Structured Water–Anything To It?

In a word: Yes, maybe…  But that’s where today’s research gets interesting. “Hacking Old Age,”  Part 3, is it? This is the kind of report that “turns my crank” because I don’t have any knowledge to speak of, digging into it, and no predispositions. What does the rational mind (or mine, for that matter) find?
Yet, there has been an emergence around the fringes of  science dating as far back as the late 1970’s.
And curiously, not all water is “equally wet” in many – often subtle –  ways.
We’ll dish up this latest serving of brain food  after the “usual suspects” – including a handy spreadsheet to quickly pencil out COVID-19 numbers – and what our Charts are murmuring about the future.

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41 thoughts on “Structured Water–Anything To It?”

  1. I would look for the markets to back off after 11 am EST after the Hedge Funds finish their trading. This doesn’t appear to be over yet.

  2. My drinking water comes from the well
    filtered with ceramic dome filters
    stored in Hornitos bottle at 39F in the frig
    always taste better than tap water

    the blender is centrifugal ?

    Dan Winter does centripedal water

    In the fluid dynamics sense, centripedal force refers to the suction process that causes fluids to move inwards and towards the centre in a spiraling whirling path. It can be called a vortex and affects the nature of water in profound ways. The opposite of centripedal force is the familiar centrifugal force that we felt strongly as children hanging onto a spinning merry-go-round to avoid being spun off. Centripedal force is just as strong a force but acts towards the centre. Centripedal force as applied to water causes implosion which has profound effects on the nature of water. The Fractal Field Company’s Imploder uses an intricately designed and precisely engineered nozzle to set up a centripedal force which causes implosion in water.

  3. “Structured Water–Anything To It?”

    I don’t know if there is or not… I have a ventury tube and the cartrige I made.. the magnetic flow.. I do it because my mom did it.. she used a funnel and would put her quartz rocks in it and dumped the fridge water over it.. and filtered..
    I also use uv light and ozone.. I do believe in ozone.. I use rose quartz my favorite.. although I carry a rose quartz stone in my pocket all the time.. my grandson five year old.. he has his pretty rock.. it is a piece of quartz with some gold flakes in it that he found on vacation with his parents.. my other grandkids each have picked up rocks for years and they to have their pretty rock..
    But does it really make any difference.. in nature as water flows over stones it inserts oxygen into the water.. in my quartz tube.. I don’t know since there isn’t any oxygen in the tube except for what is in the water..
    Now I have some serious magnets in mine .. but I don’t know what good that does..if it does anything good at all..

  4. is it possible to grow our food with only sunshine? – Water out of Air -, climate control and grow lights by solar energy. Until now science-fiction, but since today reality. Wrapped in an Art Project I demonstrate a new solution to cope with drought and a rising demand for food. It soon will be possible to grow our food everywhere, even in a desert. #SunstainableDevelopmentGoals

    • Lol lol lol … an air well.. my god who would have thought it possible lol lol..

      You can make your own easy enough with a dehumidifier then put a pump and float switch on it to pump it through a filtration system. In the desserts they did it like spiders do and has the run off go into a ciatern

  5. Classic chemistry using known result test reactions with various isotopes of carbon, nitrogen, and other elements with stable nuclear isotopes have shown no variance in the reactions or the products that aren’t easily explained by fully known and defined effects — such as small differences in molecular weights of compounds incorporating different isotopes.

    Water is a slightly polar molecule with a well-defined structure. Chemical reactions using deuterium (“heavy water,” with one extra neutron) are identical to “normal” water results, aside from tiny variances due entirely to the slight mass difference.

    There’s a guy making the Woo-Woo Overnight Weird Talk Show Circuit (The Art Bell and John Nebel of old) discussing the advantages of “Reduced Duterium” water.

    He claims, among other novelties, that “Duterium-laced” water forms more easily near the equator, where solar flux at “various vibrational levels” (Whatever the hell THAT is) infuses plain od regular water into “deuterium saturated” unhealthy water, and that health-minded folks need to resource their water from closer to the Earth’s polar regions.

    Uh-Huh…. Ok….

    “…children’s ice cream, Group Captain Mandrake… Children’s ice cream. The commies put it (fluoride) in children’s ice cream! Sapping and affecting the Purity of their Bodily Essense!” (General Buck Turgidson of “Strangelove.)

