Market Panic? No, But…..

This may set your hair on fire, so before delving in this morning, take a good, deep breath and count to 10.  OK, now you may continue..

Down Futures -367: Two big drivers:  First is the number of COVID Cases took a huge leap up in today’s data:

You can see what happened and why we’ve been expecting this:  China had been running a propagation rate of about 2% per day.  Then, they changed methodology to restate a lower number.  Now that the bug is in the wild, out of China, we can see in the highlighted line reason number one for your hair to spontaneously combust.

Second Reason for Market Panic?

The Sacramento Bee is reporting on a case – now confirmed – out of northern California where there is no known contact that could have brought the virus into the victim’s vicinity.

Forget China contact – what about Thailand which has been the Wuhan analog to Baja?  Where are the bug police when we need ’em?

What’s Ahead for Markets?

We have a couple of charts to run out today:  The first, based on early futures, is where the market was heading 2-hours prior to the open in futures trading.  It’s not a pretty sight, but as we pointed out to our subscribers Wednesday, it’s the “red zone” in this – along with the lower trend channel – where the real battle may be fought:

Our approach to the stock market has been slowly-evolved over time.  Ever since 2001 when  Peoplenomics’ forerunner, the “UrbanSurvival Inside Report” was launched.  Stalking the Future takes patience.

The method we use makes a simple, easily proven assumption, namely that market segments don’t  all move together.  BUT, when you look at  multiple indices you can see big picture trends in stark relief.

While this morning’s downside continuation shouldn’t set anyone’s hair on fire – unless you got caught on the wrong side of a triple levered ETF and failed to cut losses and reverse positions – the Longer Term/Bigger Picture does begin to concern us.  Which is why the possible “red zone” fight ahead is so bothersome.  Fail there are the road to S&P 1800 opens.

Let’s look at how the market fell apart in the 1929 bubble – the unhappy ending of which is in the history books as the Great Depression – and the present market run from the lows in early 2009 up until present:

There is a “reasonable harmony” between Bubbles because in mathematical terms, all market bubbles are “self-similar.”

That said, the shape of the top IS  determined by the flow of news events.  (See: Youssefmir, Hogg, and Huberman, page 17 here.)  Their notion is simple – namely that the shape of the pricking moment of a Bubble – will be determined by an informational event and the timing of the information injection, in turn, shapes what happens thereafter.

Now, to my simple-minded way of viewing things, all three of these guys ought to have shared a Nobel Prize in Economics.  So far, though, their insight seems to be lost on the academics who miss the practicality of their work.

I’m working on a report for Peoplenomics subscribers Saturday that is an extremely interesting extension of both this concept as well as having a big spiritual (as in global consciousness)  aspect of it, as well.

Point is:  If you are a Day Trader, your hair is probably already singed.  If you are a swing trader, your hair may be starting to smolder.  If you’re a long-term position inventor, you will see in the Saturday report where our key indicator is…but we won’t go into details publicly about that.

90-minutes ahead of the opening, the Dow futures were down 375 points.

The reason is simple:  The latest pandemic data shows the case count is going up like crazy!  Look at the percent change in cases and you’ll see why the panic is back.  Markets react to events in advance.

Virus Outlook?

The Trump administration’s naming of VP Mike Pence is, in our view, a good start.  Except for the one tiny problem:  The Virus is like Climate:  You can’t just write a check and be done with it.

Let’s see how today’s projections are penciling out:

As you can see, we’re looking at a mortality rate that seems to be stabilizing in that 3.28% range using our method.  By the first of May we could be around 250,000 cases and deaths at around 9,000.  Remember, this is still a lower loss of life than seasonal flu!

Peoplenomics  subscribers can open and save a copy of this spreadsheet with data loading instructions to keep it current here.

Locusts:  Is there a Media Clampdown?

This is one of those bothersome “conspiracy theories” with no real answer.

True, a handful of corporations “own the news” in the US.  But also true, news goes where the ratings are and pandemic trumps locusts.

But, we’re a bit suspicious when the Mainstream Media today is all over the “China to send 100,000 duck army to fight the locusts.

