Markets In Denial – Goldman Hypes – (MoR) Pending

You have permission to be confused.  Not just a little bit, but totally  totally awed by how much denial, misdirectioin, and partial truth is afoot in the world.  Too early to label as the opening round of the Decline of Civilization, but the indicators are murky, at best.  Could be…

On the Plus Side

MarketWatch had a real interesting story cross Monday:  “Goldman Sachs says impact of coronavirus will be ‘limited,’ and these are the stocks to buy if it’s right .”

That left my  consigliere and me wondering by late Monday afternoon if someone wasn’t “talking their book” – a technique where major players sometimes say one thing (we’re heading higher ahead) while unloading (distribution) stock holdings to remaining “greater fools.”  No conclusions, but we do have serious suspicions.

Then there’s Bitcoin which kissed $10,000 Monday but which is back down to $9,872 as of click-time this morning.  Wuham is being used as a marketing gimmick now by this digital tulip sales-types.

Just out in time for coffee #2 is this press release:

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Feb. 11, 2020) — The small business Optimism Index started the New Year in the top 10% of all readings in the 46-year history of the survey, rising 1.6 points to 104.3 in the month of January. Six of the 10 Index components improved, two declined, and two were unchanged, with the Uncertainty Index edging up slightly. Owners expecting better business conditions dipped slightly, but sales expectations and earnings trends improved significantly. As was reported last week, actual job creation surged in January.

The market put on another good (unjustified, but that’s what blow-off mega-tops are about)  run Monday.  We expect a large portion of that may be due to the massive injections of repo and reverse-repo dough from the NY Fed Trading desk.

The idea of a repo (big picturing a bit) is that I give you a sack full of somewhat illiquid financial assets (want a bag of sub-prime CMO’s?) and you give me cash.  I dump that into the market, forcing it to go up, at which point I sell, then “buy-back” the sack of illiquid assets.  Whee!  Rinse, repeat, repeat…repeat…and eventually buy the whole freaking Universe!

At some point, this means of keeping the market up will run out of steam.  But, since Fed Boss J Powell says it’s “game-on to April” we aren’t too worried about the bottom falling out until then.  See if he stays with that in his talking points this week.

There IS  Major Risk!

The risk is that smart people (readers of this column, mostly) will figure out that Wuhan is on the verge of taking down the World Economy.  Consider what we have seen so far:

  • Many borders are terribly limited – most closed to China – isn’t Hong Kong down to only 2 open?
  • What about the Cruise Ships that are in mass quarantines and they’ve been locked up for coming up on 2-1/2 weeks.  You’d think the authorities could at leastr throw a load of Budnker C intoi the bilge so these victims could get back into toning up their tans, right?  (Washie-washie?)  For those with fuel? Carnival cruise ship is running out of ports after 4 nations block entry on coronavirus fears.
  • The death toll screamed into 4-digits overnight:  43,128 confirmed cases and 1,018 dead (and climbing).

I received a small package of electronics from China last night (parts for the time machine project, eh?) and, suddenly, the investment in lots of nitrile gloves, bleach, and that super high-powered ozone generator didn’t seem at all silly.  Nor does the investment in Hibi-clens soap and many of the other extreme precautions we suggested as “mental grist and purchase) two weeks back when the MSM was still trying to portray “calm in government.”

That’s b ecause we sensed governments in  utter panic than no one want to be the first to mention anything.  Brings back the “Emperor’s New Clothes” tale, in many ways.  The WHO today calls the crisis “grave.”  My, what a choice of words…

MoR: The “Moment of Recognition”

Most people don’t think like me.  Probably a good thing.  Because, if they did, they’d be in an extremely  defensive posture,  blowing off playing the long side of any markets right now and remaining in cash and equivalents.

We have two MASSIVE Recognition Moments in the wings and all that remains is a “triggering event” for either to “become Real” at which point, you are either on the right side of personal strategic planning, or you’re screwed.

Remember, we quietly laid-in some additional bleach in early January when word of Wuhan began to circulate.  If you consider yourself so wise, count up how many N100 masks, and how many cartons of nitrile gloves are on hand.  There’s your scorecard, like it or not.

The First Moment of Recognition (MoR)

Obviously, it’s Wuhan-corona.  For now, outfits like Amazon are continuing to soar.  But, let me wonder how long before the supply chain from places like China begin to get a bit thin?  Could Wuhan lead to a massive shift in the global economy?

One model is that goods from Asia could be “contaminated” – of course, we are not saying they are, but how long is the virus able to persist at room temperature?  Lots of “estimates” but would you bet your life on “estimates?”  We think that’s poor decision-making, if you do.   We like science – and the more the merrier right now.

A hiccup in Amazon’s supply chain may not be orequired.  How many of the cruise lines will be around in a year if this thing “gets legs” out of China.  Or, for that matter, what is the ripple if people notice Boeing filing for bankruptcy due to people getting less interested in spending 3-hours in “germ tubes?”  Or, what happens when the first hotel chain, rental car company or….large event marketing company (we have some May concert tickets, don’t forget!) has to cancel an event over reasonable caution to contain spread?

We never had a SARS MoR that damaged markets much, so the mechanics of how it will hatch, germinate, and begin to spread panic is somewhat unknown.  But we will be fascinated to see how the Fed Boss walks the linguistic tightrope later today.

The headline Under Armour Shares Crash, Blames China is “the pits” – but it could begin a wave.  And the wave is good-bye.

