Joe’s Jobs Joke Jumbles, Monetizers of Cv19

While 115,000 (and likely more) Russian troops are pressing in on Ukraine, we are more concerned in the very short-term about Narrative Collapse.

You won’t see this in the MSM *(because 5 companies own 90 percent of media and they’re all hip-deep in the Big Swindle) – the Narrative Collapse has them scared shitless because it’s starting to “Get Legs.”

One example, which will likely be a template for the now abdicated US government, is likely seen in the UK police story: UK investigation into Downing Street Covid lockdown parties finds ‘failures of leadership’. How many pols here in “the Colonies” have also failed to lead?  We are being swindled out of democracy and liberty in one two-year duration fraud.

You know “the narrative” is in trouble when stories like So long, Omicron: White House eyes next phase of pandemic begin to appear on Buyed ‘Em backing snooze-sites.

Covid is Real, But…

As we have been saying for almost two years:  This is part-bioweapon (and maybe a test run) and part monetization.  Yes, it’s real.  BUT is mRNA safe enough for humans?  It’s still experimental and lawsuit-proof.  Which is fine with us – people have a right to make their own healthcare decisions.  Well, government doesn’t allow that when comes to use of Cannabis, or large doses of Vitamin D3 (which was ‘taken-out” of mainstream medicine for its ability to reduce arthritis and cure certain cancers (all in the lit.  Research which is not corporate blocked YET).

Our Main concern about Covid has been the lack of financial transparency.  This where an orientation in financial forensics matters.  Everything from the Fauci role in funding illegal gain-of-function research to the monies paid to hospitals for creating the crisis.

Just up on Bitchute is this rather remarkable case: I woke up on a Covid vent after a car accident (My testimony) (

Which could be dismissed as a one-off, nutjob, or whatever.  EXCEPT that we’re seeing a pattern in the data.  Scroll down on the page above and read the similar-sounding case posted by Paphigliano.  Tells a very similar tale.  Copycat or real case?  WTH?

Not saying it’s true, but I know a fellow who teaches post-grad forensic accounting who – with some accounting grad students – wouldn’t find it too hard to get to the bottom of this swirling Coriolis.  That is, if Congress had not abdicated and the Socialists really took over – barbed wires, walls, and all on January 6th 2020.

See, that’s what people outside of the News Industry fail to grok: New is all very much like the old fart joke:  “The fart the finder, the stink lays behind ‘er…”  If it’s in the news and it’s not an Act of God, money put it there for someone’s agenda!  (Repeat after me:  Everything’s a Business Model.“)

Job Farts

A Depression-era handbook of useful sayings, passed down in the Ure family since it was a gift (Christmas of ’32) “Take it from Me” by Coleman Cox, give some phenomenal insight into lies. Very first entry in this book of common sense for stressful times:

“Another good thing about telling the Truth is you don’t have to remember what you say.”

Fortunately, we have a president with that “font module” already installed. (Yes, there were days when fonts lived on the printer. Not on the device…)

Biden – as a typical politician – seems ready to claim credit for Jobs data whenever it is good.  Example here was Jan 2022 data.  But, since the ADP data Wednesday showed a -803-thousand crater where job growth used to be, will Joe be as ready to step-up Friday when new federal numbers come out?

It will be what a poker-player would call a tell.  Frankly, I trust the ADP numbers as about as real as you’ll get.  There are too few data collectors and too many statisticians in government, as we see it. Well, managers, too.

Besides the HUGE ADP miss Wednesday and the JOLTS report featuring 4.3 million job quitters by Labor’s count, we see other signs of “Covid Recovery Narrative Collapse” in stories like China’s coverage in U.S. private sector cuts 301,000 jobs in January amid Omicron surge-Xinhua (

Just out is the Challenger Job Cuts report for January:

CHICAGO, February 3, 2022 – U.S.-based employers announced virtually the same number of job cuts in January as in December with 19,064, up .063% from the 19,052 announced one month prior. It is 76% lower than the 79,552 cuts announced in the same month in 2021, according to a report released Thursday from global outplacement and business and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

Of cuts announced in January, 5,757 cuts were due to companies shedding workers who refused to get vaccinated against COVID-19. That brings the total number of cuts due to vaccine refusal to 13,391 since June 2021, when Challenger first recorded job cuts for this reason.