Sure, sure, dandy copy.  But for the typical (somewhat less easily-led) UrbanSurvival reader, the deeper thinking may be found on the pages of Foreign Policy.  What makes the story here so damn interesting is that it quotes a U.S. policy expert who raises the parallel to the Dust Bowl of the Great Depression.

If you haven’t been following our advise to slowly begin to load up on long-term goods, you haven’t been paying attention.  Prepping and isolation are likely to become critical  and it’s only a matter of when, not so much IF – since today’s “run rate” on the virus will have us passing a quarter million cases around May 1 and by June 1 we anticipate well over 10,000 dead.

Happy-talk all you want, but this isn’t a happy outlook.  Like “If the Virus doesn’t get you, you’ll starve.”  Sheesh.

(And then survivors this fall will choose between a lefty socialist and an ADHD ballot…what could go wrong, right?)

So, we will keep today’s column short, to the point, and go on to the “filler material for idiots” (FMFI)


Look, we’re sorry to read Family living in motel speaks out amid homelessness crisis, but wait 12 months.  Ought to be lots of empty homes, if we’re reading this right.

Say what? Lawyers say new evidence clears Lori Loughlin in college scandal.  So the kid’s way in wasn’t bought?  Well…..not exactly.  But there are apparently notes showing the parents thought it was a legit donation.

Here’s another one of those “brainpower among famous” stories: ‘Shark Tank’ star lost nearly $400,000 in scam.  My point?  Seems to us if the “famous” can make mistakes like getting scammed and on this whole college entrance thing, why can’t people understand that when Hollywood types speak on politics they’re no brighter than the rest of us?

Mystery:  If the U.S. is a big energy exporter now (uh…so goes the Trump song and dance…) why is the Moscow Times reporting “U.S., Britain Double Russian Oil Purchases?”  Inquiring minds, bubba…

CBS Missed A Couple? Top 10 myths about climate change.   Missing:  There is no climate change other than what’s been going on since the Ice Age and 2, problem’s over and fading thanks to the virus.

The good part of the story is CBS putting out that “The temperature records are carefully fine-tuned by data experts…”  Which is like asking the fox to count chickens.  Climate grantsmanship is what (repeat after me, here) “It’s a business model!!!”

And if denial hasn’t set in yet, got just the thing for you: “Galapagos cruises spotlight economic and environmental pressures challenging the islands.”

OK, Fed Repo Depot just only lit up $25-billion  $55.19  billion in repo’s this morning.  Why, news of this makes the semi-conspiratorially minded wonder if the whole market decline isn’t the Fed backing out of free money and letting the vxirus worries get the blame.  When really, the market is suffering withdrawal from declining Repo Depot money for the mouse house.

Too early to get a drink around here?

Write when you get rich,

60 thoughts on “Market Panic? No, But…..”

  1. “Say what? Lawyers say new evidence clears Lori Loughlin in college scandal. So the kid’s way in wasn’t bought? Well…..not exactly. But there are apparently notes showing the parents thought it was a legit donation.”

    I really don’t know what all the HOOPLA is over this.. People have been buying a paper for their children for years to keep the separation of society.. even today.. its illegal in some countries to teach to certain classes or to women some places it is punishable by the usa we open up for anyone the possibility of getting an education but limit it to those in the lower classes of society by price .. wages won’t add up to a lesser job if the cost is high enough.. a lot of young students 1 in five young ladies though are finding friends to help them with their schooling by donating money for time and attention..

    • One in five? Somehow I’ve failed to find that young lady who needs help with her schooling in exchange for her time and attention. That in spite of spending a significant amount of time on campus. I wonder why this could be…..

  2. ” $55.19 billion”

    Farmers and financial companies can’t compete without supports. If there’s money for them there is money for us. UBI!

  3. I know this is trivial point with everything else going on, but why spend the peoples resources prosecuting citizens for donating to a school to have their children receive a spot. Probably this might result in .001% of the student population. I believe the administrators have a pretty wide criteria to accept students and generally should have. This could go two ways. The university lets in dumb asses that tarnish the schools reputation. The school uses the bonus money to offset other tuition charges for the general population or provide for scholarships to deserving students. We have become so jealous that some have advantages over others. Welcome to the real world, never will everything in life be equitable nor should we attempt to have government step in to resolve every possibility where this might occur. Now if the money straight up is bribe to an individual and not the school, I can see the outrage, but to me this should result in the the recipient of the money being prosecuted.