    I’m not dismissing “Structured water,” as I have an open mind; but I would like to see some Actual Science (repeatable and confirmable) among other activites and labs before I buy it.

    Personally, I have a 2-gallon Berkey water filter, and it takes away the stinky Krappe they put in the city water here — and one can clearly taste the difference in an A B taste test.

    Makes smoother coffee, too.

  6. I have spent a lot of time researching and trying various devices to structure water. I have had an interest in this for the last decade or so. Lately, I have decided to stop the constant research, and just use various methods and to try and see if I could actually feel a difference in my health. I started out with one of the $500+ magentic ‘Vortexers’ that spin the water around a magnet. The vortexer has a mineral basket to release minerals in the water. After using it for a several years, I decided that I really could not feel or see a definite difference in my body. The mineral baskets are also very expensive. I then decided to use a cool ceramic cask with an orgone base to structure the water. Here is the link if you are interested:

    The cask is cool and I really like the way it makes water taste, but I don’t necessarily feel any healthier, but since I am focused like a laser on my health all the time, I would not think it would make a huge difference given that I feel great pretty much all the time. Btw, I am not associated with the people who sell the cask. I just posted the link for those who may want to check it out. There are lots of ways to structure water. It’s a great topic to research – BUT – put your research to the test! Do you feel better?

    • I figure (though I didn’t state this so overtly in this morning’s PN post – it was a research piece) that if I couldn’t “red neck it” into something I could feel results from in a week (two at the most) it was likely a way to separate the foos and their poos…

      • Yes I sure wouldn’t dump a lot of money into it. I was doing it a long time before it became a fad. I do believe in Crystal’s and use them in my tube.

  7. Our water in the Bay Area is from an open air reservoir near Yosemite called the Hetch-Hetchy, and is considered one of the cleanest water qualities in the country. It’s a combination of high altitude, low temperature, low pollution, highly oxygenated water runoff from the snow pack of the Sierra’s. Yet I still filtrate it. As in any part of the country, The pipes that deliver the water aren’t always the best.

  8. In a biology lab for the end of year project one student decided to test water for bacterial content from different sources. Sources were a “pristine” pond where standing water was crystal clear, a lake, and different locations on a river, where water pooled, swirled, or swashing over rocks.

    Test results, pristine pond had the highest bacteria count, river water swashing over rocks had the lowest, almost the same as municipal tap water. As a kid in Boy Scouts, we were told in the wild never drink standing water, only from a fast flowing creek. In retrospect, sound advice.

  9. George
    Thanks for filling my weekend with more reading, as water is a subject near and dear to my heart. I am at the last Nerve Agent destruction site in Kentucky. I work a 4-10 schedule Mon-Thurs and go back to Alabama for Weekends.
    KY is more ‘Purple” than Alabama, and so couldn’t use the nasty old Incineration we used to destroy our nerve agent stockpile. So here we break it down with water and “caustic” (Sodium Hydroxide, or Lye). Then the Secondary Treatment which would have been a secondary furnace giving the exhaust of the first 2000F for 2 Seconds, is now a
    Super Critical Water Oxidation Reactor (SCWO). This subjects the broken down chemicals to water at 1100F and 3400PSIG. At these temperatures and pressures above the “critical point” water is neither water, ice, or steam, but a “super-critical fluid with the properties of a plasma. In super-critical water salts are no longer soluble and precipitate. On the other hand Oils ARE soluble in the super-critical water and are oxidized by the excess oxygen in the system from the pressure (supplied by super compressors) and by the fuel, Isopropyl Alcohol. This is probably due to modification of those intermolecular spaces, and to either an enhancement or breakdown of the weak electron bonding between the extra electron pairs on the oxygen of one molecule and the adjacent Hydrogen (ie, protons) of another molecule. This is a property only seen in Water.
    I am one of two Engineers here certified as “SME” on the SCWO reactors (we have 3) and I am still learning all kinds of new stuff so stay tuned.

    The advantages of this kind of system is that we are “burning (oxidation) stuff under water.” That means no stack, no release to the atmosphere, you can retain off-spec stuff and send it through again unlike a smokestack. Problems are keeping the precipitated salts fluid (we have our ways) and keeping 1100 degrees and 3400 PSIG in the reactor, which we have to work on, but we’re getting there.