“Many employers who implemented vaccine policies last year gave workers until early January to comply. Job cuts remain low, and companies are still hard-pressed to fill open positions. This is a lot of people to cut, particularly in Health Care, where workers are increasingly leaving while those who remain battle intensifying burnout,” said Andrew Challenger, Senior Vice President of Challenger.

America’s REAL Jobs Picture

At its peak, in the Labor Department data, the number of people employed in the US peaked in 2018 at 158.772 million.  The civilian labor force then was 164.633 million.  In other words, of the workforce number, 96.4 percent were working.

As of January, this year?  The workforce is down to 162.294 million and the number working was 155.975.  Here, the percent working pencils to 96.1%.

Bottom Line #1:  Even before what we expect could be another “shoe to drop on thre jobs narrative tomorrow” (depending on honesty in government, of course – a sketchy bet always), 3-10ths of one percent fewer people were working.

The problem?  The Civilian Workforce figure is suspect.  Here’s why: December 2019 saw the US population at 328.3 million.  In January of 2022? 332.4 million.

Check this shit out because it matters: 4.1 million more people are in America (thanks border policy clowns!).  The Labor Force should be UP – but it went the other way.

This is just a “teaching moment” ahead of tomorrow’s jobs report (color us skeptical going into it).

What we’re seeing in stock futures (down) is likely because other people are going to figure out this disgraceful statistical charade will collapse.

At least, some of our office holding pricks (and prickettes) could have the decency to tell it straight:   Something like this would be refreshingly candid:

“We have open borders because we need to stimulate consumption of goods (and empire building in government) otherwise we would be in economic free-fall because we’re really in a Depression that we’re trying to paper-over here, which is why the Fed is being such good little paper-hangers…”

Some Americans will understand.  Others won’t.  Those of us who do are pissed, though.  We want the fraudsters, inside traders, and sex perv’s out of government.  Thank God elections might still work.

We’ll see, huh?

Happy-talk Jobs Narrative 2

It’s time to play Lying – Misleading Media!  Today, our contestant is New U.I. Filing Data:

Lying Media will quote the politically-driven Seasonally Adjusted (SA) numbers.  Ure’s reality only does seasonal adjustments based on seasons (*like fall, winter, and so on) and prefers more honest real data.

The Liars Club will report “The four-week average dropped again this week” while the Truth in Accounting Squad report “While new claims declined this week to 257-thousand, the four-week average was up almost 40-thousand.”

Let them who has math see.

Four Wave Down? Green Light

Yeah – with the close yesterday, we are in a range that I told you about a couple of weeks back (and subscribers have been watching since December):

The fact that we have hit the Wave 4 ideal target range for this rally only matters to 70-something old farts running around in Scrooge McDuck suits, slurring something about “g.d. bulls…:

S&P Futures are down almost 1 percent.  So the commercials will see how much they can hold the Dow up, though it may be seen as a tempting shorting opportunity if you’re a real Bear.

Never advice, just sayin…

War Nerves

I keep pondering “How many cease-fire violations does it take before a de facto state of War exists.

Reason for asking?  Four ceasefire violations by occupiers recorded in JFO area (  Double yesterdays.  We’ll see if there are eight tonight.

OTOH, it may be due to Facebook Owner Meta Set for $195 Billion Wipeout, Biggest in Market History.

Click by tomorrow for the answer.

I May Be Stupid for a Reason

More body fat linked to greater risk of cognitive decline, memory issues – Study Finds.

(Why are Elaine and the Cat both nodding with a knowing smile?)  Will my PCP email this via MyChart to me?  An unsettling feeling creeps in…

ATR:  Winter Storm Passing

Our Big Pipe onto the ‘net is still down due to heavy cloud layering as Winter rolls through the Lone Star.  Reminds me, still no sign of our Starlink comingElon?  Hey buddy…customer service…ever hear of it?

The new tool chest is getting ready for a fill-up.  Best way I could come up with to sort was to throw every tool I touch into a box.  At the end of a week, or three, the tools accumulating there will be the ones earning a place of honor.

Pot roast on tonight.  Nothing like a good pot roast and gravy when it’s cold outside.

Zeus the Cat is refusing to go out.  We’re afraid he may back up and explode.  Can’t seem to figure out what the dishpans half full of kitty litter are all about. Tried all the usual answers to litter training.  Maybe he’s just too old to learn new tricks at 16 or 17… I was.