    • You’re not wrong, but these sorts of things undermine what little is left of people’s view of the US as a meritocracy. If smart rubes are losing spots in top colleges because mediocre IQ kids with rich parents can game the system, it perpetuates the idea that one can’t really get ahead because the system is stacked against them.

      • Yes, and don’t forget the mediocre-connected kids, like George Bush the 2nd, a nice little C student, and don’t forget Mr. and Mrs. Obama, how they got into Columbia (Harvard), who knows, as well as all the immigrants from China and India and other far off places coming here for our excellent colleges (Princeton, Yale, Harvard, Columbia et al), and let’s not forget the multitudes of people who are dual citizens with Israel, as they now serve all over our great country in high places in the house, the senate, our Supreme Court, in major banking entities that have life and death decision hold over our country, they are our judges (Roger Stone’s judge), and even at the CDC, Dr. Nancy Messonnier, as well as President Trump’s advisors Kushner, Dershowitz, and adversaries think Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, et al, how did they get into the top colleges in our nation? IF it isn’t obvious that the system is STACKED against the little ole citizen of the USA, I don’t know what more evidence is needed! (AND this was the SHORT LIST!)


        It has always been about power and separation.. the only difference today is that in the USA you do have the possibility to gain the upper classification.. but at a price.. the price has been put there to still keep that person gaining that wisdom separated to the lower social class..
        I worked with a young woman from africa that told me how it was done there to keep the classes different.. and then of course you read of socates and valentine.. that took the steps to teach others outside the approved social classes..
        (like most of our holidays there are many pagan rituals done on them but for valentines day I like and use the nice one)
        who gives someone a hundred million dollar loan then forgives it.. ( oops oh wait they got that back LOL)
        but it always has been and still is about power and to keep a society in ignorance and unedjumicated gives power to control and enslave..
        like the old story goes.. its not what you know but who you blow that decides..
        People put a lot of credence that the piece of paper makes the person that hangs on the wall.. which isn’t true.. all it does is says you had the money to spend the time studying whatever topic you studied.. ( its obvious that our congress enjoyed RECESS the most but then so do most kids college is party time.. even for my grand kids that I harp at to push the limits make the teachers work for their money question everything ) once you are in a career field you learn the job internally.. you may have read the basics.. and had someone keeping you on tract .. but you learn the job internally from working with it..

  4. ‘…..wonder if the whole market decline isn’t the Fed backing out of free money and letting the vxirus worries get the blame.’

    Yes! Why waste a good crisis. The Central Banks are fools if they do not see this ‘get out of jail free’ card being played on the Monopoly board. The Virus gives perfect cover to crash the system and reset it….maybe even reset on a gold based system, although we are too far away to speculate on the next ‘system.’ It’s great realty TV folks!

  5. WTI Crude down to $46 and change right now. Since “hair on fire” land is where I live mine grew back years ago. Welcome to my world…

    Sent the latest from Dr. Chris Martinson around this morning. People in S. Korea and Iran are now dropping in the streets. People fly out of Wuhan to Thailand and then to the rest of the World which is why the UAE has banned all travel from there to them. Black Swan or just the normal progression of Idiocracy? Better start taking this thing seriously people.

  6. Why did Trump appoint Pence? This was Trumps chance to ride the wave of populism and save the day. Oh…because he Trump thinks it’s a hoax. His latest tweet today is disturbing. He is so narcissistic and delusional to think that even natural occurring virus’s are a conspiracy to ruin the economy and thus ruin his chances for his recovery-election. He can’t even spell Coronavirus correctly.

    Donald J. Trump
    “Low Ratings Fake News MSDNC (Comcast) & @CNN are doing everything possible to make the Caronavirus look as bad as possible, including panicking markets, if possible. Likewise their incompetent Do Nothing Democrat comrades are all talk, no action. USA in great shape! @CDCgov…..”

