Whites (Anglo-Saxons) aren’t a team anymore.

      • Honey, cause they have been traitored by the criminals behind and running the federal reserve. Heard of the kalergi plan? Heard of the UN replacement population agenda? Come on people, get with the program. EVERYTHING that is happening right now has been planned for decades. Trump is a stop plug like ghadaffi, once Trump is gone, all hell is gonna break loose.

    • Did I miss something, thought the Pres signed something putting children back with their parents. Maybe these protesters missed that.

  2. Isn’t it interesting (reflecting on Monarch paper at the War College) that the rocket scientists running US policy in Syria is effecting just what the Colonel warned against? Establishing ‘de-escalation zones’ and ‘enclaves’ where rebels are free from lawful government attempts to eradicate them seems an interesting application of “sanctuary”. Between the Turks in the north, the Israeli in the south and US forces everywhere else everyone’s pet terrorist, jihadi crackpots are given sanctuary to rest recoup and rearm. Counterinsurgency campaign ~ not so much… :-)

  3. “Maybe the EU is smarter than us?” Naah, same (dumb!!) flock of geese that’s waiting to get cooked (white meat first ;-(). Whatever they plan–it’s already too late. It surprises me, though, that GU is into “survival.”

  4. Bush’s breaking of the Middle East created Europe’s nightmare immigration problems. The War on Drugs set our own immigration problems in motion — leaving the rest of us to clean up the real world debris of conservative theory.

    And their latest solution to fix their own screw up? Severely punish the (likely wealthy) employers? Get more judges to hear cases immediately? Stop creating artificial monopolies for murders? Oh no, that might actually fix the problem, and then how would they incense The Base? Rather it’s let’s build a wall that a $10 ladder can defeat, put kids in cages (as a deterrent), and suspend due process.

    Brilliant. You tell me. Why does Conservative thinking and incompetence run hand in hand so very often? Best, Mike.

    • Mike, Please tell us what countries you can enter illegally and receive the same rights afforded to citizens? BTW, the comment about cages doesn’t hold water with people who actually think. That works only on people who let their emotions completely rule their mind.

      • I have family in the UK. The illegal immigrants who crept over into the EU, largely from Africa but also a sizeable amount from Poland and the Ukraine, gained unfettered access to every EU nation once asylum was granted by just one (in most cases, either by Italy or Germany). Since the UK enjoys a free National Health Service (NHS), it became a go-to destination for the poorest illegal immigrants and those with large families. UK citizens were left footing the bill for the health care of tens of thousands of illegals, which overcrowded service providers and dangerously drew down medical and related supplies. So Brexit was the logical choice of the taxpaying public. Fortunately, the UK held onto the Pound as their currency when it initially joined the EU, avoiding the costly return to national currency facing other members wanting a divorce. In ‘Merica, we all foot the bill for illegal immigrants via taxes, but some state citizens economically suffer more than others due to border proximity. As with the EU, once an illegal gains access to any U.S. state, they can migrate freely around the country. Everything being a business model and migrant accepting states gain increased federal aid, census stature for future House membership (and in the electoral college) and possibly even a surprise bonus in increased voting, despite the illegality. So there is a price to pay in the long run for advocating (or just failing to act upon) porous borders. Those too short-sighted to attempt to understand critical services distribution dynamics and the dangers of political greed may realize thedr dangers to late to do anything about it.

    • Go away, Jon. Your inane, illogical rants which deny both truth and accuracy are no less boorish than they were under a different ‘nym and IP…

  5. Hello Mr. Ure and everyone else. Is it me or has there been in the last week been a wave of “How likely will there be civil war” and “Civil War is coming to the US”? I swear i have seen this meme and stories popping up like mad the last week. This revealing crappy times ahead or that we could possibly walk back off the ledge before jumping?

    Also, could i schedule a call with you Mr. Ure? Could use your advice again now! Just let me know how much sir for your time!!!


    • It’s not just you. This is the first time I’ve seen such stories and in volume on “mainstream” media outlets.

      Unfortunately, public discussion of seccession and possible war, pre-date 1861 by years. In the case of secession, decades, if you count how many time the NE states threatened it when they weren’t getting their way.

      IMHO, we’re somewhere in the 1850s run-up to conflict.

      But right now, the ones most likily to kick off violence are the lefties. They are losing and since they’ve propagandized both Trump and anyone who doesn’t agree as not just wrong, but evil…there’s not a lot of room for compromise or reconciliation.

      Marxism, socilaism and “social justise” are religions, substitutes in fact for tradition religions. And the loud ones are true believers.

    • Funny, those spewing this crap the loudest are always the instigatory trolls who hide behind walls and gates, and those (unfortunately, mostly millenials) who glom onto generally highly inaccurate, but emotional memes. They have no concept of war and what bullets, grenades, and shells can, and will do to their loved-ones, and how much fun it is to bathe in dirt and trade sex for a handful of rancid food, after having not eaten for a week or two.

      The former suffer from an incredibly perverse form of voyeurism. The latter suffer from naivety and ignorance, terminal “greenhorn syndrome” (ask George), an unrealistic expectation that movie depictions are an accurate reflection of real life, and in many cases, just plain stupidity.

      In all cases, they believe no harm could possibly come to them.

      Physical conflict should in all cases, be considered a last resort, and should never be entertained or enjoined lightly. The people talking about it now, are but children…

  6. It is a great day in America to see the Supreme Court about to be all about the Constitution. The court of last resort is about to be closed on the West Coast gangsters. Next, President Trump needs to sanitize the Educational System to give the rich a dose of reality.

      • “Sanitize the education system,” love that term. It needs a good cleaning from kindergarden on up. The minds of our children have been skewered, twisted, messed up! They have not been taught to think for themselves.

  7. The market closed weak in the last half hour which equals a down opening tomorrow, but it still looks as the downturn will be a buying opportunity for the in process short term upturn.

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