Write when you get rich,

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  1. 12 inches of snow last night and minus 4 temp this morning. Good news is wood stove has the house toasty and I WOKE up to see it all! LOL
    Bad new is, not much good news on the horizon, Time will tell and might be sooner than we think.
    Great post George as you normally do!

    • Ditto here, MHW! It was -5 this morning and I’m guessing at 12 inches of snow here too. I won’t go outside if I don’t have to, but it’s sunny and bright, unlike yesterday. Most people seem to think that NM is always hot and south of the border – LOL. Wood is great if you grow your own, and people keep giving me theirs too. Unfortunately, snow means that I can only burn what’s under cover, and moving around outside is just not fun. First the snow, then the mud, etc. There’s lots to do inside, so I’ll just do that. Tonight is supposed to be even colder so it’s hibernation time.

      I agree with Zeus! No need to brave the weather for no useful purpose.

  2. “Maybe he’s just too old to learn new tricks at 16 or 17…”

    Geez, what’s that in human years George? Maybe I got the same problem.

    Some days I wake up and think I should just buy AI goggles, slap then on and join the mataverse with old coots like you, LOOB and many others here that grew up in a different era when men were men, women were women and common sense made sense. We started and ran businesses, paid our taxes and respected the law. It all seems so long ago now.

    I had a crazy dream last night (getting more frequent as I approach my 80th next month). I was in a large room with a data input team. We were tapping away frantically at the keyboards to keep the wheels of our business turning. Problem was that someone somewhere was causing the letters in the keyboard to malfunction. Sometimes the m key would work and sometimes it wouldn’t. Likewise with the e key, etc. It essentially shut our business down. Coherent communication was impossible.

    Thanks for having this forum where coherent communication is still possible (most times). I enjoy the cast of characters that post here.

  3. 7 Kent USA ads in todays column in the 7 minute read! I already have a small lathe and milling machine. I’m sure they sell great products. I’ve personally never heard of em, but 7 ads, don’t ya think that’s a bit much?

  4. SHEWS got to be kidding me, G-man.
    Did you/we not see the photo of the Zombie in Chief and PiledHigher&DeeperBS dr spouse – surrounded by the white staff celebrating Chyknees new year ???At least 97% of the staff in photo are Chinese – What The F____? Over!
    You just cant make this scheisse up…

    “Hello is anybody in there? “Just nod if you can if you can hear me, Is there anyone at home?”-PF
    After last targeted event -Tonga, bout time whitehats get a handle on the scalar high energy weapons systems base station in that german vassal state (dvd)known as Ukraine. Fire and Ice with those guys, always hate, always attacking – inflicting max damage/death-(specially on Women & Children), forever keeping Humanity on edge in state of Fear & Anxity.
    – F-ing nazi’s..Who Won WW2 again?

    Ure sure about that ? Paperclip anyone..

    Oh well – we can just ignore the fact that the Peeps are waking up and FIGHTING back – see Truckers & Ruskies , never mind Justine cowering in a basement somewhere soiling his Depends with Turdeaus.

    The People versus the BDM (bankers/deepstate-church/media) – talk about an UN-Civil War.. what a timeline!
    A lifetime of Painial (literally) – but hey give Us 3% of everything and we will ABSOLVE you of all Sin – so you can go to heaven at the end of Ure show. -NOT!..bwahahahahahah

  5. Yo Jorge, if the powers that were really cared about “we the people” I believe we should be having the “herd immunity” discussion rather than testing and vaxxing. How many humans have been exposed, recovered and now have natural immunity? Let us test for antibodies vice the virus. These clowns are holding onto the failed narrative until the bitter end. Damn, we live in interesting times. Reminder, keep those Vit D levels in the sweet spot…..

  6. Workforce down due to long covid? Probably at least 30-50 million have been infected, and maybe 10-20% get long covid?
    “Her analysis found that an equivalent of 1.6 million people are missing from the full-time workforce because of the disease, which can leave people incapacitated for months with persistent symptoms including fatigue, brain fog, headaches, memory loss and heart palpitations. ”

    Thanks Dr Faustchi, for your GOF research….

    • I have had all those symptoms since having the dreaded scamdemic about a month ago…..but I continue to work. I’m sure I could milk it if I really wanted to, but I have a family to take care of and a house to pay for.

  7. Well, everything is shutting down out here in Western Texas. I was hoping to go in and get more alfalfa today but it doesn’t look like it’s a good idea. Put out over 600 pounds of feed Tuesday getting the livestock ready for today and didn’t get around to everybody. Tried again yesterday but by 10am everything was headed to the draws and deep places and wasn’t about to come out even for food. I feel sorry for the little ones out there and it’s not just for financial reasons either. We’ll probably have a few in-house shortly like we do every year.