      • “throw Pence under the bus, when the pandemic escalates!”


        Put his best man and the one he trusts the most to take on a serious challenge as this.

        He has a lot to deal with with all the other crap deepstate is continually tossing at him..

      • I just doubled down on Tesla today. No reason not to. It may have reached its low point. Only reason it’s down is because of disruption in it’s China facility and their consumer market,. It is still by lightyears…the best car on the market. And the demand is even stronger than ever..especially for their solar roofs. With all new single family housing starts in California having to install solar, the roofing material Tesla has will be a key supplier to the construction industry here. OEM solar…what a concept….Should have been done decades ago.

      • YES. WILL HOLD IN STRONG HANDS. TSLA is a $1,000 stock. It’s stock is GM when it began. Also, space travel to Mars. What will they take to Mars to build what the need. A 3D PRINTER. The virus scare is only temp, a needed correction. This is how Wall Street scares you out of your stocks so they can buy them on the cheap. Bernie may do away with capitalism as President.

    • Why are you scared? The deep stare is throwing everything they have at US and our President, and they are LOSING big time. Who’s side you on? We paytriQts, rejoice every day for every pedo that goes down and disney ceo was just another feather in our hat. Pedo arrest and convictions are up in every state, big ones and little ones, they all are scared poopless
      And ya, there is a message in the misspellings, your not seeing or understand the message in the misspelling makes you ignorant of the message. NOT everything is about you, or is it?

      • Sandhiller,
        Oh boy. Another delusional person that thinks that Alex Jones/Limbaugh and other charlatans have all the answers. You must live in one of those areas where teeth are optional and grade school diploma is a luxury to believe such a brainless view. I feel sorry for you.

      • Mark, you assume that I listen to Rush and Alex,,,I do not. Now Rush I do respect but Alex reminds me of ,,,YOU,,pretenders that say you are republicans, but are not.
        Now go make your pizza deliveries, as you worry night and day about the Trump train

    • Trump didn’t appoint Pence to be a scientist, he’s not going to be hanging out in a lab swirling test tubes. He’s there to be an administrator/director and communicator. Trump trusts him not to throw him under the bus, so why not. In that capacity he’s as good as any and better than most.

  7. Dont look now bunky – but Bob Iger -CEO of Disney has stepped DOWN before his contract says he should. Dark to Light AGAIN! Q told Anons a big was going to drop After Weinstien went down – just another COWINKYDINK ? These people are sick and deserve eternal damnation – nah not enough for Patriot – I would like to see Public Executions – Hell I would the Rights to CCTV public executions..I wonder whose would be the ratings winner. As far as winners go – that was travesty last night Dionne Warwick/The Mouse got booted from Masked Singer -AUFKM! That is one CLASS Lady – with a beautiful voice -still.

    Sea of red on my screens this AM – ah the sight of Victory – Long SPY Puts on Friday going into Close – markets moving so fast at one point my Sell orders were Below the Offers before I could hit Enter. Rather scary seeing all these Contracts blow up this AM. U know its getting a lil bloddy when evn the Miners and Streamers stocks are Down and the Underlying Precious Metal is UP – gotz to Sell Ure best when the SHTF and need Cash/Margin Calls – margin calls will be next week..hmm

    Got N95 masks? and NO it is IMPOSSIBLE for a Corona Virus to Mutate a HIV like spike in a matter of Months – maybe in several billion years -maybe.

  8. Yesterday’s tragedy in Milwaukee has a strangely rhyming 140 day shadow. Booze.

    A little more than 140 days ago was the bar shooting in KC that made some headlines for a few days.

  9. I always have more than a month in food, but this weekend I have another task. Toilet paper, cat/dog food, and cat litter. Two months of that stuff will cost a few bucks, and go a long way for isolated comfort.