MoR #2 Could Federal Showdown Over Sanctuaries

Like MoR #1 pending, the most recent data we have on MoR of a deeply divided nation dates back to the mid 1850’s when the US was moving into a Civil War.

The difference between slavery (very bad) and open borders (also very bad) may not seem of similar scale, but in terms of behavioral economics they may be.

Just as the South built a business model on suppression of people’s rights and exploitation of a racial minority, the same could also be said of liberalista states.  Which have been, in my view, exploiting illegal immigrants to cover-up excessive government and sky-high tax rates.  If population can be forced up, guess what the empire builders in  government get?  Big Empires!!!  Green star for you!

The German Model (involving Muslim mass immigration from the Middle East) was to embrace them because of the clear short-term benefit to consumptionEveryone eats, needs a house and so forth.

What has changed in the past day is that U.S. Attorney General William “Barr Announces ‘Significant Escalation’ Efforts to Combat Sanctuary Policies.

Again, the problem we have with Sanctuary governments is that they have strayed from Everyone is Equal policies.  If an American Citizen were to sneak in over a border, do you think a state of do-gooders, running an Anglo-European version (in their own minds) of a latter-day Underground Railroad would lobby for more white people enerting America? Voting?  No?  Well, that’s institutional racism, then.  It’s also a violation of equal protection and it supports the drug cartels.

I could go on and on about dangers – inequalities and illegalities – sponsored by left-wing social/online revolutionaries, but as Elon Musk has wisely instructed #DeleteFacebook.  We’d like to see social manipulation turned into a felony, while we’re at it.

On the political front, Pete Buttigieg is pleasantly in a dead-heat with Bernie Sanders on the old socialist’s home turf. Pete’s more reasonable that the Bernunist, as we figure it.

Which ought to tell you something about how blow-back against radicals is beginning to surface.  No doubt, Barr’s “getting hard” on sanctuaries will not be popular – especially amongst Trump-haters.  Who value their hate, more than evenly and uniformly applied laws.

The bottom line?  The MoR of AmRev2 doesn’t seem close at hand if you’re white and ignoring the noise and hate, calls for insurrection, and half-truths spewing from the barricade bunch.  But the spinning of Trump-hate into calls of racism and then moving hate-blinded supporters towards civil insurrection is a familiar track, well trodden by two-bit dicks and dictators throughout history.  Oh, and on both sides of the aisle, politically,

Can the FedGov defuse this long-running mess – a left-behind gift basket from the street-corner agitator’s Administration – in time?  Or, is the communist takeover of America now a fait accompli?   We’ll have to  get back you on that.

Trackable Trends

Blinded by the rise: CoreLogic Reports U.S. Overall Delinquency Rate Lowest for a November in at Least 20 Years.  Best times since the 1990’s say some.

US Futures Soar To New Record Highs On “Coronavirus Optimism” Ahead Of Powell Testimony – that NFIB report didn’t hurt.  Futures are up another hunsky on the Dowe as markets play “pass the crack pipe” and how close to the brick wall can we get?

CNBC reports that Hasbro shares soar as ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Frozen 2’ toys fueled holiday sales.  But we have to ask: “Where are they made, people?”

Whee!!!  $67.915 in free-po’s today.  And they tossed in $830 million after lunch yesterday.  We shouldn ‘t be surprised at more by lunch time…This bull’s gotta eat.

Has a voracious appetite for  sound economics.

Write when you get rich,

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  1. Received an order of Gochugaru red pepper flakes I use in KimChee and fermenting vegetables. It comes from a Zon vendor but I have previously noticed it has a sticker conveniently placed over where it says it is a product of China. It received a spritz of disinfectant spray and a wipe down with a disinfecting wipe before finding it’s way into the pantry. Stupid? Don’t care. Prudent? Probably.

    We still need to set up a decon station at the point of entry into the house which is the backdoor mudroom currently. I say that standing in there slipping off my boots covered with cow poop and my coat that reeks of diesel fuel.

  2. Did you notice on your Federal Tax Return, they asked if you sold any bitcoin (crypto currency). I bought $100 of bitcoin on the Cash app & they don’t seem to report anything to anyone. My bitcoin is up to $130.

    • Coinbase only gives IRS records of coiners with $250k in Proceeds in per tax year. Keep your scheisse under that threshold and no problemas. IRS is still on a Fishing expedition – they do not have ability to track Bitcoin Transactions or the Bitcoins themselves. They want the American public to be honest regards Digital Currencies transactions and report voluntarily to them. WaFJ!

      No Bitcoin 4 Ure resident Statist.

      • No..NOT a statist. I pay what the Tax Code says. If you don’t report it all, look up tax evasion.

        Don’t you know your bank data goes to IRS?

        Free-loaders in America who don’t pay their share…got no use for ’em.