    Anyway, I am finding out all kinds of new things about water, will add any information I can to the discussion.
    Oh, and for the oxidative effects I take 10-15 drops (about 200 drops/CC small dropper) of 35% H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) in distilled H2O every morning as an anti-bacterial and anti-virus. Combined with the 8g Vit C, 15,000 units D3, 2,000 units Garlic, and similar Oil or Oregano, this ought to keep the bugs at bay.

    BTW, the electron bonding in water gives it one property different than any other material on earth, and that is ice expands on freezing. Most materials contract on freezing and become more dense. Ice expands, becomes less dense than water, and then floats, as it is more buoyant. If this were not so, the first layer of ice forming on a water surface such as a pond would sink, followed by each successive layer, until the entire mass was frozen to the bottom of the lake. This would not just kill all the fish but would mean the mass would Stay Frozen; the ice at the bottom would not thaw, and would not float up to the surface where the Sun could melt it. So without waters unique properties life on earth could not exist.
    Interesting stuff.

  10. George
    A Couple of other points.
    Water absorbs more air/oxygen at lower temperatures, which gives it a more lively taste.
    Stirring and agitation saturates water with air. Usually it only takes pouring water back and forth once between two pitchers to saturate.
    Heating water, and pulling a vacuum on a bottle of water until the bubbles quite coming, with give it a very “flat” taste similar to a soda that has lost its fizz.
    But, for certain types of chromatography separations in aqueous solutions, the separations occur faster and more completely in degassed water.

  11. Interestingly, one of the main college textbooks in biochemistry(Lehninger), has had an entire chapter on water(chapter 2 in their 6th edition)! I remember this distinctly from when I studied this back in the early 70’s. I just scanned through the current edition and it’s still there and it’s 27 pages in length. There’s a lot of info there for the scientific mind and there are other resources(in the PN article) for those who recognize that until we have perfect understanding and perfect sensors, much real knowledge will require excursions beyond the scientific method. One dirty secret of science is that gut feelings and hunches(and God forbid – feelings!) lead to ideas and only then can the scientific method be brought to bear in an attempt to prove or disprove such ideas – within a limited frame! In this sense, science will always lag the bleeding edge of understanding.

  12. How to get high on water coffee creamer milk honey coconut oil cinnamon turmeric ginger lemon and milk and just little tiny amount of baking soda.
    Once you’ve made your hot coffee mix hold it about one foot in the air and pour into your cup ,make sure you’re over the sink cuz you’re going to spill some a little .now it’s going to foam up and sip that foam now take the cup of coffee and pour it back into the other container and it’ll foam up sip the foam, ,,,do this back and forth about five six times you’re going to get high off that extra oxygen…. then when you’ve had enough ,go sit down and drink your coffee with a smile on your face. LOL

  13. We’ve been watching numbers and stats for this coronavirus and we see mortality, but nothing is said of morbidity! Are there no sequelae for those who survive and test negative?

    This subject hasn’t even been broached. It’s as if this is a binary result only – dead or alive. While most healthy people will survive after perhaps a nasty infection, are they “as good as before”? What about those with previous compromise? We’ve been so panicked by this novel disease that the topic is never mentioned.

    • I sent George another email re:this a few days back. People seemed early on to have been recovering, and antibodies were able to be harvested from them that showed some help in treating the then more recent cases. However, this virus is extremely tricky. In recent days China has discovered that folks who they believed were cleared and cured of the virus are in fact not. They have been rounding up a number of people, and re-quarantining them for at least another 14 days because those individuals have been retesting positive and ARE Carrying the virus. These individuals are believed to be capable of infecting Others. It is unknown at this time whether or not they have re-caught the infection a second time or if perhaps the testing kits are faulty (showing they were recovered erroneously) and people will never be able to clear this virus. There is some anecdotal speculation that this may turn into something akin to a herpesvirus, or something similar, which would never actually be cleared from the body. This is all speculation. They just don’t know yet.
      More scary is that many people here in the USA have a history that should be concerning to the CDC, and symptoms, and are being refused the test. This is just anecdotal reports I am seeing from all around the Internet from all around the country. Hopefully a lot of these people will turn out to be nothing, or just a mild case. This is just an ongoing mess

  14. George
    If you are not watching your news feed
    It appears we have lost Clive Cussler and Dirk Pitt today.
    Cussler was 88. RIP to them both.
    What are us readers to do on weekends any more.

    • Thanks for sharing X…. I have never read that one.. I will put it on my today list for reading.