  10. “Here’s another one of those “brainpower among famous” stories: ‘Shark Tank’ star lost nearly $400,000 in scam. ”

    LOL LOL LOL LOL this story brings back a funny story my brother told me.. long long ago.. he was the international sales manager for a very very large company.. spent years until he retired flying from one city to another around the globe.. anyway..
    On one of his trips he stopped by and we were having a couple of cold brews at the airport where I brought up an ad in the journal.. the guy had put an ad in last chance to send your tax deductible donation… ( he made millions with that ad) and my brother told me about one of his neighbors an executive working at a very very large company in a big metropolitan area that when they decided to downsize during the reagan recession.. his job was eliminated..
    the guy got torked.. was real upset that they did that.. didn’t they know how important he was LOL LOL LOL LOL so he got a small printing shop.. and a list..of all the big companies making millions and millions of dollars.. He then would send them a bill for under ten dollars for printing this or that..
    My brother said when he asked his neighbor why he did that his response was.. the big companies wouldn’t question a bill for under ten dollars.. they would send down a memo bitching and moaning but would pay the tab anyway..
    I asked.. so what happened.. he said he was getting checks right and left.. Then he got greedy and got caught ended up in trouble over it..
    It was always good for a good laugh.. another ad I use to get a chuckle over was.. guaranteed fly killer.. a little block of wood a hammer and the instructions.. catch fly place on wood hit with hammer LOL it doesn’t surprise me.. she had a lot of property.. get a bill for repairs.. pay the dumb bill..
    a local lady had a company ( she still has it) and her daughter and I worked.. her mom was having a tough time.. she boasted having the more prominent cream of the crop of society as her customers.. but they for some reason wouldn’t pay her.. LOL I helped her set up her accounting program.. then told her if she wanted to redo my house I wouldn’t pay her either LOL … LOL…Her husband a doctor.. ( a very good doctor ) was footing the whole bill… it ended up in a divorce over the whole issue.. I see the ad’s and get a chuckle all the time..
    Heard the excuses they would give her.. LOL LOL LOL… as much fun as what they would pull at the store LOL LOL..

  11. I always have a month or more of stored food. This weekend I’ll be taking on another task, cat litter, toilet paper, and cat/dog food. That will go a long way to help with isolated comfort.

    (PS: George, don’t take this wrong, but I have to give you a bug report about this page. Once a user has entered something in the Name field, accidentally hitting Enter will commit the change. This sends the info without an email address. Not sure what the impact is, but I think it wrecks the comment. If that’s true, maybe disable enter as “submit” on this page? Or at least don’t enable it until the comment is viable when enter is pressed. If I’m wrong, sorry for the noise.)

      • No worries, actually it tested out okay. I see my original post above that resulted from hitting enter accidentally. So it posted without an email entry. So this is a P4 or P5. No loss of data.

        Don’t worry about it, just a jarring experience.

    • “always have a month or more of stored food.”

      Get a freeze dryer…

      Then when your rotating stock of you have some getting close to expiration date just freeze dry it. Then vacuum pack it and Store in totes..

      A normal family will toss out three grand a year..

      • Amazing. it’s rare for me to throw out a can or an egg. Almost everything I buy gets eaten. How can people be so wasteful?

        I suppose they never starved early in life.

  12. George,

    When I cancelled our annual winter vacation to Jamaica a month ago because of concerns for the coronavirus, I took a lot of ribbing from a few family members and friends. You were supportive and I appreciated it.

    I have used the last month to build a food stock at home for my wife and me as things unfold with this potential and possible pandemic in Canada. Again, I have taken some ribbing until this week when some of them have acknowledged that perhaps I made the right moves.

    One more thing. Last April, I moved most of my money out of the market and into GICs much to the chagrin of my financial advisor who told me that I was missing a great opportunity. I told her that she was probably right but at 77 years old, she could double my net worth and it would probably not change my lifestyle but if she halved it in a bad market, my lifestyle would definitely change.

    So I have been early now on 2 occasions in the past year but now feeling some level of satisfaction that perhaps I made the right decisions. I have always told my children that HOPE is not a plan.

    • Thank you. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t pray Peoplenomics subscribers all followed the evolution, those blue arrows aligning 1929 and present and did the right thing. I’m not a licensed financial anything. But I expect most PN readers knew to be off the tracks when this train came through.

    • “I have taken some ribbing until this week when some of them have acknowledged that perhaps I made the right moves.”