    • george if they irs told you to give them 99% of your money would you comply, and where do you think that money goes ,and why are they just making money up to just give it to the central banks ,george your math doesnt add up, ok fed issues 1 trillion dollars for our country to use but then they want you to give it back while you cant pay yur mortgage they banks take your house, and the banks or corporations and share holders just got richer ,while you a citizen just got triple ripped by banks,irs, and ins hospital insurance and the only way you survive as middle class is to rip off someone poorer than you,unlwss you file bankruptcy, nope yourr belief in economics is taited ,failed and rejected by many including donald trump , but the future will come when your kids wont know the word irs but as a terrible past in history

      • thats what trump is doing with the fed reserve ,he is exposing them, along with pedos ,big pharma,crroked political from top down and the benefactors of the money machine for the last hundred +years,

      • IRS gets less than a third (most years).
        Let me school your Bryce on how reporters learn:
        I was at a press conference once with Sen Scoop Jackson in Seattle (1971 or so) and I said
        “Well, Senator, hypothetically, what would you do if Iran….” (He worried about Hormuz even then).
        He looked me in the eye and said: “George, I don’t answer hypothetical questions. Give me a real one. Come om…”
        What a great school, huh?
        So Bryce…I don’t answer hypothetical questions, either. I learned that when you open that5 door, it’s an endless argument. IRS doesn’t get 99%. Resubmit your remarks when it happens. I’ll be long dead.
        This is like talking to Mike the lefty

      • “if they irs told you to give them 99% of your money would you comply, ”

        LOL LOL we already do.. well not quite 99% but a healthy chunk..
        of course you have to take into consideration all the other taxes that we pay to get that figure..
        As for me.. I don’t have the money to argue with the IRS so I am more than generous at making sure I have paid in enough LOL..

      • People don’t associate these taxes as they pay them.. similar to stopping for a cup of coffee at the coffee shop.. you don’t add that onto your grocery budget.. or the quick mac and fries at mickey d’s..
        If you actually calculated the taxes we pay though.. it would make the taxes king george…

        Personal/Consumer Taxes & Fees
        Federal income tax
        State income tax
        Local income tax
        Employee social security tax (your employer pays the other half)
        Employee Medicare tax (your employer pays the other half)
        Property taxes
        Road toll charges
        State sales tax
        Driver’s license renewal fee
        TV Cable/Satellite fees & taxes
        Federal telephone surtax, excise tax, and universal surcharge
        State telephone excise tax and surcharge
        Telephone minimum usage and recurring/nonrecurring charges tax
        Gas/electric bill fees & taxes
        Water/sewer fees & taxes
        Cigarette tax
        Alcohol tax
        Federal gasoline tax
        State gasoline tax
        Local gasoline tax
        Federal inheritance tax
        State inheritance tax
        Gift tax
        Bridge toll charges
        Marriage license
        Hunting license
        Fishing license
        Bike license fee
        Dog permit/license
        State park permit
        Watercraft registration & licensing fees
        Sports stadium tax
        Bike/nature trail permit
        Court case filing fee
        Retirement account early withdrawal penalty
        Individual health insurance mandate tax
        Hotel stay tax
        Plastic surgery surcharge
        Soda/fatty-food tax
        Air transportation tax
        Electronic transmission of tax return fees
        Passport application/renewal fee
        Luxury & gas-guzzler car taxes
        New car surcharge
        License plate and car ownership transfer taxes
        Yacht and luxury boat taxes
        Jewelry taxes & surcharges
        State/local school tax
        Recreational vehicle tax
        Special assessments for road repairs or construction
        Gun ownership permit
        Kiddie tax (IRS form 8615)
        Fuel gross receipts tax
        Waste Management tax
        Oil and gas assessment tax
        Use taxes (on out-of-state purchase)
        IRA rollover tax/withdrawal penalties
        Tax on non-qualified health saving account distributions
        Individual and small business surtax (page 336 of Obamacare)
        Estimated income tax underpayment penalty
        Alternative Minimum Tax on income
        Business Taxes & Fees
        Federal corporate income tax
        State corporate income tax
        Tax registration fee for new businesses
        Employer social security tax
        Employer Medicare tax
        Federal unemployment tax
        State unemployment tax
        Business registration renewal tax
        Worker’s compensation tax
        Tax on imported/exported goods
        Oil storage/inspection fees
        Employer health insurance mandate tax
        Excise Tax on Charitable Hospitals (page 2001/Sec. 9007 of Obamacare)
        Tax on Innovator Drug Companies (Page 2010/Sec. 9008 of Obamacare)
        Tax on Medical Device Manufacturers (Page 2020/Sec. 9009 of Obamacare)
        Tax on Health Insurers (Page 2026/Sec. 9010 of Obamacare)
        Excise Tax on Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans, i.e. “Cadillac” plans
        Tax on indoor tanning services
        Utility users tax
        Internet transaction fee (passed in California; being considered in other states and at federal level)
        Professional license fee (accountants, lawyers, barbers, dentists, plumbers, etc.)
        Franchise business tax
        Tourism and concession license fee
        Wiring inspection fees
        Household employment tax
        Biodiesel fuel tax
        FDIC tax (insurance premium on bank deposits)
        Electronic waste recycling fee
        Hazardous material disposal fee
        Food & beverage license fee
        Estimated income tax underpayment penalty
        Building/construction permit
        Zoning permit
        Fire inspection fee
        Well permit tax
        Sales and Use tax seller’s permit
        Commercial driver’s license fee
        Bank ATM transaction tax
        Occupation taxes and fees (annual charges required for a host of professions)

  3. But, But, T told the Fox Buznuz Babe last night in an interview that the Chicoms have the Virus Contained!
    It was right there on TV.
    That makes it real doesn’t it!?!