    The good thing is it’s a Posoli day (finally)! The wife makes the best you could ever find! If you’re not familiar with it Posoli is identical to Menudo but has (real) pork meat in it. Beef, or any other kind of tripe is about the only thing I refuse to eat after poking holes in way too many deer and other animal stomachs while skinning them as a kid. The texture and base flavor just can’t find an acceptable place in my brain – or I have never been hungry enough to find it.

    Looking at the charts that surround all of this I’d give anything if the price of Crude would take a nose dive like everything else. With fewer people working you’d think there would be less oil being used up. Guess not – or is it just another manipulated market like everything else?

    • Cold lil doggies indeed. Yo Tex – Oil is not Ure friend and will be going higher..much higher. I am banking on it – hard like. Greedsters..unh I mean the greensters started dogging Oil explorations’ mojo 2 years ago – hows the Wind and Solar energy treating dem geniuses now? FMTT – what ROI ?

      I just rang the register-early, on my USO Feb 65 Calls.
      1 Call contract = 100 Shares underlying Stock or in this case underlying ETF.

      Must have Oil to run a War machine, as well as obvious like Cars, Airplanes and Cruise Ships – Spring is coming. I have been loading up on OutTheMoney USO Calls for a while now – posted such here.

      Inflation Killz – and they dont want anyone remembering this little truth.

      Prices are going Up from here – way up – like Ure Beefs later this year.
      -Yerp U guessed it, putting the Summer BBQ commodity trade on soonly. Selling Beanz complex against Long Whole Hogs&Beefs – it whats for grilling..
      I would bee stockpiling as much Fuel as Humanly possible on the ranch/farm going forward – sure U are prolly all over it already.

      Good Qi – or Best of Luck.

  8. More vaccine crimes being submitted:
    AVN Tells the Australian Government: We’ll See You In Court!

    UK: Citizen Serves ‘Liability Notice’ on High Court Justice who Permitted Child Vax Causing Death

    MSM back-peddling now:
    German Health Minister Admits ‘Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated’ Narrative Was A Load Of Crap, Blames ‘Software’ Error

    Big pharma about to be unhinged:
    Delay in release of Pharma trials data : Pharma Liability Shields Could Be at Risk if Fraud is Found, says Former Blackrock Investment Executive

    • I just talked to a young lady who was vaccinated with the Phizer jab back in May of last year who called me freaking out. Saying, I have been on my period since November 1st. Not just spotting. I have been having bad cramps and all that since November 1st and no matter what medication I get put on? It won’t stop. She is super healthy. Super fit. Her bmi and bf % is so low because she is super fit and lean thar she hasnt had a period in a couple years. Then she started having one on November and thought oh, i forgot i was supposed to have those.

      She is big fish and game out in the sticks of Alaska gal, goes with a couple float planes as a special guide. Has tons of wildernes survival certs and skills.

      She said the weirdest part is the thought of sex makes me want to vomit. I literally get sick to my stomach at the thought of it. She said I know it’s from the jab. But the doctors say it’s not. I never ever in my life have had this. The doctors don’t know what’s wrong but they say it’s not from the vaccine.

      I told her I will pray for her.

  9. I have been on a gluten free – wheat free – diet since the middle of June 2021. It has been transformative, my joints feel 10 years younger, the flexibility has returned to my knees, I sleep better, remember more dreams, I feel better, and I have lost nearly 40 pounds. I quit caffeine too, though I drink decaf coffee for the taste and antioxidants. I gave up dairy too, and stick to almond milk. Some would call this an anti inflammation diet, and I am most grateful to have learned this on my 50th trip around the sun.

    I read this book after I had already given up gluten. They use gluten in many processed foods because it’s cheap and provides a mild euphoric effect, they used to put cocaine in coca cola until they could no longer get away with it.

    My octogenarian mother in law told me that her aunts mentioned something changing with the wheat flour in the 1950’s as they used to make their own bread. Gluten free bread is made with rice flour, a much healthier and less inflammatory option. Likely genetically modified the wheat for better yield and more powerful gluten effect, to help guide consumers to keep buying the product.