      Goodord knows I’ve been down that path.. for years I had people tease me about being to paranoid blah blah blah.. then we went a year without an income.
      As soon as things got rough everyone vanished.. family and friends even the church vanished what was funny is the ones that took a stand to at least listen were from those that no one would even suspect..people that didnt even know our situation..
      It is times like those that make sure I know that there is someone watching.. that does answer prayers.
      I won’t forget my trials and when the lord reaches out to me I answer yes I am listening let me be someone else’s strength..

      It was tough watching my wife break into tears late at night when she thought no one was watching.. what saved us was our food stock.. what little we had saved..
      The fact that I made my own cheese and other things was a life saver..
      Now my wife no longer razzes me but helps and even my kids are active putting up a food stock..

  13. The so called virus is only an excuse for the falling stock market,the real reason so I read is the largest financial bubble ever blown in human history,with global derivatives at $l.2 quadtrillion dollars or 20 times the world GDP.Then add in the decline of social values which were replaced with financial values, which began when JFK was murdered and you have the perfect storm, which has been long overdue with the only thing remaining is what kind of country what kind of government will be its place at the end.!!!

    • bluedogg, there are Individuals responsible fpr this. If we, as a society, don’t hold those responsible for their actions, then what? It’s our own fault, imho! Bring back the guillotine! ;-).

      • I still believe it was an oops… forgive and forget.. it got out by accident by someone not following protocol …and Shizt happens.. its out now lets deal with it.. and from what I am reading.. everyone world wide is working on it.. the same thing that happened with fukishima.. they called in everyone..and that shizt is still going on today as well.. this is going to make the circuits and in a few years we all will have a little bit or have been exposed to the corona virus..

  14. Is the Coronavirus in NC? My son in law took a co worker to Urgent Care yesterday. When he got home he developed a 102 degree temp, sweats, nausea, chills, etc. He did not go to work today. He is never sick. I stayed away since I have been sick with a ulcer flareup.

    • According to the CDC, more than half the influenza cases nationwide are H1N1. Your son may need to confer with a witch doctor, especially if he didn’t have the vaccine. It is unlikely you can contribute anything by going there in person other than getting yourself hurt.

    • There have been 60 CDC confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the USA. The affected people are in: WA, CA, AZ, TX, NE, WI, and one of the tiny states that abut NY. (I think its NJ from the map.)

      The CDC has specific criteria for testing for the new coronavirus.

      Suspected patients may have:
      a fever
      cough and/or difficulty breathing
      recent travel to Wuhan, China
      and/or close contact with a confirmed or suspected case of new coronavirus. (although the person in NorCal had no known contact.)

      It takes about four to six hours to diagnose a case once a sample arrives at the CDC.

      I am more worried about Influenza A and B. I work in a small town hospital and the ER has a constant stream of visitors that are testing positive, even a few that have documented (yeah, I’m a nurse) current vaccines. Mostly those folks are okay, except for the elder folk who lay around and get secondary pneumonia.

      My advice:
      Keep Hydrated
      Eat healthy foods
      Move your body during the day to keep circulation good
      Get vaccinated as per your doctor’s recommendations (I got pneumonia vax Q5Years and Annual Flu Vax, plus reupped all childhood in 2012.)
      I like the taste of elderberry gummies – and Hadassah Hospital says elderberries have some antiviral propertied, so there’s that. Fewer side effects than antivirals, which our docs only prescribe for confirmed cases.
      The Airborne gummies also taste good. Research is mostly industry funded on both sides, so these are treats for the day. Low cal, tasty and questionable health benefits.
      I’ll send a recipe for my chicken soup. if George will allow it’s posting.

      Be well, folks. Some of you entertain me.

  15. Hey George how you doing there good old buddy Pal I’ve been slurping too much foam off of the coffee here .
    Well that printer thingy device you got print out mask.
    If it will your in business. Lol
    Okay start that hemp production going and all those old clothes at the Salvation Army in a Red Cross and all those places throw away and burn can you be remanufactured antemasque but we need more than that this is a bio 4 level which means it’s got to cover your whole head your ears ,your nose, your eyes ,your mouth, your nipples ,your genitals and other orifices.
    Okay now you have a good day there and best of luck with that printing machine.

