Coping: Notes from Woo-Woo Land

I haven’t heard back from Chis McCleary (he’s busy_) but I experienced a major drop in dream intensity and frequency for a couple of days right after the solstice.

Back to normal now, but for a couple of days it was almost like “dropout” of the signal.  Most odd.

A couple of great notes on the light crown project.  One from a reader goes this way:

Per the light crown, (I have written you on this before, but it figures in again), the High Priest wore an “ephod”, a sort of vest containing the “12 gemstones of Israel”. In this vest, he also carried a pocket that contained a “purse”, a bag (yes, like all those Sumerian carvings of gods and their handbags) which contained the “Urim”, and the “Thummim”. These were used to divine the “word of God” in situations requiring an action.

To use these devices, the high priest would “activate” them, however this was done, (rolling the dice?) to get a yes or no answer.

This was done in front of the questioner (usually the king or high official), in front of the Ark of the covenant. Most times just the priest was present.

What if…. Instead of the Ark being a radio (voice) transmitter or capacitor, it functioned more as a “probability field modifier”. Ala “possibility waves” and “probability curves” described in the Yoga of Time Travel?

This would then modify the “output” of the Urim and Thummim, normally a 50% probability, into something “more probable”. The questions put to the Priests were almost always of the “Yes-No” variety, (numerous examples in the Books of Samuel and Isaiah).

This would mean the Ark functioned more like a Sphere of Many Radii, or a black hole or quantum computer, in terms of it’s effects on the immediate surroundings. We know of course it contained a charge, numerous people who touched it (Uzziah) or looked inside (Philistines of Gath) died. It also brought “blessings” on where it was housed (temporarily housed at a private individuals house prior to being brought to the Temple).

It would also imply that the time travel aspect would be a side effect (or vice versa).

Anyway, synchronicity pushing me to pass this info on this morning, so here it is for what it is worth.”

A really good point about Urim and Thummim.

This may come as a shock, but I have mine and use them for only the most difficult of decisions.  Spiritual dilemmas as such, not stock trading!

These may be obtained from any number of sources but we will not offer one since how you come to them (or is it they to you?) will be part of your “relationship.”

When they arrive, it’s good practice, so we found, to go through a good pit of “purification” with them.  Which means washing them in salt, for example.  (Remember the thing about tossing a pinch of saqlt over your left shoulder?).

Keep them in their holy bag and before using, wash your hands.

The process is to center and focus on your question until you “feel they hold an answer.”  While you have been mindfully asking the question, absentmindedly you have been manipulating the bag gently.  Don’t stare at them…they like privacy.  In fact, out of respect (reverence) for such tools, I wouldn’t even bring them out of their home or let them touch an unpurified desk.

This may sound “nutty” to the single-worlder, but once you have a personal experience of other worlds (even through psychedelics which can get some people part-way there), your sense of “reverence” and “respect” for the ways changes greatly.  Kind of like the people who assured Orville and Wilbur that machines coun’t fly.


When you “feel” they are ready to offer advice, open the bag and cautiously place your hand in the bag without looking.  Feel carefully and gently bring the first one touched just out to the edge of the bag to where you can see it.

Then, with advice (yes or no)  clearly seen, they are both returned to their quiet resting place.

Is their working a matter of Faith?  Or, is there some subliminal energy projection such that we manipulate our own surroundings – as one may sense at times while skrying or dowsing?  You can never be too sure.  We aqre powerful creatures and “intenders.” But it’s definitely a practice and one of these days I’ve thought about seeking their advice on short-term trading.

But that almost sounds base and perverse….still…

Personal “Medicine Bag”

One other bag (as long as to things in the “spiritual practices” department)….  You may be surprised to know that I have an ancestor (medicine)  bag.

There are – in in mine, anyway – a few bits of my late father’s life symbols.  A badge, a money clip, a Navy item, a small bit of jewelry with a gold nugget in it, and so forth.