      • SHTFPlan says they are setting up Quarantine camps.
        if you want expertise talk to Big Art who designed all the HVAC for the camp facilities years ago, when they were being purchased and put in storage (Under Obummer I believe). Ask him what he saw there, looked like what the Waste Water Treatment industry calls Pneumatically Actuated Knife Gate Valves, used on Dam Spillways because they will cut debris that would jam other valves. Also used in paper mills for the same reason they will cut the pulp mass.
        I don’t really know what to tell you about a virus verses a chemical, but the shelter in place would be the same.
        I am putting back about 21 days of water, food, meds the usual (1.5 X incubation period).
        Think of 80/20.
        Virus right now appears to have an O Value (I think it is called) around 2. IE if an infected person walks into a room of 10 people 2 will get it. Pure 80/20.
        Of the 20, 80 will get sick, and 20 really sick.
        0.2 x 0.2=0.04
        Of that part 20 will die 0.04 x 0.2=0.008 rounds to 0.01 pr 1 percent.. Of 330 mm people that is 3.3 MM. Not a good number.
        I’m 66 and have recurring sepsis in my legs from an old wound and bad circulation. I also have had Cytokine storm (an anaphylactic rexn) to flu in the past. Not good for me.
        So Take mega doses of D3 and C, wash hands cover coughs, stay in for the most part. But, still have to go to work every day, somebody has to get rid of all this nerve agent our government has left laying around in various places.
        Again, for most folks I think standard flu precautions should do, but if you are old with a weak immune system, or Young with a very strong immune system, take advanced measures.

      • Info:
        “Virus right now appears to have an O Value (I think it is called) around 2.”

        It’s not an ‘O’ it’s a 0 (zero), R0, pronounced ‘R naught’.

      • “SHTFPlan says they are setting up Quarantine camps.”

        Yeah, at five USMIL camps/forts. This was a news & talk item yesterday. I didn’t hear which bases. The talk wonk brought up posse comitatus and the response from some “expert interviewee” was that the MIL or the States could staff it with National Guard or Marines…

  4. America is an immigrant nation. But at its core, immigration is intended to dovetail with capitalism. Documenting new arrivals has been part and parcel to the immigration process from the start. Later, health checks were conducted at immigration entry points to insure current citizens were not exposed to new or exotic diseases. This logic still has great merit. But agriculture is by and large a low profit margin business, requiring low pay to workers. Many immigrants are willing to do the backbreaking work under a scorching sun for the chance to gain gain a foothold in a great nation and provide for their families in the process. But as demand for produce keeps climbing, requiring more field workers, the immigration documentation process has not kept pace with that demand. So many farmers readily accept illegal field workers in order to meet (or exceed) their business profit margins and ship their fresh produce to markets on time. I blame all politicians, but mainly Congress, which is the chief funding arm of the government per Article I of America’s Constitution. Fund ‘controlled’ border stations with the medical facilities and documentation capabilities necessary to process migrant workers and their children as well as those immigrants hoping to one day become citizens. Apart from the indelible stain of slavery and the armed subjugation of native peoples, participatory immigration is how many of our ancestors entered America. Fix it or replace it.

    • ” Apart from the indelible stain of slavery”

      Obviously not. The principal enslavers were the battle-winners of each African turf-war, the slave merchants in the Americas were principally the British and Spanish (with an odd Dutch or Portuguese galley tossed-in, occasionally), and they all seem to have escaped blame for (and a stain on) their actions, whereas the folks [who were] running this country at the time first abolished the slave trade, then a generation later abolished slavery itself, yet got blamed for all the social ills and injustices inherent in every facet of the practice…

      Hooray, a subject that we agree 1000% on. I have said the same things on this very site. The farmers are put into predicaments during harvest exactly because the work visa processing system can’t keep up with demand…especially in the southern and warm weather states that have multiple harvests.

      The one thing I would add to your comment…”health checks were conducted at immigration entry points to insure current citizens were not exposed to new or exotic diseases.” Isn’t that what Columbus and the rest of Europe exposed the indigenous people to in North America and in Mexico? That disease decimated the Aztecs and Mayans as well as many eastern tribes.

  5. George,

    Just a thought. Have you considered a box for all UPS/FedEx parcels that arrive to be placed in, which would incorporate foil lining and UV light sterilizers. Only get the outside, but not the contents. Does however, cut down on the cleansing process to contents alone. Likewise, the contents could then be left in the box after opening, provided they are unaffected by UV. UV has been used by barbers and beauticians for years to sterilize their clippers, scissors, etc.

    Also read an interesting article that one university has conducted a study on narrow band UV that can be used in public places, without the harmful effects of skin cancer or cataracts. UV sterilizers are also available that can be placed in ducts of HVAC. Upside to UV is it also is effective against MRSA.

    As usual, the CDC and Department of Health drag their heels until the proper kick-back money is in hand.

    • I’m strongly in favor of using UV-C along with ozone as a “kill-everything bad” approach to packages. Ozone is short lived and will kill all known pathogens with reasonable levels. The box idea is good, or a small sealed room like an entry or shed. I have a high powered ozone generator and UV-C lamp and need more for redundancy. The ozone will penetrate packaging – especially if the box is sliced open. The UV-C will kill anything if sufficiently intense and line of sight. Just wear protective eyewear. Connect everything to an extension cord and plug it in from outside the container or room.

      I’m concerned about the delivery drivers. They have to deal with everyone’s stuff all day long. I know one that works 7 days a week to support her family.

      It’s snowing here. There’s a foot of new snow on the ground and there’s no leaving this place without a FWD or snowshoes at least. I’m not even going outside until the snow stops tomorrow sometime. Why fight nature if you don’t have to – even if it means cancelling appointments. There’s plenty to do here and no reason to even open the door. Tomorrow or the next day I’ll fire up a skidsteer and start plowing.