  16. There is plenty of talk about viruses. I don’t know of anyone who I could discus this with, but are they not just another creation of “our father in heaven” who brought us into existence at some time?

    Perhaps it’s telling us something about life in general and how we deal with it in our short time on earth, jmho.

    It maybe of subject — but here it goes ;-). Any wise comments?

  17. Something you won’t hear from main stream media — but should!

    From a verified official statement from Xi’an Jiaotong University Second Hospital (In Chinese:

    “High dose vitamin C treatment of new coronavirus [COVID-19] pneumonia.

    “On the afternoon of February 20, 2020, another 4 patients with severe new coronaviral pneumonia recovered from the C10 West Ward of Tongji Hospital In the past 8 patients have been discharged from hospital. . . [H]igh-dose vitamin C achieved good results in clinical applications. We believe that for patients with severe neonatal pneumonia and critically ill patients, vitamin C treatment should be initiated as soon as possible after admission. . .[E]arly application of large doses of vitamin C can have a strong antioxidant effect, reduce inflammatory responses, and improve endothelial function. . . Numerous studies have shown that the dose of vitamin C has a lot to do with the effect of treatment. . . [H]gh-dose vitamin C can not only improve antiviral levels, but more importantly, can prevent and treat acute lung injury (ALI) and acute respiratory distress (ARDS).”

  18. Curious, wonder what the real % of those affected is RH neg? it seems all infected are RH Positive.

    insert false flag event…. or not… Im sure it is on the table.

    another bloody day on wall street…. everything is unfolding as was stated what 4 years ago……. be interesting what day I asked them for the 1 year extention??? I thought we would have a bit more time…. its sooo damn predictable! how could you not see it on the horizon… here you have an article the priming of the pump in the latest Fortune Magazine about the animosity of the general population towards billionaires. who keep getting richer and richer and richer! while the poor get poorer and poorer and poorer….

    as was stated back on april 10th I believe of 2016..

    [“remember all the animosity towards the top 1% when the market crashed last time… alll those big bonues and salary’s…. The period of prosperity must unfold first, for the next 3 years Trump will look like a savior and solution. even now housing prices are set to skyrocket!”]

    and that all happened exactly as I said it would… before Trump won the republican nomination.

    and this excerpt.

    [what they want is to leave A 1% holding the bag. Trump will be left holding the bag. this will create the revolution they desire in the US. ]

    and what did Trump do?????? The day he took office stocks sored 676 points on the Dow. Sucker born every minute. So he tied his reputation to the economy like a fool. FYI: In tarot the Fool is the 0 card and both the first and last Major Archana it is also referred to as the “Trump card” in game play. so now that the economy is cratering????

    well I can tell you exactly what is going to happen again…… the people in soup lines are going to vote for the fella promising them an extra dumpling with every bowl.

    Feel the Bern…..

    you know I havent talked to CH in a long long time…. the last he said directly too me was…

    “Yo! sh!ts on fire!” and after this big Austrailian fires….. it only makes sence that when a broken clock is only right twice…. we have the Bernie Sanders as a president….

    gool call clif..

    *tips hat.

    and no that doesn’t mean I like you or we are friends Mr. High…. but I felt it prudent to give credit where credit is due when it is true and right to point out when someone gets something right…


    well when you have a scocialest democratic president coming in to office???? where else would you want to live???? but California…

    Say George! do you rememeber way back when we met??? I was working at a casino when the collapse happened last time as well…. they say the 3 business’s that fair well during a massive down turn???? Casnio’s, Causemetics’s and booze…. this time I suspect the mary jane shops will do well.. all things considering.

    two 1000 point drops in a week… let alone 3….. wow!


    told ya so…. lol

  19. best case scenario… I will be wrong. labeled a buffoon and laughed off stage.

    that is an acceptable outcome. then I can return to living life as normal man.

    I desire that much.

    not sure when I will be back… I don’t need a play by play of the things I already knew years in advance….. I have already played them through on many many a meditation.

    hope you a a splendid weekend.

    thanks George, for all you have taught me.