Periodically – maybe a few times a year – I run across the bag and spend a few minutes going through it.  There is something almost magical about small gifts and bits of a person’s life.  It’s warming.

These “leftovers” of ancestors help us connect, help us remember more clearly that unconditional parent love that seems to be mostly missing in action in today’s world.  To some, not blessed with a multicultural upbringing, Asian traditions that have a family shrine in the home make little sense.  Logically, at least.

The family shrine reminds the entire family of the lives and efforts of their ancestors that make their present efforts possible.  And so, it becomes a source of personal energy to realize that you and really not alone.  Instead, you are generation of preparation for just today’s challenges.

There’s nothing special about how the medicine or ancestor, bag comes about…like your helpful “decision maker” pals, it’s one of those “things” that will “:just come into your in life” if it’s meant to. I’ve found that over time, spiritual growth materials (implements, people, experiences, practices) show up whether you consciously work at it, or not.

Take some time to read the comment section of this site once in a while because there are a ton of Life Lessons to be found relating to our path.  This one in particular struck me as worth mentioning in the column and thanking the sender for sharing.

“One does not expect Great Zen Wisdom from a High School “shop” teacher.  (Wood & metal — back when schools had such things.)

Now the blindingly obvious nature of this bit of High Wisdom will not shock, amaze, or seem beyond you.  It will seem all to simple.

The scene:

I was a kid in woodshop, making that same damnfool birdhouse or spice rack, as we all did. I was plane-ing off on edge of a small, flat board in the woodvise.  (Spell correct won’t let me do that word right!)

I was having a hard time, sweating bullets, the hand plane balking and fighting me on every stroke.

My teacher, Mister Woodway (honest, no kidding) saw my distress from afar and came over to my bench to help.  He gently took the plane from my hands, and dialed the “bite” down from too-thick to much less — and the work became an easy dream. I simply had the thing set to take a too-heavy slice.

Then, he said The Great Thing.  This wisdom has carried forward in my entire life for over sixty years since, and has applied as True Insight many, many times.  It has applied with laser-sharpness a thousand times in every field of thought and work.

  He said, “When you’re working too hard, something’s wrong.”

  Yeah.  I know.  Obvious.  Too simple.  Trivial.

  Fine.  “Let the who has ears, hear.”

  I heard.  I’ve kept and used this wisdom nearly daily since. 

Keep the idea close (if you have ears) and you’ll see


Again, WB, thank-you.  May be the best comment of June.

Light Crown Schematic

On a more practical note, long-time reader Hank out on the Big Island, was kind enough between lava-dances to sketch up a schematic to control the brightness of a Light Crown and even pulse it using an audio generator:

Just remember to keep the voltage within specs or you’ll pop a couple of LEDs and your project will (like mine) go back to the workbench for an upgrade.

[Good call, Hank, on the LM317.  It’ll handle 1.5 AMPS (with a small heat sink)  so more than enough for a couple of LC’s. likely won’t need a heat sink for a single unit.]

Information on the 40 HZ light flashing as a possible treatment (or prophylactic) for Alzheimer’s may be found on the MIT site here.

My, what an odd morning, eh?  A little spiritual decision-making and an electronics project.  Toss in some more hare-brained day-trading ideas and it’ll be just like any other day, I suppose.

We’ve settled into our “daily 95’s” at the ranch, now. Hot as the Dickens here.  Not much fun working outside past 9 or 10 AM.

Our only worry is that some idiot next week will set off fireworks and torch our trees (or more)  over the Fourth.  Time to get out Saturday morning and re-cut the fire breaks that dual purpose as that five hole golf course…  Check the Grab and Go bags…

Enjoy the weekend and remember who the boss is on your days off.  You’re not working for a slacker, are you?

Write when you get rich,

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  1. It seems reasonable that the Quantum fields of some undecideds (unobserveds) may emit more morpogenic field intensity and may be more tangled with highly sensitive, “don’t care,” “50-50” things like Urim and Thummim, where two VERY closely weighted bipolar possibilities are used as an indicator.