    • Regarding your MIL and her thoughts, bread stabilizers used to contain an iodide, and some time since the 50’s, the commercial ones were changed to a bromine organic salt of some sort because it was much cheaper. Bromine and all other halogens competitively inhibit iodine endogenously, so we’ve had a proliferation of functional hypothyroid conditions. This is especially true for those who don’t eat real seafood from the sea. Iodized salt contains a bare minimum of iodide, and many of us may benefit from supplementation. Ioderal and Lugol’s are OTC and on Amazon. Don’t overdo it, YMMV, do your own research, etc.

    • Wheat is not GM. Because it is a grass, many farmers use Roundup to kill it, so the late-bloomers can be harvested at the same time that the early wheat is ready for harvest. When combines and harvesters cost $700k+, farmers often rent now rather than buying. An extra day’s rent can wipe the profit from 40 acres of wheat (oats, buckwheat, barley, etc.) so they save several bucks an acre by poisoning their crops. Unfortunately, Roundup doesn’t play nice with humans, and if the grain is used as livestock feed, yer steak or ham is as unhealthy as your bread…

  10. If a cat isn’t habituated to a litterbox, it won’t have
    the correct fragrance.

    Watch him when he does go out, and secure a small piece of
    the solid matter. Small is good. “Seed” the litterbox with it.
    Once accepted, you’ll only need one — ours is under the
    laundry room slop sink.

    If he pees indoors somewhere, blot up some on a paper
    towel (you don’t need much) and seed the litterbox with
    that. it’ll work as well. He just needs some guidance if
    he’s new to the idea of litterboxes indoors.

    Cats are far more scent-driven than most people think.

    – 73 –

    • Also, get a spray bottle of “Out!” from the pet section of your Wally World. It is a biocide, and its “scrubbing bacteria” will completely “eat” both the urine and any residual scent.

  11. Just like the NFL, which pretends to be sports but is actually classified as entertainment (so there is no penalty for fixing games) this website should be considered entertainment and certainly not news as it pretends to be.

    Starting of with a statement pretending it is true that Russia moved any troops nearer the Ukraine is simply being a mouthpiece for lies just like the MSM. Those troops are exactly the same as has been stationed on those military bases for the last 20 years. Even the president of the Ukraine validates this.

  12. Here’s my future prediction. The republicans are quietly behind the scenes getting rid of the rinos. Phase two, red tsunami later this year. Phase three, Trump is elected as speaker of the house (US law does not require him to be an elected official) Phase four, impeach Biden and Harris, and Trump becomes president. Let’s see how good my projection is.

  13. Mr. Ure,, Kitty digestion. 1/2 tsp. Epsom Salt in a cup of warmish water. 2 eyedroppers full. I’ve never seen a cat that couldn’t find the litter box, if needed. I’m not a vet (or a vet).

  14. Hi George –
    You are very late to the covid con but better late then never – yes, if you look at the financials of big pharma, there is a big reveal there, but it gets much bigger than that.

    You will be ‘home’ when you finally write in your blog that covid was a con for control and depopulation. It was not a ‘medical mistake’ or just a few greedy old men who wanted to become insanely rich. It is a really evil agenda that also coincided with making lots of dough for a very few people – but isn’t that always the case, including wars??

    But keep going George – I applaud your efforts to continue to want to see the bigger picture here.

  15. Comrades,

    Deep breath, filters down.

    The federal Defence Research and Development Canada department has put together a “Covid-19 Toolset”. I’ve only seen it mentioned once in local media which eventually led me to the following publicly viewable link:

    It’s a potpourri of datasets from around the globe. The page contains a “point prevalence map” onward link. I found that the most useful part. It told me the percentage of local population infected with covid-19 without the edits of retail media.

    Please return your facemask to the upright, protective position. Thank you.

  16. wow . all i can do is go yes yes yes to everything that my old mate is saying today. was a great fibonacci pizza yesterday. finished up and gunna have a big bbq cook up this weekend . thanks for the most logical and only logical reading on the internet

  17. Great thing is that here everybody respects and exchanges brilliant ideas under the master . Every day every week you learn something is special . This week it’s about vitamin d . My new wonder supplement, and of course top of 4 and ending 5. All the planets have lined up .