    • who will succeed the union first…. texas or California…. California being the 9th largest economy in the world…. hmmmmmmm…..

      just thinking out loud.

      reminiscent of Road Warrior Fury Road…. we have the bullet farmer, gas town and Watertown… all trying to catch furiousa… “witness me!” lol My favorite movie of all time….

      whats not to like when you have a late 50’s cadilac on tractor pizza cutters, with super charged turbo 502 rat motors… hahaha. fricking awesome!

  20. How convenient that the March 2019 college admissions fraud scheme has been brought back for rerun with some ironic wrinkles thrown in. As the rubes graze tv-land for lurid tales of past decades’ Hollywood starlets dropping a few K so their offspring can chow down on 4 years of choice college, China’s 202nd wealthiest person and multi-billionaire drops over $6 million in the USA head scamster’s cap-in-hand to end up receiving a modest ticket to donate to the US justice slush fund and then steam back to China tramp in tow. By the way, according to Forbes, he is $4 million wealthier today than yesterday. Woot, woot!

    Another delicious irony is a made-for-tv airing of the scam already happened last October. The network was owned by the “happiest place on Earth” folk whose recent former head appears destined for moonshot to remote terrain following scam revelations. Mickey and Friends must surely be aghast!

  21. The virus is just a cover story for highly credentialed fools caught in margin calls with nowhere to run. The credit deflation episode will continue until all the debt associated with the Fed-financed margin buying spree is liquidated. How low can it go? The lower tier muppet investors will take it in the end again, as always.

    Chicken stock
    • 1 4–5-lb. chicken, cut into 8 pieces (skin on) – 2-3 kg
    • 2 large yellow onions, unpeeled, quartered – 2 cups/500 mL
    • 6 celery stalks, cut into 1″ pieces – 1 .5 cups/375 mL
    • 4 large carrots, peeled, cut into 1” pieces – 1 lb./2 kg
    • 1 each parsnip, rutabaga or turnip, peeled, cut into 1” pieces – ½ lb./1 kg
    • 1 head of garlic, halved crosswise (about a tablespoon chopped) – 15 mL
    • 6 sprigs flat-leaf parsley
    • 2 or 3 whole bay leaves
    • 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper – 2.5 mL
    Matzo ball mixture
    • 1 box commercial Matza Ball Mix – has two pouches – use both
    • 4 large eggs
    • 4 tablespoon olive oil – 60mL
    • 1 teaspoon chopped parsley – 5mL
    • 1 teaspoon chopped garlic – 5 mL


    Chicken stock
    • Bring all ingredients and 4-5 liters cold water to a boil in a very large stockpot. Reduce heat to medium-low and simmer until chicken breasts are cooked through, about 20 minutes.
    • Transfer breasts to a plate (remaining chicken parts are strictly for stock). Let breasts cool slightly, then remove meat and return bones to stock. Shred meat. Let cool, tightly wrap, and chill.
    • Continue to simmer stock, skimming surface occasionally, until reduced by one-third, about 2 hours.
    • Remove bones and toss to your favorite cat.
    ? DO AHEAD: Stock can be made 2 days ahead. Let cool; cover and chill. Keep reserved chicken meat chilled.

    Matzo ball mixture
    • Mix eggs, matzo meal, oil, garlic and parsley in a medium bowl (mixture will resemble gritty putty; it will firm up as it rests). Cover and chill about 15 minutes.
    ? DO AHEAD: Mixture can be made 1 day ahead. Keep chilled.
    ? Matza balls can be cooked in the stock early, but, if you do, fish them out and store separately from stock. The balls may break up if they are boiled several times.

    Soup Assembly
    • Bring chicken stock to a boil in a large saucepan. Remove from heat, add reserved breast meat, and cover.
    • Scoop out 1 tablespoon/15 mL portions matzo ball mixture and, using wet hands, gently roll into balls.
    • Add matzo balls to water and reduce heat so water is at a gentle simmer (too much bouncing around will break them up). Cover pot and cook matzo balls until cooked through which is usually about 15-20 minutes.

    Serve with warm bread (challah).

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