    Ponder it a bit. Look up I-Ching sticks…

  2. I have done candle scrying, psychometry and group visualization. The next method for me is penduluum “dowsing”. IMO, as George said, the baselne purpose is to focus the mind then get out of the way and let the info come through. My recommendation is to “test drive” different methods to find the one that resonates with you at this time. As you grow and change, the appropriate method will change, too.

    All of these are listening methods. I recommend using these in conjuncion with praying, a powerful output/requesting method. Each method has its nuances which can only be learned by doing. As you practice and improve your skill, you will be surprised at how effective they are. People who are new to all this would be well served by using the Miracle Money Technique. It’s effective and helps teach some of those nuances I mentioned.

    Keep in mind that the method you use is just an enhancement of your innate abilities, that it is you who is perceiving the info. Eventually, you get good enough to not need any enhancements and just do it.

    • Okie, you have hit on one of the many underlying purposes of the Miracle Money Technique! For those who do not know what this is or how to do it, please check out this link: Reading not only the teaching, but also the stories will give you a broader understanding of how best to use this.

  3. Just a comment… Since LED are a CURRENT driven device, it has always perplexed me as to why someone would want to feed them with a constant VOLTAGE.

    LM317 and 1 resistor to set current (add a potentiometer if you want to add dimming ability via changing the programmed current output) is a much easier way to do it. Add the forward voltage of each diode, and keep your source voltage above that plus ~1.25 volts, and you are golden.

    If you aren’t prone to shorting things out, and you can do the basic math of adding the forward voltages, you can drive a massive string since, as per Kirchoff’s Voltage Rule, the 317 will not see more than a few volts across it (with proper design, of course). As always, danger lurks right around the corner if your source is greater than 37 volts and you one day decide to shorten the string up a bit. Maybe spend the extra few cents for the lm317ahv and keep your source voltage under 57 volts in order to protect the diodes from the mad scientist.

    Just a thought from out here, way outside the box and all.

    • The initial thought was to limit the LED applied voltage to prevent an over-voltage burnout, as someone here apparently DID. Then the current control was added as an afterthought to control the brightness. Can’t be too careful around the mad scientist at Old Man Labs. This will give you the option of a wider range of input voltages, batteries, etc. without having to worry about the LEDs turning into “Dark Emitting Diodes”… DEDs.

  4. Sometimes in engineering space, one comes to a fork in the road…and both paths look equally costly or difficult. And there’s no clear technical/money/schedule rational to choose one or the other.

    The most important thing at that point, and often difficult to get buy-in from higher ups with, is to simply make a choice.

    If it’s the wrong choice, you’ll know all too soon.

    But it’s better to choose now than spend days/weeks/months studying, analyzing and 3rd party reviewing to end up right back where you started with less time to do the work. And then still choose incorrectly.

    I’m a fan of a standard issue US quarter in those moments.

  5. I love the mother peace tarot, and the i-ching for a fast check in ,the pendullum is great which you have to work with everyday to develop a relationship with. I have also been newly practicing the MMT, with quite positive results thank you for that. I am writing to George today because I remembered an article I read in the edger casey institute newsletter years ago about asking your dream self(more than likely related to a form of lucid dreaming) what the best stocks where to buy the next day he acctually wrote his question down and set it next to the bed. He would receive the answer in his dream. Have you tried that yet?

    • No – I need the spiritual assistance to work on the taxes, not making it, lol. “How, mighty spirits, do I convert all these short-term gains into LT gains?”
      (not a peep yet to I send in decent-sized quarterlies to uncle Caesar.

  6. Did I just have my own WOO WOO moment? Did I not see the story about the wood shop teacher, Mr. Woodway, adjusting the plane in a previous post?

    • I remember it also. Thought it might have been from earlier this week, but the post is dated yesterday, and I didn’t read Urban Survival yesterday. Woo-woo.

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