  18. something i said? i got dinged and im usually sure who it is who is dinging me and talking really good about me… Ure boy must have met the farmers daughter?


    could be something or somebody else but one things forsure, someone was ranting good about me. if its about the morgan. last year they made it? hmmmmmm… could be the jedi. not sure which group of jedi. hmmm guess it will present itself when it does.

    but i know when somone is ranting about me in a good way or a bad way. very loudly.

    ahhhhhh the double rainbow. showed up over the jedi’s homes. good. good. wonderful and on the same day. hmmmmmm….

    im busy, super busy. chasing chickens and catching a few.

    if i have time to read ya, i will give it a gander later.

    learning a new ancient language. fair trade. :)

    be sure to tip your waiter.

    thank you very much.

    Truly I am blessed and Highly Fortunate, it is my hope you are as well.


  19. My cat is 20 that’s about 90 in human years . Wife daughters and cat they are my specials . Anyone hurts them I take care of it myself. Can’t understand people without pets . The morning ritual is so disciplined with my cat . I love it .

      • That isn’t even a tid bit of an issue when you have taken the time and love to raise a kitten to maturity.

        Too bad that you haven’t experienced one of the great wonders of the human world.

    • I’m glad for you that you have your 20 year old cat! I love cats, and I’ve had one or more as long as I wasn’t single. When two or more people live in the household, arranging for pet care is largely do-able. Of course there are exceptions. I know a couple with horses, dogs, a donkey and sheep. They couldn’t even make a day trip to visit with family due to feeding times, etc. It’s their choice, of course.

      I stayed with my most recent cat until she died at age 17. It broke my heart that she died, though it was inevitable. She’s buried out back. Her spirit hung around for nine months and then she was gone overnight. If I wasn’t living alone, I’d definitely have cats, probably a pair of spayed females. The mice would have to find a new home or get eaten.

  20. Well, Southern Indiana is coated with ice and, currently as I type this, falling snow. Isn’t supposed to stop till Friday. Kids are out of school, and surprisingly, no requirement for internet based schoolwork for either today or tomorrow. My whole county has shut down, and the interstate (and the nearer highway) is pretty quiet with the exception of an occasional semi trucker continuing their job route. Tbh, almost all of southern Indiana shut down. Even the Toyota plant in Princeton-Fort Branch area shut the doors today. I count good news as we still have power. Gotta love the smaller coop power businesses. They do NOT want bad publicity and will do almost anything to keep their customers happy.

    Sadly, I had some exceptional seats to a Kansas concert for tonight, but not to be. It would have been the first time I’ve been to any concerts in over 20 years. Lol.

  21. George, as usual, your ‘identity cognitive groupthink’ has taken over, letting you believe Democrats and illegal immigrants cause all problems:

    For those concerned with ‘lack of financial transparency’ Trump’s lobby/hobby buds raked in the dough ray me, more than $10 billion….

    ‘Thanks to border policy clowns’ should note that u.s. pop. grew at the slowest rate in u.s. history!

    p.s. those illegals have been paying billions in taxes for years:

    Pharma’s looking at the plans to regulate prices, ‘pay to sway’ and also ‘haircuts’ (lesser contributions) to those who think the election was ‘stolen’:

  22. 67 week Second Fractal Nonlinearity

    A 20 percent crash Friday 4 February 2022 (with trading halts through Monday) will occur following the coal mine canary in asset-debt macroeconomy, Facebook (Meta Platforms) which lost more than 25% in valuation today.

    What does second fractal lower low nonlinearity look like? Observe Meta Platforms 2 and 3 february closes.

    Markets crash when they are saturated(over invested) and overvalued. Markets self assemble in simple mathematical growth and decay fractal patterns.

    Namely, there are two simple fractal patterns of self assembly for the global asset-debt macroeconomic system: a four phase pattern: x/2-2.5x/2-2.5x/1.5-1.6y and a three phase pattern: y/2-2.5y/1.5 to 2.5y. That’s it; that’s all there is.

    For Western composite equities: Tomorrow will complete a 2/4/4/3 day fractal series which will complete a December 15 2021 20 week 17/36/29/21 day fractal series (the ideal base for the 2nd 36 day secoond fractal is 14-14.5 days). Black Friday 4 February 2022 will complete a second fractal 67 week:14/35/20 week fractal pattern. Tomorrow Friday 4 Februry 2022 there will be a significant and an unequivacal nonlinear lower low for the Nikkei and Western composite equities to complete a 33/67 week :: x/2-2.5x first and second fractal series from the March 2020 lows.