  6. George,
    These Cruise ships are diesel-electric (like a railroad engine) or Gas Turbine-electric powered, not steam, so they use DFM (diesel fuel marine) not Bunker C (or #6 fuel oil). Most if not all still retain the reduction gear.

  7. G – time for the Witches to get cooking – They were ALWAYS GOOD way back in the day – org. religion, dark & dirties, loki’s brood conspired to give em a bad, evil rep. but I digress..

    Organic Orange Peel, Organic Nutmeg, Elderberry Extract – Extra Tumeric and Flaxseed in the morning smoothies.

    Why? WTF? people are dying and burning all over China/Far East and we have not seen/heard the Half of it yet..

    3 Chymotrypsin -like protease (3CL) enzyme – well known molecular target for anti-corona virus inhibitors. Tons research done on this after SARS via 3CL protease pathway.
    Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry – Jan 2020 – names flavonoids that worked in inhibiting the SARS CoV 3CLpro.

    Herbecetin, rhoifolin, pectolinarin were found to efficiently block the enzymatic activity of SARS-CoV3CL –


    Herbecetin – Flax Seeds – prolly not enough herbecetin, but..

    Savinin – found in TCM is also known to help. How ironic that Chi-Coms dying next plant that could save them.

    Rhiofolin – actually part of Patent called “Surface Sterilization by Misting with a Bioflavonoid Solution” -re: Patent even lists bioflavonoids used to achieve effect: Neocriocitrin, Isonaringin, Naringin, Hesperidin, Neodiosmin, Nuringenin, Poncirin and rhiofolin – Most can be found in Orange Peels.

    Pectolinarin is found in the Lantana camara plant- big sage- Spanishflag or tick berry.

  8. The WHO today calls the crisis “grave.”

    Two weeks ago’ China President Xi called the crisis “grave.” I don’t like that word.

    Seems like WHO is running about 2 weeks behind the reality that Xi saw.

    Still waiting to hear about the first case in Africa or China’s next door neighbor North Korea. Gotta wonder.

  9. It seems the CORONA optimism is being fueled by an epidemiologist…That was quick. Huh…or was it a problem at all? On to the next headline…

    Zhong Nanshan, a leading epidemiologist who become known around the world for his role tackling the SARS epidemic in 2003, said the CORONAVIRUS situation in China was already showing signs of improving, pointing to the number of new cases falling overnight. As of last night, the Chinese government said a total of 42,638 cases have been confirmed and 1,016 people have died in China. (CNBC)

    • Since the death toll is already 25% more than SARS which took 18 months, where this has taken 2, I’d say a lot of this is “happy talk” and BS. You don’t watch the videos, break out of the controlled media (Google, YouTube and such and try another search engine like Yippy
      ChinaBurningBodies! – YouTube new windowpreview
      Date: 2020-01-31T15:54:00
      Close. This video is unavailable.

      Yippy Index V
      Wuhan crematoriums ‘are burning bodies 24/7 to cope with … new windowpreview
      Date: 2020-02-05T15:01:00
      Wuhan crematoriums ‘are burning bodies 24/7 to cope with extra workload during coronavirus outbreak’ Wuhan crematoriums working around the clock to cope with influx of bodies…-bodies-24-7-cope-extra-workload.html

      Yippy Index V
      ‘Burning Bodies In Secret’ – New Accounts From Wuhan … new windowpreview
      Date: 2020-01-31T12:47:00
      ‘Burning Bodies In Secret’ – New Accounts From Wuhan Detail Coronavirus Outbreak. by Tyler Durden. Fri, 01/31/2020 – 07:43. 0. SHARES. Almost 2,000 new cases of coronavirus were confirmed in China on Thursday, lifting the country’s total to approximately 9,692, surpassing all of the 2002-03 SARS epidemic in a matter of weeks. All of the deaths ……ounts-wuhan-detail-coronavirus-outbreak

      You’re eating sheep food, bud

      • Also, are the official stats simply counting virus mortality by counting only a possibly tiny minority of deceased having coronavirus listed as cause of death on their death certificates?

        Will it be determined why satellite nocturnal crematoria emissions in Wuhan allegedly exceed expectations based upon official death figures?

      • I am not disagreeing George. No Sheep food here. I admit, I was wrong in a post a few weeks ago. But this same rhetoric about it’s under control is being spouted by the Trumpster himself.

        According to the Hill.

        “Calling it “Rough Stuff”, President Trump assuaged the crowd that it will “work out fine” and that with warmer weather, the virus will die.

        “Generally speaking, the heat kills this kind of virus”, he clarified.

        In another presser, Trump said…”the virus that we’re talking about having to do, a lot of people think that goes away in April, with the heat, as the heat comes in, typically that will go away in April.”

        Now let’s direct that last statement shall we? First, what language has that kind of sentence structure. It he now trying to invent his own language…Well, he is one crazy narcissist…so who knows…But since this is a new strain, how can he say that it typically will go away in April?

        But folks…this is typical Trump…Pay attention really close. he does this EVERYDAY!!!

      • “I am not disagreeing George. No Sheep food here. I admit, I was wrong in a post a few weeks ago. But this same rhetoric about it’s under control is being spouted by the Trumpster himself.”

        One of the characteristics of a real pandemic is that it tends to keep rolling during the off season. I hope DJT is right about the virus tapering off in the summer season; I’m not sure I’ve seen any science to back that up as of yet.