      • You either don’t read well, think well, or have never ventured out into the Real World.
        As all of us land owners (who have water flowing, even part-time) on our land knows, the Obama insurgency was pressing Federal rights to control every bit of land they could by making it part of the “navigable waters of the United State.”
        No, these were not – as you misleadingly in an oh-so-democrat way “drinking water” sources.
        This is all part and parcel of the globalist/socialist alliance trying to grab rights back from people.
        Learn to read and consider the source.
        NPR has been consistently anti-Trump, pro statists, and anti-liberty.
        National Public Radio at times acts like it’s Deep State Radio, in my view.

        While mostly moderate-left (per media bias fact check here: their technique is typical of full-spectrum shaping operations (which the left has been running for years, using courts as a weapon, as another example).

        They come out with stories like this water story – make implications – and wait for the rabid to run off into the ditch. Forgetting that those of us on the Obama era “navigable waters” see this as just another unconstitutional attempt to extend federal power over fee-simple land owners of rural land. See how this works?

  15. John Ellis water. The machines are patented and assigned to his foundation, so they command a high price… but are deductible as a 501C3.
    This water distiller has UV lamps in the vaporization chamber. The UV photons impart extra energy to the water molecules that increases the hydrogen bond angle of the molecule. This is an energy increase that can be seen with an electron microscope and measured. This is what I fill my drinking water bottles with. It is more ‘refreshing’ and tissue-penetrating than average tap water.

    I also have high power neodymium magnets on my home water pipes. “Magnetized” water becomes ‘softer’ for detergents & cleaning, and demonstrably leaves less scale in water tanks, etc. So water is mildly paramagnetic.

    So I think it is likely that there are some subtle effects from ‘structured’ water.

    • I hope they have them in stock Hank… I buy from that company quite a bit.. if it is on the shelf there then you get it in a couple of days.. but a lot of the stuff that I get from them that is suppose to be on the shelf in california is really still in China yet but on a drop ship notice.. and have gotten some of it with a chinese label on it..that is why they gave the two week shipping estimate..
      I still have three items that have not arrived and its been over a month wait so far.. I would suggest you go down to the medical supply house or walmart and pick it up..

  16. “Going the other direction, from what I’ve gathered so far, drinking water that’s 39F is good, too. Seems that cold water remains structured longer and better.”

    Water is a strange compound with a unique property:

    When heated, it expands, BUT
    when cooled, it ALSO expands.

    Water is at its most-dense at 4°C (39.2°F.) This is why, if the Arctic Ocean “melted,” the water level of the Earth’s oceans would drop. It may also be why 39° is specifically noted, and why centripetally beating 39° water may have an effect. Perhaps with the water molecules at their most-compact, a beating or pounding action would have the greatest potential for causing an effect.

    Is it woo-woo or BS? I dunno. I’m skeptical, but open-minded. A few weeks’ experimentation will cost nothing, and if it yields anything worthwhile, well…

    I’m a lot more likely to “buy into” George’s result than something I read anywhere else. He knows his biases and methods, and most of us have read him long enough to know he’ll chuck his results out the window in a heartbeat if they show nothing promising.

    • “Water is a strange compound with a unique property:
      When heated, it expands, BUT
      when cooled, it ALSO expands.”

      Now that is curiously interesting…I have never thought about that… Thanks for sharing Ray.. It will give me something to ponder over for a bit…

  17. With equity futures looking down this morning, it’s time for some morning scary charts:

    The health watch news material is so grim, that market implosion news starts looking cheery.

    Whatever contingency moves you were planning to get done prepping for a worst case biological event, you need to make your move now. Public acknowledgement of the community infection case coming out of CA public health services looks to be a marker event. Germany is apparently having the same problem.

    As a fictional cultural reference, the original pilot for the Fear the Walking Dead set in LA would be good reference material. Likewise for non-fiction, the American Experience Influenza 1918 episode is a classic. Stay wary.

  18. There’s a company called ASEA that produces a set of products that claim to be “redox signalling supplements”. They admit that this is essentially some kind of structured water and I know a couple of people that swear by it. I’m agnostic on the subject and would like to know more, but find their science links to be wanting in detail. There website is:

    They’re expensive, IMHO, and perhaps the products have value, but I do like to understand details and I’m not getting it yet. I understand some of cell redox signalling from biochemistry and physiology but not enough to figure out if these products has merit or not. I wonder if other readers know of it. They do have very slick marketing. It would be interesting to understand exactly what they’re doing to the water.

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