    After tomorrow third fractal growth of 1.5-1.6 times 27 weeks (the ideal base for a 67 week second fractal) will occur and a major crash will then occur in October 2022 consistent qualitatively with the interest rate increases by the Fed with placing part of its 8-9 trillion dollars of Fed created bonds back into the market. (This will be inmeasured response to another 25-50% increase in the CRB after tomorrow’s drop, and further consumer price inflation.)

    Facebook crashed 26% overnight and today.

    The explanation given by the hired pundits: “Meta Platforms stock has fallen 23% after the company reported a profit of $3.67 a share, missing estimates of $3.84 a share, on revenue of $33.7 billion, above expectations for $33.4 billion. Meta Platforms had a market cap of just under $900 billion before the start of trading Thursday, which isn’t helping the Nasdaq and the S&P 500, which are both weighted by their components’ market capitalizations.”

    The CRB 67 week second fractal is saturated. The CRB second fractal weekly count is 10/25/20/15 of 15 week with a daily count of 13/31 of 32 days for the last subfractal. Friday is day 32.

    Palladium in 4 hours trading blocks is following a 16/40/33(as of this time) of 40 4-hour units with an expected crash low at the end of tomorrow’s trading day.

    From 3 December 2021 the 7 trading day a week daily fractals for Cryptocurrencies (Below)are following an 11/28/25 of 26-27 day three phase fractal decay series. (y/2.5y/2.5y)

    • Aye, we may very well have a big decline this afternoon, but there is always the pressure in markets to “Make ther Waves” and you’ll see that in the chart I will post this morning.
      In the meantime, reader how do not follow what (Dr.) Fractal and I worry about should read three good books:


      I will cite these in this morning’s report with links if they are not-yet in your library.

      • errata:
        December 15 2021 20 week :: should be 20 September 2021 20 week.

        The Nikkei is fractally one trading day behind the US market.

      • “The Nikkei is fractally one trading day behind the US market”


        it is currently, tomorrow in land of the rising sun. how is the Nikkei fractally one trading day behind the US?

        im not being a smart ass George, Im interested in the answer. it goes against logic and maritime law and logistics.

        see the thing is, we buy goods from tommorrow in china and ship them back in time to us here in the Us. Im sure you noted that “Covid 19” Traveled back in time to come to the US. right George???? It was logistically from “The future”.

        so how is Nikkie fractally one trading day behind the US? that is a very interesting perception, and i seek only to understand.

        check back later.



      • by navigation law when reading charts, the right hand side of a map is east. right hand is left side of the brain dominate. left handed right sided dominate, when we look at the globe, we see the division between tomorrow and today. both hemispheres of major land masses are present. one is future or right hand, left side brain and one is past, right side brain and left hand.

        The left brain, East, Future, China dominate country, is more verbal, analytical, and orderly. . It’s sometimes called the digital brain. It’s better at things like reading, writing, and computations.

        The right brain, west, past, US dominate country, is more visual and intuitive. It’s sometimes referred to as the analog brain. It has a more creative and less organized way of thinking.

        when considering the collective consciousness of humanity. which is i am sure, review for you, sir.

        that is why i want to understand how the Nikkie is pastence in your logic.

        where see the impact, affect (if one were a brain surgeon of the Global populous consciousness) of the pandemic as it relates to ecomonic’s, we see its origin or “Ground Zero” is found in the placement of the
        The left brain, East, Future, China dominate country, is more verbal, analytical, and orderly. . It’s sometimes called the digital brain. It’s better at things like reading, writing, and computations.

        moving of course in the direction of the right side of the brain… like cancer socioeconomically speaking…. from the future to the past, from logic to imagination.

        things i am sure many on here have considered. and some of my premis for hyperinflation hitting china first. well that, and due to the housing bubble and massive unemployment numbers being hidden by the house of Xi, currently.

        im very interested in your point of view Mr. Fractal Economist. i highly value a statement such as “The Nikkei is fractally one trading day behind the US market.” because if its different than my own premise. and if its different than my own surmise? i can learn from it. i can see things in a different dimensional angle. something that I havent considered. and i value that greatly. a fresh new persepctive. always eager for that.

        i eagerly, look forward to your reply.


      • please allow my extra thoughts, since i dont comment very often. thanks George.

        oh and btw, you dropped to position number 5 on google search dude since my post.. hmmmm.