        Meanwhile, all this talk of Mark and DJT being in harmonious agreement on the course of a pandemic reminds me of something:

        I think it must be the cats and dogs angle. Maybe you guys can sing Kumbaya on a conference call or something.

  10. AmRev 2? I am one of those white folks trying to ignore the hate and noise. I am trying not to over react in what could be a very volatile situation. We needs ‘adults in the room’ at this point. Hopefully, this blows over as the violence of the 60’s (which I lived through) calmed over time. I am not naive, however. I have ammo and food stored if necessary but pray I do not have to use these. Remain calm is the best advise.

    • If you are white, you are easy to hate. A visable target with no defense. That is the easy road for polititions, so the crazy Dems all drive down that road, even though they are white. Gets votes I guess. Where it will take us is not a pretty picture for anyone. Everything is a SCAM.

  11. George;
    What is right wing? All I see on Democon sites,MSNBC,ABC,CBS,CNN is left wing/socialist communist talking points.Nazi’s are socialist National socialist. Not Right wing,Left
    authoritarian regimes like Venezula, Spain, military takeovers? All Same from history I have read.
    Where are the people on Fox or You calling for revolution? Where are the right wingers.. Don’t see any all in the left wing..
    I am for the Constitution,Bill of Rights, declaration of Independence, for these United states of America.. I am against anyone who wants to attack those documents and their principles. My Oath as and elisted man, Warrant officer and Officer of the US Army,was to defend it against ALL Enemies Foreign and DOMESTIC.. Its the domestic ones I am worried about now. But I am also a boy scout,BE PREPARED.. On a lot of boy scout things I was lacking but I don’t bully,I am honest and I do Not Steal. I have Faith in our future and the USA,unique in all the world,E Pluribus Unum, Out of many One .. No other nation has ever done that.. We have,we do WE ARE.

    • The only thing close to “right wing” on Fox are those that tend make the most submissions in the Comments sections, when the servers will let you in our out. Half the time when you can log in you can’t log out and vice versa with the same error code. I’m surprised Hannidy and Carlson are still employed there since Fox was sold. I have experienced several instances of having and seeing mine and others’ comments disappear before my eyes there.

  12. Thirty years ago, I worked for a small company that made grease seals and imported seals and bearings for wholesale distribution. We used a lot of d-limonene, an orange peel derived solvent, because it is so safe to use. It is available on Amazon. I don’t know if it will sterilize, but anything that dissolves so much stuff, and smells good too, couldn’t hurt.

    • OCF

      I have a lot of experience with this material as a former industrial formulating chemist. It is indeed extracted from citrus peels and is an excellent solvent.

      Not much in the way of disinfectant qualities but most importantly, it can create serious sensitivity in a lot of people. I have seen people not be able to walk into a room where it is stored without getting serious rash, headache, etc. Be very careful.

  13. We have a couple of anti-virals on hand. We are covered in vitamins and minerals. We have months of food set back.We have masks and gloves galore.

    Fortunately, like George, my business is almost wholly done via internet. We are not making trips into convenience stores – and will likely just pump gas wearing gloves and forget the rest if things get worse. If we do go to get spoilable groceries, it is in and out with minimal fuss already, so the same with gear on.

    If it gets excessively bad here, then we bail up to our redoubt and sit it out.
    Not a lot more people can do, so wake, assess the day, get your sitrep and let things unfold.

    In the interim, enjoy the day and the people as best you can… and enjoy the clustermuster on parade that is our government in action…LOL

    Watch some George Carlin….

    • Yes, George was a great one,,”it is a small club and you ain’t in it”
      “I will leave the symbols to the symbol minded”,,,$ is a symbol of debt,,,they took our gold and left US paper notes of $
      I do not want in their club,,I want it EXPOSED

      • i think TRUMP is working on Exposing ALL of the clubs….and maybe trying to bring down the Deep State inside this country that has controlled USA since 1913…the End of the Fed is nigh….as TRUMP trashes them…I have hope….all the rest is in g and s…not $

  14. George,
    -You can put all the lipstick on it you want, but it when comes to spending on the national debt credit card, the R’s make the D’s look like a bunch of peasants.
    -Bunch of hypocrites: When mired in the Great Recession, they strangled Obama, thereby knowingly significantly delaying the recovery, and kicking off all this QE in the first place. When in good times, they lavished spending on Trump.
    -This nonsense about it being a Presidential wish-list is simply goofy talk, more cheerleading, and ignores the origination power and veto power of the President.
    -George, you’re the one that got me onto this national debt explosion in the first place. Now that the shoe’s on the other foot, you’re quiet as a church mouse.
    -And tell me again why the R’s cynically squandered their last power on tax cuts and stock buybacks for the Rich instead of a punitive immigration reform package for the Base?
    -And explain to me why when we’re running nearly $3 trillion deficits, there are no pennies for hungry kids and the sick citizens of the Base? Best, Mike.

    • You have little ability in accounting. I’d be wasting my time to respond. Obama opened the borders, loaded the courts with liberal activist judges, and set us on the road to Perdition with hooligans and Sanctuary cities. R’s. Obama’s “activism” in finance flooded banksters with cash for the “recovery” -and all the white you whine about the R’s.
      No, there’s plenty of blame for both parties, but your insurrection against an elected president – who didn’t hang out a pay for play foundation is utterly contemptable. Untile Biden perp walks, Dems ow America 3-lost years and make a smoke at the wall – minimally for sedition but perhaps its treason.
      Time will judge.

    • “When mired in the Great Recession, they strangled Obama, thereby knowingly significantly delaying the recovery, and kicking off all this QE in the first place”

      WTF are you even talking about? The recession in the U.S. began in December 2007 and ended in June 2009. The Dems controlled the House, Senate, and Presidency until after the elections in 2010, they the power to do whatever they want. They chose to use that power to increase regulation; choosing to increase regulation in the middle of a recession is moronic and was one of the things that costed them Congress. QE started in November of 2008, Obama hadn’t even taken office yet, much less been “strangled” by Republicans.

      And as far as “no pennies for hungry kids and the sick citizens of the Base,” maybe you should take the time to actually look at the federal budget some time instead of making crap up. About 2/3 of the budget is transfer payments or entitlements like SS, Medicare, Medicaid, and so forth.

      Do you get all of your news from CommonDreams or MoveOn or something?

      • I wonder how many kids and poor could have benefitted with some of the billions and trillions that have been skimmed off of the people for the supposed humanity aid..

        The list goes on.. is there truly a deficit.. or just more smoke to puff up everyone’s @#÷=&%$ to get the american laborer to pay them.. no wonder no one in office wants an accounting investigation and everytime one starts something comes up for them to say nope we dont need one I will ask myself those hard questions. Or get angry and call a hard working american names..
        I seriously wonder just how ugly a real check and balance system would uncover. Of course we will never know and at this point i think we have reached a point of no return.
        Of course all of this is my opinion..

      • LOOTB, I do government audits. Audit adjustments are not (or at least not necessarily) unaccounted for spending, and while that seems like a lot, given my experience, I doubt it’s what it looks like. From another article on this topic:

        “According to the GAO’s Comptroller General, “Journal vouchers are summary-level accounting adjustments made when balances between systems cannot be reconciled. Often these journal vouchers are unsupported, meaning they lack supporting documentation to justify the adjustment or are not tied to specific accounting transactions…. For an auditor, journal vouchers are a red flag for transactions not being captured, reported, or summarized correctly.”

        That could be expenditures that are mis-classified, or for which some documentation was missing or incomplete. I recently had a couple of adjustments on an entity I was auditing that amounted to over $1 million, which sounds horrible for their small size. They just classified some money in an account as “investments” instead of “cash” because they didn’t follow the right rules on WAM.

        It sounds like the Pentagon needs to really increase their IC procedures, but it’s not necessarily as awful as it sounds. It’s easy to misunderstand technical reports without the proper background.

      • “maybe you should take the time to actually look at the federal budget some time instead of making crap up”

        That’s cute — You think he can read or compose cogent sentences…

        The reason a number of George’s readers have accused Mike of being a trollbot is he cut/pastes clichéd, usually discredited crap, Ignoring logic, history, and established fact, and almost never comments after his trollbait stirs-up the readership, except occasionally to George…

      • “I doubt it’s what it looks like. From another article on this topic:”

        Thank you JT.. I read some of this stuff and wondered if it was as bad as it’s being portrayed..
        Thankfully you shed some valuable light on that subject..

      • LOOTB, what makes me pretty confident that it’s not what that guy is describing is that the adjustments are so many multiples of the annual budget. That tells me that 1) there’s got to be a lot of balance sheet adjustments, and/or 2) there are adjustments hitting the same transactions multiple times.

      • ” what makes me pretty confident that it’s not what that guy is describing is that the adjustments are so many multiples of the annual budget. ”

        its been a while since I downloaded the national budget JT.. or read to much of it.. seems the divisions and adjustments can get quite confusing. then of course its easy to buy the popular publicized narritive.
        I can only imagine the nightmare of figures that you have to deal with.. my own personal budget is enough of a challenge LOL…
        each year I wonder how in the hell am I going to make this work yet each year after making changes here and there we seem to scrape by.. LOL..rob peter to pay paul.. type adjustments..

      • LOOTB, for better or for worse, I don’t work at the federal level, so the numbers I’m looking at are a few orders of magnitude smaller, it’s just that the accounting and auditing principles are pretty much the same. As I tell my older kid, I make sure our state and local governments are spending our money the right way. As George no doubt understands, accounting is the language of business… I hate the idea of mandatory classes, but I think everyone with any math sense could benefit from a little basic accounting knowledge, it would work wonders for the public understanding what goes on in our government and economy.

      • “I think everyone with any math sense could benefit from a little basic accounting knowledge,”

        I think you are right no the money there JT. everyone should learn the basic math and how to plot a basic budget.. there are way to many people that live by the moment…. I never had the cash to go to a school.. my biggest problem is I am more of a blanket not an arrow.. I love to read and study stuff.. but it is everywhere and anything and everything… todays reading for example is black no more by schuyler..and blind sight by oconnell.. .. I could be reading a can label.. then the question will come up with something I see and I am researching the can label and how it is done..( that question came up with pickles.. and how they are made.. seen a show on how its made and it dawned on me.. I have the best home made pickles ever crunchy crisp.. ) where someone going to school has a teacher that keeps them directed towards a finished goal.. I unfortunately have so many things going on in my thoughts at the same time I lack that focused arrow approach..
        I am pretty good with numbers.. its a curse and a blessing.. I look at something and see a numerical value..

    • U talking Medicare, social security or private – cause

      Medicare is going to run out of money in SIX YEARS – just six years.


      Social Security Trustees have have indicated that 23% REDUCTION IN BENEFITS would cover the Short Term funding gap..

      Social Security costs have Exceeded Interest Income since 2010 – Costs for 2019 Exceeded Interest Income Earned by 81 Billion with a B.