      • yes, i am fully aware of the of the satellite that sees 29 minutes into the future, due to its position over the globe, coupled with AI’s pattern recognition to anticipate it as far as 33 minutes future. the USA’s advantage over China by having such mechanisms in place. seeing the future and the demographics leaning on a heavy populous on the right handed side of the map, located in the “Future”, in comparison of the less populated left side of the map of global consciousness.

        hmmmm…. not sure why that question springs to the mind as it relates to Fractal Economics. its simply base information.

        thank you for your reply.

        once again, i appreciate you, and your thoughts TFE, especially how you articulate them. a very rare way of articulating thought and cadence of metered conveyance.

        oh you dont have to say it, i already recieved your answer, while having a smoke and a cup of joe.

        i learned a long time ago, if you pause, wait for a moment, take your mind off the subject for a moment, the answers present themselves, often times before a formal reply.

        hope you stick around. will check back to see what wonderful stuff you have next to contribute to this rare gem of a site. truly remarkable, tempo beats… metered tempo beats. wonderful!

    • Interesting when looking at Cnnmoney, (stock market data) the only Cnn section i will ever look at and only on rare occasion, there is a section titled

      “Key stats”

      10 year yield

      all green today. twitter at the time of post is 7.77% in the green. speaking of birds.

      uhm it is 44 days or two twenty two’s, to spring from today, 3~ 20 ~ 2022 the equinox and all.. lots of green in spring. blooming cherry trees and its so beautiful.

      the way you wrote that is like music. the style which you write, is similar in music counts.

      that is why i made the comment earlier i did. tempo beats in music are written like your “thought”. very interesting way of writing… very interesting indeed. rarely do i come across anyone who writes in a cadence of tempo beats. infract, i haven’t in a long time. thank you for that, it springs someone im fond of, i haven’t seen in a while to the mind. i appreciate your thoughts and how you articulate them, and ofcourse the info provided.


      nice to meet you.

      • “The Nikkei is fractally one trading day behind the US market”


        Andy, are you constipated, congested, and or overworked? Why so difficult to understand?

      • No choices. I am not constipated and there is no such thing as being over worked if you are passionate and love what you do. When it’s fun all the time. You are having fun all the time not working. People go to shows to have fun dontcha know? I got to almost every show in town. and I have some other fun projects im working on.

        I already got my answer before he replied. Which he didnt reply. But and that is his reply.

        I’m more impressed by how TFE the architecture of thought and and conveyance, than what was said. Being a as student of music and all. Da da day da DA de Da Da DAH de da da da da DAH. The rythem of thought. Metered tempo beats. LOL

        I talk to alot of people all day. More than most people. Sometimes 100 phone calls an hour. TEF has an original beat to thoughts. That is rare these days. Very rare.

        Drop a big double duce this morning. No constipation at all. Thanks for your concern. I’m flowing perfectly. :)

      • Afa as the “looking Glass satellite ” it’s not like it’s a secret, in some circles. J.a.s.o.n experiment. Although all things man made are not 100 percent perfect. Especially to those who can see father than 33 minutes into the future. Natratally.


    • Astronomers already decry all those points of light that will interfere with detecting near-earth asteroids. Soon there will be so much trash in low earth orbit it will be risky to launch anything thru that mess.

  23. My neighbor said that two of her son-in-law have been called up. One is in Germany and the other at Fort Sill.

  24. Follow the money! Insurance companies don’t want to be left holding the bag for Vax injuries & death. They call taking the Vax shot “Suicide” and will not pay out!

    Also some good info on how unvaxxed ‘natural immunity’ is best if you get covid. The clot shots damage the immune system, leaving one vulnerable for more subsequent infections.


    This is Nicole Syratec (totally guessed at that surname spelling) testifying in a Senate hearing about the need for early intervention with the Covid virus and the total lack of care and mis-management of patient care that has been the #1 killer of hospital patients over the past two years.

  26. We all know by now that the extremists and rino’s blame their enemy for what they’re about to do or have already done…enter false flag I predicted the fake American cia/state would use to start the war they have not been invited to:

    It’s going to be up to Putin I guess to save the world by not falling for it. Maybe this is just another thing our eyes are being opened to?

  27. Oh I almost forgot to mention. I went to sign up for wing chun and was told the school is closed indefinitely until further notice due to economic reasons and the pandemic.

    It’s seams the Chinese won’t be teaching any fighting lessons anytime soon.

    All things being relative.

    Consider this my comment for a while.

    Good chatting with you all.

  28. Hey George, the Zeus the cat reference made me think of one of my fav authors, Robert Heinlein and the title of the book “Door into summer.”

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