      As Oilman2 keeps pointing out..George Carlin told the honest TRUTH – “they are coming for your retirement, they will get it, and give it to their friends on wall street.”

      “its a big club – and U aint in it!”

      • “Medicare is going to run out of money in SIX YEARS”

        you know they will have to fix was talk like that that got Obama in office..and one of the major concerns of everyone…

        It is news like This that will get Bernie Sanders in office they won’t do anything about it.. or make it worse similar to what happened in the obama years….
        I remember the day when my boss took the money that was being deducted for health insurance and was putting it in the stock market.. it dropped.. ( not near as much as it is going to this time around) and the debt collector for the hospital came by to collect.. he sad down.. I gave him a cup of coffee and he set his pistol on the table.. then started to question me as to why I hadn’t paid it.. I told him about the boss etc..
        I got my job at the hospital to pay off a debt to them.. worked a year in exchange the same thing with the surgeon.. the bill.. ten times more than one of the leaders at my church that had insurance.. and I took the wife to the free clinic.. they called my bosses mother in law at ten pm.. every hour.. long story would ask why we sought out health care if we couldn’t afford to pay it.. demeaning as hell.. sell your car sell your house.. I worked for the county LOL…. sucks I actually was feeling bad about it till I ran into a quad.. she was in the gas station and was crying at the table in her chair..I being nosey asked her what was wrong.. she was an employee at the hospital.. got off work in housekeeping on new years eve and was smoked on her way home by a drunk driver.. the driver died she lived but was in intensive care for a great deal of time.. they tapped her checking account and took all of her money except seventy five cents. LOL.. I didn’t feel bad about myself anymore.. I did get in touch with some people that would help her a little bit…. and that wasn’t that many years ago.. Obama’s bid for president was going after making sure anyone can get insurance.reduce healthcare costs..

        .it got him in office.. today we pay out sixty percent of our gross income on just my wifes healthcare.. I shudder at the thought that I would have to have what costs would be there..—knoxville–tennessee-edition

        I blame deregulation.. it should be illegal to price gouge for insurance.. or discriminate against someone for needing to get it.. like any product.. set the price if the cost of the product goes up.. then adjust it for the product not just charge the one person..
        what gets me is there is a lot of people that get real excited when I say that.. well my insurance will go up.. excuse me.. it will if they don’t have insurance.. you don’t think that a medical facility just eats that or there is some secret way they get that money back.. like any company.. they pass those expenses off on the people that do have insurance..
        I don’t know what the answer is but… I know if I did move out of the USA I would pick one of the other countries. I visit with several people in a group that all live in other countries.. LOL.. they love to make jokes about the healthcare in the USA…. we have one of the poorest ratings for the healthcare field in the world to..


      • I ran into a young lady last year about this time that was going through a similar situation as the woman quad.. sad.. this time though I was able to help her through till she could get back to work..and everything be ok.. the new friend living with us.. same story except it was his wife that got sick.. lost his rental property his farm and his business everything because his wife got sick.. sad story.. and it sucks.. when he came here all he had was two pair of pants and two shirts no winter coat or anything.. his lively hood his dignity and his whole life that he built for himself..amazing.. the same thing with the engineer that moved out last summer.. he lost it all…. it happens all the time.. daily.. no fault of anyone except the system that has left them behind the eight ball..

  15. You’re possibly aware that the Hong Kong authorities evacuated suites 7of a 34 storey residential tower, then perhaps the entire building, after a person was allegedly infected with coronavirus yet not directly in contact with a mainland China element. Apparently there concerns that the virus was utilizing a crossed up ventilation system.

    Separately in the one country, two systems, police were still searching for at least two individuals who had absconded from their voluntary 14 day quarantine abode when the authorities came a’ knocking to conduct random rollcall.

  16. Currently, the emergence of a novel human coronavirus, temporary named
    2019-nCoV, has become a global health concern causing severe respiratory
    tract infections in humans. Human-to-human transmissions have been
    described with incubation times between 2-10 days, facilitating its spread
    via droplets, contaminated hands or surfaces. We therefore reviewed the
    literature on all available information about the persistence of human and
    veterinary coronaviruses on inanimate surfaces as well as inactivation
    strategies with biocidal agents used for chemical disinfection, e.g. in
    healthcare facilities. The analysis of 22 studies reveals that human
    coronaviruses such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) coronavirus,
    Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) coronavirus or endemic human
    coronaviruses (HCoV) can persist on inanimate surfaces like metal, glass or
    plastic for up to 9 days, but can be efficiently inactivated by surface
    disinfection procedures with 62-71% ethanol, 0.5% hydrogen peroxide or 0.1%
    sodium hypochlorite within 1 minute. Other biocidal agents such as
    0.05-0.2% benzalkonium chloride or 0.02% chlorhexidine digluconate are less
    effective. As no specific therapies are available for 2019-nCoV, early
    containment and prevention of further spread will be crucial to stop the
    ongoing outbreak and to control this novel infectious thread.

  17. With packages from all points of origin passing through the same sorting machinery, at some point all packages become suspect.

    • Good point. I am concerned for the package handlers, including drivers. In a more informed world, they’d all be wearing Tyvek suits and other PPE.

      BTW, making PPE would be a great business opportunity for an American company if they could procure the raw materials. The same is true for UV-C lamps, ozone generators, and perhaps even the narrow band far UV lamps that are safe for human exposure but lethal to pathogens.

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